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(2013-03-12 - 2013-04-16)
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Will Sherman Will managed to survive the night, he was very lucky.


However, Dion was kicked off the couch, and Will was laid on it so he could be watched by people so he didn't lasp into anything serious. Celina tended his wounds, and probably other people's who dropped by, but right now, eyes were probably on Will who had a brush with death.

However, after a little while into the afternoon of the next day, Will rouses, groaning and wincing with pain. He doesn't move again, but he does open his eyes to look around the office. He sucks in a breath, and looks around...

"Thirsty.." he manages to croak out.
Navya Navya is sometimes determined.

Sometimes she graduates to 'very determined'. Yesterday was one of those days.

Avira and the others ran. Navya didn't run with them; she picked up Will and went her own way, bringing him back to where she knew was safe. He may have provided an address; Navya has never actually been to the Twilight Detective Agency before.

Once she delivered him, Navya practically passed out in one of the chairs (sorry, TDA, for having to put up with her). This happens whether she is actually invited to or not; she's tired and she's sore and she was about to collapse regardless of her actual desires on the topic; Navya is theoretically keeping an eye on Will but is really too tired to do much of it. She at least tried not to leave muddy footprints or blood on anything.

She is awake again though. Her eyes pop open at Will's voice, and Navya shifts; chairs are not always that comfortable for her and now her back is sore. "Eh, what?" she says, not being a particularly swift riser.
Will Sherman Will looks up...

"Water?" Will rasps, trying not to groan. His radio is going a mile a minute, but he can't really help with that...he's way too hurt, his brain is too focused on trying not to go back to sleep.

He pauses... wait a minute...

"...You're from..? With Avira right?" he manages to get out. It really hurts to talk, but he remembered that Avira was in trouble, which causes him to focus a bit better...but he was pretty thirsty still.
Navya Navya's radio is silent. She is not sure which is superior.

Navya rises from her chair entirely. She's still a little wobbly, but she can make it over to the table with the refreshments on it; she just has to poke around a little to find a way to get /water/ rather than tea or coffee. She could really use one too. And a bath, she realizes; she took her boots off when she came in to avoid mucking up the place (her bare feet are surprisingly humanoid; no dragon claws there) but she still has dried mud caked on her pants and she herself is only a little cleaner.

Her wings settle one, the ragged hole in one of them making it painful to furl properly. "I've got something," she says, "just give me a moment to - there! Water." Navya fills two coffee cups with it and carries them carefully over, being extra careful not to squeeze or spill.

"Huh? Oh, yeah," Navya says. She still sounds a little groggy. Maybe she's not all the way up yet, but she's getting better. "I'm with VALKYRI, that's why I was looking for her. Well, and because she's a friend!"
Will Sherman Will grabs the cup, taking it to his lips and immediately starts drinking. He doesn't stop to say anything else until the water is gone, which gets a satisfying "Ahhh.."

Will takes a moment to breath correctly again, and then looks up at the dragon lady, which is completely different meaning given the circumstances.

"Avira's friend huh?" Will says, "Nice to meet you...I'm Will Sherman. King of the Hobos, detective of the TDA, and all that jazz." he says, though still rather weakly given everything. He manages to sit up a bit, but that even causes his head to spin. more moving, Will...just stay still.

"Thanks...I was dying of thirst..." he mutters, "What happened...all I remember is the hand...people screaming, and something about Avira running with Mercade.." he says, still a bit confused to why he heard stuff on the radio about Holloween town.

"She's a friend of mine too..." he still kinda feels guilty about the mutate thing, maybe he should have paid better attention.
Navya Navya keeps the other water mug for herself. Or that's the idea; she ends up passing it to Will and then going to refill the first for herself. He's more badly hurt than she is; she's mostly bruised and sore aside from a couple wounds, and he almost died.

"King of the Hobos?" she asks, slightly confused. "I didn't think they had a king, or... were organized, or anything." Navya clearly doesn't understand, though she's trying. She looks politely confused when she sits back down, hissing slightly when she tries to lean back.

And then she tries to explain what happens. "Avira - was out there. I wanted to talk to her, to tell her... some t hings." She isn't sure how much Will knows, or how much Avira wants public, so Navya is a little more circumspect than she might ordinarily be. "But there were Heartless, and zombies."
Soan Sagittarius "Well, that's good to hear." The voice, distinctive by the disortion that a metal helmet does, comes through, from one of the windows, half-way open. "Because I would quite appreciate if you could give me some informations on what is going on with you jolly folks."

Dragoon Man, leaning against the edge of one of the windows, his form part-way visible for those who care to look in that direction. "Not that I'm not happy to help, it does seem that tehre's quite a lot that hangs in the balance for you people, is there not?"
Will Sherman Will smiles a bit, "Don't worry about it..." he says to her, "What's your name?" he asks, sitting in his position and looking at her, a bit...better than before, those eyes don't stop working because he's hurt. Though Navya is probably as normal as people come, but you never know..

"You mean about...the Mutate's..." Will sighs, it was so hard to address this situation, "It happened in Manhattan." Wa-

Will looks towards DRAGOON MAN. "Y-your Dragoon man right?" He asks, "I mean...I can explain a little.." he scratches his head, He downs the other cup of water, but not as quick as the first one, "Our home...Manhattan was attacked by the Shadow Lords, eaten. But...we discovered it could be recovered...if the pieces of the word could be gathered together, called Shards, and a guy with the key to unlock it was found...someone with a keyblade. Also, if the Princess of heart of our world was still active..." he says, with a gulp.

"Avira has...the final shard in her. The Lord of the Underworld is apparently a shadowlord...and managed to get something on" he shrugs, "She's running to stay away from Hades...and I guess because she's...Ashamed? I don't know...but Mercade's with her I think? I'm not sure where she is right know, with the nearly dying."
Navya Navya looks perfectly normal for a gria. If Will hasn't /seen/ a gria before, that may be a little less normal, but they're not insanely rare or anything; they just only really come from Jylland, and there's not as many of them as humans or bangaa or moogles anyway.

"I'm Navya," she says, trying to smile; she's a little worn out so it looks a little wan, but hey, she tries. "Nice to meet you too. And - yeah, I know some of that, just not all of it." And at least one more thing.

She twists around to look at the window and DRAGOON MAN. "Why are you outside?" she asks, because it is the first thing that pops into her mind. "Why don't you come inside, mister, um... mister Dragoon Man?" Really?

Navya looks a little sheepish. "I don't know where she is either. Um. I wish I did. I was trying to make sure she was okay, and then I got /myself/ all beat up trying to get ahold of her. I told her I wouldn't die, and I didn't! But... I'd like to know."
Soan Sagittarius Dragoon Man remains outside, despite the good question. Because he likes being outside, that's why! The Armoured man lets out a pensive hum, then nods his head once. "So your world was eaten as well... I see. That do make sense now."

It dosen't really. That's a lot of unfamiliar terms, but he's certain that they are things that are going to be important if they wish to do the same with their own world, now. If such a thing is possible, at all. "And this Hades sends minions of Darkness and Chaos after her, to prevent you from succeeding to restore your world... Hmmmm."

Dragoon man looks up, still not looking inside. Why he's not coming inside? "It's good that you survive. I apologise I couldn't subude the witch before she did this to you."
Soan Sagittarius Dragoon man stops, straightening up against the wall, as he looks upward, his look focused at the other levels, the building itself. His helmet moves a little, tilting faintly upward a few times, as if he was smelling the air. "Did any of you sense that? That... overwhelming Darkness, for a few moments?"
Will Sherman "Yes..." Will says, "Judge bunny...we were holding him here after the came from his room.." he says, groaning.. Will's hand weakly points at the door he was being held behind.
Soan Sagittarius Without adding very much, Dragoon Man is gone from his previous spot, already leaping toward whatever the hell happened.
Navya Navya has no idea why someone would /not/ come inside if they were invited, but technically she doesn't have the authority to invite anyone in here. Maybe that's why.

"It's okay," she says, before DRAGOON MAN (being DRAGOON MAN and thus mysterious) leaps away. Navya's brows furrow. "I didn't feel anything," she has to admit. Sometimes being thick is not always the best. "Wait, bunny? Like a viera? They're girls," she explains, in case Will doesn't know.

Navya pushes herself up. "Do you want me to, uh, check? I mean, this isn't my place or anything, but - Actually, I can't. I don't have a key." Unless she punches down the door.

Nobody wants that.
Will Sherman Will pauses...

"Uh." Well, so much for that door, he just sent Dragoon man at it...

"Well, it's okay...I am sure Celina won't be too mad.." he says, with a weak smile, "...I think you need to find Avira, don't worry about me, go find her.." he says, and grabs her hand. "That will help you find her...just go whatever direction you think she is...and you'll find her." he says, strengthening the bond between Avira and Navya...sometimes fate can be guided.

"That's...all I can do."
Navya Navya gets her hand grabbed.

She doesn't know what to think about that. She can't feel what he did, but she can tell he did /something/, or thinks he did; she'll just have to keep wandering towards Avira, and maybe she'll eventually get in the right place.

"Okay," she says, nodding. "I'll check it out... and then I'll look for her. You heal up, okay? I'll see you again!" And then she turns and hustles, stumbling only once while she goes.
Soan Sagittarius "Mercades Alexander!" Intones a voice from above. Thanksfully in the outskirt, that is not going to be too much noticed. That voice is followed by a thud, landing over one of the hills, higher than the two are wandering by. Dragoon Man stands there, arms crossed.

"I bring forth bad news! There was a burst of darkness, and I am told that Evja has escap--"

Dragoon Man stops, noticing that the two figures running that were coming up this way, from up there, are indeed people he recognised. If not as Dragoon Man. Dragoon Man gives Agantyr and Maira a stare. Ang in particular.

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