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(2013-03-13 - 2013-03-18)
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Evja It... really wasn't all that hard to track down a certain Judge. Mostly because they didn't go out of their way to try and hide the obvious. If someone wanted to track them down - they would, one way or another. They had been reported going out into the desert, and another had mentioned they had seen her hop onto a flight towards Archades.
Which was pointedly strange considering Viera do /not/ go towards Archades. Since, really, all Viera hate the way it makes them feel. Magical energy being forced into doing things with magicite and whatnot.

Evja, however? Didn't care. It bothered him a little, but a city where he could truly relax, a single place in the /entire world/ where there was almost no chance of another Viera coming? It was really the safest place in this World of Ruin to the Viera. Enough so that he could easily be seen from the airship port sitting atop of a buildings steeple, staring off into the distance at all of the airships and air traffic going here and there. The Judge had a cloak on but no veil or any type of headwear, idly chewing on a big fat Archadian carrot with a pack of some kind of beverage there with him.
Faruja Senra Maira's words linger in the rat's mind as he made the trip over to Archades, one of the possible places the Judge had last been seen. The desert of course, was right out. No one could reasonably scour a desert. So, he instead takes the route of the city. One that he absolutely loathes, thanks to the policies and general attitude of the humans there. Nobility, and anti-demihuman sentiments combined with utter arrogance in many has the ratling wanting to see the place burnt to the ground. The thought is swiftly quashed as he arrives on wyvern-back. No. No one deserved to see their homes lost, even people such as these.

Blink. Indeed, Faruja made note of the figure upon the steeple almost as soon as he landed. "...Could it be?" he mutters, before setting about actually getting there. This might take a while.

Several minutes later, and Faruja has already had enough of this city. Getting directions for the most part was an exercise in frustration. He'd almost punched one rather rude tavern goer for telling him to crawl back into the sewers. Leaping up onto the roof of the building containing the steeple, the Burmecian calls up.

"Hardly the first place one would expect to find a Viera. May I join thee, Lady Adjudicator?"
Evja Suddenly, a rat. One present when the Viera wasn't dressed to receive any company. That being wasn't dressed in drag or with veil. In fact... Evja was actually wearing a males clothing for a change, that being a loose pair of pants and shirt and not much else.
But didn't he already know? Or... well, he still said Lady, so maybe not. "Only if you promise not to look at me. I ... here, where none know me, I do not feel so strange going around dressed less proper. But those who know me elsewhere..." Evja lapsed into the feminine tone that 'she' always kept when around others from the outside world, and for that matter, from any world and place except Archades. A place where Viera do not go.
Faruja Senra Luckily for Evja, the rat hadn't gotten the gender memo, thanks to being far too polite when it came to healing. Indeed, he let Hati deal with the whole 'change clothes and general bandaging' of the bunny-knight. A leap, a turn, and the rat lands at the edge of the roof, just below the steeple. Looking away as bidden, he shakes his head.

"My deepest apologies." There's a hint of confusion in his voice. What did she mean by dressed less proper?

Ignoring it for now, he gets to the point. "M'Lady, I have heard...rumors. Disturbing ones. Mayhap you would enlighten me to the truth of them?"
Evja A simple snort came from Evja at that. "Believe what you will. Everyone else does anyways. Is that why you came here? Why you... seemingly followed me to my haven?"

A pity if his haven was about to be disrupted in this fashion. No longer a haven, someplace the Viera could go without worry of being disturbed. A single place in the entire world he could feel open and not scared of conflict with other Viera.

The sound of a carrot being bitten into travels towards Faruja's ears.
Faruja Senra "'Tis difficult, knowing naught but second hand information. I had thought to give thee a chance to speak, to tell thy truth. However, 'tis your decision."

His head tilts, the ratling shaking his head. "...I would like to think that myself and my companions did not waste our time saving you, Evja. 'Tis not my intent to violate any sanctuary of yours. You have shown bravery in the past. 'Tis...were it not from the mouths of those whom I have fought beside, I would scarecly believe it." At least, until the rabbit simply abandoned Hati. A frown graces his muzzle at the memory.
Evja "If you want to know the truth, then ask questions. So far you have done nothing but state truths that you have heard rumors. If you want a rumor dispelled, then tell me what it is that bothers you so much."

The carrot gets finished and Evja flicks the tuft of the carrot a distance and into a pit which goes down into some place far below.
"Though I should say if you doubt me so much, you likely will not believe me or care what I have to say anyways."
Faruja Senra Faruja nearly snarls at the bunny's response, clenching a clawed hand. "Did you truly strike a deal with Hades, and attempt to slay Ser Alexander?" The rat finally asks, ear perked.

"If so, why? For what?" Further questions the Burmecian, even as he pulls out a flask, swigging.

"Perhaps so, perhaps not. It all depends upon thy answers, Evja."
Evja 'Sir Alexander', that makes Evja snort a bit. Even if Evja had no desire to kill the man, he wasn't the brightest fellow, throwing himself in front of the Viera who was saying 'Please don't do this' and screaming KILL ME NOW. Which is mostly why Evja has slowly grown to have almost no pity for the fellow, and in fact is quite irate with him.

"The day after we first met I spoke to Hades, after you had spoken to me of the world fragments, and of Hades and his tournament. I guaranteed myself entry into the tournament, and later he would get a single lawful favor from me in exchange. It was... only the other night he informed me that his favor would be killing a man under divine order. It was... not something I wished to do, and still do not wish to. However... my hands are tied, no matter how much others treat me as if I am doing it of my own volition or desire."
Faruja Senra Faruja sighs, rubbing his forehead. His tail slackens as he peers down at the city and its people, frown etched on his muzzle. "Then you did it for the Shard." Faruja finishes, ears folding back. Would he have done the same, in Evja's shoes? The rat doesn't know.

"Then you are ensorcelled. By the hand of this Hades, or by another? Is there a way for this curse to be broken? A deal should be made in good faith, not to thrust a crime upon the recipient."

Whatever he may think of the Judge, he hasn't pegged the viera for a murderer, given her own recent actions.
Evja "I did it to guarantee the best chance the shard would go to someone who had intentions to restore the world. As I knew none others whom I could trust in the tournament... I had to win it myself. Though you have idiots like the Twilight Detective Agency who are convinced I am a horrible fiend, a liar, someone doing it just to be a hero. Or that I wanted it for myself. Or that I have been secretly plotting for Hades all along, regardless of them having been told the truth."

Strong words, though Evja does seem quite angry on it. "Something else forces me to obey the bargain... if it was just Hades contract, I would have disobeyed it already no matter the consequences. Someone is... working on it though."
Faruja Senra Faruja finds himself nodding. He can't help but feel the plan's workable enough, if one doesn't realize the sort of being Hades is; and made before the tournament began? More and more, it sounds like the bunny's intention's were pure enough. After a moment, he speaks.

"To thy credit, never once have you utter an untruth in my presence." Admits the rat. Siiip. Frown. His tail flicks.

"Hands tied indeed." The rat waves his hand dismissively.

"'Tis enough, M'Lady. I believe you for now. Then you intend to remove thyself from this deal. Good. Penance comes to those whom seek it." Slowly standing, the rat nods out to empty space. "Should my assistance be necessary, merely ask it. None deserve to be used so."

A pause, and once more the rat speaks. "Hati is safe now."
Evja "Pennance... is for those that have done wrong. To be forced into doing something like this, against ones will, is not wrong and never shall be. Just as I would never hold another accountable were they in my situation, I will not seek forgiveness as I do not expect others to do such to me. Even if... I know they shall. I do not feel sorry or apologetic for it."

A pause.

Not to mention she was still irate at Mercade for what happened. Though news of Hati being safe got a nod. "I do hope you did not simply run some poor soul through without trying to find some other means first? You and she claimed them undead, but... all life is precious, even if unnatural. To slay it without other options tried..."
Faruja Senra Faruja tilts his head. "...Mmm. Difficult to say." Mutters the rat, mulling over the issue. He seems conflicted, and eventually just flicks his tail dismissively, no insights forthcoming.

A light snarl rips forth from the Templar's muzzle. "Do you not think I did not try every single curative and spell I knew? 'Twas a sympathetic curse, Evja. They only shatter through the death of the caster. No. That /abomination/ was not precious. Naught but a life-eating shell of what was once a person. Even the very bones were..." He shudders, memory of the fight clear in his mind.

"There are beings that are indeed precious. Yet, so too are there creatures that are anathema to life, Evja. Such as the one whom cursed her."

One final shudder, and the rat flexes his legs. "...A knight does not abandon his comrades. The neutrality that your order preaches, M'Lady, shall lead to naught but entropy and decay. 'Tis self destructive and slothful. These are times for deeds and strength. You have great strength, of arms and will. Do not squander it! The worlds have need of it, Evja."

With that, he leaps down, leaving the viera to silence.
Evja "..."


Even if a good distance away, Evja had a good arm as was normal for one who threw spears. He got whacked atop the head with the tuft of a carrot, a bit of carrot still attached to it. "Pious fool. It is not being a Judge that stays my hand on killing... it is my own choice. Perhaps if their sorrows or pains could have been comforted, they would have passed on and the curse broken."

That was more a mumble on Evja's part, though who knows if Faruja could have heard it.
Faruja Senra Evja doesn't get an answer. Instead, there's a whack of carrot stub to head. It's accurate, and with just enough force to throw off his landing. A crash, a cat meowling, and Templar Faruja Senra winds up neatly in one of Arcadia's dumpsters. Should anyone look? There's a carrot stub on top of his head. Ow.

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