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(2013-03-05 - 2013-03-06)
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Fluorgis has had its ups and downs and things have been rather busy also in Dalmescia. Mostly the fact the Judge Magister Gabranth has to do a double edge sword job by not only keeping an eye on Lord Vayne, but also reporting back to Emperor Gramis and the Senate on activities out this way.

Though Baron had been quiet, Archades as not trusting the other aerial might city. Some would even say Archades was looking for an excuse to just strike out at Baron. For the sleeping war nation had not had a good battle in some time.

This, can make sometimes the most stead-worthy, twitchy.. for combat.

However in the case of Gabranth today, he found himself riding out to the city and soon coming upon the roadway into Fluorgis itself. He rode on back of a dark armored chocobo, protected encase combat was to find him out in the harsh environment, yet thankfully -- No combat was found on this day.

As he approached he slowed down the fine bird, and peered forward at the way in. His blue eyes scheming the surroundings, before he nudged the bird to go on at a slow pace. His one hand holding the reign, while the other was kept at ease by his side. For a man in armor and leather, he looked pretty comfortable actually.
Evja "Kad res! Feh! Feh!"

A man excitedly shouts not too far from where Gabranth was. It was quite a normal day in and around Fluorgis of course, people are coming and going as normal. However, a crowd had gathered a bit off and to the right with accompanying shouting. From where he was, if he looked, Gabranth might notice that they seemed to be gathering to spectate on something. Just what would be revealed if he went over, though the sounds of clashing metal might reveal it be a fight of some kind.
An Engagement, actually, official clan stuff.

Two clans were duking it out with their Judges watching from opposite sides of a large area with a crowd of spectators gathering around the outside and cheering.

Including that Al Bhed fellow who was so loudly cheering, "Feh! Feh!"

Neither of the Judges were spectacular, though. Nothing outstanding. Notably not one Gabranth knows. Though one Gabranth might recognize would be the Viera sitting atop a nearby wall with a carrot in hand, chewing at it idly from beneath a veil while watching. Evja wasn't in his armor today, instead wearing the white cloak that he was oft to wear, no cap, simply his long silver hair tied back and the black veil he always wore. Not much else could be gleaned in the way of clothing past a pair of greaves as footwear.

His attention was (silently) on the engagement going on, both clans still having all five members standing on each side and looking quite varied in races present, encompassing all of the Jylland races, sans a few rarer ones.
The Judge Magister was indeed curious to the activity, though seeing the Jylland clan Judges there eased any concern that this may turn into an out right problem. So in that direction the Judge Magister had the chocobo move, because thankfully being on the back of the large riding birds did give an great advantage point over heads.

Yet, someone seem to have a better advantage point on a wall. His blue eyes only glance that way to to the Viera, which he has to do almost a double take to be sure that is who he thinks it is. Though he does silently remind himself if they speak, to refer to him as a 'she'.

That was something he may never get over.

Though the Judges of Archades do not take well to trickery, in some ways, he was understanding of why the Viera must do this. Even if it was an old culture thing. Then again, different races; different cultures.

The Judge of Ambitions focus soon returned back to the fight, trying to get his mind back on just what is going on. His eyes glanced between the two judges who stood by, before they went to where the fight was taking place. It was a curious thing. He had yet to see the Jylland Judges in action till now. At least not in such manner. This does indeed make a good time to observe and watch.
Evja If Evja had noticed the presence of a fourth Judge, or an Archadian one for that matter, he hadn't even shown signs of such yet. Their attention was no the match and that was primarily it.
Of course, the match was looking to heat up when suddenly a Seeq Ravager out of nowhere ran up behind a human Black Mage and SLAM, brought his weapon down right atop the Mage's head, causing her knees to buckle as she fell. "TWEEEEEEEEEET!" The sound of one Judge holding up one hand, a whistle of some kind beneath their helmet as they didn't actually bring hand to mouth in any fashion, awarding something towards the Seeq as a ball of light flies over and hits them.

Said Seeq looked thrilled and the crowd cheered for the most part, at least those that weren't cheering for the team with the fallen mage. Another sharp whistle and the fallen mage vanishes, reappearing several yards away and out of the way of the actual fight. Despite being whacked on the head with a largeass club, there didn't appear to be any actual injuries. Perhaps this was the Law Magic that he'd mentioned at work?
Gabranth continued to watch the activities. Though when he realized it was a female caught in this mess, his own hand tightened on the reigns a bit, before it relaxed. His brows furrowing behind the helm.

Though for Evja to spot him, wouldn't be surprising. After all, each Archadian Judge Magister had their own armor design and each had their own look. It was very easy to tell one Archadian Judge Magister, little harder when you were talking about the Judges though; yet even some of them had unique looks.

When the battle ended and the whistle was blown. He watched the odd Judge magic at work. He glanced to one side, then to the other. It was indeed an odd thing to behold, yet perhaps interesting to note. This is probably how they were able to keep the 'peace', by making sure that neither side was really harmed.

Though Gabranth found himself glancing in the direction of the woman, trying to judge from a distance if she really was alright or not. It seemed a bit like an unfair fight. A mage against a melee fighter. Yet, he did know a few mages that would take offense to such a thought. Slowly he then looked back up toward Evja, before he moved the Chocobo in that direction, staying on the outside of the crowd; yet even as he headed that way, his eyes peered over at the two Judges once more.
Evja Ah, the battle wasn't over, though - that was simply one member of the team fallen. Not long after the Seeq did a little victory dance, he had a Viera appear out of nowhere right behind him before striking him and... turning him to stone? Suddenly the other side was cheering and a point was awarded to the Viera, who quickly enough leapt aside and managed to blend into the environment. A Hunters technique, actually, Conceal.

Getting close enough, someone threw a Phoenix Down towards the fallen mage who blinked and stood back up, looking around confusedly before seeing the stoned Seeq and grimacing.

Watching the Judges wouldn't show much other than they were focused on the match at hand, much like Evja seemed to be. Perhaps it was simply some training that kept Judges /actually watching/, ignoring outside distractions. The ones on the Chocobo occasionally moved a bit, getting higher or lower to see various things. Though suddenly it all came to an end as the sky lit up with fire and the visage of a Summon appeared, washing across the field and downing everyone in the team of the Seeq at once, leaving a resounding "TWEEEEEEEEEET" going through the air and all the cheering and complaining that came with it. Including the Al Bhed who just looked angry. "OUI MUCD?! TYSHED!" Someone must have made a bet.

"Heh. That was sudden." Evja mumbled a bit to himself before turning and blinking towards Gabranth. A cocked head later, he did realize that it was, indeed, Gabranth. Hopping down and kicking off the wall, Evja vanished and reappeared on the ground nearby before walking up towards the Judge Magister and asking, "Official Business, Judge Magister?"
The Judge Magister gives a nod to Evja as they walk up. His chocobo however was not happy about the sudden that took place a moment ago, but suddenly the Viera. Yet the bird remained steady; for the most part.

"Greetings..," He almost said honor, but halted his tongue. He did however bow his head respectful. "I was sent here to see how the city was doing. Checking to see if supplies are still required or if everything is starting to go back to proper status."

The Judge of Ambition then slung of the Chocobo, his cape moving with ease as he did so. "I take it everything is alright with you?"
Evja "Ah."

The crowd begins to disperse and everyone that had fallen gets back up, even if they look sore and disgruntled. They were protected from lethal harm, not getting their ass kicked. The victorious clan is already wandering off and inspecting their bag of goodies they won. "Damn, nothing of note." says one.

Oh well, that's life.

"As you are aware that is not actually my jurisdiction, though personally I think the city is doing quite well. Back to normal as much as any can expect in this new world after all." Reaching into his cloak, Evja pulls out a single stalk of Gyshal, offering it towards Gabranth, "If yours enjoys such or is allowed to have it? I had planned to give it to mine, but I can always get another. And yes, Judge Magister, everything is well enough with me. Even though I somehow got myself wrapped up in destroying some ancient war relic from a so called War of the Magi near Vector last night, I managed to do so untouched. Though I cannot say as much for the others without armor who repeatedly ignored my suggesting they retreat to be safe." Scoff. "Truly... who goes to fight a machine with no armor on that can seemingly slice through vehicles."
Judge Magister Gabranth listens with great interest. Nodding from time time, he does indeed take the Greens, thanking Evja as he keeps his voice down to not interrupting anything the Viera has to say. While listening he gives the Green to the chocobo, petting the side of the bird's neck gently where the armor is not at.

He was actually surprisingly gentle with the large yellow bird. If his eyes could only be seen past that helm.

Once Evja finished, he turned to look at the Judge, before hrming softly, "War of the Magi?" He tilts his head just slightly, "Machine?" his brows furrow behind the helm. "Do explain, if you have the time."
Evja "Of course. But let us move elsewhere. Fluorgis' walls have ears, much as does Archades, and I would rather not tip off would-be-adventurers to try and seek out something that would get them hurt. Care to follow me? It shant be more than a couple minutes."
Evja reaches into his cloak and pulls out a whistle, blowing silently on it. A Chocobo whistle, one that might actually catch Gabranth's Chocobo's attention, even if it wasn't meant for him. A moment later, a portal opens up next to Evja briefly and a Chocobo steps out before Evja gives him a pat and hops up onto his back. "There is a waymark about a minute away that will take us to where I stay."

And unless there was objections, off they went towards said 'waymark'. Which also happened to be opening a portal on the outskirts of city and going up and over a rather neat-looking bridge before reappearing in the residential district of Fluorgis. Judges did need methods to quickly traverse this land after all. Or, rather, the entire land before the shadows came. They are quite limited now in where they can go.

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