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Students at the Ranch
(2013-03-12 - 2013-03-13)
Annia and Jidro meet with Ramza as they visit the ranch, looking to trade their rentals for new mounts of their own.
Annia Leradine Riding chocobos make travel lots easier. From Traverse Town, ended up in Luca. From there, take a ferry all the way to Junon. From there, chocobo through a cave, a forest, and finally the chocobo fields. ANd that's where the small group is at right now, coming out of the swamp where the Midgar Zolom is hiding. But on chocobo back, not too much to worry about that, unless you run straight into its open maw or something.

Annia moves to a stop atop a small hill, looking through her notepad "The chocobo ranch should be around here. We can get our own chocobos there, instead of rentals. Should make it easier to get around.
Ramza Beoulve The youngest son of the Beoulve family is leaning upon a corral, with his gloved hands folded together. The only sound from him the soft susurrus of a white cloak in the breeze. His cowl was lowered currently, as he was watching his very originally named Chocobo, /Boco/, socialize with the other fowl roaming and grazing.

Boco didn't stay at the ranch normally, as he had a bond with his master which left them infrequently seperated. Thus, Ramza was beginning to make more and more excuses to swing by the ranch often. It made Boco happy, and it certainly did much to lift his spirits.
Jidro Gerrison Oh thank Leviathan for chocobos. During the whole time, Cid had been clinging onto his bird, much to its annoyance. Every wails, screams, and whimpers made the large bird frantic. And of course, it is /STILL/ annoyed with its rider. It can't help but think: Ciel, this guy is a bigger coward than /me/.

Meanwhile, Cid is shaking.

That's not new.

After a couple of moments, he calms down, looking over Annia. "...Huh?" He blinks, then he furrows his eyebrows at the Ma Belle. "I hope the others are alright." Then, the young man looks at Annia.

"That would be a good idea. Maybe we will recommend the others to get their own from here as well."

Of course, once they start to arrive at the ranch, they see a young man nearby tending to a chocobo. He glances at Annia, "Maybe he's th keeper of the place."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine looks over to Jidro following. She tried to tell him how to handle the chocobo, but looks like Jidro is not good at anything non-academic. Oh well. More reasons to push him around in due time.

She glances over to where he's pointing, seeing Ramza there. "I don't think so, its supposed to be an old man that left most of the work to his son and daughter. Maybe that's the son though." She trots with the yellow chocobo over toward Ramza, som she can inquire "Are you working here?"
Ramza Beoulve Ramza would turn to face them both, a smile of good cheer upon his expression as he regarded the pair. "No, I'm afraid not, but I make frequent use of their services. They take excellent care of my friend Boco, whenever I am here. You will want to see Billy. He's a fine young man, who has taught me much of their kind."

He would offer his hand to each amicably. "But where are my manners? My name is.." Some hesitation. He toyed with using his typical pseudonym, but that had been outed as of late. He hated to deceive anyhow, so he offers the truth instead.

"..Ramza Beoulve. Might I have the pleasure of your acquaintance M'lady, Ser?"

Watching Jidro for a time, he would offer. "You should keep your back a bit straighter. If you hover over its head before you're better acquainted, then you will only make it nervous." He would walk over to Cid's Chocobo, patting its neck lightly while looking it in the eyes.
Jidro Gerrison The chocobo glares at Cid. Big baby.

The teenager is shuddering, trying to hold onto the chocobo. It's not that he isn't good at anything non-academic. He is not good at anything that involves athletics. Even chocobo-riding requires some athletics! Then again, so does running for a minute.

He glances at Annia, tilting his head over. "I suppose that is true." He eyes Ramza for a moment, "He may be the son." However, as the blond youth expresses his reply, Jidro gives a thoughtful look. "Billy? So that is the son?"


With the introductions made, Jidro gives a bow, then he starts to pull himself down.



He falls on his butt. The chocobo looks at Jidro and shakes its head. The young wizard slowly adjusts himself, standing to his feet and he gives a bow, "I am Jidro Gerrison. It is a pleasure to meet you." He glances towards Annia, who will likely introduce herself on her own.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine slides off her chocobo. She's a dancer, so its rather effortlessly that she does so, unlike Jidro's facefall. She shakes her head, hand on her hip as she looks over to Ramza "Annia Leradine." She offers, as simple as she can it seems. "We've been using rentals, we thought it might be better to get our own mounts." She looks as Ramza goes to tame Jidro's companion "Maybe he will haev better luck communicating with his own chocobo as well. I heard they made good friends once you get along with them."
Jidro Gerrison Meanwhile, Jidro's chocobo is patted, easily sated. He still looks back at the bespectacled man and snorts his way.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza offered a hand to help the fallen boy up. "A pleasure indeed. And yes, good Ser, Billy is the son of the caretaker."

He expression remained a cheerful smile, and he made no note of the young man's clumsiness. He would give the lady a sidelong look. "M'lady, you have come to the right place. Rarely will you find as gracious and knowledgeable individuals as the ranchhands. Their prices are fair, and their Chocobos are easily trained as mounts. Many in my company have purchased from them and they are just as satisfied as I am."
Jidro Gerrison Once the hand is offered, Jidro gives a faint smile. The embarassment is very apparent. Nevertheless, he is accepting of the kind hand, extending his own hand to grasp Ramza's own before getting up to his feet.

He glances at Annia with a sheepish smile, already knowing that she will pick on him later for not being all badass on the chocobo. Such is life.

Nevertheless, Cid becomes thoughtful. "Is that so?" He looks impressed already! "We will definitely make our time worthwhile then, thank you, Ramza!" For a moment, Jidro does realize that the face and the name matches the description of the wanted posters. However, somewhere, deep down, Jidro finds it best to leave that topic alone. The boy has been kind so far. Besides, ...if anything, he would be considered a Heretic by this church, in retrospect.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine has all of the information that has been floating around as well. Honestly, she doesn't care that much about the church. She's not much about religion either way, it was different in Galadria.

But that doesn't mean she can't prod. She brings her chocobo by the reins quietly, over to the fench near Ramza "So what did you do to be chased down by the church." She asks as casually as if she was talking about the weather.
Jidro Gerrison Cid's expression after Annia stomps the elephant in the room: D:!!!
Ramza Beoulve The young man arches a single eyebrow. While some of the cheer faded from his visage as the subject sombered, he was still smiling. "How very forward of you M'lady, but I admire that. 'Tis better to be straightforward than to dance around the issue with idle pleasantries."

He clasped his hands behind his back, what to say? They were strangers, and they didn't know much about his world, but it was better to be succinct. "The Church of Glabados comes from my world. While many of the clergy are good souls, who mean well, the highest authorities within the Church and their military branch, the Templar Knights are the puppetmasters of a conspiracy. These vile men sought to fan the flames of war, setting noble against noble in a war over the Crown. The common folk were the ones who truly suffered, and all so the Church could cite them to rebel."

He looks up towards the sky. "The Church seeks artifacts of legend, stones known as auracite emblazoned with one of the houses of the night sky. In our tales, they were wielded by the Zodiac Braves for good. When I sought to rescue a virtuous lady from one of their cathedrals, the Cardinal of their faith used one of these stones. It transformed him into a Lucavi, an archdemon of legend. My company destroyed him, and were marked as heretics and murderers for our efforts. Now that my world has fallen, they still seek the stones, for it will bring them untold power in these times with Lords of Shadow scramble for every scrap of it." He would then regard them both with a calm expression, searching their faces for any sign of their true thoughts.
Jidro Gerrison Jidro cannot help but sigh. Given his fiancee's rather crass inspection, the young man cannot help but add, "Graces, Annia. Graces.." He sighs, "But... she is very straight forward."

So, the church is from the boy's world. The further he explains thet tale, Jidro takes it all in. So, there is conspiracy within the church? In a way, Jidro would not be too surprised. However, it is an interesting tale that is regarded with deep consideration.

"...That is an interesting tale, Mr. Beoulve." He cannot help but consider, "Artifacts of legend? I am rather curious more about this auracite." Though, from what it is said to be holding the power of a demon. Jidro visibly shudders. "...Though, I think that is a curiosity that I'd rather not explore."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine waves a hand at the story "Well, that's rather complicated. Personally? Don't give a damn. Actions speak louder, and I haven't seen anything yet." She leans off the fence, looking over to Jidro, lifting her shoulders at his reaction. "Its simple, do something to piss me off, and you'll be an enemy. Fight for the wrong side, and you'll be seeing me. For the rest, church or not, don't care. All it sounds like is they are trying to take some power for their own, or money, or whatever those artefacts are, and then bury the truth under a lie of their own stories."
Ramza Beoulve "I can tell you what I know Ser, if it pleases you. Though I think it best if we save it for another time. The exposition would be rather verbose, and I would not desire to try the Lady's patience."

Ramza would grin at Annia's rather straightforward philosophy. "You are correct, neither of you know aught of me, and actions do speak louder. It matters not whether you are a church official, noble, or commoner. Blood does not make the man, nor does reputation since any man can speak false of another. /Actions/ are what define us."

Ramza would give the two a sheepish look. "But again, where are my manners? Here I am droning on and on about myself, when I know naught of either of you. Tell me of yourselves and your world."
Jidro Gerrison 'I would not be desire to try the Lady's patience.'

...Already. Just. Already. Jidro can feel the glare his way. He can just feel every inch of that glare of 'Don't even' at the back of his neck. Jidro would want to know more about the tale of the stones. But given how verbose the exposition and that he is in the company of his fiancee, well, he know that wanting to hear about it would result in her losing what patience she has and stuff him into a chocobo pit.

So, Jidro wisely decides to let the topic move on. He decides to consider where they can start. Jidro shuts his eyes and then he begins.

"We all came from different continents. Many of our homes have the climate that is as hot as the sun, others as a constant blizzard. However, all of our friends and I came from a school. We all go to school to prepare ourselves for the noble life. However, the Heartless came and devoured it and we've recently wound up here."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine nods as she leans upon the fence quietly. "A world called Galadria. Its divided into many continents that each are reverring a different deity. Ramuh, Shiva, Titan, Ifrit, Leviathan... I am from the land of Shiva, where many have built giant glass domes to protect from the cold, and live more comfortably."
Ramza Beoulve With an amicable smile, he'd reply. "So you were nobility in your world, as I was in mine."

It appeared to be more a statement of fact, there's nothing in his tone that suggests that his opinion of them has changed, one way or the other. "And schoolmates as well. That certainly reminds me of my time in the military academy at Gariland."

Ramza would play with the fingers at the end of one of his gloves. "And what sort of subjects did you learn at this academy to prepare your pursuits within the nobility? Were all lands in your world at peace, to send children from so many disparate continents to the same school?" Ramza looked Annia up and down with a blank expression. There was nothing to indicate that his stare was a flirtatious or lecherous nature. He just found her manner of dress unusual since she came from an ice continent, whether the domes protected her from the climes of her land or not.
Jidro Gerrison A laugh is given, "Yes, many of us are nobles from different parts of the world." Pause. "In a way, it looks like you can say that it is like a military academy." He gives a thoughtful muse. "... Especially given that some teachers have the power to put you in a 'Boss Fight'."

"...Many of us have different duties." He shuts his eyes, thinking about his role. "Those who wield magic, the black mages, are highly sought out as advisors to corporations." He then considers, "The Gerrison family, for example, has served as advisors for nobility. We are generally wizards that have kept with politics and social graces. Due to that, we have a reputation to maintain in society."

There is a moment that his smile grows fainter. There is even a darkened look for a moment.

But it soon passes, "Nevertheless, for the most part, the worlds are at peace. There hasn't been too many issues besides the presence of monsters that occassionally lurk in the city. ....It was not out of the ordinary for people on their way to work to fight off a few monsters that somehow crept into the city."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine is dressed lightly indeed. Shivans have a higher cold resistance than most, even if not to this point of dress usually, but its quite comfortable under the domes.

"I can't say much about the academy, didn't get there before everything went dark and ended up here." She thumbs at Jidro "And to my misery I still manage to stumble upon him shortly after." It seems awfully mean of her, but that's the way she is. There's two kinds of people in this world : those she hates, and those she hates even more. She's just bad at showing any sort of good feelings, used to putting a mask during social events, and then going back to 'don't give a damn' attitude the rest of the time. No wonder she has no friends really.
Jidro Gerrison In that instant, Jidro visibly wilts. One can see the streamlines of darkness over his face as he gives a deep, heavy sigh.
Ramza Beoulve The young man listens to Jidro's explanation with interest. The word /corporation/ escapes him, but he still seems to puzzle out the general meaning. He would nod again and again at his explanations. "It seems that it served a useful role then. I'm impressed, would that Ivalice had similar schools for nobles and commoners alike! I think I would far prefer it to academies which serve little purpose other than teaching killing arts."

At first, Ramza might have thought it an endearing show of comraderie, the way the two treated each other, but his smile does vanish as she listens to her speak further. "That was ill said, M'lady. What has the man done to deserve so much of your ire? It would be better spent upon the fiends that plague this world, wouldn't you agree?"

It was in his nature not to stand idly by while the weak were bullied, which was strange as he didn't seem to regard the young man as weak at a glance. Perhaps it was just akin to a reflex for him. He had to play peacemaker a dozen times a day with those amongst his command.
Jidro Gerrison "...I'm her fiance," Jidro explains to Ramza. In fact, the way that Jidro explains it, the young man actually expects Ramza to accept that as is. To Jidro, it feels like that it is part of the norm. Given the situation, Jidro would expect for it to be well... not to go well.

Given that his fiancee says all of the cruel things to him, Jidro cannot help but frown. "...She is a touch --uhh.." Jidro tries to figure out how to explain it. "...We're working things out." It usually involves Jidro getting tossed somewhere.

The young man rubs the back of his head, giving Annia a sheepsih smile.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine shakes her head. "I'm just saying the truth." But she says it with such a bluntness. She moves over to Jidro, almost towering him, although she's not that tall either. Jidro is just like that. She looks sternly at him "He's my fiancee, and he decided not to break it off even in this world, our parents decided for us." She crosses her arms over her chest. That doesn't explain 'her' side though, why she didn't break it off at the first chance.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza Beoulve would stare at Jidro. The discovery that he was her fiance did not perturb him. He was from a world where arranged marriages were commonplace after all. The only reason that one had not been arranged for him in all likelihood was that his Beoulve blood was thinned by that of a commoner. "Do you love her? Or is it out of a sense of duty that you desire to marry her?"

A glance sidelong at Annia. "And if you have no desire to marry him, then why don't you break it off on your own, M'lady?"

Not long ago, he might have stayed out of a domestic dispute of this nature, especially when he didn't know the customs of their world. Few marriages amongst the nobility were for love, after all. But his worldview had been shaped by his battles against the Corpse Brigade and the Church of Glabados, and they were far from typical for one of his station. Marriage for reasons other than love just did not sit well with him any longer.
Jidro Gerrison Jidro falls silent towards Ramza. It is something that he doest know. Does he love her? He is uncertain over how to answer the question. Given the fact that the marriage was dumped onto him and he had no clue, it is something that is out of duty. But at the same time...

"...At first, it was out of duty." He shuts his eyes, considering the thoughts, "The Gerrison family chooses someone for a reason. As part of that, we wish to keep the balance of the decisions."

However, a faint smile grows as he makes his way near the chocobo stable. He glances over all of the chocobos nearby. He leans near the edge of the stable with a contemplative look.

"...However, there is a part of me that has hope. The moment that I saw her smile at the fountain. ...A genuine smile.."

His smile grows, "...I want to see more of that."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine rolls her eyes. God, can you get more corny? But that's the way she is. She can't handle her feelings and friends very well, so it comes out weird, and she ends up bullying instead and pushing people away.

Speaking of push, that's what Jidro gets for that one, pushing over the fence of the chocobo. While not quite planned, she noticed before that he wouldn't get seriously hurt, as there was a stack of hay on the other side, just enough to make him think twice about saying stuff like that again.

She crosses her arms, looking away. And the looks at Ramza "... That's why." She doesn't explain more than that.
Ramza Beoulve Jidro's response startles Ramza, as he actually smiles. Perhaps the young man was a hopelsss romantic after all, the lady was too shy to show her feelings.

Or maybe he was just reaching, as Annia proved when she shoved him right over a Chocobo fence. Except, unbeknownst to them, Boco had been ranging closer and closer to their side of the fence. When Jidro is pushed, the Chocobo would immediately set itself down, breaking his fall over the fence with at least a /slightly/ softer landing into a pile of yellow feathers.

GASP there was actually a Chocobo that liked him. Or at least didn't hate him.

With an eyebrow raised, Ramza couldn't help but chuckle, despite the situation. "That was ill done M'lady. Mayhaps airing your frustrations in a manner more gracious to the man's health might better serve? This is Boco, and never will I find a more loyal friend than he."

The Chocobo would /kweh/ happily from the praise before reaching out with its beak to pick up Jidro by the collar, and set him on his feet.
Jidro Gerrison Jidro may be an heir of the noble family and does what is expected of him. However, there is the part of him that still wants what he wants. Of course, as expected, Jidro is met with the push from Annia as she sends him over the bridge.


Leviathan, why?! Why couldn't he get Miss Cloud?! She is less likely to abuse him!!!

However, Jidro is saved by Boco as the chocobo manages to break his fall over the fence. "Whooaa!!" Floofh! The landing is softer than expected, but a faint smile grows. After being picked back up and set upon his feet by his savior, Jidro offers the large bird a smile. "Ahh, thank you, Boco."

His eyes drift towards Ramza while he pats Boco. "Boco is a splendid Chocobo!"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine hmphs, looking away "I am giving him a chance." She could do alot of worse stuff, and she certainly doesn't need someone to tell her what to do either. Its her stubborn way. Its endearing, in a way, when she's not stuffing you into a trash can at least.
Ramza Beoulve Boco would /kweh/ happily. Even going so far as to rub his head against Jidro's hand. "That he is. Sometimes I wonder if he's too loyal for his own good. There have been times when I've tried to command him to remain behind, and he has refused to listen. Still, he means well, and thinks he knows what's best for me."

Boco would just stare at Ramza with a knowing look that suggested, /I do know what's best for you./

Ramza would then look at Annia with a smile. "Is that so, M'lady? He is fortunate to be your fiance then, and not your enemy."
Jidro Gerrison "..She /can/ be meaner." Jidro adds with a faint smile. While he does pet Boco, he looks over at Annia and Ramza. After a few moments, Jidro thinks about the matter a little more until he concludes, "It should be time for us to talk to Billy about getting a chocobo of our own."

He glances back at Ramza, "It has been a pleasure talking to you, Mr. Beoulve, but we should work on getting our chocobos and be on our way." He considers, glancing at Annia,"...I think the others are still at Traverse Town."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine nods to Jidro "Yes. Let's go get our chocobos so we can head back and check on them." She hmphs a bit, walking toward the barn. You don't really want to see her REALY mean side now, do you.
Ramza Beoulve "It was a pleasure to have met you both, Ser Gerrison, Lady Leradine. If ever I can be of service to either of you, or your world you need only ask."

He would wave at them both. "And Ser Gerrison, if you ever wish to further satiate your curiosity, then you will often find me here."

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