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(2013-03-07 - Now)
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Deidra Books, so many books, from strange alien worls but Deidra had been looking for one book or another in the libary and had lost track of time about a certain meeting she'd get to oddly she'd found this book on eels which covered the creatures across several worlds. She's just looking over the tacks now wondering what book she'd come in for, she can't remeber now and had even lost all track of time to boot. Though for anyone who had not seen one of her kind her wingged tailed form would get some attentione easily.
Wisdom BOOKS!!!

Wisdom loves books so much. She cheerfully carries a large stack of them, aiming to take them toward a table, when spots Deidra out of her periphery and stops... and then the stack of books leeeans over and topples, and Wisdom gives a loud cry of surprise. Then there's several THUDS as book covers slap against the floor, which cause quite the wince in the lizard woman.
"Oh my..." Wisdom crouches down to pick up the books, glancing over to Deidra once or twice through her large spectacles, making a worrisome noise.
Deidra Deidra is just looking at her book, reading then comes the comment from someone else that gets her attention. She turns her head in the direction iof the sound and blinks herself at the Demi human "umm hi there, is there soemthing I can do for you?"
Wisdom Wisdom is startled by the attention, "No no, I will be fine," she tells the Gargoyle, as she continues to try to gather up her books... and then steps over to a nearby table to set them down, and settle into a chair, letting out a heavy sigh.
Wisdom adjusts her glasses, looking off toward Deidra. "I apologize for disturbing you," she says, meekly.
Deidra Deidra smiles a bit at Wisdom "Don't worry about it I get it a lot, so long as there isn't an angry mob with torches and pitch forks. I'm all right really." She grins more but oh look fangs, not that she's thinking about them. "I don't think I have met one of your kind either in my travels. I'm Deidra."

This scene contained 5 poses. The players who were present were: Deidra, Wisdom