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(2013-03-11 - 2013-03-13)
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The Judge Magister walked upon the might ship of Alexander. His eyes schemed over the soldiers as they moved about loading and unloading. His focus wasn't all here though. It was still roaming over the past couple of days. Including the heart-to-heart Riku and He had. Which was really what had brought Gabranth to speak with him.

He soon found his way walking to the private dinning hall where he was told they would meet at. Most likely, knowing Zargabaath, this would be a conversation over lunch, as it was around that time frame. This ship, after all, was known for running on its kept schedules.

It had too.

So here Gabranth arrived and his eyes hidden by view thanks to the helm, scanning over the area for the other Judge Magister.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Gabranth would be correct. The best time to catch Judge Magister Zargabaath is during mealtimes, since he prefers to take an odd schedule compared to the rest of his crew.

In this case, the lunch or 'around that timeframe' is actually about an hour before the midday shiftchange, which is a major busy time for the crew at large.

It is difficult to miss Zargabaath's iconic helm hanging from a post next to bench seating with a table in front of them. The Judge of Reason himself is already well along on his meal, but glances up from his meal long enough to acknowledge Gabranth. Whether the Judge of Ambition will prove to take an early lunch is up to him, but the kitchen is open for it.
Gabranth would, but he wasn't really hungry. Though the Alexander did have some great dishes. No doubt to that! Yet, still, the mind weighed and perhaps that too was effecting his hunger. However he sat down across from Zargabaath, reaching up, and removed his own helm.

He then rested his own helm along side him before lowering his head a bit, before looking to Zargabaath once more. "I see they still feed you well, your honor." He said with a mild playful tone in his voice.

"I have come to speak to you about Riku really..and his training." To the point as always.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath smiles at the vocal jab, resting his silverware on his half-finished plate. "There are no complaints. A good appetite means good health, and training burns away the extras."

Ah yes, speaking of training...

"Of course. You seem..." His expression turns serious, pushing aside his plate for the time being to finish later, "...concerned. Is something the matter?"
"I wish for you to train him in combat. The same manner that you aided me when I was leading up to and became Judge." Gabranth explains to Zargabaath. "He is-- very powerful in the dark arts. He needs to learn stronger control. A good grounding force."

The Judge of Ambition looks at his hands. "I have no trouble with taking him on missions with me, but I am not the grounding force he will require for his future in combat. We are to much alike, yet, he has far greater potential then I and he could go..." Gabranth furrows his brows. "..far further."
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath listens very closely, his lavender eyes narrowing as he processes each word with great weight. Time passes as silence stretches ever longer and heavier, the Judge of Reason studying Gabranth with such severity one would wonder if the Judge of Ambition had done something wrong.

But the Judge Magisters would know this look. They know Zargabaath too well to mistake it for something so petty.

When he does speak, the Judge of Reason's voice is very quiet, very calm, but very severe indeed. "I understand what you are asking of me. But if such is the case, I need to know how deep the boy's darkness truly is if his potential in such dark arts is greater than your own." His lips press, only heightening the severity in his expression. "So tell me what you have discovered, Gabranth. I will not accept anyting less."
The Judge of Ambition stares right back at Zargabaath. Those blue eyes meeting his own. He waited for the silence to end, until the demand came forth. Gabranth only simply nodded as the demand came. He then placed his hands up to his chin, staring at the older Judge Magister for a bit.

He didn't look away, just an equal stare. The gears turning, the memories flickering back to the spar almost gone wrong. How Riku was in the room. His promise to the boy. There was only then, in that one thought, a momentary look away. A momentary soften of those eyes, before they hardened.

"Riku is capable of construction a place of total darkness. An area that bends time and space, much like I can do for a very short duration, but he can.. hold it. He can hold it and continue to fight within it. Fight and still use dark magic." Gabranth never leaves his eyes off Zargabaath. "The spar got heated in that moment. Two negatives thrown in their natural element. One far stronger then the other. He had the final move. He was on the edge, because I have been on that edge, but where I crashed. He was able to recenter himself. Yet-- it took a great toll on him. It nearly shattered his spirit."

"He needs the guidance, Zargabaath." Gabranth then narrows his eyes. "He needs someone beyond myself to guide him. I gave him my word that I would make sure he would not slip off into that dangerous slope, but with out the right grounding.." There was almost a plead in Gabranth's eyes before it was pushed away. It was to the point where he looked away. Down to the table, as he spoke with softened words. "..I fear for the boy if he does not.."
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath's severe gaze does not change, not even when Gabranth's gaze falters multiple times. When the Judge of Ambition lowers his gaze to the table, the Judge of Reason leans forwards onto his folded arms. "I see."

He inhales deeply through his nose, mouth still pressed tight into a thin line. "If the darkness is that strong..." He cants his gaze towards the doors, as if checking on something, then lowers his voice drastically as he returns full focus to Gabranth. "I must ask, for this is a strange time to live in. You have fought Heartless before. Was there any indication /whatsoever/," he heavily emphasizes that word, stressing its importance, "of that kind of power within the boy?"

He gives no reason for the question, but it goes without saying that there is always a reason.
Judge of Ambition takes his two index fingers and rubs the bridge of his nose. His eyes were shut, but he was thinking. He was running over everything. "It is nearly impossible to determine those of what the Shadow Lords do from those of us Dark wielders, Zargabaath."

Yes, he knows that groups name. After all, Vayne made deals with the other devils and he witnessed the heartless first hand by Vayne's side. He watched the heartless and he could do nothing at that very moment... and thus far.. Gramis has continued to let his oldest son play with the danger.

"The more dark magic you pull, the greater the darkness. If one does not have proper control, they can be consumed by the darkness." The Judge Magister continues. "...yet the Heartless are perhaps like this in concept.." His voice getting softer as he speaks.

He still rubs the bridge of his nose. "Yet, if he has dabbled in such arts, will you cast him to the pit, your honor? Cast him to the pit without giving him the chance to work with the new slate he has been given." He then lowers his hands down to the table. "..Nay, cast him aside because of your dark hatred for the very monsters?"

Gabranth's eyes flicker with a moment of amber color. "If he is not, then he will be soon, if he does not gain the proper training. That much power.. with improper control, Zargabaath.. he would not just slip into darkness eventually.. it would consume him to the point of a lifeless husk."

Yet with a mild raise of his voice, his voice stays calm. The determination written on his face. "I ask not much of you, but to give the boy a chance."
Zargabaath Zargabaath's voice is the very peak of calmness, but an edge enters his tone--controlled but sharp. Gabranth probably would know it quite well. "With all due respect, Your Honor, do not assume what my decision will be simply based on information I am given. 'Tis a very grave mistake, and you know better than that."

His eyes narrow but seem to blaze somewhow, despite the Judge Magister having no magical powers of his own. Not of actual light, mind, but a clear inner fire of a strong will. "My personal convictions are inconsequential on this matter. If I am being asked to train Riku, then it is well within my right to evaluate his current state of being before making the decision to accept or not."

He seems primed to say more, but instead immediately falls silent and leans back in his bench seat. His eyes close, his shoulders untense, and he removes his arms from the tabletop to fold his hands on his lap instead. Slow, even breaths in through his nose and out his mouth for a few moments is the only indication of re-establishing control over his own emotions.

Finally, when all falls silent once more, he rumbles, "If you are so badly shaken, Gabranth, 'tis a dire state of affairs indeed." He slowly opens his eyes, the wrinkles on his face seeming to deepen in weariness as the severeness bleeds away. "Very well, I shall accept your request and I will gauge the boy for myself. From there, I shall determine how best to proceed. But understand one thing: I may be far more strict with him than I was with you. It shall all depend on Riku himself."
Gabranth mutters softly under his breath as Zargabaath reminds him, almost like a big brother glowering at his younger, that as respect between Judge Magisters go; he got out of line. Though the muttering sounds something like, '..been awhile..'

Though perhaps also lack of proper sleep may be playing a part in this, as the Judge of Ambition has yet to even get that currently. To much on his mind. To many things that could go wrong. A promise to keep on his original name - a name he no longer used.

"Understood and.. I did not mean any disrespect." Gabranth states simply as he just rubs the bridge of his nose once more. "..and aye, but I am sure he can take it." There was a mild smirk, a very mild one.

The Judge of Ambition then goes to stand, reaching for his helm. His brows furrowing as whatever thought crossed his mind, before he picked up his helm at last. He doesn't even look at Zargabaath, but his voice was quiet. "I believe your noble honor has started to wear on my, Zargabaath. I am starting to pick up your habits." He then goes to place his helm on, yet he stops for that moment as he speaks. "..such as making promises that could later in life take my life." Then he slips the helm on.

"Good day to you, your honor. May the skies be friendly with you and your crew when you set sail." Then he turns to face Zargabaath, before he bows with respect, which his hand fisted to his chest plate, before he then starts to walk toward the door.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath smiles a bit, the tension broken. "It shall not be more than he can bear, I can say that much."

He raises an eyebrow when Gabranth rises yet hesitates upon reaching for his helm. A moment of patient waiting rewards an interesting statement of the Judge of Ambition picking up on some of his own traits. "Are you? It has only taken... Dynast-King, how long have we known each other? Well over a decade, now?"

Any sense of light teasing fades at that final comment, however, and a far more thoughtful look locks into place. He only murmurs a noncommital acknowledging rumble, not elaborating any further on the matter.

He does not rise, but he does return a salute to Gabranth as the other Judge Magister bows. "And good day to you as well, Your Honor. May skies be clear and weather fair."

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