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(2013-03-13 - 2013-03-13)
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Percival Previously, on Final Kingdom:

Narrator: The battle for Manhatten's soul has been lost.

Flashback Images: Avira diving through a portal with Hades in pursuit. A rumble in the Bayou with a shambling zombie horde led by a crazy Witch and Heartless Wyverns. Seith being Seith. Ember shoving Avira through a portal. Evja about to shove a spear through Mercade's heart when he's bonked over the head by Angantyr's body.

Narrator: But the war rages on. Will our heroes recover from this devastating blow? All I know is my gut says maybe.

A russet-skinned Gargoyle is limping into Valkyri headquarters, with Angantyr's unconscious body held up. The Gargoyle is a terrible mess currently, as his darkness bubbles away at the flesh of his abdomen with thin wisps of smoke still rising. One of his wings hangs limply, with several bones shattered in multiple places. It hurt to breathe, it hurt even more to carry the armored mercenary into Valkyri HQ. When he reaches the doorway, he turns sideways easing inside with his injured wing scraping against the frame. A strangled noise escapes his lips, as he tries to choke back the pain. From a distance, Maira would have definitely seen what Kamon and him had done to Evja, and the Vieran judge was still a few blocks away, laying senseless on the pavement.

Gently, very very gently, he lays Angantyr on one of the cots surrounding the room, before easing himself to the floor a short distance away. A wince of pain showed that it hurt for him to even sit down. Working up the courage to speak, he'd do so rather meekly. "L-Lady Maira. Please let me apologize for what happened, it was the only thing we could think to do to stop the crazed Judge in time."
Maira The battle was lost, but the war is not over! That is how it always goes in the stories, right? At least one stubborn girl is not going to give up now.

Oh yes, Maira had seen what they did with Angantyr's unconscious form, though she had a good deal of trouble believing it. Really? Did they /actually/ do that!? REALLY!?

Once Maira is able to process what she saw, she is none too pleased with Percival and Kamon, who she doesn't even know, but will get a scolding next she sees him anyway. Percival she does know, and he is now at her mercy!

Once Angantyr is settled, Maira pours a couple of potions into him, then gestures to Perci, pointing to a nearby cot. "Sit," she says simply, then begins gathering her healing supplies. Bandages, salves, potions, herbs...scalpels, some intimidating metal instruments that look like torture devices...
Percival A shiver went through him as he looked over at the cot and her instruments. Then his accursed body betrays him and spasms from the pain. Oh sweet merciful God even shivering hurt!

The Gargoyle, was extraordinarily polite to all women he encountered. His speech and mannerisms may have been considered archaic, but charming to most. That didn't mean he knew how to speak to women /at all/. Oh he would stumble and bumble over his words in subjects that were not idle pleasantries, and act the fool throughout. And while he was considered courageous in battle, he was an absolute /craven/ when it came to trying to stand up to himself around women, express his feelings around women, basically anything relating to women.

And now he found himself at the mercy of a very formidable one.

So what did he do? He obeyed of course. He looked the very picture of a puppy that had known he'd done wrong. His eyes just had that pathetic glint to them, his ears were drooped back and his tail was actually curling down and between his legs a bit. He stood very slowly. That hurt too, but he tried not to show it. Then he limped over to the cot, and sat down.
Maira Maira? Formidable? If Maira could read minds, she would laugh hysterically. Maira very much does not consider herself formidable. Nor even vaguely threatening! Percival is clearly very hurt though, which is really taking all the potential fun out of this! How is she suppose to properly scold him when he's looking so pathetic!?

Maira sighs, pulling a blanket over Angantyr. She'll work on him more later. Right now, he just needs to rest.

Of course, no matter what she wants, she's going to have to cause Percival some pain or he might not heal correctly. In full on healer mode, Maira moves over to Percival with all her tools and begins looking him over. "Your pretty bad. If I just heal it, it might not heal right, so I'm going to have to make sure its in the right position before I do that. That's going to hurt," she informs him, not without sympathy. Maira reaches for the wing, gently pulling it outward and prodding the bones, comparing it to the other wing, her brow furrowed in concentration. "Yeaaah....that's bad," she begins. "Stay still!" she says, then gives his wing a yank, essentially putting it in traction. It will hurt like frigging crap at first, but then he will feel relief as she holds it out, beginning to channel her healing magic into him, concentrating her efforts on that wing.
Percival To the Gargoyle who was Oh so very terrible with women, /any/ woman tended to be formidable. If he were another person, he might have tried to make excuses to her, or try to justify it feebly. He wasn't that sort of person. Instead he had a tendency to take the blame, to take responsibility for any disaster that was even remotely related to him.

As she touched the tender and shattered wing, he sucked in a deep breath. As she explains, he would try to speak in as stoic a manner as possible. "Do what needs to be done." All stoicism vanished when she began to pull traction, as he howled from the horrifying pain which became more akin to a scream after a few moments. He tried not to move too much, but it was near impossible, as he doubled over at the stomach, his fist pounding the edge of the cot repeatedly. Blessed relief came as soon as she finished pulling traction, but his eyes were already tearing and watering. Yes he was sobbing like a hatchling. The healing magic poured into his wings, mending the knit bone.

He would calm himself with some deep steadying breaths and the words of a prayer. The cot would creek ominously moments before it gave in from the previous efforts of his fist, dumping him unceremoniously onto the floor. Sprawled on the floor, he'd suck in a few pained breaths, curling into a sort of modified fetal position that wouldn't crumple his wings.
Maira It takes all her strength not to wince of shy from him as he cries out, but she knows this has to be done and that relief would come soon. No, she takes no pleasure in this! Indeed, her eyes tear up in sympathy for him as he curls over.

"I'm sorry..." she breathes, bending down to gently his arm, her healing energy still pouring into him. "I can make you something for the pain if it still hurts...?"
Percival The Gargoyle would continue to suck in air sharply, shaking his head. "N-No. Please don't apologize Lady Maira. You're doing what needs to be done. I don't blame you for the pain."

To her second question though, given how he was bawling mere moments before, it might have suprised her when he looked up into her eyes and stated. "No. Please. Nothing for the pain." He wasn't a masochist, he hated it when he was suffering, and hated even more to inflict suffering upon others. He was still refusing painkilling magic/medicine. "I don't deserve it."
Maira She looks at him with soft eyes and a worried frown. "I'm still sorry you have to go through it," she replies quietly.

In response to his refusal of something for the pain though, Maira rolls her eyes. "Alright, I'm not pleased that you used my unconscious friend, who was only unconscious because he protected me, to batter Evja with. He was already severely injured! But....but I know you did it to protect Mercade and had no better options in the moment. As Angantyr is alive and will recover...I'm inclined to forgive you. SO! Stop being stubborn and let me give you something or I will have to bind you down with magic and make you," she threatens, pursing her lips and trying to look tough.

Which only manages to be adorable. Damn it.
Percival The Gargoyle would only shake his head, finally gathering the courage to prop himself up by his arm to move into a sitting position. "No M'lady, you don't understand. Please..."

He'd give her an absolutely piteous look. "...We've only just met, and you barely know me. What I know of you, is that you're a kind and virtuous woman and gives so much of yourself to others. Myself? I am a thoroughly loathsome and wretched creature. Using your friend as naught but a bludgeon is the least of my sins."

Well, least of his sins other than taking Will's Pizza and Pie at least.

He would take a few ragged breaths, the pain easing as she pours healing magic steadily into him. "It is only appropriate that I should suffer."
Maira Stubborn Gargoyle. Time for a stare-down! She places a hand on her hip and gives him a long, level look. "Well you barely know me either! You are just assuming. As far as I know of you, you put yourself in harms way to protect others and took quite a beating for it. Pretty kind and virtuous if you ask me!" she replies.

Maira glances over her shoulder then toward Angantyr. "Besides...Angantyr would probably be glad you used him to take out Evja," she sighs.

No matter what he says, she's putting some water to boil in an electric kettle to make a tea with willow bark to take the edge off the pain. She reaches for a salve then, opening the jar and moving over to Perci again, starting to slather him in salve to disinfect and help heal those cuts and bruises. The ointment smells strongly of camphor.

When she's in healer mode, she isn't shy. She'll pull aside his clothing if she has to, the part of her that would be embarrassed by this tucked away for now.
Percival The Gargoyle cringes as she scolds him. But he wasn't fooled. The tenor of his voice showed a great deal more conviction in what he had to say. "You allege that I make assumptions. That is fair, but I still think they are educated ones. You are a good friend of Lady Avira's, you are kind to strangers, and and so many leap to your defense that I would not consider coin ill-spent to wager such. On my part, the actions you see are those of a penitent creature who is trying to change his nature, or if I cannot, then to leave the world in slightly better shape than I left it when I pass on to the next."

He doesn't resist when she starts applying the salve, though he does wince and jerk away on occasion when it stings. "Oh I'm sure he'll have a good laugh over it, right before he breaks me in half. I'm rather certain I wouldn't even fight back if he wished to."

By miraculous happenstance he has no injuries in his <CENSORED> areas.
Maira Maira does blush at the compliments, looking mighty embarrassed. "I'm just doing the best I can...Avira is my best friend. It's not like I've never done anything wrong," she replies quietly, her eyes downcast.

She still hadn't told Avira what she meant to tell her. Now it would have to wait even longer. She /would/ tell her though. There should be no secrets between them.

Maira sighs, turning to start making that tea. "Even if people are willing to leap to my defense...that doesn't really help anyone but me, does it? It doesn't stop people from getting hurt....and all the things I've done, tried to doesn't seem to stop people from doing the wrong thing," she says, eyes on her work. Ember....why? The pain she feels at the thought is plain on her face. Maira has never been good at hiding her emotions.
Percival "Stop it." Perhaps the first firm words he'd ever said to her. "Whatever you have done, it is something that can be easily forgiven. How others see you, how /I/ see you shows that no matter what they might have been, that you are already forgiven. You are a good woman, and not a sinner."

He'd remain seated where he is. "You cannot hold yourself responsible for what wicked and vile people do. Else you will be taking responsibility for all evil that is done in this world. Lady Avira wouldn't want you to blame yourself. If anything, your friendship with her might be what saves her from the depths of her despair. She thinks she is a monster! I /know/ what I am. I know what a real monster is. And I /know/ what both of you are. You are heroes M'lady. It is that you feel so strongly for others that I know it to be just as true for you, as it is for her."
Maira Maira turns, handing Perci the mug of white willow bark tea she has brewed. Its strong and pungent, and he's better drink it all or risk her ire!

As he goes on, her face grows redding by the moment. He is clearly embarrassing her. She smiles though, shaking her head. "You sound so much like Faruja," she chuckles. "I don't know much about this sinner stuff...I just know that everyone makes mistakes, and if someone who makes mistakes can be a hero, then you can be too," she informs him. Maira looks back to Angantyr again. "Angantyr is filled with darkness...its just who he is. He is very dangerous, but he's also a good friend who stands up for what he believes in. He's done a lot of wrong. I don't know what you are condemning yourself over Percival, but you are a good person too. I'm pretty sure," she says, flashing him a smile.

"As for being a hero...heh, no no. I'm not a hero. I practically fall over when someone looks at me funny. Avira...Avira is though. She has the last shard...she'll save Manhattan. A princess, our Avira...heh, she probably thinks that's pretty funny. I know she thinks she's a monster, but obviously she's not. I can't say I would feel much different if I were her though...I'm not sure I wouldn't have made that choice."
Percival And drink he does. He likes strong tea. He doesn't even take it with lemon or sugar normally. He might have actually suprised Maira at how properly he drinks it without complaint. The only concession he doesn't make towards propriety is that he doesn't have his final talon up. No raised pinky for him!

The Gargoyle sighs. "Mine was not the same sort of mistake, Lady Maira. Mine was a sin for which the only judgement that can be made is to cast my wretched soul into the fires of perdition. You have a gentle heart, and I don't wish to relate the details to you, but please trust me on the matter."

He would look over to Angantyr. "Yes. I'm aware of that now. The first few times we met, I condemned him for his greed. I disrespected him for his use of the darkness and his willingness to pass the knowledge of how to channel it on to others. Now I wonder if it was only because I was afraid of that which dwells within a wretch like myself. Fate has a sense of irony it seems, for I was seeking him out to beg him to teach me how to suppress the darkness inside of me." He actually begins to laugh for a time. "....and then I'm forced to use him as a bludgeon to save a friend. No, I think he won't be very willing to hear me plead my case now. I'll be very fortunate to leave that meeting in better shape than I am in right now."

Percival would give her a curious look. In fact he sensed a bit of jealousy in her words. "Lady Maira. It does not matter what happens to you in the attempt, so long as fight for a righteous cause, and do not stand idly by when vile individuals seek to exploit the innocent, you are a hero. Being /bested/ in the attempt, does not lessen the gallantry, the courage in it. You may see Lady Avira as more of a hero, more special than yourself, but it is not so. That she was /chosen/ to be a Princess is her destiny. But it is my belief that decent folk like yourself who are not chosen by fate, by destiny, are even more heroic in the attempt. She /must/ be a hero because she is fated to be so. You didn't have to be, and yet you are.
Faruja Senra "The Lady speaks truly, dear Squire." Comes the soft voice of Faruja as he steps into the room in Valk's HQ where poor Angantyr and the others are laid up. Bereft of his armor, he likely seems more priest than Templar as he immediately walks over to see the worst of the wounded: likely, Angantyr. After seeing the man's in no need of immediate help, he turns to study the form of Percival with a healer's eye. Both get a bow from the ratling.

Of course, Faruja chooses just the right moment to enter, and gets a flood of information. Percival fighting darkness, Avira somehow being royalty...he gives the pair a properly confused look. Rather than interrupt, he simply listens, before giving his own two gil regarding Maira. "Though generally I dislike the term, Lady Maira would be more than a match for many a Temple Wizard's bravery." To be compared to the pious, powerful, and gallant mages of the Templariate is not a compliment given often.

As for Angantyr? He regards the man with that conflicted look. "...The Mercenary and I have our disagreements, and I cannot say I like the man. However, never have I seen him abandon a comrade, or shirk from a battle he thought needed fighting." There's respect in the Templar's voice, if a bit begrudging.

Smirk. "A bludgeon, hmm? How fitting." Comes the rat to /that/ piece of information. He may just be feigning a cough to hide his laughing, even as he turns to help the sleeping wounded who aren't Angantyr.
Maira Well, he's got her. She swallows hard as he so easily pins her feelings. She loved and respected Avira and would do anything for her. She was also jealous of her. Maira doesn't like that feeling, but it is there none the less. When she'd met Mercade, she's liked him almost instantly. He fell in love with Avira. When she's met Angantyr she'd liked him too--he was also in love with Avira. Even Ivo had flirted with her on occasion. Ivo, the only one who seemed to be interested in her, who supposedly had other girlfriends and couldn't be serious.

Avira was strong, smart, a real leader. When Maira found out she was also a princess, something Maira had always dreamed about, she felt so small, shrinking in her best friend's shadow.

She doesn't even know what to say. She can't form a response. She's too afraid her voice will shake, then she will cry.

Eventually, she takes a deep breath. "Its not fair...that you can see through me and you refuse to tell me what you did you think is so awful. It isn't fair," she replies quietly.

Then Faruja shows up. Her immediate reaction is a warm smile, which curdles some as he starts in on the compliments. She rolls her eyes again, flushing deeply. "Please, stop it. Just...stop," she said, moving over to Angantyr to check on him, taking his pulse and examining his coloring. She frowns a bit, then channels another cure spell into him.
Percival And then he saw Maira's stance, she looked as if she were like to cry. Oh no! Not that, anything but that. Crying women was like Percival kryptonite. He had to head that off at the pass. All courage fled out of his voice, and he sounded like a pathetic craven again. "N-No perhaps I was being unfair Lady Maira. Mayhaps you deserve to know that..."

And then mercifully Faruja enters, or perhaps not so mercifully considering what followed next.

Percival was so startled by Faruja's entrance that he forgot the enforced informality that Ser Senra had previously stated he preferred. By sheer reflex, he would drop rapidly from his seat onto his knees, with tea holding hand rapidly moving to put his hand over his heart.

The searing pain from the spilled tea combined with the sudden movement of his broken ribs and nearly healed wings was taken in stride. For a few seconds.

And then he toppled over, and now it was more akin to him kneeling on hands and knees. He only barely saved the tea cup and saucer from the fate of being nothing but shattered porcelain.
Faruja Senra Twitch. Twitch twitch. Faruja's ear flicks in irritation as the Squire forgets once again the proper application of formality and informality. Particularly to a knight not of his own order. Having been through a lot as of late, he can't help but sigh. "/Up/, Squire Percival you are going to...oh, Faram help me!" Turning away from his patient, he leans down to try to help up the now toppled Percival. Almost immediately, the Gargoyle's getting a litany of Cure spells. "While I appreciate thy respect for myself, and my Order, you are /wounded/. Come now, to the bed with you! There is such thing as clinging overmuch to formality, particularly given the circumstances." He'll rather forcefully lead the Gargoyle to a bed, or whatever is passing for it given the amount of wounded here. Then there's tea being handed back.

Squint. "/Drink/." Templar voice!

Then, he turns to Maira. "What transpired, my friend?"
Faruja Senra Pause. The rat manages a smile as he's told to stop. "Value thyself more, Maira. One of these days, I shall see a touch more self-confidence wind its way into thy being."
Maira Oh for the love of <GOOSEHONK!> Maira throws her hands up in exasperation as Percival sees Faruja and falls to his knees. Maira reaches for him and tried to drag him back onto the cot. "What are you doing!? Are you trying to undo all my hard work!?" she asks him, truly cross now. Luckily, Faruja helps her haul him back up to the cot.

Maira gives Percival a look, shaking her head. She won't ask for the story. She doesn't want to hurt him. She just...doesn't want anyone thinking she's a saint. He'd simply dug up something she wished hadn't bee so obvious.

Maira turns to Faruja, grabbing a nearby pillow and tossing it at him playfully. She then takes a deep breath. "Avira...she wasn't really cured from her mutation. She made a deal with Hades for the cure. She didn't tell any of us. Hades is trying to claim his favor, bringing Shadow Lords and Heartless to Traverse town to try to take her. It was revealed that the last shard for Manhattan was IN Avira--that she was a princess of heart. She ran. But last night we were cornered by Shadow Lords. They attacked us. Avira....she was taken," she explains, looking over toward Angan. "Angan went down protecting me, and Avira was taken...but we're going to get her back. So I have to get everyone back in fighting shape!" she replies, her mouth forming a thin line of determination.
Percival Whipped puppy dog eyes again, tail between legs, drooped back ears. The one-two combination of Maira and Faruja in the room was just too much for him to maintain any sort of defense. "M-My apologies.." He'd mumble at each of them. He'd get up with Faruja's help, eventually, and settle down at a nearby cot. His gaze flitted towards another broken cot in a sort of self-conscious gesture. He didn't think they had been created with Gargoyle patients in mind. But still he sits down, takes the tea from Faruja, and begins to sip it. He didn't even need to command him, he /liked/ the tea.

Sighing, he would fill in what gaps he knew in Maira's story. "Hades took us entirely off guard, the first time. He'd planted a traitor in our midst, the Vieran Judge Evja. The man had made a deal with Hades for a single favor, and that favor was to kill Mercade. He compelled Avira to attack us, and as a result trounced us thoroughly. Lady Avira was so horrified that she fled, and that spared us from death and worse as Hades soon turned to follow. We'd found Lady Avira in the Bayou, but the Heartless and a Witch leading a column of walking corpses attacked us. We won the day, but only barely. The witch fled, and we managed to get Avira out before the heartless overwhelmed us. And then, that happened..." As she nods to Maira's part of the tale. "...Avira was taken, Evja turned upon his master but was still going to spear Mercade through the heart to fulfill his obligation. Kamon and I bludged him over the heard with Angantyr for his transgressions. It was the only thing we could think to do in our injured state."
Faruja Senra Augh, pillow! Pwumph! When it falls from his face, Faruja's eye is close and his facefur is neatly disheveled. Critical hit~

After taking a moment to fix his face, and getting the taste of pillow out of his muzzle, he listens with a frown to his muzzle. His clawed hands clench particularly at the news of Evja.

"...'Tis true, then. Feh. To think that I saw hope within her...mmm, nay, I speak overmuch. Where is the Adjudicator now? And know ye why he chose to have the Viera slay Ser Mercade? It seems an odd choice. A fine man to be certain, however, I know naught why he would draw such wrath from that charlatan."

Witches, Shadow Lords, Missing Aviras oh my! Faruja begins to pace, tail lashing. "My, my, my what a mess. First Hati, now /this/. Well, then, I suppose the first order of business is retrieving our dear Lady, and to interrogate the Adjudicator if possible. We need to know all we can about this 'Hades' and how best to deal with him." He pointedly refuses to say Princess. Tying such a wonderful woman to /royalty/ just feels insulting to the Burmecian.
Minerva Minerva is still laid up from her time in the swamp, healing magic and potions do a lot to make things better but one shouldn't push the newly restored flesh too hard it can give way after all. Also some healers perferd to keep one stable and let nature do the rest least hte body forget how to heal it self so here's minerva she's got some of her clothes but others she does not as most of her torso is bandaged and covere din burn salvs after her fight with ryoce and she's not getyting any chance to slepe with the converstation.

"Evja, is a coward and brigand he insults the very conscept of a judge."
Maira Maira nods along with Percival tells Faruja, confirming his story as he elaborates. Was Evja still out there? Should she go out there and check if she was alright? She probably also needed to be healed...but...

Maira looks to Faruja, sighing. "Maybe you judge Evja too quickly. Avira has been turned on her friends with magic /twice/ now. She'd attacked me in Baron when Morrighan was controlling her...but you will be so quick to condemn Evja?" she asks, looks disappointed. Perhaps she is too forgiving, but she thinks there is more to Evja. She's at least willing to give her a chance to do better.

They don't even know about Ember. Maira can't even bare to speak it. She can't make sense of any of it. She wants to be wrong, but she knows she is not. Could she grant Ember the same, after all Ember had done?

That is really stretching it. Maira isn't sure that she can.
Maira Maira looks over toward Minerva, nodding to her. "How are you feeling Minerva?"
Percival "Because Lady Avira is madly in love with him, and Ser Alexander is smitten with her. And the man is just too stubborn to admit it when he ought to be sweeping her off her God<GOOSEHONK> feet. Hades wants him dead to bring her further into his power." There was a touch of bitterness to his tone. Perhaps something about the situation was hit too close to home.

The Gargoyle would breathe in a sigh, motioning for Faruja to come closer. He'd remove one of his two baldrics from his back by unfastening a buckle, the scabbard containing an ornate looking rapier. "I'm afraid your arrival could not have been more timely, Ser Senra. Because once Lady Avira is safely back in our hands, there is something else which needs to be done." And once he came closer, he'd unsheath it just a fraction, just enough to reveal a hint of the naked steel. Maira and Faruja would hear an almost imperceptible heartbeat immediately, in a steady rhythm, while the lights within room would almost imperceptibly dim for all present. "My quest to change my nature has become a touch more pressing, and I'll need your aid for that."

With an almost sheepish look, he'd slide it back fully within, and the room brightened, while the telltale heartbeat faded. He'd then nod to Minerva. "My thoughts are similar M'lady. He refuses to take responsibility for his sins. Instead he justifies them as right and proper."
Minerva Minerva says "I still feel ill, I am thankful for your worlds and others better understanding of healing without a white mage or a chemist to tend to my wounds." She's picked up a few things like the love of indoor plumbing. She also got the bits about how to properly clean wounds and the like. "Quest? Your nature what troubles you?" Minerva always seemed to be a mimic picking up on the local way of speaking, but sometime her normal way of speach leaks back in it's odd really why does she do that, it's like she's trying to hide.

"Hades is a clever one...we need to be careful who knows how many more cats paws he may have."
Maira Maira looks to Perci, her eyebrows rising. "Madly in love with him? Has...she made her choice then?" she asks, confused. That Mercade is mad about Avira is no news to her! So are Skoll and Angantyr to her knowledge.

Then Perci pulls a blade and a darkness and heartbeat fills the room. Maira's eyes widen. "What..." she begins, shaking her head. She's realizing how extremely tired she is. She sits on one of the cots, slumping. "Percival, can tell me, okay? I will help you if I can. Right now though, I think I should probably rest before the world starts falling down around me again," she says, laying down on her side and curling in on herself. "Wake me if Angantyr wakes," she says, either to them or to Uist, who is likely nearby.
Faruja Senra Still quite livid from Evja's refusal to help his beloved wolf, Maira's words strike him quite harshly. A low sigh escapes him, and he rubs his bandaged face. "...My, my, my. My personal feelings cloud my judgement indeed. If 'tis true that the Adjudicator acted while ensorceled...'tis too complicated. One should first have the story from the horse's mouth, or in this case, the hare's." The look he favors Maira with is more than mere warmth. Respect lingers in his gaze, not unlike that he would show his superiors. Maira should best get used to compliments if she keeps proving herself wise and level headed!

The Templar pointedly keeps his eye upon Minerva's own two, given the bandaged and generally beraggeled form of Minerva. "Then let us see what we may be able to do for that, M'Lady Minerva. Faram bless you!" He's already into his belongings, yanking out a green potion. Yes, green. A rather vile shade of green.

"Here, this should help." /Green/.

Maira's sleeping. A smile comes to his muzzle, and he pulls out a convenient blanket from nearby to settle over her. "...Mercy is a virtue." He whispers, mostly to himself, staring fondly at her. The rat isn't sure what he's done to deserve such a good woman as a friend, but remembering his promise to Avira, he'll be darn sure to fulfill it.

Faruja raises a brow at Percival, looking somewhat confused on what he means, until the gargoyle pulls out the sword. The ratling's face manages to go whiter than it already is, and the Templar looks vaguely ill from the magic radiating off of it. "/Where/ ever did you get that disgusting piece of Witchery? 'Tis...can you not feel the evil of such a thing?" He starts to advance on Percival, looking as though he has it in mind to take the thing.
Minerva Minerva also is cosuing for a moment as she looks over at Maira "But mercy does not discount being put on trail merely giving them a lease on life to repent." She's merciful for her culture she really is. She pauses looking at the weapon and says "It's screaming I can feel that thing, just what is it and do not worry about it Faruja. I will heal sometimes it's best to nto rely on other means of healing."
Percival Percival would look to Maira first and speak in an embarassed tone. That was the second time he'd made an outburst like that as of late. "I suppose that was ill-spoken on my part. She undoubtedly has feelings for him and wishes to be pursued by him, but to what extent I don't know. I think that given what I have seen as of late that she is, but I can't be certain. Making too many assumptions is one of my many flaws."

He would give Minerva a look. "It is a long story, M'lady, too long for the telling here. Let us just say that I'm a penitent sinner."

As Faruja advanced, Percival would sigh. "Lady Zia led an expedition recently to uncover a cache of pirate treasure. We each took a trophy from the horde. The blade seemed ordinary at the time, except for its craftsmanship. In reality it was a clever trap set for me. I sought for clues on the blade's origin, as I thought to return it to the original owner or their descendants. I needn't have bothered, the next time I unsheathed it, I felt its malevolence. Everything around me was consumed by darkness, and within it I heard the beating of a sinister heart for the first time. Its /owner/ appeared before me, an armored elf that could channel the darkness casually. I know naught his purpose, but it seems that he intends to test me in some way. He told me that there was a great darkness within me but that I lacked any capacity for control. Within it dwells a malevolent spirit that amplifies that darkness, makes it manifest. He offered to me power, of which I could aid him in darkening worlds, for the blade attracts the heartless."

He speaks the next part in a calm, level tone. "I refused of course. Even offered that I would rather fall upon my own sword before I allow that to happen. This angered him, as he considered it a waste. His only purpose appears to be trying to draw out some sort of twisted potential from those he comes into contact with. Thus, I can either accept his offer, and learn to channel the darkness. I can ignore it, which would have a similar outcome, except that I'd become a mindless beast consumed by anger. Or I can learn to suppress its darkness, to quell the unquiet spirit within the blade. He speculated that if that happened, then I would gain an ally in my quest for redemption."

Since Faruja seemed like to take the blade, the Gargoyle preempted him. He unsheathed the rapier, placed it under his foot, and strained to pull up, warping it, then snapping into two pieces. He'd then toss them to the side with a clatter. A few seconds later, the reformed rapier appeared in his hands, its heartbeat now louder, and quickening. He would resheathe it immediately. "As you can see, its quite cursed."
Faruja Senra Faruja is stopped dead in his tracks. After Perci lays out his story, the ratling simply shakes his head, sighing. "...How vexing and unfortunate. Mmm." Going silent, he rubs his temples as he delves into thought.

After much silence, he finally speaks up. "'Tis good that you saw sense to reject such an offer. As for the blade, 'twould be best we find someone learned in such sorceries. A regenerating blade bound to the user is rare enough, but with such powerful corruption? 'Tis far beyond my skill. I shall consult with the Lady Inquisitor when time permits. For now, we should focus on ensuring our good health for retrieving the Lady."

Shudders. Minerva's words only chill him more. "...And for the love of the Lord, keep that thing sheathed and unused."
Minerva Minerva listens to percy's tale about the blade and how he founds it. "So it's a fount of dark magics and the darkness. It is possible to deal with the darkness in other ways such a sound can be drained. I have done so before the effects were painful but there are other ways to deal with such a foul weapon."
Percival "I don't suppose any of you know anything of the Elf that had a hand in capturing her? He is the same man who crafted the blade." He would nod to Faruja as he speaks. "None of it matters until Lady Avira is safe. You have the right of it. Once that is resolved, I will need to learn control, else my situation will only worsen."
Faruja Senra Head-tilt. "Such is very dangerous M'Lady. Pray, do not attempt such here." He says with some concern. He'd hate for the woman to hurt herself!

"No, I am afraid not. 'Tis far too little to go on, as far as identification goes." A nod to the Gargoyle.

"Quite. 'Tis turning into an obstacle most dire. Worry not, dear Squire, we shall see thee freed of such influences. M'Lady, good Squire, if you both will excuse me. I should see to our dear patients." With that, he'll get to healing!
Minerva Minerva says "I am afrid I do not but you should ask Mercade and your other comrades they seem to be quite adept at finding the turth of things." She nods for a moment "Do you want someone to keep an eye upon you? Find someone you trust to do so. If you think it will help."

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