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A Heretic's Plea
(2013-03-05 - 2013-03-05)
A man walks into the TDA and requests their help after making startling revelations.
Mercade Alexander Welcome to the Twilight Detective Agency. Ramza finds that the directions are simple once he gets to Twilight Town. There are small advertisements directing him to the Cloud Nine Bar and Grill, and within is a stairway leading up to the TDA peoper. A frosted glass door with the TDA logo, and eye inset into a styilized North Star, greets him as he ascends. It is basically required and traditional to have one of these at a detective agency. The door is unlocked. The business is open. He can hear smooth jazz playing through the door. The fragrance of dark coffee hangs in the air.

When Ramza enters, he finds a man at the receptionist desk, doing some typing on a computer and scribbling some things down on paper. The desk is stacked with manila folders with various labels. The man's short, black hair is a little mussy, his trenchcoat work, and his shirt and pants beneath a little rumpled.

Yeah, MErcade's pulled another turn at the front desk. The Dennous are off at a different part-time job. "Hey there." Mercade says as Ramza shows up. "Welcome to the Twilight Detective Agency. How can we help you?"
Ramza Beoulve In the early hours of twilight, the streets of Traverse town grew calmer. The peace remained unbroken as unfamiliar faces trickled into the Cloud Nine seperately. At first it was only a handful, but then they began to sit together, and talk amongst themselves revealing their association with one another. Some were rowdier than the others, as a man in gaudy robes was attempting to unsuccessfully flirt with two armored women in his company. Most of the time it was small talk, but at others they would whisper amongst themselves of distant rumors of war, and of battles that had marked them.

Last among them came a pair of three cloaked figures mounted upon Chocobos. Two of them remained outside to mind the birds in the stables, while the last came inside. The cowl upon the cloak was removed, and while all of the new faces amongst the patrons try to remain nonchalant, the feint is unsuccessful, as they all obviously recognize him.

The young man does not tarry downstairs, as he immediately ascends to the second floor alone. He acknowledges the man with a businesslike smile. "Ser Mercade Alexander, if I'm not mistaken? Your reputation precedes you. As I'm told, you are a man of upstanding character with a talent for discretion and efficiency. If that is so, then I wish to employ your services." He extends forth a hand, and if Mercade takes it, would shake it firmly.
Deidra Deidra has been busy this morning pouring over what little magical lore she had in regards to another members little curse issue. Well little is a mild way to put it. She's taking a break as well the idea to go to Merlin has come up and it's likely the wiest idea if Isaac isn't able to do it, it would be far smarter to go talk to Merlin about the issue. She'd been unaware of what sort of guests they'd had come in to the building and was just planing to catch up with Mercade for a moment, maybe see what he's got in mind for lunch and she'll pick it up for him while he deals with whatever paper work that is plaguing him today.

The Gargoyle enters shortly after Acvira does "Oh hey Avira... Mercade I was going to grab lunch you want me to get you anything?" She halts for a moment looks at Razma about hald a second after Avira is side tracked by the guest "Oh hello there!" she pulls her wings back a little bit as she tries to size Ramza up.
Mercade Alexander Mercade stands, shaking Ramza's hand as he offers it. "A pleasure to meet you, Ser." He's heard that accent before, he knows about the modes of address used in those places. "You do me honor. Please, sit down and we can discuss business." He looks to Avira, and smiles. "I'm not actually sure." Mercade says. "She seems to be here and gone a lot more often since..." He gestures. "Avira, this is a new client. Ser, this is one of our talented agents. We'll probably be working together on whatever needs you have depending on the situation."
Emi Dennou If you are in trouble, and noone else can help you, and you can afford them, maybe you can hire the TDA Team.

Emi and Omi, who is with her, slide in a moment after Ramza, remaining utterly silent for the time being. Indeed, if they didn't have green hair, they could easily just be part of NPC scenery. Then again the two DO look rather alike, maybe they are just randomly generated characters. Couldn't even be bothered to physically differentiate them.

Emi gives a small nod to Mercade.
Ramza Beoulve Taking Mercade's hand, he shakes it firmly. Ramza balks momentarily as the other four arrive, reflexively reaching to the pommel of a sheathed Cinqueda, but then after thinking better of it or at least processing their arrival and relationship to the man he spoke to, he relaxes, and the hand slides his side. "Greetings to all of you. Fain forgive my anxiety, but that it is better that I offer explanation than empty nothings."

The young man seats himself, shifting his weight and that of his armor in the chair. "I would name myself Barbaneth Lugria, but then I would be speaking false. I won't have your trust by spinning fanciful tales. My name is Ramza Beoulve, and I hail from Ivalice. In that land I am known as a murderer accused of inexpiable heresy by the Church of Glabados; but that too is a falsehood."

He reaches to his other side, and this time he pops open the top of a scrollcase, lifting out a sheaf of rolled parchment. "How familiar are each of you the teachings of that faith, and are you familiar with the Zodiac Stones?"
Deidra Deidra now knowing they have a client in the gargyole puts on her best face and is lookng Razma over she doesn't want to be off putting after all given how she looks. It seems to not have botherd the young human and she clearly relaxes her tail goes a bit limper and he wings settle about her body like a cloak. Shortly after that she's leaning up against the wall. She pauses for a moment "The Church of Glabados? That's the faith that Sir Faruja's a Paladin of. We had some encounters with them but nothing really telling it's been a few of their Templar about the worlds or here in the city at times. As for the latter? Never heard of those, I'm afraid. To be honest the church seemed to carry somet basical tennant sin comon with several sects of a faith from Manhattan's original world at least from what I seen."
Emi Dennou It is a detective's job to help those that cannot get help from anywhere else. So far, this Ramza seems to fit the bill. At first, she just assumes the Church either made a mistake or Ramza is playing them.

"This one does not know much about either, though admits that we know Faruja as well. He did seem to try and convert Imi, but we are not personally especially religious, The Network begs pardon."

Omi remains silent, looking at Ramza. She may be trying to sherlock scan him. Her sherlock scan is pretty low compared to Emi, let alone Mercade, so it's really more of a sizing up.
Mercade Alexander Mercade watches Ramza, narrowing his eyes as he feels the man tense. For a moment, the air is filled with uncertainty.

But as quickly as it came, it is gone. Everything is fine again. Mercade sits down, considering the words of the Heretic. "I've heard tales of your alleged actions, but they are faint here. We're not embroiled in the chaos and politics that seem to plague your land... But you pique my interest."

Mercade lookc over to Deidra, and nods. "There are some similarities between Glabados and some religions from our original world, but Please, feel free to go over the basics for us if you like, so we have a certain common ground." Mercade flips a pad of paper open, and begins jotting things down in a shorthand that seems incomprehensible to those not familiar with Mercade's writing system. It's handy in a world where people look over your shoulder all the time.
Ramza Beoulve "Again, I seek your discretion in this matter. Most who worship Holy Faram and St. Ajora are good souls. The puppetmasters of this conspiracy are only of the upper echelons of the Templar Knights and Confessors. I know naught of this Ser Faruja, but even men of impeccable character divorce faith from reason. Were you to speak aught of this to him, then he would be at my heels before the day was done."

Russet eyes look upon each of them in turn, before a thin smile finds its way upon his lips. "I have not the eloquence of a confessor when it comes to matters of faith, so I will cut short the exposition. The Church prides itself upon its legends of Saint Ajora Glabados, the founder of the faith, and the Zodiac Braves, heroes of another time who each bore crystals of Auracite emblazoned with a house of the night sky."

Ramza flexes his hand tightly over the parchment. "All lies, I'm afraid. Ajora Glabados was a spy that spread dissension amongst the nations while he collected the Stones. And the stones themselves? They are conduits to Archdemons of the Underworld, the Lucavi. Any who possess them, if their hearts be shrouded by darkness, can take upon their form, power, and puissance. The man I am said to have murdered, Cardinal Delacroix had transformed into one of the Lucavi of legend. The demons you call Heartless began their campaign against my world immediately upon his death. At first, we thought it mere coincidence, but then another Templar Knight wielding the stone summoned an army of the fiends upon us. My beloved sister, Alma Beoulve, was lost in the rout that followed, vanishing into the darkness he brought to bear against us."
Deidra Deidra nods to Avira, "I'll go put in the order down stairs." She makes amental note of Avira's orders. Then back to business as she listen to their new client. What a story she's got to hear about this. She listerns and her eyes go a bit wide as Razma's tale unfolds. It's a lot to take in but she's seen the heartless and other horrors that are from the outside She just kinda there staring in suprise at the tale.
Avira "Heya Deidra." Avira grins, giving the gargoyle a wave. "Ummm, pick me up a hoagie, will you? With double meat."

A troubled frown returns to Avira's face. "I had hoped to catch her before she left for good, 'cause I know she will, but I might be too late." After a few minutes, she sighs, shaking her head, "Maybe it's for the best. It probably would have just lead to another unpleasant conversation /anyway/." A hand is waved in a dismissive manner, "Sorry, I'm rambling, and you have business."

Were she a bird of some kind, her chest would be puffing up with pride when Mercade makes his little 'Talented Agent' comment. "Probably." Then Ramza introduces himself, spinning into being both from Ivalice and being a giant heretic, via the Church of Glabados.

Her stomach immediately twists, "I'm familiar with the Church of Glabados and some of its teachings. I cannot say I've heard of the Zodiac Stones."
Emi Dennou Emi listens to a story that seems honestly madness, or it would be if she wasn't from the Vespertine world theme and as such this all seems pretty comprehensible to Emi so far, and not unreasonable. She is waiting for the story to /really/ get ridiculous.

Eventually she says, "Demons were once angels," thoughtfully. "And the fallen might desire worship. Of course, this is presuming similar theologies." Some of Emi's best pals had demon souls. Or somesuch.

"What do you desire help with?" She asks.
Avira "No doubt." she agrees when Razma makes reference to Faruja hunting him down like a heretic dog. Having personally witnessed several of his...exclaimations towards those he considers enemies of the Church, she knows just how much zeal he possessed. But at that point, she falls silent and gives him the moment to explain.

She looks quite...skeptical about the whole thing. To integrate herself into Ivalice, she had carefully looked into the dominant religions and mythologies. What she's read in her clan primer, however, was a little bit different than the religion that Faruja epoused.

"Well no wonder they're calling you a heretic." Avira mumbles at the explanation.
Mercade Alexander Mercade listens intently to Ramza's story. He makes more notes as he speaks, scribbling constantly as the man talks. "This is a dire story indeed." Mercade seems to be adopting a bit of the speech patterns of Ramza as he thinks. Is it a habit, unconscious, or intentional? He leans back in his chair as Ramza's tale reaches a natural stopping point. "You have some pretty serious problems." He observes. "Even people who are on the edge on this would recognize that you killed a ranking member of the Church. All they have is your word against theirs... Unless you have some kind of proof?"
Celina Duvalis Celina meanders quietly onto the second floor of Cloud Nine. She then steps past the group past the greeting area into the open area, moving the couch. She pulls off of the floor a bent and much abused black book with strange writing on the cover. That done, she puts down the Detective's Guide to Detectiving where the black book was, then puts the couch back.
Will Sherman "Hey guys!" there is a call from upstairs. The smell of...something wafts down. Things that should not be mixed together...the spell is sweet, implacable, and yet at the same time strange! Slowly, the source of the smell becomes apparent, as a large pot, black is revealed and put on the table! Will looks absolutely happy that he's contributed to cooking..the inside of the pot, however, is...


Will puts some bowls down, and ladles him out a bowl himself. "So wassup? I heard we have a gu-" he looks towards Ramza.

Ramza Beoulve The young man turns to Avira offering an explanation in short order. "I could forgive the falsehoods of the Church, if not for the end they seek to achieve. Once they have weakened both sides, they will spark rebellions amongst the smallfolk to further plunge the land into chaos. Then the people will proffer to the church for an end, as mediator. The tales of the Zodiac Braves hold weight, and with the Stones at hand they would have both the power and divine authority to set up a puppet state. And all the while, twelve Lucavi wwill be at the head."

The young man then gives Mercade a grave look. "I could hardly expect you to believe me without evidence. If your services and good faith are contingent upon it, then I will produce it. It is a tome translated by one of the highest authorities of their Church."

And then finally, he looks to at Emi, his hardened features softening. "I would shed a river of tears if I thought it would return my sister. But I know naught of the Heartless, and I am led to believe that each of you are well acquainted with their kind." Ramza unrolls the parchment in his hand, revealing multiple pictures upon it without looking at it. The first is a sketch of Alma Beoulve:

The drawing, is far more well endowed that Alma Beoulve actually is. In the corner is signature in elaborate calligraphy signed: Marlowe. It is doubtful that Ramza actually looked upon it beforehand and had just trusted the man at his word.

Second, are sketches of twelve Auracite crystals:

Only Tauros, and Scorpio are drawn accurately. Pisces is drawn with a mostly accurate shape and color. The rest are all speculated designs, with only the emblazoned Zodiac symbol drawn.

"There is naught that I wouldn't give for my sister's return, but I cannot in good conscience make her your sole objective. I require scouting and intelligence reports with a focus upon the locations of the Auracite. If you are to acquire them on your own, all the better. I will not even require you to turn them over to me. Destroy them, hide them, do anything in your power to keep them from those that would exploit their power. Do that, and you will have saved Ivalice from a darkness unparalleled."
Avira "Again, you'll have to forgive me if I'm a little skeptical." Avira apologizes to Ramza, folding her arms across her stomach. "What you're suggesting here is a widespread conspiracy of oppression and corruption. Against a very large religion. I've heard them prosecute people for less."

Either this young man was onto something or stark raving mad. Avira will need more time with him to make a determination.

Alas, more missing people. This is a tale that Avira's become pretty familiar with by now. It seems like a far easier route than to defy an entire church. "This sounds awfully risky. Mercade if we-"

Avira's phone abruptly beeps. Digging through a pouch, she looks down at it and her eyes widen, "Oh dear, I need to get going for dinner. A pleasure to meet you, Ser Beoluve."
Mercade Alexander Mercade watches Ramza intently. He's weighing a hundred minute things in his head... But the most are those eyes. They call them a window into the soul and few men can make them lie. He watches those eyes, taking a measure of the man before him...

And he nods, taking the parchment and looking over them. "So you want our assistance in locating both your lost sister, as well as these dangerous crystals... Auracite, you call them?" He pauses, and looks up to Ramza.

"Who else is looking for them? Is it just the Church?" He rubs his chin, considering. "And the Heartless are involved too... If these jewels give control over them... Or is it simply that the man had the power as well? I can't tell easily." He looks up. "Either way..."

He trails off, a look of horror crossing his face as he sees Will come down with the Black Pot. Every time he makes that... Well, it's a gamble. He pulls his gaze back to Ramza, forcing his expression back to normal, and nods. "We'll be happy to assist. Either way, we'll gain more information on what's going on here when we acquire the gems. The truth will be laid bare then."

He glances to one side, and asides, "Celine. Put the book back. That's supposed to be reference only."
Ramza Beoulve "M'lady, if you were not skeptical then I would think you had lost your wits. I ask that you fain forgive me for imposing upon your time. Meeting you was an enchanting experience and I ask that you put what I've said out of mind for a time to enjoy your evening."
Deidra Deidra is keeping quiet for now it could be true, it could bt not but the claims need to be looked into and she'll trust Mercade's judgment on this. She listens she takes notes on Alma and the otehr stones. She's at least listening Avira voices her concernes but she watches Avira get going. She's got a lot to chew on mentally with this, and she's likely going to start snooping about her self now.

"Your call boss, so we'll have to get to work on it then. We'll find the truth whatever it happen to be."
Will Sherman Will pours some into another bowl, "Who wants some?" he says, with a grin.

He listens to all of this goings on, and listens and puts it away for later. "Auracite? That kinda sounds like Magicite. Arcadia is all about that stuff, like the Goddess Magicite stuff that got stole!" Will points out, wondering if there is a connection!

"You're colorful." he says, to Ramza, "Anyway...Heretics and stuff like that, I dunno, I see people as individuals." he shrugs, "And you don't seem all that bad." he says after only knowing Ramza for like...three minutes tops.
Celina Duvalis "I can't reference it if it's under the couch, Mercade." Celina says, turning around to face the current head of the TDA squarely, her dark eyes narrowing. "Plus I have age and experience on your youth and treachery, give me a break-"

"And a chance, will you?"

She wanders over to Will, beckoning him for a bowl. Mom taste test, go!
Emi Dennou Emi is sympathetic w/re lost sisters, but she's being impassive for the moment. Ramza is telling crazy stories, so she can't really afford to show much right now especially since it may all be fake. She knows what the zodiac is, but there's thirteen signs you know!! Well, she doesn't fret about it, really. Ramza is being really forthright, trusting them even to a degree that's nearly unbelievable. Just how deep did his research into them go? Couldn't they just make use of these stones for themselves? Emi isn't so sure she trusts this scenario. She notes how well they're drawn, though, an interesting detail that.

Ramza's lost sister is certainly something that could be agreed to without too much trouble, it's just a missing person case. The other one though--it could be trouble.

She nods to Will and then looks over Ramza.

"If Mercade agrees to assist you then we will assist you. The Network has a further request, however."
Ramza Beoulve As Mercade stares into his eyes, he would see no signs of falsehood. The young man was barely out of adolescence, and yet there was a sagacity present in his eyes that suggested that his experiences had matured him before his allotted time. "The Church of Glabados may have mastery over the Heartless through the stones they do possess, but I'm ignorant of any otherworldly alliances that might be searching for them. I have heard rumors of both Magicite in Vector, and Nethicite in the Archadian Empire but I know naught of how they might be connected. My brother, Dycedarg, is in collusion with the Church so that he might end up at the head of the table. It will not end well for him, while perspicacious he cannot foresee that Archdemons will be brought to bear against him."

Ramza turns to regard Will with a sudden speculative look, followed by a smile. "We are of one mind, Ser. It is not our blood, or faith that define us; but our actions."

The young man takes a deep breath. Now on to the matter of payment. "Do you require advance payment, or my evidence before beginning your search Ser Alexander? Any sum, or deed that you desire shall be yours, if it is within my means, as gratitude for your services. And if it is not, then I ask for your patience and your credit, for I always pay my debts."

Ramza stares at Emi momentarily. He appears to be processing her strange mannerisms and speech mentally before nodding in reply. "Anything, M'lady."
Mercade Alexander "I ate earlier, thanks though." Mercade says to Will. He's not in the mood to risk the Black Pot today.

Celina makes a cogent argument. Mercade has a response. "That's the point." He says, nodding sagely. He rolls his eyes and sighs though. "Well... Be careful, all right?" Mercade says to her.

"This... is complicated and probably going to get very ugly. We know little about the political landscape of your world, but we are in a position to possibly investigate and help. Either way, we are seekers of the truth, whether it serves one or not. If you are secure in this, we will begin work." He pauses. "I won't levy a fee at this time. You're not really in a position to pay at this point anyway, and you probably need everything you can get. I will, however, need all information that you have regarding the stones, the people who seek them, and their whereabouts if you have them. The more information you have, the better."

He looks to Emi, wondering what other thing she is going to add. "What is your plan, Emi?"
Will Sherman Will hands out a bowl to Celina!

He grins, but frowns at Mercade. Oh he's ON TO YOU, Mercade, "Fine, I'll put some in the fridge for you later." This will totally won't become a TP boss in six months.

He turns towards Emi, and hands her a bowl, because SHE IS TOTALLY LIKE A LITTLE SISTER TO HIM! EAT UP!

Ramza gets his attention, and nods, with a grin, "What you mean diving head first into trouble at the drop of a hat? If you're like that, then we're going to be fast friends!" he says, and then ponders... and then looking to Mercade, "Oh man.."
Celina Duvalis Celina cleans the fridge out on a weekly basis, so don't count on it being a surprise Fridge TP boss. Remember: You have someone who /worries/ about the people living in this building! She peers at the bowl, and pokes it a bit.

Then, to Mercade: "Yes, dad."

THen, NOM!
Deidra Deidra listens are Ramza give them some more information and then gets down to the matter of payment. She sttles in for the moment as the last bits of the deal are hammeled out. There's a lot of work ahead but they were not in this line of work to take things easy and then Emi comes up with a plan. She'll sit back to listen to see what Emi has in mind.
Emi Dennou Emi looks over to Mercade, cups her chin as if rethinking it for a moment, but then shakes her head and seems to rethink the rethinking.

"We would like to assign Omi to watch over Ramza and his people." Just another way of saying 'spy on' but she doesn't actually use those words. "It is likely his people have their own stories to tell about their relationship with the Church. We could learn a lot simply through talking with them and, of course, if there is trouble we would know immediately that way. Omi is a professional and is the best of us at remaining discreet."

Omi uncrosses her arms. She has been there all along. She is just looking at Emi.

"This does not pertain directly to the investigation, of course, but we believe it will help."

Emi looks at the bowl after, for several moments. She takes in a low breath, uncertainly.
Will Sherman Will looks at Emi with a smile. ^_^ "It's good! I had three bowls already!" he says with a grin. He really likes cooking!
Mercade Alexander Mercade looks back to Ramza. "She makes a cogent point. The Dennou are one of the best information gatherers we have. If you are willing to have her accompany you, Omi should be able to assist you well as well as help us to discover things we'll need to know to help. Also, she'll help you keep in contact with us in case you need us."
Celina Duvalis That face is a LIE, William Sherman.

Celina, her face slightly green, shakes her head as she holds a hand to her stomach. "Will, really, what did you put in there?"
Ramza Beoulve Ramza has an bewildered look upon his visage at Mercade's refusal of advance payment, but in the end it only serves to brighten his spirits; as he becomes more and more convinced that his trust in them is well placed. "Myself and those under my command will be remaining in the town of Traverse for long enough to shake the dust off our boots. I will have your evidence by twilight tomorrow, as well as a primer on the political climate of Ivalice and notable figures. Maps as well. I was fortunate enough to pick up an expert cartographer in my travels."

As Will speaks, the look of bewilderment returns briefly. "You are passing strange, Ser, but I think you're correct in that. I once had a man named Goffard tell me that I was a gallant fool after I ran headlong into his ambush. My friends have scarce allowed me to forget it, and it has become an all too common jape."

As Emi speaks, Ramza's eyes fall upon the woman with her arms crossed. "Your friend is welcome amongst us M'lady but I advise caution. Both bounty hunters and the office of the Inquisition are tracking us. Our lives could be forfeit at any time. If she still desires to accompany us, that I must think her the courageous sort, and I could scarce her deny her the oppurtunity."
Emi Dennou Omi is smiling. It is not an especially nice smile.

"We are aware." Emi agrees. "That is why she is being sent. She is not a warrior, she is a soldier. She does not let emotions get the best of her--"

Emi glances to Will.

"--....often. More pertinently, she knows the best entry point for a knife to reach the brain, The Network clarifies."


Ramza classchanges Omi to white mage.


Emi looks back at Will's bowl. "...Perhaps after business."
Deidra Deidra pauses for a moment "If your new here, you might not know there's never day here it's a strange place i'm afraid in that regard." She does seem to like Ramza well enough and whatever the truth of his claims? Life's going to get interesting for the TDA, very interesting. Oh well it could be worse they could be bored out of their skulls with nothing to do, Emi's idea is alos a pretty good one, for communicating with the client and information gathering.
Will Sherman Will grins at Ramza, "I am strange, you'll eventually figure out why. Maybe, it depends on if we run head first into danger together enough or not!" Will says to himm turning towards Celina, "Eh? Oh...this and that. Stuff in the fridge I found." Lots of stuff.

He frowns at Emi, "Oh okay." he says, and to Omi, "Hey! I know a heretic now! Yay!"
Mercade Alexander Mercade nods. "I appreciate your efforts. Copies will be sufficient, you will need the originals." He nods. "Anyway... Is there anything else you need to talk about? You should be safe here for now, and the bar downstairs serves good food." Mercade makes some gestures away from the Black Pot. Don't risk it, Ramza. Don't do it.
Emi Dennou Omi says, "If you insist." to Will Sherman. "Though technically speaking, we're unsure of why we aren't considered heretics already. We are not especially religious and have died multiple times and were once named after a biblical demon."
Ramza Beoulve A foolish grin appears as Will speaks. "Indeed you do. Our faces are even on handbills. One in my company collects them. It is not a reputation any of us desire, but while we have it I find a bit of levity helps keep it palatable." As a bowl from the /black pot/ is proferred up to him, he rises from his seat. If he understands what Mercade's gestures mean, he's too polite to refuse their hospitality. Not while they're helping him at least. He picks up a bowl, and ladles a spoonful up into his mouth.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza continues to eat. After years of rationing food and trail cuisine it actually tastes rather good to him. "It reminds me of Agrias' road stew. Is it a common recipe?"
Deidra Deidra gets a look of abject horror on her face as Ramza goes to eat from the pot, this could mean the end of Ramza by accident. Well not that bad but stil she'd rather slip down stairs and get some cooking. Really with Will's problem sorted out her only issue with him is well his cooking. So as it seems business is finished she may be on her way to get some food of her own shortly enough. Then ther's shock, Ramza hasn't keeled over or gone running. Did will actually make a really good batch? She's not sure.
Will Sherman Will grins at Ramza, "Maybe? I call it hobo surprise...we used to make it in the under city all the time when food got scarce. defintely interesting, and makes for some strange results. I never had a problem eating it!" he says, with a nod and a smile, "Anyway, if you need to do something dicy, and think you need lady luck on yourside, gimme a call. I...sort of am like a lucky charm."
Ramza Beoulve Ramza drops the spoon into his bowl, coughing as Will states his relation to lady luck. It is not because the food is /bad/ it would seem, merely something he said. "Are you certain you would not like to join us on a more permanent basis? If there is aught that we have in short supply, it is good fortune."
Will Sherman Will shrugs, "I will help, but I can't stay with you guys forever...This is my home, this is my family. I gota stay here and help them, but I DO like to wonder alot. I'll join you when you really need me, but sadly I can't be there always. Omi knows how to get ahold of me...and I might just randomly show up when you need me the most." he says with a smile, "Ask Omi, I just have a gift for it."
Celina Duvalis "He's ours, sorry, ser." Celina says. "I've grown fond of mothering at him over the many eons." She can't help but smile at Will, even as she quietly gets rid of her bowl.
Ramza Beoulve "I shant fault you for upholding your familial obligations. Would that my own brothers ceased their warmongering, I would be tempted to do the same." The youth briefly claps a hand upon Will's shoulder, before he offers a smile at Celina, placing the bowl down. "M'lady, I shall then know whom to blame for his upstanding and virtuous character."
Emi Dennou "We can't stay forever either, of course." Emi says. "Though depending on the results of the investigation, we may be able to assist you longterm."

Omi rubs the back of her neck, glancing away. She mutters something about being glad Umi isn't here to try out the 'hobo surprise'.
Will Sherman Will already has a bowl in the fridge for Umi! It has a unicorn sticker on it and a sign that says: FOR UMI.

Will grins at Ramza, scratching the back of his head, "Virtous? Oh I don't know, just...doin' what a King of the Hobos does, and help people."
Mercade Alexander Mercade watches the back and forth, smiling. This is pretty nice. He could get used to this. Everyone is fairly happy and pleasant at the moment, despite the terrible situation facing his new client and everyone coming from rather different areas.
Celina Duvalis Celina murmurs softly into Mercade's ear as she hands him back the grimoire, a long list of notes in her grip. Did she copy spells? More than likely.

"King of hobos." Snort.
Emi Dennou LATER

Umi vomits a lot. A /lot/. A lot. A lot a lot a lot a lot.
Tifa Lockhart The barmaid decides to check on what's going on on the second floor, after she's done with her work in the bar. As a tease to her partner in business, while he has most of his group with him, she goes "Honey, I'm home." smiling in the mostly natural way possible without laughing. "Did you and your friend need any drinks dear?'
Will Sherman Will looks at Mercade, and then at Tifa. "Oh you dawg you!" he says, giving Mercade a clap on the back, "THAT'S why you've not been up on Avira! I see!" he says, with a grin. "Congrats!"
Ramza Beoulve "And I shant expect you to, M'lady. There is not a standing military force. Once I was their Commander in the Order of the Northern Sky. Then I was their fellow deserter and an officer amongst a mercenary company Now I am only their friend and comrade. If any desire to part ways, then they can do so on amicable terms."

Ramza had no idea what a Hobo was, since in his land the nomenclature was harsh for those of his like, and he does not respond.

On the way up, Tifa would have passed at least ten new faces seated, with two more outside. One of the men was quite raucous, and the others were trying to keep him under wraps. In time they were fed up with him, and literally all of the women did a modified /drunk toss/ into the stables. Ramza, oblivious to all of this, smiled at Tifa. "M'lady, could I trouble you for some milk?" Yes indeed, that was one hardened commander of heretics ordering milk in a bar.
Deidra Deidra is about to head out to place her order then Tifa steps in saying Honey, I'm home. There's a jaw dropped she kinda of stares for a moment at Tifa, Ramza's words are heard she'll register them later before she close her jaw and shakes her head a bit,. Things are getting strange really. "Sounds like your people and you have had it pretty rough." She also pauses at the order of Milk? Okay that's also suprising then agian he likely wants to keep his wits about him, right?
Mercade Alexander Tifa comes into the place, and she...

Mercade's expresion goes to 0 to 'wut' in 1.3 seconds. "Tifa..." Will just makes things worse. "Will, I didn't marry her!" He pauses, looking back to Tifa for a moment. "Uhhh...." And then he looks back to Will. "And we're not doing anything! We're just business partners!"

He looks back to Tifa, with a deer-in-headlights way about him for the moment.
Celina Duvalis Celina says, calmly, "Hooray, another married couple working in the TDA!" She raises her glass of non-Will tained alcohol at Tifa and Mercade, hiding a grin.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart laughs "Don't get excited, I was just teasing Mercade." She grins, moving back down the stairs, coming back home a few seconds later with a glass full of milk for Ramza "Here you go." She smirks, crossing her arms "We're not that intimate, and I'm pretty sure Mercade has interest in someone else."
Will Sherman "Oh my~!" Will grins at Mercade, just making this worse...and then Ramza speaks up.

He blinks at Ramza for a long hard moment, "Milk?" he asks.
Ramza Beoulve "Fate has dealt us this hand for a reason, M'lady." Ramza had no idea what Deidra was, and he was too polite to ask at the moment. She was well spoken and polite herself, which worked out to her favor in that regard given that Ivalice had nothing in the way of demihumans in his time. But Ramza did mean what he said, he judged an individual upon their actions. "That does not mean I think there is some grand destiny in store for me. I simply cannot stand idly by while Ivalice is debauched by those who would profit off the suffering of innocents."

Ramza takes the glass of milk, nodding his thanks, and takes a pull from the glass. Wiping off his mouth, he finally offers to Will. "Most men as live my sort of life come wanting spirits is it? I would posit to you that it takes a hardened campaigner, to have the courage to choose milk in a tavern." He then winks at him. "Or mayhaps I simply like the taste."
Will Sherman "Or they have no head for it." Will counters, with a mischevious grin. "Oh don't mind me, I was a little surprise you'd call for milk so openly. But I guess it takes all types." Will continues, with that grin.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza clucks his tongue. "And now you bait me into the snare. While I am renowned amongst my company for taking it; methinks you sold me short this time."
Deidra Deidra may look like she crawled out of some infernal pit but she really didn't. Then agin you could count New York as an infernal pit so who honestly knows? She'd answer if he did ask she just didn't think to explain it really rhough if someone brings it up she happily will. For now she's just enjouin the converstation. "I can agree on that feeling. There's been enough suffering with the Heartless runing wild. "As for the milk it also means he keeps his wits about him also useful I'd say."
Ramza Beoulve Outside the window, raised voices can be heard. "Fie on you Bunansa!" Another voice that sounds far more urgent. "NO DON'T TOUCH.." Glistening blades of lightning flash down and strike the cobbles outside with brief roar of thunder. "..that." Now a woman's voice. "You addledbrained knave!" The first man's voice. "Oho, so the frigid harpy comes a-courting? Well you're welcome to..." Thunk. The voice is cut short.

Ramza listens, his lips pursing, then curving into a frown. "Pray forgive me, I must excuse myself. Thank you again, I could ask for no better hospitality from any host." He takes the first few steps down the stairs slowly, then once out of sight begins to tear down the staircase at full speed.
Mercade Alexander Mercade seems lost in thought. Is he looking at Tifa? Maybe, maybe not. He's letting Will and Ramza go back and forth, not worrying so much about the situation. The lightning, however, causes him to jump. "Whoa!" He looks over, and back to Ramza. "Well, farewell, Ramza. Good luck in your work, all right? We'll see you."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart watches Ramza leaving as well. Well, milk is not that odd in a bar either, she serves everykind. She likes the taste of milk too. "So I guess noone else needs drinks here tonight." She smirks, and walks back down the stairs "You can call me if you need me for anything 'honey'."
Deidra Deidra pauses for a moment at the chos out side she nods for a moment "Best get to handling that. Take care Ramza, we shall meet again." She looks over at Mercade and Tifa with a grin on her face. "I think I'll leave you two alone for a bit I have food to get." With that she also departs.
Mercade Alexander Mercade waves to Tifa. "I'll be down in a bit. I might want to get something." Something that isn't Will's Black Pot of doom.

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