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(2013-03-13 - Now)
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Maira After draining herself by healing Angantyr, Percival, and Mercade, Maira fell into an exhausted lump on one of the cots set up for a rest. Someone had put a blanket over her, and for once she's fallen into a completely deep sleep, unplagued by dreams.

Maira rises a couple of hours later, her eyes opening, panic seizing her. Where was she? How long had she been asleep? Was everyone alright? She bolts upright, throwing the blanket off to look around.

She takes a deep breath and calms herself. VALKYRI HQ. She'd gone to sleep. Angantyr was still resting not far away, breathing steadily in his sleep. Everything was as it was. Everything was not /well/ but at least it wasn't worse. Maira rises, running her hands through her tangled hair. She hasn't really had any time to take care of herself. Her stomach is growling something fierce.
TRON Footsteps echo from the stairs leading to the basement and soon TRON's white-and-glowing-line'd form appears from the stairwell. His attention seems to be squarely focused on a holographic display hovering above his white chakram-Disc, held in the palm of one hand. His silver Frisbee-Disc is held loosely in the other, almost absently twirling between fingers.

Once he reaches the main floor, he finally looks up and around, noting who is awake and who is moving--or should not be. Maira, in his mind, falls distinctly in the latter. "Maira," he greets quietly, trying to not wake the wounded currently resting. The holographic image disappears before he recombines his Discs into one unit. "I do not believe you should be up so soon."

Her stomach grumbling, however, gives him pause to reconsider. "Though, perhaps, some food may do you some good?"
Maira Maira doesn't think she really can keep resting. There are still people who need to be tended, and really, she won't be able to rest well until Angantyr is awake and she's convinced he's going to be alright, and, of course, when Avira is home and all is as it should be.

Maira reaches up to rub her eyes a little, waving to TRON. "Well, I need to check on things..." she replies as excuse, then looks down at her stomach. "...and eat something, I guess," she sighs.

Maira stands and moves over to Angantyr, reaching down to check his pulse again. Still steady. She smiles some, then walks over toward TRON, exhaustion present in every step she takes. She usually has a spring in her step, a bounce. Now, she drifts like a ghost. "Thanks for helping set up things here TRON. I wonder if anyone else is going to show up to get patched up. A lot of people got hurt...and apparently, we'll have to go to the Underworld."
TRON TRON frowns, brown eyes narrowing in concern. "I see." His gaze cants towards the wounded, his expression unreadable. "I apologize that I have not been much help since Avira disappeared." He holds up his Disc. "I have been... evaluating past matters."

He shakes his head and heads towards the kitchen area. "But before we get to that, food. Surely there is something here that will not take preparation."
Emi Dennou A member of the Network has ended up staying the night at some point, having either come in post battle or slinked in during the middle of the night to 'steal' a bed to sleep in or, more accurately, having fallen into one of the overnight cots.

She rolls, as Tron speaks of preparation, out of the cot and into the floor where she starts shivering.
Maira Maira gives TRON a tired smile, waving off his apology. "Its alright, really," she assures him. Pretty sure that everyone will just continue to sleep for a while, Maira will consent to go to the kitchen and try to rustle something up.

"What past matters?" she asks TRON, a curious brow raised as she starts looking through cabinets and pulling out random things. A box of cereal, two potatoes, a turnip, a half-eaten box of chocolate chip cookies....Maira takes a raw potato and just takes a bit of it, eating it like a hand fruit as she tries to think of what else to eat.

No sooner is she in the kitchen then she hears a thump from the main room. Maira runs back, finding that one of the Dennous has fallen off her cot and is shivering on the floor. The young mage sighs and moves over to her, shaking her lightly. "Hey....wake up, are you okay?" she asks, not sure which of the Dennous this is!
Kamon Lionward Kamon came in last night, helping carry Angantyr's body. He felt bad about the whole situation; he lost his temper, and then used an injured person as a blunt implement to vent his frustrations and maybe save a man's life. He refused any kind of healing, insisting it got used on someone that was far more injured than he was. He was a bit banged up, a bit cut up, but pretty much okay. Or, well, so he said. (He was maybe fibbing.)

And exhausted. He sat down against a wall near the door and passed out about half an hour after he declared his intent to stay up and keep watch. It's hard to see him from the rest of the cots -- his hair stands out against the color of the wall, but moved chairs and the like camouflaged him fairly well. He woke up shortly after Tron came up the stairs, the sounds of speech stirring him from his uneasy slumber.

Kamon blinks away his weariness and rises to his feet, stretching. The Spine rests on a chair next to where he sat, handle sticking out where it'd easily be in reach in case something happened. He looks kind of dazed and confused.
TRON TRON is about to reply to Maira, but the sound of someone falling out of one of the beds catches his attention almost immediately. He puts away his Disc and follows Maira over to the shivering Dennou, kneeling next to her. He grabs a blanket from the cot to throw around her, even help her sit up if she can.

Movement back towards the door gets a piercing look for a moment, Kamon's presence noted but the Dennou's current state taking priority. He hasn't met Kamon before, so he's not sure if he's even supposed to be in here or not.
Emi Dennou "Choo choo, Shida of the Network attempts to be cute about her trauma." She pushes herself up in something resembling a crouch. She cricks her neck lightly and is shaken a few times in the process.

"Shida of the Network apologizes for coming in unannounced." She says awkwardly. "Please do not mind this one...Is Angantyr going to make a recovery?"

She stiffens a bit upon Kamon's arrival. "Hello! Shida of the Network banishes the night terrors (please disregard addition) to say hello."

Tron provides blankage. She smiles broadly up at Tron in thanks.

"Ah, this is better, Shida of the Network is appreciative. Have you met Kamon?"
Maira "Don't worry about it Shida! You're perfectly welcome. What can I do for you? Are you hurt?" she says, wincing when Shida mentions nightmares. Maira can empathize. In response to the question about Angan, she nods a little. "Yes, I think that he will. He's going to need a lot of rest though, and he's not going to like it.

Maira looks over then as Shida draws attention to Kamon, to whom she smiles. "Oh, is that your name? Kinda wondered where you had gotten off to. Come on in and take a seat, I'll get my things," she said, moving back over to start gathering her various potions, bandages, instruments, etc. See? Someone else needed healing, and if Kamon protests again, she's going to have to get into /another/ battle of wills, once she has no intention of losing.
TRON TRON's head sloooowly tilts to the side the longer Shida speaks, his brow furrowing in clear confusion. This is not usually how the Dennou's talk--at least, not that he's ever heard. His code is already telling him something is not right.

"No, I have not yet." Maira bustles off to take care of Kamon, confirming to the Program that yes, Kanon is supposed to be here, and TRON focuses fully on Shida. "If I may ask, what happened to you?"
Kamon Lionward Kamon stands in the doorway for a moment. He frowns a little bit, in that special way that someone does when they just got up and have to remember where they are. He reaches out to the side next to the door, picking up the Spine and shouldering it as he actually goes further into the building than 'the vicinity of the front door.'

"Uh, yeah. Sorry. Kamon Lionward. Nice to meet you." He says it kind of like he's reciting a script. Maybe he's had to say it a lot. He looks around, then, finding a chair nearby that looks sufficiently sturdy, gingerly lowers himself down into it. It creaks in protest when he does. Putting the Spine down on the long table doesn't seem to help much. "I was just -- over there." He gestures vaguely.

Kamon nods a bit at TRON, and then looks with confusion at Shida. "Uh... how many sisters do you have?" he asks, sounding hesitant.
Emi Dennou Shida looks down at her hands. The train, she thinks, what if it takes her away and does not let her come back?

She can't stew in her thoughts too long because TROn turns out to be the /first person ever/ to ask why her vocal quirk is different from the other vocal quirks. Is it like asking why passover is different from all other nights?? Sort of?? It does involve child murder!

Shida looks at her hands. "This one had died, for a time, resulting in a disconnect from the rest of the Network over a period of several weeks, ultimately Isaac Hanlon had made a deal with Hades to return this one to life. Shida of the Network speaks this way due to an excess of individual nature relative to the rest of The Network though they have been very accepting--that is to say we have been very accepting, Shida of the Network accidentally notes the point."

She shakes her head. "This one is not hurt, this one is just nervous about going to the Underworld. Hades returned life to us, could he remove it as easily? Shida of the Network does not know. Every moment there would draw away from our lifespan, it seems, Shida of the Network admits to being frightened." Despite this, she talks as if she has no intention of /not/ going.

Kamon asks something more practical. She tilts her head at him curiously and says, "There are six of us at present, Shida of the Network notes the lowest number had been five for clarity."
Maira Maira settles her stuff down and concentrates on Kamon, nodding. "Nice to meet you too, Kamon Lionward. I'm Maira," she replies, then begins looking him over for wounds.

Having noticed the far-off look in his eyes when he woke she decides to check him for a head wound first. Just in case he was just sleep addled, but /actually/ addled.

Maira looks over her shoulder to Shida then, frowning deeply. She hadn't known that about Shida. " never told me that," she remarks. Well, no one is particularly excited about going to the Underworld, though Maira is perhaps not as terrified as she really should be. Maybe she's just too tired to be afraid. "I don't know either Shida. I have no idea what will happen--what to expect. I don't think any of us do. Well, maybe that Isaac guy does a little," she offers.

Maybe someday her and Shida could talk about their nightmares. Bonding experience.

Reminded of nightmares, a small shiver runs through her. The secret she is carrying is weighing heavily on her shoulders.

Maira looks back to Kamon. Work to be done, right?
TRON TRON nods slowly, listening closely as Shida explains... well, everything really. "I believe I understand. You and your sisters share a bond, and once broken it is not the same as before even when restored. Am I correct?"

His mouth flattens to a grim line for a moment. Hades again... busy Death God be busy. Wait, Isaac Hanlon was the DJ mage back during the incident at the Ilfa Tree, wasn't he? With what he'd heard about Hades cashing in favors lately, the Security Program finds himself concerned for Isaac--especially if a trip to the Underworld is pending.

He shifts, taking a seat next to Shida while turning his body to face Maira and Kamon. "I wish I could offer comfort, but I have no data to be of much assistance. I am sorry for that." He grinds his teeth for a brief moment at the reminder.

Still though, a new face means introductions. He bows his head faintly to Kamon. "A pleasure to meet you as well. I am TRON."
Kamon Lionward "...oh. Uh. Okay." Kamon is not sure about the weird speech thing, but, well, that's not the kind of thing you just ask about.

"Maira," he repeats. He nods a little. "Alright." Kamon peers at the medical equipment, archaic as some of it is. He gets the idea. Without prompting, He strips off his jacket and the shirt beneath it, folding both mostly-neatly and putting them in a small pile on the table. He doesn't appear terribly bothered by barely knowing her. Kamon is used to being looked over by White Mages he's never met.

Maira finds a few weird things, checking for a head injury. If she probes his skull, he actually winces at one point, muttering, "Must've landed funny." There's a little bit of dried blood, but for a head wound, it looks more like a scrape than anything really bad. The weird bit is that she finds a couple of spots that feel like there's warm metal portruding from it. They don't stick up much, but they're there.

His midsection is a mess of impressive bruises. There are some more metallic things jutting out of his side. They match the ones on his face, and are presumably the same as the one that disappears into his hairline. Perhaps predictably, he's kind of ripped, but it could be a mix of being part metal and being a Fighter.

"Hey," he says to TRON. He lifts a hand slightly in greeting.
Emi Dennou Shida looks over to Kamon a few times, squinting briefly at her head, before nodding to him. He seems busy with Maira at the moment, she hasn't really had much opportunity to talk with TRON alone. She does admit to Maira, "It's a little embarrassing, we weren't trying to hide it or anything." She clarifies that bit, though.

Maira mentions Isaac and she supposes that if Isaac is making those wards, she shouldn't worry, but she can't really help it either. Living is awesome is the great lesson that Shida has learned about life, you know.

"Oh, you don't have to worry." She tells him. "You have already helped." She nods over to the blanket, smiling again. "Shida of the Network just has strange dreams sometimes.

She reaches over to pat TRON on the hand as if she were intent on comforting HIM.
Maira Maira furrows her brow as she prods gently around Kamon's skull, indeed finding a wound, though it doesn't appear to be too bad. The metal jutting out though is quite bizarre, but as he had them already on his face when she saw him before the battle, she's figuring they are suppose to be there. She sure does want to ask though!

"Hit your head a bit, have to watch out for that. You were looking kind of dazed," she remarks, then looks over his torso with a small wince. "Colorful," she comments, then summons her magic to cast a cure spell. The warmth of her energy should flow in and set the most seriously of the injuries well on the way to recovering.

"So seem to have a bunch of metal parts sticking out of you. That's normal, right?" she asks, stepping back so she can look him in the eye.
Kamon Lionward "Yeah, I must've hit my head when I... um, got tossed into that cart, by the black hole." Kamon actually assumes it was when he got used as ammunition for the Dynamic Dennou Electromagnetic Slingshot (patent pending). He also assumes that it'll get back to Emi if he points it out, and he doesn't want to make her think that she got him hurt through use of a special attack.

The cure spell takes hold immediately. The worst of the bruising lightens up. It shrinks a little overall, the discolored skin going back to... well, less discolored. His complexion is a little weird. He sighs quietly, in obvious relief, shutting his eyes and rolling his neck a little. He's still pretty beat up, but at least he won't be in any danger of bleeding internally or anything terrible like that.

"Uh... yes?" He turns it into a little question, as if it should be obvious. "I'm -- oh. You guys don't have... right." Awkward throat-clearing. "Uh, where I'm from, we're all Humes, but everyone has a little bit of talent based on where they're born. I'm Odynar, so it means I'm... full of iron." He lifts a hand and rubs his neck a little, glancing around the room. "It, uh, it grows out if I get hurt. Like when your body generates new cells to replace damaged ones."
Maira "Oh. Wow..." she remarks, further examining the jutting metal now, her eyes wide and curious. "No I've never met an...Odynar?" she inserts a question, as she's not sure that is the right term to refer to him by. "What other places are there? Is there somewhere that people are talented in magic?"

Maira watches as the bruises fade, remembering that black hole Seith had created. That guy....he was scary. And Insane. "That was...really something," she says with a sigh, looking back over toward Angantyr. That black hole was what he'd been knocked out from.

Despite Kamon being out of danger, the idea is to get everyone back into fighting shape. Thus, Maira casts another Cure, even though it visibly takes something out of her. Her skin pales as she drains herself once more. Indeed, for a moment her eyes roll toward the ceiling and she stumbles backward as if about to faint.

Oh right, she hadn't actually eaten anything but a bit of raw potato. Woops.
TRON TRON listens to Kamon's explaination of his 'race', for lack of a better term at the moment, and nods slowly in understanding. Makes sense, in context, even if it looks strange. But he really can't say much on that, considering his own normal appearance.

He looks down as Shida pats his hand, blinking a bit. Is he really /that/ easy to read? Just like that voodoo priestess--

That thought immediately snaps him back to the reason he'd left the basement, and thus back to the present. Just in time to see Maira falter like she's about to collapse.

"Maira!" The Program lunges to his feet and moves to close the distance far faster than human speed should allow. If Kamon doesn't beat him in catching her, at least.
Emi Dennou SHida totally would pass it on, even if she didn't want to. Friends hide head damage from friends? It's mysterious.

She does look towards Maira and says, "Ah--Maira." She is a little slow to respond, at least relative to TRON. "--You shouldn't over exert yourself. Do you need anything?, Shida of the Network inquires."

Maybe she's not entirely unempathic.

"Your world is very interesting. We feel like we could spend a great deal of time learning about it, yet still have much to learn still."
Kamon Lionward Kamon nods a little. "I'm from Odin -- that's the continent, it's supposedly the body of one of the First Gods. So, Odynar. Uh, there's all sorts of places. Titan, Ramuh, Shiva, Ifrit, Bahamut, Chocobo... nobody's really super good at magic innately though; it's, uh, it's a common misconception. Ifriti aren't any better at fire magic than Ramuha are, and... stuff."

Kamon looks over at Shida. He smiles a bit. "Well... once we've figured out how to, uh, get rid of the fiends on it -- Heartless, I guess? -- I'd be glad to show you around. It's pretty huge, but the --"

Welp. Maira starts to fall down. Kamon starts to move forward when Maira starts to fall over. The chair creaks when he does, slipping out from under him. He catches his balance, but the chair falls over. He shifted his weight on it too quickly. As a result, TRON gets to Maira before he can, which is just as well; he's less beat up. He looks relieved.
Maira Blackness crawls from the outside of her vision inward, but she manages to remain conscious. "I'm okay, I'm okay," she begins to murmur, grasping onto TRON to get back on her feet. When her head finally starts spinning, she'll let him go.

Maira takes a couple deep, slow breaths. "Sorry...I guess I really do need more rest. I just want everyone to be at their best so we can rescue Avira. Heh, but I guess that should include me, huh?" she says, disconcerted.

Maira looks up to TRON and flashes him a grateful smile. "'re so quick! You were way over there..." then back to Kamon. "I guess that's all I can do for now, but there are potions lying around if you need them."

Maira looks to Shida then, smiling lightly. "I just need to eat something then get some sleep I guess."
Emi Dennou "We can cook something up for you if you'd like, Shida of the Network slept the day away like a lazybones, thus earning the ire of conservative talkshow hosts."

She frowns a bit, as if thinking that maybe that was a bit of a stretch for her own chatting quirk. Nevertheless, she adds, to Kamon, "We'd like that. I hope you do."
TRON TRON stabilizes Maira by being her support, but not outright holding her. She's not dying, just exhausted. Though it was a scare all the same.

He releases an unnessisary puff of air in a sharp exhale, closing his eyes briefly as his circuitry lines dim to sky blue. "Yes... Yes, that certainly does include you." He tries to keep his voice as neutral as he can, but there's an edge of 'don't scare me like that'. He really hopes Uist gets mad at her for that.

He pulls a chair over with his foot, not losing his own balance in the process, and indicates for Maira to sit down before she tries falling over again. "I had a reason to be," is his sole reply to her amazement at his speed.

He straightens and looks back over to Shida, nodding faintly to her. "If you could, Shida? We would greatly appreciate that." He also moves to retrieve Kamon's chair for him, taking a moment to work off the surge of energy that had spurred his room-spanning sprint.

He turns his attention to Kamon. "So what were you saying about your world?"
Maira Maira sits. Her legs are giving her very little choice in the matter, nor is TRON. She is too tired and embarrassed to argue. She bets Avira would never faint.

Maira blushes and nods to TRON. "Sorry...and thank you Shida, that would be really great," she answers.

"I'd also love to hear more about your world Kamon, maybe visit someday..." hopefully he won't be insulted if she falls asleep in the middle of his telling though. She's already heavy-lidded. She'll be eating her food half-asleep at this rate.
Kamon Lionward Kamon will not be insulted, because Maira looks like she needs to pass out.

He blinks a couple of times, and gratefully takes the chair from TRON, muttering a 'thanks'. He understands having to burn off the energy. It's a thing that he does sometimes. "Uh... well, I was just... explaining how it worked. The world itself, was, um --" Kamon makes hand gestures, globe-like. "-- seven continents, like plates, that are supposedly the bodies of the seven First Gods, which were sort of floating clockwork worlds linked to the core. They were all, you know, really seperate, except then we build the Great Span, which is a bunch of bridges that connect all of them? Well, uh, all of them that aren't Odin."

Kamon is not from an Earth.
Emi Dennou Shida has moved off to make FOOD for Maira. FOOD is really very neat! You eat it, and it makes your day better! Maira will get FOOD and then probably pass out. FOOD's consistency is obscure but is apparently FOOD. Anyone can eat FOOD, even you!

"Why doesn't Odin have a bridge?" She askseventually.
Soan Sagittarius "Before that, there was airships. They are still used, as far I'm aware." Pipes up another voice, followed by the noise of a coin being launched in the air, as well as a few other steps.

Soan Sagittarius, coming out of a side door, is making his way into the hall, grinning, who seems quite relaxed at being here, as if he belongs. He snatch his coin, giving a wave. "Sorry for intruding, people, but I was looking for my friend Kamon, here."
TRON TRON isn't from an Earth either, so he can sympathize.

As it is, his head tilts as he tries to envision what Kamon explains about his homeworld. It's actually a little funny to see, like a little kid trying to comprehend something an adult says. "So your world is more like a group of different worlds all connected together into a whole?" Shida then asks his next question for him.

He noticeably starts as an unfamiliar voice pipes up from behind him, whirling around with one hand automatically snapping to the Disc between his shoulderblades. He does not detatch it nor throw it at Soan yet, but his stance shifts as if he's ready to. "I'm sorry, but who are you?"
Kamon Lionward "Well --"

Soan pops in. Kamon looks a little startled, but then relieved. "Hey, Soan. He's, uh --" He looks to TRON, and then gestures at Soan. "-- he's a friend. We're from the same place. Well, the same world, not the same, uh, continent," he amends. "Soan, this is TRON and Shida," he introduces, nodding at them in turn. "TRON and Shida, Soan."

"And yeah, airships still get used all the time! Odin isn't connected because it's covered in fiends," he explains, looking to Shida. "It's called the 'Iron Desolation.' The Odynar who live there all live in one big city made of iron harvested from the fiends. It's why everyone assumes being Odynar means you're a great fighter. But, uh, the bridge isn't there because people are worried that if they connect it, the fiends will run into the rest of the world, so instead they've got the most well-defended airship port in Galianda."
Emi Dennou "You again." Shida says, looking to Soan. "It appears you've found him." She manages her will save to snatching coin from midair. This time.

She listens to Kamon's description ofh is homeland. Looks like he got the raw deal! Except he's got iron blood which is pretty awesome (except for getting bullied by magnets apparently).

After some thought on this subject, Shida steeples her fingers together, humming lightly under her breath.

"Do you know Navya? She is a paravir too, Shida of the Network is wondering if she is from your world as well."
Soan Sagittarius Soan lifts his hands, smiling. What the hell is that guy and why is he all fluo, Soan thinks o himself. "Yes, yes, I'm a friend of Kamon. I've heard things went down and came over to check up on him in person. Quite sorry to interrupt, but the door was open."

That it would've have mattered if it was closed and locked, anyway.

The young man lowers his hands, nodding once toward Tron, giving him a small salute, as well toward Shida. Huh. Is that... Yes, she does look like the others girls. Or she's one of the ones she knows. It's hard to tell, if it wasn't for Kamon giving her name away. "Pleasure to meet you both, I'm Soan Sagittarius. Yeah, I'm from ... well, my ancestors were from Ifrit, I'm Ifriti, thus."

The thief pauses, peering foward Shida, tilting his head. "I take it you're part of that Network like Emi is, huh?"
Deelel Deelel was away whrn the fighting had happened but had heard of the incident. She was concerned and had headed to VALKYRI HQ. Deelel is much as she always is but she seems to be concerned. The door wasn't locked and given teh situation she doesn't think it would be a problem. She does make her way in finally finding where many of the people are are fathered as Soan is just starting to tell a bit more about himself.

She waits for a moment befiore she speaks up

TRON With reassurances from both Shida and Kamon that Soan is a friend, TRON slowly relaxes and lowers his hand from his Disc. "My apologies, then." He inclines his head to Soan at the introduction, then motions for Soan to pull up a chair before grabbing one of his own.

He nods slowly to Kamon at the further explaination about their world, glancing between him and Soan as if comparing the two against each other. Same world, different continents, unique abilites based on birthplace... Different places can be so strange. "Airships. Those are... the flying boats?" He really has no other way to describe them, having seen a few examples in World of Ruin.

He ends up actually sitting down just as Deelel enters. He leans back slightly and turns his head to acknowledge his fellow Program. "Greetings, Deelel. It has been some time." He smiles warmly if not a bit wearily. "Care to join the conversation?"
Emi Dennou "Yes, Emi is resting right now, Shida of the Network was resting as well until recently whereupon she received a banklet." She is still wearing it. They don't apologize for introducing Kamon Rider Kick into the world, however, because some deeds cannot be apologized for--and that's one of them! "You are the Thief, correct? Shida of the Network also knows a Thief, his name is Maximilien. However, he is a Gentleman Thief so perhaps as a 'class' it is something of an offshoot?, Shida of the Network posits."

She holds up an index finger, glances to Deelel, and bobs her head at her, her arm sparking lightly before she lets her hand drop.

"Strange, your world seems to have some similarities to that of the World of Ruin..." Shida adds.
Kamon Lionward Kamon is subjected to the awful rigors of /ethnic bias/, that's all.

Deelel walks up. Kamon raises a hand and waves. "Hi." He's about to introduce himself when he remembers he's still half naked. Kamon frowns a little down at himself, and grabs his shirt off the table where he left it. He pulls it on, and then picks up his jacket and hangs it on the back of his chair. Much better.

"Right," he says to Tron, nodding. He looks back to Shida. "Navya? Nnnno, doesn't sound familiar. And I know almost all the Parivirs from our world -- it's, uh, sort of a specific family thing, more or less. My great grandfather kind of formalized the training method for them so they could be bodyguards during firearms' rise in popularity, so most of them are distant relatives. Or, uh, might as well be." Kamon picks up his jacket and points to the stylized gauntlet on the breast. "See? That's the Genji Enforcement emblem. It's a security firm."

Kamon clears his throat, a little embarassed. "I'm, um, only a trainee, though. I haven't graduated from the Academy yet. I'm... really bad at the magical part. I've gotten a couple of things down, but it just --" He shrugs.

"I don't know much about the World of Ruin, yet. Sorry."
Soan Sagittarius "S'alright, I did jump in unnanounced, I can't blame a fellow for being nervous about that." Soan says toward TRON, turning that gaze toward Deelel as she enters the place. Huh. She... looks kinda similar to the other guy, ain't she. Well, general style. Huh. Either way, he gives him a brief nod. "Hello. I'm Soan, just visitin'." The Ifriti says, before turning his gaze toward Shida. He crosses his arms, not looking offended.

"/Please/, I'm a Rogue. Some say there's little differences, but I don't spend half of my time thieving around the place. My specialty are traps and locks, after all." Not that it stops him from being a /thief/, but, hey. Nuances. I'm still working for my Rogue lisence, I'm a trainee too."

He thrusts a thumb over at Kamon. "Don't listen to him selling himself short, he may not know how to throw a Fira if there was a blazing inferno right before him, but he's a magician all of his own kind with a sword."
Deelel Deelel says "It has been a while." She smiles back but can understand TRON being weary. "I would be hapy to do so, it seems things have become rough while I was away." Kamon and Soan get a bit of a look over she notices Shida who gets a smile. The Network does get around quite a bit, "Humm a thief?" She tilts her head for a moment. "It's good to see you as well." She looks over to Kamon for a moment and grins "hello as well. I'm Deelel." She listens as Kamon tells his tal.

"I do and that's interesting, so your into law enfeonement and security? There's no shortage of need for that in the world of Ruin."

She looks to Soan and smirks "I owe my life to a data theif who who am I to judge. As for skill? Skill is skill it depends on what you were made err good at!"
TRON TRON narrows his eyes just briefly, already connecting the dots. "Both of you are trainees?" Avira's explaination of World of Ruin's job system and such things as licenses come to mind, but this isn't quite the same thing. Is it? "Did you both go to the same 'academy'?"

A few different questions start battling a bit for the next question, but he lets Deelel ask her own before deciding on one. "If I may ask, and forgive me if I am too blunt... what happened to your world to bring you both here?" A hand motions around, indicating not only VALKYRI HQ but Traverse Town as a whole. "And are there others from your world as well?"
Emi Dennou Hmm, Navya isn't from this world, it seems, otherwise Kamon would know of her! Either that, of course, or Navya isn't a paravir to begin with. But she's pretty sure it's that former thing. She kept talking about them, after all.

Shida isn't sure there's much difference between what Soan said and what thieves are, but she supposes she'll leave that be. FROM ROGUE TO REDEMPTION? Time will tell.

"It must be a different world," Shida says.
Kamon Lionward "Kamon." He nods at Deelel, smiling a little bit. "Uh, yeah, sort of. Mostly bodyguard work and private security these days. I haven't done any of it, but, uh, my father is pretty famous to people who know about that kind of thing. Just hope I can live up to that, you know?" His smile gets a little more earnest and a little more awkward for a second.

"Well, yeah. We both went to Alexander Academy. It's this big private school. I got in because dad saved the Dean's life once, I guess? But, uh, I heard Soan picked the pocket of the head of the Department of Rogues and Subterfuge before he even went in for admittance tests!" Which Soan has rebuffed before, but Kamon likes that story.

Then, a shadow crosses his face. "The Heartless happened," he says, voice more subdued. "There's about a dozen of us left."
Soan Sagittarius Soan gives Deelel a look, his head tilting to a side. There's a clear look of confusion on his face. "You owe your life to a data thi--you mean a hacker? How, uh, does that work?" He asks, mentaly taking notes. Okay, Soan, you've seen bunny ladies, semi-monstruous but overall pretty noble winged humanoid, what's next? It can't be that bad, can it?

"Oh, yeah," He adds after Kamon, nodding. "By 'big' we mean 'roughly the size of this town, if not bigger'. Place's almost a city by itself, honestly. That's what makes it so unique." Soan then grunts, scratching the back of his neck, eyeing Kamon. "Awe, man, you know what everyone says, about that." He faux-complains, with a non-sizable amount of faux modesty in his voice -- but still a respectable amount of actual modesty.

This expression, however, darknes quite quickly at the last question. The thief looks away from a moment, clearing his voice as he search for a seat, which he takes. "Yeah." He adds, his voice low. "As far we know, so far."
Deelel Deelel has a look of suprise it was a slip up but it seems Kamon nderstanf the concept that somewhat gets Deelel's attention. "Not quite a hacker as you would understand it but close enough she sprung me from a err transport that was shipping me to another gaming pit. Given the fiths were forced and to the death. I'm rather happy to be out of there."

It seems Tron's asked some good questions as well.

"So only a Dozen? you have my sympathy but you are better off than some. Your not alone and the heartles are little more than a virus intent to consume everything it can."
TRON TRON's expression sobers as both Kamon and Soan's faces darken from what are clearly very fresh memories. Twelve, out of how many? He doesn't want to know. "I am sorry," he replies to them both, truly sounding like he means it.

He saw what happened to Manhattan, and a sick feeling settles deep in his core at the thought of such a thing befalling his and Deelel's homeworld as well.

He glances over to Deelel briefly, the pupils of his eyes flickering the same sky-blue color as the lines on his body, and emits a low 'hrm' sound. "It is a long story about our own homeworld and ourselves," he explains to Soan and Kamon, already starting to mentally prepare. "Very few we've met even have sufficient technology to understand the concept. It has taken us both months to learn how to speak on more... human-friendly terms."
Kamon Lionward Kamon just nods. He doesn't have anything to say to that. Sympathy is real, and appreciated, but really, what /could/ he possibly say? 'Thank you, it makes me feel better knowing someone pities us?' It's a dark thought. Nothing good comes of that sort of thing.

"So..." Kamon looks between Deelel and TRON. The similarities in dress and style are there, and their patterns of speech have some weird things that are pretty similar. Accents is something he can understand. "'re, um, computer programs, or something? We had computers and stuff," Kamon adds hastily. "The internet, cell phones, all kinds of things. People got that swords were old and outdated compared to guns, but they were still part of the world, you know? Just, uh, not all of it. So --"

He looks up at Soan. Maybe he's better at explaining things. He's better with people than Kamon is.
Soan Sagittarius It's a similar feeling that fills Soan's mind. "Don't be. None of this is your fault, and we are not the only victims, it seems, just by asking around town." The thief answers TRON, looking away toward the window overlooking the streets. The place's choking with refugee. Like themselves.

"Computers, cell phones, networks, robotics of several levels, programs, techno..." Soan ennumerates, pulling his mind away from the morose set of thoughts started by the previous question. "Heck, it was wide spread enough that you have an embarassingly high amount of choices of brands, services, digital download stations. It pretty much was a big part of life of large swath of the world... but the old ways still thrived, for multiple reasons. Religion's one of them. Another's that technology's strength was limited when facing certain threats, plus let's be frank, the old ways still kicked ass even if machine guns were involved." He leans against his seat, letting what the two programs has just said sink in. Huuuuuh. He crosses his arms, a grin returning to his face. "So you two are basically digital beings, huh? Man, Kyra would love to talk to you two, she'd flip her laptop case."
Deelel Deelel nods to Tron "It is strange really even then I slip up force of habit." She pauses for a moment she peers at Kamon suprised at how fast she caught up. "Yes we are programs." She grins a little lopsidedly "It seems your world is quite advanced I can only think of a handful with such a level of technology." She pauses at the mention of Techno and grins like a kid in the candy shop.

"I am a media program by the way I do enjoy Techno. Both listening to and created,." She listens about Kyra

"Prehapos we should at some point. I don't discount older technology or ways of doing things myself."
TRON TRON's apology was partially out of sympathy for their loss, but was mainly an apology for asking in the first place. He's been around enough actual Manhattan refugees to know better than to ask such things by now. People usually don't wander from their world much unless something Dark has happened to it.

Or they can't get back. One of the two.

His mouth twitches at Kamon's initial guess and at Soan putting it all together accordingly. It is probably one of the rare times that anyone has truly understood from the start without needing much in the way of explainations first. It is a weight off of his shoulders to not need to choose his words so carefully.

He nods to Deelel at her confirmation that they are, indeed, Programs. "And I am a Security Program," he adds for clarification, as it's not often obvious what a Program's function is simply by looking at them. "I would certainly like to meet others of your world sometime, as well."

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