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(2013-03-09 - Now)
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Ingrid Third The town of Traverse has been an odd place to hang out of late. Ever since SARGON's election to the position of mayor sightings of the strange armored sentries in black have become commonplace. If pressed, many would admit to finding the stoic guards somewhat intimidating but their vigilance in patrolling the streets has already cut down on some of the Heartless related incidents so they are mostly tolerated without a fuss. That doesn't make them any less suspicious.

For someone like Ingrid, who makes it her duty to keep abreast of the things going on behind the scenes, the whole situation feels like the prelude to something unpleasant. She doesn't have any concrete evidence but then cops often relied on their hunches as much as the facts. Unfortunately, any attempts to sniff around the places where the newly elected Program frequented were met with stiff opposition from his personal guards. No matter what she tried, they were a step ahead.

Frustrated at the lack of progress and having no official reason to be investigating him in the first place, Ingrid has instead chosen to focus on her own training for the time being. Though the Heartless are less of a threat inside the city walls than before the slack seems to have been picked up out among the surrounding fields. Shadows rampage frequently and openly, attacking any travelers on the roads with alarming frequency.

It seemed like the perfect place to hone her tonfa skills. Plenty of targets and only a stone's throw away from civilization if things turned ugly. Which they had. The young girl staggers along the dusty road that winds through the outlying hills around Traverse Town, her steps erratic and uneven as she makes her way back towards the neon lights. A hand is pressed to a ragged tear in her easily recognizable SeeD cadet uniform, one of many that mar the normally pristine outfit. Bruises adorn her face and it's clear from the twisted grimace she wears that she's suffering from a great deal of pain.

The road seems to be clear of hostile lifeforms for the moment, oddly enough, though that could change at any moment and that fact spurs her onwards despite the agony of each step. Normally, she wouldn't be in this situation as she always carried plenty of potions and medical supplies for such things but the Heartless had been lucky enough to deprive her of the backpack full of curatives early in the fight and things had only gone downhill from there.
CADUCEUS The sound of the lightcycle would be heard and before long a black lightcycle with glowing green lines begins to go down the road. CADUCEUS had been avoiding the black guards as much as he could, personal experience kept him paranoid and unwilling to accept the safety of the mayor's guards. So he was going out for a ride before he comes to the woman who seemed to be limping her way to town.

The bike stops before her and before her eyes, the entire bike disassembles into green light before the handlebards meet in the center to form a baton which the program wearing black and green puts to his leg. The enclosed motorcycle helmet then unfolds and reveals the medical program's face as he approaches her. "Are you alright?" He asks as he reaches for the disk on his back, pulling it off. The disk glows green as he begins to scan her.
Ingrid Third Ingrid pauses at the unfamiliar sound that comes rolling over the foothills. It sounds mechanical, almost like a motorcycle but with a strange high-pitched whine that makes it difficult for the girl to be sure. The darkness provides another challenge to her ability to make out the shape as it crests the top of a hill in the distance before quickly dropping out of sight several times in a row as it draws closer and closer and she draws her tonfa from the leather loop at her belt warily, unsure if this is some form of Heartless she's never seen before. It might explain the eerie quiet.

However, fortune would prove her fears to be wrong in this case. Her eyes widen at the display of Caduceus' lightcycle disassembling itself back into the handlebar in the span of a few moments and her mind drifts back to the simple unpowered scooter she had sitting back in town for getting around town.

"Crackers... I could really use one of those." His question goes unanswered as the young girl sizes him up, however, it's pretty evident that she is in bad shape. This person was one of those programs. She couldn't really tell what to make of him. She didn't want to be rude but at the same time, there was no reason to trust a random person who came riding up on a techno-bike in the middle of nowhere and started waving glowing discs at her.

After a few moments, she nods once at him. "I'll survive. I just got... overwhelmed. The Heartless are more active than I thought."
CADUCEUS "Traverse town is attracting more much prey there." CADUCEUS says as he keeps the disk over her and after a moment, it happens. She becomes covered in green light and various symbols appear on the side of the disk which he looks into. He pushes and plays with the light with his fingertips and as he works, she may notice her injuries begin to itch and if she watches them, slowly she can see then beginning to form green circuit lines before the injury was healed, though it was a slow process. "I am the Clinical Assistance Directorial Utilitary Companion with Enhancement Upgrade Systems but you may call me CADUCEUS."
Ingrid Third An eyebrow is quirked curiously at his behavior and the girl tilts her head trying to make sense of the displays on his disc from where she stands now. The sudden surge of light interupts her attempt and causes her to take an involuntary step back. Ingrid glances down at herself, pulling her hand away from the worst of the gashes as the bizarre techno-lattice healing technique goes to work.

The sensation isn't pleasant but it's not exactly painful either and upon seeing her injuries slowly begin to knit themselves back together, she isn't really in a position to complain about the lack of warning. "Woaaaah. That is pretty amazing. It's like some sort of techno-magic." This was definately a new experience for her almost on the same level as finding out that magic was real.

After watching the flashy medical work for a few more seconds, Ingrid returns her weapon to its holster and finally gives the program a faint smile. "Thanks. I'm Ingrid. Ingrid Third." She looks thoughtful for a moment, rubbing her chin. "You said your name is Caduceus, huh? Like the ancient Greek myth?"
CADUCEUS "Yes. I was a military based program designed to offer aid to combat medics who were too close to the front lines to get proper medical assistance. Coming to this world has allowed my progamming to become capable of healing the injured." He says as he continues about what he is doing. CADUCEUS then glances to her. "I apologize for not asking for permission to do this but I believed treating you was the more important thing." He says as he looks back to the disc. "Your lucky I came out...while your not close to dying, this area is still quite dangerous." He says as he works.
Ingrid Third The youth nods again looking serious once more. Despite being no older than thirteen, she manages to look quite the part of the soldier in her showy military uniform. "I know. That's why I came out here. I wanted to get some practice in and clear some of these Heartless out at the same time. It seemed like an efficient choice."

Ingrid gestures at the hills behind them. "Normally, I would have been fine but one of them got lucky and knocked my backpack loose. Most of my healing supplies were destroyed when they got ahold of it. I don't know how to cast any curative spells so I was forced to retreat but the little monsters chased me the whole way. I finally lost them about half an hour ago."

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