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Camping at Macalania Forest
(2013-03-08 - 2013-03-13)
Reize gets his companion lost. What do you expect from him?
Reize Seatlan "I think we're on the right track to Fluorgis to meet with the others."

It is perhaps an unfortunate thing for Annalise to travel with Reize. Given the luck that the boy generally has, they are nowhere near Fluorgis. Instead, the journey has taken hem into a plane that exists beautiful crystalline trees. Each of them give a glimmer in reflection with the naval blue light. The darkness overcomes the surroundings.

There are numerous narrow pathways that lead through the undergrowth.

Here they are in the middle of the Macalania Forest. What was supposed to be a simple trek to Fluorgis has turned to what is a trip through the maze-like forest.
Violet Violet breathes, "Sure, but..." the young girl lifts her bright eyes upwards at the treetops above them. It was like a curtain of leaves between them and the sky. The only reason why she knew that it was nearing nighttime is that it was getting so dark. "I am not sure that we will get there today though." Not that she cares. The bright blue glow of the crystals that grew throughout this part of the forest was memorizing, drawing Annalise's awed gaze.

As the quiet falls again, a moment passes before she smiles as she quickens her steps, passing by Reize and veering from the mossy pass just enough to edge near one of the many shallow pools of water scattered throughout the forest floor. Her smiles grows as she stops at the edge and bends over the still water, watching her own reflection among the gentle, scattered glow all around them. They may be lost, but what a place to be lost in.
Reize Seatlan Well, it looks lik it is time to put the map away. It does not look like they will go anywehee anytime soon. Night has already fallen. In their journey, they had to deal with the assault from the Heartless that lurked. Given that they were numerous Heartless lurked and attacked from all routes, it made the travel much more dangerous.

Nevertheless, Reize cannot help but admire the beauty of the place, "Woow..." The eyes lift up, gazing around the mossy pass. While the pools of water may be nearby, Reize still looks around.

"I wonder what is this place!" He brightens, "It's beautiful!"
Violet Annalise turns her head to glance over her shoulder at Reize, several pale blonde locks falling from the motion as she smiles back at him. "It is." she agrees. Wholeheartedly. "But I have a feeling we wondered into wild forest." Taking a step back from the edge of the water, she straightens and turns easily with a small breath escaping her parted lips, a small hand reaching up to lightly brush back a few pale strands behind her ear. "We should probably find or set up some shelter. You said that the Heartless comes out at night, right?"
Reize Seatlan "Well, that is true," Reize replies towards Anna, his head turning to glance over each side of the forest. He furrows his eyebrows, looking along the crystalline forest. His eyes light up as the crystal glimmers.


As he steps along the maze of the forest, he looks back at Annalise. "...Yeah." He offers her a smile, "I'll gather some fire wood." He thinks over the situation, "Actually, Anna. How good are you at setting up a tent?"
Violet Annalise blinks her bright eyes as the question is asked. Clearly unexpected. Pausing, a small frown pulls at her delicate brow for a small moment. "I have never done it before, but I can try. And it probably is not all that difficult to figure out." she smiles, hopeful. "Unless you want to set up the tent together, then we can gather wood together. That way we would not loose time either way."
Reize Seatlan Anna's reply earns a blink. The boy offers her a grin, "Well then!" He is very cheery regarding the situation, "I'll be glad to teach you!" He turns towards her, then he approaches her. It is her mention about the tent that he coughs, then he smiles warmly, "Yeah, I'll be glad to show you how to set up everything."

It is about an hour or two that passes. During the course, a tent has been set up. Fireplace is set up with the roaring flames. Crackling blaze tear and eat at the air, providing a warmth. As the flames linger, the snapping blaze fends off the worst.

It took a while for the teamwork to take effect. But, there it is...
Violet Annalise smiles a bit brighter when Reize agrees to teach her how to do various things, but is wordless when they begin working on setting up their campsite for the night. She's a quick study, keeping a close eye on Reize the whole while to make sure she's doing things right, and practically beams to herself when the tent stands upright. With that and the fire burning brightly, the dislocated princess settles near the warmth and exhales a tired breath. It was work, but it was worth it. And fun too.

Pulling her bag to her side, Annalise searches through it for a brief moment before she pulls out a leather-bound book. A journal with no particular markings that would otherwise indicate what its intended usage.
Reize Seatlan The wordless exchange between the two was enough to allow a tranquil moment of working together. While she studied close to him, he would correct her if things needed to be corrected. Overall, the tent was set up for the night.

Thoughtfully, Reize moves his hands into his pouch to procure a journal. His has a more tome-like design, mostly to denote his travels. Reize stops for a brief moment, glancing towards the journal from Annalise. "...Anna?" He offers a bemused grin, "It looks like you keep a journal as well! Starting a traveling journal?"

After a moment, he starts to take a seat over towards a log near the fire. Soaking in the warmth, he gazes back towards the wayward princess.
Violet Annalise blinks her bright crystal blue eyes up at Reize when he says her name, blinking once more before she smiles down at the book in her lap. "Not yet. I just got it recently and have not had the chance to put any entries into it yet. But I figured... my father wrote down his adventures so that people could read about them, so I could do the same." She shrugs a shoulder, smiling to herself as she glances up at Reize when he takes a seat.

As he does, Annalise pauses for a short moment before she rises, just enough to move closer and sit on the log beside him, resting the book in her lap again as her pale eyes look up into his. "I was thinking, would you write in it with me?"
Reize Seatlan So that's it. Reize cracks a smile once more, "That's great! That is definitely a good step forward. When I started on my journey, I started making entries wherever I go." His eyes gaze up towards the stars, "One day, people will find the books regarding all of my journeys, the people that I've met, and the places I'v been." He turns his head to face her once more, "... And hopefully, I'll inspire someone to take a journey themselves."

When she sits on the log besied him, his gaze locks onto her, then he blinks at her. With her gaze locked onto his and the request is made...

A beam of a smile, "Sure! I'd be glad to!"
Violet Her smile brightens when he agrees and after a moment she too lifts her crystal blue eyes up at the treetops, trying to spy the strange and new constellations up above. "That is something big to wish for." Annalise murmurs softly. "But if you are wishing for anything might as well wish big." With a breath she returns her gaze to the journal book in her lap, knowing every sheet inside is blank and waiting patiently to be filled with words. "Its almost like... this book here is just waiting for us to have our adventures, so we can put stories in it..."
Reize Seatlan "Hee! Well, some wishes have come true for people before!" retorts Reize. Yet, it is a grin that forms a moment later as Annalise admits for the wish to become bigger.

"Hahahaha!" Reize gives that cheerful laugh, glancing back at Anna. He finally rolls off of the log, deciding to have his head press against the end of the wooden log. Both arms move behind his head and he glances her way. "Defintely! I felt that way when I first started traveling on my own." Well, for a brief moment until everyone came in. Nevertheless, Reize gives a thoughtful muse. "So we can begin by writing on this journey so far!"

He scoots back up to remain seated next to Anna, looking over her shoulder towards her book.
Violet The pale blonde girl glances to Reize when he rolls off of the log, and at first Annalise was concerned that he was laughing to the point he couldn't stay seated any longer. But the next moment he lays out on the ground head on the log itself and both arms crossed so casually behind his head. He looked so relaxed right then that she couldn't help a small smile. Lounging there for a moment longer, Reize shifts himself again to sit by her. He's certainly all over the place.

Watching the book in her lap for a several long moments longer, Annalise smiles lightly to herself as her delicate fingers slide it open, reaching for the pen inside to begin writing. Though not of their present journey, but of how she came to be here and how she literally ran into Reize. After a few pages of writing, she pauses, only to write a single sentence after. 'I have been thinking of my father allot as of late. Maybe from homesickness, I am not sure. But the way I had left... I may never know his fate.'
Reize Seatlan It was in those moments that he stayed relaxed. However, at the log, Reize looks over her wen she starts taknga pen to write. He tilts his head over to observe what she is writing, but after a moment, he starts to pull away.

...Until he sees the first sentence.

The boy has a frown that grows. He realizes that he still does not now what became of his father or the other people that were attacked by the Heartless. ...He didn't even see his own world get taken.

The boy remains silent, but places a hand towards Anna's shoulder.
Violet As he touches her shoulder, Annalise turns her pale head to glance at him before her expression softens. He sympathized with her, and she was thankful for that. No words needed to be exchanged. The pen is set inside of book before the girl turns just enough to set the journal, its first few pages now filled, into his lap. "Your turn. You can take as much time as you want, and however much or little you want."
Reize Seatlan After Anna softens her gaze, Reize then looks at the pen and the journal handed his way. Taking the journal onto his lap, Reize is tilting his head over and then he sucks in a breath. Where should he begin with the tale?

'It was odd, being away in a different world in the events that it was devoured. It was like being distant from your very home. ...In a way, I liked the fact that I was free to be an explorer, but at the same time... I am hoping that al of my friends and my dad made it through safely. I know my dad is strong and would easily defeat the Heartless!'

Reize furrows his eyebrows, then he leaves it at that.
Violet Ananlise is silent as she reads while he writes, watching as the tip of the pen travels over the surface of the page. After it pauses and Reize frowns to himself, the girl gently presses her lips together and lowers her gaze, feeling that familiar ache in her chest.


It was such a simple word, with such deep significance. Reaching for the book, the girl silently slides the book back into her lap, taking the pen to write in elegant curves. 'Its sad to think that the same fate effected so many worlds, but its that same thread that connects us to one another as well. I hope for the same things, that my father is safe, that those that had betrayed him are punished like they deserved, Though, if your father is anything like you, I am sure he could do it easily.'
Reize Seatlan It is in that instant, as Anna is likely finished writing down her entry into her journal, she will find that someone is pressed close to her.

Reize rests very close to her shoulder.


It looks like he drifted asleep while on the log. Overall, the young adventurer looks pretty peaceful.
Violet Tucking the pen into the journal and closing the cover, Annalise lifts her crystal blue eyes only to blink in realization that Reize had drifted off to sleep sitting up, though part of his weight was steadily increasing as he leaned against her. A pale flush rises in her cheeks, seeing how very close he was against her, looking so calm and peaceful.

She couldn't help but watch him for a quiet moment or so, memorizing his features so relaxed, so close that for a moment she didn't realize she had been staring. Her soft lips part with a longer breath as Anna tries to get ahold of herself, "Reize... we should get you to the tent..."
Reize Seatlan
"ZzZZZzz..." Reize is resting peacefully against Violet, his arms drape against her. The boy is fast asleep. What, do you expect anything else out of him?!
Violet Resting peacefully... and somehow his arms flail over her. The blush deepens in her cheeks, but Annalise merely sighs to herself as she sets the journal on the soft ground and reaches out to pull his closest arm over her shoulders. She may have to struggle to get his deadweight to the tent, but she'll try in any case. Though it would be easier if he was at least halfway conscious...
Reize Seatlan Thankfully for Annalise, in her efforts to start tugging Reize into the tent, she manages to successful take that deadweight across the campsite. It is just the matter of him accidentally hitting stuff along the way.

..Not like he needed any of his braincells.

And of course, the deadweight manages to make it into the tent!

Violet's success is one to be celebrated, if he did not mumble and twist around...while in the tent.
Violet With a good deal of effort, Annalise manages to get the sleeping Reize into the tent, not without a decent amount of difficulty. And the tent didn't fall down around them either. Success.

Until Reize mumbles and twists just enough to pull her down with him. So, maybe success not so much. Falling to the floor under his weight in a heap, her pale eyes blink a few times before a fierce flush rises in her cheeks. "Honestly..." Annalise murmurs quietly to herself. "No wonder you keep getting into these kinds of situations, falling asleep in weird situations..."

With a small breath the princess tries to roll his weight gently off of her, though she doubts that he would wake up any time soon.

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