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Suddenly Sora
(2013-03-06 - 2013-03-07)
Mercade's eating in the Cloud Nine, and Sora pops in for some food and drink. They chat!
Mercade Alexander Cloud Nine is a nice place. The bar is open and people are sitting here and there and everywhere. The location has become a pleasant stay and a fixture in Traverse since its opening, which only works to the TDA's benefit.

Also having a place that serves food and drink right downstairs is amazingly handy for the cooking-averse crew (and Celine has to have a break SOMETIME).

Mercade himself is sitting at the bar, eating a burger and fries, his go-to when he's not having whatever Celine has. She'll just have to deal. He washes it down with a delicious fizzy soda. It's a good evening with good people.
Sora Sora bounces into Cloud Nine. While he mostly looks okay, he's been carefully watching his step, lest he run into something - but considering Evja thoroughly wrecked him last night, it's not really surprised.

Celina will deal.

"Hey, Mercade." Sora says, dropping down into a seat next to Mercade, immediately deciding burger, fries, and soda is a fantastic idea. Hungry Keyblade Wielder eat EVERYTHING!
Mercade Alexander AND SUDDENLY A SORA!

Mercade looks over and blinks in mild surprise, and then grins. "Sora! Glad to see you again!" He waves, and gestures to the Keyblade Wielder. "Are you all right? You vanished off the face of the worlds for like, months! Riku's been going insane..." He pauses. "/More/ insane. He's been especially emo lately."

He looks back to his burger and gestures to the bartender. "Get him whatever he wants, put it on my tab." DANGEROUS WORDS!?!
Sora "Thank you, Mercade." Sora says, cheerfully, then lays down a thoroughly not-problematic order of burger, fries, and drink. At least he's not looked at thedessert table yet.

He then grimaces.

"Fighting the Shadows, Fighting the Heartless, you know how it is. Sometimes I just don't make my way back for awhile, but with you getting all of your world shards, well..."

He smiles. "Oh lord, Riku. I'm in so much trouble."
Mercade Alexander Mercade will be fine. For now. He looks over to Sora. "He grimaces and complains and acts all self-reliant, but he really does care about you, you know." He pauses. "Okay, so maybe I'm meddling a bit. I don't know how you guys were before your world..." He gestures, frowning for a moment. "That's... When you got your Keyblade, right?" He thinks for a moment. "What's it like having one? I know the Heartless seek you out... But do you feel you're making progress at all?"
Sora Sora shakes his head. "Riku's the older, cool kid, if I was to emmulate Kairi for a brief second. She and I are both a year younger than he was, so I guess he kinds of considers it his... thing to worry?"

The Keyblade Wielder hooks his clown shoes around his barn stool, nodding his head. "That's a story, and I'll share if you want, but..."

"... it's bad, having one. Bad but good. I am much better at fighting the Heartless with it, but at the same time, I think they're trying to kill me, but... I feel as if there's progress being made. There has to be."
Mercade Alexander "They are trying to kill you. You're a threat and your heart is strong... And as long as it remains strong, from what I hear, you will continue to be able to fight."

Mercade watches Sora. "I've been doing research. Research on the Keyblades and trying to find out what's going on with them. Because they seem to be the best weapon against the Heartless. You're needed, Sora. You and the other Keyblade Wielder. We can fight, but you're the only way we can win."
Sora "Other keyblade wielder?"

Sora asks this, his voice sharp. Evidently he doesn't know about anyone else wielding the keyblade, whether it be a version of his own, or... whatever.

"... I.." Sora looks down at the bar.
Mercade Alexander "He's a mouse. Named Mickey. He's apparently a big deal in some places." Mercade replies. "He wants to be your friend. He's interested in your progress and he's heard of you. Together, you might be able to do more."
Sora "Oh..."

"I'll... try to find him, I guess?" Sora sounds confused. Very confused. Then again, this is Sora, confusion is practically his middle name. The boy start schewing on a french fry.
Mercade Alexander "It's cool. You'll find him, I know it." Mercade sighs. "So... what are you going to do now? You're back around and people are pulling you every which way. Do you have any kind of plans?"
Sora "Well, I have to help you out with the Shards." Sora points out. "So I'm going to be in Traverse Town and Fluorgis til that's done, and after that, well... we'll see what happens?" Sora shrugs. He's not going to make Plans for this stuff.
Mercade Alexander "Thank you for the help, Sora. I really appreciate it. Without you, we'd be in trouble, since well... Mickey vanished off himself, probably to fight the Heartless elsewhere. Your arrival was basically perfect."
Sora Sora chuckles.

"Well, it seems to be a 'only one Keyblade Wielder in an area at a time' law, here." He jokes, biting down into his swiss cheese and mushroom hamburger heartilly. Om, nom, nom.
Mercade Alexander Mercade shrugs. It's an odd evening. At least he's not out fighting for his life or anything at the moment. That happens with disturbing regularity. "It'll all work out." He considers. "Do you think there are more Keyblades out there? I mean, if there are more people who can fight like you and Mickey, wouldn't it be better?"
Sora Sora, considering his question, nods.

"I don't know why I was chosen, so I'm going to say that I think there are, but that I don't know how or what the ... requirements, I guess, to gain one. I'd ... I'd say I'd see you as a Keyblade Wielder.."
Mercade Alexander "Me? A Keyblade Wielder?" Mercade laughs, but it dies out. He looks down, a thoughtful expression on his face. "I... can't say I haven't hoped for it. That would be lying. But I don't... think that's very likely." He looks over to Sora. "You're a good kid. You have a good heart. I'm just a normal guy. I don't have any cool magical powers, I don't have the ability to do amazing things. I just do the best with what I have."
Sora "Mercade?"

"That's what I've been doing since day one. All I did was want to explore other places, other worlds, with two of my best friends in the universe. That night, the night I got the Keyblade, I had to sit there and watch the darkness take Riku. I couldn't do anything. I was just HOPING for something, hoping I could do something to go find Kairi."

"At least I'd be able to save one of them, right?"

"Except then she was sitting in front of a door. I guess it was our door to other worlds, and she looked... she looked so out of it. Like something had broken her. All she said was my name, then the door opened, and she disappeared."

Sora's voice is almost bitter. "I've been trying to do the best I can since the day I ended up in Traverse Town. I've found Riku, but Kairi is still missing. Riku did great without me, too."

Now the Keyblade Wielder is bitter. "So... if all I did with hope, you can too..."
Will Sherman Will comes out of the kitchen, hearing the conversation. He holds three bowls, of you know what and sets them down on the table.

"Normal guy who leads the organization." Will points out, "Just a normal guy who stands up for what is right, who helps his friends and is horrible with women." Will continues, "The world out there doesn't need a magical man, a super man, it just needs a good one." he says, and looks at Sora. A long hard look...there might be a slight amount of guilt there, but why would he be guilty? Certainly not talk about Riku and Kairi...

"You're a kid, you shouldn't have the world thrown on your shoulders...but.." he waves, "So sorry, but we gota depend on you."
Mercade Alexander And suddenly Will shows up.

From the kitchen.

Mercade blanches. "Thanks Will, but we already have burgers and stuff? See?" He points at the burgers and fries they both have, and he takes a bite of his burger. "I couldn't possibly eat any more than this, I'd gain weight and everything."

He looks over to Sora. "You're a good kid, Sora. You've been through a lot and I'm glad you're here with us."

He then twitches as he looks over to Will. "Dammit! Can't I be self-depreciating for one minute without one of you popping out of the woodwork to tell me how awesome I am? Jesus, I'm going to get a swelled head."
Sora Sora looks at Will for awhile.

It is almost like they are speaking without doing so. Finally, the Keyblade wielder lets out a huff, then dives back into his cheeseburger, letting Mercade get ultra-annoyed at Will for suddenly popping up.

"Mmm..." He mumbles. "He's right."
Will Sherman Will frowns...nobody eats his cooking. He picks up a bowl and starts chowing down!

"No. You wouldn't let me be, and I am not going to let you be. It's unbecoming of our boss." he says, with a grin, and looks towards Sora, "Of course I am, I am the heart of this agency."
Mercade Alexander "Who's right? Me or him?" Mercade asks. He looks rather confused at this. "And you're not the heart of the agency. Maybe like... uh... The spleen."
Will Sherman "I am totally the heart!" Will says, crossing his arms! "If not for me where would you be right now?"
Sora Sora jabs a french fry at Will. He was right.

Then, finishing swallowing, Sora gets out, "Dude, you two are as bad as Riku and I are. Don't you have someone else who gets you guys to stop fighting and eat well?"
Mercade Alexander "On the beach in Costa Del Sol, drowning my sorrows in endless dry martinis and margaritas. And those tropical drinks with the umbrellas." Mercade retorts.
Will Sherman "With me around you're too poor to do that!" Will says, with a grin, "You're welcome!" he says, and looks at Sora. "HA! That sounds about right. Riku is totally Mercade, and from what I hear you're totally me. Well, with about three hundred less years."
Mercade Alexander "I'M NOT LIKE RIKU AT ALL!" Mercade objects. "He's an angry young man who thinks he has to take care of everything himself and needs the support of others to keep him from doing things that will-" He pauses, trailing off.

"I'M NOT LIKE RIKU AT ALL!" He reiterates.
Sora "Totally like Riku." Sora says.

"So, who is your Kairi?"
Mercade Alexander "What does that even mean?" Mercade says. "I don't know her relationship to you and Riku."
Will Sherman "Avira." Will says, suddenly, "She totally is. Though I am not really interested in her, I'm already married." Will says, with a nod, "But yeah, I think Avira fits Kairi pretty well...well from what Riku's talked about her."
Sora "Kairi is... my age. She's very sweet, and she's not afraid of calling things like they are, mostly because she's normally right about them. A good cook, and I... well..."

Sora flushes somewhat red, going back to his french fries. "She's also a good fighter."
Mercade Alexander Mercade sighs. "Well, I guess that does describe Avira pretty well." Mercade says, looking back over with Will with a squint. "Don't you dare, Will." Trying to cut Will off before he does his usual thing.
Will Sherman Will whistles, with a grin, "Do what Mercade?" Will says innocently.

"Anyway," he pauses, "How are you doing?"
Sora Sora looks between the two, confused.

"Tired. That ... Viera Judge, Evja, was it, challenged me last night to test my strength." And tried to take the Keyblade, but Angantyr already broke Evja over that.
Will Sherman "That <GOOSEHONK>?! Seriously? Ugh. I hate that girl. Seriously! You know what she tried to do? They tried to steal the world shard I stole from some strange shape shifting stuffed guys who stole it in the first place. Then got mad at me when I ran off with it. Seriously, acts like lives weren't on the line or anything.." Will looks sort of steamed.
Mercade Alexander "Ugh. You have to deal with that a lot with people who know you have a Keyblade, don't you?" Mercade frowns to himself. "That's got to be a pain." He looks to Will. "Seriously? The bunny judge did that?" He shakes his head. "This is kind of messed up. She seems to have some... odd priorities."
Sora Sora sighs, then shrugs as he finishes up his friies, taking a long drink from his fizzy soda with a grimace. "It's not just the Heartless that want me - or need me- so..." He shrugs.

"She originally asked me to give her the keyblade, so..."
Will Sherman Will frowns, "Man, whatever, she's completely unworthy." he says rolling his eyes. "Well, whatever...We almost have Manhattan's..." he smiles, "That's good news right? We almost got it.."
Mercade Alexander He's just going to let that thing with Evja go. "Soon. I'm pretty sure we have everything. We're going to go meet with Merlin tomorrow to see what else we need to do, and from there..." Mercade shrugs. "We'll see what happens then."
Sora "Do you want me there for that?" Sora asks Mercade, cautiously. Because, well, he doesn't know.
Mercade Alexander "If you would, it would be great." Mercade says. "I know you're busy, but if you have the time..."
Sora "I'll try." he promises. That's all Sora can do lately.

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