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(2013-03-13 - 2013-03-13)
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Evja Sometime earlier today a request was left at one of the Fluorgis pubs where requests were offered out to the various clans. This one, however, was a bit different. It was just for one clan. In particular, Clan Gully. And even then, the request and job was meant to go to one person /in/ Clan Gully if they came poking around.

The leader.

Luso Clemens.

'I am in a trouble that I am uncertain how to deal with. But none outside this land seem to understand... just what it is that troubles me. Please meet me at the location marked on the map I sent with this request.

Evja, Judge Magister Errant'

That was the note, and request, and indeed there was a map that directed one to travel to an area in the desert outside of Flourgis a good long ways until they got to... well, a fallen-down destroyed-looking Jagd. A village of sorts that had just a faint, faint presence of mist about it. The buildings look to have been decimated by some large-scale explosion and standing in the middle of the mile-wide 'village' is a figure. But not one in armor.
In fact, the figure was wearing a white cloak and had no visible armor on, or weapons. They sat on a stone in the middle of the Jagd Village and waited, chocobo besides them, idly chewing some form of vegetable.
Luso Clemens Luso had returned to Fluorgis to check on Clan affairs after his lengthy absence dealing with the Mirror Portals case, as well as the darkness in Traverse Town. Meeting with Ramza again also took away a bit of time, and all in all, the boy was gone for far longer than he really intended to be. But that couldn't be helped now.

Nevertheless, he was back now and the first thing he did was meet with his clanmates, checking on their activities and catching up over casual conversation as well as food and drink. But in the middle of his meeting and general hang out time, the wizened old bartender called him out, telling him that there was a request for Clan Gully, and even more specifically, for him.

"Huh? Just me?"

Well that's weird. The last time there was a request specifically for the clan, they wound up getting attacked by Khamja! Oh well, the letter seemed a whole lot more sincere than anything Khamja's ever pulled, so Luso decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. Taking up his small arsenal of swords as well as other essentials, the boy headed out to the location appointed, using the provided map for direction.

After some time, he eventually arrived and looked about for any signs of the one who could have sent it. And soon enough, his eyes fell upon a figure in a white cloak, and a chocobo nearby, chewing on some greens he'd assume. "Oh, hey! Over there!" Luso called out, waving a hand as he began to approach. "Were you the one who called for me?"
Evja It wasn't until Luso go within hearing range(not shouting, speaking normally) that Evja finally acknowledged him vocally. The cloaked and shrouded Viera did raise a hand to offer him a small wave, indicating a nearby hunk of a building for him to take a seat on if he wished.

Then as he finally came, Evja stood and bowed her head a bit. "I see you decided to come after all, I am grateful. It likely isn't obvious in the least what the Judges problems are. In fact, physically, they /seem/ fine. Of course, they're dressed up so well that not much of the Viera beyond toes and eyes and ears can be seen, so 'seem' is a bit limited in scope."

Evja takes a seat once more, voice the same practiced soft tone she always took. "I suppose I should start off by saying that I am, indeed, a Judge. I am sure you know this, but I want to get that out of the way here wihle I can. This is personal business, not official, and... what I can offer you comes from myself. Items, personal wealth what little I have that was not pilfered off me and such."
Luso Clemens "Huh..."

Luso tilted his head slightly at Evja, finding this a bit strange, but going along with it all the same. Khamja's shenanigans have given Luso plenty of cause to be wary about clan specific requests, but he couldn't just ignore such a sincere request for aid either. So with that, he relaxed his guard and moved on over, plopping down onto a scrap of building to listen to the Viera.

"Well, it's not a problem. The letter made it seem like you were really in a bind, so I came as soon as I could." He smiled, nodding at Evja and giving her a thumbs up. "So yeah, leave it to me! Official, Personal, Judge, not a judge. It doesn't matter! And don't worry too much about the reward either, we'll figure that out once you're actually helped!"

That said, Luso crossed his arms behind his head, staring upwards at the sky for a bit before asking. "So, what's the problem?"
Evja Taking a deep breath, out comes a sigh, followed by the Viera kicking her feet a little before looking up at the sky and finally speaking.

"Before I became a Judge I was part of a clan that has recently become rather infamous for escaping Judge Custody. Verdant, more recently Verda. Though I did the 'right' thing..."
Her hands came up as she made quotes in the air, still uncertain about it all, she continued, "...I was not trusted by some of the Judges. In fact... I cannot say I blame them. The clan I was in before was taken down for trying to abuse the Law Magics upon this land to become invincible. They had no way of knowing if I was simply a decoy to gain further knowledge."

And back down she looks towards the ground before saying, "I was presented two options. Take magic upon myself from one of the highest ranking Judges, binding me to my oaths in an unbreakable fashion, or go to jail with the clanmates I turned in for being accomplice so long and only just recently turning them in. I, of course, chose to go with the Judges and their binding oaths. Now, however.."

Kick. Kick. Shuffle. "They are being twisted against me and I am being forced to kill a man by the name of Mercade Alexander. I do not want his blood on my hands, nor am I asking you to do the job. I... I need some way to sever these oaths against me without going to the Judges first. I know the Judge Master will believe me, but the others..."
Luso Clemens Luso stayed quiet, listening to Evja's story patiently. It sounded rough. Especially that clan business. And then the judges too. Looks ike they weren't perfect after all! Even if they made it seem like they very well were...

"Huh, so let me get this took on an oath that carry out the law or whatever no matter what, right?" He asked tentatively to make sure. But apparently it was rhetorical as he continued on regardless. "And now these same binding oaths are being twisted and taken advantage of, and now you're being forced to kill someone. Specifically, Mercade Alexander?"

There was a pause, and then Luso spoke up again. "That's weird. I worked with him before. He's not a bad guy. I wonder why anyone'd want him dead..." Ah, but that was beside the point now. So the boy shook his head and got back on track quickly. "Nevermind that, it sounds like you've got some rough problems to deal with. Hmm..." With that said, the boy began to stroke his chin, looking downwards as he contemplated various solutions.

"I'm not sure if I can really do any..." And then suddenly, he remembered. "...Wait, no. I have an idea actually! Oh man, I can't believe I almost forgot!" Grinning, he stood up from where he sat, stretching his arms out as he elaborated. "A good while ago, back when none of this heartless stuff was happening, I helped out a guy from some assailants that were after him. As thanks, he gave me this weird card..." Saying that, Luso reached into his pack and rummaged for a bit before producing a weird looking black card.

"This card here can interfere with Judge Magic...I think it might be able to sever your oaths. ...I think anyway. I've never actually used it against anyone but Khamja, you see? I tend to follow the laws of battle otherwise, heh heh..."
Evja "Not quite."

There is a quick correction, "Magic was placed upon me to force me to uphold any oath I swear to. One such oath simply happened to be not breaking any laws knowingly. Judges do not enforce the law, as I'm sure you know. We reward those who follow them and do not those who disobey. We only step in when something happens and the natural laws of this land are twisted."

Though eventually when Luso produces the Anti Law card, Evja's entire body stiffens and her eyes go wide. That card... that is the very thing she discovered Verda were trying to learn to produce! And not only that, this boy has one so freely?! "I... I...."
Evja shivered faintly as she looked down at the ground and said, "I shall... I shall pretend you did not carry such on you if you are willing to destroy it, or never use such. It is a sacrement to the laws of nature in Jylland, no matter... to what good end you just offered it to me upon. Please do not offer me this, Luso Clemens. It is... the very thing I turned my clan into the Judges for. Manufacting Anti Law cards. I could not live with myself if I used such, ever, no matter the circumstance."
Luso Clemens "Somehow, I figured you'd say something like that." Luso chuckled to himself and tucked the card away again. It was more like a random trinket to him. But it was funny to think that people were seriously after them. No wonder Ezel charged highway robbery for these things. "And don't worry, I don't plan on using it if I can help it. And I've been able to help it pretty well so far!"

With the card safely out of sight now, Luso just sighed and sat back down. "Well, if you don't want to sever your oaths forcibly, then...hmn..." Another round of thinking began for the leader of Clan Gully. He thought for a couple of moments before finallt snapping his fingers as an idea came about. "Ah, I know!"

Luso glanced towards the Viera again, smiling as he began to explain. "Maybe Old Man Lezaford can help you! He's pretty knowledgeable about almost anything one could think of! I don't think it'd be unheard of for him to know some way of deal with the magic that was cast on you!" And then there was a pause.

"...Ah, but, I haven't seen him in a while. I'm not sure if he actually managed to cross over to this side when Jylland fell either..." Crossing his arms, Luso hrmed to himself. "Well, I doubt someone like him would just roll over and get devoured by the darkness. He's got to be around somewhere!"
Evja "Lezaford... that name sounds so familiar." then it clicked. "Wait, you know the sage Lezaford?! He is still alive?! This is great news! I was never aware of such a thing!" Sounding like an excited child, Evja hopped up and clapped her hands together once, "Lezaford was one of the ones who originally manufacted the Laws of this land!"

Someone was a history buff.

In fact... this was something Evja loved the most in the Judges Academy, learning of the history of Jylland. It's like being told there's a chance you could meet a historical figure. Though she did sink a little at the thought, "Right... if he even came to his new world. Well, I suppose that is a start. Though I am unsure if I can be complacent and accepting outside of this Jagd. The only reason I can speak as I do, can act as I do... at least as far as I am aware is that this land we stand and sit upon seals the oaths upon me away, so they do not affect me here. But the moment I step out of it, I do not think I could act to voluntarily break the oaths, or even try to do something to act against the magic thereof. That is... that is why I contacted you."
Evja took a seat and looked up towards Luso again, "If you truly do find a way to do this, and we cannot meet in a Jagd... please, force it upon me no matter how much I may fight otherwise. The magic will prevent me from willingly destroying the it. I trust you, Luso Clemens. You helped to protect Fluorgis and you did not throw me to Verda when you had the opportunity. And you treating the Anti Laws as you have... I think you may be one of the few, or perhaps only, who are willing to help me."
Luso Clemens "Huh?" Luso blinked, and then blinked again, looked rather dumbfounded at Evja's rather enthusiastic exclamation about the old sage. "Uh, yeah. I do know him. He's helped me and the clan out with his knowledge plenty of times. Hmn...But he's really THAT old, huh..." He tilted his head slightly at that, pondering about it. It never really fully dawned on him that Lezaford was some kind of superstar apparently.

"The spell's that strong though?" Luso mumbled out loud, turning his eyes upwards to watch the clouds again. "Well, alright then. I'll keep it in mind, if we really can't meet back here and I end up finding some way to sever the ties binding you! But I think it would be a good idea to just meet here of course." Chuckling that that, Luso shrugged.

"I'll do what I can for you. Count on it! There's no reason for you to have to kill anyone!" And then he stood up from his seat again. "Right then, I guess the first step would be to find Lezaford or any clues as to where he could be. Is there anything else?" He asked, looking over to Evja.
Evja "Right." Though it was hidden by the veil, Evja smiled for the first time in a while. It was... well, it felt amazing to have someone believe what she had to say seemingly at face value. Not to treat her as a monster, as some moral-depraved shell of a judge. "Thank you. I do not have much to offer, but I shall try what I can. Is there anything you would like me to try and obtain for you as a reward, succeed or fail?"
Luso Clemens Luso shook his head at the mention of some sort of reward and waved a hand dismissively. "Nah, no worries! I can't think of anything, so like I said; we'll just worry about it when the time comes, alright?" Smiling at that, Luso gave Evja a comical salute. "Anyway, I've got my task, I'm gonna do my best to get it done. I'll see you soon hopefully, Evja!"

And with that said, Luso was heading off, waving as he went.
Evja "...what a genial fellow. Mayhap there is hope for me yet, and this world, of people like him still exist." And with that Evja falls backwards to stare at the sky until her Chocobo reaches over to nudge her, getting a laugh out of the Viera, "Stop that."

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