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A Test Of Values
(2013-03-05 - 2013-03-06)
Evja challenges Sora to prove himself in a fight. Angantyr doesn't take happily to this and challenges Evja afterwards.
Sora Welcome to Fluorgis, can I take your order?

Sora, the (only?) keyblade wielder known to wander the air trade city, is, well, doing exactly so. While the Keyblade isn't in sight, Sora is gorging himself on some tasty treats, but-

He's a growing teenagaer, what do you expect? He's got a seat at one of the pretty waterfall-like freshwater sources, looking fairly relaxed.
Evja Someone was watching Sora, though. Not because of any particular reason of malice other than his clothing looked familiar somehow.

Then the rest of him started to look familiar.

The boy with the 'key' who sung at the Hades Cup. Having been sitting atop a nearby building with her own meal in hand, Evja stood and vanished, reappearing on the ground nearby and wandering towards where Sora was. She actually waited until he didn't look as if he was stuffing his face to ask, "So... you are the boy with the Keyblade... yes?" Sora had heard the voice before, a thick Vieran accent on it, though not as heavy as some from places such as Golmore.
Sora Sora tilts his head and then immediately focuses on the person asking the question, his eyes narrowing for a few long moments. While he doesn't directly recognize Evja, she asks a important question.

"Yes, that's me." Sora confirms, with bad grammar and all.
Evja "And yet... you are just a child."

How many times had Sora heard such before? Why you? You're just a kid...

One so young...

One so incapable.

"I am Evja, Judge Magister Errant of Jylland. I cannot make you, but I would ask you surrender that tool to someone more capable of handling the darkness, someone older... like myself. After all, as was mentioned, it can restore worlds and fight the Darkness... it is no toy." As Evja asked this, she extended her hand palm up towards Sora, asking for it, but not demanding or threatening.
Sora Not this again.

Sora looks at Evja, flatly, for a very long set of moments. His lips purse, even as he shakes his head. "I am not just a child." He says this very carefully, enuciating his words, the way Kairi does when she's trying to get a point across to Sora.

"My world fell... into the darkness. When it did, I received the Keyblade, to help me fight against the shadows, to go save my... friend. The result swept me into Traverse Town, where I now try to rescue my friends, and my world... and all of my new friends, and their worlds too."

"Even if you took it, it would not stay with you. I know it is not a toy."
Evja "..."

Even as he spoke, Evja stood there with her hand out, waiting, watching.
She was treating his words with enough respect to listen. Though she does finally say, "So others before me have tried to take it, otherwise you would not know such a thing. So either you tied it to yourself... or it tied itself to you. But which, and why..." She closes her eyes and 'looks' down to the ground a moment before her hand closes and returns to her side, thick white fluffy cloak closing around her to conceal almost everything but the tips of her greaves and neck up.

"This darkness, these Heartless, will be the end of us all if we cannot fight against it better than we can now. How came you to this weapon?"
Sora Sora closes his eyes briefly, resting his face in his hands. "On my old world, Kairi, my friend, and Riku, my other friend, and I had made a raft, to try to find other ... worlds. We were naive..."

"There had been a bad storm, and we each seperately decided to check on our raft. There was a ... strange force, and Shadows everywhere. I tried to find Riku, who... I don't know, got swallowed by the darkness? It nearly swallowed me too."

"However, the Kingdom Key - my Keyblade - appeared in front of me, and it helped me fight off the shadows, to get to Kairi, who was in front of a mysterious door. She disappeared when the door opened, and I was swept into the darkness, and ended up in Traverse Town."

"I don't know how or why it chose me, but I've been using it since."
Evja Evja listens to this and finally opens her eyes to look up towards Sora, feeling a bit pitying of him. He had lost his friends to the darkness, hm? Well, this Viera hadn't been that lucky - she'd sent her own friends to jail, albeit for committing 'crimes against nature'. "I need a tool to fight the darkness, rebuild the worlds better than I can. I am not strong enough now, and since that is the case... I cannot do enough. I lost in the Hades Cup. I could not obtain the shard of that world, and thus it is left to the good will of others to help them."
Stepping closer, Evja leans against the fountain and finally takes a seat down upon it, likely towering over Sora by a fair bit.
Sora Sora watches Evja. He doesn't want pity, he just wants acceptance that Sora does what he can and he really doesn't know what he's doing, he just got really lucky - because something really scary and dumb happened, not that he's completely coginzant of that.

"The Keyblade is more than a tool, I can tell you that. It seems to have a mind of its' own - I think, at least. It's really wierd. I have a lot of questions to be able to explain this well and I don't have a lot of people to be able to give them to others."

"I will help, when and where I can. I do not know if others can gain keyblades. If they can, then hooray; it means we have all grown stronger. If not, then... I will work myself to the extension of who I am to do so."

"I am sorry I cannot seem to help more."
Evja "If you are indeed to be the one who does the job for the moment, then... I would like to know just how strong you are. I admit it being a selfish request, but, if you are indeed the only one we know of who can do such, then I shall be assisting you as much as I can, when I can, until we find otherwise. If otherwise is a valid answer."
Pushing herself to a stand the Viera steps away a few feet then turns to look down towards Sora, "Unless you have a reason not to after all."
Sora Tilting his head, Sora nods. "I understand the request." He says, easily. "I will not test this in the town, however, because I do not want to cause problems." Sora stands easily enough, throwing away his trash with a tired look.

"Reason? Why would I refuse help?"
Evja That did bring a smile to the Judges face, albeit covered by her veil. "You have my respect, boy. Most would not care where. Indeed, I, too, was going to suggest the desert outside the town. It shant be far, in fact, and you could either ride on my Chocobo or I can get you one yourself. And no, what I meant by that was refusing letting me find out just how strong you are. Some are... overly sensitive on the idea, I imagine."
The tired look is caught, though, "Are you alright? You seem exhausted."
Sora "I probably need to find my own chocobo for overland travel." Sora says, with a slight frown. "One that I can take with me everywhere and not have to worry about paying for something, somewhere, aside from food and care." That being said, Sora shakes his head. "It's hard, just keepin track of everything, that's all." He sighs.
Evja "Perhaps you should get a journal." Evja says, attempting to be helpful, before whistling once on a long silver whistle she pulls out of her cloak and says, "Two Chocobos will be here soon, one for each of us. They are quite well behaved. As for getting your own... I could sadly not recommend a good breeder. The extent to those I know are bred specifically for the Judges."
And right on cue two Chocobos come trotting up, one leaing down to nuzzle Evja. Likely her own. "Need a hand up?" she asks, pointing towards the other Chocobo.
Sora "I probably wouldn't remember to use it." Sora admits, rubbing the back of his head in an embarassed motion. This is why he eventually gets Jiminy Cricket, so he doesn't have to worry about those things like a journey and keepin' track of things.

"Nope, I'm fine." Sora gets on the fountain then vaults neatly onto the other Chocobo's back.
Evja Huh.


"Let us go, then." And with that, Evja nudges her Chocobo forwards and the pair, Sora and her, wander towards the exit of the city. Once outside one could see a patch of grass, a large area that looks scarred with pockmarks and such, seemingly a place where people now and then 'take it outside'.
"This should work." With a strong leap the Viera made it from the ground, after getting off her Chocobo, to the center of the field. A true Dragoon in training. "No lethal force, until one gives up or cannot fight further? I shall use the blunt-side of my spears, of course."
Sora Sora is sort of built for this 'nimbe' stuff. The Keyblade Wielder slips off of his Chocobo, gently rubbing the Chocobos' feathers in a thank you sort of motion, before he sends him off to go do whatever chocobos do at the edges of a test battlefield.

He flips his hand out, and the Kingdom Key shimmers into light. "I will use the blunt side of my Keyblade, as well."
Evja Blink. Blink.

The Key was sharp? It ... perhaps the 'blade' of the key had some surprises.

The Viera began to walk slowly in a circle, pulling out a large spear and twirling it around until the point was facing down. Reversing her grip she began to glow faintly, but not doing much other than that. She was waiting. Or biding her time, perhaps.
Or maybe she was taking this seriously none the less and planned to find out just how strong this boy with the blade truly was. If it had the power to restore worlds and fight darkness... espers above please let him beat me senseless - that was all the Viera was thinking. Wanting assurance that it wasn't just a child with a weapon of untold power.
Sora Sora knows that glow; the glow of someone getting set up and comfortable to be a very big problem if they can get through his defenses. Sorta slides the blade in his grip, looking a little off - but yet, comfortable.

He then nods, and moves in. He seems primarily built for speed and strength. the blade swirls around, magic dinding around it as he brings it in in a fast series of raid-like hits. This is mostly to judge Evja's defenses.
Evja That weapon... that style. It was so... so...

Unrefined. Self-taught. Forged through encounters with enemies that didn't think or act like people. That's mostly why when Evja threw the spear into the air and pulled out a large translucent sword to swing /through/ Sora, she didn't realize that he was already that close and thus just as she swung out, her legs were knocked right out from beneath her and she landed on the ground with a thud and cough.


Still, despite getting the breath knocked out of her, Evja was back and up on her feet in a moment. In fact, much like matches with Riku used to entail, knocking him to his back would only cause him to spring up feet first! Would Sora realize that in time to dodge before Evja had a chance to grab her spear and swing around to try and knock Sora off his feet?
Ideally he would still be ringing from the odd 'bare' feeling that being hit with the translucent sword tends to leave, feeling open, defenseless.
Sora Oh, yes, Sora saw that coming. He knocks Evja back and down, and by the time Evja has tried to hit out towards him, Sora has instead moved in towards the Viera, the ending result being getting a hard bang against the side of his frame, staggering slightly.

He pivots around as he staggers, moving himself out of the way, the Keyblade coming back up defensively, before he moves again, swiftly sliding the Keyblade around in a quick motion, white magical energy swirling around th eKeyblade as he does so.

He is not aiming for a series of hard hits, they are mostly just buffer attacks as he tries to fight and prove himself. It is very unscoholed.
Evja Suddenly, Magnet! Just as Sora had swung in with his sword Evja kicked on the ground and quite literally vanished, though with how the swing worked when he followed through, the force of the Magnet pulled the Viera straight down from above where she had appeared into Sora, connecting with her as intended. Of course, this also means that Evja likely wound up connecting with him!

She was used to Gravity Magic, but... this was different. It wasn't up or down, it pulled her towards him... what WAS it? "Not bad, I am impressed!" In fact, it had been some time since someone truly did a number on Evja in a one on one fight like this. Though neither were using the points of their weapons. Giving his spear a twirl, Evja led into this attack with a series of quick jabs, repeatedly thrusting the blunt end of her spear towards Sora and attempting to flatten him. The technique on her spear was quite masterful, however, jabbing with the skill of someone who knew how to do maximum damage where applicable. She was actually /trying/ to flatten Sora, wanting to test him as fully as she could.
Sora Sora blinks, slightly, before Evja just suddenly dives in with his spear. The thing is, Sora is really aup close melee fighter, and getting that close -- that close, that /fast/, well - Sora is just a little bit screwed.

It is a blinding series of attacks, one that definitely send Sora flying across the desert, coming down in a nasty crunch-thud result a few meters away. He starts coughing, his breath coming out in wheezes, even as Sora pulls himself up to his feet, gritting them as he leans on his keyblade.

"Haha!" He gasps, spitting out some more spit, even as he reaches into his pocket, throwing back a couple of potions, before tapping himself with his own keyblade, green light reappearing around him as he braces himself, waiting tiredly, patiently, for the next attack.

Sora knows when to wait.
Evja Evja landed and bounced away with a series of quick steps before holding her spear out, head down, and looking towards Sora with obvious concern. Thankfully, with as fast as she bounced away, the attempt at countering the attack did fall into the air. "Hey, Kid, you alright?" Though she saw him working healing magics, suddenly feeling a little less bad about it. Not to mention he was bright enough to come prepared, so there was that.
Instead of attacking, though, Evja held back and prepared, glowing faintly as she gathered her breath again from that quick flurry, weapon glowing faintly again as it had before.
Sora Sora doesn't exactly bare his teeth in anger, but there is a very set smile on them, as if he's trying to figure out what he's going to do. He knows what he probably needs to do here, he just needs to be a little... Flashy.

A little speedy, if you will.

Sora smile, rocks back and forth on his clown-shoes, and then he moves, using a burst of speed that launches him right at Evja, not aiming to stop - he's trying to slam right into the armor-coated judge and send him reeling, to get a secondary advantage. If it'll work.

It's sort of like fighting Riku, Evja's just a little more of a .. slim rather than muscled and tall build.
Evja Sora was fast, Evja couldn't deny that. In fact, the Viera was going to try and use it to his advantage! She stood stock still as Sora charged and instead of trying to dodge, she simply brought out that sword again and swung it straight overhead towards Sora, letting herself get tackled and knocked down. Even if it impacted her quite well, it guaranteed he would be there, and in this case, left her available to attack as soon as she rolled and got a foot on the ground.


Evja was gone! But, right behind Sora she reappeared and came around with the shaft of a spear to try and flip Sora into the air before vanishing again and reappearing above the two to crash down with the butts of two spears right towards Sora's mid-section.
Sora Sora knows that with this action, there is likely going to be a equal reaction, and the end result is that Evja disappears! But Sora hears her move, and Sora twists and ducks, avoiding getting tossed, and bringing the keyblade up to deflect off one of the blades.

The result is a medley of bruises across his stomach, which does get a grimace from the Keyblade wielder. Sora does seem to enjoy a painful challenge.

(Thanks, Riku.)

He swiftly steps back. So if that's the way their going to play it, then maybe Sora can play a little trick. He thrusts the Keyblade sword, deftly swiping around the now red-golden blade towards the Viera, even as the earth erupts around them, but Sora seems to be expecting that, using it to his utter advantage in a swift series of keyblade attacks.
Evja Sora dodged it?!

Perhaps Evja underestimated him!

However, Sora retalliates and Evja spins around, using the fluffiness of the cloak to her advantage. As it flares out when she descends, she twirls and spins and slams out with the sides of both blades to let the keyblade slip beside her into the cloak, hitting her side just a bit. It's there that the Viera let one spear vanish, the right, before reaching beside her and grabbing for the handle of where the keyblade was, Sora's hand, to try and quite literally hit him with his own weapon while fully planning to take it from him.

He claimed that even if he gave it to her, she couldn't keep it - right? Well, now was the time to put it to the test just how much she actually COULD use the Key!
Angantyr Vespar Fluorgis is a city not unknown to Angantyr, he has came to defend it when it needed aid, and typically runs around to get marks here when he can. It also houses one of his students, and as he moves to close in on the city...the fight between Judge and a kid catches him off guard. Angantyr pauses...slowly drawing his mace as he observes behind a dune at first, wanting to try and get a clear picture of the situation before he just completely jumped in and started to throttle the judge by the neck.

Angantyr watches, however, as the kid with the Keyblade seems to be...well, completely trounced by the judge. This causes Angantyr to narrow his eyes. He dislikes kids getting involved in this kinda thing...but the keyblade was like a walking mark for the heartless. Still he waited, for now...but the mace was already drawn, and he was ready to dive in at a moment's notice.
Sora Evja dodged that?!

Sora is intrigued!

Evja then dives in and takes the keyblade away from sora, hitting him with it, causing bruises to pepper along Sora, painfully. Sora's blue eyes glint, even as he staggers out of the way, quaffing another potion or two - and then he looks at Evja.

"I /told/ you - the Keyblade has chosen me as its' own, and you cannot take it away from me."

"I believe in my heart, and it's light!"

The Keyblade shimmers, and then reappears in Sora's grip, even as the Keyblade Wielder dives right back into the fray, his blade shimmering and shining as he calls upon his powers to do what he can, where he can, now.

It is like he stopped treating this as a 'game', even if only for a couple of seconds.
Evja "..."

So it was true, what he said. The Viera watched as the weapon vanished from her hand and into Sora's before the boy suddenly launched a flurry at her. Not even having a chance to pull her weapon up, there was only one thing to do! But Sora had seen the Viera vanish and reappear several times, so this time, she tried something different, completely oblivious to Angantyr watching.
Evja vanished, then reappeared right in front of Sora, trying to throw him off just enough. Not to mention the Viera turned and slammed her foot out right towards Sora's Mid-section, attempting to deliver a toe to solar plexus(how the hell is that spelled?) kick to try and wind him outright. Of course, this did cause her to get hit on the side and stumble backwards, leaving her to watch and see if he finally went down. "You are pretty good." she admits, "Though... you could use proper training."
Angantyr Vespar "So is this how judges work now? Fighting children?" Angantyr says as he steps free from behind the rocks. He moves forward, with a steady pace towards Evja, eyes narrowed, as he keep his mace drawn and the darkness starts flowing from him. He was ready to fight, ready to mess this Judge up if he has to.

"Tch...bloody judges, if there were ever a group of people more deserving to be removed from the world.." Angantyr says with disgust. He was no friend of them, though his hatred is more towards the Arcadian Variety. "The fight is over, take your leave, Judge."
Sora Sora is not quite used to his 'enemies' being able to reappear and disappear at mere whim. As such, Viera just disappearing, then reappearing right in front of him completely sends him wheeling.

The foot to the solar plexus doesn't help.

Sora staggers backwards, then lands on his butt a few feet away from Evja, his keyblade still held tightly in his grip. His voice, a hoarse, rough corak, gets out:

"Do you trust me now? Do you understand that I am doing the very best I do, and I will never give my blade up, not for those who deem me a child, not for those that work for the darkness?"

Sora is not... upset. He's just making the point very clear, for both Angantyr and Evja.
Evja Evja suddenly hears a voice, one berating her, which causes the Vieran Judge to turn and straighten up, staring towards Angantyr. Not having met the fell-- wait, he seemed familiar. Hadn't she seen him in passing several times before? Once at the beach, and once before stepping into the Pri-- ah, so this was the one who had taken Maira so suddenly when she got injured.

"Yes, I think you could do well, though now is not the time. Steady yourself." And Evja moved a bit between Angantyr and Sora, bringing out a spear from beneath her cloak with one previously concealed hand and placing it between Angantyr and Sora's general path, protecting the winded boy. "I am unsure what you seek out of antagonizing me, but you would do best to bother others and leave us be. I will not leave this boy alone like this nor will I succumb to threats of a challenge."
Pursing her lips, a quick whistle comes and one Chocobo, Sora's, trots in an arc around the group and winds up behind the pair. "Feel free to hop on it and depart. I know not this ones intents but I can still protect you a while yet."
Angantyr Vespar This does wonders for Angantyr's mood, he moves from slightly antangonstic to /wanting to put his fist through Evja's face/. He growls a little, "Hold on, let me get this straight. YOu just say here and beat the crap out of a child, and instead of explaining yourself.." he says, with a narrow towards Sora, "You decide that you're going to try and play mayrtr and /insult/ me but insenuating that /I/ would attack the child?" Angantyr growls. "Is this what I just heard? Is that what you just said?"
Sora "Sir?"

That's Sora to Angantyr.

"He was fighting my abilities and my right to be the Wielder of the Keyblade, chosen by the Light." Sora says this flatly. It's sort of something he's going to be arguing about with people for the next few games. Er, scenes. Er. Years. He does look slightly annoyed that Evja is protecting him.
Evja "You can choose to hear whatever you wish to, though I am certain your ears work fine. But before you charge in and make an <yay> of yourself..."

Then Sora speaks, Evja blinking and saying rather simply, "That is a strange way of backing up my intent, kid, this being a practice match with the blunts of our weapons as a test of strength."

Then back to Angantyr, "As I said, though, do not make an <yay> of yourself. He shall be fine and he agreed to this measure of aptitude. I know you not and you approach weapon drawn and threatening a Judge and act indignant when treated hostile. Begone, if all you desired is to protect the boy, and begone otherwise as you are up to no good if such is not the case."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks too Sora, he calms down, ready to just move on.

"Al-" and then Judge Bunny opens her mouth. Slowly, he looks towards Evja, darkness starting to expand over his form...

Then dark armor clapses around him at all angles, forming over him like shadows, mixing in with the normal armor, reenforcing it and starting to exhude from him.

The mace comes down, as he takes a step towards the Judge bunny, "That was a mistake judge. I will tolerate many things...but not my honor being taken into question by you judges! YOU who have taken everything from me...YOU who look haughtily down on others."

The ground quakes as the darkness continues to expand, "I WILL <GOOSEHONK>ING BREAK YOU!" Because <GOOSEHONKS> are the only way to censor on this game.
Sora "I'm going to leave now." Sora says, tiredly.

"This way if you must fight, sers, I will not be in the middle, as I do not wish to be bruised that much further." Then Angantyr breaks out, and Sora is gone on his chocobo back into town.
Evja "..."

The darkness-toting Knight suddenly produces armor out of nowhere, then Sora simply gets on the Chocobo and leaves with that snide little remark. No thank you, no 'Be safe', no 'Yo, this was practice chill out', just 'See ya, you're on your own' and gone.

" everyone in this forsaken world without their mind?" Evja mumbles mostly to himself before Angantyr truly makes his purpose known. The Viera has /no/ idea what this is about, but it was going to be an issue in some fashion or another.

"I have taken nothing from you, but so be it. I had no intention of turning the blade of this spear on anyone today, but I will not let someone such as yourself roam freely and threaten the peace of his land for whatever reasons you have." With the time of day, and the darkness pouring from Angantyr, things were looking quite dark indeed. Though there was a light around the Viera, shining brightly, glowing, pulsing, a light of sorts. Evja was no 'Beacon of the Light', but he was a far cry from the Darkness and the golden glow probably showed such.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr wasn't easily pushed to anger like this, it wasn't until the little rabbit was A) a Judge B) accusing him of attempting to harm a child.

Angantyr dives forward, giving no craps about the Judge's lack of authority, as his fist leads the way, aiming to try and drive his fist forward, aiming to not only grab the judge with the darkness that flowed through and out of his body, but to also shatter the bonds of magic that he might have fixaited on himself. The blow is brutal, but it's strength focused on the effect, and not ure offense. The Mace comes down again, aiming to try and tear through the judges legs with an after thought.
Evja The Dark Knight Cometh and Evja steps back, raising his spear and acting as if he was about to defend himself when in reality he had no intent of being there when the attack hit. But leading with his hands? That caught him off-guard. The darkness rips through him briefly before Evja's foot, right, connects with the ground and he vanished. Thankfully avoiding the brunt of the mace which would likely have done a number on his legs.

"I hold nothing back." Evja says quite simply, reappearing a distance away from Angantyr, but not too far. A good dragoons leap away, despite simply vanishing and reappearing. The darkness around Evja grows, but not from him pouring it out - he seemed to be pulling in the light, the energy surrounding himself before everything went black and in a golden streak the Viera shot up into the air with two spears and began to pounce down like a rain of arrows from the heavens. Bounce pounce leap slam the Dragoon Judge looked like a veritable flea as he did this, quite literally trying to end the fight before it began with the dregs of the previous encounter still there within him. The adrenaline that came from the practice match with Sora.
It didn't end there, however. Despite, or perhaps in spite of all the pouncing, Evja landed on the ground and shot towards Angantyr like a bolt before vanishing and reappearing behind him, slamming towards him with the blade of his spear! Once!
Twice again he vanished and slashed in before leaping high into the air and throwing a single massive golden spear down towards the Dark Knight.
Angantyr Vespar The strikes come in...they pierce the armor, Angantyr knows a powerful attack when he sees it, and instead of acting aggressively, his blade moves, smacking the first two strikes away, aiming to try and keep them away from him, but even with his strength they get through, piercing his shoulder and dig through the right side of his armor. He grunts, feeling blood run down his side, before the judge seems to teleport into the air, aiming to launch his lance down towards him. The resulting force of the attack kicks up dust everywhere...even as the lance pierced him again, drawling more blood. There was a moment of silence, a moment where nothing seemed to happen...the lance was drawn out, and thrown to the sand, which muffled it...and then Angantyr unleashed an unholy roar...

And he was suddenly out of the dust...not teleporting, but litterally, running right towards the Judge Bunny, aiming to swing his mace up wards to try and catch him in the swing...

And then brings it back down with a massive arch, aiming to try and bounce him off of the ground. But it wasn't enough, Angantyr continued to swing, aiming to continue his brutal assault on the judge before his entire form changed...the darkness seeping deeper into his form...there was a subtle change, as his entire right arm seemed to transform into that of a monster...aiming to swing it once in a single powerful strike to litterally punch through Evja's armor...and tear not just his body, but his very soul assunder.

"DIE!" he screams, and the life force drains into him.
Evja Something the Dark Knight might notice when he comes in to attack... Evja is fast. Extremely fast, and when on-foot with out his armor on, he's even dodgier. The Vieran Judges cloak flies back as he turns and begins to dance around the attacks that beneath it was a long dress of sorts. In fact, it looked to be modified from a typical 'hunters' attire here within Jylland, except the Knight Greaves that were on foot.
Spear in ground in a jab, yet again Evja continues to avoid the attacks, flipping up onto his spear and pulling it free as the mace swings through and landing just as the punch came. The shiver that ran through his body from the punch was enough to let him know he couldn't simply tank this. Which is why he didn't try to counter it in any fashion. The Viera quite literally bent half backwards and sommersaulted in a large arc to avoid it.

Once he landed, all of the spears that were launched earlier vanished and Evja began to pull some out of the air, launching them towards Angantyr from a distance to try and do something, anything to fell the mad knight. Joints is what they were aimed at, attempting to hit elbows, knees, shoulders, anything that might allow some stop to this assault.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr doesn't even care, the attack pieces him again, it should KILL him, but he stands, he stands and he seethes in anger. Even though Evja lucked out of his destruction, Even through he has impaled and impaled the Dark Knight, Angantyr still stands...and he is just PISSED.

Angantyr dives in, aiming to draw his mace upwards, and then bring it down like a massive jack hammer, aiming to repeatedly smash Evja with the simple brutal motion, aiming to litterally bounce him into the air, and then drag him back into it. The darkness flows around him once more channeling itself through his attack...and aiming to litterally bring it down in a massive wave towards the bunny's face.
Evja As winded as the Viera was beginning to get from the constant barrages and attacks, it came to his mind to try and end this as fast as possible. Which is why he did what he could to simply counter this attack as best he could while trying, yet again, to avoid it. The mace caught his cloak as he moved to counter and the force of it jerked the Viera off-balance, slamming Evja into the ground heavily before that mace came down yet again and connected with his shoulder.

A sickening, but likely satisfactory to Angantyr, crunch can be heard as it shatters the Vieras shoulder and sends him flying into a patch of grass about ten feet away, skidding and bumping to a halt while adding insult to grevious injuries.

From the looks of it, the Viera was quite out of comission.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr grunts...the bunny was flat on his back, and he slowly moved to drag his mace and bring it over him...

He pauses...and tchs. "<GOOSEHONK>ing little...whatever, being a moron isn't a crime...through being a judge should be." he says, and turns away. He was done here, even as the blood drain started to mend his own wounds, he...

He couldn't bring himself to hate enough against this one. Mercy, if you will.
Evja Just as Angantyr turns there is a flash of yellow and a Chocobo suddenly rushes past, saddled with a thick white seat and barding. It doesn't connect but it did fly by close enough that it might startle him. It was Evja's personal Chocobo that had been waiting on the sidelines anxiously for its' owner to stop fighting and come back.
Apparently seeing Evja hurt like that got enough anxiety out of the bird that it simply charged, grabbed his owner, flung the rabbit up onto his back and took the <yay> off right towards Fluorgis with the limp judge laying across his back.

This scene contained 48 poses. The players who were present were: Sora, Angantyr Vespar, Evja