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Negaduck's Rampage In Traverse
(2013-03-08 - 2013-03-09)
Leave it to Negaduck to take the undead and the Heartless to cause destruction. However, the heroes are there to stop him! ...Or do the make it worse?
Negaduck It's the calm.

Hope had reached all over the world. While many of the heroes have gathered the world shards, it is still important that there are forces of darkness that seek to swallow the worlds whole. The darkness continues to thrive on the lives of the people. Misery, anguish, sorrow. All of those are wonderful music to the ears of those who seek the suffering of the free.

One of those harbringers of destruction is riding forward.

It starts off as a faint shudder to the earth. It's faint, but noticable. However, the shuddering earth becomes more prominent beyond the horizon. Ahead from the south is the droning, dull marching of a large mass. That mass expands outward.

Drum. Drum.

The sound of the beating drums is at a one-two interval.

"Ohhh weee yoh! Heeeyoooo woh!" o/`
"Ohhh weee yoh! Heeeyoooo woh!" o/`

If a scout was to look ahead, they would see the presence of lumbering undead leading the charge. Amongst the frontlines are two skeletons with the set of drums while the other set of skeletons and zombies are trudging ahead.

Beyond them is a massive black abyss threatening to swallow anything that comes their way. The jaws of darkness opens, revealing to be a mass of Heartless.

At the very far back...


A whip is lashing against a set of zombies and Heartless ahead on reins. Attached to them is a sleigh, which has a duck with a red fedora and a yellow jacket lounged against it.

"MUSH!" He cracks a whip. "MUSH!" Negaduck sneers, "We will wreck this town and pillage the banks. BURN EVERYTHING! PILLAGE WOMEN, CHILDREN, AND THOSE LITTLE PUPPIES TOO!" He growls, "If you see any money, they are to be brought to me! Don't you dare be stingy!" He cracks a whip, "MUSH! MUD! MOO! MUX---" Pause. "Wait, no, MUSH!"

He lounges again, "Ahhh.... it's good to be bad." All what it took was getting money and the undead from a friend and was told to go to town on Traverse Town. A grin curls on his lips, "Time to paint the town red..." He pats his bucket of red paint nearby.
Luso Clemens Luso Clemens had come to town this day to follow up on some business related to those mirror portals. Or something like that anyhow.

What he WASN'T prepared for however was the veritable legion of undead, heartless, and...."Hey, is that Darkwing Duck!?" Luso cried as he stepped out of the local tavern, pointing indignantly at the rider in question. "I've heard all about his evil deeds!" And then he grinned, clenching a fist and pumping it enthusiastically.

"What luck that I'd run into you on the one day I actually do come to Traverse Town!" Getting all fired up, Luso drew Flametongue, pointing it at Negaduck. "With your defeat, the people's minds will finally be eased!"

Ariel Ariel has now been a citizen of Traverse Town for the past few weeks. She's gotten comfortable here, though wanderlust has taken her from time to time, and she knows other worlds await.

She has heard stories about these Heartless. But she has never seen one. Not... until now.

When, suddenly, over the district, this blackness opens up over her. This wave of creatures, formless and evil, begin to descend.

She sees the Heartless before she sees their leader. But the form of their leader would not suprise her, not after what she's seen so far. Standing her ground, she's ready for anything...

Though she's not entirely sure how she'll fight. She may have to improvise!
Tigger Tigger is stuck in a bucket. He bounced in there earlier this morning and has been trying fruitlessly to pull it off his bottom for some time. He has navigated around the district through a series of misadventures in an effort to free himself. He's gotten hung up on flowerpot hooks, been flung into the water with a fishing hook, and been unsuccessfully used to mop a floor. The end result of all this thrashing about is that Tigger ends up being thrown out of a house and into the street, where he rolls wildly until ending up somewhere near Ariel.

"Miss Ariel," Tigger says near her ankles, "I hate to trouble you, but I'm the best at getting stuck."
Ramza Beoulve As twilight came and Traverse Town was about to erupt into chaos, the youngest son of the Beoulve family did what any gallant fool would. He finished his waffles. No really. He didn't realize that the drumming sounds outside indicated an invasion, until one in his company actually went to check it out and discovered that the dead were really all coming at them in a huge column.

Now that he was /actually/ doing what a gallant fool would, he mounted Boco, and assigned each in his company to guard the entrances of various districts and chokepoints where the Undead might enter. Giving the overwhelming odds their orders were first and foremost to protect any innocent caught up in this mess. Then they were to use guerilla tactics to take out what Zombies they could. Gared, Sheryl, and Helena were sent to district two. Lavian, Alicia, and Marlowe were sent to district two. The assignment of Marlowe to that pair caused a few cheers amongst the other women of the company, and groans by Lavian and Alicia. Marlowe answered it all with a lewd wink. Theodore and Adela were to stay in district one.

And what did Ramza himself do? Yes he was in fact actually riding out in a Southerly direction alone on Boco. Yes his company was all betting on how long it would be before they'd have to pull his rear end out of the fire. The sight of a familiar face cheered him up considerably. "Luso? Is that you? Am I happy to see you!" And he was too, for there were few others he'd rather have at his side in a scrap. Riding over to him, he would lean over to place a hand upon his friend's shoulder, two common incantations for white magic were cast over the two of them. "Precious light, be our armor to protect us. Silent light, shield us from bloody iniquity."

His gaze would sweep the coming horde, and he would smile, murmuring to Luso. "Do they know that they don't stand a chance?" Normally he wouldn't act this overconfident, but he was in good spirits from his friend's presence.
Gabranth They ran the surveillance footage over several times before wrenching any context out of what they were seeing. The sensors had picked it up first, that and the drumming in the deep. A figure perched on a high clocktower touches the side of his helmet, upping the magnification and then upping it again. "Boss.. what am I seeing here?" The DPS agent in the black bodysuit looks confused and unnerved as he looks out at the massive waves of skeletons, zombies and the heartless.

The DPS agent nods. "Understood. Slicing into defense network now. HEIMDALL.. yes, you. Shut up and give me a hand here."

Back at the ranch (or the winery, i.e The Data Point Security Batcave)

The administrator looks at multiple screens, lines of data flowing from various surveillance points. He sits back in his chair, steepling his fingers as he watches the heartless approach. "It seems, some subroutines are going to be run slightly ahead of projections." "ECHO." "Master COntrol?" "..." The MCP frowns slightly and hesitates for just a nanocycle before continuing. "Take CHIEF to the armory along with the others. It seems.. we have guests." There is another pause and then a nod. "..Yes boss."

AESIP is already down in the armory and hands over the formerly locked down weapon to the formerly locked down guest of the security folks. "Don't make us bring you back in a bag of voxels, yeah flyboy?" he asks the military program before quickly grabbing armament for himself. "Do we even know what these things /are/" someone asks from the doorway. "No LANCER." The female DPS agent ECHO says as she grabs a shock staff. "..And I very much don't care to know. Come on. "
Palom Traverse town! Other worlds have so many strange sights to see! Like pirates and boys that fly, or people that are covered in glowing lines! Palom has spent a lot of time at home lately -- The Elder frowned on missing so much school -- but now he's wandered off again. So he's wandering the streets of Traverse town, looking about when... what is undeniably an /evil army/ marches in, and a _tiger in a bucket_ is thrown out a window! Exciting! "Darkwing Duck?" the name is unfamiliar. "Hey, you!" He stands in the middle of the road and points. "What do you think you're doing with that evil army! You're going to hurt people, aren't you? Well Palom, Genius of Mysidia, isn't going to let you!"
CHIEF was requested for this 'protection mission'. Which was a little odd. They been keeping him away from his 'babies' for some time. That section of his code that he couldn't access so easily here in the user space without those. Sure, he can make anything a weapon, but these. These were part of him.

So it was now the question if this visor they have over his eyes could hold up in battle. That is what he figured this was all about. So down in the Armory where he was handed his pulse rifle. He stared at it for a moment with those gold eyes looking through that slightly red visor, before looking at AESIP, then back at the pulse rifles. He hand reached out, before he smirked. "Don't worry none, Jarhead. I haven't survived this long to be turned into deleted material."

He then held the pulse rifle in his hand. His right eye almost glowing gently as he aimed it in a direction, his trigger finger staying away from the trigger as he was remembering the weight. He then rests it against his shoulder before he pulls out his cigar and then flicks it, which it become lit. He then places it in his mouth. "I'm ready to rock n' roll." He then slams the barrel of the pulse rifle against his other hand with a large grin on his face.

This could be bad.. or good.
Deelel Deelel had been going to catch up with her allies heading to the swamp to seek out Mama Odie, however she was running a bit late as the fowl Darkwing Duck has struck once more she's caught uip in trouble here comes Darkwing the terror of the night once more. She's sure the others will find the shard on their own she's go to handle this as she pulls the disc off her back and it's armed.

"So you again?" She doesn't seem too happy at all with this situation.
Negaduck Pulling out a pair of binoculars, Negaduck is taking the time to assess the battlefield for any people that are planning to stop his deeds. Because Negaduck knows that there are goodie-doers. First is the sight of the boy with the weird get-up who has swords. All swords. "Ugh, too many kid do-gooders. I swear, ever since Quickerwing Quack..." He sneers, tightening his fists.

Red-head. Meh. Tiger-guy. Meh.

So, there is an army of soldiers taking position to protect each points of the district. Well, Negaduck will have to deal with that. In fact, Negaduck pulls out a megaphone. ...As if he needs it.

"Half of you, move towards District 2! The other half, CHARRRRGEEE!!!"

...And then some half-pint toddler is calling him out.


Time to smack down a toddler. Negaduck reaches for a lever, preparing his initial round of assault "HEARTLESS! COME TO ME!" He raises his hands into the air. Soon, many of the Heartless starts swooping and merge around him.

0The Heartless have transformed the NegaSleigh to the NegaHeartless Tank!

What was once a small sleigh is now a massive, steamrolling tank. This massive dark metal gives off the cries and skrees as yellow eyes pop open from all over. Now, Negaduck is riding the Tank of Destruction.


He clear throat.


Oh, Negaduck is pretty bitter about Darkwing Duck ending up as Public Enemy #1.

....And then he sees another figure.

CH0+EF !!!

"YOU!" He starts to growl, "I've heard /so/ much about you." Negaduck stands up from his tank. A manaical, fanged grin forms and he sneers. "Oh, I am so going to enjoy showing you who is the /real/ Force of Nature!"

He pulls the lever on his tank, opening fire towards CHIEF, Palom, and Deelel. Negaduck feels like beating up a toddler today. Why not?

Meanwhile... the drones of the zombies and the Heartless that have not joined with the armored vehicle have followed their master's directions. Some of the halves are trudging towards district two, seeking to break through the defenses. The skeletons with their swords are leading the way. They will hack, slash, and tear the life with darkness.

The Mermaid Princess, bouncy tiger, and the two brave young men are also on the receiving in of those that have taken the front. There are Heartless and Skeletons leaping into action to hack at anything coming their way.
Luso Clemens "Huh?" Luso mumbled glancing aside at the mention of his name only to find Ramza. That threw the boy for a loop. "Whoa! Ramza!? I didn't even know that you were around!" He replied to the supposed heretic, grinned in return. Nodding his thanks for the enchantment, Luso looked back towards the procession of evil coming their way. Holy crap, was that a tank!?

But still, he could only laugh lightly anyway, lowering Flametongue to his side. "Heh, they have noooooo idea!" The boy with the red hat said in response to the chances that their opponents had at victory. Maybe it was a tad bit overconfident...or entirely so! But that was what they did! "You know the drill, Ramza! Hit em hard and make it hurt!"

He wasted no time pulling his 'like the wind' act. One moment he was there in the Heartless' path. The next moment, he was gone. Skidding aside some ways, Luso opened the attack. Drawing the Ogun Blade from it's sheath, he spun the sword in his grip before stabbing the blade downwards into the ground. "But first, Darkwing Duck! I think you've got to chill out!"

A pillar of ice then burst upwards, aiming to pierce into the tank and set part of it on ice to try and hinder it's movements. Not waiting to see the results, Luso gripped Flametongue and leapt into the air, both swords brimming with flame and lightning energy to strike the obviously no good duck! "And while you're on ice, I think I'll heat things up a bit! Haaaah!"
Ariel A Skeleton is attacking Ariel!

She looks astonished for a moment, but she HAS seen them before... underwater, where sometimes pirates end up sadly buried. Still, they don't, generally, move... unless something is terribly wrong. "So... these are the Heartless," she says, a frown furrowing across her face.

The skeleton attacks, and she can't get out of the way in time. She's struck, a claw scraping against her dress before grabbing her. She looks serious once more. "I... I won't let you win that easily," she says... though for a moment, she's still unsure what she can do to stop them. She punches at it - that should do the trick - and then kicks with legs she's proud to have the use of. Somehow, it's faster than she anticipated it would be.
Tigger Tigger is helpless on the ground!! He's stuck in a bucket. He rolls around uselessly as a giant tank appears, followed by what looks like zombies! Tigger doesn't know what a zombie is, but he does know what villainy is all about.

Tigger rolls about helplessly. A zombie slashes at Tigger's bucket. Tigger rolls to the side! It slashes the other way! Tigger rolls to the other side! This goes on for way too long before a zombie finally hits Tigger's bucket, shattering it!

Tigger springs into the air, moonsaulting up and away from the zombies. He lands on his tail on top of a lamppost, momentarily overwhelmed by what he sees ahead of him. His glassy stare lingers for a few seconds before he shakes his head rapidly, slaps the left side of his head, and seems to launch a small cloud of fluff out of his right ear.

"Tiggers are the best at zombipocalypsin'," he says, and hurls himself down into the zombies. He starts springing around at a break-neck speed, trying to clobber over all of the ruffian zombies with the inhuman speed of imagination.
Gabranth Traverse Town apparantly has been quietly been undergoing... renovations of a sort. Election night footage would show the evidence of what was now lurking here and there amongst the rooftops and small alleyways of the town. It starts small. It always starts small (although ending small is a matter of some debate) but a line of light or a circle of power activates in some scattered places across the three districts. They are not thickly concentrated, but the very little that is there has been calculated for maximum effect. Panels of material flutter out and around these gutters or flutter across rooftiles or peer from around ledges.

They seem to be quickly forming into a number of shapes and configurations, some of them slightly ominous and obvious weaponry while smaller swarms of this quickly upscaling wireframe are skittering swarms of metallic insects that pipe furious and frantic notes that clash and spark with their general irritation. (both these weapons and the swarms ignore any of Ramza's forces as well as anybody who is set in the defense of Traverse Town. They even ignore Tiggers in Buckets, although a few grid bugs scutter towards him in a friendly and curious fashion, whistling tones at him in curiosity. What. They had never seen a tigger in a bucket before)

When these creations have crystalized into blocky geometric shapes and weaponry, they begin to swarm and or open fire on the undead forces. The Dragoon Manuever cannons boom with high velocity energy packets while the swarming bugs are disassembler drones. They attempt to take apart anything undead or heartless in range with an assemblage of small laser grids and blades.

Snicker snack v 2.0.
Ramza Beoulve "Negaduck is it? Well your callow tantrums will be for naught." And Ramza might have charged the duck in his toy tank that very moment, if they were not swarmed by Heartless and the Walking Dead. Luso may have been free to cut his way to Negaduck already, but Ramza certainly was not. Boco was already kicking and pecking at the skeletons. He'd never seen himself be restricted so much by cavalry tactics, but against these numbers, he was. First, he needed some breathing room!

He patted Boco twice on the neck as a signal to fall back, but instead of going with him, he drew his Cinqueda /grass/ with one quick motion and jumped off. The moment he landed, he hit the ground, and used a simple geomancer's trick to coax the hard earth beneath his hand upwards, while he forced his chi downwards. This erupted forth into a line of rocky destruction that meant to tore through the Heartless ranks and ruin their footing. Chopping and thrusting, he would weave in and out of them until he found a big Heartless on which his Cinqueda was stuck upon. With a grin, Ramza ducked in low and began to pummel it with his fists rapidly, before he'd kick it and retrieve his blade with the same motion.
CHIEF makes his way out with the rest of the DPS. It seems many have also moved in to aid the Distract 1, however it seems Negaduck has a statement to make as he suddenly points at him.

CHIEF can't help but grin with that cigar clamped down between his teeth. His eyes narrowing slightly. "Oh you heard of me? I am flattered, sadly I don't know who you are duck-boy." The Military Program then charges up the pulse rifle, his hand removing a small grenade like device. Before he presses a button on it, where he keeps his finger held on the trigger.

"I guess it is time we get to one another. Face to face, like the bad boys we are." CHIEF then starts to race right in, his gold eyes glowing bright. His targeting interfaced locked right onto Negaduck and his tank. "By the way! How good are you at tank warfare?! Cause you got war games?! Hahaha!"

Laughing was good, right? Right?!

Either way. CHIEF leaps up to avoid the blast that goes under him, before he uses the velocity to almost run on the side of a building. Then he tosses out the grenade. It explodes in front of Negaduck and his tank with a powdery substance that tries to adhesive itself to him and his toy.

Then CHIEF bounces off the wall and starts to open fire on Negaduck as he goes to attempt to step foot on the tank. "Mind if I call you bob? How about, Bill!!?"
Deelel Deelel hs got Nega ducks attention as he launches his attacl upn hr along with his allies she's weaves through the attack just getitng missed by each of the swarm.

"Your are an agent of chaos I don't think you have anything to do with nature null unit."

She seems to be pretty sassy today Tigger is notices as she woners how he'll fair prehaps he'll be fine here she meanwhile follows up CHIEF's lead shocked to be fighting along side him but for once she's in agrement.

"Let's see if you got game!"

She launches her disc at Nega Duck a moment after Cheif makes his attack.

"Bill works his is large enough!"
Palom The heartless /combine/ into some sort of... /war vehicle/, like a miniature, ground airship! Palom stares in curiousity, and then--

He forms a shield of ice just in time to absorb the heat of the ex'Drifting breeze, come down with righteous fury!' "I'm putting you in /time out/!" From Palom's hands a great cone of freezing ice washes over the tank, trying to freeze it in its tracks... And then as he lands, the ground /shakes/, as if it was hit by a small meteor and not a five-year-old boy... And it /cracks/, cracks running down the stone street towards the tank before growing, trying to engulf the tank, or at least make it fall partway in and be unable to advance! Palom looks up. "I won't let you destroy this city!" possibly because he's going to do it /first/...
Negaduck Luso managed to get away from the leaping Heartless trying to tear into him. This give him some safety grounds and distance. So instead, this puts hi in the path of the person who is leading the charge.

Negaduck twitches.

New Target: Luso Clemens.

"That is Negaduck, you floppy-hat wearing brat!" The old duck is looking pretty peeved right now. Given that the boy had called him that abominable name. He will get his name back. He will make the world recognize the threat of NEGADUCK!

However, that will prove a bit difficult as the sword-wielding boy manages to cut his way through the Heartless and he gets in his path. And then, the gears of the tank are frozen solid for a few moments.


Negaduck starts slamming the hand against the controls, "WORK, YOU STUPID PEONS! I DID NOT PAY YOU TO MALFUNCTION!" Granted, Negaduck did not pay them anyway. They're slaves, for goodness sakes!

It looks like the minions of Heartless have their share of defenders. Ariel is showing the undead that her life in the underwater world has taught her the sacred art of Mermaid-fu. Although she does reach over to strike the skeleton with the punches and kicks, the punch sends its head reeling back a bit, but the kick manages to glance over its chest before it stumbles backwards.

Meanwhile, Tigger is breaking through the Zombie Apocalypse! When he hurls himself into the zombies, he manages to clobber all over each of them in his bouncing. A groan yelps from the creatures before they return to the earth.

Here comes the swarm! The undead of zombies, skeletons, and Heartless meet with the special defense force of the swarming drones. Energy packets fire and smash against them, exploding them into bits and pieces. The drones that move in close combat give off that razor buzzing sound as the heartless unlucky enough to be caught in the threat range are quickly made mince-meat.

Boco manages to keep the zombies and the Heartless at bay! All of the pecking and other assaults cause the creatures to reel back in horror. While they try to trudge away, many of them are repelled, but not out. The shuddering ground manages to knock away the charging fleet. However, a larger Heartless manages to spring out of the path of the blade.

"That is man, you outdated junk!" Negaduck growls, tightening his fists before he starts shifting the barrel of the cannon towards CHIEF. "TIME FOR WARFARE OF ATTRITION!" Unfortunately, with CHIEF evading him, the grenade manages to catch onto the cannon.



Negaduck emerges from the tank, looking charred and angry. Even as CHIEF comes in to his path, The Duck of Destruction's eyes become red before he whips out a chainsaw. "HOW ABOUT I CALL YOU BITS! I WILL MAKE YOU BITS WHEN I AM DONE WITH---" *WHAM!* Negaduck eats the disc.

Somehow, his bill is larger than usual.

Spitting out out, he growls.

...Wait, it it suddenly chilly...?

Negaduck finds himself freezing. "Ooohohoo... time to make you all pay." With the chainsaw, he is now seeking to hack at CHIEF while the tank has a mind of its own. It begins firing more blasts towards Palom and Luso.

The army seek to counter, the droves of monsters tearing towards the defenses that are the drones while Heartless spring nto action, moving around like buzz-saws while the skeletons are getting in on the hacking and slashing.
Ramza Beoulve Battered relentlessly by the swarming Heartless and Undead, Ramza allowed them to close ranks just enough, before tossing an orb down on the ground. It instantly erupted into a cloud of smoke and obscured their vision long enough for him to slip out of the horde and take a better position near Luso.

"Ser Clemens, does it oft occur that lackwits such as this..." He punctuates this by gesturing with his sword towards Negaduck. "...invade head on, while telling foolish japes and hiding behind fanciful toys like a craven?"

While he was speaking to him, he used a simple monk's trick by placing a hand on Luso's shoulder and focusing on the Chakra plexuses closest to their hearts, innervating them. This allowed both of their wounds to heal more rapidly.

He belts out a hearty guffaw at the antics of Negaduck. "Bemoan your misfortune all you like, but if if its pay you want, then you'll get a belly full of iron for your trouble. Don't even think about running off without collecting!"
Ariel "Oh, Tigger!" Ariel saw he asked about the bucket, but she was grabbed by the evil Heartless and didn't see where he went. But apparently he's jumping right into the fray. She manages to glance the Heartless in front of her, but she's not really trained to fight... especially not with legs! Palom's magic seems intriguing. She has a feeling, though, that she could do it too. She blinks, and her brows knit for a moment as, working on pure intuition, she decides to try it. She opens her hands toward one of the Heartless... and a blast of lightning streaks out.

Oddly, she isn't entirely surprised by it. Seems Dad's power rubbed off a little bit on her, at least in these worlds. "Well--" and she pushes at the monster, a gust of wind forming behind her hand- "I don't... know exactly what you are, but I can tell you don't belong here!"
Gabranth The DPS arrive without much of a fanfare save the orange/red lightwalls in the wake of their bikes. Atop a clocktower, a program begins to assemble a long barreled and narrow variation of the same Dragoon Rifles that were firing laser bolts into the undead and heartless forces. The gun was unzipping itself as he manipulated the file structure and scanned the terrain for suitable targets. On the ground, light trails sought to burn and contain the undead, attempting to keep them away from the more populated areas of the town.

"..this is too soon." murmurs one of the black helmeted figures as he jams a disc straight into the ground, sliding sparks as the cycle made a lightning fast turn and the disc wrenched up from the turf as the ground shakes, unbalancing the cycle as Palom lands like a not-meteor. They manage to save themselves by wrenching to one side, leaping from the cycle and letting it spin down into a baton as the DPS agent cleaves into the neck of the undead, the energized disc edge decapitating the hapless skeleton. They also put a foot down on their skull unless they start breaking out into an impromptu session of 'I ain't got no body~'

"Have some belief, CHALK." "The world of the users is usually beyond that." "Heh."

"Let him have his fun." The DPS program on the clocktower says to the others as he scans the hoards. He calmly and methodically lines up a shot. The power readings slowly rise towards maximum with an ominous hum. Two DPS agents end up near Deelel, one dismounting from the cycle in a flying leap that smashes a shock staff into the head of a twitching soldier heartless. Although the helmet distorts their voice to sound like any of the others, the silohuette of the black guard is female. "Greeting program." they say cheerfully before bashing into another trio of skeletons. Bones fly across the cobblestones.

The drones don't have the same luck as their masters however and while DPS gives more slashing and hacking than they take, the grid defenses are still experimental and scarce and so in several places they are already overwhelmed by the heartless and torn to pieces, the fragile wireframes expiring with pops of crackling energy. The cannons continue to fire regards, even as heartless climb up to their turrets and wrench them from their power sources.

Ducklings.. don't let your heartless grow up to be buzzsaws...
Luso Clemens Oh crap.


.....And fail! Luso was struck by the tank fire, but managed to stave off the worst of the damage by crossing his swords over, allowing it to impact and send him flying. Once he hit the ground skidding, Luso used the momentum to flip back to his feet, looking ready to fight still. "Heh! Not bad, Darkwing Duck! You can try to change your name, but you won't pull the wool over my eyes!"

And apparently, he still thought Negaduck was Darkwing Duck.

Joined by Ramza, Luso glanced back at the older knight, nodding. "You've got that right! They don't know anything about fair fighting! Tanks and chainsaws, and guns, and honor!" He shook his head at that then, grinning once he felt the healing technique being cast on him. "Thanks for the lift, Ramza! I'm off to catch me an evil duck!"

And then he was back into the fray. Sheathing Flametongue and the Ogun Blade, Luso drew Luabreaker, gripping the weapon with both hands as he leapt into the air. "You might've gotten me good before, but it's time for payback! Have a taste of this!" With the sword held high, it began to radiate a bright light, Excalibur's Sheathe; Avalon glowing in response, as the boy descended upon Negaduck. "Here I go! Holy Blade! Haaaaaah!"
Tigger Tigger ricochets like a demented orange pinball through the undead ranks. They rake at him with their claws and fangs and only catch the backwash of his incredible speed. He slams them down with muffled bass thuds, his incredibly light body driven by the manic power of a British child's imagination. Physics? Physics mean nothing to Tiggers. It's spelled with an F anyway. F-starting words are hard.

The monsters keep on coming. Tigger never stops moving. He moonsaults off of a particularly large critter, evading the wailing buzzsaws. He spirals as he springs down onto a stoop, flinging himself off of it to evade the raking claws of skeletons. He springs between two buildings on opposite sides of the street like he was wall-jumping. Tigger has only a tenuous relationship with gravity and is in a dangerous liasion with inertia.

Tigger accelerates, flying high over the streets. He rebounds off of a street lamp and barrels into a gang of skeletons, aiming to pound down through them with incredible speed. He springs off of the street as he weaves past another buzzsaw, springing in a complex fractal pattern between multiple targets. He is here, he is there, he is seemingly twenty different places at once.

Tigger does not stop. "Hello Miss Ariel!" he calls, his voice distorted by the sheer Doppler shift of his movement speed.
Palom Palom smirks as he sees the tank brought to a halt by his magic. But then the turret swivels to face him... "Woah!" He concentrates, and the ground breaks again -- a wall of earth rising from the street to take the hit, though Palom still tumbles backwards, while the earth travels forward in a wave, trying to rumble and shake the tank /more/! Palom stumbles to his feet. "Why, you... _This_ is how you exDestruction of nature, gather in flame! There's a flash of red energy at the ti*EXPLODES*
The Chainsaw swings in and CHIEF steps out of the one swing, then another swing. He then moves down low to step around, before he jumps over another swing. "Hope your not calling me out of date there, quack-man." He avoids another swing, as it comes in close enough to near clip his cigar.

"Because I have you know," He then pulls out another grenade, setting it once more. "I am state of the art!" The grenade goes off on the ground, foggy whatever direction CHIEF went too.

Suddenly CHIEF whistles over at Deelel, "Catch Music Player!" He kicks up her disc back in her direction. He didn't know how to throw discs really. It wasn't his thing. No that pulse rifle he breaks into two was his thing.

He suddenly flips back and then kneels down, laying in the fire power right at Negaduck. The Pulse Rifle just starts blasting pulse shot after pulse shot. "Bang Bang Bang!! Hahahah!! Keep up, mister better force of nature!"
Deelel Deelel says "Little bit of user error quacker pants?"

Seems she's getting some idea hwo to taunt user style, where does she pick it up is the question. Bbut that is for another time as the defenders decend down upon the duck of darkness. Prehaps they have some orange saucse handy for later who knows? CHIEF has made his move then he disc? WAit it ends up where she just stares for a moment and she scrambles to recover it. Thankfully CHief is about to lend her a hand and kicks the disc back in her direction.


She's snags the disc though it's got duck slobber on it now, why are organics just so messy?!

One could almost hear the theme to Cops playing as DPS run comes on in, she's not happy to see them but whatever they are? They are basics like herself they are not agents of chaos like Negaduck here is and would just rtandomly blow up things she calls out to the arriving Blackguard.

"Hey this guy's been causing trouble since before Manhattan feel, watch for the user junk data."

that's what she sees the undead as data that hasn't been over written but she's going to take her time to recover for a moment and then really get, ready? Wait here comes the undead she leaps into the air flipping and just keeping out of harms way for the moment before she comes in for a landing, she takes this respiste to run a couple of commands on her self before she leaps back into the fight.

Then comes Tigger, and she's just in aw, that little guy sure knows how to move it and she calls out.

"You seriously got some game there!"
Negaduck "Oh get a new pair of pants, kiddo!" Negaduck snaps at Ramza, pointing accusingly at the brat. Negaduck is mad. Mad! Well, he's that and prett angry at the moment. The berseker duck is already planning his next action over what to do to the kid.

*BZZZZAAAATTTTTTTT!!!!!* It looks like the Force is strong within the Mermaid Princess. Given that she just used the power of lightning on the zombies, she will see that her power holds true. Those zombies and skeletons feel the surge of the dangerous voltage, many of them shuddering violently before they explode into dust. The skeletons that were rising to the frontlines to assault the lightning-using princess are intercepted by the descending Tigger, who barrels into them and they are planted into the ground.

Cavalry come in at the form of the city defense unit. With the programs rmed with their rifles, they all fire at the undead and the Heartless forces, sending them all back. Many undead fiends return to the earth with the thud of the ground. It would appear that one of the Defense Force have a better advantage while being atop the clocktower. The ground forces tear and burn against the ground, keeping them contained. Soon, many of them melt.

Even a ground force agent makes a kung fu action against the undead zombie. SQUISH! Its body is essentially dismantled.

However, the Heartless are not done...

No. Although the skeletons and the undead have been driven back, the Heartless are plentiful. It is then that the Heartless have started emerging together as an inky black presence. Once they begin to join together, they start flooding along the area and they sweep across the streets like a tidal wave. That is right, the Heartless are prepared to swallow everything in its path in its atempts to break through its barrier.

Negaduck sees the flying boy descending his way with the Holy Blade. Negaduck snaps his finger to make a rope appear. "Time to kiss the floor before I wipe you on it." He pulls the cord down.


"Why won't this blasted thing come down?!" Negaduck keeps tugging at the rope.


Negaduck hisses as the blade hacks against him.

And the anvil drops behind the boy.

"I WANT MY MONEY BACK!" Stupid delayed trap. And then, the pulse rifle shoots him repeatedly. Negaduck twitches and he then shudders. "Graaaaahhh!" And then, the boy is preparing to make him explode. As the earth rumbles, Negaduck laughs.

"HA! I'll show you!" Negaduck pushes the button of the ejection seat. By the time that the explosion occurs from the flames, Negaduck is already blasting out. Some of the flames scorch him, but it's better than earlier.


Negaduck sneers, then he calls out, "HEARTLESS! STEAMROLLER MODE!" And suddenly, the tank shapeshift itself from a massive Heartless Tank and transforms into a giant Steamroller. In fact, the steamroller springs into the air, right into Negaduck's reach.

Negaduck starts bringing the steamroller down.

Negaduck is so angry.

So. So. Angry.

He's bringing it down on Chief, Palom, and Luso. ALL THREE OF THEM!

He clutches his head and starts laughing maniacally.

Ramza Beoulve Parrying a few clumsy swings from the undead with his sword, Ramza wonders why the villain was so concerned about a pair of silvered greaves worn outside of his trousers. "And I've had just about enough of this foolishness."

Ramza whistles, and puts his hand up as a fist, then sticking up three fingers. Theodore, who is on a distant rooftop with a spyglass responds by giving the same signal with his hand to Adela, who stands beside him in summoner's garb. She lifts her chin haughtily, scowling at the man. "You're reading it false. Why would he call for that? I could summon aught else and it would do more good than /that/!" Theodore just stares at her through the eyeslits of his Dragoon helm. "FINE! But I won't be held responsible for the consequences!"

Summoning runes appear in the air around her, and near the heartless column there was a giant cloud of smoke. What fearsome creature had she brought to the battlefield.


It was a moogle that walked first out of the puff of smoke, with a length of rope in its hands. As the Heartless and Undead both closed in around it, and the smoke began to clear a Chocobo with sanguine plumage would step out. /WARK WARK WARKKKK!/

The bird was instantly panicked as the Undead closed in on it, and it began to run around in circles, capering and taking the moogle for a wild ride as it hung onto the rope for dear life.

Wait what's that whistling noise? Its coming from above.

The giant meteors which Red Chocobos are known for began to rain down upon their ranks.

In the distance Adela stares dumbfounded. She hadn't tried to summon a Red Chocobo, the call had been for a Moogle riding a yellow Chocobo. Theodore just grins, as he knew that was exactly according to plan.
Luso Clemens "Looks like you need to get better toys, Darkwing Duck!" Luso grinned as he backed off after his attack. Watching Negaduck leap into the air, the heartless going steamroller mode, and then....dropping onto them quite dangerously. "Whoa...." He whistled in appreciation at the sight. "Nice idea there, but..."

And then Luso was gone again. Skidding backwards well out of the range. And while he did so, he sheathed Luabreaker, going straight for the handle of Excalibur. "You know what? I think it's time to pull out the big guns!" And then excalibur was drawn. Immediately radiating holy light all around.

"Haaaaaaaaah! This is going to be my last strike! Everything I've got!" With the holy sword held high, a phantom weapon began to form, along with ice crystals. Luso grinned at Negaduck as he then held the sword bak. "Can you see him? The grim reaper's by your side!" And then he broke out into a run, leaping into the air once in range...and then bearing down onto Negaduck with all of his might!

"Let's decide it right here and now, Darkwing Duck!"
Gabranth Two DPS agents stop and watch some of Tigger's fractal patterns of the art of Bounce with apparant fascination. "That is one for the anomaly folder." "There are other folders?" "How are they doing that?" The DPS agent slams their staff backwards over their head, braining a skeleton who was sneaking up on them. "..No idea." For the sake of their data integrity, they pointedly try to keep out of Tigger's way.

"Boss, can I just take the user out?" Pause. The program on the clocktower slowly swivels to aim towards Palom. He says in an acerbic but calm voice. "I can switch out the payload for a sleep round. He's probably going to blow up half a block at this rate." another pause and a sigh. "Right. Be it on their own heads then. Acquiring target."

A streak of white fire lances from the clocktower, arcing across the battlefield to slam into a tightly packed knot of the undead including one of the drummers (apparantly, the sniper program is not a music lover) and another lance slices across the ground, lopping off rotten and shadowy ankles alike and hobbling undead forces so that the procession of scorched meat and beat feet could be more easily hacked into meat.

One of the DPS asks. "So.. he's some sort of bot-herder?" gesturing to the assembled heartless and undead. The situation quickly turns towards the dire as a number of zombies manage to grab onto one of the DPS agents still on their cycle, throwing them off it and causing cycle to crash into a wall and shatter into many pixellated pieces. The program goes down under a pile of mooks and the ones around Deelel snap to attention. "Hold that process." The female one says to Deelel as they rush to the aid of the downed black guard.

Meanwhile, another conversation is happening in another corner. A DPS agent, LANCER watches the Boco thing slash and kick and bite and asks over the radio. "..they have vehicles that fight back?" There is a pause as he has a moment of trouble with several heartless that pin him into a corner, ducking behind an alleyway fence and some hedges to get a moment of distance. "They have vehiclesd that shoot /meteors/!?" There is an even longer pause. "I want one." he then plows into the heartless again as they come around the corner, wisps of dark smoke rising around him as he slashes away with the activated disc.

But there are so many heartless. So very, very many and the DPS forces and grid security are simply not yet equipped to handle this many, this fast. The last swarms of buzzsaw grid bugs are torn to pieces, the last defenses thrown into spirals of fitful sparks. The DPS are forced back, sustaining some nasty wounds even with the covering fire of the one on the clocktower. They retreat towards more defensible grounds, and the radio screams to life as they regroup. Short extremely fast conversation flies between the programs who then plunge like a flying wedge back into the tide of heartless towards the tank and CHIEF. They fight for every step but cut their path just the same.

The sniper on the rooftop sighs, slams a fist into the side of the clocktower and checks the power reading on the rifle as he changes the loadout and draws down on another target.
Ariel Ariel is afraid when the Heartless begin to rise up. Her mouth opens slightly. The darkness washes over her...

And for a moment, it feels as if she'll be pulled down. Their shadowy forms strike at her and rip into her dress. She spins around as she sees more of them coming from the tower. She feels down, hopeless...

But she knows she can't give up. "I... may be beaten, but..." She bites her lip.

She'll try one more magical attack, before she gives up. She puts all her hope into it this time, trusting that she has the power somewhere inside her. A blast of lightning streaks out into the darkness.
Tigger Tigger continues to bounce around. He's having a good time, clobbering down skeletons and rebounding from zombie to zombie. As Tigger clears a path, he encounters the Heartless for the first time. The wave of evil briefly overwhelms Tigger. He makes the critical mistake of stopping on the ground, looking at the approaching tide. He locks up, horrified by this expression of anti-life. He can feel Ariel's distress. His tiny stuffed heart feels a pang of fear.

The Heartless crash over Tigger. They knock him down, stars flying off his body as they pummel him relentlessly. Tigger yowls in pain, unaccustomed to creatures that are so vicious. Is the end of Tigger? Will the Heartless drag him into the darkness forever?!

Tigger explodes out of the Heartless, spiraling up out of the wave of shadowy creatures to land on the corner of a rooftop. The attack has triggered a critical COSTUME CHANGE.

Tigger hit some laundry on the way up. He is wearing a purple towel around his shoulders with a pink hand towel wrapped around his waist. A black bandanna is around his eyes, with holes cut in it for Tigger's eyes. Floral oven mitts are on his hands, with an enormous muskateer hat plopped on his head. It has an ostentatious feather. Accept it.

This is a Tigger moment.

"I don't know what you Heartalumphs want, but the MASKED OFFENDER won't stand for it!" he shouts. He raises his oven mitted hands in challenge. "I will trounce you to return peace to this fair city. PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR FISTS AND CUFFS."

The Masked Offender explodes off the rooftop. He powers down into the Heartless like a lunatic, smashing into the street before starting to tackle just about everything in sight. He slams off of walls, buildings, trash cans and NPCs as he intends to clobber all the Heartless right the heck down!
CHIEF suddenly watched Negaduck escape away and went to go after. He actually opened a shot from his pulse rifle to try and force the duck back down to earth with a pulse bubble that he attempts to use.

However the very thing he was standing on shifts. Those gold eyes slightly hidden by the visor peer down as the tank goes steam roller. "Bit of a Glitch..."

The sudden change causes him to loose is footing and he goes down onto the ground, he lands in a crouch. Then attempts to spring out of the way of the Steamroller coming down. However the massive machine slams into him just as he tries to press out of the way and knocks him clear across into a building by the sheer force. The impact itself shatters the red visor that was on his face.

CHIEF then lands on the ground. His pulse rifle combining back into one as he lays there. He has data damage over his body. The blue lines over his form flicker a bit, some even spark. His hand slowly twitches as he reaches for the pulse rifle. Those green lines over his body start to glow bright and even brighter as he starts to laugh.

It wasn't the nice kinda laugh either. It was that laugh Deelel probably know all to well. That laugh of 'We are sorry, The CHIEF you are trying to reach is unavailable'. He stands up, almost like a puppet on strings. His body half limp, still laughing though.

He then glances up with his right eye, glowing brightly, before he lifts up his head with both of his eyes glowing equally as bright. That smile on his face was rather large and that cigar chomped down tight. Whatever sanity was there had left the building it seemed when that visor was shattered.

He then pointed the Pulse rifle right at The Steamroller and his tracking system attempting to lock on Negaduck past it. "Hey Negaduck!!"

Then the weapon started to charge up. The glow at the barrel become brighter and brighter. The data was actually starting to attach itself to his arm, as his other hand came around to steady it. It continued to build up with energy as a bright beam started to gather in an almost orb fashion.

Then CHIEF yelled loudly, "Say SPICEY!!" Then Opened fire. The sheer beam itself blasted out and almost caused CHIEF to slide back a bit by the extreme force. The very power of it almost melting the ground under it. It was all heading for the Heartless Steamroller and maybe-- even Negaduck himself.
Palom Palom is /just getting warmed up/. He prepares to unleash truly terrible arcane energy on the Negatank--- when he sees Negaduck trying something. Well, there's no way he'll just stand there and take it! Palom uses another explosion to launch himself into the air --

-- and he smacks _right_ into the steamroller as it forms there. "OWWWWW!" he cries out as he hits the tank and it tries to crush him. The earth rumbles under the steamroller, but not enough to hurt it...

And then the street o'Angry spirits of the sky, strike with justice! THUNDAJA!' The little mage screams, and the sky suddenly fills with sworling clouds, crackling with lightning, before a bolt that lights up the town like day strikes down at the negatank.

But Palom's just getting warmed up. He clutches the staff in both hands before him and closes his eyes.

0'Darkness beyond twilight, crimson beyond blood that flows... Fill the air with the power that destroys the world, and burn away my foes!'

Palom o'Mysidian black magic's ultimate spell! FLARE!

Electricity lingers in the area the lightning struck. Then it turns 0blue, crackling softly, as the air starts to glow as it is eaten away and destroyed to fuel Palom's spell, and then it explodes into a miniature sun, blinding light trying to engulf Negaduck's device as a shockwave of hot air washes down the street! Palom shades his eyes with a little hand and peers as the light fades. Did he finish it...?
Deelel Deelel has been here longer while she'll note things and file away the information she's kinda hit the point that Userspace is just plain out insane runing on pure chaos somedays. Either wayt Tigger got his stuff. The DPS guards seem to be working pretty well here as they focus ion driving the attackers back. At the comment about heavy fire power she calls out at the black guard.

"You wound a bit like CHIEF there! I think he might get dibs!"

Humor doesn't hurt right well humrop doesn't hurt but what does hurt the attacks upon her person. Ramza is watched as something is summoned by one of his allies the undead are just running wild here and she's not going to be able to escape them easily She sees CHEIF going after Negaduck and she'll leave the vile bird to CHIEF's expert care the undead on the other hand have Deelel to deal with as she leaps into the mids of them wait these are heartless a whole lot of them oh for the love of her user? Where there's one heartless there's a 100 it seems and she's caught upretty badly she surives but she's clearly hurt from it she might evne have a few cracks that are bleeding light but? She's alive and the Heartless soon find out she's not out of the game yet as she decends upon them striking out with her disck with efficent brutality
Gabranth The programs that made up Datapoint Security batter their way through the heartless and the ranks of the shambling mooks. One of them winces pointedly by being bounced on by the Masked Offender, having to be helped up as the flying anomaly crashes through the scene with oven mitts on their hands like a boss.

Mooks however have to take cover when short magicians blow Flare spells like no tomorrow. One cries out in pain from the lashback of the sudden flare of light and enegy flooding the scene, sense overload of the magical kind. They are then entangled by heartless and undead forces and prevented from reaching their target.

The female DPS operative ECHO crouches down in the wreckage of the street, taking cover while the others attempt to fend off the heartless. She leans over a barricade of debris to look towards CHIEF, spotting him in the fray after a brief pattern search. The faceless black helmet stares at them for a long time, taking the situation in. She ducks down behind cover again, raising a hand to the side of her helmet.

"Take the shot."

There is a brief pause, then a faint 'boom' as the sniper on the clocktower fires into the heartless hoarde.. aiming straight at CHIEF with a blisteringly powerful tazer round, leaving a tracer line of gold as it surges towards the military program.
Negaduck Sneak. Sneak. One of the skeletons emerge from the shadows, taking a dagger from its sheath. It brings the weapon out, ready to go assassin mode on one of the programs. WHAM! The butt of the staff from the DPS agent smacks into the cranium of the skeleton and then it drops in a heap of trouble.

The sound of drums continue to beat in the air as one of the undead continues to lead the 'marching' undead. However, the sniper takes out one of the drummer, causing a slight dischord with the *THUUNNK!* And a lance tears against another one, dropping them down. Each target is brought down by the sniper while he other programs wedge back into the tide.

Moogle. Lurching closer, the undead reached for the moogle until... a chocobo appear. They begin trudging and tearing towards it... until giant meteors come down at them. Those giant meteors slam and blast the undead into fine dust!

As the Heartless form back into their original forms, the locust-like beasts are seeking to tear more asunder.

Ariel's streaks of lightning sends the course of energy around the Heartless, frying them until they explode into munny. ANd the Masked Offender springs into action as he tackles each of the Heartless into the ground. He will find that as each of them smash the ground and explode, munny pops out! Deelel's efficient use of the discs strikes at each Heartless, smacking one against another until they all explode. Many of them hit the ground, falling back into the darkness.

Of course, Palom's flare manages to do the trick. The miniature sun washes along the streets, quickly turning into a tidal-wave that disintigrates the Heartless and the undead that have been summoned. ...Of course, in its pure destruction, levels the streets, knocking debris and damaging buildings at the process.

Negaduck growls, drawing upon the forces of darkness after the landing of the giant machine. Bringing forth a dark aura, the power of his darkness radiates through him. "I will make you have a hot date with the Grim Reaper tonight, you little runt!" Negaduck snaps, roaring in his anger. Darkness bleeds from him as he brings his arms up to guard.

The impact of the darkness explodes in conjunction of the boy's swing of his might. However, his aura shatters as the sword hacks against him. "ARrrrggghhhhhhhh!!!!!"

As for Chief...



The Steamroller is blasted. Along with Negaduck. But that is not all. Those of Traverse Town are treated with the wonderful sights of the fireworks. And of course, Negaduck is flying sky high.



There is an explosion of fireworks. The fireworks form into a picture of Negaduck, looking very crossed.

Now.... the city is cleared and safe from the heartless and undead.
Tigger Tigger pounds the stuffing out of the Heartless. He accumulates munny. It flies into him for no apparent reason. He will have no idea what to do with it. He's got it anyway. A bunch of particle effects fly around him, but Tigger is much too busy springing around. The Masked Offender is not to be trifled with.

The Masked Offender springs up onto a lamppost as the attack ends. "And so, the Masked Offender saves the day from the Heartalumps and the villainous Darkwick Duck. He bows with a grand flourish," and he does so, doffing his hat, "and he disappears into the night!"

Tigger springs off the lamppost, rocketing off into another part of Traverse Town.
Ariel Munny! Ariel actually goes to dive for some, because more Munny is always handy. Someone mentioned that it came out of Heartless! She forgot who. But, still, very useful. She's such a hoarder that it's hard not to just grab everything!
CHIEF watches as Negaduck exits stage high. The military program lowers the smoking pulse rifle, which disconnect itself form his arm and goes back to looking like your normal sci-fi rifle. Those gold eyes start to skim over the crowd before his eyes focus on Palom.

Then he moves the cigar to the other side of his mouth. That smile remaining as he huffs a few times from it. Then he starts to walk toward the young mage. He raises up the Pulse rifle as he keeps walking. It starts to charge again.

"You." He said with a mild chuckle.

"I remember you." He then starts to laugh a bit more.

"I still need too.." However whatever he was going to say is cut off as suddenly the taser round slams him in the back side. He suddenly yells in pain as the cigar drops from his mouth and it dedigitizes before it hits the ground. His yell is a very strange sound in pain. It almost sounds like a normal person mixed with static.

The electric surge moves around him, before his eyes dim to an almost normal human amber color. His green energy lines dull down to almost black, before he just flops onto the ground. Knocked out cold.
Luso Clemens Landing on his feet, Luso straightened up, letting out a sigh of relief as Negaduck and his heartless were blown up bheind him. He didn't even bother to look he was so sure they won. "Heh. All in a day's work!" He quipped, swinging Excalibur outwards before gripping the holy sword in reverse and sheathing it.

"Good job everyone! We managed to beat Darkwing Duck back! And Traverse Town is safe!" Luso then gave everyone a grin and a thumbs up. "Let's keep getting better from here on!"
Ramza Beoulve As the undead, Heartless, and megalomaniacal ducks are put to rout, the youngest son of the Beoulve family replaces the Cinqueda back in its sheath. Smiling like a fool, he walks over to Luso, clapping him on the back. "Ser Clemens. You've come a long way, since last we met. Come, come. We have much to catch up on, given how full the chronicle of your adventures is like to be. Did you ever find your friends?"

He calls out to Ariel, Tigger, Deelel, CHIEF and the bratty toddler with far more chutzpah and magical power than by all rights he should have. "Drinks and repast at the Cloud Nine are on me! Its the least I can do for such gallant heroes as yourselves." And then CHIEF gets hit by a taser. That stops Ramza in his tracks as he watches. He didn't know the strange looking man, and there might be reason for it, but being ignorant of that he was going to at least speak up. "That was ill done. For what reason was he felled in such a craven manner? Is he not one of the heroes of the day?"
Deelel Deelel has fnished her little rampge and is looking up at the fireworks above she kinda of stares for a moment at the art in the sky. "I was not expecting that." She pauses as the Masked Offrender having helped to save the day bounds away like a Dragoon. Prehaps someday he will team up with Dragoon Man for some A+ grade super heroing. Not today however as she looks over to CHEIF, she pause as the otehr basi goes down and she heads over to see what's wrong with him she looks over to Razma for a moment. "Err CHIEF, CHIEF has had problems in the past. He's doign better but he needs to be ahem ... watched." Still Ramza had a point and she thought about it more. CHIEF had actually helped today. She looks over at the Black Guard for a moment. She never thought she'd be angry over something happenign to CHIEF

"Hey what's your major malfuction...?" Though if Ramza gets a look at her she's got several wounds, beleeding light.
Palom Palom slowly floats to the ground, panting, clothes torn, bleeding. They did it. They beat the bad guys!

The young mage completely fails to notice the devastation surrounding him.

And then he hears a voice. "Hm?" He turns, to look at CHIEF... and then raises his staff. "You saw what I just did to him! You want some too?!" But then, taser! He blinks as CHIEF goes down, and looks in the direction of the tracer line. He shrugs and offers a smile and a wave, before walking up to CHIEF, kicking him in the side, and following Luso. He looks at Ramza as he goes, "That guy's a meanie, he tried to blow up the town once." Or something like that. Close enough.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza sweeps his gaze across the wounded while judging their answers, and understanding the principles of triage began to summon some light white magic upon the most wounded of those that fought in the battle. "Life's refreshing breeze, give new life to the soul!" In this case it would be the brave young woman with the fiery hair, and....the kid. Where were his parents? What was he even doing on the battlefield at this age, much less summoning magic of that strength? All good questions which he swept to the back of his mind.

"So you are saying he's in indentured servitude for his crimes? Even so, it still seems overly harsh. He's due better treatment than that for his gallantry."
Ariel Ariel was, as things go, still cleaning up munny off the ground. The refreshing air catches her a bit by surprise. She turns around and blinks at both young men. Then she pulls on her hair a little, straightening in an embarassed way. "Oh. Thank you! Hello."
Luso Clemens Glancing at CHIEF's fallen form, then at Ramza, Luso nodded and laughed lightly. "Hahaha, oh yeah! You have no idea, Ramza. A lot's happened since then!" We definitely need to sit down and catch up on things some time! Patting the grimoire on his side, he went on. "My grimoire's pages keep getting more and more filled with each day that passes. It's a pretty interesting story actually!"
Palom Palom gives Ramza a nod and a "Thank you." when he's healed... and then just gives a blank stare. "What? I duno what you're talking about, mister." He looks over at CHIEF, then back at Ramza. "...What, was he /helping/ us this time?" Palom: Not a master of situational awareness. Although Luso gets his attention. "Grimoire?" He is at least mildly curious about all things magical, although he's not power-hungry. He doesn't /need/ to be, after all.
Zeke Zeke was busy running. He'd heard the comossion, or rather rumors of it as soon as he got back from Port Royal. All he could do though was run alongside those few from his crew that were with him to carry a few things betwix there an' here. Sadly by the time he arrived it was all over save the screamin.

He surveyed the vield, such as it was and frowned. "A pity." Then to his companions, all dressed similarly to himself, "Go see to th'wounded." One of them double checked a canvas bag slung over one shoulder, apparently full of medical supplies before they broke off to see what could be done to help.

Then he spotted Ramza and started approaching the lad. Yet Ariel being here caught his attention briefly, just long enough for him to notice her scooping Munny up. He laughed soft before continuing on to Ramza. Ariel it seemed could take care of herself. This man was tending to someone injured. "Need either of ye assistence?" Zeke's voice was soft, or at least he attempted soft. Hard to say since he was trying ot be heard over the mess.
Lancer The DPS group rush forwards almost as soon as the tazer bolt hits. Two of them grab CHIEF and one of the larger black guard hefts a limp arm around their shoulders and hefts the military program onto their feet.

They do this with a deftness that belies that they've done this several times in the past. The female DPS agent breaks off to address the group. "We're sorry that was necessary, but we try to keep collateral damage to a minimum." she looks at Palom. "..unlike some folks. Just let us do our job and we'll be out of here in a moment. Is everyone accounted for and uninjured? If everything is handled, we'll be taking our compatriot where he can be treated." She then pauses and continues.

"No. CHIEF would agree with us that steps needed to be taken when certain things go wrong. Until we can assure that these things won't go wrong again, he's given us permission to temporarily power him down if needed.."
Ramza Beoulve Ramza smiled at Ariel. Well his name was being thrown all over the place, there was no sense in trying to use his pseudonym now. "'Tis the least I can do for a lady of such virtue. My name is Ramza Beoulve, might I have the honor of your acquaintance?"

Turning to Luso. "And I'll have time enough to hear all of it, presuming you're not in any hurry to depart!" He certainly hoped he wouldn't at least. His time with Luso had been far too brief during their first meeting.

Ramza smiles at Palom. It was the sort of smile one might give to a child, though it wasn't /exactly/ patronizing. "Yes, good Ser, the man was fighting alongside us. You saw naught of him felling the craven duck and his fanciful toys?"

Ramza was still tempted to say something to the DPS officials after they explained CHIEF's current state, but he thinks better of it. "Then I'll defer to the lawful authorities on the matter."
CHIEF was indeed out cold, so Palom kicking him in the side didn't get any reaction, outside it seem to cause the data area of his body to crack some more. Programs were strange beings.

So when he was lifted up, he was very limp and didn't even try to fight. The pulse rifle which was laying on the ground, suddenly started to dedigitize much like the cigar did before. Where did it go? Who would ever know beyond CHIEF.

To bad CHIEF can't plead for his own sake. It would seem one of the heroes of the night is being taken away before he wakes up to cause trouble for everyone.
Zeke Zeke watched the de-rezzing rifle then looked to those taking CHIEF away, which turned his attention from Ramza. "Oi. Tha man, no matter what he be, saved a bunch've folk out here." He glowered at the guards. "Pe easy with that one."
Luso Clemens Luso had nothing to say in regards to the DPS issues. He just watched curiously. No point in messing with the town officials anyway! Besides, they knew what they were doing. ...Probably.

A glance is thrown Palom's way then and he nods. "Yep! Right here-" He pats the intricately designed grimoire strapped to his side a couple times before continuing. "-Whatever exploits I have, this book here records everything in full detail automatically! I'm not sure what else the book does yet, but it's apparently something pretty important!"

Luso then turns to Ramza, looking a bit apologetic. "Actually, I do have to be on my way pretty soon." He admitted, crossing his arms and shaking his head. "I've currently working on a new case for the clan. Something about Mirror Portals... Well, either way, I just came by Traverse Town to investigate some leads!" A shrug towards CHIEF and the general direction of Negaduck's collateral damage... Or was it Palom's? "But I ran into this too!"
Lancer The DPS officials gather up CHIEF and cluster around him. They seem more protective than wardens of the law would be to a prisoner or an indentured servant. One of them stares at Palom through that black faceless helmet and their posture oozes menace, red circuit lines flaring when another puts a hand on their shoulder, guiding them away.

Two of the black guard stare at Zeke for awhile. In an identical distorted voice, one could almost be said to be laughing,. "We know." one says. "We were there." says the other. They rematerialize their light cycles (the ones that have not been destroyed) and the group starts to depart. The clocktower is empty now.
Deelel Deelel is healed by the magic isn't sure how it's fixing her damaged code but it's working but it is she seems to be better off less in pain now as she looks over at CHEIF "He's pulled similar stunts in the past the personel of DPS were made for their jobs they take thins very seriously." She looks about for a moment and thinks abotu the offer of a drink.

"For them they are ... being nice. Trust me on that for them that is mercy."

CHIEF hasn't been derezzed after all right? She's going to make for the 9th to just get a chance to rest for a bit drinks or no.
Zeke Zeke snorted at the guards and just let well enough alone. "Bloody humorless... whatever those things are." Grumpface. Hrm seemed Miss Ariel wandered off. Pity he was hoping ot have words. Ah well.

"Ramza huh..." He eyed the Wayward Heretic carefully. Given the man gave a false name to Faruja, or was using one now, meant he was trying to hide something. Yet he didn't have enough information to go on. "I shant ask for details at the moment. Ye apparently helped in defense of this place an I'm not 'bout to bring some business my employer has unto your head." Shrug. Then he looked around more. Someone mentioned drinks?


"Oi! Deelel that you offerin?"
Palom Palom completely misses the DPS Agent's insinuations about him, and gives Ramza a blank stare. "I was just focusing on smashing those toys myself. If he helped, um... good?" And then he looks at the book interestedly. "Really? So, the book is like your own personal bard? Neat!"
Ramza Beoulve When Zeke approached, Ramza offer his hand to him. "Captain Ezekiel Fawkes. It gladdens my heart to see you again. Though I had thought you'd begun your voyage. Again my prayers go with you, for your mother's sake. And no Ser, your assistance is appreciated, but I think won't be necessary. A celebration is in order though, if you can find the time."

Ramza listens to Luso and considers the matter while stroking his chin. "Is that so? Stay a few hours and fill me in. We might be going in the same direction after all."

When Zeke follows up on the statement, he gives him a grave look. "Captain Fawkes. While I understand your apprehension, know that I spoke true on all that I said to both Ser Senra and yourself. My only deception was using the names of both my father and my mother instead of my own, and for that I apologize. My notoriety is undeserved, and if you are willing to give me the benefit of the doubt, then I'd be willing to discuss the matter with you."
Luso Clemens "Yep! My own bard! I can open it up right now and read the beginning of my journey all the way to now! In fact--" It was at this point that the grimoire began to take on a faint golden aura. "-Aha, there we go!" Luso unhooked the book from his waist, allowing the book to open up by itself, pages rapidly turning to a blank one. Upon which words began to inscribe themselves onto the paper, telling of Luso and company's brave deeds this day. "...See?"

Once it was done, he closed the grimoire and strapped it back to his side, sighing again afterward. "Phew, I could use a break though." He nodded at Ramza then. "I can stick around a few more hours, yeah. It looks like you've got some business of your own to see to anyway." And with that last sentence Luso glanced at Zeke. "Hey! Zeke, right? We met at the celebration in Fluorgis. Nice to see you again!"
Palom Palom watches the words appear while the grownups talk. Looks like he can read! "Cooooooollll."

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