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Dinner with CHIEF
(2013-03-05 - 2013-03-07)
CHIEF invites VALKYRI to dinner. Surely nothing will go wrong.
Avira Welcome to The Three Caballeros Grill.

This is a hoppin' Mexican restaurant that manages to be painfully authentic, as if to spite Mexico currently being lost to the darkness. It was set up in Traverse Town not long after the worlds were first shattered and has enjoyed quite a bit of popularity since then. The owners Jose and Joaquin were colorful and cheerful presences within their own restaurant that mysteriously would not answer why the grill was named such. It is at this very restaurant that CHIEF had made his reservations.

Notably, CHIEF is not there, but mentioning him by name to the penguin hostess will shuffle those along to the reserved table. The table is a gigantic round one meant for family dinners and meant to contain all of VALKYRI, should they all show up.

Avira, who ironically believed she would be late, is the first to arrive. She waits, seated alone at the table, mulling over her menu in the downtime. Since she was invited out in this case, she's taken care to at least fix her hair up into a nice braid and wear slacks and a dress shirt.
Vespa Vespa did not dress up. She is wearing her usual maid outfit, as she walk into the resturant. She look a bit unconforable feeling very out of place as she enters. She get a few looks as she passes making her way to the reseverd table. One customer tries to get her attention thinking she is part of the wait staff but she just ingores them.

"Hello Aviva.", she say as she sits at the table. "This resturant certainly is different.."
Navya Navya doesn't even know what a caballero is. She's not the brains of the team.

Any team.

It is generally hard to keep Navya away from dinner, but more importantly than that, she wanted to finally meet some of the members of VALKYRI she hasn't. There's a few of them. It was a good opportunity. Right? Right.

It did not occur to Navya to change her outfit much, which means she is still wearing blousy pants and her white with gold trim top. She has her wings curled in to not smack anyone when she turns around, but has failed to do much with her tail, which hits at least one chair on her way toward the big table.

"I think it's from somewhere far away," Navya says, having heard Vespa on her approach. "Nowhere near where I'm from, at least."
Ariel Ariel is in this restaurant by coincidence. She has been trying to convince them to stop cooking fish. This generally hasn't been going well with the local restaurants, but you can't blame her for trying.

She got some new outfits from friends, but generally wears her blue dress around town, as no one has stopped her from it yet. She looks a little dejected as she walks away from the kitchen (having been politely explained to that fish must be different in her world and eating them in this world is no big deal). But she brightens when she sees a curious table of people gathering.
Katyna Katyna's honestly not sure what this is about, but she couldn't resist the offer of free food! Who was this funky CHIEF guy who spelled his name in capital letters? Was he related to LEXUS in some way? He had her curiosity piqued.

And so she has arrived, probably totally late, and hardly stylish in black dress pants and a red silk shirt. Bah, she's not one much for dresses honestly..Or make up or jewelry. But hey, it's better than her usual dusty armour or worn tunic attire.

As she wanders into the restauraunt, Kat comes across Navya first, before spying Vespa and Avira already seated. She's only met the former two maybe once or twice before under chaotic circumstances and so it'd be nice to get to know them a little better.

"Hi, everyone! Sorry I'm late! Looks like I'm not the last one though!"

Sooo where is CHIEF?
Minerva Minerva had made her way to the mexican restaurant, she knew nothing of the nation but had head the food was rather good. Still CHIEF? She's not sure what to think about this, she's wearing much as she normally does down to the gauntlests and leggings she's almost always got on, given the odd heartless raid in town as of late it be unwise to not to do so but she's got food on her mind

"No it seems I'm the last one in Katyna. I have no idea where Chief has placed himself. I wonder if he may be a bit tardy."
Avira "Vespa! Glad you could make it." Avira looks up over the edge of her menu, then drops it to place it flat against the table. "This is a Mexican restaurant. Or, well, South American in general if the menu's any indication. These dishes sound pretty authentic." They are, in fact, all named in Spanish.

Navya gets a wave too. "South America was a continent from Earth, which is the world that Manhattan came from. Manhattan was on the North America continent."

Katyna's appearance draws a bit of surprise from Avira and she finds herself almost feeling underdressed around her. "I know, right? CHIEF should have been here by now. If he stood us up, I am -so- letting him have it the next time I catch him."
Navya Navya went to Manhattan once, so she knows where that is at least, but she never saw a worldwide map when she was there (or if she did, she didn't recognize it as one). Her brow furrows slightly. "Oh," she says. "Did they have airships to get there, then?"

If the whole menu is in Spanish, Navya is going to do a lot of pointing. Fortunately, she's good at pointing.

Navya looks at the chair a bit perplexedly before she just kind of plops down on it, trying not to catch her wings between the back, the armrests, and herself and to find a place for her tail. This place was not made for gria. She's used to managing at this point, though, even if it does mean she tends to hunch forwards slightly. She ends up smiling at the other VALKRI members. "Maybe he got lost?" she says, a little uncertainly.

She hasn't seen Ariel ye t, either.
Vespa "It's not good to make the guests wait.", Vespa says. She nods hearing Avira describe the location the resturant is based off of. She look over at Navya her appearance is a but unsual but she doesn't comment on it. She looks over the menu she can't read spanish either, doesn't help she holding it upside down. "Should we go ahead and order?"
Ariel Ariel is kind of lurking, but only because she heard conversation about places she's heard of before, 'Manhattan' and 'America.' They both sound like interesting places (she's not sure of the scale of one relative to the other). Navya is also a type of human she hasn't seen before (ie, probably not a human), but she's seen a few Gargoyles so after a moment, assumes she may be one of those. She's only staring a little. If noticed staring, she gets really interested in the menu, which, she can't read at all.
Katyna Katyna grins at Minerva. "Heh, well you're still not the last! Bah, where is that guy? and how come I'm more dressed up than anyone else? Yegads! I feel soooooo self conscious now!" She makes a face, running a hand through her hair.

Ooh, and her stomach grumbles too. "darn, I'm hungry..Hmmm..." She does notice the red haired girl staring at their table, arching a brow at her. "Heey, is she a new recruit? That girl over there?" and then she has to go and point at Ariel. Bah.
Minerva Minerva is just happy about the food but she's going to have to ask for help with the menu she's lucky to be litterate in her own lanuage than to know a forigen one. She shrugs a bit at Navya. "Who knows this is CHIEF we are talking about here." She looks over to Avira for a moment and frins. "Why do I think he's planning a grand entrnace." Let's hope it doesn't involve a tank coming through the door.

She doe seem to be find with waiting and Ariel gets a bit of a look over again. "We'll get the food sooner ort later least Katyna's stomach consumes her from the inside out first."
CHIEF is indeed late. This had to due with the fact that user human clothing was an odd bit. He understood jackets, and boots. Yet what he had apparently would /NOT/ do for dinner. Not this place that he was gonna be at; at least not what another program had to say on the matter.

Yet there was no DPS with him right now, not that they were in the area - somewhere - but for now it would just be CHIEF, at least for, perhaps, a little bit.

Though the military program comes in not with his normal leather-like light suit, but instead he is actually wearing cloths! It made be hard to spot him at first as he walks in talking to the main waitress. He was wearing a white dress jacket, white slack pants, black dress shoes, and a long brim, white fedora. The only give aways were his exposed fingerless gloves with glowing green lines at the knuckles, and that red, almost see through visor.

Then soon he was shown to the table he reserved. Then that exposed chest area with the green lines also could be seen. Yep. Here comes CHIEF.
TRON Walking behind CHIEF is another man, brown hair and glasses wearing a red collared shirt and dark-colored slacks. They happened to arrive at the reserved table at about the same time, a fact that seems to amuse the man a bit.

"My apologies for being late," Alan states as he slides into an empty chair. "I hope we have not missed much?"
Ariel Ariel peers over the menu she was so diligently looking at. "Oh... Oh, hi, no, I'm not a new member, of... sorry." She didn't realize it was a club. "I just overheard you talking about Manhattan. That's a place I wanted to visit some day. I hope you didn't mind me overhearing!" She waves at Alan when he arrives, just because he walks by her.
Avira "Nah, let's just hold out a little longer." Avira says, peering over at another penguin, who is hovering around their table and waiting to take orders. "I assume he's going to be paying for us tonight since, well, it was his idea. I don't know how much his DPS job pays him-" or if he gets paid at all, "-so go easy on 'im."

Katyna points out Ariel and Avira looks over her shoulder at the nearby girl. "New recruit...? Hmm. No, actually, I don't recognize her at all. She certainly seems curious about us." Cheerfully, Avira gives Ariel a wave. "Oh, Manhattan doesn't exist right now-" she suddenly gets really excited, "But it will /soon/."

Then, with a flourish, their man of the hour shows up-in human clothing, no less! "Well now I feel /really/ underdressed." Funny, Avira was reminded of Zorro for some reason. Could be because she's surrounded by Spanish. "Welcome CHIEF! Welcome..." Avira actually pauses. She hasn't seen Alan looking like Alan in quite some time. "...Alan." Seems she'll still remember to stick with that particular name though.

"Anyway! Let me introduce everyone since I don't think you've met many of our members. This is Vespa-she swings a mean axe." Avira gestures at each in turn, "Navya. She's a gria from Ivalice. Minerva's also from Ivalice and...Katyna is also from Ivalice."
CHIEF There is a bustling assemblage of people in this most authentic of mexican restaurants this evening, and although they are not exactly trying to hide it a few figures stand out from the restaurant patrons by virtue of not quite fitting in.

Some of them have been here for awhile while others are filtering in or leaving. At a small table with a bowl of chips and salsa in front of him is a man with short military cut brown hair topped by an outragous sombrero. It's extremely festive and completely clashes with the calm demeanor and the sensible clothes he's wearing. He chews thoughtfully on a chip while another man carrying a small bowl of salsa passes by, a heavy visor wrapped over their eyes as they walk into a small side corridor out of the restaurant.

A short haired woman in a flattering blue-grey dress has been here for awhile at a table, occasionally sipping from a glass of something with a look of infinite chagrin on her face as she scans the crowd, raising an eyebrow slightly at Ariel and Katyna and Avira.

When CHIEF enters the restaurant she scans past him without another glance. A man in a dress shirt and jacket that is nearly a tuxedo sits diagonal from the man with the sombrero, arguing loudly but aimably with them in spanish. It's arguably horrible spanish because anybody with sense of the language would see that they are randomly inserting words into the conversation that ends up with the english equivalent of 'Stop rankling my potatoes sir' and the man with the sombrero is trying earnestly to keep a straight face while he is being railed at.
Navya Navya hadn't known the other two were from Ivalice too. Navya cranes around to look at them, but no, they don't remind her of anyone she knows from home. She supposes she should have expected that.

But she smiles at Chief and Alan, once Avira points them out (she wouldn't have recognized them otherwise). "Uh, not really, we were just... kind of gathering, I guess! Hello. I'm Navya; it's nice to meet you guys!" She wonders if she should get up and bow, or something. Even Ariel gets a smile, though that may just be because Navya tends toward friendliness.
Katyna Kat arches a brow when CHIEF and Alan make their entrance. "Wow, like, what kinda name is CHIEF anyways?" Still, she peers at him and offers a smile and nod, "Hi! I'm Katyna! Nice to meet y'all! Wow, I guess I'm not the only one totally dressed up tonight at least!"

She peers back at Minerva and navya and grins, "Heh, that's cool. I knew about Minerva being from my world, but not you, Navya. Never seen a Gria before though. Still..Good to know!"

Finally she looks over at Ariel and smirks, "So sorry..It's..But, yeah, I guess there IS hope.."
Vespa "Hello, as Avira said I'm Vepsa.", Vespa says looking around at everyone as they are introduced. It was nice to get to know her fellow VALKRI mebers under less chaotic curmstances. She flips the menu over again, looking at it with a confused look on her face.
Minerva Now Chief has arrived, with great fan fair, well maybe not but here he is and he's seemingly well calm? Wait calm? She kinda stares at that and nods to Alan as he arrives. "Good to see you Alan."

She looks to Aerial and nods sadly a bit "The world was consumed by the Darkness." She nods a little bit and says "Hello, Chief."

Then some others arrive and some fo them get a strange look from the wandering monk.
Ariel Ariel just helps herself to a chair, resting her chin on her hands. Now she's heard a new word that caught her attention! "What's Ivalice like?" she asks the other girls.
Pumpkinhead A Dennou approaches--seeming to be Umi of the Network rather than Emi, who is presently busy with Omi. She is steps inside and says, "Hello hello, I heard there was free food here! This one apologizes if she is late, provided she can still get something yummy to consume! Heh heh, The Network further adds that this one is being a bit presumptuous."

She looks towards Katyna for a moment, but then notices Navya. "Oh hello!" Her eyes widen. Ariel too! "Woah." She adds.
CHIEF watches Alan pass by with some interest, before his gold eyes turn to look at the others past that semi transparent red visor. He tips the brim of his hat down to all, with a mild, warm smile on his face. "Greetings," pause, "..users." another momentary pause. He was trying to sound polite. He was trying to not think about how many /were/ here. This restaurant was full of them. If something went wrong here...

"A pleasure to meet all of you," He glances at those Avira introduces, "Vespa, Navya, Minerva, and Katyna." He gives them another nod of his head, before he pulls out a chair for himself and flourishingly takes off his hat with a bit of bow. "Though I know nothing about this.. Ivalice.. but I am sure it will be an interesting topic to be educated on."

He glances over to Kat, "CHIEF is a short hand for my entire long, user, given name. I can tell you what it means, but it may make your eyes spin." he says with a grin. Yep, that grin, which is quickly placed in check as he looks then over to Vespa before giving another nod.

He glances then over to Minerva and gives her a nod, before his attention slides to those on the table not introduced, such as Aerial. "And who is this one?" He asks looking directly at the young woman who seems to be highly interested in Ivalice as well.

CHIEF does know where the DPS are now. He has been idly scanning the room by simple visual data. Not that he is going to bring attention; even though he does for just a second glance over in ECHO's direction, before return it back to Aerial.

Then as Umi enters the area, CHIEF turns to look at her as he rotates just a bit in his chair. She speaks like a program, kinda, yet she wasn't. That-- really confused him and it was kinda written on his face."Indeed. Foods on me." CHIEF says calmly still giving Umi a complexed look. "..and Network huh?" he tilts his head slightly to the side, before resting the hat on his leg for safe keeping; for now. "Your.. a computer interface?"
TRON Alan smiles appreciatively at Avira as she remembers to call him by name, inclining his head in a nod to the others as they are introduced. "Indeed, it is good to finally place some faces to names I have heard in the past. As already stated, my name is Alan. It is a pleasure to meet you all."

Even better that CHIEF seems to be faring quite well considering their surroundings. The last time they'd met, CHIEF had to leave the cafe... and got into a live-fire spar with Lavi outside, but that's neither here or there.

He leans back in his seat as a Dennou joins them. Unfortunately, he can't quite tell which Dennou it is, not nearly familiar enough to tell the 'sisters' apart. "By all means, Miss Dennou," he chuckles, taking the best neutral response without risking mistaken identity.

He seems fully focused on the discussions at hand, however, ignoring those not seated around their own (large) table. "Ivalice... isn't that part of the World of Ruin now?"
Avira Users everywhere! Users human and parrot and gria!

Ariel is curious about Ivalice as is CHIEF. Avira is, of course, happy to talk about it. "Ivalice is pretty intense, if you ask me. Though there is one interesting thing that I've noticed-there seem to be two instances of Ivalice. I'm assuming they're at different points in the timeline of their world! The Ivalice I'm more familiar with has some extremely prominent airship technology."

One of the Dennous shows up and Avira's not all that surprised, though near as she can tell, it isn't Shida (who is fond of VALKYRI because her name ends in the letter a no doubt). "Come join us-" Ah, CHIEF is already asking questions about the Network, "-I'm sure it's going to be very educational tonight."
Navya "I'm from Camoa," Navya explains, which probably doesn't help much; it's a fine gathering spot for adventurers, but only really for adventurers from nearby. Fluorgis seems to have been more popular in general lately. "There aren't a lot of gria there, so maybe that's why you never did. I don't know if you went to the Loar continent."

Navya makes a face, though it doesn't last long. "Yeah, it is," she says. "Fluorgis has been... there's been lots of people going there, and that's from the same place. We've got airships too! Moorabella's got an aerodrome and everything." Not that Navya has ever been to it.

She gives Umi a grin, which fades slightly because she thinks she may have misidentified her by the voice. Whoops. "Uh," she says, unsure of which Dennou it is; she only met most of them the once, after all.
Katyna Katyna smiles at Ariel, "Heey, why dontcha join us, and I can tell you all about Ivalice! It's really a beautiful place! Are you..New here?" She's certainly not seen her around these parts before. But then, she's just a guest here too and she glances hesitantly at the others. "I mean..If y'all are ok with her joining us, that is?"

She looks back at CHIEF and smirks, "Hah! You a program then? Like..Er..LEXUS?" still, she's curious to hear what his full name is and the girl grins impishly, "No really, I DO wanna hear your full name! I'll bet it's cool!"

Emi or Umi or whoever shows up - cant tell them apart darnit! - and she grins, "Hey you, again. wassup? Gonna join us too?" Then back to Avira, she arches a brow. "Ooh, there's more than once Ivalice? Really? That's pretty cool..How strange, I wonder if they are related..?"
Pumpkinhead "Ah hello again!" Umi waves a hand to TRON before looking over to CHIEF, eyebrows raised up. Of course, she seems confused herself. "Well, nope, we're not computers. The Network is a Human Network of linked minds. Though, this one supposes we can interface with computer interfaces and take in data directly, The Network is helpfully vague on the matter."

Shida is pretty fond of VALKYRI. Umi is also fond of VALKYRI though it probably does not have anything to do with their name.

"Is this a celebration?" She asks. Wait CHIEF, CHIEF...... CHIEF...

CHIEF. Nope doesn't ring a bell!
Vespa "What's a program?", Vespa asks as she looks over CHIEF, he looks normal execpt for those glowing green eyes. Vepsa is computer illliteralite! She wonders how there can be more than one place.. She guess she will find out. She going to find out a few thing tonight, she hopes so anyway.
Minerva Minerva is totally a User though her world has lost access to computer technology for the most part barring a few relics lurking in the dark and forgotton corners of the world. "I have noticed the strange cirmstance to be sure. Airships are little more than a legend though they say there's a graveyard of them somewhere. Honestly it is beautiful but there are many problems it's locked in a civil war over the next king, at the moment. It's been very bloody and brutal a lot of the common folk are suffering because of it. Also in the one I am native too there are no other races, they are dead, gone or myth far as we know. Barring Goblins now that I think about it."

"Something to do with technology Vespa, don't think too hard on it, there comes a point where technology seems to exist for it's own sake and people get ground under it."
Ariel Ariel thought she had already joined, unless Katyna meant joining some exclusive club (whatever this club happens to be). She nods at her, though. She's never been a person to ...not join.

Maaaybe she should ask. "Join what? This is a club, isn't it?"
Maira Maira limps into the restaurant, having just got back from her fairly random trip to help out Evja with some seriously creepy matters in an underground ruin--also she was briefly Artyom's backpack.

The young mage is bandaged a good deal beneath the pale blue sundress she wears. She's clean though, and appears to have been treated and mostly healed--likely by herself.

Maira peeks her blonde head into the restaurant and moves over to the table with VALK and CHIEF, waving. "Hiii....sorry I'm late..." she says, her cheeks flushes with embarrassment.
Oblivion The man with the egregious sombrero takes the offensively colored creation off and places it on the table, crossing his arms. The man with the dress jacket and snazzy pants slowly gets up from the table and wanders towards the back of the restaurant.

He takes off his dress jacket, folding it under one arm as he talks briefly and intently with some of the staff. There is a brief argument in spanish (which oddly enough has stopped being ridiculous) and then the man takes a small notebook and approaches the large table with purpose. The blonde haired man flashes a charming smile at the assembled ladies.

"Good evening. I am Phillipe and I'll be taking your orders this evening." The man with the sombrero snorts lowly and is ignored. "Have you made your decisions yet?" his hand poises on the notebook as he looks to each member in turn.

Avira has met this man before once while clothes shopping, looking completely different cleaned up and not sporting an excruciatingly loud hawaiian shirt.

A man with a black wrap around visor returns and sits down next to the woman in the blue-grey dress, whose attention is on Katyna when not on her drink. Phillipe looks at Maira as she approaches and frowns slightly."May I help you to your seat?" he asks kindly.
Alan speaks up and that causes CHIEF for a moment to take his attention away from Umi and the ladies of the table, which he stares at Alan for a long time, "Oh-- You! I remember /you/ now. Your the dude with the newspaper at the cafe!"

Suddenly, attention drawn away. He is such a puppy.

"Camoa?" Head tilt one way, "Gria?" Head tilt the other. Then slowly the other direction again. He was very confused.

The Kat asks her question. It causes a minor eye brow twitch as he looks at her normally. A minor smirk, but he-- somehow-- keeps his cool. "No. Nothing like LEXUS. LEXUS is a virus program, where I am classified as a Basic program." CHIEF tries to explain. "As for my name, it means Central Handler Intelligence for Extreme Firepower." CHIEF only grins now. "I was designed for weapon targeting interface, but some users decided to... push.. these limits." He doesn't seem to get into further details as he moves to the /next/ question.

And yet, programs looked human Vespa, beyond the glowing line. Those amazing glowing lines. CHIEF raised an eye brow. "Programs are..." He tilts his head. "Programs. Or better known to many users of the technical field. Coded software that aids in making computers run particular pieces of.. well.." He chuckles. "Stuff." He then shrugs lightly. "Many users do not realize we are sentient beings, thus they--" His eye brows furrow. "-- well, they don't know the damage they sometimes do to us."

The military program then looks at Umi, "Ah. I see. So a mass user interface then." He gives a minor nod. "Interesting... that something that is a user.. can also speak on a data level of a program with similar speech patterns to a program." Yet his attention is drawn away once more. "Airships sound really interesting. Are they like aircraft? I use to work on one long ago.." He gives a very soft chuckle, it wasn't a happy. More like one in remembrance of.

CHIEF turns to look at Maira as she comes in, "Welcome to the show!" He says placing out his hands with a big smile.

Then LANCER -- no wait, he is calling himself 'Phillipe' shows up and causes CHIEF to cork an eyebrow. He just stares at him for a moment, before his eyes slowly drift over to the woman in the background who has a drink and is in the dress. He gives her a puzzled look, as if waiting for a silent reply in return.

Though he looks at everyone seated and smiles, warmly. Well, tries anyone. "Order up folks! Whatever you like!"
Vespa "There are..", Vespa aduibly pauses. "..Were airships in my world. The weren't very common I never rode in one myself. She nods to Minerva. "Allright I take your word for it Minerva"

She just nods at CHIeF explains what programs are, having no clue what he is talking about. she likes Minerva explaination better. She spots Maira and waves to her.
TRON Upon CHIEF's recognition, Alan gives the Program an amused smile. "I'm honored you remember me, CHIEF. It's been a while, and I'm glad you're better now than you were then."

He leeeeans his chair onto the two back legs, waving over to Maira. "Glad you could join us, Maira," he greets warmly. The extent of her bandages turn his smile to concern, however. "Are you faring well?"

He lets his chair return to standing on all four legs and picks up the menu with his black-gloved hands. "Programs are beings made of data and energy, much like humans and other such races are made of flesh and blood. The digital realm where Programs live and work can be accessed by humans through a piece of technology called a 'computer', and humans capable of accessing and altering a Program's data are called 'Users'." He cants his gaze around to Avira and CHIEF in particular. "Am I correct thus far?"

He gives Phillipe an amused but slightly wary glance. Yes, if Avira can recognize their waiter, so can he. "I'll try the cheese enchillada with the refried beans and rice."
Minerva Minerva is going to get her order, she'll pick a few things off the menu at random. She becomes rather distracted by CHIEF however as he expalins a few things listening. She wasn't being insulting about her technology comment really she wasn't intending to but machines replacing people's jobs? Also these programs look human and act like people for the most part.

"Sounds much like the careless noble and the commoners they rule over." She notes to Cheif she kinda gets what he's saying but not really.

"Thank you CHIEF." She might not understand computers but prehaps in that she met basics and sees them as people rather than things first. "Energy like a mages spells?" She askes Alan trying to understand but failing really. She's trying darn it.
Avira "There's definitely more than one." Avira repeats, "Though I'm pretty sure they're related. Like I said, I think they might be from different periods in time? Like the one with all the airships is future Ivalice. I'm still learning about the other Ivalice with the much more prominent Church." She doesn't seem to be interested in giving details on that though.

"I came from Rabanastre, in a way, which is a big trade hub of a city. They had an airship port and lots of technology powered by power sources called magicite. Magicite is basically crystalized mist, which in turn is this sort of magical essence that flows through all things. Well, it's a little more complicated than that but I don't have my mist theory books at the ready."

Suddenly, her BFF arrives. "Maira!" she chirps cheerfully, waving her over to their table in an enthusiastic manner. She seems happy Maira could make it since she actually was looking forward to meeting CHIEF. "Oh don't worry about being late, I'm just glad you're here, Maira! -anyway, yeah, airships are aircraft, only they look nothing like planes. They're not aerodynamic or really built for speed."

As their penguin waiter is ousted by a DPS agent, Avira double-takes, staring up at LANCER. "W..wha..uh...I'll have the carnitas with a side of camote." Staring up at him, she hastily passes her menu over.
Pumpkinhead "IF you'd like to share data, we'd be happy to." Umi says carelessly. She is unaware she is now user program, but they'd probably be honored. User program sounds neat! maybe? They don't actually know what that means, she's even asking the others, so she is quiet for the moment as she tries to figure this one out.
Maira Maira nods to the server, smiling as she lets herself be lead to a seat. She already knows what she wants. "The burrito special please! And um, some water with lemon..."

Maira's smile grows as she looks to CHIEF, nodding. "Heh, thanks! Hope you are having fun so far," she replies.

Maira sits across from TRON, nodding a little and responding with a warm smile and wave at his greeting. "I'm alright, just had a little trouble on a thing..." she says, waving it off. She doesn't want to interrupt the conversation already going on with her story.

Maira grins to Avira, who she assumes has saved her a seat and leans over for a quick hug. "Glad I made it too!"
Navya Navya doesn't know what these prgrams are, even now. Or human networks. She tries to listen, but it's kind of hard to keep paying quite so much attention all the time, especially when you don't understand the words. Rather like CHIEF's confusion, except Navya doesn't know what software or users are either. She only vaguely understands what a computer was.

"Hi, Maira!" Navya says, having met /her/ before at least. "Anyway, I don't know much about airships either other than that they fly, but... I guess they go fast, they can take you across the continent in a day!" She grins, somehow proud of it.

To Ariel, Navya explains, "VALKYRI is, um, an organization. But you'd have to ask Avira about that." She points out Avira (literally, she points) in case Ariel didn't get the name.

And then one of her favourite topics: food. "I'll take whatever," she says, having not really read the menu. "With, um, with beef? Something with beef?" Her brows furrow, and Navya actually picks up the menu, squinting at it.
Ariel Ariel is pondering what the normal human thing to order would be. She listens to what others are saying. The talk about the computer is pretty interesting too.

But she studies the menu intensely as if she's trying to make a tough choice, before saying, "The special sounds good!" Burritos appear to contain chicken and not fish. Though she worries a little about the poor chickens too. "I think I'd like to catch an airship... and see it for myself! And... a computer? too." She's not sure she got that word right.
Oblivion Phillipe scribbles down the cheese enchillada with the beans and rice, although it might also be a doodle of a rabbit eating a frog sandwich for the sense that it makes on the actual written page.

He also nods placidly at Avira, taking the menu from her and pivoting just slightly to regard Navya. "May I suggest the beef carnitas? They are agreeably something with beef." Phillipe scribbles down one special burrito with lemon water (with those two separated and in different containers, thankfully)

He takes orders and shuffles papers, making sure to get everyone around to the table and double-checking before he leaves for the kitchen. Something insectile tootles a chirpy tune of several quiet tones from a faint glimmer of metal seen somewhere on the ceiling.
CHIEF listens to the conversations going across the table, not having much to add in. He doesn't even know what to order. He hasn't even looked. User clothing was one thing. Food was-- something he had yet to fully understand. Even when some /others/ tried to get him to salsa with chips, which wasn't bad, but it didn't beat mixed energy from the clubs.

"Airships sound pretty interesting." A little slow though in his mind as he calculated the speed of the airplane he once operated on. The F117. Yet, perhaps by lack of technology that these places had, that would be rather impressive. He glances over to Avira then and nods gently in understanding as well.

CHIEF blink as Umi offers to share data. He just slowly glances at her with this look on his face. It was a very odd look and hard to determine just what he is thinking, before he gives a mild amused smile. "Nah. My data is pretty Fubar."

His attention switches back over to Avira, "I have never been to these.. places. I have no data input of these places or any tactical information on their location." His right eye almost flickers for a moment, which oddly is also the eye that has two scars that run from the tip of the brow and down the side of his cheek slightly. Then he looks over to Maira, "Also pleasure to meet you Maira, I am CHIEF." He says with a semi-warm smile.

He slowly looks over to the man with the giant hat. He then looks across at everyone here. So far everything was holding together, beyond a few minor points he could point at now where his systems wanted to break the binds. Wanted to bypass the blocks.

"So, if these places are of two different time periods," He remembers this being brought up earlier. " are they coexisting then? I can understand this on a operating system level due to different bite rate transfers from different eras, but.. I guess something like that could happen in user space." He hrms before he just chuckles. "Not that I find the science of it all very fascinating! It kinda gives me a headache!"

He wasn't a science program, but he did have a decent code string to understand if it he /really/ wanted too. Just, isn't he direct purpose.

CHIEF then grins at Ariel. "The system I come from is very much like user space. Only areas are lit with brighter lights and very vivid colors. Some surfaces are black that reflect like dark mirrors. Think of.. a very heavily polished surface." He tries to explain, a minor frown comes on his face and a hint of sadness on his face. Yet it is quickly gone as it comes. "Though the systems I come from are no longer accessible, and if they were, I would-- well-- be derez on sight. My only safe haven is that of an /far/ older system. Though there, my data gets a little.." he hand wobbles. "..scrambled. Such as my cigar becomes a tooth pick and my weapons are hard to reconfigure in such environment. Also my disc has funky effects." Then he had waves it all. "Yet, that is probably not a very good topic of interest, so I apologize."

He does peer at everyone with a grin. "Tell me more about this.. Rabanastre.. and Ivalice.. world of ruin.. I believe some said."

CHIEF then slowly peers up at the grid-bug in the distance. Then his eyes slowly glance over to the man with a black visor. His eyes just narrowed, before he smiled at the rest of the table. Nothing to see! Really!
Maira Maira smiles over to CHIEF. "Nice to meet you as well!" she replies.

...Several minutes later, Maira's head is suddenly on Avira's shoulder. Well, she's asleep. Woops.
TRON Alan readjusts his glasses back up the bridge of his nose and relaxes back in his seat. He looks perfectly at ease, enjoying the conversations at hand.

"I'm not that familiar with the World of Ruin myself," he adds to CHIEF's inqury. "Only what I've seen personally, but it's so... diverse. What seems to be accepted in one area is not in others. Even the concept of magic is," minor self-depreciating chuckle, "hard to understand sometimes."
Pumpkinhead Umi says, "Haha, okay!" She places her own order at about this time, not that she has money to pay for it or anything. This is unsanctioned mooching! Emi will be displeased, only sanctioned mooching is allowed.

"They're flyin' boats." She supplies helpfully.
Avira "The best place to catch an airship now, with how the world is rearranged now and stuff, would be to go to Fluorgis. They've got plenty of airships to all over the place." She leaves the explanations of computers and programs to CHIEF and TRON. They both seem to be doing a very good job at it-though only the likes of Vespa can really determine that. If they could get someone who has never used a computer to understand what they are...

An eyebrow lifts at the hidden LANCER. "You don't say." she says, voice carrying a hint of suspicion, "Let's go with that, then, since it is the...waiter's recommendation."

But more importantly, back to the World of Ruin and Ivalice. "Never, CHIEF? Alan...has been there before." she points out, "If you're allowed out of Traverse, maybe a trip would be in order. And if they are two different time periods..I have no idea how they both exist at once. I know nothing about the workings of the interdimensional space-time continuum."
Ariel "Oh, no, it's very interesting!" Ariel says to CHIEF, having understood maybe about half of what he was talking about. Avira mentions where she should catch an airship. Now she's making travel plans. Though she has a nice place to stay, she thinks roaming a little more is certainly in order. "It sounds like The World of Ruin is a nice place, so why do they call it that?"
Oblivion The man with a large hat raises an eyebrow at CHIEF when they make eye contact, but otherwise just keeps a hand on the egregious hat turning it slowly around in his hands as he picks it off the table.

The woman in a blue-grey dress snags a penguin waiter as they shuffle about and gets her drink topped up and orders something. Eventually, about the time 'Phillipe' the crouching waiter, hidden LANCER returns with trays full of mexican comestibles the penguin delivers to her a caramel flan slightly oozing along one side. She peers at the dessert quizzically, then pokes a fork into the shiny custard.

Phillipe delivers each order to each appropriate person and then nods to the table. "May I get you anything else?"
CHIEF grunts softly as it seems the 'why have you not' comes up. This causes the side of his lip to twitch a few times, before he reaches up and rubs his forehead under his gray bangs. How to explain this, he thinks to himself silently and maybe even whispers it softly.

"Yeah. Never." He says softly, before looking at Avira again. "After all in... my condition.. I don't think it be very wise to allow someone like to me to roam freely in a place that doesn't even grasp advance technology." He frowns, both of his eyes glow gently. "As I have no good.. separation.. between users and.. users."

He knew logically the difference, but that doesn't change the code level of this knowledge. Ah. The complications of user-error code.

Though CHIEF nods in agreement with Ariel, "Yes, why do they call it the World of Ruin? Because its old fashion." he tries to say with a playful sound in his voice, before it gets a tad more serious, "But really, why is it called that?"

The Military program then looks over to where ECHO is, he claps his hands on the table, though his attention moves back to those assembled. He wanted to call her over; or motion her over. He was surrounded by all these users and though he was holding up. He was starting to get a little...

Twitchy. Not in the bad way, but as if sitting here was getting a little annoying. Been so long since he had been stuck in a social grouping and not do something silly.

Idly then CHIEF takes the paper off a straw and start to roll up it up in a ball. He seems to be doing this without even looking at it. Just rolling up that little paper ball.

Yet his attention shifts back over to ECHO who not only ordering another drink, but a desert too. He quirks a brow, snorts a soft laugh to himself then starts to bing the paper ball between his fingers in boredom. Back-n-forth. Even though he was still paying attention.

He glances over to Umi, "So, who also is exactly in your network?" He can keep up with two conversations at once! Really!!
Minerva Minerva ends up going for a small platter of Tacos really, because Tacos are the best things in the multiverse. She now leans back for a moment and looks at CHIEF for a moment "FUBAR? I don't know that term, what doe sit mean?" She listens and shrugs a little bit "I'm not sure what to think of the situation. she listens still confused a little bit buit getting things are strange. "It's made up of many shattered worlds that have fused together I have not sadly expored it much, as I should have."
TRON Alan laughs a bit. "'FUBAR' means 'Fragged Up Beyond... All Recognition." The pause in the middle of the explaination is so brief as to be nonexistant. "I believe stronger terms could be substituted, but the implication is that the subject of the term is badly broken."

He nods to CHIEF. "If you're able at some time in the future, perhaps we can make a trip out to the World of Ruin? I wouldn't mind going back out there in the future, though I hardly know much about it." He tilts his head over to the other VALKYRI members, a grin crossing his face for a moment. "I think they would make far better tour guides."

He accepts his food from Phillipe and tucks a napkin into his collar to protect the front of his shirt. "I think I'm alright, thank you."
CHIEF was gonna explain the term to Minerva, but it seems Alan beat him to the explanation. He gives a minor nod to Alan. "Pretty much, that is correct." He stops bouncing the ball around. As he just stares at it for a moment. His brows furrow. Though whatever was on his mind he doesn't share.

It was quickly though shelved away, before he smiles at the thought of a tour, then looks to Alan, before over to Avira, "That would be nice, hehee. A tour of the great, wide, unknown! Into the land of adventure," He lifts up the straw like a sword, "Into the land of.. Magic, wasn't it?" He blinks his eyes a few times and looks at the straw. Then at the paper ball. Then that /grid-bug/. Then back at the ball, to then the straw again.

He suddenly gets this wicked grin on his face for moment and places down the straw, before checking something with the paper ball.

"Though for me to go to such a place like the World of Ruin would have to wait until after... some things are.." He starts to stuff the ball into the straw. "...fixed. This though, maybe not being one of those!"

CHIEF then lifts up the straw, before inhaling some air, placing the straw to his lips and blasting the paper-ball at the grid bug on the ceiling.
Avira "Why is it..." Avira slows.

Why WAS it named the World of Ruin? "You know, I have no idea why. That name wasn't a part of anywhere I've been to so maybe someone just started calling it that after everything...broke." Once the food has returned, the inquisitive VALKYRI quickly become consumed with consuming the delicious, delicious food. It is very delicious food and very authentic-it tastes as if they make everything in-house.

"Nope, my good sir, I think we are good for now." She says all too pleasantly to LANCER before lingering on him a little too long. Long enough in that 'I know who you are, buster' way.

Her glee slowly disappears when CHIEF speaks up. "Maybe if we agreed to be an escort, like Alan suggests. Or if someone from DPS did. Or both, if it puts everyone at ease." Since TRON makes a good point in that nobody from DPS would be too familiar with the World of Ruin, would they? "In the World of Ruin, there are no programs. The majority doesn't know what they are."

Now CHIEF starts to get a little...silly. "Uhhh..." He spitballs at something on the ceiling and Avira freezes for a second, glancing over at Alan with a look of worry on her face.
Lancer 'Phillipe' nods and takes his dress jacket, putting it back on as he puts the tray aside. He grins at Avira in a 'I don't care a wit' response as he sits back down at the table while the man with the sombrero finally orders for him and for 'Phillipe' as well.

The penguins give them an odd look. In the crowd of other tables, the man wearing the wraparound visor flinches, head jerking to one side as CHIEF takes out papery vengeance on the grid-bug which makes a startled 'Beep' and scuttles back into a corner to disappear into some plastic shrubbery.
TRON Alan dips his head in an understanding nod. He's enjoying his food even considering the conversation. "Of course. I'm simply--" He stops suddenly when CHIEF blasts a paper ball up towards the ceiling by way of a 'blowpipe' straw, brown eyes snapping upwards over the frames of his glasses to trace the trajectory.

Whether he recognizes the target or not is irrelevant. All he does is lean back in his chair briefly as he takes a drink from his glass, the movement hiding a very amused smile. "Nice shot, CHIEF."

He stealthily gives Avira a reassuring wink at the same time. Don't worry, relax, enjoy the silliness. That's what this whole dinner thing is supposed to be about, right?
Minerva Minerva gets the term explaned by alen and npods her head in thanks, and Chief double confirms it. "It's likely the world of ruin because it's made up of so many fragments of other worlds."

Ah there are her Tacos thankfully and she start to dig in as she listens to the converstions at the table from this point as well FOOD! Then she pauses for a moment at CHEIF's little trick. "Very nicely done."
CHIEF points at the shrubbery, then at his eyes, then back at the Shrubbery. He looks at CHALK and just seems to find more paper to load up in the straw. He just smiles ever so 'sweetly', as he does this. Really he is /ok/. There is /nothing/ wrong at all.

"Thanks." he says with a smug grin on his face to Alan and Minerva. "Tis what I do." He places the straw down gently. He just /stares/ at CHALK across the way. His finger tips gently tapping on the straw.

He then looks over to Avira, "I think I will save to tour for when I am deemed 'safe'. This little activity has proven very enlightening and actually, I am sure, with good result!" he peers back at the shrubbery, "..beyond the entertainment."

He narrows his eyes for a moment, before he looks over at Avira and smiles. "And don't worry. I wont harm you and if I do. I am sure someone has the back of my shoulder in their sights somewhere." He waves his hand around. "If that doesn't work. Then someone will kick me in the face.. and if that isn't /still/ enough, we got a bruiser who gives nasty head-butts."

CHIEF decides to maybe blow some covers, why? Because he figures it is time for some minor honesty. "Like I told you, they be watching me and making sure I don't do anything dangerous." He points the straw at CHALK. "That is CHALK over there. He handles drone control, thus the Grid bug I shot." He then moves it over to ECHO, "That is ECHO, she is the female wrangler. In other words, we get out of line, she hits like a brick house." He moves the straw then over to AESIP. "That man over there, is AESIP. He is a military program designed for the same purpose as I was. Though where I was airforce.. he is army. Thus.. a jar-head and his head hits like one too."

He places the straw down. "The other one keeping an eye on me is somewhere out there." He jabs a thumb out the window. "His name is SHRIKE. He is a sniper. Likes roofs. I don't know his origin, just that he is very good at what he does."

"So probably if we ever did go to the World of Ruin, you can figure that three of these individuals, probably be the ones goes.. yet one of them I didn't say his name of and that is cause I simply don't feel like it yet."
TRON Alan continues eating his food, finding the cheese enchillada to be pretty good, actually.

He raises an eyebrow at CHIEF's display of honesty, his brown eyes flicking to regard each hidden Program in turn. His expression is neutral but honestly so, and it's definitely not the crafted stony silence that says more than words ever could.

"All things considered, and as far as I'm concerned," he rests an elbow on the tabletop and cups his cheek on that upraised hand, "I don't mind, actually."

Avira may find such a statement odd, considering who's saying it, but Alan continues without pause. "In this situation, due prudence is needed and should be appreciated. Their presence has not been disruptive to our gathering, and for that," he turns an honest gaze to the members of DPS, "I thank all of you."
Lancer AESIP, the man in the sombrero, picks up the hat and affixes it so that it hang over one eye. He tips it in the direction of the table while shaking his head at CHIEF.

ECHO, the woman in the dress takes another bite of her flan and then puts a hand across her face. She sighs, picking up her plate of flan before making her way over to the table.

"Hello." she looks somewhat chagrined as she nods to the table, a vague bluish glow flickering underneath her eyes in two short lines. She looks at CHIEF, looks at Alan and Avira and the group, nods sagely to herself, glances to AESIP who handwobbles in response and she sighs.

" Since the introductions have been.. made.. already, do you mind if I take a seat?" Flan not overturned onto CHIEF's head, she continues to eat it while she stands there. CHALK waves from the table and goes back to the book he was surriptiously reading before the bug attack. ECHO smiles. "Thank you, Alan. We did /TRY/ to be non disruptive, but I'm afraid some of us are a little more reckless than others." she glances at LANCER who looks pointedly interested in his salsa'd tacos.
Avira For a few seconds, she seems to be dividing her attentio between Alan and CHIEF, searching for confirmation. Signs of panic. Motions from Alan to evacuate. Instead, she receives a wink from TRON. This was normal, perhaps?

She relaxes again. "Oh CHIEF, you don't have to worry about lil ol' me, I can handle someone like you. I'm a bit more worried about other people."

Now LANCER she was aware of, but the other programs that CHIEF points out? She actually had missed them before! ECHO, when she sees her, does register as familiar. Wasn't she the DPS agent that 'arrested' Fruit Man?

When she comes to join them, Avira gets a better look. After a long stare, she nods, "Go ahead and have a seat. I think your LANCER member needs to work on his cover."
CHIEF looks up and kinda backwards at ECHO who has moved to stand over him with her lovely dessert. He stares at this dessert in question, then back at her. "You wouldn't." He said with a soft sheepish smile, "Would you? Such a thing should not be ruined." He does indeed fear the revenge of the female program.

Apparently like real life women, even female programs are to be to feared when scorned.

All Male Programs know this.

So yes, CHIEF fears dessert to the head, even if there is no attention to do so. It also ruin his nice jacket!

Thankfully, he may have saved himself from the evil of ECHO's revenge. Though he does ponder about her drink which is at the table, and then he wonders-- did she already finish that second glass? So when one of the peguin waiters go by, he goes to order her another one. After all, better keep her from not taking back her thoughts of having flan meet head.

Then Avira tells her to seat and CHIEF uses his foot to push a chair out for ECHO. Sure he doesn't /stand/, but at least he lazily moved the chair out for her. He even did it while not looking, as if trying to be coy about the action. Yep. Nothing here to note!

However those words Avira said does turn gears in his head and though he didn't reply right away. He just grins at her. That dangerous grin, yet there was a playful spark behind it. "Lil' ol you may think you can handle ol' me, but I don't think your hands can handle my process speed."

Then when the drink comes, he rests it on the table where he hopes ECHO would sit, just a further hint. "Though I am honestly glad everyone could come out tonight and things stayed rather calm. Not sure if the next time I was to try this would be so, but-- It is the step in the right direction, hm? Perhaps someday..." CHIEF places out his hands as he keeps his focus on Avira now, "..we can all be allies. Maybe even VALKYRI and DPS could work together in order to.. protect Traverse Town even better." He shrugs. "It is a thought." He then laughs a bit. "Though it isn't my call to say!"

CHIEF then almost gets a wicked grin on his face, "After all-- if you can't beat them, sometimes.. its better to just join them.." Whatever that is suppose to mean.
TRON Alan nods his agreement to ECHO's joining of their conversation, recognizing her immediately from the Fruit Man incident as well. Not that he says so, as technically he wasn't there. Really.

He ignores the total irony of the current situation for now, mentally cateloguing it away for later appreciation.

A knowing but almost painfully wistful smile at the implied antics between CHIEF and ECHO settle on his face for a moment, his eyes unfocusing past them. He shakes away the memories quickly enough and nods to CHIEF, not seeming bothered by whatever he may be implying with that last comment. "For my part, I'm glad to see that you are doing better, CHIEF. That is good enough for me." He lifts his glass, a grin on his face. "May the future be bright and the road to it clear, wherever it may go."
Minerva Minerva has fallen out of the converstation for the most part as she's got Tacos and prehaps she mighe Dessert later but right now she needs to fnish off the rest of her meal She's been seeming to enjoy hrself and is just listening in and she listens about the idea of working with DPS to protect the city that sounds like an idea to her a she thinks about it a bit more.
Avira Uh oh. There goes CHIEF, challenging her words. She should be worried. Avira should back down. But she doesn't. She puts her fork down for a moment and leans forward across the table, meeting his eyes. "Oh yeah? Wel it's more than matching processing speed. I don't know if you caught any of those Hades Cup fights but..."

She leans back, looking pleased with herself, "I'm pretty tough. So don't underestimate lil ol' me." The showboating is quickly set aside. " think so, though? DPS and VALKYRI working together?"

As she says that, her eyes drift to 'Alan.' It isn't she that would have the most issue with such an alliance. "It is a thought. We'll have to see what the future holds on that."

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