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(2013-03-04 - 2013-03-04)
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Zeke It'd been a couple days since Zeke had left word to diffrent people that he needed aid. While he wasn't entirely pleased at the Church's official indiffrence to the situation he could understand given how stretched thin they wre. On the balance the one Nezu he had hoped would sign on anyway had promised aid and so long as he wasn't directly ordered not to go...

Port Royal. Just as hectic and Chaotic near the docks as Zeke remembered. Sure the world was in a rather peculiar spot and all sorts of dark nasties about but life goes on. It has to else everyone's heads go pop from stress.

Zeke himself had just finished hauling a few people back from an overly foggy island which he hand't really planed on doing but it was a short enough hop, relatively speaking (and especially with hte aid of a pair of magi that knew how to manipulate the winds to their own use,) before his main jaunt ot Tortuga itself. This was right and prudent as you don't take untried gear into a life or limb situation and it was a good thing he had done so as there were several 'minor' things that could have turned major had he not spotted them.

While Zeke's crew was busy wit hrepairs the man himself was waiting 'round an eatery. OK fine it was a bar and it really wasn't that pleasent to look at but it's where he'd left word he'd be findable at. Why here/ Why when the customers tended to be disreputable and the decor was of the 'demolish it and build something better instead' school? Somehow the owner had gotten Coffee in spite of Coffee being the Drink of the upper class. Plus they had some of the best sweetrolls on the island.

Never underestimate the value of a good breakfast.
Faruja Senra Peeer. Faruja stands outside the bar that his employee slash ally had chosen for their meeting place. Well used to run-down taverns in his time as both Inquisition agent as well as soldier, this one however makes what he's used to seem fit for kings. Nevermind he was here at Port Royal. He'd already racked up one duel challenge from a rude noble, and been forced to knock a few teeth in within the rougher parts of town. He doesn't take well to being referred to as a 'filthy rat'.

Sitting down as he enters, the Burmecian smiles. "Dear Captain. Lord bless. Quite the...interesting choice of venue." All said lowly so as not to insult the owners, of course. He'd rather not have his food poisoned or spat in.
Zeke Zeke smiled warmly to Faruja and saluted the Nezu Inquisitor with his mug. "I know i know it be a rough and delapidated place." He jerked a thumb at the hefty sized lass working the counter. "But Mabel do be a fine an' forgiving lass." Faruja would have caught scent of Coffee.

"This the man you were telling me about Zeke?" Mabel's voice was warm and friendly. When Zeke nodded she poured a second mug of coffee and went to retrieve somethign from the kitchen that, on her return was a plate of bacon, eggs, sweet rolls all on a clean ceramic plate and smelling apppetizing. "Lord bless and keep you Sir Knight."

Zeke took another drink. "But I find the service more than makes up for the decore." Sure no two pieces of furnishing matched in the place and the two other customers were grey haired wild bearded sorts that looked like they'd litterally washed up a few hours before, but the food smells were pleasent and unlike many of the other residents of Port Royal Mabel herself didn't give pause or show any horror at Faruja's obvious inhuman nature.
Faruja Senra Mmm. Coffee. A plate is brought over, the ratling soon sipping. Standing, Faruja offers a bow to the proprietess. "Well met, M'Lady. Such thoughtful service is a boon to any establishment." Then, sitting, he takes up eating. Breaking teeth and generally defending one's race and honor make a nezu hungry!

Nom. "My reputation precedes me, then. Pray tell the good Captain has shared less folly than righteousness."

"And you as well, dear Lady. Do allow me to pick up the good Captain's meal, hmm? Those whom labor well in the Lord's service deserve that much at least."

Then, he turns to the Captain. "So. Tell me, doth the sea grant thy fortune for good or ill?" he starts, turning things to business.
Nagetta Nagetta smelled something good as she made her way into the eatery. She hadn't eaten in a few days and it was getting a bit hungry. She nods at Zeke and Faruja as she makes her way in. She feels a bit more relaxed with familiar faces around. Hopefully, she wouldn't get in trouble for coming in here. Lamias aren't welcome in a lot of places.
Zeke Zeke shook his head. "Just got back from a short hop to make sure my aquisition works as well as advertised. Both fortunate in that there are repairs that needed making, and shameful in how much I had to pay for even this much." Seriously he was like... almost broke. However the ship would be His. "While out an about I caught sight of Miss Zia an a few others. Short story we ended up stumblin onto a group of the sorriest pirates ever claiming th'title lookin fer somethin. No fightin' Small favors. Managed t'find a fine pair of boots an a watch. Not sure where the Watch came from as it not be from here."

Before he could continue Nagetta slithered in. Mabe blinked at the Lamia and smiled warmly after a slight pause. "You." SHe sounded both amused and cross as she addressed Zeke. "You didn't tell me more company was coming." Then to Nagetta she gestured to an empty spot at the counter. "Sit... or whatever it is seems comfortable I'll have fresh made soon enough." Food smelled good. God help this woman she didn't know how much Nagetta could eat. Yet she seemed genuinely friendly.

Zeke tipped his hat to the lass. "Miss Zia, Emi, an another found portions of a map I'm offerin t'help decipher. After all be it from here I am the best choice an if it lead t'nother shard any personal deprivement of welth be worth th'reward."
Faruja Senra Faruja tilts one ear as he listens. "Did you now?" The mention of Zia has him smiling widely, before he coughs and regains his composure.

The mention of a watch has him nodding. "Interesting. Mayhap you should have it examined. Know you whether 'tis but a watch, or something more magical in nature?" Inquires the Templar, before turning to spy a certain lamia slithering on in.

"Ahh, Lord bless Lady Nagetta! Come, come. You look famished, my dear. Meals are on me." Poor rat. He too may just go broke soon, with those very words.

He perks up again at the mention of a map, the ratling pulling aside a chair to let Nagetta have a spot to coil up in. "Quite. The shards simply cannot be estimated in value. Well done. Let me know should it come to anything, I may just be able to convince my superiors of the necessity of lending more direct aid."
Nagetta "Thank you." Nagetta takes a seat on the chair, coiling her tail below her so she can fit on it. That's a better reaction then she got from a lot of people. "Are you sure about that?" Her attention turns towards Faruja. You didn't know how much she could eat if she was hungry enough. Thankfully for him, she wasn't completely starving.

"A map, is there anything I can do to help?" She's not sure if she can decipher it, but there must be something. She grins a bit as she hears Emi's name.
Zeke "It do be a watch." At those words Zeke fished the pocketwatch out to let Faruja examine. It looked like your classic 19th century pocketwatch save that it didn't work and it's hands were stuck at 4:30. "I only know it canna be native of this world an it was found in a box of rusted an rotted junk."

Maybel had brought out a plate of Bacon, Eggs, bisquits. Lady worked fast, that or she was already cooking when Nagetta slithered in. Probably the latter given Zeke had been here for awhile. Oh and fresh coffee, black, with honey for sweatener.

"Also lucked out an foun a fresh pair of boots. Very comfortable, an feels like they be made fer me. The rest of the clothes not so much. In fact with a wee bit o trimming an stitchin Miss Ariel might find a few t'her likin." There was a soft laugh and the captain hid the sudden flush by turning attention to his food. "Suspect she would be interested with a wardrobe with a story to it rather than finery for it's own sake. Besides, several of th'shirts are quite well made." The pants? While she did seem the more pro-active sort of girl Zeke just couldn't see Ariel wearing pants. Besides most of his human crew had raided the contents of the footlocker he'd brought back.

Then Nagetta asked how she could help. "Actually y'both can help with a wee... personal matter. Me mother's alive, fled when th'world started breakin apart yet she's in the 'tender' care of some git currently weighin anchor at Tortuga." Pause. Thankfully for him Mabel didn't seem to be the sort to chime in and the other patrons were busy with their game of cards, or talk... or whatever the two old salts were up to. "I only have a couple days t'get her an whoever else is in irons with her. I have a plan... but I neeed people t'help pull it off."
Faruja Senra A small nod, and Faruja smiles. "I shall be sure to point you to someone whom can properly appraise it." He comments on the watch. Tail flicking, he turns to Nagetta.

"Hardly could I allow you to go hungry. Eat, please. Pay no worry to it." Famous last words of Faruja's bank account.

His face goes grim at the mention of Zeke's mother. Remembering well his own lost kin, he stares the merchant in the eye. "Go on." There's an edge in his voice that wasn't there a moment ago, righteous anger bubbling beneath the surface.
Nagetta Nagetta's eyes light up as she sees the food, and grabs an entire piece of bacon. She sticks in it in her mouth and swallows it without chewing. She then turns a bit red as she realizes, "Oops, I'm suppose to take smaller bites and chew..." She remembers the proper manners she was taught.

"Sure, I can help with that." The lamia would be a good distraction if nothing else. "Just tell me what to do. I don't know much about boots and pants." She doesn't wear them of course. "The shirts do sound nice though." Sure, she might be half snake, but's she still female and interested in clothing.
Zeke Zeke watched Mabel stare at Nagetta's almost litteral inhailing of the entire platter. "Huh... Well this is going t'be interestin'." She gave Faruja a level look. "Still sure you wanna pay her way Sir?"

After that The Captain eyed Nagetta appraisingly. "Depends. How well cn you swim?" Beat. "OK depending on if you can or not here's what I"m thinking. Notall of my money was spent on the Talisman." Apparently that was a ship of some sort, or it could be something else. However it was Important. "I'd, before leaving Traverse, gotten hold of a quantity of explosives. Dunna ask how, an way t'set these explosives off from afar. What I need is someone who can put these charges beneath th'water line of several ships as once things get hairy we be needin t'ensure persuit isn't possible an where we go will be a hostile port. Pirates everywhere, guns blazin, Once our hand tips," He paused to try sorting himself.

Tortuga was a place of legend and story. A haven of pirates and outlaws. "Tortuga is a bad place full of bad men. Despirate men. It isn't completely lawless though an these sort do have generally a code of conduct atwix themselves. They will band together when we show that we are outsiders after one of their own."

then to Faruja he gave a level glance. Behind his eyes a storm was brewing. "Much as i would love t'have this man's head hanging off the bow of my ship Miss Hati says they be plannin somethin and whatever that be it's liable t'be important." From an inside pocket of his coat he pulled out a sketch she'd made of the man and another of the bits of ship she'd seen. "That man. He must be taken alive and able to speak. He has....." Headshake. "A bound and defensless woman aboard a pirate's ship..... I dunna wish t'think of the particulars an th'crime is why I'm gon be part of th'distraction instead o the strike team. Too much risk I'll simply run th'<GOOSEHONK> through an be cone with it."

Then Zeke paused to look around just in time to see a goose waddle thorugh the front door. Sigh. "Shoo!"
Faruja Senra Faruja /stares/ as the snake-woman inhales her food at an impressive rate. Turning slowly to Mabel, he steels himself, and nods. "A Temple Knight is hardly one to rescind his word, M'Lady!" With every bite Nagetta takes, he can practically feel a coin slipping out of his pocket. Be brave, rat!

Slowly, despite the grim matter at hand, Faruja smirks. Excitement at the prospect of some real action begins to take over. One doesn't become a knight without loving danger, after all. "Well then! We shall simply have to make the best of things. Certainly thy crew can handle their seamanship, 'tis all in your hands come our escape by sea. Quality over quantity, as they say." The thought of half of the port being against them doesn't seem to phase the rat. Indeed, he almost looks pleased at the prospect of slaying a few outlaws.

A swift nod. The rat quickly memorizes the man's features. "Ahh, he knows the location of our captive then. If it pleases you, once we take him, I shall have the dear Lady Inquisitor ferret out the information. She is quite good at that sort of thing." A pause.

"Provided you did not wish to...interrogate...him personally. Few seem to survive their confessions after a few weeks."
Faruja Senra One ear perks, however. "...When did you last speak with Hati?" he asks, suddenly. The Burmecian can't quite hide a look of hope on his features, as well as deep concern.
Nagetta "Well, I can eat less I know most people don't eat for a long time all at once." Nagetta didn't want to be too much trouble. "I can swim fairly well." She notes "But I think I would be easier to notice." She's fairly long after all, and certainly stands out in a crowd.

"I can try and charm the information out of him if you would like?" Of course that doesn't it always work and he could always panic upon seeing her.
Zeke Zeke snorted dismissivly. "I do not know where his ultimate fate should end up Sir knight. Mayhap he's not entirely at fault. Mayhap this is the extent he can do t'keep those held" His Mother.... nO Block it. Push it aside. Worry later. Focus on it as an abstract rescue job. "While Hati gave more than I had right to expect and well worth every coin paid she couldn't read lips. Somethin 'bout local accent playin' merry havok for her."

There was a deep breath as he considered the matter of 'interrogation'. His own crew had been threatened with this. He's had a tour of the facilities and means this would happen with when he stood up to the foul tempered screamy man who was originally his overseer. "If it comes to Questioning th'man," He emphasized 'question' as if it were an activity of importance, "I ask that I be there t'watch. Wouldn't be right fer me t'put a man to hazard an go about my way." He did not sound like he enjoyed the idea. iN fact it made him just a little ill, but it would be on his hands that this would happen so he wouldn't back away from watching the result.

"I spoke with Miss Hati a few days back. She warned I had at best a week t'act afore a new crew be located and this man take t'sea again." He looked from Faruja then to Nagetta. "Hm. My plan had been as Ariel has a good singing voice to have a prformance drawn in with promise of free rum an othe rrefreshments while Faruja leads those 'board ship. Miri and John are already on th'way there t'find the ship that we need t'target. Faruja will lead once information has been gathered as he seems the proper choice." Then he looked to Nagetta. "Ye be rather long, but ye also might be mistaken fer mermaid... an given how they be takin in these parts that be protection all its own." Saw a ship that'd escaped the heartless only to be litterally ripped t'shreds. "However I leave Faruja in charge with who he wishes on his team."

Though a thought had suddenly hit. Just as Mabel brought out a whole pig. Whole. Roasted and glazed before setting it in front of Nagetta. Strong lady if she's able to heft a ham like that around.

"I'd brought hte guns off the Reliant through an the Talasmin far as i know can out-fight anythin short o a man of war, and even then it'd be a stalemate situation. I can hitfrom further off an more accurately, but in this instance we potentially be outmanned ten ships t'one. S'why I wish t'even things out by havin demolition charges set t'cause mahem in our wake." Plus there was One gun.... More specifically the shells that this gun had been prepped to fire. It cost him near as much as the ship to have crafted. Rifled slugs infused with magics that would make them hit with the power and force of a gun three times it's size.

Everything he had was sunk into this. It was, after all. His Mother. Yet there was more here. "However not all take th'life o piracy by choice an, like Sparrow, not all are inherently wicked men. If at all possible I wish t'try appealin t what better nature might stil lexist. We need all we can in this war. Any ideas Ser Knight on how t'both prepare t'level th'place an yet hold back on those that wish t'aid our efforts?"
Faruja Senra Faruja silently takes in both of his companion's words, frowning lightly. The matter of the wolfess takes up much of his attention. A few days ago. Prior to the celebration in Fluorgis. It all starts to fit together quite well, and the rat shivers.

"'Tis your operation, Ser Fawkes. If you wish to be so...merciful to those whom deprive others of their Lord-given freedom rather than meting out righteous justice, are a merchant. I suppose I cannot fault you." Clearly the pair have differences of opinions when it comes to slaving pirates!

A glance to the naga. "That would be for the best. Easiest way, if he is of weak will. You shall come with the assault team. Given the performance, your length shan't be overly obtrusive methinks."

Turning back to Zeke, trying to ignore the entire pig that the nagaess is no doubt about to consume, the rat nods. "Then, good Captain, we simply need something more subtle than simple firearms. There are a few newly made Temple Wizards that could do with a bit of target practice. From what I know, the locals are a superstitious, ignorant offense to current company...and seem to believe our Faram-given magic is witchery. Considering the lack of enchantments against flame, well...I think it shall do nicely, hmm?"
Nagetta "Do you want to share this with me?" Nagetta looks at the entire pig, a bit surprised. She hadn't plan on eating that much. She was hungry, not completely starving. "A mermaid?" She's kind of curious if there's any water snake people here now. Or just normal snake people.

"I see, I shouldn't eat a whole pig if I'm going to go swimming soon." That would just weigh her down. She just cuts off one of it's legs for now. "The assualt team? I think I can manage that."
Zeke "What i Want Faruja is to flay the man. Strip him of everything and leave his exit from this world as weeks of pain and screaming." Zeke's words were suddenly hard. Maybe it was Faruja's insistence on Zeke being merciful. "He's a slaver and he's taken my family from one horror into another. However" Deep breath. "He has information that might be of importance. I do not believe /all/ of Tortuga though should suffer that fate. We might have aid if this be played right. Tat man though." A man he had for a time treated as he would a brother. He was a man that crewed alongside him and his older bother on his father's boat. "That man.... After we have our answers I want him screaming." There was sudden coldness to his voice. "Even your inquisition's methods I would consider too kind with what he's done to my family."

He shuddered both at how easy it was for his mind to go to such a dark place and because he had been daught to show mercy and compassion as the lord had shown unto man for their collective transgressions. "Yes... I am ill suited for the direct assault so I leave the particulars in your hands. Perhaps..." He started to grin slowly. "A little smoke and thunder to go with the display I had in mind so I cn personally make an appeal. England. The Spanish. The Other powers of the world all seem to think slavery itself is fine and proper. 'Save' a native populous by putting them in chains, wipe their culture from the map. I dunna care what heathen gods they had before. T'make a man quite claim over their own culture that completely and tell him he is now no better tha na piece of furnishing."

Mabel summed up Zeke's thoughts by spitting at something on the other side of the counter.
Faruja Senra The outburst by Zeke is taken calmly by the Templar. A small nod. "Such can be arranged. My apologies." The rat smoothly counters, crossing his legs.

"However, the greater concern is thy dear kin. All simply enough contrived, my dear Merchant. Truly, and I thought Ivalice to be vile. Whatever the politics, at least we keep our evils amongst each other, rather than reaching out to place others in chains."

Standing, the rat nods. "Then I have much to prepare. Here, for the meal. Oh, and M'Lady Mabel? Take the rest as thy well earned wage. Ladies, Ser, by your leave. I shall meet thee both once everything has been arranged."
Zeke Zeke bowed politely to the Nezuian then got to his feet before offering a hand to Nagetta. "Shall we then? Port Royal has much to offer. Jewelry, finery, games of skill and chance. Art.... All that the New World has.... Had... Wahtever. It's a grand city. Care to take a stroll?" Smile. Time to put the bleak mood behind him. Enjoy the day for tomorrow we may die.
Nagetta Nagetta cringes a bit at Zeke's comment. She knows Zeke's upset and isn't going to argue with him. Still thinking is painful. She finishes eating, before getting up and taking his hand. "Thanks for the meal, it was quite good." It should keep her full for a while at least. "Sure, if I won't cause too much trouble by being around.
Zeke Zeke waved a hand dismissivly. "They be needin t'get used t'the stranger ways of the worlds." He didn't much care what anyone thought. The lass wasa friend. "Besides. I figure y'might like t'see the stuff I'd gotten off the island last night."

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