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Sand In Our Socks
(2013-03-04 - 2013-03-04)
Some of the students of Alexander Academy hit Costa Del Sol, and run into a reoccuring network.
Seloria Delacreaux SMASH CUT TO: Costa Del Sol

It is not hard to find Seloria Delacreaux, especially when she's flat out admitted Costa Del Sol is her current favorite place in the World of Ruin. Well, next to the Blitzball court, but she's not been allowed to dive into that quite yet. Give her time.

Give her time.

Up on the beach, there is a blue sun umbrella and a Alexander Academy bag, along with Seloria's purse. There is also a wellp-used towel, but... no Seloria. However, the splash in the water of a green-haired green-bikini wearing girl probably explains more than actually needing to find her. "Wheee!" And then she's underwater. Oy.
Kamon Lionward Kamon is here entirely because he believes in the buddy system.

Kamon would not otherwise be here, because Kamon's dark secret is that he cannot swim.

Honestly, this isn't that surprising -- with the amount of iron in his body, there is just too much weight and not enough bouyancy to make it anything but needlessly difficult. A lot of Odynar can swim just fine, being strong enough to make up for it, but Kamon seems to have an unusually high concentration of metal in him. It makes things... complicated, when you get away from waist-deep water.

So, there he is, sitting on the shore in his usual outfit, with his shoes and socks left near his backpack and Seloria's stuff. His pant-legs are rolled up, and he's just close enough that the waves lap at his bare feet. He's just kind of staring out to sea, and making sure he keeps Seloria in his line of sight. Not that he could really do much if she got into trouble.
Soan Sagittarius On the other hand, Soan is here for multiple reasons. Most of them are of his own. One of the main one is to keep a grouping of three on the parties that are sent out to explore this World of Ruins. Best be in numbers, in case something happens. Even if that 'something' is just letting the local Levianti have a nice long swim.

In this particular case, Soan was tasked, mostly by himself, to go fetch drinks, which he has done with smashing success, handing Kamon a bottle of cold orange soda as he sits down on the beach himself. He has his jacket off, rolled over his shoulders. He has less isues with heat, but, still. That jacket can get pretty hot at times.

"She haven't been attacked by the local marine wildlife while I was gone?" He asks, peering over the ocean as she exclaims loudly. "Ah. Nope."
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria sometimes is sad that Kamon can't join her out in the ocean. Being nice and bouyant is always very fun, but she understands that he's Iron Man and that there's no way he can properly join her. That being said, she also understands the Buddy System.

She also hates it (and by extension, Professor Mister Greene for Enforcing It. Couldn't she at least gotten Cid?)

That being said, deep underwater, Seloria updates her status. Blip!
Kamon Lionward Kamon takes the soda gratefully, cracking the cap and taking a long drink. It's things like this that remind him that not all of civilization has gone kaput. Not that it has, mind -- he's still convinced they can just banish the darkness in their world and take it back. But while they're stuck here, well... orange soda. No civilization can be that bad if it has orange soda.

"She seems to be having fun, and I haven't seen any signs of a fight yet," Kamon replies, glancing up at Soan and then back out to sea. She's underwater somewhere, and has the uncanny ability to hold her breath for basically forever. Rumors from the bathroom walls say that this makes her great at --

Well, swimming. He's not sure what else it could apply to.

Kamon's weird device beeps. He still isn't sure about these things. He pulls it out and checks it, peering at the status update. His face falls a little, and he holds it up where Soan can see it.

Then, he stands up. "I'm going to go get my sword," he says, jerking his head at the umbrella. He starts jogging up the beach.
Soan Sagittarius Soan peers over the device. He's gotten some use out of it in the few days that they've acquired them. Costy little buggers, but seems to be worth it in the end. He frowns, faintly, at the news update. "You do that. I'll keep watch." He says, remaining on the beach and cracking open his own bottle of orange soda, taking a long swing out of it.

Hopefully, she wont get the crazy idea of going to say hello to the whale. And hopefully if she /do/ that, the whale is not particularly hungry or caring of inquisitive little humanoids.

Why does he worry, anyway? He's certain she can take care of herself just fine. She can swim fine.

Soan's swimming abilities are less than desirable.
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria so very rarely seems to have 'fun' lately, and, well, yes. Levitani. She has also pushed even the grace of her gift of being able to do that, if the reports on the bathroom walls are correct, to even more extremes - rumor has it is that she's one of the best swimmers in the academy.

(Before she moved to Ramuh, she went swimming for hours, daily, exploring underwater ruins. THis is probably not a lie.)

Seloria reupdates her status.

Then she swims closer to the whale, which seems to be a calm dwarf, probably a sperm whale. She raises a hand at it. It makes a responding noise, before swimming away.
Kamon Lionward *blip*

Kamon walks back down the beach, holding the practice katana left-handed by the middle of the scabbard. He examines his phone again as he gets back, looking down at the display and then out to sea again. He squints against the light off the water, the sunlight glinting off the metal portruding from his body. He knew he shouldn't have left his sunglasses in his room that morning.

"I think she's okay for now," he says, crouching next to Soan and opening the bottle again. "We should have seen if Myla would come. I bet she could go check on her." Kamon is kind of a worrywart. It's in his nature.
Soan Sagittarius "Eh, don't worry so much." Soan says, waving a hand, which happens to hold his bottle of soda, dismissively. "She can swim better than both of us combined. If she ran in some sort of trouble, we'll know about it, and we can deal with it. She made buddies with fishes all the time, remember?" He closes up his own phone after seeing the new update. How does she update those things, anyway? Theses things are better than he thought them to be, to be THIS water proof.

The thief takes a swing out of his bottle, looking out to the sea. His other hand subconciously reach for the other end of his necklace, the pendant the is hidden beneath his shirt. He mumble something brief, before shaking his head. "I still can't sense them." He says, low, considering only Kamon is there.
Seloria Delacreaux A few minutes later, Seloria pops up out of the ocean, a good bit in. A few ways behind her, a small whale rises up out of the sea in a good jump, before flopping back into it, sending Seloria crashing towards the shore with the wave reaction.

The green-bikini wearing summoner ends up washed up on the beach, giggling to herself as she flops in the sand. She's probably either a bit touched in the head, or she started running out of air down there.

"Whee!" Then she pops up back ot her feet in a swift movement.
Kamon Lionward "I guess so," Kamon grudgingly admits. Seloria /could/ swim circles around them, quite literally. He's not sure Soan is as comfortable underwater as he is in the air... and, well, iron-bodied Odynar and all, still. He pockets the neat little device, sitting back down and sticking his now-muddy feet in the water again. That's about as close as he's willing to get.

Kamon gives a sidelong glance to Soan. He lowers his voice, watching Seloria beach herself. She has all her limbs, so he's calling it good. Watching someone have that much fun is kind of nice. "Yeah...? Well... some had to get out, right?" he murmurs, frowning. He knows about Soan's little side gig (well, "little"), and thinks he's figured what he means. "Maybe it just needs some time."

Yeah. Time. Maybe it'll just fix itself.

Kamon can hope.
Niklas Dragonius The beach is *awesome*.

This is a *science fact*. Niklas Dragonius knows that this is a science fact, because he can prove it empirically, which - as a certain Professor stressed - meant it was science. SEE NIK PAYS ATTENTION IN CLASS TOO SOMETIMES

The facts are thus! The beach is full of sand! Sand is awesome to make things with. The beach is full of water! Water is awesome to swim in. The beach is full of girls in /tiny swimsuits!/ The beach is full of girls in tiny swimsuits getting soaked and sandy!

"Science is /awesome/," Nik observes cheerfully to himself as he watches Seloria. Nik is, for the most part, dressed in very little more than what can be generously described as a loincloth. Oh, he's wearing a speedo under it, or some local equivilant, but no, the loincloth is where it's at. The loincloth provides fanservice - both of the /unbelievable scarring/ of Nik's body (seriously, it is frightening a little bit, some of those scars tell /stories/), and of the fact that the man looks ripped enough to tear a building in half. He's still kind of thin, but it's a thinness without excess, a thinness born of nearly two decades of absolute training, a lean and predatory thinness.

"Sup guys!" Nik offers, holding up his hand at Soan and Kamon as he heads over. He's still watching Seloria, because of course he is, although occasionally other beachgoing girls grab his attention. "Science is awesome, huh?"
Annia Leradine Its around that time that a yellow chocobo makes its way out of the port, off from a ferry that is constantly going between the different cities and continents. And on top of the chocobo, the orange-haired academy, asskisser and bully, Annia. Looks like she's still busy exploring and getting information at any rate.

She trots over to the side of the beach, along the street, just taking in the sights while keeping her ears peeled for conversations of all kinds. She hms as she takes out her notepad and map, jotting down a few things.

The chocobo isn't a rental this time, so she doesn't have to return it right away at least. Gives her a bit more freedom to move about. She pats the side of the chcoobo's head a bit as she leans down, and then slides over, off the side of the mount. With a hipsway, and clothes that are pretty much fit for the beach already, she moves toward the beach.
Niklas Dragonius "Science is /double awesome/," Nik adds as Annia shows up, holding up his hand at her.
Emi Dennou Feige Abramson, tanning in the background, shouts, "Evil Science Is Immortal!" as Niklas brings up science being awesome. Meanwhile the speedo wearing muscleman massaging her kneads his fingers into her back and she says, "Ooh yes keep that up." and completely forgets everything that was going on.

Emi Dennou and Omi Dennou are taking time at the beach today, however, or rather Omi is taking some time off at the beach, sitting down on a towel she had brought herself and eating a sea salt ice cream.

Emi appears to be working again as she is moving a cart along the beach, the cart labeled 'Sea Salt Ice Cream (c) Scrooge McDuck Incorporated'.

She looks towards the Academy students and assumes that at least most of them are in that school that she learned about yesterday. "...The Network inquires if you desire ice cream."

She pauses, and then adds, "Welcome to Costa Del Sol."
Soan Sagittarius Soan watches Seloria shores herself, having quite a load of fun. It makes the young thief smile, grinning even if it has a hint of sadness on his expression. "Yeah." He mumbles. "Yeah, some must have. Hopefully, with some time, I'll hear something. This place's big. If some came out, or the Dragons survived, I'll hear something. Until then... Let's grit through." He leaves his pendant alone, taking another swing out of his bottle. before pushing himself up, quickly banishing his morosity asides. For one, there's a cute girl in a bikini!

For two, he can't let all that shit get to the others and--oh god it's Niklas coming from that direction. In a loincloth. Oh gods. "Science /is/ awesome. Hey, Nik. Enjoyin' the sun?" He agrees, internally grateful for Annia's arrival so he has an reason to look at somebody else, throwing up a hand in greeting.

And then that weird woman that was also at the pirate bay, AND the outskirts of Traverse Town, offers icecream. Soan stays a moment to stare at Emi, blinking quickly, then says. "Uh. Sure. Ice Cream sounds good. Whatcha got?"
Seloria Delacreaux The only person Seloria is likely to not swim circles around is Cid, and even that's debatable because Cid is well... ... adorably tiny and pitifully scrawny. That being said, she does step up to Kamon and Soan, giving them both a quick wave as she slurps from her water bottle - as sea water isn't tasty.

She then promptly spits out a portion of it at the sight of Niklas in a loincloth. The summoner coughs, before she abruptly caps the bottle, her green eyes utterly, terribly wide. Oh god. Oh god. There is distractions.

"Thank you!" She says to Emi, before waving at Annia, then in a moment of sheer let's-not-stare-at-the-guys, she turns around and heads back to the water, quite possibly to bury her head in the sand.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine's eyes turn to Emi serving the ice cream "... Didn't I see you somewhere else before?" She's pretty sure the girl has been around alot. Cornelia, but there was also other towns... How many of them is there anyway?

She fetches some nmunny in her pocket, handing it to Emi to get a bar of the ice cream, picking at it as she moves toward the others on the beach "Relaxing, no homework?" She states flat as always.
Kamon Lionward Kamon nods. He reaches over and claps Soan on the shoulder reassuringly. He's there for you, man.

"Science is, uh, pretty cool, I guess?" Kamon says, looking up at Nik quizzically. He doesn't really get it. He isn't visibly bothered by the tapestry of scars on Nik's bared body, either; he's seen way worse things, though it is kind of jarring. Besides, he knew he had them already. It isn't as weird the second time. He shoots a glance at Annia, shrugging a shoulder and asiding, "Buddy system," with no real other explaination.

AND THEN SHE APPEARS AGAIN. Kamon stares at Emi. Is she following him around?? "Uh -- sure?"
Emi Dennou "Hello Sir THIEF." She isn't saying this loudly, by the by, there just isn't any capital letters for use in FF Act: Class when it comes to class choices. "The Network has the following options. Sea salt Vanilla, Sea Salt Chocolate, Sea Salt Strawberry, Sea Salt Fishsticks, Sea Salt Tuna, and Sea Salt Original." She'll hand off flavored ice creams to whomever will pay, professionally, and she doesn't even bat an eye at Nik exposing himself. Are his Milky Holmes nipples erect? No he's not twenty faces (Milky Holmes version).

"The Network saw you in Corneria." Emi tells Annia. "We further worked alongside Sir THIEF in stealing treasure from pirates, including a quilt, pieces of a treasure map, and wine."

She shrugs her shoulders as if to suggest that's really all in a day's work.

"We only got shot at a little bit." She turns her head to Kamon. Omi also turns HER head towards Kamon.

"You are a student as well, correct? The Network has had some questions."
Niklas Dragonius Body shame is for people who have a reason to be ashamed of their bodies.

"Yeah, the sun's pretty good!" Nik replies, holding up a hand to shade his eyes and looking up. "Nice and warm out here. I bet the water's awesome, so I'm gonna go take a swim later. You guys wanna come? It oughta be pretty good."

"I was gonna practice my forms, but, heck, man. I just can't focus with all the girls around." Nik lowers his head and grins at Soan cheerfully, then turns back to face the water. "HEY SE-LO-RI-A, HOW'S THE WATER?!"
Soan Sagittarius Soan smiles and nod at Kamon's reassurance. Good thing he do have buddies here.

"Hahaha, oh, it was nothing, really." The Thief says, scratching the back of his neck embarassingly. He do wonder, however, if that woman is following them around, or is Kamon's metal magnetism is just that strong. "My name is Soan, by the way, I don't think we've properly introduced." He adds.

He looks at the ice cream. S...salt. He's pretty sure /salt/ don't go very well with ice cream. In fact, he's pretty sure salt has problem /freezing/. Then again, who the hell knows? He get himself a bar of sea salt chocolate. He don't touch it just yet.

"Some days are just too nice to train." Soan agrees at Nik, crunching down the ice cream. His face freezes, his body tenses up, and his eyes stares into space.

"I'm..." He babbles, "I--my... my taste buds are confused." He adds, sounding almost miserable.
Seloria Delacreaux "BUDDY SYSTEM." Seloria yells, agreeing with Kamon from her spot waist-deep in the water. "I am studying the marine life, habitats, and such of the world that this city is from, in comparison to the ones from our world. It's a science experiment! Professor Mister Greene would approve!"

She gives Nik a challenging look. "Please. You may take a swim, but this is /my/ element." The green-haired girl smirks. "It's warm, too! Come take a dive!" She then braces herself, and disappears wit ha dive into a wave.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine glances at all of the kinds of sea salt... and decides on the original one. She's not really sure about the rest honestly.

She snatches a piece of the bar with her teeth and lips, munching it away before it melts "Buddy system huh." That's certainly something she never had a use or a want for. She shakes her head, watching the watergirl splashing about. "Whatever. Found anything of interest while here, or are you leaving her the task of working alone on marine wildlife?"
Kamon Lionward "I can't swim," Kamon says, shrugging apologetically to Niklas in his enthusiasm. He hates to be the party pooper.

Then, Kamon spends a moment looking between Emi and Omi. He is Suspicious, with a capital 'S'. They look... super similar. Identical twins? Well, nearly, anyway. There's something in their expressions that makes it a little easier to tell them apart. He looks up at the cart and the selection, eyeing the vanilla speculatively. Soan's reaction makes him hesitate, though.

"Uh... yes, I am." He feels like he's suddenly on the spot. "If I can answer any questions, well... uh, shoot?"

"Still can't swim," Kamon mutters to Annia, still embarassed about it. Stupid not-metal people and their stupid bouyancy--!!
Niklas Dragonius "Well, I think I'm gonna go investigate the water a little closer, 'cause I'm pretty sure I just got challenged, and I am of the opinion that I ought to take every challenge. For the honor of the Dragonius family dojo and the Divine Fist style," Nik replies, acting as faux-stuffy and high-and-mighty-noble as he is *possibly* capable of doing. This collapses in all of like ten seconds, and the fact that he held it for that long is impressive in and of itself. He nods at Kamon, serious for all of another moment, because the Odynar were cursed never to be able to really enjoy Leviathan's wait a minute he had an /awesome plan/.

Okay, Nik knew what he was getting Kamon for the holidays.

For now though, he's got stuff to do. Namely, swimming. "Nicemeetingyoubutnotimetoeat!" Nik calls over his shoulder at the Dennous as he takes off running for the water, footprints swirling up behind him in the sand as he runs. The water is about to get owned.

He just dives in head-first, jackknifing right through the wave and into the ocean. How long had it been since he'd gotten to swim and it WASN'T about training? Like...forever.
Emi Dennou Emi may have been joking about Tuna Ice Cream.

"Mr. Greene..." She murmurs, as if to God. "...Did he kill Mr. Boddy...?"

She raises her eyebrows, "The Network is not able to swim either. What a coincidence." Indeed, not even Omi seems to have a bathing suit on, though neither of she nor Emi comment on Omi's existence at the moment. Of course Emi has a buoyant body, she just hasn't learned!

"Nice to me--" She continues, but Nik is already in the water by the time she gets that far.

She looks at Seloria. Her eyes slowly widen.

Green hair.


Seloria has good taste, they realize. Emi nods to her respectfully before turning her attention back to Kamon.

"What was your campus like? Was it a friendly campus? Were there any mysteries? Is there a detective or perhaps literature club on your campus?" Emi quizes. "The Network are detectives foremost, though we have never gone to school before. The Network inquires further if ..." Her eyes narrow faintly. "...If you had to deal with bullying...!"

Thunder crashes in the background.
Soan Sagittarius Soan recovers from the salt-sugarush -- hell he's not sure what the hell that was all about, honestly. That's so /weird/. Not too bad once he got a taste of it, but still so very strange and weird!. His eyes blinking rapidly, he vaguely waves off Niklas going for a dive, to look at the Dennous.

...Why is there two of them, he thinks, quickly, and why didn't he notice /that/ before biting into the chocolate-salt-thingie? Good lord, what do they PUT in that thing?

"Yeah, I ain't too good on swimming either, but we're watchin' in case something big comes out and try to eat us, Annia." He says, tentatively taking another bite out of the bar, his eyes fixated on the twins(?). Huuuuh. And she got questions to Kamon. He'll let his buddy answer. He needs to recover from this thing, anyway.
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria likes her green hair and pigtails. Therefore, there is a final nod tossed Emis' way before she dives. That being said...

Seloria can't respond to Annia, she's too busy burbling noises at the fishies underground, but the general ideal is that yes, while there is a project, she's ... she and Nik and Cid are probably the only three really well built for it, two of them being Levitani and Niklas being Niklas.

Meanwhile, in the SEA... Seloria continues burbling. She's got excellent breath control. The boys' bathrooms in the academy have mentioned this.
Kamon Lionward Nik nods at him, serious-like. Kamon suddenly feels as though someone has just walked over his mother's grave.

To shake this off, Kamon digs out some cash for ice cream. He has some of his own, now, after pulling some one day jobs in. He holds some out. "Vanilla, please?" He is pretty sure he does not wish to experience /tuna ice cream/. Even if she /is/ making that one up. (She is probably not making that one up.)

"Uh... well, it was pretty huge," Kamon says, lifting his free hand to run through his hair while he thinks. His left hand is holding the scabbard of his plain katana, which he rests across his lap instead. Just in case. "It was like a city in and of itself. I guess there were mysteries and those clubs, but I didn't really do anything with either of them..." He lets his hand drop. "Mostly I was having a hard enough time with keeping up with everyone else in class." Kamon was not an amazing pupil in anything but the fighting arts. He didn't have the benefit of a solid, top-notch education to fall back on like everyone else there.

Thunder crashes. Kamon jerks upright a little, looking around suddenly warily. He peers back up at the Dennous. "Uh... well, yeah. I guess I got bullied a lot." He shrugs, like it was nothing, which means it was something, of course. "You never went to school?"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine hears someone mention a bully.


Doesn't concern her. She moves to find a bench, crossing one leg over the other one, just looking toward the ocean quietly for a bit, eating her ice cream. Its pretty hot in Costa, nothing like Shiva, for sure.
Niklas Dragonius IT WASN'T NIK

He's intermittantly hopping out of the water at random intervals like some kind of porpoise or something, and hitting on Seloria over radio. He is totally not paying attention to Annia if she's being a bully.
Emi Dennou Emi looks Kamon over. He looks like an athlete. She didn't know athletes could be bullied. Television has lied to her, as well as the internet. She will have to be more cautious about trusting both the internet and the televisions.

Emi shakes her head. "No, it would be be, perhaps, closest to say we were homeschooled?, The Network summarizes highly innacurately but technically accurate anyway." She is about to say more when a lasso wraps around her waist. She looks down at it, and then over towards Omi who appears to have done the lassoing.

She hands Kamon his vanilla ice cream, places the money in the cart and bows her head, "Thank you for your patronage, we would like to know--yaaaaaah..."

Omi pulls the rope and sends Emi flying through the air, depositing her next to her, and then--herself--approaches Kamon as Emi sits in the sand by herself--keeping a good grip on that rope.

"Apologies for the interruption, The Network did not wish to both you with extraneous details and adjusted nodes for your benefit. Greetings." She bobs her head. "This one can be called Omi, if you wish. Feel free to inform us more about school activities such as 'clubs', for instance, to provide an example."
Soan Sagittarius Soan slowly watch the conversation, crunching idly on the ice cream. Alright, with the initial shock over, this is somewhat decent. He'll preffer /actual/ ice cream. The thief has a good vantage point on observing it, watching the Dennou lassoing the other, pulling her back before she says anything... compromising? He can tell some trade -- or worse -- secrets when he hear some.

"Uh." The Thief lets out, giving Kamon a side glance, then butting into things. "The Academy's big, yeah. Are you... like, a mind merge group, or pooling into the same pool of knowledge or something? You keep saying 'The Network'."

They might be robot women, too. After all, she was magnetic.
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria, meanwhile, sticks her tongue out at Niklas, before she dives back into the ocean nearby. Buddy system! Nik is swimming with her. She is observing marine life, their habitats, eating habits, and the like, mostly because she's curious about similarities between those of her home and those in this strange city.

Kamon Lionward Kamon is an athlete in a school of mages. They have a /mageocratic student council/. It is /outrageous/.

Kamon takes the ice cream. Emi gets lasso'd out of frame. Kamon is not sure how to react to this. He decides to just sort of stare, since any rational response to the apparent twins yanking one another out of frame and also referring to themselves as if they're one person certainly won't be rational at all. He glances at Soan, as if to confirm that he is not the only one noticing all of this, and then looks to...

"Omi," he repeats. "Okay. Uh, there's the Chocobo Club? They, uh, raise chocobos. There's space sectioned off for a ranch for them and everything." Considering the sheer size of the Academy and the environs, that is not a ton of space anyway. "So -- home-schooled, sort of, but, okay, why?" He seems confused. "I mean, it's not like anyone can enroll right now..."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine is not being a bully /right now/, but who knows when that could change. Either way, its not like Nik wouldn't have /other reasons/ to put his attention on her. He mentionned her hips often enough after all. But she's content with just listening right now. There's always people chatting around, leaking information that could prove to be useful. That's how she traveled over a few continents already. Not the entireity of them, but enough to get a good idea of the landscape and positioning of the different nations.
Emi Dennou Omi says, "A chocobo club...for raising chocobos." She nods slowly, naturally, if perhaps slowly. Maybe because of magical pigs, it's hard to know for sure. Emi remains out of frame, though in reality she's sort of glowering now off screen at Omi.

"The Network does not presume to understand The Network's mind." Omi says.

"Wait a minute," Emi says about to point out how illogical that is but Omi continues anyway before she can actually do that.

"In any event, your school seems like it was quite large. The Network presumes though that you still have a teacher and could still undertake classes with at least some manner of building, is that so?"

Omi glances over to Annia for a moment, but doesn't seem to recognize her TRUE BULLY POWER.
Soan Sagittarius That wasn't an answer at all, Soan mentaly points out!

"Tech...nically, I guess?" Soan says, pocketing the stick of his now devoured ice cream. He wont get a second one any time soon, as interesting that was. "I mean, we'd need a building, for one, and teachers for two that follows some of our fields of study. We're kind of a diverse amount, here. I mean, I'm from the Department of Rogues, personally." The thief says, motioning toward the brooch on his tied-up jacket. There's gonna be all kind of wrinkles on it now that he thinks about it. He briefly follows Omi's stare toward Annia before continuing. "Get what I mean?"
Emi Dennou Omi after a few moments turns her attention to Soan. "Yes." It's a bit belated but hey, that's an easy answer! YOU CRACKED THE CODE.

"Of course, we are the same but also different, to put it succinctly. Nevertheless, we are not very interesting. We are more curious about you. There is a department of rogues? That is strange, teaching people to be rogues, usually schools that we are aware of aim to teach against such specialties."

She looks towards Annia again. "...Perhaps."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine is getting lots of attention apparently. But she's used to it. People always are talking in her back. Maybe because she's always turning it toward the others anyway. Nothing too surprising there for her. Her ice cream bar is long gone though. She glances to the two 'fish in water'. Leviathanis, eh.
Seloria Delacreaux Swimming for hours at a time on a daily if not twice a day basis definitely turns you into a fish in the water. (Or in this case, a dolphin, because what the hell, Seloria.) She is very brave and often swimming out way, way far, too.
Kamon Lionward "Well, uh... we have Professor Mister Greene, he's the Master of All The Sciences, All Of Them, or at least that's what it says on the plaque on his desk," Kamon says. "I s'pose if we had a building, we could... y'know, at least work on it?" He shrugs, unsure. Kamon isn't the one to be organizing this! He's just the fighty one! Let the special people handle it!

He glances to Soan, nodding, and looks back at Omi. "I was doing general studies with a focus on martial and paramagical combat," he says. "I'm, uh... I'm not really any good at the second part," he admits sheepishly. Kamon is probably the worst mage among the group by far.

Soan Sagittarius Let's be fair, Soan is not particularly magically inclined either! Except for the whole, you know 'being secretly a guy that breathes fire at people' part.

"We've been looking for a building, there's a few candidates, it's a priority. Sadly, that kind of stuff takes money, and money is something that we are working to get to support ourselves as we get used to this new environment." Soan says, smiling as he idly play with the empty salt ice cream stick between his fingers. "Oh no, The Departement is very important, it taught kids like me to put their... less lawful talents to good use, as well as teaching us organisation, the laws and how to aid our fellows in dangerous situations by gathering information and recognising the patterns of traps to disarm them." He explains, causally, the stick skipping over his knuckles.

"Of course, there's the Ministry of Assassins and the Consortium of Brigandisation. They have relations with the Comglemerate of Merchants." He pauses. "We like fancy names." He explains to an unasked question.



"Hm--is there a strong science program, then, at your school? The Network wonders." Omi says. They have to admit they didn't really think 'science' was going to be on the program here, but maybe it's like some really doofy science. She's heard of military school of course, so maybe it's something of that.

"Well, we have thought about it, and think we have a technique should we ever fight together."

Hint, it involves super sonic Kamon.

"...............There is really a Ministry of Assassins." Omi says, it's barely a question.
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria eventually wanders out of the sea, collapsing on top of her towel nearby Kamon and Soan without a second thought. She pulls a second towel over her, even as she idly digs for her water bottle, watching the conversation go on. She's not sure what Soan's talking about, she went into the magic-courses so fast her head spun, but...

Hey, she's an observer.
Soan Sagittarius "Oh, they call themselves the," Soan says, snagging the stick firmly and create air quotes with his two indexes. "'Sworn Coister of The Shadow Arts', Ninjas, Shinobis, what have you, but that's what most of the departements in the know calls 'em."
Kamon Lionward "You do?" Kamon looks skeptical. Magnetism plus metal guy generally only means Bad Things. Or pranks. Is it a prank attack?

He bobs his head in agreement. "Yeah, they're always mysterious and masked and stuff, too," he adds. "They clog up the halls in the armed combat wing all the time, with honor duels and dramatic attempted assassinations and things for extra credit." This might be the kind of school where everything is ABSOLUTELY INSANE.
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria tries to avoid getting Kamon wet, because Metal. She does however freely drip over Soan.

"The magic wing isn't half as dangerous, except for when you get turned into a toad."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine fetches an apple from her travel bag, munching on it as she watches the people around. "I haven't even gotten to the academy before we all got deported, so nothing to say about it."
Emi Dennou "Yes." Omi says. She isn't very chatty, prone to getting straight to the point. "That which can attract, can repel, after all. With a body such as yours, it shouldn't be an issue."

Emi comes back in from off screen, pulling on the lasso rope to pull herself back into the scene.

"Actual assassinations or practice assassinations?"

It does seem like an insane school, they've got to admit.
Soan Sagittarius Not as chatty, is she, Soan notes. He makes a 'so-so' movement toward Seloria. "Last time I stepped into the magic department, someone asked me if she could test some weak heat spells on me, because I'm an Ifriti." He comments, speaking about that with quite some humour.

"Oh, practice ones. They like to make everyone think they /were/ actual attemps, thought. Get the legend going, the magic of their reputation soar, you know?"
Kamon Lionward "Man, that's so annoying," Kamon says with a sigh. "Being Ifriti doesn't make you fire resistant any more than being Ramuha makes someone shock absorbant. You'd figure that that myth would've been dispelled a while ago." He's frowning. He doesn't really like the FLAGRANT RACISM that happens. Even if it's really minor and Soan laughs it off, he's always been a bit more sensitive to it.

Might have somethig to do with magnets.

He peers at Omi, staring at her for a long moment. "Oh," he says. There's another pause. "Okay. I can handle that. Hopefully we won't get into any fights, though." He sounds optimistic about it, maybe in a sort of forced way. He knows it won't stick, but...
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria grins at Soan. "Well, we have to try. It's no fun practising on each other, plus those of us with the bigger, better magical powers tend to well, either get ignored or stuff..." Seloria looks embarassed, drying out her hair as she curls up around her towels to stay somewhat warm.

"At least we've not started attaching Magnets to you, Kamon?"
Emi Dennou Omi smiles suddenly at Kamon's optimism. "Ah, this one apologizes, then, for assuming." Of course, she sort of expected someone in FIGHTER COLLEGE would GET INTO FIGHTS. It isn't too much of a leap of thought here.

"I'm not sure I really understand the 'Ifriti' stuff either, The Network admits." Emi adds. "But this is plenty of knowledge for the time being. Thank you for entertaining our queries." The Network is rather inquistive, but they don't want to overdo it otherwise they won't really be able to digest what they've heard properly.
Soan Sagittarius "Yeah, I know," Soan asides to Kamon. "She was young, so I've cut her some slack." He turn that grin toward Seloria, nodding. "Hey, I'm surprised she had the guts to ask me, so. In the end, no real harm done, she learned, we moved on."

Soan toss the stick in the air before snatching it again, like someone would do with a coin. "Oh, that's quite alright, that's quite alright. But before you go, one question from me in return. Fair trade, I'd say," The Thief smoothly says, leaning foward a inch, grinning. "Are there many of you in that 'Network' of yours?"
Kamon Lionward Kamon shrugs, like it's no big thing. He does a lot of things that really do not match up the things that he is learning, or the kind of person he appears to be. It's like he is the /nega-stereotype/.

Or has problems. One or the other. (Both?)

"Please don't do that," Kamon mutters at Seloria. He looks kind of uncomfortable for a second. Then, he stands up, sticking his damp feet in the warm sand and then dusting them off with one another. Mostly, anyway. "I'm going to go get some practice in. I've been slacking on my forms. I'll be down the shore if you guys need me." He grabs his backpack and shoulders it and the sword.

He pauses for a second and smiles at one of the several green-haired girls -- the correct one, even. "Nice seeing you again, Emi."

And then, he just kind of walks off. Time to work out some pent-up frustration by swinging a few feet of steel in an eerily precise manner.
Seloria Delacreaux "I wasn't going too!" Seloria protests as Kamon wanders off. She frowns. "Oh dear..." She places her hand against her temple and rubs tiredly. She puts her now soaked towel that was wrapped around her hair in her bag with a sigh, dusting off her feet soles to stick her sandals on.

"I hope Kamon's okay..."
Emi Dennou "There are six of us total, at present." Emi says, her eyes widening faintly at Kamon. For three meetings, it seems he's already picking her out from the others. Hmm.

She gives him a small nod. "Perhaps next time will not be a coincidental meeting."

She grabs at Omi's arm. "Help me sell ice cream." She glances over to Soan again and adds, "We can always talk further at another time. Good day, Sir THIEF."
Soan Sagittarius "Soan. Sure thing." The Thief corrects, immediatedly, tipping his head toward the Dennous leaving. Nice girls. Weird girls, but nice girls.

He watches Kamon leave off, shoving the wooden stick of the salted ice cream in his mouth, asiding toward Seloria. "He'll be alright. Just give him some space." He adds, quietly, smiling at her. "Magnets brings up some bad memories for him, since Imp Class. Among other things, I mean." He explains, his voice low. "It still stings. The racism, I mean."

He place a hand over her shoulders. "But don't torture yourself over it, alright? Just be mindful next time."
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria, plaintively, "I was only in classes for two weeks, you can't expect me to know everrrrything!" Beat. "Not that. ... I attended... classes..." Seloria looks deeply embarassed.
Soan Sagittarius "It's fine, it's fine, you couldn't have known. Now you do." Soan replies, calmly, then grinning. "Just apologise next time you see him, alright?"
Seloria Delacreaux "Yes, Professor." Seloria says, dryly, giving Soan a wrinkled-nose pout/grin.
Soan Sagittarius Soan grins. "Good girl. Now, let's get out of here, I think've got sand in my socks."

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