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Children of Ivalice
(2013-03-05 - 2013-03-08)
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Ramza Beoulve Ramza had bad habits beyond counting. The one that tended to exasperate his company more than any other was his penchant for taking walks alone. They always insisted on sending someone with him and while that was a sensible measure with both bounty hunters and inquisitors after him; he found it stifling.

And so he went on a walk without notifying anyone except the innkeeper of his departure. He had not even taken Boco, but he always underestimated the bird's loyalty. The Chocobo was smarter than he appeared to be, as he was following at least one block behind, ducking into alleyways and just staying out of sight. The youngest son of the Beoulve family might have noticed him, but if he did, he pretended not to.

And so he traipsed down the streets of Traverse town, alone in the eternal umbrage. Bootsteps and the sussurus of his cowled cloak the only sounds to mark his passing. Stopping at a lamppost, he looked up, marveling as it generated light without any hint of combustion inside. Ivalice would be considered remarkably primitive to most of what he'd experienced outside of his world.

At any other time in his life, he would have still wagered that the land of his birth would come on top of any conflict, no matter what technology their aggressors might possess. Now? He was not so sure. Ivalice divided and hemorrhaging more lives every day could not face the coming darkness alone.
Minerva Minerva has bad habits herself after all, she'd recenly discovered she wasn't the only one from her world to surive that had helped to lessen the guilt over it. To think she wasn't the only one had he foing far less why me. She might be easy to tell that she is from the same world is Ramza from the build of her face with the silver hair. It was not comon but it wasn't unheard of after all. She had been working somewhere today, she'd been prone to odd jobs today was brick laying helping with a housing project and it was simple enough for her.

AS she oes howver she did miss Ivalice but there were a few things she'd discovered here that she'd want to bring home, indoor plumbing most notably. She does notices the man looking up at the lamp post and pauses. "Taking in the view? They take so many things for granted here."
Ramza Beoulve Ramza regarded the young woman in a coolly detached manner at first. After all, he was a wanted man, so his first reaction to any new face was suspicion. It did not take long for him to rule that out after he scrutinized the surroundings. It wasn't the best place for an ambush. There were few places to hide any toughs that might lay in wait, and while he was en filade at his current position, he didn't think it likely that there were snipers at the ready.

His suspicion might have ended then, except that she had the look of a native of Ivalice. Ramza smiled politely at her nevertheless. "I thought to try and lighten my burdens with a stroll. The unique landscape is just a happy accident, M'lady."

A quick sweep of her person showed no weapons. Well-crafted armor though, and her build had the look of one with training. He decided it best to continue the small talk. "Begging your pardon for my manners. My name is Barbaneth Lugria. Might I be so bold as to inquire yours?"
Minerva Minerva had noticed Ramza he had the look of someone from her world which caught her intrest, thankfully she's never seen an actual picture of Ramza Beoulve. So she just looks him over for a moment. "I can understand the want to do such a thing ser." Her accent seems to confirm her origins though it seems she's been picking up the local manner of speaking somewhat.

"Minerva Alaire, ser." A false lase name of her own like Ramza she has things to hide, but nothing heratical. She seems to be in a good mood and while she's clearly a fighter of some sort she doesn't seem to be expecting a fight at the moment.
Ramza Beoulve "Do you? Then I pray your dreams treat you more graciously so that your sleep be less troubled than my own."

Ramza remains in good cheer, his smile brightening as they speak. "A fine Southerly name for a woman of Lionel, if I'm not mistaken? I am pleased to make your acquaintance. What brings you hither this eve?"

Ramza lowers his cowl, thinking it impolite to keep it raised in clear weather.
Minerva Minerva says "Prehaps, not as well as you might think. First Ivalice is consumed and now Manhattan at least we were able to fight back. What wrechted beings that consume entire worlds." She seems suprised to see someone else from her world. "It's good to see someone else has surived the Heartless. For a very long time I thought I was the only soul from our world who surived. Also your mostly right, Warjillis was my home before."
Ramza Beoulve "Survive? Gracious Lady, it will take far more than a few heartless fiends to rout the children of Ivalice. Many still survive and thrive as I understand." His smile falters, his words more to convince himself, than his present company.

"The faith of Holy Faram, and the graces of Saint Ajora certainly have." His voice takes on an almost biting, bitter tone as he speaks of the church.

"A true daughter of Lionel then, if you dwelt within the Trade City." He tries to uplift his voice again, moving onto happier subjects gladly.
Minerva Minerva says "As I have found out, I did not wake in an region where many if any aside from myself. Several Templar have been active in fighting the heartless across the world of Ruin and beyond thankfully." She leaves it at that, she catches the bitter tone and wonders for a moment but choses not to press.

"Indeed, I just hope one day we can bring the city back along with the rest of the worlds. If we can restore Manhattan it will bode well for our world."
Ramza Beoulve More Templars. The news never boded well, though Ramza was not particularly suprised that they survived the consuming darkness. "Beg pardon, M'lady, but might I inquire about the Templars you do know? Mayhaps I'm familiar with them."

He considers her statement for a time, before ultimately nodding. "'Tis strange times we live in that the darkness bends to the whims of a select few. But will it recede if our will is greater? It is a happy thought to hope that we might venge the innocent lives lost."
Minerva Minerva says "I have worked with one on and off against the creature he's a demi human by the name of Ser Faruja Senra. Be fought to try and hold the portal out of Manhattan what remained of the city guard and their military fought along side a number of others form other worlds. He's a bit up tight but good to have your back in fight."

It seems she's run into one of the Templar utterly unaware of the rot that is going on within the Chruch.

"Monsterous creatures one and all. My master taught me to dive too deep into the darkness and you will lose your self too it."
Ramza Beoulve A demihuman? Ramza might have groaned if he didn't think his bellyaching might give it away. While he had nothing against demihumans, it meant that the Church was branching out, and recruiting to make up for the setbacks. "I've heard of Ser Senra before, but I know naught of him."

And if he was a demihuman, it meant that he was not party to the Church's plot. That is what disturbed him most of being accused of inexpiable heresy. Most hunting him were fine people. The puppetmasters within the Church could make them believe aught that they chose, and blindly would they they flock to lynch the heretic. Ramza hated them most of all for that, for it forced him to draw steel upon the undeserving to defend himself.

Lost in thought, he nearly didn't hear her next words, but he responded quickly enough. "Your master? In what honest trade are you an apprentice, M'lady?"
Minerva Minerva says "He's pretty active really and generally has been one of the people on the front line against the Shadow Lords and the Heartless. He's a good man really I'm glad to know him. As for my master I'm afraid neither I'm a monk, my master is the one who was teachinging me his fighter style and teaching me better how to channel my own abilities into said style."
Ramza Beoulve Now that was a subject of interest to Ramza. He'd had training as a monk, and had incorporated many common techniques into his general fighting style. He decided not to bring it up though, first because it would seem peculiar for an armored man on a street corner to have such knowledge, and second because he hadn't dedicated himself fully to it. He had the niggling feeling that she'd best him handily if he tried to solely use monk techniques if she thought to challenge him.

In short, he didn't want to get his rear end handed to him if he tried to fight fairly.

"I know little of the monks of Ivalice. I've seen them in battle at times, but I doubt they were half as dedicated or as skilled as you, M'lady." It was likely true. Most /monks/ in Ivalice had only the bare bones basics of training, and the rest was self taught. This lent some to being naught but common backalley ruffians. Very few dedicated themselves to honing the art through apprenticeship.
Minerva Minerva says "Honestly most of them are not it's not their fault few can find someone to train them. I was lucky and my natural abilities lent myself to my master's style. It could be why I surived the darkness thoughg iven some of the things he taught me." She frowns a bit "I know not what became of him after our world fell to the night."
Ramza Beoulve Ramza places a hand upon her shoulder, while his smile was forced, he certainly tried to feign good cheer for her sake. "I'm certain you sell him short, M'lady. When our world is returned to us and you see him again he'll act wroth; and likely bluster about how you took too long gallivanting about speaking nothings to strangers on street corners when you should have been venging your world. He'll then aver that you've been coddled too much, when in truth he'll be overjoyed at the mere sight of you."

His hand slides away. "At least, that's how I picture men such as he."
Minerva Minerva says "Prehaps I do, still I seen no trace of anything from the port since my arrival here." she starrts laughing at the mental image of him giving her the riot act. "You'd be right to say that he will when I finally find my way home. Coddled no, I not been such for a very long time. It's true I know some strange ones though. There are all manner of being here even more than demi humans."
Ramza Beoulve Well he was happy that he managed to cheer her up. "And I'm sure that I'll be introduced to each of them in time M'lady. But tell me more of your gallant self. Is charging into battle heedlessly, seeking the restoration of all worlds so often where you find yourself?"
Minerva Minerva says "Not much to tell I'm with VALKYRI and we been working with the Shard Seekers, the TDA and other groups trying to track down the shards from Manhattan. A powerful mage known as Merlin has been aiding us and seems to know a way to restore the shards once we gather them all. Though I admit when I arrived in the lands of dragon I was mistaken by the Imperial guard as a ice demoness if some sort." She laughs at this. "Thankfully no one was slain, and I would not understimate them they have managed to keep their world from falling so fall. That's a tesitmate to the quality of their army. I seen thing though things like one might find broken under goug but functional, massive airships, there's a port for such here in the city they claim they could travel between worlds before where they were from were devoured. I have also met beings who claim they are not natural but made by man."
Ramza Beoulve "Underestimate? Perish the thought. I'm acquainted with that particular agency and have been naught but impressed by them. This VALKYRI on the other hand, I know naught about at all, other than Lady Avira is one of them."

And now on to Goug. He felt fortunate that Mustadio wasn't here, else he'd already be talking the Lady's ear off. "I've only passed through the Machine City M'lady, but I'ver heard much about it. Such are the legends we were told of the age of Saint Ajora Glabados and the Zodiac Braves."
Minerva Minerva says "Oh you met Avira?" There's a grin "She's very interesting lady to know." She nods for a moment "It seems the legends are true so much as such things can exist. This prehaps is proof of their truth." She really doesn't know, she has not a damn clue about the bloody angel and their fallen minions. "A merchant trade company from another world has claimed the city now they call themselves the Shinra and have formbidable technology even their rank and file soliders are armed with guns of a sort i'd not seen before."
Ramza Beoulve "A formidable lady, to be certain, though we are only newly acquainted." He'd heard of Shinra through vague rumors, though he hadn't yet travelled to Goug to see the changes.

"I'll have to find an excuse to travel through there to see if they acquit themselves well when digging through Ivalice's history and legends." He wasn't certain if Ser Bunansa would be horrified or delighted, if the rumors were to be believed, equal parts both, in all likelihood.

While they were conversing, a Chocobo's head sticks out from an alleyway just behind them staring at Minerva. Within the blink of an eye the head is gone.
Minerva Minerva says "I need to head that way as well, Tifa's original bar the 7th Heaven is located there I yet to see it. Though they say the tower that the Shinra operates out of is huge it's constructed not stone but steel and towers higher than the tall tallest spire in our world." She's about to say more when she spots a Chocobo.

"I think we're being watched."
Ramza Beoulve Ramza turns around suddenly at her declaration, a bewildered look on his features as he scans the empty streets and buildings. A hand rests upon the pommel of the sheathed Cinqueda at his side. "Do you see aught right now? As I do not."
Minerva Minerva looks about for a moment. "It looked like I think a Chocobo." She notes she's not sure as she's heading to check out where she saw the huge bird. "Let us see what we have here!" She steps infront of the alley way's entrance and looks down it.
Ramza Beoulve There's nothing in the alleyway except wastebins.

"A Chocobo? Ah. I would put it out of your thoughts Lady Minerva. 'Tis just a loyal bird, that's all."
Minerva Minerva shrugs and walks way "It was just a yellow one. We are fine it's not like it was a red." The red ones get mad your dead. Chocobo meteror anyone?

"Still I did see Manhattan before it was consume buildings like I'd never seen seeming to scrape the sky itself. If it is ... no when it's restored you should take time to see it. It's an interesting world, without any noblity, it seems the mayor of the city is chosen by the people for a time period and then must convice them to pick him over other hopefuls tis a strange system. STill prehaps it would have prevented the current our homeland."
Ramza Beoulve Now the Chocobo head is peaking out from another alleyway behind Ramza, opposite to where it started. It is as if it were just mocking Minerva for even checking where he was in the first place, before again, the head is retracted in a flash.

"A curious practice, to have elected officials but I approve. Whether our blood is high born or common makes no difference, for it is not our blood that defines us, but our actions which set us apart."
Minerva Minerva is going to give up on trying to figure out about the solid chocobo for the moment she sees it's taunting her. The bird has a sense of humor it seems.

"Very well put, it's one's actions or lack of actions that make t he person. I should warn you do not travel to Baron, it's in the full grips of the shadow lords, and if not directyly they are openly allied with them."

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