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(2013-03-11 - 2013-07-19)
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Maira Maira would have contacted Angantyr and asked him to meet her here, as she happened to be in Goug looking for /something/ that could possibly help Avira. She'd even considered, for a good while, asking Shinra.

She hasn't however. Not yet. There has to be another way.

Still, this place reminds her of home and Maira is feeling nostalgic and vulnerable. She's seated on a bench, dressed inconspicuously and looking around, hoping Angan would show up and that he would have some ideas. Of course, she also has some questions. Did he know that Avira lied? And if she made a deal with Hades to be human again...why had the cure worked for Angan and not Avira? So confusing...
Angantyr Vespar A portal opens near the outskirs of Goug...

"Why here..?" he asks, but Angantyr shrugs it off. Whatever, he guessed it was because it was Maira's home...but still...

He walks into the city, looking at the time on his Ma Belle, he had just a little bit still, before they were supposed to meet up...buuuut...

Time elapses, but now, Angantyr, with a full belly walks down the street towards the meeting place...pausing as he pulls a poster off the wall.

"What..?" he speaks..what is this? Why is must be from when she was still...

And then there was another, freshly put up. And another...

He starts running towards where he'd meet up with Maira, finally coming to a skidding stop as he looks down towards the sitting Valkyre. He holds the poster up, "What the <GOOSEHONK>?"
Maira Maira stands when she sees Angantyr, overwhelmed with a myriad of emotions she can't begin to name, foremost among them relief. She leaps up to hug him quickly before pulling him down to sit on the bench and take the poster from him. She frowns deeply. "I had to tell you....So much has happened. She's on the run because Hades is looking for her. She....she made a deal with him. /That's/ how she turned human again. Did....did you know?" she asks, watching him carefully, wondering if Avira had to lied to /everyone/ even Ang.

"She's okay, I've talked to her....but she's running. It's bad. Hades came to Traverse with Heartless, tried to claim his favor from Avira....but Avira...the last shard is IN her. She's....she's a princess of heart...."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr grunts...

All of this happened so fast, he hadn't been back to Traverse in a while, he was actually at Flourgis lately, training the young waif in her seems everything has gone to hell in short order, and frowning as he considers it all. Maira immediately embraces him, and he only provides a soft pat to the shoulder. "Alright, it's alright." he says...

"No, She didn't tell me...I thought the cure just took longer on her, due to the time she was mutated for, compared to me..." and his strain was...different.

"Hades? You mean..." he pauses...damn, Garland now doubt knew. He taps his fingers aganist his armor, still standing. But the last news...

"Wait...she's..." he sucks in a breath. He taps his fingers again, it was just like with Jasmine...perhaps worse. Avira didn't have the unlimited light that Jasmine did, unless something changed...

"Where is she?"
Katyna Katyna had been tending to Hati lately, and had been unaware of the recent events surrounding Avira. She had heard of the Shadow Lords attack on Traverse Town of course..And later on, she had seen Avira's departing letter just as the others had when she had returned to VALkYRIE hq.

After some mulling around she had sought out some of Avira's friends and team mates, curious to hear more about what had happened. How strange that it should echo her own life so closely.

Goug is a curious place and not one she visited often, although it was a shard from her own world, and so she knew the way around pretty well..Why did Maira come here of all places though? For the moment however, she has bigger concerns as she wanders about the town, looking for Maira..
Maira Maira looks down, taking a few deep breaths. Maira was just as shocked as Angan was. He isn't angry though...that's good, right? She'd expected him to be angry. Angantyr was generally the type with a hot temper. Ah, but he loves Avira....he'd forgive her, just like Maira had.

"I think she went to see Mama Odie...I saw her last in Halloween Town. She's moving from place to place since she can't stay anywhere long...I don't know what to do Angantyr. She can't keep running forever....What can we do?" she asks, then her eyes widen. She adds as an afterthought, "--And don't you go making any more deals yourself to get her out of this! You know that would only make things worse."

Maira leans forward, placing her face in her hands for a moment. She is incredibly distraught. "Some of VALKYRI is looking for her, to support her. I just...I don't know what to do. I hoped you would have some ideas."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr grunts, "No I learned that lesson already..." he says, bitterly, but not quite at Maira.

"Calm down. Right now, I guess that makes you Valkyre's leader right? With Avira indisposed. Look it's simple, you gather up the guild and you start searching, you keep hounding her, trying to figure out why she's running..." it sounds right in his head, but Angantyr might already have plans.

"I can help of course, I can cover more ground that most others..." and cut through the heartless.

"The point is the find Avira, and get her someplace safe and defensable...then maybe.." he rubs the side of his head...this was a real nightmare. Ang IS mad...he's just also practical. Do what you can the yelling later.

"Now's not the time to be idle."
Katyna "She needs time to herself, to think things through, Maira. Mama Odie told her everything she needed to know. This is her battle now. I'm sure when she's ready, she'll let us know where she is." Kat quips once she finds Maira and Angantyr talking. She can see that Maira is pretty distraught. It affected Kat too..A little. For all that she helped to push Avira towards the darkness the first time she mutated, one would expect her to be overjoyed that the girl is being caught in such a web of darkness, But..

Things had changed since then, if only a little. Perhaps Katyna had changed a bit too, since watching Avira, and understanding her, and herself a little better.

"Heey Maira!" She smiles brightly at the girl, sitting down on her opposite side, nodding to Angantyr too. "Hey, again. How y'all holdin' up?"
Maira Maira nods, sitting straighter and squaring her shoulders. She takes a deep breath as she wipes a few tears that had spilled down her cheeks. "I'm not their leader, I'm just...I'm just helping like everyone else," she replies. Her, a leader. The thought is ridiculous to her. No one would follow her.

"I know what she is running...she is running because Hades is looking for her and he will bring Heartless. She's going to keep running, not wanting him to hurt anyone else...but I don't know that it is going to work. What did he ask her to do? What was the favor?" she asks, though she is mostly thinking aloud.

When Katyna arrives Maira jumps a little with surprised. Uist wasn't nearby to warn her, she'd sent him on an errand. She turns to Katyna and nods some. "Mama Odie was helpful then? Oh, good...well...I can't just sit here and do nothing. I can't. There must be something I can do."

Maybe...maybe she could talk to Hades? Maybe he would tell her what the favor was. Perhaps that would help.
Angantyr Vespar "Oh yes, a touching story. Avira runs...she runs and runs from her problem. What does that solve? Nothing." Ang says over his shoulder to Katyna. "Running away from your problems isn't going to fix them...running from your friends isn't going to save them from danger. I know the people she's gotten to like her. How many do you think won't immediately risk their lives to save her? So instead of being somewhere safe where she can be with them she's out there. Being hungry, increasing the chances she'll run across a particulary foul monster...or a heartless she can't handle, or hell, even the Shadowlords...or her friends will, and /get hurt..."

And then. "Or die." Angantyr says bluntly. "I'll find her, and drag her back if I have to."
Katyna Katyna smiles at Maira, patting her on the shoulder. "Dont worry. We'll think of...Something. Huh.." Well, she could ask Seith. he knew like, everything. But..She wasnt about to betray him either.

"Yeah...I'm surprised she ran. We coulda helped her. Together, united, we're way stronger against the heartless. But...She ran away because she was ashamed. She thought we wouldn't understand. Maybe she just needs some time to think things over and realize what a mistake she's making. Maybe it's part of the test too, y'know? I mean, out there, against all the heartless, she wont stand a chance. That's not being courageous or selfless. That's just being foolish..Maybe the spirit shard wont even appear until she faces her inner demons..."

She bites her lip, pondering, "Heey, I wonder if Merlin would have anything helpful to say? I mean..If the spirit shard's inside her and we find out how to get it out, then the heartless will leave her alone, right? As for finding her.." She scratches her head, looking down at her Ma belle. "Too bad these things dont have tracking devices on them, huh? But I wonder if they can be reconfigured or something.."
Maira Maira isn't sure she can disagree with Angantyr in sentiment...though she wouldn't have phrased it that way. Avira is doing what she thinks is best, but she's not thinking clearly. Her mind too clouded by guilt.

"She won't run forever...its give her, and us, all time to think. We'll figure this out. But...yes, we should try to find her. I'd feel....a lot better if you were with her," she tells Angantyr. Phew, that was a little bit difficult to say. But it is true, at least on one side of the coin. The side that matters.

Maira looks to Katyna, shrugging. "Merlin is on vacation, remember? No one knows where to find him. She's already spoken to Mama Odie. Besides....I have Uist following her trail. He's very good at finding things out," she explains.

Maira looks back to Angantyr then, sighing. "Last I knew she was down at the Bayou, where Mama Odie is. Should we go and see if she is still there?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr sighs...

"Fair." he says to them both. It's true, maybe it was a test of self...still, he TAUGHT her better than that...he is going to give her ears such a boxing...looking more like an annoyed teacher at the moment, than a angry boyfriend? Who knows...that relationship is complicated enough without getting it involved in all of this.

He rubs his head annoying...

"Alright you find her, and We'll go."
Maira Maira smiles softly, nodding. "Heh. I feel a lot better knowing you are on our side Angan. You're like a force of nature. I know we'll figure this out."

Now, things get awkward. "I told Avira I would try to find Skoll and tell him as you have any idea where he might be?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr shrugs, "No idea. Don't care. He's a problem too, if you don't remember the Lords of Gaudium, or whatever are willing to use Avira to get at him for whatever reason. He's a liability, and untruthful about his issues. So whatever." Angantyr says, with a another rub of his head.

He looks at Maira, who compliments him, "Ha. Well, I only know one way to live, Maira. I find that being this way cuts the bull<GOOSEHONK> out of things."
Maira Maira frowns gently. Well, no surprise that Angan really doesn't care for Skoll. Maira doesn't really know Skoll well, but if Avira trusted him...Angantyr was probably right though. Skoll had lead danger to them before.

At his response to her statement, she laughs lightly. "I could probably use a little less uh... bull<GOOSEHONK>. But thank you. You're always there when I need you. When Avira needs you."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr smiles a little, and sits down next to Maira.

"I had a weird dream lately, Maira." he says to her. "I was in a place...familar yet not...lost but also not quite worried. It was weird...but...there was a voice guiding me through the dream, telling me what to do and encouraging me on."

"It kinda sounded like your voice. Weird huh?"
Maira Maira cants her head to the side slightly, her cheeks flushing. Ugh! He's saying he heard her voice, not that he was having /dreams/ about her. Maira silently curses how easily embarrassed she is.

"Really? Did you have this dream more than once? What happened in it?" she asks, curious now. "I dream a lot too. Usually its just...well, nightmares...but sometimes, it is just strange. Sometimes, I sleep walk. Once, I woke up in this weird, dark place, surrounded by Heartless. I thought I was still dreaming, but Katyna was there and she lead me out," she tells him. She'd almost forgotten about that. "....maybe it was just a dream. I don't know. I never asked Katyna about it."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr shrugs, "I don't dream alot, and usually it's not very good ones. You know, dreams of home." he says, rolling his shoulders, "No just was very vivid. Almost like I was there. I landed on this strange stained glass window platform...And was asked to do some things..." Angantyr shakes his head.

"Weird dream. That's all I gota say. Wait, you slept walked into a bunch of heartless..." he pauses. Weird. "How did she lead you out? LIke by killing the heartless as you guys left?"
Maira Maira smiles, bashfully. "Heh, I'm surprised it was me you heard then...." she trails off, folding her hands in her lap, eyes roaming to try to find something interesting to fix on momentarily.

The questions about her sleep walking draws her back, her brow furrowing in thought. "No....they were just sort of...on the edge of things, in the darkness. I could see their eyes, but they didn't scramble forward to attack. Katyna just...lead me out. We went back to Traverse I think..." Maira frowns some. "Its very fuzzy in my memory. Maybe it really was just a dream."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr frowns...weird.

He shrugs, "Surprised huh? Don't be, you're a friend. I don't have many of those. Infact, I can probably name them all on one hand. I don't make friends easily." he says, neutrally.

"Being what I am, don't make friends easily."
Maira The young mage smiles, obviously warmed to hear him say that she was a friend, even if there was a stupid, stubborn part of her that wanted to be more. It was a very confused part.

"What you are? Bah. You know what you are? A good friend. That's all I care about," she says, giving him her best smile.

She stands then. "Alright! Lets...lets go find Avira."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr stands with her. "Alright." he says, with a small smile. Oh he knows Maira...oh he knows. I mean, you weren't exactly subtle.

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