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(2013-03-06 - Now)
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Aurora Aurora is sitting on the rim of the large golden fountain - her dress carefully kept away from the water. She has in one hand a small daisy, and sitting beside her is a chipmunk. She is having a conversation with the chumpunk, interestingly enough - though it gives no sign that it can talk, or is anything other then an ordinary chipmunk. It does, at least, make chipmunk-esque sounds at the appropriate times, namely, when she asks it a question. The conversation seems to be about whether and how soon it will be before she finds her husband and her parents and castle again. Every so often, she picks off part of the daisy and tosses it into the fountain, and every so often, she asks the cute little critter a question, and it chitters back at her, in an unintelliable yet vaugely appropriate sort of way.
Deelel Deelel looks strange compared to Auroa, alsmost prehaps a little junky or more cyberpunky than the princes does to be sure but she carries heself well enough and she's making for the fountain seeingly suprised to see Aurora there and she speaks up as she nears. "Wait are are you able to actually talk to that creature?"
Aurora Aurora turns her head to gaze at Deelel. "Well..." she says, pursing her lips. "I am making the effort, at least, but he doesn't seem to have much of an opinion on the matter." she admits, without really answering the question either way. "Nuts seem to help. Have you never tried talking to one of them?"
Deelel Deelel says "No, just another world's grid bugs that only seem to exist as a source of energy for eachothers and people." She shrugs a little bit, seemingly not too bothered about it she's not hostile but strange very much so the tatoos on her exposed arm are also glowing. "Fair enough I guess, it's also been a while."
Aurora Aurora ponders that for a moment. "Energy? Some might say that small creatures, like rabbits or mice, exist to feed other things - but it does not have to be that way. It can be, of course, but merely because they are different, does not mean they cannot be our friends." She brushes off her skirts and slowly stands up. "Pardon me if I am asking a delicate question, but are you a sorceress?"
Deelel Deelel says "Generally such creatures other than people on my home world are ... dangerous to anyone vicous predatory generally." She pauses at Aurora's questions an laughs a little bit. "They say technology can reach such a level that it can't be told apart from Magic. I'm afraid I do not think anyone form my world can use what you call magic so far as I'm aware of it's beyond us. Prehaps I heard rumors of someone who managed to tame grid bugs so who knows."
Aurora Aurora nods. "I see." she replies. "I'm not very familiar with this technology concept, to be honest. It seems as if you learn escoteric knowledge through long practice and study, and can do things others cannot - which is similiar to how magic works in some worlds. But I take the word of others that there is a difference."
Deelel Deelel says "To be fair so long as your ising a stick to dig that is technology." She grins a little bit at thhe joke. "There is really but why did you ask if I was one? I remeber you mentioned you were from the world that ... the Shadow Lord's leader originated from. Humm it would make sense you'd be more used to magic really."
Aurora Aurora tilts her head towards Deelel's tattoes. "Those." she explains. "I did not recognize them as being magical, but neither did they seem like the technology I have seen thus far. I did not wish to be rude and ask directly, however."
Deelel Deelel says "Oh those umm everyone where I'm from has these when they appear in this world." She shrugs a bit not thinking it's a good idea to go hi I'm a program to this young lady it just would be confusing. "It's just a part of who and what I am. It's all right, I don't mind!"
Aurora "Oh, ok!" Aurora says, sounding a bit chipper. "I was just wondering - I didn't want to pry. There isn't anything wrong with them, I meant no offense - I merely thought they might be a magical ward or somesuch."
Deelel Deelel says "No but it's possible given what little I do know of magic." She sits down and seems to be chipper enough. "So my name is Deelel and you could say I'm an artist if anything."
Aurora Aurora sits back down again, stretching out her skirts first. "An artist? Oh how wonderful! Art is so important to helping us appreciate what is truly important. Of course, we all need to think and use our rational mind - but so often that can confuse us into being arrogant, or into rationalizing things we know are wrong. Art is a wonderful tool for overcoming that, and appreciating true beauty. What do you do?"
Deelel Deelel says "Painting and music as you'd understnad it for the most part. " She dinds the rational mind comment a little funny after all she's a program. "Or you become a real null unit or what's the term used here? A Kill joy?"
Aurora Aurora pauses to think about that. "I have not heard that term used." she admits, "But my people use slightly different ... slang? then what most do, I have found. I believe we would call it "a boor"." She pauses a moment, to dip a finger into the fountain. "What sort of music? Do you play, or sing?"
Zeke One thing about Caribbean Merchant Captains, or really any sailor of any timeframe. They get around and pop up when least expected. In spite of his slightly stumbly walk, gained by virtue of having spent the past few days at sea ensuring his ship is indeed sea worthy, he was drinking tea. At least thats what it would smell like if one were to take a whiff of the steam coming from his mug.

Enough of such things! He was taking a much needed break from Port Royal and all the heartaches it entailed while his crew and shiprights did as they needed. He was here to try relaxing his mind and finding an answer to a moral dilima he was faced with possibly having later. Such thoughts, as they were, got interrupted when he spotted Deelel. He siled warmly before doffing his hat first to Program then to Princess. "Evening... or perhaps morning." He looked about at nowhere in particular, "Such as the case may be." In addition to his tea there was a strong smell of sea and sand and Sun... there was a heavy brush of the Caribbean 'pon him and yet even so endowed by his 'natural' element the good captain had a worried look about him that no company seemed to chase away 'pleasent' or otherwise.
Deelel Deelel says "Local insult I thought. Prehaps so I'm still learnign and no I don't sing I'm not made to do that." She looks embrased. "I play but not an insturment you would know and I could be considered one myself." Then comes Zeke and she pauses for a moment "Evening I think, but really it's like home here, I honestly prefer it like this as amazing as the sun is, it's unsettling."
Aurora Aurora shifts her torso so she is facing Zeke. She doesn't really shift her legs, not really feeling like going through the effort, just this moment, of moving all those princess skirts and petticoats. They are not that bad actually, compared to some - she can even dance in them! - but they still are not terribly easy to move around in, truth be told. As she glances Zeke over, she frowns for a moment. "Ah, good evening sir Captain!" she replies by way of greeting. "I'm glad we met again." She tilts her head respectfully, holding her hands out as if she -were- to curtsy, were she standing. "Is something wrong? You seem upset."
Zeke Zeke tilted his head this way then that. "The sun, unsettling?" Dismissive gesture from the Captain. "All depends on how y'grow up 'suppose." Another drink from his mug. "I honestly would like you on this latest venture of mine, but seeing as you come from a place where the water kills you an' I be travlin ON th'water on this. I dunna think ye be a proper fit." Really he found himself liking the program. She was adaptible to new situations, talented, and well that Frisbee Disc thing of spinny Death was pretty nice too. "Do apologize but on the balance Miss Ariel seemed enthusiastic t'help." Well to put proper Ariel was a toucch inexperianced with the worlds, and though a part of Zeke felt bad for using that to fudge the odds of getting out without a fight really the role he had envisioned for her didn't seem likely to call for fighting. Just singing. a nice lovely distraction. Plus he'd be there t'keep all those grubby hands off her, and if that didn't work she could do like she did to that troll and fry somebody. That'd probably get the hint across pretty clearly.

As to Aurora Zeke tipped his cap. "A wee matter of personal importance miss. Just at loose ends while final preperations are being made." He didn't seem to wish to elaborate urther on the matter. "On the balance things do seem to be going well otherwise. Shakedown trip to an island, elped a party of adventuring sorts find fragments to a map." He lifted a leg to better show one of his boots, "Got a new pair of boots from the sorted mess." Smile. "Wouldn't happen to know anyone that can repair a watch either of you?" As if elaborating he fished out a finely made, but apparently due to lack of ticking Broken, pocket watch. "Definately not from my end of the worlds as it were. I know a dozen dozen men that would spend vast fortunes on one of these. Accurate timepiece that can go wherever you do. A problem tha's been the devil o many many men of the sea for generations." Sure it seemed like a trivling thing, especially compared to Manhatten or other 'modern' shards, but being able to keep accurate time was vital to pre-GPS navigation.
Aurora Aurora glances over at the watch. "That is very pretty." she admires, "And it does sound very useful. Clocks in my world tend to be quite large and elaborate - though I have heard rumors of a new invention called the Cucu clock, I have yet to see one." She is not focusing on her words, however, but instead on Zeke. "Miss Ariel? Is she an adventurer then, or a sailor?"
Deelel Deelel says "All light where I'm from comes from the peoplel or the very terrain itself not an large sourse in the sky. Also yes water is lethal there. It be like you leaping into molten metal." She makes a face, she's not going swimming even if Tifa strong armed her into getting a swim suit. She listrns to Zekek for a moment "Sounds like you seem to have a lot of things on your mind Captain." She looks at the watch. "Interesting but ... really clocks? They can make clocks small as one's thumb of smaller in Manhattan..."
Zeke Zeke shook his head, still holding the watch out. "A lass from Atlantis, or Atlantica... Think the two are the same place really but i've little clue. Fantastic wonderful voic bt well.. daddy's little girl mustn't wander and all." Zeke briefly tried to remember if Aurora was there or not when he first met the girl then shrugged it offf. "She's inexperianced, but she's headstrong enough t'run from home in search of her place in things. I just be tryin t'give her a measure of what it's like while attemptin t'steer her back so her an' her father can reconcile." Again Family. There was something there when he brought up the girl's father that made, at least to those observent, whatever troubles that were the devil of this man more evident.

""But I have little doubht. She's a strong sort that full o wonder and mystery above and beyond what any woman has just b virtue of bein herself." Bwa? At least that made him laugh right? Then, in a smaller voice almost as if he were thinking out loud. "Wonder what ma'd think of her." Dismissive snort and the captain drained his mug. "We be findin out 'soon as we get her away from Tortuga an its sorted troubles." Though of course even if his 'plan' went off perfictly there was still the mystery Ariel represented. He'd been to Atlantis, which is where she said she was from right? It's underwater. She speaks, or rather pointedly avoids speaking about, mermaids. There's a connection there. Also a confusion going 'round betwix her an her animal companions over Zeke and Piracy. To them it seemed any sailor was automatically a pirate no matter their rightful lawfulness..

Wait where were we before Zeke's thoughts turned back to the lovely young maid of red hair and angelic voice? Clocks! Thank you Deelel! "Aye. I've seen such an while they do have practical value there's somethin 'bout a thing y'can see an figure th'workings of even without bein a specialist." Then after turning the watch over in his hands, opening then closing the lid and fiddling with the stim he hmphed . "Not htat i be tempted t'pop this thing open m'self. Too many fiddly little pieces tha need t'fit just so. And yet I could watch one of these. How the gears and wheels an springs move an get a sense of how it s'pposed t'function. These... Computers, good as they are. Valuable as it is t'have a library in th'palm of yer hand. As good as magic t'my eyes."
Aurora "Family can be rough sometimes." Aurora admits quietly. "I didn't know my parents growing up, of course. As I mentioned last time, they had to send me away to be raised by faeries. The first I knew of them was when they were trying to arrange a marriage with a stranger. I wanted no part of it, of course. I wouldn't disobey them, but I wanted no part of it, or them. I didn't care for politics or diplomacy - I wanted to marry someone I loved." She is quiet for a moment. "I was fortunate I got that." She mentions this not for her own sake, but because sometimes - sharing can help others, as well.

"I don't understand why the water is so dangerous in your world. Is it poisoned?" she asks Deelel.
Deelel Deelel peers and shudders at the thought of worlds of water, she really doesn't like to think about it even if she knows water is safe here it's still ahrd to take it. She doesn't want to find out it will still fry her in large amounts.

"No understanding your own technology is wise. I notice many ... users...have no idea how any thing actually works."
% A the question about water it's a nice distraction about family she doesn't quite understand it after all her kind don't operat exactyly the same socially as humans or other organic beings. Love however is not alien it just without it's biological aspects that humans have for basics. I mean basics could live forever if they avoid violent death one wouldn't want to be alone after all.

"No it's simple how it is too much energy at once and it's leathal it be like grabbibng umm an lighting bolt! For you"
Zeke Zeke shrugged. "I get a similar feel from Ariel, though I know not who her father is save he is of some importance." Actually he did know, or at least suspected thanks to one rather flippant Crab, but since Ariel herself iddn't tell him he erred on the side of letting himself believe whatever story she hung around herself. Ah the lies we let ourselves believe for the sake of not having to cut to the heart of the matter. "Might be why she ran, getting told her hand was intended as some chip or mark on a scorecard between Gret Houses and she didn't want any of it since she had yet to really live." Strange. The Accent was gone. "I will admit I've little understanding of the ways of nobility and what little i do understand makes no sense. People are not markers in a contract and marrige should be for reasons other than because it's convenient. After all getting stuck with someone you can't stand for fourty or more years because..." Huff. He'd heard rumors that somewhere way back his family was of nobility but quitclaim to it because of the whole bombing of parliment thing. He didn't beleive it. Hidden liniages and the like were worthless save as an amusing plot twist in bardic songs and story. Then again here he was with a genuine princess, capitol P, raised by the fair folk (dear God that had to have been an.... Interesting childhood.)

Again the shrug. "Lady Aurora I do mean no offince mind. It's just I'm rather glad my usual concerns are ship, crew, and cargo rather than titles or lands and the managment thereof. Securing simple shipping and trade rights especially when one or more persons involved are dishonest and try weasling out for their own profit gives enough headachs."

Granted it was kindof fun when they thought he was just some colonial layabout that knew nothing of sums or figures and he got the drop on 'em first by reading said lopsided contract they 'ever so kindly' would draw up with him simply having ot put his mark on that there line. Then him further upsetting the table by producing in plain language his own contract of terms that was a little more fair. Sure some in the past had called him all manner of vile and claimed to shortchange. Oh nononono. His terms were always fiar including regulations and timetables he himself had to abide by for the agreement to be valid. Zeke was little if he could not work under a square and honest deal.

"Miss Deelel you alright?" Zeke looked at hte program with some concern. Then the explaination. "Ah... so a case of near instaint 'drownd'. It's where a human," He explains, "Takes in water instead of air. Body can't cope with it normally and well." Cringe. "NOt pleasent as ends go."
Aurora Aurora nods her head as she listens to the captain. "My pardon then, sir Captain. I did not mean to impinge upon your decorum. I am certain your life is not an easy one. On my world, as well, travel by boat is dangerous indeed, and oft avoided." At least, it was in the 14th century, which is supposedly when Sleeping Beauty takes place - with the seas being even worse in that time period then they were in the west indies several centuries later. "Ah, I see." She pauses. "Well, no, I do not, to be honest, but it seems your world is very different from mine, and I will take your word for it at this late hour."
Deelel Deelel says "My world is alien even by the standards of comparing other worlds." She doesn't even get into what she's mad out of that might just break both the human's minds and she'd rather not go there at all. She listens as listens user potlical situations sounds crazy but then again user could live for tens of thousahnds of cycles after all at least that's what she's gathered.

"They tend to travel by ... many means aside sea though it's been along time since I have seen a Solar Sailor."
Zeke Zeke bowed deeply to Aurora. He genuinely liked the princess, even if nobility of most stripes tended to give him the collywobbles... Whatever those were. "You have done nothing of the sort Princess," His smile and respectful manner were genuine, or he was so good an actor he should have gone in as a professional. "We are each suited to our own talents and tasks. Yours is of governence and dealing with the lands. Mine is of the sea and of moving things from one place to another," He gestured to Deelel. "Hers is of art, though I daresay she is also quite a capible fighter. If we could all be good at everything what use would we have for eachother right?"

He felt better. Something about the princess. Could be her sincerity. Culd be her calm, or maybe some inherent magic. Most likely it was just her being a caring sort that even if she were to judge left accusations to others if at all. "I fear, if you've need of me or my crew, I will be unavalible for the next few days. If all goes well after that point though I will be at your service." another bow and a flourish had a business card with contact information neatly printed held out for Aurora to take or not as she chose. Part of being a good businessman was an attention to the occasional bit of theatrics after all.

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