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(2013-03-11 - 2013-03-11)
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Shiki Misaki Welcome to the old country!

We're going on a quest to help our fine feathered friends reunite with their compatriots. But before we do, perhaps a little elucidation is in order.

That's why Jose, Pierre, Fritz and Michael are currently perched on Shiki Misaki's arms. She doesn't look all that pleased about it, but what're you gonna do?

We're here in the Forgotten Forest, having spent a little time searching for news of sudden, inexplicable influxes of birds from destroyed or lost worlds. Problem is, the forest is a big place, and not without its perils. We've got a rather heartless-free sunny meadow to group in, but.
Leida Finding birds in a forest sounds like it would make a fitting replacement for the old needle in a haystack adage. Atleast these birds are colorful and talkative, perhaps that will lessen the challenge a little. Regardless of the tedious nature of their quest Leida has promised to assist Shiki in her endeavor to reunite her new feathered friends with their wayward companions. That doesn't mean she's required to look happy about it though.

Infact, she looks downright miserable. That is mostly her own fault. Finding herself unwelcome in Traverse Town after the thorough whipping it got from the Shadow Lords due to her rather unsettling appearance, Leida went to drown her sorrows in alcohol and only ended up compounding her frustration by running into the Turks. While Reno's upbeat personality was hard to hate, Rhiannon's needling attempts to get her to give up her blood for some demented experiments turned it into a long night.

The girl stands at the back of the group as usual doing her best to keep her eyes shut tightly so as little light as possible filters through. Normally prim and tidy, her hair is an absolute mess as if she didn't even bother to smooth it down after waking up and her dress looks like she slept in it and spent the entire night rolling back and forth.
Ramza Beoulve This time, as their travels tried to take them deeper into the forest, Ramza tried to leave Boco behind. Taking a Chocobo deeper into the forest didn't seem like a grand idea, given that many of the advantages of a mount were lost in an area frought with so many obstacles.

Boco had other plans. He wasn't disobedient when it mattered, but he was incredibly loyal. And so after the fifth time trying to reassure the bird that he'd be fine, he gave up out of frustration, and instead allowed him to come along. He thought perhaps that he had some sort of kinship with the Macaws they were off to rescue. Instead, he offered that Tifa, Emi, or Shiki could ride him, if it pleased them.

Whether they chose to or not, Ramza would be keeping pace on foot along the trail. After a time, he tried to make some light conversation with the birds. "Good Sers. In what manner did you serve this tiki goddess?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart has her own Chocobo. At least it's not a petrified forest this time, so she isn't worried about Premium Heart this time. She leans down to pet her chocobo's mane a little, as she trots after the others. She looks over to Leida aside, noting the unkept looks. Well, must had a rough night, indeed.

From the Traverse debacle, what's left of it are a few bandages here and there, just to try to limit any scarring at this point. She looks over to Shiki with the birds "You can hand me a few of them, Premium wouldn't mind I'm sure."

She has to wonder though "... Any idea on how t ofind your friends? I mean, they could be anywhere in here. What if we threw bread crumbs around, or used a whistle or something?"
Emi Dennou This for the birds.

Emi actually isn't cleared for duty right now. She is way too injured to help out birds. Luckily, there are other Legions being antsy, and today you get the quiet ones: Ami and Omi.

Ami has quietly set herself up on Boco and pets him on the head near-constantly. She is really not paying attention to anything else, but she seems happy.

Omi, of course, is glad she can just walk. She was serious about keeping tabs on Beoulve and his people. She scans about constantly, always anticipating danger.
Myla Mason Things have got a bit fowl since the last time and she's got to wonder about these birds and the thing hunting them. Either way prevting anything from becoming heartless is generally a good idea right? So here Myla is again in another strange forest far from any major body of water on an alien place even the meadow does little to lift her unease about being so land locked.
Shiki Misaki Fortunately, or perhaps not so fortunately, Shiki has been so busy chasing things up for the macaws that she's been disconnected from the goings-on of the rest of the world(s) over the course of this weekend.

But still!

Upon seeing Leida's AWFUL HAIR, she wordlessly places two of them of them on her head, two on Tifa's, takes a brush and comb out of her satchel and begins fixing it. She just can't tolerate such a fashion disaster.

The macaws, for their part, don't object. Desperate, however, for something to talk about to distract from this silent spectacle, they're happy to converse with Ramza.

"Ees not really the way she makes it out to be," chirps Pierre.
"The Enchanted Tiki Room... it's more like a club we all worked at," explains Fritz.
"The tiki gods are our resident band, and she's sort of their... manager?" speculates Jose.
"Bodyguard, I reckon. But she's taken a turn for the worse," finishes Michael.
"Oh! But as for finding our friends, that's easy."

Apparently the macaws are capable of writing, because they hand out sheets of paper to everyone. Yes, /everyone/. Said sheets of paper have... lyrics on them.

Oh boy.

Jose waves one of his pieces. How he can hold it in his wing is a mystery indeed. "Every one of our friends loves to sing! If we call out to them with one of our classics, then they'll call back! I'm sure it'll be easy to find them all!"
Leida Leida teeters back and forth at her spot in the rear of the formation. The sleep she got was not nearly adequate enough to be going on adventures and the mind-wracking hangover has not left her in a fantastic mood. Every sound in the world around her seems amplified to monumental proportions from the swaying of the branches in the faint breeze to the light conversation that passes back and forth among the other travelers.

She visibily winces as Shiki draws near and does her best to drown out the crackle of the grass under her friend's feet with little success. However, upon feeling a tug on her hair she manages to force one eye open long enough to take in the attempt to fix her horrid appearance. "Aahh... thank you, Shiki-chan," she whispers at the other girl. "Mind the horns, they are quite sharp."

The sudden rustle of several sheets of paper so close to her ears sends a wave of agony through Leida's head and she does her best not to stagger so as to avoid harming Shiki by accident as she runs the comb through her hair. Grooming demons has occupational hazards. However, upon hearing the mention of singing, her hand shoots out to wrap about the feathery torso of the bird. She holds him up to her face, glaring through one bloodshot eye at the black beady orb of the macaw with a look that could melt steel.

Ramza Beoulve Boco would enjoy Ami's attention thoroughly. A contented crooning /kweh/ escaping its beak every now and then. Sometimes he would crane his neck back to rub against her in response to the affection. The young man would only smiled as he watched Boco. It looked like he'd made a friend.

Omi on the other hand, he didn't know exactly what to make of her. She was a quiet, serious, and courageous young woman. Previous explanations of how she was connected to the other sisters by Emi had made his head hurt. He wasn't accustomed to worlds with more modern technology yet. One of the more tech savvy members of his company had tried to explain his thoughts on her to him later, and it had only compounded his confusion. Right now he still thought of them as individuals, but he respected Omi's request to refer to her as a node of the network instead of by the name she'd introduced him by.

Ramza would watch Shiki fuss over Leida's hair, and while he considered it an unnecessarily vain gesture while out on the trail, he couldn't fault the show of comraderie between them.

As the birds try to explain their situation, the young man nodded. "And then the heartless revealed themselves. She coveted their power, and tried to turn you into heartless fiends. When you didn't bend to her whims, it made her wroth. Is that the right of it?"

After being handed a page of sheet music, he puzzles over it for a time. Wait, where they asking him to sing? He reflexively turned to look deeper into the forest, looking searchingly for Theodore. Then it occurred to him that trying to have him sing would be an exercise in futility. Suddenly he wished that he'd brought Marlowe was here, he had the best voice among the Braves. Then he would realize that everyone here but himself, Boco, possibly Premium, and the birds were all female. No, he stood by his decision not to bring him. Leida would have likely used him for target practice after his first callow flirtation. The tone deaf young man would just have to make do. He opened his mouth as if to begin singing straight off the sheet music.

And then Leida would grab one of the Macaws and shout her objections. He would walk up to her, unperturbed by her outburst. His expression was stoney as he spoke to her in a calm voice with an unmistakable authoritarian edge to it. "Release him, M'lady."
Emi Dennou Omi notices the horns once Shiki starts working on FASHION DISASTER. It's dead eye for the straight...girl? In any event, Omi and Ami exchange a glance.

A conversation takes place through their connection.

And then Omi is back to keeping her attention on. Yeah she isn't going to sing. If she sees anything she makes no sign of it.

Ami pets Boco.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart blinks as she looks at the paper she's handed. She doesn't mind singing, but this song... she scratches her head "... Well if we must..." She looks over to the over "... there's no music though, so what's the tune of it?" She waits for something to work with at least.
Myla Mason Myla Mason isn't sure what to think of Leida but she's seen enough non humans about even in her short time here to not assume something that may be monsterous looking is actually a monster. After all Souji came in a pretty package and he was the biggest <Goosehonk> In the history. Things aside she's looking about at eveyrthing before her and seems to be amuses "Well if we got to sing, we got to sing. You don't have to join us after all."

"...I'm at a loss for words miss."

She looks over at Ramza with a bit of a holy hell look on her face.
Shiki Misaki "That's the long and the short of it- awwwwk!"

"These things are going to make finding you a hat so difficult, you know," Shiki comments, bringing up that joke from the previous scene. "Are you sure they're not an optional part of the ensemble?" Brushie brushie. "I told Reize and I'll tell you as well, Leida, booze is bad for you. We're all way too young to be drinking it /anyway/."

Ramza, who is the group's necessary calm and rational core, has the whole 'bird choking' thing under control, so Shiki just continues. Jose smiles at Leida sheepishly, then gratefully takes shelter on Ramza's head instead.

Michael and Fritz look at one another. "We could do it a cappella?" "As we find more people, it'll turn into an ensemble!" "It's definitely the best way to do it!" "It's what the Tiki Room was famous for!"

"If you really don't want to sing, you could watch our backs," Pierre suggests. "We'll have to split up anyway, non? The Heartless are bound to be creeping around ze dark underbrush."
Leida Ramza's quick intervention finds himself the new target of Leida's deadly glare but after a moment she sighs heavily and relents, allowing Jose to escape her small grasp and settle onto Ramza's head. Looks like today is going to be one of those days.

"If I could wish them away I would, Shiki-chan." She crosses her arms and looks pouty but continues to do her best to remains still in the process. "There is nothing wrong with alcohol. Drinking sake is a time honored tradition in my world."

Ofcourse, drinking as much as she tended to wasn't normal which is why she usually stayed away from the stuff. But depression and loneliness do not let to fantastic decision making. Leida eyes the birds again as they try to be helpful but their squawks only make her head throb harder. "Enough already. I would much rather be in bed all things considered but I shall watch for danger as best I am able."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart starts to sing along with the birds, reading the lyrics off the paper she was handed. "Let's~ all sing~ Like the birdies~ sing~ Tweet, tweet, tweet~" Even Premium Heart seems to get into it, kweh~~ing along with the song, bobbing her head. Looks like chocobos love songs too.
Myla Mason Myla Mason accepts the fact she's got to sing why not? She didn't sleep much in music and singing class. So she sings the question is just what is she singnig it's not well she's got hte song anf away she signs she's doing suprisingly well as she gets too it. She seems to be having fun from the looks of it though.
Emi Dennou Ami reluctantly dismounts Boco, leading the bird over towards Leida and Shiki. She looks towards Leida for a few moments, silently, and then thinks it over for a moment, and then raises a hand and--pats one of the horns carefully, before shifting her hand down to rest a hand on her shoulder, giving her a small smile. She continues to be mute. Ami is, notably, very fashionable though her personality doesn't seem to quite match her fashion sense.

Omi continues to be silent, nodding to the birds as she aims to watch Ramza's back as is, well, her job. she doesn't sing of course. She's too seriouscat for singing.
Ramza Beoulve The young man's stoic expression doesn't falter as Leida stares him down. Once she releases Jose, he allows the bird to rest upon his head without complaint. "Thank you." And then he turns to Boco and Ami. "Please stay here and watch over Ami, Boco." The Chocobo has no objection to this, though it does seem a little more reluctant to approach Leida. It remains a pace behind Ami after she dismounts.

Turning away, Ramza begins his own search, allowing Omi to follow and watch over him, with Jose still at rest upon his head. As he traipsed throughout the forest, he began to sing. It was obvious that he was extraordinarily bad at it, but he still makes an effort. "Let's all sing as the birdies sing. Tweet, tweet tweet, tweet tweet. Let's all sing as the birdies sing. Sweet, sweet sweet, sweet sweet. Let's all warble like nightingales..."

Ramza was suddenly extraordinarily glad that Omi and Theodore were the silent types. if his company heard about this, it would doubtless be the result of a running jape by nightfall, like the Moogle incident.
Shiki Misaki And we're off!

Standing in one place won't work out, of course: this is a big forest with a lot of ground to cover! So it's time to split up and search for birds.

Either accompanied by a friend or a macaw, with a spring in your step and a song in your heart, it's time to go looking for Tiki staff or Heartless to bash. Maybe even both! Who knows where they could be found?

You could find them lurking inside trees, inside logs, up in the branches or hiding inside treasure chests.

"Give your throat a treat~ Take your time from the birds~..."

Shiki 'Street Jam' Misaki and Mr. Mew sally off with Michael. We'll get this whole forest hopping in no time! Just look out- you might find a Blue Ballade or a Spring Metal to ruin your rhythm, or a Cymbal Monkey's discordant din inside a treasure chest!

There are toucans, cockatoos and forktail birds to be found, as well as various other tropical birds. There are also singing orchids and crane flowers, who will prance along on their roots behind you.

Currently you've found 18. Keep it up!
Leida Leida slowly turns her head to peer at the fashionable Dennou sister, trying to remember which name belongs to this one. She's met all of the various Dennous at one point or another but since most of her interactions are with Imi she hasn't yet learned all of their various quirks. Fortunately, Ramza solves the mystery for her before she can be embarrased by having to ask.

When Ami reaches up towards her head the princess' expression becomes crestfallen. She knows exactly what has grabbed the other girl's attention. An urge to push her away is fought down; if anyone has earned the right to be a little more forward with her than others its the Network.

"Be gentle, Ami-chan," she mutters softly, "they are very sharp. I have lost to good combs to them already." A weak smile is given in return to Ami's small one in a passing attempt to lighten the mood.

The chocobo's hesitation to draw close is noted and puts yet another sour taste in her mouth. Even animals want nothing to do with her. "It would perhaps be best if I remained behind to guard your escape. My presence seems to put the beasts ill at ease." Any excuse to avoid all of the singing and noisy rumaging through the forest.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart keeps singing as she walks along the path, atop the chocobo. The red color might help attract them, so are the 'kwehing' noises from the chocobo. Seems like Premium likes the song too, although can't sing along very well either, with only one range of sounds like that. She extends an arm to let some of the birds flying in perch there, smiling "Ah mimi, c'est magnifique~"
Ramza Beoulve It wasn't that Leida's appearance or any /aura/ she exuded put Boco ill at ease. He just put off haughtiness and cruelty. The fowl mount was far more intelligent than he looked.

Ramza continues to sing. "Bubbaboo ba-bubbaboo ba-boo." He stumbles over that part badly, trying to recover on the next line. "Let's all sing like the birdies sing, Tweet tweet tweet my that bird sings sweetly. Let's all warble like nightingales, Ah Mimi..." He does a double take at the next part of the line, he didn't even know what the language was, much less how to read it.

"Sest magnificent?" He looks at Jose out of his periphery, trying to see if he'd offer some help.
Emi Dennou Omi looks up sharply and stares at Ramza in shock. But he is correct, even if she's pretty stunned by Ramza singing along, she won't actually tell anybody about it. Of course, by virtue of Omi knowing, Umi knows too and Umi is a total blabbermouth. The Network is, usually, only as good at keeping secrets as it's most impulsive member.

Ami leans in, as if to murmur something to Leida. Unfortunately whatever it was is kept inaudible by all the singing. She turns back to Boco and beckons again pleadingly. Truuuust meeeee, truuuust meeeeeee.

She reaches into her pocket, drawing out an ipod and some earbuds. She holds them up to Leida, a curious expression on her face. She swings her body lightly from side to side in tune with the melody.
Ramza Beoulve Boco did trust Ami. And would eventually advance as she bade him to. The Chocobo would be very near to them now. Staring down at both of them. From what little he'd hear of the melody outside of the earbuds, the Chocobo would begin to sway in time with the rhythm.
Myla Mason Myla Mason contiunes hr singing and is just having a grand old time as they start to gets into it a bit more. She sings and just is almost dancing as she goes her movents are like a water from how she's timing them, not that she's even thinking about it that much she's just ringing and tyring to get more birds and honestly she needed to cut lose for some time since her world was devoured.
Shiki Misaki "Ah, Mimi...c'est magnifique!", like he's been doing it all his life.

Depending on whether or not you're with one of the macaws, they will be accompanying you in the style of famous crooners, such as Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong or Maurice Chevalier.

Leida can relax in a sunbeam- the meadow is bright and cheerful enough that no Heartless will come close to molest anyone, so it's a safe place to drop off the performers and staff if too many happen to be accompanying you. If you find a Heartless, they might get worried and scatter, so be careful!

Shiki, for example, pops open a treasure chest Mr. Mew's pulled out of a small hole only he could fit in, only to find a Monkey inside instead. She carries the five birds away as Mr. Mew rides on its back, pounding it in the head. In fact, maybe they're not going to be in treasure chests, why would the performers be hiding there?

39 found. Raise your voices!

Sorry, Leida.
Emi Dennou The melody is a tune from one of the many jpop electronica bands in Shibuya. Really, Ami looks like she could have just walked out of Shibuya herself. She's pretty darn fashionable, if not as chic as shiki. The song might be a bit familiar, still slightly audible as she puts the buds into her ears.

"Calling~!" She sings. "You hear the calling~! Calling~! You hear the calling~!" o/~o/~o/~

She starts dancing in earnest. She holds up a hand to the sky. "Let me go gravity," she brings it down sharply to her heart. "What's on my shoulder," she looks over her shoulder, wiggling her hip in the other direction. "Little by little I feel a bit better." She fans her arms from side to side, swashaying her hips to the beat which is pretty obvious.

And it's obvious what she's doing. She's bird 'Calling'.

"Let me go, set me free, feel a bit older~" She brings her arms forward, walking backwards as if she had this all choreographed in advance. She makes it look effortless. The only clues of her shyness are the pink blush and the fact her eyes are screwed tightly shut. "Just once more unto the breach Dear friend once more!"

She swings her arms up one by one. "Wake up, leave your hesitation! Wake up, time for us to realize!" She clenches her fists, bringing them to her hips and doing a sort of hula dance. "Wake up, show appreciation! Wake up, time for us to realize!"

Omi sighs lightly, looking over to Ramza, shaking her head faintly at him. She raises her arms up in a shrug as if to say 'what can ya do?'.

"Calling! Someone is calling~! Someone is calling~! Wait and see Empathy, you're not the only, Little by little you feel a bit better, Blacking me destiny you are my on side, Just once more unto the breach Dear Friend."
Leida Now that Shiki has finished grooming the young princess she looks a great deal more presentable, though her pink dress and blouse are still a wrinkled mess. No longer having to worry about accidentally scratching anyone with her horns as well, Leida is free to shy away a little when Ami leans in at first but when she realizes that she isn't going to do an impression of Imi and display some awkward PDA, she relaxes and allows the other girl to whisper to her.

The ambient noise of the sudden singing makes picking out what was said impossible and Leida squints as she attempts to decipher the garbled murmur. Unfortunately whatever was said is lost to her. Ami turns and draws the large yellow bird closer which causes the demonic girl to eye it warily, not quite sure what the point of this is supposed to be.

Even more curious the chocobo and Ami both begin to sway back and forth. The singing wasn't /that/ catchy. Leida's attention is drawn down to the tiny spheres and upon leaning closer is surprised to find that music is pouring from them. "What manner of sorcery is this...? Is... is this... like the MaBelle?"

Before her question can be answered, Ami breaks out into a flashy dance the likes of which the poor confused princess has never seen. She stares wide eyed at the Dennou, sporting a blush that is even more pronounced than Ami's as if the other girl's embarassment were some kind of a clue to what she's supposed to be feeling right now. "A-Ami-chan... what...?"
Ramza Beoulve Ramza's expression was deadpan at first as he looks at Omi. Then it becomes one of sheepish embarassment, on his part. And then he was grinning. This wasn't so bad truly. Despite the somberness of his life, and facing tragedy after tragedy, he was not one to despair for long. He enjoyed a little light-hearted fun. It reminded him of simpler, happier times.

Boco was actually dancing in time with Ami now, capering, walking backwards, bringing his wings up whenever Ami lifts hers. Even letting loose an occasional /kweh/ or /WARK!/ to join in with her bird call dance.

For his part, Ramza continued to sing off tune. "Let's all warble like nightingales, give your throat a treat. Take your time from the birds, Now you all know the words, Tweet, tweet tweet, tweet tweet."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart blinks as Emi comes out of nowhere with a completly different song. She frowns. Is that even going to work now? It looks like its affection her singing at least, since she can't get in tune at all while a different song is louder than the one she's trying to follow. Despite having a nice voice, she doesn't get a whole lot of birdies this time :(
Myla Mason Myla Mason is thinking this will be quite the story to tell the others when she catches up with her classmates. For the moment however she just keeps singing and daning and more birds keep coming out of the wrood work. She's got the holsters for her pistols unfastened incase trouble starts but they are not in hand as she keeps on singing away with everyone else she's prehaps lost her self a bit in the music though she does catch the network seems to be getting into it..
Shiki Misaki Hey, that's a hip new sound!

This might work out even better. A new hit sensation could give the act a modern spin! Shiki feels a little bad, but she just... can't... help herself when she comes back to drop off her finds and hears one of her favourite old tunes. She shoots an apologetic look for just a minute and joins in...!

"Lucky me
You are on my side~"
"Just once into the breach, dear friends, once more!" sings Jose.

Shiki swings her hips and holds out one hand so she can spin the macaw around. It's fun! It's a nostalgic song.

After all, there's nothing wrong with a medley of melodies. It's beginning to bring in record numbers!

62 performers acquired. Let's hope the rest aren't in trouble!

With more and more back in home base, the a capella chorus increases. Everyone's singing along! Sad thing is, the more the roof is raised the more agitated the Heartless will become. So even though Shiki has a spring in her step, she'll plunge back into the forest and have to pluck plants from the Pink Tangos. Go, go!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart isn't attuned to the heartless like some of her friends, but she has the feeling they are around. She motions to Leida to get ready. If she doesn't want to sing, she probagly can handle a few heartless. Heck, maybe she'll enjoy burning them to ease off her mood too. Meanwhile the singing continues... although she can't continue the first song very well, might as well sing a new one. "Think of days without hope, all along in the dark, I cried so many tears~ Now I know, now I know, the page was turning Chapter 1 in my book of love~ Then you came and showed me that dreams can come true. I want you to know, my heart glows from yoru touch~ In your arms all my pain inside washes right through, together well find the way~"
Ramza Beoulve After a time, Ramza stops singing the provided song, as if a sobering thought occurred to him. A short time later, he begins to sing a very different song. There is still a smile upon his expression, but it seems one of reminiscence, rather than despairing recollection.

"My childhood days bring back sad reflections of happy times I spent so long ago. My boyhood friends and my own relations have all passed on now like melting snow. But I'll spend my days in endless roaming, soft is the grass, my bed is free. Ah to be back in Eagrose on that long road down to the sea..." Perhaps after a time, he realized that the song wasn't going over well, so he lets it trail off and fall silent, not progressing to the chorus or next verse.

Hearing the heartless, he would slowly withdraw /Grass/ from its scabbard. He expected they'd be upon them at any moment, and it was best to be prepared.
Emi Dennou Ami lets the others take the lead in their songs right now, her vocal chords are a little strained from going full tilt--she needs more vocal training which makes sense since she speaks once in a blue moon, let alone practices her singing endurance.

Ami's dream you see--is to become a vet not to become a pop idol even if it seems she could do that naturally.

She does, however, smile broadly at Leida, swinging an arm up, hand tilted down in a bit of a classical pose. She mouths something again, but as usual it's hard to hear her. Only the last word comes out.

"... ... dance?"

Maybe she feels a bit bad for making Leida uncomfortable. If she isn't careful, though, Ami will take her hand and start boogieing with her, even taking the lead should Leida be a bit slow on the uptake, or otherwise stumble. The Leada if you will. Get it???

"Wake up, time for us to realize, wake up, show appreciation~" Ami sings but by this point every unique word in the song has been used.

Omi crosses her arms, a small smirk on her lips, but she's at the ready. Heartless might make some trouble any moment now.
Leida Leida continues to stare at her friend with a nonplussed expression, no longer even pretending to be able to decipher this odd behavior. And it's spreading! Her gaze sweeps across the open field towards the trees where the others have taken up the new beat with seemingly unrelated songs in a bizarre medely that didn't quite mix properly.

After several moments she just sighs and turns away, rubbing at her temples to try and quell some of the throbbing that this musical assault has beset her with. However, she realizes a few moments later that the pressure in her mind isn't entirely hang-over related. A dark presence approaches... Heartless!

Whirling around, the girl reaches for her bow... and only then realizes the lack of its presence. "What... but I... oh noooo..." She moans as an image of the weapon resting against the wall of her small room flashes into her mind as an undeniable memory. The girl turns back to Ami to warn her of the danger but the outstretched hand latches onto her wrist before she can get two words out.

"Ami-chan, we--eeh?!" Being small and paper-light, Ami has little trouble pulling the princess into her dance. Leida stares in surprise as she is forced to twist and turn along with the beat while Ami continues to sing. "W-wait, Ami-chan... there... are... Heartless!"
Ramza Beoulve Boco continues in his impromptu dance around the two. Chocobos are very graceful dancers after all. He circles, changing position every so often. He seems to even be trying to keep Leida boxed in and within Ami's grasp to prevent any possibility of escape.
Myla Mason Myla Mason is daning and singings and follows along, she is keeping an eye on the heartless but they got to keep singing, it's not like she isn't prepared to deal with a swarm of heartless. She's armed right? So she keeps on dancing singing and really putting. She says something into what might be her blue fin hands free phone unit and goes back to singing. Come on they need to find all the preformers and hopefully get out of here without getting run over.
Shiki Misaki We're really rockin'!

We need a stage! We need spotlights! We definitely don't need autotune!

More and more of the Tiki Room's performers are flocking to the clearing, beginning to come out of the woodwork of their own volition now. Flowers walk in leaf in leaf, toucans twostep and the hummingbirds hum. First ten, then twenty, then fourty, until the meadow is filled with singing and dancing birds both big and small. Shiki's even taken her hairbrush and is pretending it's a mic.

It's almost time for the climax! Front and center!

Crimson Jazz is here now: a gigantically oversized version of the similar Heartless. It's going to be the last obstacle towards getting these guys home safely, so get ready to break-dance!
Myla Mason Myla Mason is still singing at this poing as the Crimson Jazz shows up and if it wants to play she can play, as the giant heartless shows up she's pulling her pistols and firing bursts in time with the song, as why the heck not? She keeps moving shifting and firing, also singing as she goes.
Emi Dennou "This one is aware." Ami murmurs, spinning Leida so she's holding onto her with one hand, drawing out a combat knife in the other. First, she uses it as a channel to unleash electricity through the knife and into the Heartless before she literally dances with Leida TOWARDS the Heartless rather than away from it--

--before flicking the knife into her mouth, holding it with her teeth as she Princess Carries Leida up into her arms. She leaps into the air with an electromagnetically enhanced leap, coming down for its head feet first, practically tapdancing against it. She bounces off shortly after, flinging the knife for the creature's back as she hits the ground, setting Leida down momentarily after and spinning her once more, this time closer to her own body.

"...Doesn't like fighting." Ami explains.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza Beoulve sizes up the giant Crimson Jazz as it approaches. He already knew what approach he wanted to take with it, after all, some heartless were color coded for their convenience!

With a grin, he'd whistle, raise a fist, then hold up four fingers, followed by two. Moments later, out of one of the trees nearby the heartless, several crossbow quarrels tipped with some strange globe at the end would be loosed at the Heartless. Bursting, they would erupt into water? It seemed almost like a childish prank to soak the thing, akin to putting a bucket of it over a threshold to drench a hapless victim. Putting away his Cinqueda briefly, he would clasp his hands together. While he had a lot of experience with spellcasting, it wasn't his forte. Very basic spells took almost no effort, but something more powerful required his full concentration. "Still water, break your silence, and speak of forgotten truths!" The temperature around the Crimson Jazz would drop sharply, in an attempt to layer it with rime by freezing the water so handily supplied by his friend.

And then Ramza would breakdance while singing /Ice Ice Baby./

Okay no, he didn't actually do that, but seeing as how everyone else was singing, he was in a whimsical mood and withdrew his Cinqueda once more, banging the flat of it against his greaves in time with the rhythm of their music.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart hops off the chocobo as she keeps singing. Well, there are heartless abound. And given her fighting style, she can't do that very well from atop a chocobo. But there is a song appropriate for that too, as you might now.

She starts singing "Everybody was Kung Fu fighting~ Those kids are fast as lightning~" Doing kicks and chops in time with the music... well as long as it doesn't leave her open to heartless at least, so close enough. She even pets Premium's mane between two attacks, comforting the chocobo, as they call more and more of the birds to them.
Leida "Oh... well... maybe we should do-- waah?!" Ami is a lot more cute than Emperor Palpatine but the show of electrokinesis is equally impressive, atleast to Leida who hasn't seen Star Wars (and gods willing never will be subjected to such a thing in Kingdom Hearts, pleaseplease Squeenix.)

The combat dance carries the two girls into the fray though Leida is mostly just allowing herself to be led around by the hand at this point. She does her best not to trip up in the process, taxing her clumsy nature to its extremes. Fortunately, Ami solves her problem by picking her up but the sudden launch into the air earns a shirll squeal of surprise from the princess and she wraps her arms about the other girl's neck as Ami machinegun kicks the Heartless upside the head.

Leida's surprised cry turns into an amused laugh as they sail overhead to safety. She closes her eyes as she is spun and leans against the Network's body until she feels her feet touch the ground once more. "That was... exciting..."

She turns her head to look back at the Heartless, pondering whether she should help out. However, everyone else seems to have it under control. Despite it's size it was only a single Heartless. Leida reaches up to tuck some stray strands of hair behind her ear and smiles at Ami. "Neither do I, Ami-chan."
Shiki Misaki You're chilled out!

The rhythm is rolling and the heat is on. Pump it up! Knock it up, even. It's time to rock on the floor and raise your hands in the air. With a group effort we can toss the Crimson Jazz into the ground, knock it in the air, give it chills and crack its shell. Piercing Pillar from Shiki is added in and sparks fly, snow sparkling like glitter on the stage. The Crimson Jazz is knocked up and down, juggled in the air and blasted up. Its explosive spheres are just good as fireworks- no threat of being hurt here when we're on such a roll!

You've collected one hundred and twelve members of the Tiki Room's staff and performers. Take a bow!
Ramza Beoulve Boco stops dancing for a moment to watch the two young girls in their combat dance. It considers the matter. Considers it further. It then walks up to Ramza, nudging him. Ramza would give the bird a bewildered look, but eventually would get the hint and open a pouch on his belt. The bird would enclose its beak around the edge of a throwing kunai, allowing it to stick out. And then he would continue to dance. Spinning around wildly. At the end of it, it would release the kunai from its beak. And... It would travel exactly two meters before clattering down on the forest floor, harmlessly. The Chocobo would glare at it. Phooey.
Tifa Lockhart Premium Heart just watches Boco, wondering what he's trying to accomplish there.
Myla Mason Myla Mason stops shooting, stops fancing, and also stops singing she seems to be pretty chill now as everything seems top be over and done with for now.

"Well done everyone." She's grinning "That was actually pretty fun."
Emi Dennou Ami makes sure Leida is steady. "This one is glad you had fun." She seems strangely relieved, though she doesn't mention why (that would just bring up what she was hoping to distract Leida from in the first place!). She does look around at all the birds shortly after, with something of an awed look on her face. And ultimately she turns her attention back to Leida, smiling brightly. "This one is glad we could help them."

She reaches up and plucks the earbuds out of her ears and tucks the ipod away in her pocket. "...If you would like one, we can save up..."

Emi handles the finances so she imagines it wouldn't be immediate.
Leida It takes a moment for the princess to get her bearings after all the spinning and jumping combined with her already blurry vision from the lingering hangover but thanks to Ami's efforts she has become distracted enough that the headache has faded into the background. Her own gaze wanders to the massive gaggle of multicolored birds that practically seem to carpet the small clearing, silently hoping they don't plan to hang out in the Shard Seekers base while the rest are found.

Ami's suggestion, however, draws her back to the fashionista's face and she tilts her head to the side. "Would like one...? You mean your magic box?" Leida blinks and rubs the back of her head. "U-um... I am not sure, Ami-chan. Something like that must be terribly expensive. I would not wish to impose..."

Truth be told she's quite fascinated by the little device, though her tastes in music are likely rather archaic. Still anything out of the ordinary has always been of interest to her and in her world a tiny piece of glass and metal that plays music is on the level of legendary artifact.

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