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(2013-03-04 - 2013-03-11)
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Deelel A thousand years ago the war of the magi raged across the world from which Vector calls home. Legends about to this day about the war of the Magi but few hard records exist due to the level of carnage the war that the three Goddess caused. The world has healed for the most part but scars like this ruin remains. The scrub-land around this ruin is bare even for a place like this something had actively burned most life from a mile or so from the ruin. It's not a pretty place at all the crumbling ruins stand there a mute memorial to their makers so long dead. There are signs of recent habitation there are here at the ruins. What seems to have been a camp set up by a small squad of imperial soldiers had been here and there are tracks to indicate they had a pair of M-tek armours with them as well. It would be pretty serious for the Imperials to send two of those machines on a recon mission.

What has gathered people here ? There have been rumours in Transverse town for over a week and elsewhere in major centres in the world of ruin about this strange and dark place, a ruin like this has the attention of Scholars and historians a like offering bounties on lost artifacts and information that remain within. However there are the reports of several near by villages coming under attack in the dead of night by something. Whatever the case there's something going on here, a quick search would find the Imperials has entered the ruins some time ago and have not returned here. There is also a sense of foreboding about this place, something is not right here. Those who can feel things the place feels of suffering and despair, and loss of life.
Evja With the Hades Cup out of the way, it was time to move onto other, arguably less important but still possibly important things. Which is why Evja had gone about gathering himself a party as best he could and setting out to do just that. With his share of his teams winnings from the Hades Cup the Viera had offered transport through moogle mail to the various peoples he knew and of those that replied were a few.

Which is where you have the Viera Judge at the moment, wrapped up in a large thick white cloak with Judges Symbol on the back as was normal and black turban with the accompanying opaque black Veil, riding atop 'her' Chocobo. Even from a distance one could see those ruins thankfully, which made for generic enough approach. It was the signs of habitation that worried the Viera. "What do all of you think is the best course of action?" he asks, turning his Chocobo a bit to look at the others that came along with him.
Aerith Aerith knew nothing about Magitek. It sounded much like what Shinra had going, but at the same time not. She also knew nothing about this War of the Magi or anything of the sort. What she did know however was that this place had seen much. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end as feelings that were not hers, whispers though they were, coursed through her.

They really, really shouldn't be here. But people had vanished, maybe died. Something in here had perhaps, claimed lives, and if that were true something had to answer for them. It didn't stop her hands from tightening on her staff, but she entered in anyway, just behind Tifa and Rinoa.

Aerith's sense of trepidation shifts away for a moment as the Viera at the head of their little pack asks his question. "I'm not sure... but this place is..." She couldn't finish the sentence.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is out riding her own chcoobo as well, the red chocobo 'Premium Heart'. She's quite proud of her steed too. She smiles, leaning down to pat its side a bit, since its in the middle of a desert again. "You okay on water Premium?" The chocobo 'warks' in answer. Looks okay. "Good." She looks over to Evja and to the others "I'm not sure, what are we here for anyway, there's like nothing around here."
Mister Greene PROFESSOR MISTER GREENE was not often able to get out of the classroom...until his classroom was destroyed by wicked heartless. Sad as the state of affairs are for the school, Professor Mister Greene is not one for sitting back and being idle, there are always THINGS to be doing...though going out to do them is something the mad scientist does not often do. However, this seemed important...ruins of an anchient civilization with had some sort of technology? Greene was the MAN for the job, because his ranks in SCIENCE! were bigger than yours. Yes YOURS. YOURS SPECIFICALLY.

A large metalic bird is seen running towards the ruins at high speeds, like a Chocobo, except made of metal. It runs and excessively stupid speeds, and has a small man attatched to his neck, afraid to let go for DEAR life. It finally stops, almost abruptly near the edge of the ruins, and causes Greene to go FLYING off at high speeds, hitting the not so soft sands of the desert and skids to a halt.

"Balsted bird! I just repaired your operating Proceedures!" he mutters, and walks over, pushing a button on the right leg which returns it to a smaller size. "Bah, no matter, follow me and make sure no treasure hunting hoodlems ambush us."

"WARK. WARK BEEP." it responds, and begins to start preening it's feathers. Greene rolls his eyes, and walks towards the interier of the ruins. Danger? Bah! SCIENCE will save the day.
Kim Possible Kim Possible rides on a Chocobo of her own, alongside Tifa. She's still getting the hang of riding them, but she seems to have mastered it for the time being. "At least I don't need a driver's license to ride one of these," She says out loud, although Tifa might be able to hear her while she talks. "I hope this works out all right."
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa likewise, knew little about the War of the Magi, or the ancient artifacts that could be found in the middle of the desert. However, she is quite intrigued to learn more about magic in general..What was it about that mysterious sorceress back in Deling that had her on edge? Furthermore, were these magi anything like the sorceresses she knew about?

she bites her lip as she rides alongside Tifa and the others on a white chocobo, Angelo yapping at her heels. She'd come mostly to help pay for essentials as part of another mercenary job, partly for her own curiosity.

"Hmm, not sure, but I guess we'd better be careful. Looks like we're not the only ones drawn to this place. Best to keep as quite and subtle as possible right? No need to go in with guns blazing..We need to find out more first.."
Lumeria Lumeria heard about an unknown source of magic. She had to get ahold of it for herself before the others managed to. Of course that might be a bit difficult with everyone present, hopefully a distraction would provide itself. She feels herself sweating a bit as rides along her chocobo across the desert. "Why must it be so hot?"
Maira Having heard rumors of this place while making the rounds in Traverse Town, Maira decided this place might just be worth checking out. Maira plans only to investigate, /not/ get into trouble, which is pretty much a guarantee that trouble will happen. Oddly, she can be pretty useful on missions like this as long as /she/ stays out of sight and sends Uist out for all the recon. Thus, when Evja had asked if she'd be interesting in investigating something with him, Maira had agreed. To adventure! Etc.! Didn't hurt there was a chocobo ride in it for her. That would have sealed the deal right there.

Then to find out her friends Tifa and Aerith would be there as well, bonus! Maira smiles over to Aerith and Tifa, then looks to the Viera and shrugs a little. She looks as though she's about to suggest something, but quickly becomes distracted as she spots Artyom passing. "Oh hey! I know that guy! ARTYOM! HIIIII!" she calls, raising a hand and waving emphatically.
Deelel The Judge would be able to easily ID that this was indeed an Imperial unit as over one of the tents the Imperial Flag is snapping in the wind smartly but little more than that. Aerith is right to be concerned about this place, the feeling gets a bit worse as she gets closer to the crumbling entrance. The nature of the place may very well leave any of the chocobos on edge from nature of the place.

This seemed to be the place the rumours spoke of there's some runes near the entrance and it leads to the underground one might be able to translate it and it would lead to a simple phrase if one were able to.

Glory to Goddess.

Still there's nothing about the ruins surface of note, there might be things deeper and one might hear some sounds, perhaps the thrum of operating machinery from within the ruins itself beckoning the adventures onward.

Why must it be so hot? Tis simpley fate there and the feeling of magic is still strong from this place but it seem to be coming from under the party's feet.
Mister Greene Green stopstowards the surface...

He spends a few moments going over the runes, Frowning a bit, as he pulls out a device. Putting the runes in, he does some cross referencing...similar to what they had back home, the really REALLY anchient languages. He studied some of this back in collage years ago...but it's not the same, but it's a base he can use. With a few moments, he translates it and frowns... "That is certainly not ominious." he says, taking a moment to turn towards the entryway. Others are not...acknowledged, not yet, he's focused on this first. Artyom would recongize how the old man works, and he realizes that without MASSIVE amounts of bugging, he was likly to ignore everyone...well, until he couldn't ignore them.


"Onwards!" he says, after a few moments, going down.
Evja Looking between those present as they speak, some voicing wisdom, others nodding, Evja nods in turn and turns to look out over the areas present. Ruins, camp flying the same flag as Vector did, and that ungodly feeling that came with being around the Imperial City. That... clawing at his body, the icy feeling of magic being enslaved rather than used.
"Indeed." Senra, Evja's chocobo, bucks a bit before Evja reaches down and not-so-gently jerks a single crest feather, "Hey, stop that." The bird stops /dead in his tracks/, not a budge. "Good. Now, stay." With a shift, off Evja goes. Hopping onto the ground he said as he started trotting towards the city not far away, "You all should approach with the Chocobos until you can find some place safe. I shall scout ahead, then, on foot."

Artyom gets a quick glance, but nothing more than a nod since Maira seems to be on good terms with him, then BOING! Evja leaps into the air with a swift kick, knight greaves clacking silently on the sand below him as he vanished from sight and reappeared here and there, sproinging around from place to place, fallen-in rooftops and walls as Dragoons were like to do, to get a better picture of if there was /any/ signs of life or machinery out here or just the signs of the habitation. Though he did spot P. Mister Greene in the distance, landing not far away silently to watch.
Lumeria One of Lumeria's ears lift a bit as she hears the machinery. it must be well-built to still be functioning after all this time. She's a bit hesitant to go down, for all they know the place could be rigged with traps. She'll stay near the back for now and let the others handle most of the dirty work. No sense in putting herself in danger, right?
Artyom W. Valodjn Rumors of artifacts laying about could entice even the least avaricious archaeologist to tempt fate in a cursed land. Rumors of bizarre, magical stones and the sudden demise of those who have been unfortunate enough to lay eyes upon them have reached the ears of one such aspiring dirt-digger, but for different reasons that most. He does not seek their material worth, nor does he find their history particularly fascinating. No, Artyom seeks out the stones to eke out a clue as to why the World of Ruin has collapsed in the way that it has.

The Earth and all of its minerals hold many secrets. These mystical stones of great power may just put him on the right path to fixing his own broken world.

As he moves through the town, Artyom idly takes note of the dilapidated state of all those who dwell within it. The streets reek of death and misfortune. Lingering blight in the land itself burns itself into his arcane senses. There is something dangerously wrong, here. Perhaps the source is the rumored ruins?

Artyom proceeds onward, moving wordlessly through the streets- towards the ruins. The bizarre armor nearby peaks his interest, briefly. It reminds him of the war-machines found on desolate Odin, but at once cruder and more sophisticated than any he had seen there. Nevertheless, he walks on.

In doing so, he might just pass by the pack of people on their cavalry-birds. It's somewhat hard to miss him as he passes, considering his impressive size- and the massive weapon harnessed to his shoulders.

Earth trembles under his feet, sending tremors up into his chest. Something is terribly wrong with this place. It's as if the land is rotten with the arcane. But perhaps that's just the... Awful atmosphere of this dismal town. Artyom is about to slip into another one of his reveries when a voice drags him bodily right out of it.

"Oh," he says as he glances toward Maira. "It's you again. Hell--" There is the sound of Science. Artyom turns, slowly, like a millstone grinding against its pedestal, toward one Mister Greene. He squints. "...Mmn. He's here too."

"Well," he concludes vaguely in the direction of his old teacher. "This could be bad." He doesn't quite wait up for the others, and instead proceeds onward, after the elder man. It'd be remiss to let him hurt himself in his old age, after all.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart looks over to Kim, Aerith and Rinoa near her with as mile, nodding to Kim "They are easy to ride, gentle creatures, and when you own one you get very good friends with them and they understand you in return." Premium Heart Kwehs~ in answer to that, making the barmaid grin.

She keeps pacing toward the mechanical city, wondering about it. "Is that our destination? Looks rather omnious..." She doesn't like mechanical cities... she has enough of Midgar.
Kim Possible Petting her Chocobo, whom she hasn't officially named yet, Kim looks to Tifa and smiles a little, before her smile disappears as she gets a glimpse of the city up ahead. "That place looks totally uncool. I love technology and things like that, but that place totally looks bad. I don't like it one bit."
Aerith Aerith doesn't respond in turn, looking up at the ruins towering above her. The closer the birds approach, the more she ends up shaking her head, eyes narrowed with suspicion. Her eyes narrow and she shakes her head. "You have a point... Something big's in there. And it doesn't want us poking around." And yet if there were something important inside, they had to move forward.
Maira It always seems that when she approaches a place that is fairly spooky in nature, she is riding a chocobo. Its just always the way! She leans forward to soothe the creature, shuffling as it is as if it wants to turn and bolt.

The feeling of old magic here is strong and foul, but it isn't like what she felt at that tree. Thankfully. Even thinking of that place sends a shiver up her spine. Not that this place doesn't give her the creeps. It does. She's not sure she wants to go in there. Ah, but she can't let them go alone now can she?

Maira looks to Artyom, smiling lightly. The presence of a large man with a giant weapon is pretty darn comforting, alright? "Good to see you!" she says, though she's a little disappointed he doesn't have cats this time. "Came to investigate too? Bet you could feel that...aura, huh?" she asks before turning toward Evja, who bounds from her chocobo like a pogo stick and sproings forward to investigate further. "That....looks SO fun," Maira comments, eyes widen.

When she turns back to ask Artyom to join them he's already walking away too! Suddenly, everyone is going. Sigh. Maira looks to Uist. "Scout ahead please?" she says, then rides her chocobo forward to catch up with the others.
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa glances back as Evja as she suddenly boings up an away, peering around the sight. "Wow! Kinda reminds me of the good old days with Pixi..Wonder where she's at these days?" With a wistful sigh, Rinoa continues to trudge onwards, albeit at a slower, more cautious pace this time, as she peers up ahead. "Hmm, some sort of imperial camp? I suppose they could turn aggressive if they think we're after what they've already claimed. " Oh yeah, she knows how this thing works. Afterall, her father's only a general.

She glances curiously towards Aerith then, arching a brow, "Hmm? What is it that you're sensing? Is there something down there? Some sort of magical artifact? Hey, look at those runes..I'll bet they'll lead the way..If we can get past the guards!" Rinoa glances down at Angelo and smiles, "Go on Angelo, go help Evja, and.." she scratches her head when Maira talks to the wind, although Angelo barks at something invisible as if she could sense the ghost there, somehow.
Deelel The Earth is indeed not pleased with whatever has woken up. Or at the very least it has been disturbed by whatever has awoken from it's sleep after so long of a time in it's embrace.

Mr. Green would be on point and the first to see while the place is ruined, worn out but clearly was made with high levels of Magi-tech from the looks of it and the deeper the group goes the more intact until a few old lights sputter on and off and one can see foot prints in the dust from the Imperial soldiers most likely. The noise of the functional machine get louder and louder until the party reach a open level lift and stair way running along side it. Something large would be moved up and down here, cargo? Weapons? Troops? It's hard to tell really but but the Imperial party took the stairway for the most part from the looks of things here.

The thrum of power is clear at this point portions of whatever this place left are active. Then there's the sounds of movement something coming. The sounds of boots can be heard upon metal as something is moving almost seeming to be dragging something. Something or someone is coming upon the party.
Aerith They would have gotten off the birds sooner or later, and apparently now was the time. Aerith dismounted, hoping to investigate what exactly was making all this noise... and if possible, shut it off before something bad happened, like the very ground coming apart from beneath them. At least, that's what it felt like. It wasn't long before she heard the boots, and she stood with one end of the staff on the ground... but still ready to use it should the worst happen. Leave it to someone else to call this out... she'd have her senses on full pitch, searching for the first sign of hostile intent.
Mister Greene Green This is an interesting facility.

"Electricty without relying on water or lighting...interesting." Greene speaks to himself. He has to know HOW they did it, and then HOW to replicate it to make his machines EVEN BETTER than before! This is possibly a break through in the making. He comes across the lift, well, what would be a lift if the lift was actually there, instead there are some boring stares and a large hole that slowly goes down.

Typically stares are a good idea, but Mister Green is much better than NORMAL people.

Green jumps down the hole without even giving any cares. Why?

He floats down, with his metal chocobo floating next to him. Greene can control gravity. Duh.
Lumeria Lumeria cringes a bit as she hears all the noise. It certainly was loud. Already she didn't care for this place. She just wants to get in, find what's she looking for and leave. Of course it's never that simple. There's no telling what might be waiting instead for that.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart leaves Permium Heart into a shadowy spot, so she doesn't come back to fried chocobo of course. Poor thing. But she's not really at ease with the rumblings either... something is coming their way. She tightens her fighting gloves on, looking over to Aerith "Get ready. Just in case." She slides to the side of the door, out of sight, as if hoping for a surprise attack. If need is.
Rinoa Heartilly Angelo scouts up ahead while Rinoa follow s the path she sets out for them. It takes a while to catch up to the others up ahead, but she can already hear all manner of machinery and some sort of rumbling noise going on. When she gets closer, Angelo barks anxiously, and growls as she peers down at the hole, then back at her. "Well, what do you think? Should we go down? Sounds ominous.." She frowns, glancing over at Tifa and dismounts her chocobo, hiding it in similar shadows before joining Tifa, waiting for whatever it is to be lifted out of that hole.
Evja A metal chocobo? Evja simply stared towards the man and his creation/pet/ride briefly before turning to look back towards those that were there. Another long look around the area revealing nothing, Evja raises one hand towards the group and waves them forward before he hopped down with a light sound before following along at a distance behind Greene.

It was hard to know everyone after all and this older fellow certainly wasn't known by the Judge. But as he got deeper in, Evja came to rest a hand upon his face as if he had a headache and by the time he got down to where Greene hopped into the pit while using the gravity control to slow his fall it was obvious Evja wasn't feeling the best. Damn the magic of this place. It wasn't like the Mist, it didn't feel like he was going to be driven mad or made angry, it was just... clawing at him. Still, something was coming and he didn't want the older fellow to get hurt. After all, how to know how tough he was? Bunny took the stairs, however, descending down at a quick pace and leaving the rest behind. Weapons /were/ finally drawn however, a large silvery spear in each hand.
Artyom W. Valodjn "Greene," Artyom rumbles as he pulls into the mouth of the ruins. A chill runs up his spine as he catches a whiff of the magic flooding the ancient structure. Not only that, but the sound of... machines? But there's no source of power around here- unless they're using heat-based steam engines to produce electricity. But there's no smell of gasoline, no burning wood. It's just... There.

And so is the feel of magic, crawling up his legs and into his brain.

"Hey, wai--" And there he goes. Into a hole. Artyom sighs, rubbing his eyes. "Well. Okay," he grumbles, unsheathing the... /thing/ on his back. It's still hard to tell just what it is, as the entire length of the weapon is wrapped in thick, white cloth. He swings it experimentally with one hand, once, twice, and then...

He slams it into the ground and hops on the heavier end, and then pushes down into the hole. Because surfing a rockslide is probably one of those weird things you do when you live on Titan, the Sky-Breaking Mountain.

...Moreover, there's something ahead. He needs to be ready.

Which, apparantly, means surfing his weapon down a hole.
Kim Possible Kim follows suit with her Chocobo, before going to join Tifa as well. She's a little less nervous, but still uneasy all the same. "I'm ready when you are," She says. She doesn't seem to have any weapons with her, but when you're Kim Possible, you learn to use your skills to substitute for a weapon... and your gadgets too!
Maira Maira leaves her chocobo with the others and proceeds on foot, cautious and sticking close to the others. Especially once the noises start. Maira frowns deeply, her eyes growing wider. That old man just jumped down the hole! Oh no!

Maira goes over to stand beside Artyom to look down at where the old man had went--then suddenly, Artyom is grabbing his weapon off his back and using to to ....slide down? Maira isn't sure what sort of madness seizes her (besides the usual madness anyway) but she thinks Arty has gone suddenly MAD and grabs onto him as if to try to stop him. This of course, lends to her going right down after him.

Maira scrambles, locking herself to his back like a barnacle and clinging for her life.


Deelel Mr. Greene is the first one down and he's find a surprising sight it's a badly beaten Imperial Trooper dragging a wounded comrade with him and from the looks of it his comrade is hurt pretty bad. he's almost going for the M-tek laser rifle on his back when hr realizes it's not another horror her stares for a moment at Mr. Green and tries to prop up his comrade.

"An Adventure?!"

He looks him over for a moment as others join Uist would also quickly find the two injured troopers who don't look in very good shape.

Then comes Artyom joining the Mr. Greene's arrival.

"More? We found it, the thing, that's been attacking the towns. It was too much for a full squad of men and two M-tek Armours...I think we're all that's left of the unit. The captain was trying to delay it with his Armour, us to get our and report. You'd be mad to fight it..."

Then Maira drops in and the trooper realizes there's a pretty large party her and h speaks again "If you think you an take it keep heading down the corridors you'll not ... miss the thing. It's some sort of m-tek weapon I think."

There's the sudden screech deeper in of metal upon metal and something ripping another thing asunder.

Unless stopped the troopers going to keep dragging his friend out hoping to reach the medical supplies up at the camp. Whatever is down there it sounds like it got the last m-tek armour.
Aerith Aerith's eyes widen as she hears the account of this soldier, trying to save his comrade. She glanced over at Kim with a grimace. "I told you... there is something big down here. It's been killing people." She glanced at the stairs again, starting to make her way down. "We have to stop this before it gets worse. Let's go."
Mister Greene Greene squints at the people infront of him.

"Well, that's not good. Well, up you go!" Greene says, and reverses gravity for the injured and retreating imperials. They'll be at the top in no time...It won't be graceful, but they'll be safe and out of the way. He rubs his hands together, "It seems progress is always plauged by out of control robots!" he says looking to the.. hey was that? "Mr. Valodjn? Looking to get some extra credit I see! Good lad! Follow, I am afraid this might be a bit too dangerous for your old teacher alone! And bring your new backpack with you! She might prove useful, or at least, I hope more than carrying things!"

Greene moves on, "Hurry up lad, I think whatever rampaging robot is up ahead needs to be stopped before too much longer! And progress demands only the most perfect conditions for being advanced! Rampaging robots are the number two enemy of advancing science!"

He moves on, with the Robot Chocobo.
Lumeria This is starting to stand like more trouble than it's worth to Lumeria. Especially if it managed to bring down this many men. On the other other hand it might be weakened from all the fighting. Lightning magic sounds like it would come in handy about now, she doesn't know any though. Still she doesn't want the others to get their hands on what might be down here. The elfin carefully makes her way forwards, not moving very fast.
Evja "You should all get to safety." Evja says as he finally gets to the bottom, not hearing the beginning of it but catching someway along the middle. "Get these two up top so they do not perish." Reaching into his cloak the Viera grabs a potion and tosses the padded sack towards the one soldier carrying the other, "Catch, HiPotion. Should help one of you two do better."
Though Aerith looks quite ready to go kick some ass. Blinking, the Viera stands and extends a spear, "Hey, you have not even any armor and tha--SCREEECH." Looking down the hall and wincing, Evja adds, "It sounds like it can tear metal. You will simply get hurt!" Yes, the Viera was attempting to be protective of others, not just her in specific. Of course, that came with his profession. Then the older man seems ready to move on with his mechanical steed, beckoning to the giant. "..."

"This is either going to go over wonderfully, or half of you are going to be rended asunder." There was no stopping them. And with Mr. Gravity taking care of the soldiers... well, that leaves one less concern on the mind. "Fine, but all of you try to stay safe. I do not want any of you hurt." And with a slight kick, Evja vanished, the sound of metal clacking on the floor as he poofed in and out of sight, the teleportation enabled by his footwear teleporting him at a reasonably fast rate into the tunnel ahead of the rest. He was /trying/ to get ahead and far enough in front of everyone to make sure that if this thing was bloodthirsty, whatever it was, he could at least turn it away from the tunnel(ideally) to try and avoid any zone attacks wiping them out like dragons fire through a passage.
Artyom W. Valodjn Artyom is usually pretty good at this whole 'surfing' thing. It's the having a lady clinging to you bit that throws him off pretty badly. He yelps a sound of surprise when Maira leaps up onto his back. The weapon underneath him twists and turns and whirls around the interior surface of the hole like a bar of soap down a shower drain. He nearly- very nearly- panics before stomping one foot down onto the weapon's tip, forcing it to cleave straight down the earthen slope, lady-backpack be damned.

Of course, his heart still feels like it's going to explode out of his chest by the time he gets down to the bottom.

"That," he says, glancing at the Maira-barnacle, "Was dangerous."

And then, there is a soldier.

Artyom's attention is drawn, quickly, to the lonesome man and his injured companion. He frowns, face twisting into a rather displeased frown. "Monsters underground. Very well. Go on ahead, we'll hold it off," he says to the soldier and his friend.

The sound of tearing metal. Artyom tends to his teacher, first, hopping off his weapon to lift it into a more defensible stance. Still, it's nearly impossible for him to actually swing it, in such closed quarters-- probably. He doesn't seem bothered. "Teacher, please be careful, and keep close."

He glances over his shoulder at the Maira-pack, following close by the older man, "I cannot use too much magic here. Might bring down the tunnels. Stay where you are, support us with flame. Is that alright?"
Mister Greene "Oh no, I don't have armor. It's like I know exactly what I am doing girl! Now, stop giving orders, because if you haven't noticed, I am PROFESSOR MISTER GREENE, RULER OF ALL SCIENCE COURSES, LABS, AND SCIENCE BASED AFFILIATED PROGRAMS OF ALEXANDER ACADEMY!" a thunderbolt happens. He looks to the Metal Chocobo, who just made the sound effect, "Well at least ONE thing you do is right!"

"WARK!" Preen.

Slowly, he turns back and back towards the rampaging monster.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart wonders where all of those thunderbolts are coming from, its not stormy and its the middle of a desert too :/

Its not helping her be less nervous as she steps through the door after the others, closing the way safely "I'm not really at ease with what's going on here. What do you think is down there?" She grits her teeth a bit, keeping her senses on alert.
Maira Maira hops off Artyom, grinning like an idiot for a few moment, just from the adrenaline rush. That /was/ fun. Of course, he seems to disagree, which makes he look down sheepishly. "S-sorry...I didn't know what you were doing!"

Once the wounded come into view however, Maira rushes forward toward the injured, motioning for the others to go ahead. "I'll catch up, I can help them," she informs her companions, then begins to summon her magic on the first of the injured soldier. A warmth radiates from her being, a soft greenish-white glow passing from her to the soldier. What healing she has should be enough to see him out of here at least. Of course everyone else is helpful as well, lending potions...reversing gravity...Well then, Maira calls up, "With that cure spell and those potions he should make it through. Go get him help okay? If there is anyone else alive inside I'll help them," hoping that would make him feel better about leaving.

Right then. There is something seriously bad down there and Aerith is charging ahead like a crazy person. Maira is floored. Indeed, Uist looks at Aerith and says something to the affect of 'are you <goosehonk>ing nuts?' before returning to Maira's side.

The young mage, being not the hardiest of people, is going to stay in the back for the time being and go ahead and cast some protective magic around her companions.
Kim Possible Turning on the flashlight on her wristwatch device, Kim says, "Don't worry about that. I've got this taken care of. I can go ahead if you want." She seems to be speaking calmly, but there's a hint of uneasiness in her voice.
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa frowns. Seems like whoever's down there needs their help, and whatever it is, it's down there. "Tifa..Come on, let's checkthat thing out!" She glances over at the others who are still topside. "come on, let's help them!" Angelo barks in agreement, rushing to her side as she runs down the steps after Maira and the others. "Alright, let's help!"
Artyom W. Valodjn Artyom inclines his head in a vague affirmative as the plan progresses. He draws one hand up, his palm glowing with coppery light. An aura of warmth pours out of his palm- it feels as if the earth itself is lending its strength- which, in a way, it, it may just be. But the walls of the caverns react only to the massive man. Soil bubbles out of the floor, carrying plates of stone to cover his body in an ablative layer of earth. Once complete, he takes a step forward, Maira's enchantment doubling upon his own. "Very well. I'll head on ahead. Teacher, everyone. Stay safe.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart reciprocates on the buffings, along with her friends's magic, getting ready for whatever is incomming.
Deelel The talkative trooper is surprised and takes the help from Maira "Thank you my lady. I We will not forget this. Maybe the Captain, his armour's officer class unit. He might be alive. Be careful avoid it's talons, if you can. We were the unit's gunners that's the only reason we live." The healing magic does much for the two, at the very least any bleeding is stopped and some of the injuries are somewhat regenerated. the potions from Maira and Evja will be put to use once they are outside.

The other trooper is more awake now and the pair has an easier time of getting out.

As Mr Green head in followed by Artyom. Evja would be following close behind and along with the rest of the party with hot on their heels they would find what was waiting for them its a lager are full of ruined stasis tubes mechanical assembly bays and construction machinery the thing is large big as a Behemoth and it has a lower body of a mechanical spider and the upper body of a humanoid it's got a faceplate that is open and it's looming over a badly damaged M-teck armour, The imperial pilot is in bad shape his armour's a wreck and the thing is moving in for the kill. That's when it halts and turns it's head to the impending threats. Then it does something as it sizes up the group as it nears it. A faceplate snaps back to reveal a human woman's face and she looks down at the party as they close.

"All those who day defy Goddess shall be scourged from this world! Teldara shall become first of her chosen nations above all others! You will be purged as these fools were. I care not which of the others two you serve!"

The faceplate snaps shut leaving only baleful glowing red optic before it moves to attack and Evja would find she's got the brunt of the incoming attack as it leaps at Ejva and attacks then up close with a very brutal close up attack with it's talons, meanwhile it also emits a toxic gas of some sort against the rest of the party as a whole.
Lumeria "A machine spider-woman?" Lumeria certainly wasn't expecting to see that. Suddenly she finds herself getting attacked by it, unexpectedly. She begins to feel a bit ill as she's exposed to the toxic gas. The girl better do something about that before it starts to cause serious problems for her. She casts a few spells to cleanse her body, and protect her from further attack.
Evja This...

This was not something Evja was expecting. Not in the least. Goddess? Scoured? Teldara?


"No, you are mistaken! Whatever it is you fight to defend, whoever it is, they are no longer in this world! Stop this madness at once!" Evja pleaded and when the attack came, swiftly dodged out of the way only to plunge right beneath where the spider was and pull out a large crystal sword, dragging it up and through where it was to try and pierce the defenses, leaving it vulnerable to what was next.
"If you do not surrender for repairs, you shall be disabled!" It was a machine, right?! Kicking his feet on the ground, Evja vanished then reappeared high above it, attempting to slam down with both of his spears into one side and impale it into the ground in an off-balanced manner. It might not work, but by god he was going to try and do /something/ to keep it from -- Ohno, it had some breath weapons after all! "GET DOWN! HOPEFULLY IT SHALL RISE!"
Mister Greene POISON?!

Professor Mister Green's eyes narrow, considering the spider...robot...thing. "Right right, your goddess, right. It's alright, you are a malfunctioning beautiful machine, and I will do everything in my power to beat the crap out of your malfunctioning body, and then restore you to a more PERFECT GREENE form!" he says, and then immediately launches it into the air, with a shifting of the paradigm of gravity.

Green, already flying into the air, floats, as gravity magic starts to course all around him. "NOW KNOW THE NAME! PROFESSOR!" the gravity attempts to grip around the machine, before aiming to launch it up...then back into the ground with a very powerful force of gravity magic, aiming to repeatedly smash it around like a child's play toy!

Maira As they move forward, Maira decides it would be best to stick with the guy in lots of armor. She knows how these things go. Thus, Evja has a Maira shadow.

Sadly, this does nothing to protect her from the poison or the horrible sight of the mechanical structure with the woman's face yelling something she doesn't understand. Still, the magic is thick in the air. Maira needs to try to protect against it.

"Flames of my spirit, protect us," she utters, drawing a circle in the air around herself and Evja, magical flame hovering like a halo around them to help protect against arcane onslaught, even as the Judge throws himself into the melee.

Spotting the soldier in the m-tech armor, she begins to edge toward him, pulling another potion from her pack to give to him when she reaches him--if he's still alive.
Aerith Aerith however does not bother with getting down. Once she sees the toxic gas spewing forth, she leaps into the air and counters with something of her own. She says nothing, for there is nothing to be said. Instead, a bolt of spirit energy fires off from her right hand, just before she comes down on the machine's head with her staff.
Artyom W. Valodjn 'Abomination' is the first word that enters Artyom's mind when he sees the... The /thing/ assaulting the man in the armor. An abomination of machine and woman. A horrible, twisted mass of metal and arachnid steel. It is massive. Larger than most cars. Perhaps larger than a bus- though that may be simply because of the... cramped nature of these caverns. He steadies himself, banishing the initial burst of panic that infiltrated his mind. These worlds are strange. Their monsters are stranger, more terrifying than the familiar horrors of home. But three's no time to waste.

Artyom yells, rushing forward, into the cloud of poison gas. His lungs burn and scream with stinging toxin. Blood pools in the lowest depths of his chest, but the strength of the earth bolsters his resolve, mending his wounds as he presses inward. "You talk too much," he roars, holding his weapon high. A pulse of raw power surges out of his weapon, dispersing the cloud of gas.

"Abominations should not speak," Artyom rumbles, lunging forward. He rolls with the strike, swinging the massive club in a fierce circle. It seems to pass, effortlessly, through the cavern walls, simply pushing soil aside like water as it passes, whereupon the earth merges, safely, in its wake. It descends with the might of a landslide and the weight of a small hill. As it meets the ground once more, a blast of crystalline growth shoots up from the cavern floor, attempting to impale and infiltrate the beast's armor with strands of rampant crystal growth.
Kim Possible "Oh this is just totally uncool," Kim says as the strange armor appears, and without missing a beat, Kim dodges out of the way with the acrobatic skills of a gymnast... or a cheerleader in her case. Either way, Kim doesn't feel like waiting around to see what could happen next. Instead, she fires her grappling hook at a nearby object, using it to swing towards the armor and deliver a flying kick.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart ughs as the opening move is poison. Now that's never a nice thing to start with. Watching the mechanical menace striking, she rolls over to the side to get out of the way of the worse of the attack, even if she's hit she still rather get into an good position to strike back at least.

Her boot getting catch on the bottom corner of a wall, she uses it to jump straight at the mechical spider-lady-whatever you want to call it. She stomps both feet on the fround in front of one of the legs, grabbing it and hefting it up, an attempt to toss the mechniloid up, and back, and flip it over, so she can pummel it down straight into the exposed stomach.

She's flipped bigger things, trust her.
Deelel The M-tek horror seems intent on taking out everyone here with whatever means it has its disposal. It shifts and attempts to evade the attack but is caught by the Judge's lance and it's damaging to be sure.

"Surrender the followers of Goddess so not surrender! You shall be exterminated! HERATICS!"

Then comes Mr. Greene with the power of SCIENCE?! He certainly does a bit of damage to her.

"I am not a goddess I am a servant of GODDESS, you whelp!"

Maira meanwhile avoids notice for the moment with her actions as Artyom comes in with a bit of a speech of his own.

"I am a weapon of Goddess! dog!"

And there goes more of her armour as the weapon of earth just digs into it's armour and starts doing very bad things to it.

Kim follows this up with an attack of her own but the m-tek cyborg is able to evade the incoming attack easily enough and Kim does not get any verbal rise out o the weapon of a long gone era.

Aerith has no luck at all as one mechanical arm shifts to catch the staff and just throw Aerith away from her.

"What's this you think your self a warrior you make me laugh! I shall kill you first or perhaps make you watch. I do not know yet."

Tifa has far more luck with it as she just unloads into it as best she can and does flip the huge cyborg into the ground. It hits the ground hard and is stunned for a moment but it's quickly getting back to it's feet and doesn't seem too happy. then it starts to spin becoming a whirling storm of blades and it may just wreck it;'s way through the party. The strange thing shows no compassion no mercy, it's just trying to rip everyone apart.

That's a hasty shout towards those below as suddenly the spider opens up and goes on a frenzy of blades. "Oh Espers..." Letting go of his first spear, Evja pulls another out of the air and begans to dodge backwards, rolling and flipping, jumping and vanishing and reappearing and using his spears to let the attacks connect with it and 'parry' himself away physically through the force of it knocking him backwards.
One thing the Viera was good at was fighting, if not much else.

Retreating and taking a deep breath, Evja once again launches towards the creature again, this time trying to go for a specific blow. He abhored the thought of killing... but he had to, to protect these people. Or try, anyways. Raising a lance, Evja launched it right towards where the face /was/ previously on that creature before it got covered up by the optic.
Aerith Aerith doesn't respond as the weapon, as she called herself, flung her backward. What she does do is right herself in the air, kick off of a wall, and come at her again with the intent of really giving this thing a run for her money. It's more of a headlong charge than anything else as three bolts of pale green light come straight at the mechanical beast...
Lumeria Good thing, Lumeria casted that spell. She watches as the blades bounce off the magical barrier in front of her. She doesn't know much about technology and she's not sure if her magic would fix the spider-woman. Having a guardian could come in handy, but not if she's trying to kill her.

She decides to try and bring down it's defenses first, small green lights shower the machine. The white mage than tries to shrink it down so it doesn't have such a size advantage and is easier for them to disable.
Artyom W. Valodjn "A weapon. Mindless. Heartless. Nothing but steel and conviction," Artyom mutters. He coughs, staining the inside of his mouth with blood of his own corrupted lungs. He grimaces, raising the massive, earthen weapon to absorb the creature's strike. He frowns, before lunging forward. Whirling, steel blades tear into his chest, ripping and shearing straight through his earthen armor. Blood leaks through the crevasses in his plate, but even now they begin to close, stone mending where it had been torn. He swings his weapon, pushing away strike after strike, until finally, the beast rests.

But he was not quite done with it.

"You are resilient," Artyom murmurs, drawing his weapon high. He sucks in a breath, forcing down the pain in his chest. "But. Here, I am strong."

"I will give you one chance. Retreat." He rumbles, before swinging his weapon in protective arc. A crescent of tellurian force ripples out from his swing, threatening to coat his foe in a layer of infectious crystalline growth.
Maira Maira reaches the man in the m-tech armor and tosses him up a potion before the goddess machine is spinning in a whirl of horrible blades. Maira screams, trying to dash away--but there is simply no where to go. The blades slice into her flesh, leaving deep, bleeding wounds.

Maira doesn't think she could escape if she wanted to...and if she did, what if someone died because she wasn't there to heal them!? No, Maira will stand her ground!

Indeed, perhaps it is time to go on the offensive. To her credit, she loses control less and less these days, and so when the fire surrounds her, it is a contained blaze even though she lights up like torch. Maira concentrates, her arms by her sides, the fire that flickers over her skin bleeding outward to form a large hammer in front of her.

"Uist!" she cries the name of her ghostly protector, and the spirit manifests in a blood-red cloud shaped vaguely like a winged man--he grabs the hammer of flame and hefts it like a weapon, charging toward the mechanical menace.
Tifa Lockhart Hey, flipping action works apparently, she's fine with that. Doesn't matter how big they are, she's going to FLIP IT >_</

But the retribution hurts x.x

That doesn't slow her down though, she keeps on the offensive. She rushes at it while its recovering, bodyslamming it with what weight she can put into it, hoping to crack the metallic armor. If only to make the attacks that much more painful for it.

Can't it feel pain, you think?
Kim Possible Kim finds things are getting a bit slashy, and she's not a fan of slashers. Film or otherwise. Unfortunately, she gets nicked and goes down clutching her leg in pain. "Owww... this is totally uncool." She glares at the armor before firing her hook, attempting to swing onto the armor with a kick. She then attempts to pull out a lipstick, which turns out to be a weapon that shoots laser bolts, before cartwheeling off of the armor!
Mister Greene Professor Mister Greene, does not attempt to dodge. Instead, a barrier of gravity appears around him...blades bouncing off the barrier, as he holds a single hand out, aiming to deflect the blows aimed for his body. Each attack, effortlessly parried as Greene looks mildly annoyed. "That is not how you be an efficient killing machine! Whoever this goddess is, does not know the FIRST thing about Mad SCIENCE! Your design is eligant...but that is where the perfection ends!" Greene says...and those of the academy KNOW that mood. Once more, gravity moves to REVERSE itself around the strange magitek creation, aiming to launch it up and down, trying to bounce it like a pingball ball between the ground and the ceiling of the place. Before...

PURPLE starts to surround the machine. "Know, true power." he says, before clenching a hand, aiming to constrict the machine with the power of SCIENCE!
Deelel The cyborg laughs some more.

"You speak of her finest weapons yes? I am but a servant but I am more than enough to take care of all of you!"

The attack hits digging into her and this time getting past the armour plate it has. The beast reels backwards and shifts as Areith makes her move. There are other things to worry about such as Lumeria spell hits it little harm seems to be done but it does seem to now be half it's normal size for the moment thanks to the power.

"I shall not flee you have no claim here scum!"

WHEM Artyom hits her like a landslide and even more crystal forms upon their body. It pulls away as it finds Maira coming for her and the thing hits the floor making use of it's smaller size to evade some of the attack but the hammer hits it hard and while there's not much damage? Tifa is in the perfect set up now to just unload the pain onto it she actually breeches the armour with one of her strikes and the thing cries out in pain from the force of the hit. The magic however breaks and is returns to it's full size for a moment. Just in time for Kim to make more pain possible for it. Lasers a whole lo of laser the then comes the terrifying power of Sir Newton the power of Science is too much to take as she's now caught within the force. It's horribly damage it's being tainted but the thing to realize this thing is taking everyone after already going through two M-tek Armours and a squad of Imperial trooper who ain't exactly badly trained or geared for their world.

The optics all light up bright red, it's badly damage the enemy is very strong and she doesn't know if she can hold but in the name of her Goddess she will not go quietly the machine seems to over clock at this point lighting covers it's body and then it races to attack, blades are going everywhere as she bears down on every last member of the party without an ounce of mercy.

Maira .....Things are not going well for Maira. It would seem that the heavy magic blow she meant to deal the thing did not much of anything at all, only leaving her open for the ire of the creature.

The blades are there again, her vision splashed with red and black spots. She is close to blacking out from the blood loss and the shock. She's on her back, though she doesn't remember falling. Her head is spinning, the ceiling above her dark and blurry as the sounds of battle continue in the background, heard as if her head were underwater.

Uist is fretting, leaning over her, touching her with his cold presence and trying to stir her back to full consciousness. Nothing for it now, Maira's magic overflows, her whole body igniting in a burst of light.

Maira manages to sit upward enough to see the foe, reaching outward as if to grasp something out of the air. "Holy..." she rasps, and a searing light manifests by the machine, trying to burn it to ashes with that intense light, blinding in its brilliance and scorching in its purity.
Lumeria Lumeria wishes she knew Silence about now, anything to make the machine shut it's trap. It seems like she's going to have to put some effort into making it submit. Spheres of light begin to fall heavily from the sky at the spider guardian, adding to the light damage that Maira's already causing it. Maybe the combined holy energy could bring it down.
Evja Suddenly, yet another blade storm. And not just that, the machine seems to be going into overdrive! Well, maybe it's on the last legs finally, though with how much of a beating this thing has taken... that might not be likely.

"TWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET" That was actually a silent sound only able to be heard by Chocobos as Evja pulls out a long silver whistle and blows on it as he bends backwards at the waist and a blade arcs right over him, snapping back up and jumping to avoid another that had slashed down by his legs. When a third came, Evja kicked off the tip of a blade with one foot and vanished as a magic circle spread out from where his foot touched the blade, an invisible platform of sorts appearing temporarily for him.

After a moment, a portal opens up, shimmering blue before a herd of familiar Chocobo come rushing out and aiming to run right past the machine and down the hallway they just came from. "GET ON THEM NOW AND LEAVE! EARTH MAN!" Evja shouts towards Artyom, "BRING THE CEILING DOWN ATOP IT! DO NOT WORRY ABOUT ME!" Of course, how Evja would avoid such... well, remains to be seen, but he obviously had some plan. That, and to make sure the mechanical monstrosity didn't go after the Chocobos, Evja lunged towards the rent asunder M-Tek armor and leapt into the frame. He didn't really know how to operate it, but he did the best he could, smashing ALL OF THE BUTTONS before leaping out and trying to slam straight through the spider to pin it in place with a lance.
Kim Possible Kim gets caught again, and it hurts even more than before. Despite her best effort, she lands on the ground and stands up dusting herself off. She's starting to look quite angry, and it's not easy to annoy Kim Possible. But when she's stuck in a fight against a difficult opponent, Kim manages to utilize her powers to make things easier for her. She rushes in and attempts to deliver a fierce punch, followed by a series of punches to add more emphassis.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart managed to crack its protection after all! Things are looking up. It seems like her friends are having less luck with it though, but she's leading the offense at best she can.

But then the spider lady is going crazy. That's not really good! She's kinda in the middle of it! The the red blades cutting her over and leaving marks over her skin. Looks like the machine can feel pain, but so does she x.x

Yet, she's still steading in the middle, close to the spiderlady... and that's when she decides its time to unleash. A flash step, using all of her speed to disapear for barely a fraction of a second, repearring right under the belly of the spider lady, as a glowing fist strikes straight up, lifting the mechanical monstrosity into the air with the strength of her released ki explosion.

Another flash step, she appears right on top of it, outspeeding the force of the liftup, meeting up with a double-fisted hammering, releasing another explosive attack, hurtling the spiderlady back down.

And before she can even touch ground, another flash step, and suddenly a straight punch as she appears out of nowhere, sending the mechaspider into the nearest wall. Triple explosive fist, it might be called Final Heaven, but she's sending that thing straight to hell.
Mister Greene Professor Mister Greene continues to hold the powers of space at his command...however the distortion around him continues to bubble, protecting him from most things...

But a dedicated servant of the Goddess and a zealot of her caliber was enough to push through, the blades cutting into the barrier, breaking it causing Mister green to fall on his the middle of the air as the blades tear through his defenses...but not enough. The creature finds her attacks still blunted, demensional interfearance is a <GOOSEHONK>.

Greene is not downed by such an attack, instead, flipping back to his feet and high into the air as he narrows his eyes towards the monster. "My dear, many better than you have tried. I am not just a crazy old man, I am a teacher of the next generatio of heroes...and let me tell you, they push me harder than anything you have yet to throw at me! I am PROFESSOR MISTER GREENE! Mark that name well, for you will be SERVING ME SHORTLY!"


Mister Greene's...body is emminating distortion power, the power of the distortion, the power of the void. Artyom knows this fel power, the power that every science student under his rule fears. The fear that keeps them on the straight and narrow...a power that he doesn't use lightly.


A RIP in demensional space appears right around the monster. It is small at first, but quickly grows...and grows...and grows. Soon it is large enough to encompass the entire creature...and then it starts to draw her in, gravity sucking in like a vaccume, trying to banish her to the dreaded D-Zone. It continues to draw and draw...aiming to litterally SUCK her into it...and then SLAM shut.


'I will not be a Maverick' on the INFINITELY long chaukboard.

Artyom W. Valodjn "Very well," Artyom mutters, weakly. His weapon, raised high, drifts steadily downward until it comes to rest parallel with the earth. The Titanic's eyes drift shut as the monster tears into him. His armor comes apart at the seams, torn to shreds by the beast's attacks. Lightning arcs across his body, burning his flesh. Blood erupts from fresh wounds, forcing him to stagger, back. He coughs, pulverized, poisoned tissue and mucous dripping from the corner of his mouth.

But he doesn't fall over. Even as his vital fluids flow away like water from a sluice. Even if he should, by all rights, and by all those wounds, be a blood-spatter on the wall. He takes in a breath. The Titanic do not fall so easily. In Earth, they he is strong- and this place, underground, sealed away from the immense sky, with stone and soil underfoot, Earth is everywhere.

"Mmph," Artyom murmurs, "It feels as though I haven't done this in ages. Everyone, you will want to step back."

He draws his weaQuake.


Artyom's hand snaps shut as the blade begins to burn bright- light, the color of glowing magma seeps through its shell. He pivots, swinging the weapon in an upward arc at the spider-beast. The stone erupts, blasting a torrent of seismic force into the arachnid monstrosity. His weapon raised high- a glowing, brilliant crystalline blade, masterfully etched and simply massive- trembles with barely constrained telluric power.

And then, he steps forth. The land itself seizes and rushes forward, pulling him forward as if he were standing on a conveyer belt. Wind rushes around his ears as he races across the factory floor. There's a sound, like thunder, but deeper- more primal and more ancient- as he swings the massive crystal sword. Both earth and man roar as one--

"0I will finish this with one strike!"

He swings the blade down in a terrific arc of destruction, capable of cleaving stone and steel and flesh and bone. It strikes the earth and carries /through,/ ripping through the floor like it were paper. A thin pulse of light blasts out from the point of impact, tearing across the land like a bolt of lightning. For a moment, there is silence. And then, the earth itself seems to open, terran energies blazing upward with Titanic force, before pulling downward and inward, gaping wide to swallow the monster whole.

Artyom W. Valodjn is a man who is less of a man and more of a landslide. Once he starts, he does not stop.

This principle applies to his sword as much as it does to everything else about him.

Unfortunately, this might also mean he falls right into the Detention Zone. That's fine, he'll just have to fight it more /in there/ until it stops.
Deelel The rampage of the magi-tek Cyborg is not going very well she's done a lot of damage but all these fighters are powerful as Espers. What has happened while she was asleep? Maira encounters attacks with a blast of holy power and it impacts into the things armour. Another burst of holy power comes up Lumeria and the blast sends the cyborg reeling into the counter attacks of Evja they rip into them the beast staggers but then it picked up a massive energy spike. Tifa is coming in one of it's failing systems flares to life forming a barrier which utterly negates Tifa's fearsome attack. The damage from Evja's attack is telling. He manages to go enough with the M-tek armour to get a few attacks off before it seizes up.

The wounded thing now faces the last of the heroes facing it. There's a feeling of terror as she's now in the zone a huge black board is before her there is no escape from it she has chalk in all her hand and she feels compelled to write I will not be a maverick over and over again. She does not know how long it passes but it feels like an etenrity when she finally falls out a several systems kick causing some sort of disruption field.

She reappears chalk in hands still looking confused she's not sure how long it's been comes Art he tone is a little different "Wait what...where am?! The board it's gone?" Then comes Artyom she barely has time to scream as the fore of destruction hits her the place here was well built and warded every powerful wards They strain upon the force again them but the force does however breach the floor it's enough hat the earth seems to swallow up the m-tek cyborg. She lets out a final scream as the earth seems to swallow her there's damage to the lab here but a lot. Now there is nothing but silence...

For those who search the labs and the rest of the complex there are some intact document mostly on the project here, some duty lists and several trashy romance novels.
Maira Maira, meanwhile, is not conscious to celebrate their victory. Which is really a bummber, but massive blood loss with do that to a person. While she was still conscious, she was fairly confident someone would drag her butt out of there.
Mister Greene Professor Mister Greene looks towards Artyom. "It appears your backpack is hurt. Should go see to that." He says to him, and proceeds to float towards the labs. "Delicious datas!"

"WARK!" a Mecha Chocobo says, and Greene reguards it, "What do you mean? Stop making trouble for me and turn on your eye lights! We have much SCIENCE to do!"
Aerith The only thing Aerith is concerned with is shutting this place down... before it gets any worse. She glanced around, trying to find whatever control lever made this whole engine run. "Tifa, help me find out how to cut this thing off. No telling what else could come out of here..." She didn't bother with the science... she knew what horrors that could bring about.
Mister Greene "Please let the SCIENTIST do his job, thank you!" Professor Greene says towards Aerith.
Kim Possible "Boy, it's times like this Wade could be here." Kim says with a grin. Just then, her Kimmunicator beeps, at which point Kim takes it out. "What's the sitch, Wade?"

"Oh hi Kim! I just heard you mention you wished I could be there with you!" Wade replies with a grin.

"And just HOW did you hear that? Are you watching this on TV?!"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart phews a bit as it goes down. A bit miffed that her attack was brushed off, but at least its down. she moves over to help Aerith with a shoulder to her friend, smiling "Alright, let's find it and get otu of here before our chocobos dry out entirely." She moves toward the control room with the flowergirl.
Artyom W. Valodjn Artyom's sword rests in the floor. He grunts, hefting it back into the air. But it does not come away alone. Loose stone from all around the room gathers, as if pulled by a magnetic force, to seal the crystalline blade away for another day. He sighs, focusing his will as he infuses his flesh with the regenerative, bolstering energies of nature itself. Crystalline fibers weave through his skin where his flesh had been ripped open, closing the wounds and staunching the bloodflow.

And then, he turns an eye to where Maira had fallen, frowns, and moves to imbue her with the same. Nature, and time, can heal all wounds- provided they don't get infected.

They shouldn't get infected.
Lumeria Thankfully Lumeria wasn't hurt too badly in the fighting at least. She's a bit warn out after all that. She's kind of curious to who created the robot spider-girl now though. She's never seen anything like her. She begins to search through the lab, any information regarding magic takes priority first though.
Evja Evja, on the other hand, just looks... irate, among other things. Even though the Viera looked completely untouched, and in fact didn't look hurt in the least, 'she' looked angry. "I should depart this place. The magic in the air is beginning to... upset me." But everyone was searching around now, for whatever it was they planned to find.
Thus, Evja says aloud as he leaves, "I am done suggesting to others for their safety. None listen anyways."
Mister Greene "Blah blah, afaid of progress, blah blah blah safety." Greene says, dismissive.
Artyom W. Valodjn Artyom stares after Evja as the Viera departs. He furrows his brow, and then thinks:

'What crawled up her armor and died? Jeez.'

This scene contained 80 poses. The players who were present were: Tifa Lockhart, Deelel, Maira, Lumeria, Rinoa Heartilly, Aerith, Kim Possible, Evja, Mister Greene, Artyom W. Valodjn