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(2013-03-09 - Now)
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Morrighan Alazne It has been a couple days since Morrighan had arrived in Mullonde by the Church's request. It did not take long for her to settle into the residence afforded to her, furnishing it to her liking. At this point, the dark elf could be found sitting on a couch in the living room of her home.

Apparently she was busy sewing something together as she had a thread and needle in her fingers and several rolls of cloth in her lap. "Hmmhmhmhm~" She hummed lightly to herself, not caring since she was quite blissfully alone this day. No violent armored rats, irritating elves, or bounty hunters today! Nothing could bother her!

So she thought anyhow.
Kaydin Kaydin had been in the holy city and hiding here has been quite a feat but when word of a certain dark elf was shown her residence he approaches her home and knocks on the door, hood and cloaks about him so he is somewhat hidden except for his lower face.
Morrighan Alazne "Hmn?" Morrighan murmured, glancing up from her sewing at a knock on the door. Really? Now who was going to bother her today? This was supposed to be her precious alone time! "Hmph...." After staring at the front door for a while, the elven woman eventually set her work aside and got up to go to the door.

Without much ado, it swung open to reveal.....who? "...And you are?" Morrighan asked suspiciously, squinting her eyes at the sight of the man.
Kaydin Kaydin raises his hands to pull his hood off, looking to the woman now. "I been worried about you." Kaydin says as he raises a hand. "Are you going to let me come in or slam the door in my face?"
Morrighan Alazne "...Kaydin?" Morrighan mumbled quietly in faint surprise. "So you were still around. I have not seen anything of you since you had left Baron now...This is quite a surprise." She eyed the wanderer up and down casually, taking note of his decidedly non-dark knight appearance. It was strange.

"Slamming the door in your face is rather tempting now, but alas..." She stepped aside after that, giving him room to come inside. Looks like 'her' time would have to wait for now...
Kaydin "I didnt know you disliked me...I always thought we got along." Kaydin says as he walks in and looks about before glancing to her. Kaydin watches her before turning to face towards her. "It is good to see you."
Morrighan Alazne "That was an attempt at humor." Morrighan rolled her eyes at the response, closing the door once he stepped inside. "I find it amusing to think that I possess more of one than you do. Perhaps your time away from Baron has not changed that aspect of you that much still."

She moved past Kaydin then, entering the living area and sitting back down onto the couch. There are two other easy chairs around, as well as space on the couch. "Well?" Morrighan spoke, glancing at him. "Do not just stand there. Sit down."

She smirked then, shaking her head and taking her sewing back into her lap. "I suppose it is good that you have not died just yet as well." A minor admission from the healer before she asked another question. "So, how have you been faring, hm?"
Kaydin Kaydin nods as he moves to sit by her on the couch. "Oh decently...I am hated by everything. Baigan still believes me to be loyal to Baron. I was left buried in the desert up to my shoulders by those who claim to be the good guys." Kaydin says as he looks to Morrighan and chuckles a bit as he looks forward. "I have been known to take things too seriously..." He says as he then looks to her.
Morrighan Alazne "Sounds rather pleasant, I would say." Morrighan responded as she resumed sewing, not looking up from her work. "I have been shuffled around various organizations, angered a very embodiment of darkness by stealing his tree and summoning a fiend, made a handful of wonderful enemies in the process, was abandoned by Baron, and now I have a sizeable bounty upon my head. Oh and I was threatened by the church to either join them or die."

She chuckled at that, continuing her sewing as she casually relayed her experiences to the wanderer. "But then, in situations like this, I suppose that there is nothing one can do BUT to laugh..."
Kaydin "You could run away with me. I would keep you safe and we can do what we believe to be right, to hell with what these organizations think." He says as he turns to give her a curious gaze, waiting to see how she would react to his suggestion.

This scene contained 10 poses. The players who were present were: Kaydin, Morrighan Alazne