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(2013-03-06 - 2013-03-07)
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Aerith Flourgis.

How long had it been since the last time she'd come here? Perhaps it was her last visit to Costa Del Sol that reminded her to head back over here. She'd heard of a meeting with Merlin about the location of the last shard, and felt it only appropriate to stop by and inform her new acquaintance on the issue. The only problem.... was finding him.
Evja Fluorgis at night is generally quite pretty, and things are much the same as ever. Though with the lifting of 'The Darkness' and a general flood of safety lately, more and more people are out at this time of night to enjoy it where they haven't been able to before.

One thing people have mentioned, however, and the rumor of the night is a Chocobo was seeing carrying a wounded Viera through the streets on their back towards the interior of the city. But who?
No one seemed to know for certain, though a few also noticed that the Viera wore a white cloak that seemingly had the symbol of a Judge on their back. Had that one Judge been assaulted again? More Clan issues? Something from another world?
Inner turmoil in the Judges?

Well, either way, rumors had it that the chocobo went to the Shardseekers HQ for some reason and indeed, anyone following up on that would find that inside the HQ, having managed to squeeze just inside and lay down with the wounded rider, was a Chocobo. Evja's, in fact, with the Viera laying in front of it as it sat protecting the rider. Good training, instinct and loyalty in this Chocobo, plus it had been here before with Evja a few times as it brought him here.
Aerith Well that was easy.

But now Aerith was concerned about her bunny friend, and thus couldn't help but head over and find out how she could aid the Judge. Thus she headed toward Shard Seeker HQ in order to lend her unique talents. The chocobo inside was not hard to miss, especially with Evja still on top of it. "Oh my God, what happened here..."
Zia Well, as the unofficial 'night guard' of the Shard Seekers, it wouldn't be unusual for Zia to be making the 'rounds' at this time of night. Usually, she did a flight over the city, then back to the headquarters for breakfast. The white gargoyle is just decending down the ladder from the rooftop, landing on an upper balcony and then looking down with an expression of surprise. Apparently, a Chocobo and a Viera had come in while she was gone. She's going to need a word with Reize about security. Again.

She can't make out the rider at first glance, bit Aerith's sudden arrival is enough to have her diving off the upper level to land in a crouch and a folding of great gray wings. "Lady healer, can Ah ask ye wha in the name of Merlin's dirty undershorts is going on here?" Hey, she's the night guard, she's /supposed/ to actually know about people wandering in off the streets.
Aerith Aerith glanced over at the... ah, another gargoyle. And one she'd seen before, no less. "I have no idea... trying to figure that out myself." She turned her gaze toward the Judge again and lifted one of her silver bracelets, a single materia coming to life. Pale blue motes of light flashed over him for a brief moment as a Cura spell seeped into his wounds. "I think he'll be okay after a few of these... what I want to know is how he ended up this way."
Judge Magister Gabranth was still in the city when the attack on Evja took place, however the Judge Magister was busy doing what he was sent here to do. Talking with officials to make sure that supplies that Archades was sending here to aid in the reconstruction and get Fluorgis back on its feet were indeed doing the people good. After all, Archades wasn't going to pull out from assistance until the city requested for such to end.

Who knows how long that could be.

Either way, once Gabranth stepped out such information came to him by the voices of the people, including one of the citizens question even the Judge Magister on it. Even though the Judges of Archades carried a far different mark from the Judges of Jylland; but they were similar enough.

This brought the Judge of Ambition to locating where Evja had been dropped off at. Or at least the best location of. As Gabranth approached he could see the Chocobo within which had Evja on its back, then Aerith. Then a creature that was like Ivalice Gargoyles, but yet-- far-- far different. Either way not knowing what /was/ going on. A fiend was a fiend, unless proven other wise and after events had taken place here-- Gabranth was, not so willing to let someone get harmed.

So as the Judge Magister approached, he hand was already on the hilt of the Highway Star with it only slightly unlatched for it to be quickly drawn if need be. His voice echoing due to the helm as he spoke up. No body messed with his bunny buddy! "What is going on here?" His voice was calm, but direct; and apparently to the point. Those his amber eyes were staring right at Zia. Yep, she was nothing like the Gargoyles of Ivalice, more humanoid really. Yet, something he wasn't really wanting to turn his back too.
Evja When it came to inspecting the Viera to see just what was wrong with him, the Chocobo didn't fight it in the least, laying down a bit lower and resting its' head on the floor. Evja was slumped across his back like a towel over someones shoulders. His cloak was ripped and fairly bloody in some areas, primarily the right shoulder. Speaking of - that was wrecked. Outright. It's like some giant monster with a club or something just impacted his shoulder, which took the brunt of the pain. Thankfully there was something in the way, which anyone would soon find.
A fragment of a shield which had been sitting in a pocket over the shoulder. Despite still being badly shattered and looking a mess thanks to the bladed mace... the now-shattered fragment looks dented, so perhaps it protected him from being hurt even more.
Other than that, Evja was largely unharmed. A few bruises here and there which cure spells would generally take care of and scrapes and such from the impact of being hit and skidded like a puck.
Aerith Aerith didn't spare a glance at the voice behind her. "A lot of people are asking that question, and I'm afraid I don't have answers for you..." She covered his remaining bruises with yet another healing spell before directing her attention toward the shield. "...And probably will once I get a look at this." She took her time removing the piece of armor to get a look at what was underneath, hissing as she observed the wound. "He got lucky... something hit him hard."
Zia "Him?" Well, first and foremost, the only time that Zia had actually seen Evja up close had been at the party, and the Viera had certainly been hiding his gender at that point. Right now, she just looks at his form with some confusion. "Wonder why his Chocobo took 'im back here?" Alas, once someone else has started to use the pronoun, it seems to stick. Usually, Chocobos didn't come wandering in, unless it was to nom on Reize's ahoge and cause the boy untold distress. "Ah hope he didnae run afoul of those undead in the desert." It's the first guess she can make, since that seems to be the most pressing danger around here.

The arrival of another Judge is enough to have the gargoyle stepping back slightly, even if technically she 'ranking' member of the clan here. This is Shard Seeker territory afterall. Nevertheless, his uncertain gaze is enough to make her unsettled. "Tha's what we're tryin te figure out, if ye wouldnae mind keepin yer weapon peace-tied, sir. Ah dinnae think there's any need te be usin tha right now."

She steps around towards the Chocobo, reaching to companionably stroke the creature's head if it would be allowed. "Ah'm afraid ah dinnae have any skill with a healer's touch, so it'll have te fall upon ye, Lady healer." Names are still not her strong suit, although she clearly knew Aerith's by now. "Perhaps he can tell us wha happened when he wakes."
Evja Evja was actually out of his armor, so that shield fragment, amazingly, served quite well in protecting him. Otherwise the only 'armor' he had on were the greaves he wore. His clothing beneath the cloak(no helmet, just a veil) was a modified Hunters outfit from FFTA(two piece, loose top with rolled up sleeves(black) and a long ankle-length skirt that slit up the sides to the knees)
Aerith Aerith glanced to her right. "My thanks... name's Aerith, by the way." She smiled in the gargoyle's direction, clearly not as intimidated as the fully-armored and armed Judge. "We've met a few times before... never got your name, though."
Gabranth glances over the damage from a distance, against his eyes staying on Zia. From what he can tell where he stood was that it was indeed heavy impact marks. Bludgeon weapon. Yet many different creatures, to races used such crude methods for combat. It was something he noted to himself.

And there was no reason to be intimidated by a Judge of Archades, unless you knew of their bloody war history and just what the Judge Magisters their represented in their culture. Not many outsiders knew that history, yet given time, that could change one day.

Gabranth however kept his hand right on the blade as he stared at Zia. His amber eyes hidden behind the shadows of the horned metal helm he wore. He just stared at her for a long time, before there was a gentle 'click' as pushed the blade back fully into the scabbard. Silence remained for the moment. After all, Fluorgis was not part of Archadian territory. He had no law here.

The Judge Magister then made his way over. His cape barely moving as he walked with his fluid steps and the gentle clicking against metal on metal as his metal scabbards gently moved against the armor sides of that were on the black leather pants he wore. "The impact was by a bludgeon weapon," He decides to share after all. "Large one at that." Gabranth then glanced over at the chocobo, before reaching into his pouch, he still had some of the green that Evja gave him earlier for his own. He crouched down before the chocobo, offering the bird a bit of it. His voice went from the direct, commanding to almost soft and gentle as he spoke to the Chocobo. "You did your master well.."

His voice then returns back to that more commanding tone again as he looks over to Aerith, at least that be best guess by how the helm rises in her direction. "How severe are the Viera's wounds?"
Aerith Aerith shook her head. "Not as bad as you'd think. The club that hit him sent him flying, made him bounce a few times, gave him a few scratches from sliding against the ground. The real damage was to the shoulder, and even then the armor saved him." She cast one last healing spell. "That should do it... he should be coming around soon. You can ask him what happened when he does."
Evja Incidentally, right around this point a moogle messenger pops in, looks around, then Kupo's upon finding Evja. "Wow, that one looks bad. Still, this is for her!" And the moogle drops a letter before leaving.

The Chocobo blinked at the Moogle coming and going before returning to Gabranth to get the Gyshal, happy enough to accept it as all Chocobo are. Thankfully the majority of the actual damage from the mace are gone, even if the Viera will still be left quite sore and feeling like he just got hit by a truck for a while. Curing magic can do a lot, but it can't solve /everything/.
Perhaps on cue, Evja's body tenses up and not really knowing much of where he was or what was going on, he instinctivley kicked his feet on the ground and vanished from sight. Where he kicked a large magic circle appeared briefly, the impact causing such. And in the same instant, there was a crack against the wall not far away, actually the other side of the hallway, where Evja impacts against with a thud and a confused, though albeit not terribly pained, sound.

"What's going on?" comes his question, voice still soft, habitually speaking soft even in these moments. "Show yourself!" But his vision was finally clearing and what he thought was the amrored knight, upon facing Gabranth... was actually not. Evja's tension slowly drooped, that one shoulder and arm still mostly limp, as he looked around in confusion at those present."Why am I here?"
Zia "Aye, and ye have m'thanks fer helpin me out a time or two back there. Yer abilities wi' white magic are of some renown, at least te me anyways." Zia only knew one other healer, and that was Faruja. Between those two, she'd had her butt pulled out of the fire more than a time or two. When her name is asked, there is that instinct to explain again about how gargoyles don't really use names, but... it's been months since she took a name of her own, so it seems a moot point. "They call me Zia."

As the Viera suddenly bolts, Zia moves back, flattening herself against the wall. The last thing she wants right now is to get dragged into a fight. "Yer guess is as good as ours." She replies, folding her arms over her chest. "Yer bird brought ye in here lookin like ye decided te turn yer shoulder inte a bit of mince. Ye happen te remember wha happened to ye?"

Oh, she's still watching Gabranth out of the corner of her eye, especially after the bunny-jump. But for right now, she'll trust that he isn't going to go attacking people at random in her home.
Gabranth quickly rose up as Evja seem to go into defense mode. He looked at the rune left, before his eyes drifted to where Evja ended up at. He could tell by the stance for the moment that whatever happened had the Viera on edge; further not realizing what had happened.

This meant the battle probably did not conclude perhaps? They were still fighting? So many questions.

"Calm yourself Judge of Jylland. Only friends are here." Or so the Judge Magister /hopes/. He moves carefully in the direction of Evja. "Do you recall what conspired?" His voice changed in tone again, more calm then direct. More concerned really.

Riku maybe was rubbing off on him.

Or he just has come to respect Evja that much.

And yes, for now the moogle went ignored along with the letter.
Aerith Aerith nodded, her smile widening. "So you do recognize me. I'm glad." She then joined Zia at her position near the wall and listened, for it was all she could do at the moment. Aerith took note of the all-too-familiar armor of the Judges, and wondered which one this was... she'd find out soon enough, of course.
Evja With the Dark Knight not present at this point, Evja is left to stare at the floor a moment before looking at his shoulder and closing his eyes. "Judges Chocobos... are trained to grab their owner and flee to a safe place if they are unconscious or worse. However, I... do not recall how I came to be such. Not that I would, but the last I recall is that crazed fools mace catching my cloak and slamming me into the ground. But a single hit from anything should not have flattened me..."
Up came the bunny's left hand to tenderly hold his hurt shoulder, looking down at it before saying simply, "Some crazed man approached a boy and I, the one with a Keyblade, claiming I had beaten the boy up and threatening I leave. When I went to protect the boy, he just... left atop the chocobo I offered with a rude remark and that thatched Dark Knight attacked. Normally I would have walked away, but he was spouting nonsense that Judges should be removed from the world and he seemed thatched too."

"Damnit... he must have gotten in a lucky hit. He must have been on his last legs too as hard as I had hit him."
Zia The gargoyle looks over at the Chocobo, perhaps seeing the bird-like creatures in a new light. "Well trained beasts." She notes, but why it had thought this place was safe is beyond her. The Shard Seekers tend to be trouble magnets, and she probably one of the worst among them. "Maybe ye should sit down 'n rest a spell. Ah can fetch ye somethin te eat 'n drink if ye like. Sometin te get yer strength back." Aerith's healing spells had done a good measure, but the Viera certainly didn't need to be hopping around breaking walls.

"Ah cannae say tha Ah know much about Judges 'n the like, but Ah imagine tha nae matter wha ye are, there will be someone out there tha doesnae like ye on principal." There were still a lot of humans who disliked gargoyles, and a few among the Church that thought they were demons. So she can at least understand where the sentiment comes from.

"Yer safe here, though. Ah dinnae think anyone will start a fight here. Wakin up the whole household probably would be a bad thing." It's a small miracle that no one has peeked out yet.
Aerith Now certain that Evja was fine, Aerith directed her attention toward the other Judge. Definitely similar armor to the other one she knew, but the voice under the helmet sounded different... at least, somewhat different. This dark knight though... she knew of three. And this one who seemed bent on attacking judges was definitely someone she'd heard of before. The bit about the chocobo carrying him back here on instinct made her smile again. "Well he's just the sweetest thing, isn't he?"
Gabranth listened carefully to what Evja had to say. He took down mental notes as the event was explained in what the Viera could remember. Dark Knight, alright. That kinda narrows it down-ish. Uses a mace. Alright.

It wasn't till Evja got to the part of 'spouting nonsense that Judges should be removed from the world', did thing start to click and the Judge Magister of Archades only lowered his head with a slow side to side motion, murmuring something under his helm . This was soon followed by a long inhale and just an annoyed of a sigh.

"I see." Gabranth said very coldly, before looking over at the Chocobo for a moment, then two the two 'women' here. He then looked back over to Evja, "You are fortunate your steeds are trained in such manner. I do believe that man, would have killed you. If-- he is whom I believe it is."

He wasn't sure how much information he wanted to share with Zia and Aerith present. Because if it was /that/ mercenary, then Gabranth would own the other judge a very deep apology.

He turns to look at Zia when she brings up 'combat' and shakes his head no. "Nay, I have no plans to create trouble within the city of Fluorgis, as Archades is attempting to stay on the peaceful side of matters. Unlike.. another.. city." He rumbles the last part softly. The Judge Magister studied her once more, before his attention returned back to Evja. "Did he ever say his name or did.. he just yell allot?"
Evja Looking between those present, Zia, Aerith and Gabranth, Evja thought for a moment then slumped and sat down on the floor against the wall while simply holding his shoulder. "I will not turn it away, certainly. If... there is any stew or soup or something? With lots of carrots if already there." If he's offered a meal, might as well ask. Though to answer two points, Aerith and Gabranth both making,

"Yes. He was trained well. If that is the case... then I shall always be grateful. And no, he did not, though he did seem to've a penchant for yelling. He waited until I was exhausted from my test bout with the Keyblade Wielder and came weapon drawn aggressing. Claimed I insulted his honor or some garbage that I treated him like he was going to hurt either, or both of us. So he did. He is thatched out of his mind and frankly a danger to all Judges in this land, if he went after me so and I know him not. When I recover, I shall hunt him down and deal with the issue - even though I know not his reasons, none should be left to roam as such and expect free pass."
"Thank you, whoever healed me."
Zia The white gargoyle nods her head. "Sure thing, lass." Gah, pronouns. He still looks like a she, but is a he and... Oh nevermind. Zia tries to push confusion over gender out of her mind. "Ah'll see if Ah cannae whip up something." With a look at the other two. "Can ye make sure there isnae anythin else tha gets broken 'n she stays at rest?" Leaving it on them to do so, Zia retires into the kitchen for a while to take care of some cooking. Skoll must not have been here for a while, since the scent that follows over the next few minutes doesn't smell of bacon.
"If you do come into confrontation with him and are able to capture him.. alive.. he is to be brought before Archades." Gabranth states firmly looking at Evja. "If his name is Angantyr Vespar. He is a wanted man in Archadian territory for assault on our Judges and Judge Magisters. Mostly due to past events of Archades expansion and.. his.. personal grudge toward one of us."

"I am sorry, if it is him, that his anger on us has spilled into the Clan Judges as well. Our markings seem to be close enough that without proper knowledge of the two, that I suppose a mad dog would not know the difference without closely examining it with a clear mind."
Evja When Zia leaves, Evja looks towards her gratefully only to finally turn and look back towards Gabranth. Slowly the Viera pushed himself to a stand and approached the Judge, right arm mostly limp despite being able to move it. Why bother when it hurt as it did? Until he had a chance to work the muscle out, it likely would continue to.
"I trust you, Judge Magister, and too do I trust His Honor Zargabaath. However, I know not your system of law or how those who are captured are treated. If this man were to escape bindings in a place with Judges abundant, I worry quite simply the casualty would be great. However... when I deal with him, I will indeed take him to you, if you can assure me that by doing so I will not be enabling him to slaughter to his hearts content. I have an understanding of one he is familiar with, a woman by the name of Maira. I do not know her well, however I am certain that should I go through her, I can at least drag him out of somewhere. He seems... protective of her. I never knew his name until just now, but in the past, I have seen him several times in passing."
Aerith Zargabaath. She figured so... and yes, this guy was indeed a Judge Magister. All she needed to know now was his name. And since he wasn't giving it out... "Pardon me Your Honor. Might I know who you are?"
"I know you trust me, honor, as I do you." Gabranth explains. Trust. Trusting someone. Such an odd word for Gabranth. Words. His thoughts do not remain long on it. "Thus I shall be honest on the charges he will face before Archades."

The Judge Magister stares at Evja, his eyes somewhere in all this returned back to blue, yet as always, remain unseen. "He would face the sentence of death. By Archadian law, anyone whom attacks a Judge or Judge Magister is sentenced to death, unless the Judge Magister who authorized it revokes it, or the House of Solidor over-rules the Judge Magister in charge. This man, be it whom I think it is, has a long record of such actions, and they have gone ignored and pardoned until recently due to his actions."

"His death would be quick and painless however." Gabranth adds.

He then looks to Aerith. "My name, mi'lady, is Judge Magister Gabranth." He tilt his head a little, "And you, mi'lady?"
Aerith Aerith nodded. "Gabranth... I forget which fleet you head, but I know of the commander of the 12th. He's a good friend of mine, I'd like to think." She looked up, her head formerly bowed in thought. "Aerith Gainsborough. A pleasure to finally meet you."
Evja So, by doing this, Evja would be sending a man to his death. Yet, again, it must be done. It is the right thing to do. He is a criminal wanted by that government. It was law. But... Evja wanted no part of sending anyone to their death. Thus, he simply closed his eyes and nodding, succumbing to the simple fact that he would never fight against what is right and what is law, doing what is necessary to keep others safe while upholding the law to the letter. He was a Judge, not one who made the laws. He did not enforce them, he followed them and rewarded others for doing the same.
He was of Jylland, not Archadia.

"I shall deliver him to thine doorstep within the week, pending nothing else interrupting. None shall come to this land and spout a desire to destroy the peace we work so hard to maintain, albeit focused wrongly upon our Judges."

Evja's Chocobo stands at this point and gives a small wark of a sound before turning to wander back through the doorway with a careful squeeze to wait outside. He was only inside for Evja's sake after all, so back to his own business. Which was mostly going back to the stables for food.
Gabranth can not help but chuckle mildly. "Fleet. Nay. I am no air general. That belongs to his honor Zargabaath and Ghis in their own respected fleets of the Thirteenth Bureau. I am the Judge Magister of the Ninth Bureau." Judge of Ambition explains.

"But yes, Judge Magister Zargabaath is a man of great honor and respect. He and I know one another well." There almost seems to be that prideful sound of like a 'son' talking about their 'father', really.

Gabranth then looks to Evja. There was a slow nod from the Judge Magister, a hinted frown on his face behind the helm he wore. "Again, I am gratefully sorry such has befallen you, honor. I know that the Clan Judges are a neutral party in all this, so I will say this simply.."

The Judge Magister then walks up to Evja, moving his hand to rest on the other Judge's good shoulder carefully. His voice gone low and almost quiet. "Though it be our law, this land is not ours. I ask this, as always here, as a request. If you believe by such actions could place Jylland in jeopardy of its neutrality. Then do not do so... as I am the Judge Magister who Authorized this sentence."
Aerith Aerith shrugged. "My mistake. Apologies, Your Honor." She didn't miss the tone Gabranth took to Zarg, and filed it away for later. It certainly seemed like he had an honor of his own... and it made her smile to herself. "You Judges certainly have a thing for being decent people, don't you? It definitely makes one question whether such intimidating armor is proper for you or not."
Evja "Neutral, but not impotent. We protect Jylland and the sanctity of the Laws thereupon laid. Beyond that, we are neutral to conflicts without and within our land. That does not mean we shall sit idle by while a dangerous beast roams threatening to hurt anyone that cannot be handled by an appropriate clan hunt."
There was a pause, then Evja looks up as if thinking of just that.

"Now there is an idea. With the Shard Seekers now able to act as an official Clan, were they to truly accept me as their Judge, I can protect them within these lands from a lethal blow in an encounter and your rogue Knight as well, and once laid flat, can be apprehended. I shall... seek this, then. Not because I desire to avoid the encounter myself, but... I think this is most safely, for all, left up to an Adjudicated Clan."

Though finally a question is begged. "I know why Gabranth is within Fluorgis, but... you, Aerith? Why are you here? And not all Judges are good people. In fact, only speaking for those within this land... all we require is neutrality and lawfulness. Left to their own times and accord, some Judges are as worthless, in my view, as those that run to the Jagds."
The Judge Magister of Archades turn to look at Aerith once more. "I can not speak for the Clan Judges, but as for those of us of Archades, our armor is designed to handle the brunt of war. We are not only law enforcers, but we are also Generals. Archades is a militarist nation, who keeps law in check by military might. Each of our armors is designed uniquely for us Judge Magisters and to reflect upon our personalities, along with abilities, in some form. While the Judges have less distinguishing armors, some have also mildly unique armor sets depending on their internal ranking."

Gabranth shrugs softly. He sometimes hated coughing out that much information, but he was the only one here, so he had to be out of his comfort zone. This is when he /wished/ Zargabaath was here. He was far better at this whole endepth explanation and not sounding like a rambling fool. PR. Bah.

The Judge of Ambition looks to Evja, giving him a mild nod. He will let the Veira do as he saw fit. If he brought the Black Knight Mercenary before them, then he will deal with it then. If he did not, he would let the Clan Judges do as they see fit. Archades had no hold here, beyond a peace offering of a the olive branch, that is all they had here.

Hopefully - This would not change.

From this point, Gabranth went quiet, mostly thinking and honestly tired of being so bloodly talkative. His social meter was running dry from all the days work.
Aerith Aerith's head bowed again, in thought as before. He did have a point on that... maybe she shouldn't trust every judge she met. Best to take things one meeting at a time. "I'll take that into consideration, Evja. In the meantime... there's a meeting with a wizard named Merlin coming up. I'm sure you've heard of the fall of Manhattan... I'm part of a group trying to restore that place and reclaim it from the Heartless." She looked up toward the Jyland Judge. "I'd ask you to come, but you have your obligations here. Still, the invitation is presented all the same."
Evja When Aerith finally makes known just why she had came, Evja looks between her and Gabranth a moment before nodding. "I shall... indeed do such. Even considering this fool is on the loose, whole worlds are more important than a single person or group, no matter who they are. A wizard, though? Hm... I wonder if he knows anything of Keyblades. Someone, somewhere, has to know about them other than just the boy."
Then a pause.

"Would either of you happen to know?"
Gabranth listens to the two fro a moment and hrms softly and shakes his head. "Nay. I have never heard of these Keyblades." The Judge Magister then starts to make his way for the door. "However I will see if we have any information on them in our Archives in Archades."

He turns to face them both. "If you both would please excuse me. It has been a long day and it will be a longer night.." he looks at Evja, "I am glad though you are alright. Try to get some rest and I hope you recover well, honor."

He then bows his head to Aerith, and almost bows to her. "Rest well as well, Mi'lady Aerith."

The the Judge Magister heads out.
Aerith Aerith waved farewell to the man before turning toward Evja. "Well... if it helps, I've met a Keyblade Wielder. His name's Mickey... ever heard of him?"
Evja As Gabranth goes to leave, Evja nods, standing and walking to pat Gabranth on the shoulder himself before he left. "Be safe. I am sure you can take care of yourself, however."

Then he wanders back to take a seat, inviting Aerith over with a wave. "No, I have not, though... it heartens me to hear that there are, indeed, other Keyblade Wielders. I was worried there was only one."
Aerith Aerith smiled and pushed off the wall. "Honestly, he's the kindest, most humble guy you'll ever meet. And he can use a Keyblade like no one else I've ever seen... as for the weapon itself, it's extremely powerful against the Heartless, and any entity of darkness that it cuts through tends to not last very long."
Evja Huh. So others do know a fair amount of keyblades.

"I wonder how one truly comes across one of these items. Are they crafted? Or found? Or... is it something else entirely?" By now Evja was raising and lowering his arm a bit to try and work out the soreness.
Aerith Aerith shook her head. "That, honestly, I have no idea about. Merlin however seems to know quite a bit... why?" She chuckled. "Don't tell me you want one! If there's so little that's known about them, there's even less known about how to get one."
Evja "It is not that I want one so much as..." That's where the Viera paused to think about it before looking to his shoulder, "I need to become stronger to combat the darkness. I lost the Hades Cup to being too weak... I was nearly killed earlier tonight even considering it was effectively an ambush... I need to become stronger. For the sake of the worlds I am now trying to help."
Aerith Aerith nodded. "It's what drove me too... I felt helpless as far as defending myself, and it meant I needed to do something to improve. It took a lot of people to help me and a lot of hard work... but I can handle whatever the darkness throws at me now. It's not always a weapon that decides how strong you are, but your own heart and will that determines how far you really go."
Evja Ones own heart? Is that truly the weapon that matters? Suddenly Evja felt rather bad about wanting power in light of something so simple. In this new world where creatures go for peoples hearts and the heartless... "Perhaps 'tis truly so simple. But, still, a strong heart with no ability to fight is worthless. It has to be..."
Aerith Aerith shook her head. "Put it this way... inside every heart rests something that no weapon can equal. Weapons are only tools, and they're designed to do certain things... but there's one thing that cold steel and tough armor don't have. A lot of people are confused about what to call it... but I think it's potential."
Evja "I shall have to trust you on that." Evja stretches back in his chair before saying, "After we get something to eat, what do you think about getting on a flight towards wherever this Merlin is so hopefully we can be there by the time morning comes? Or closer, atl east."
Aerith Aerith nodded. "Yeah, we do need to get a move on... but food sounds good about now." She walked toward the front door, hoping that the Viera would come along. "Let's get going, shall we?"
Evja "Sure." and with that, Evja stands, wandering to the kitchen briefly to thank Zia before heading out with Aerith.
Zia Zia packs the Viera a bit of stew, with extra carrots, in a to-go box. Shard Seeker special.
Aerith Aerith waved at Zia as she left. "Nice to finally meet you. See you soon!" Sooner than she'd think, because the last stop on this crazy journey to get a world pieced back together was coming...
Evja As Evja leaves, however, he notices a letter on the floor and leans to pick it up. Huh, addressed to him. Strange, his Chocobo must have dropped it. As he leaves, he opens it to read.

This scene contained 51 poses. The players who were present were: Zia, Aerith, Gabranth, Evja