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(2013-03-09 - 2013-03-09)
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Avira The atmosphere in Traverse Town was undeniably tense. Yesterday's assault from Negaduck had been the worst incident in the town of perpetual evening since quite some time. Despite rumors of Manhattan's nearing return that had been spreading like wildfire, such a setback had sent some of the refugees fleeing for higher ground.

Avira could not blame them. While yesterday's trip to the Bayou to meet Mama Odie had been enlightening and insightful, it hadn't definently pinpointed the location of this mobile spirit shard. People were beginning to realize that it was in somebody's soul now though. Who that person was remains a mystery, though given the world involved, it'd be someone from Manhattan.

These are all things on Avira's mind as she makes her way through Traverse Town from the VALKYRI headquarters. She had taken a nice long shower, removing all the swamp smell from her quite thoroughly before embarking out again. She still had that scroll on her and was fully planning to read it at midnight tonight but impatience was gnawing at her.

Walking with purpose, she heads for the Cloud Nine, the bar-slash-detective agency where a number of her Manhattan colleagues could be found. Maybe a different strategy altogether was needed to figure out where this spirit shard was and she, nonetheless, had a few ideas.
Evja Likewise, there were others around. Among those others was someone that recognized Avira as she wandered along and, for that matter, would likely be recognized by Avira when they approached. Not that he was actually approaching immediately. Instead, upon seeing her from where he was(sitting atop a nearby building and enjoying a relaxing breakfast of carrots), Evja hopped down and at the nearest merchants stall purchased something more humans would likely enjoy than carrots - in this case, a breakfast bowl of meats and bread and such all wrapped up in a bag together.

THEN he made his way towards Avira.

As he got into sight, his attire today consisted of what it did most other days. Large fluffy white robe/cloak that covered him entirely and the veil which kept half his face hidden. "You are the girl from the Hades Cup, yes?" Evja asks, voice the practiced female tone as always.
Avira Fortunately, Avira does have a pretty good track record for recognizing people. She's discovered that this is especially the case for people she's actually fought-battles usually stuck pretty firmly in Avira's mind, and for good reason. She endeavored to learn something from each fight, continually trying to improve and better herself. Her various "teachers" would demand nothing less.

She had a LOT of catching up to do, after all.

Her mind is pretty occupied at the moment, which is reflected quite clearly in the pensive and determined look on her face. At first pass, she doesn't notice the Judge-errant viera, especially since she was not in the heavy armor she is far more familiar with. When Evja speaks up, though, Avira slows, clearly recognizing the voice.

"That's right. The name's Avira." she turns to face Evja, "You're the Judge that was on that one team we fought...Heaven's Judgement. Evja, right? How's it going?"

Avira wasn't going to forget Evja anytime soon after nearly getting taken out in one shot during that fight. Judges are serious business.
Evja "Indeed."

A simple enough remark for a simple enough question as far as who he is. He watched her silently a moment before adding, "I am well, thanks to you. It is actually what I intended to speak with you of." a pause, then Evja holds up the food he had bought, the soup and bread and such, "If you would like such, you are welcome to it. Food. I meant to thank you somehow, even though I admit it is hardly a good measure."

Vagueries abound as to /how/ she did something like that, the 'thanks to you' bit, no elaborations are made. In fact, Evja stands there rather impassively. Then again, some Viera were simply like that.
Avira "The Hades Cup?" she asks, just the slightest hint of unease in Avira's question. Why the unease, exactly, is a bit of a mystery since the tournament was supposedly over and done with the shard retrieved. All that remained was whatever marketing would arise from the event. Her unease is set aside, though, at the smell of the delicious breakfast that Evja has purchased. Ever bit an omnivore, the scent of meat was particularily enticing to the young woman.

Her course is immediately corrected to approach the viera.

"Thank me?" her confusion is apparent upon her face. "For what, exactly?" Not complaining? It hadn't gone unnoticed that Isaac was displaying an unusual amount of animosity towards Evja at the time which, in retrospect, was likely picked up from someone else.

She doesn't seem put off by the mannerisms of Evja. Having lived for a few months in Rabanastre, Avira was accustomed to the standoffish demenor of viera. It was nothing personal-that was just how they were.
Evja "The fragment of your shield that you gave me. Perhaps it was fate that you did such, or where I put it... but I was attacked without provocation near my home and..." here he pauses to reach into his cloak to pat about his right shoulder, pulling out the twisted fragment of metal from nearby. It... actually looks nothing like when Avira gave it to the Viera. It was crumpled like it had been hit with a mace, including a large portion pierced like a spike had pierced it.

"It was because of that, and the shoulder pocket I had... that I am still able to use that arm today. So I thank you."

Would Avira put two and two together? Mace? Judge attacked? Without provocation?
Avira "Oh, that!" Avira exclaims as she takes a seat so she can share Evja's breakfast. Falling silent, she listens as the Judge explains that the fragment had actually warded off an attack. Leaning forward, she takes a good look at it and how twisted and destroyed it had become. Strange, such an impact pattern looked extremely familiar to her.


The new buckler shield weighed heavily on Avira's forearm, the unfamiliar weight making her shoulder sag. Just as it started to dip, Angantyr would swing at her unprotected chest.

"Keep your arm up." he snapped harshly. "There's no point in carrying a shield if you don't use it to protect your most vital areas."

"Right." Avira grunted, steeling herself despite her exhaustion. They'd been at this for hours already and just now he had elected to let her use her new shield. She had started to think that it was done on purpose-get her nice and tired first, then-

Without warning, he swung, perhaps sensing that her thoughts were starting to drift. With a shriek, she threw the shield up against Angantyr's heavy mace. The sound that followed was like a car crash, screeching and caving metal filled the air. The shield crumpled around her forearm as if it had been cardboard.


Avira reaches out to touch the shield piece. "Attacked without provocation, you say. Looks like you were pretty lucky." Inwardly, she facepalms. Avira knows exactly who did this and it doesn't surprise her the least bit. Angantyr was always picking fights, especially with Judges. "If you don't mind me asking...who are you a Judge for? I thought Archades only employed hume Judges."
Evja "Luck... perhaps, though I abhor the thought. Luck, to me, is a crutch to be leaned upon for those who are not good enough on their own to do something. I cannot afford such a luxury. And yes... without provocation. Had the bastard had the courage to attack me before I had winded myself sparring with that keyblade-wielding boy, we would not have had this issue. Especially considering even half winded as I was, I am still certain he was close to falling over when his mace caught me."

Replacing the shield piece into a different pocket, Evja pulls out a carrot to chew on it before saying after swallowing, "If you have Judge Friends, worry not, though. I do not plan to let such a fool wander and attack Judges. I can only imagine if it was someone less dextrous than I... but, no, I am not of Archades. Jylland, in fact. Fluorgis you might be more familiar with."
Avira Ah, keyblade-wielding boy. That is another familiar person to Avira. When was the last time she ran into Sora though? It sure has been a while, come to think of it.

"No doubt. Judges are known for being tough." It also isn't much of a surprise to hear Angantyr taking advantage of that situation. His dislike for Judges was profound. Avira will, of course, hand that shield piece over once she's examined it a little. It was her gift to Evja after all. "Well, I wouldn't say friends, more like acquaintances. I lived for a while in Rabanastre, where Judges are someone you want to avoid."

Since she was invited to do so, Avira samples Evja's food. "I'm only a little familiar with Jylland. Flourgis more so-then, you are a clan-arbiting Judge?"
Evja That gets a nod out of the Viera as he motions over towards a bench nearby, taking a seat there. When he does such his judiciers cloak gets pulled around him a bit tighter. "Indeed I am. A Clan Judge, though... at the moment I've no clan. I am working as a Judge Errant for the time being, wandering these new worlds in an attempt to keep the darkness down as best I can. Though with how those of these worlds treat me, one might imagine I am some flesh-eating demon."
Evja chuckles softly at that, a bit sadly.

"You said you are from Rabanastre, though? What... relation has it to the Archadian Judges?"
Avira "No clan? Really? Huh. That's actually kind of surprising since I know there's no shortage of clans right now. Heck, I'm from a clan, but you probably haven't heard of it and...well, I haven't done much with /them/ lately. Clan Dagda was based out of Rabanastre." she explains, sitting down next to him. "It's kind of hard, isn't it? Sometimes people just don't understand."

Her back leans against the bench. "But what else can you do? But pick up and keep going."

Her gaze darkens just slightly. "Archades owns the city. Dalamasca falls under their territory and therefore under their Judge's jurisdiction. In Rabanastre, the Judges enforce the law. They don't typically involve themselves in clan matters besides ensuring that they're properly registered. Occasionally they'll step in if there's a dispute over a mark."
Evja "Well, I have a potential clan, but I am not actively a Clan Judge. And you see, my ability to arbitrate fights extends solely to the lands of Jylland that are still within this world. So primarily around Fluorgis and the likes." His thoughts went to Archades and their 'owning' of the city. That... makes sense from all he has heard. Perhaps that is why Pixi is or was so bitter about it.

Or others.

Pulling a carrot from a bag he had stuck inside his cloak leads him to chewing on it idly in thought. "I saw you at Merlins house the other night, and with you fighting in the Hades Cup, I can only imagine you are wrapped up in the restoration of that world the Shards belonged to. I want to help however I can. With only that one shard left, however, I am uncertain how exactly to go about that though. Have you any ideas?"
Avira "Interesting. You know, I would assume that empires and the like would continue to respect the boundaries of their territory like you do, even in light of these fractured worlds. Yet too many times I have seen this to not be the case, such as with Baron and their clear meddling."

Archades had been...much better behaved than Baron, come to think of it.

Angantyr, nobility from an Archades-conquered nation had quite a valid reason to dislike the Archadian Empire. But this didn't mean Avira would become an apologist for his actions, even against a foreign judge. That was Angantyr's burden and his alone.

Avira tries not to let amusement show as she notices the viera procuring carrots. "Yes...Manhattan is very important to me. I...there are a few of my friends that came from that world. I was there when it fell to the Shadow Lords." Her head lowers. "Though I fought to the end, I couldn't stop it for them. Regardless..."

A look of frustration is on her face, "I am at a loss as to what happens next. An old voodoo priestess gave us a scroll we are to read at midnight on a saturday in the light of the moon that I believe will reveal who has this final 'Spirit Shard.'" There's a pause. "We think the shard is in a person."

Avira continues, "Probably someone from Manhattan. So if we get the other shards together, we might be able to restore it tonight. I don't know what'll happen but I do know that World Shards tend to attract Shadow Lords and Heartless. If that happens, we'll need people to fend them off long enough for a keyblade user to do his thing."
Evja The Viera simply nods.

Not much to say in regards to it all. It was stuff he didn't know and, certainly, he was listening to all of it. Though he finally did speak, and when he did, it was a question. A few, in fact.
"What... possible use do these Shadow Lords have with worlds? Or, for that matter, what do the Heartless even want with these worlds? I have yet to figure out why not every single person everywhere does not fight against the Heartless. Do you know?"

Yet more carrot was chewed before he offered one casually towards Avira.
Avira Avira helps herself to more of that bread and meat that Evja offered. Of course, she eats politely while in the Judge's presence and never talks with her mouth full. "I'm not sure. They may just want to spread the darkness of the Heartless. It wasn't until the Manhattan incident that we were aware the Shadow Lords even existed. Even now, I can only name a few. They play their cards close to their chest and don't go around...monologuing about their purpose."

After a pause, she adds, remembering the Ember incident, "They seem to want to break the spirits of those who oppose them. But why doesn't everyone fight the Heartless? Well, it seems some people would rather use them for their own goals. LEXUS demonstrated that those of strong enough will can actually control the Heartless."

Avira gladly takes the offered carrot.
Evja "I wonder... if that means one with a strong enough will could force them to leave. I may have to look into that now, though the thought of one actively using the Heartless... I wonder if that snake-armed man and Uh-oa were among them."

Finally Evja simply closes his eyes and leans back before looking up at the eternal night sky of Traverse. "Until then, though, I suppose I shall lend my spear as best I can to try and fight off these Shadow Lords until Sora manages to do what is required."
Avira "I have yet to see anyone with control over the Heartless do something like that." Avira mutters. "Maybe one day I will. One can hope, right? I think you need more than just will to control them. I think you need darkness in your heart."

Avira stands, "And I definitely won't allow that. Regardless...I ought to be on my way soon. If we are going to restore Manhattan tonight then I need to make sure everyone knows the plan."
Evja "Of course. If you could send me something by moogle, then, with directions on how to get where you plan on handling this event tonight? I will try to make my way there as soon as I can." Evja stands, then bows his head a bit and leaps up onto the nearest roof to go take care of whatever.

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