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To the Victor...
(2013-03-03 - 2013-03-05)
Hades hands the World Shard of Wind to th Winners of the Hades cup...and NOTHING else.
Hades WELCOME...

To the victory Ceremony of the Hades Cup! Here, the arena is full of people, many of your adoring fans who have cheered you all on, and paid outrageous costs of food, drink, merchandise, and all that other junk.

The Arena is set up special today, the actual slab where the fights happen is cleared, and a podium, large enough to hold people is set up It is set up so that it has three platforms, and under each platform is a first, second, and third number. It is obvious that people who got to the finals should be standing where they placed.

Phil is standing near the microphone, tapping his hoof on the ground, waiting for the 'hero's' to show up so he can get them their medals...but where was that good for nothing Hades? He has your prize? Was he going to double cross you now?!

However, it is still early, perhaps he is just waiting for JUST the right moment to show up...or another Hydra would attack!? Maybe this was all a elaborate ploy to get you all out in the open, to make one last shot at finishing the heroes off.

However, between the crowds and other celebrations going on, it's hard to tell.
Tifa Lockhart The barmaid gave it her all during the tournmanent, from the race to the fighting, all in good sportmanship (or at least she hopes, noone died anyway). So of course she'd be there to see the manhattan shard be handed over. It doesn't matter who gets it in the end, as long as it's used for the right cause. And in the winner's hands, she was pretty assured too.

Meanwhile, she stands around, arms crossed, as she waits for something to happen, for people to arrive... isn't there food or something to celebrate too? Or did the budget all go in the toys they sold ~_~
Mercade Alexander Mercade is totally here and totally partying. As part of the winning team, Mercade is present with the other memebers of No Sleep 'Til Manhattan, holding a large.... cola! That's right, Mercade isn't drinking alcohol out here. He's expecting some kind of shenanigans here, but he isn't sure what kind.
Avira At last! It was over! Grueling fights against friends and strangers alike that, despite not being lethal, had left Avira feeling sore for days afterwards. In fact, she was till sore from the finale.

Avira's made sure to get herself some new armor and a new shield for tonight's ceremony, given that the opening ceremony was interrupted by a hydra. She also has a bag slung over her shoulder, its contents completely unknown at the moment since the bag is opaque. She's also hanging around close to Mercade.

For some reason she seems a little on the nervous side.
Sora Sora was sir not participating in this event.

However, he's here, mostly because he does like seeing things qwrap up, plus he's, well, curious. It's part of why he gets into so much trouble, you know.
Evja Evja was here too, actually not in armor for a change. The Viera was dressed in a long black robe with the hood down, leaning on a spear(head down, shaft pointed up and chin on the end like some large stick) next to Tifa and looking a little uncertain. Otherwise, not much of note besides the floppy turban-like cap Viera oft wore here and there in Jylland and the veil.
It wasn't because of worry about Hades, actually, so much as just not being certain how to handle this kind of publicity and attention. "Maybe I should have worn my armor just to avoid the eyes..." came a soft mumble towards Tifa, the Viera standing on the second place rung.
Isaac Dennou Isaac Hanlon is present with No Sleep Til Manhattan.

Of course Isaac didn't have green hair before, nor was he quite so feminine. But that paper mask Isaac is wearing has glasses drawn on it in marker and blue fuzzy hair scribbled on it. Every so oftne Isaac says 'doo doo bgm change'.

So it must be him!!!
Hades Phil holds his hands up!

"Alright! Listen up! You're all here because that there HADES CUP," there is a cheer from the crowd, "HEY SHADDUP I AM GIVIN' A SPEECH HERE!" he yells at the crowd who still continue on.

"Alright, so by the power invested in me by the Coliseum, blah blah blah, I am here to give you these medals." he says, walking to team DLC first. "Here ya go." he says, handing them the bronze. And a small sack. It has MUNNY!

To Tifa and JUDGE BUNNY, they get a silver metal each, and a larger sack of munny. Slowly, Phil turns to Team No sleep. He looks at Isaac for a moment, giving him a long glance. "Seem's legit." he says after a moment.

Then they are presented with the Gold, but no munny. "Now where is that good for no-"

PYROTECHNICS at the entrance to the arena. Hades walks through a moment later, waving at the crowd who either boos or cheers for him. With a POOF he goes from the entrance to the stage itself. "Well well well, how you'all doin', I'm Hades Lord of the Dead." he says, for those who don't know.

"Well congrats on makin' millions of people entertained for your world back. Before I hand the shard over.." he hands a contract for them to sign, "This is just a little disclaimer, indicating that your likenesses can be used for merchandising and stuff, for a MODEST one percent of the cut, and the Shard." which appears in his hand.

"Just business before we get on with things. I am sure you're all wanting and rearin' to get your world back, am I rite?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart blinks at the pyrotechnics Well NOW there's a show at least. She takes her medal with a smile, lettign Evja handle the bag of munny for the moment, since there's a team member missing anyway.

She gets to watch Hades heading to Mercade with the contract. Well, nothing seems out of ordinary, mind you. Business, promotion, whatever. What does she know about it. Or about Hades for that matter.

She does take a glance at Isaac though. for having punched him a few times in the match, something isn't quite right.
Evja "Thank you very much." Evja says towards Phil with a smile, even if it's hidden by the veil he had on. Also holding the money in one hand, Evja hangs the medal up and over head around his neck and looks towards Tifa thoughtfully, following her gaze. What was she looking at? And another contract? That brought the viera's own contract with Hades to mind, suddenly curious what he would eventually ask for.
No matter, one day he would make such a request known.
Avira Isaac your hair looks very green today. Avira thinks nothing of it.

Taking notice of the Judge actually takes Avira a moment since she is not currently in armor. It isn't until Evja joins the rest of Heaven's Judgement on the podium thingy that she realizes who it is. "Aha. Hey. Miss Judge." Avira slings the bag from over her shoulder and digs through it producing...some kind of piece of metal? A piece of a shield? Avira offers it to Evja. "Here. This is part of the shield you destroyed during our match."

Phil starts doling out the prizes, which makes Avira frown. Didn't Hades have the shard? Where is-oh, there.

Leaning over to Mercade she murmurs in her ear. "I think you should accept the Shard from him." She seems to not want to say anything to Hades. Heck, Avira's not even making eye contact with him.
Sora Sora, in the audience, narrows his eyes as Hades pulls out a contract for the shard ... and promotional likenesses for future deals and such.

Something isn't sitting right here, and Sora can't put his fingers on where. Where is Donald and Goofy when he needs the 'Keyblade Wielder is clueless' help.
Mercade Alexander Mercade listens to Hades' intro theme. "Well then." Mercade says, turning as he looks to the Lord of the Dead. Hades makes his play, and Mercade narrows his eyes. "The terms of the tournament were that we got the Shard if we won. There wasn't anything there about a contract. Besides, one percent? That's extortionate."

Mercade glances over to Isaac Dennou, and whispers to 'him', "That /is/ a bad deal, right?"

He nods to Avira and her advice, and steps forward, folding his arms. That's right, he's holding this up in LAST-MINUTE ARBITRATION.
Isaac Dennou Isaac Dennou thinks about what Isaac would do. He'd probably be impetuous, Emi thinks.

So when Mercade asks for 'Isaac's' advice, the Dennou looks to Mercade and nods to him.

"The high point for royalty rates for such a purpose as similar as this would be 17 percent." Emi says. "Of course, we likely cannot ask for that much if we were to accept an endorsement deal." She nods slowly. "That would be for someone exceptionally popular. Still, it would be above 1 percent. The toy market is generally between 5 to 15 percent typically, though if this is for a varying array of services and production lines, then different rates may be typical for different services."

Royalty rates are pretty complicated.
Deelel Deelel is here for the medalss it has been interesting to see how users conduct the Games to be sure it had more in comon than she'd expected still it's been a hell of a tournment now she's had time to cool off, right? So she gets her medal and is respectful about it.
Hades "Fifteen percent? Who do you think you are, Jerkules? You wish you Junior Heroes could get that much." Hades says, dismissively.

"Pretty hard though, little man, negotiating when I have your shard in my hand. Alright, so four percent." Hades counter offers, cracking his knuckles.

He looks towards Avira, giving a small smile. Oh yeah, she knows. He also considers Judge bunny, well, that was still something else he could use later, no need to break it out here, after all!

"So you get four percent. That's a steal, most new stars aren't even going to get that for their first gig, and think about it like this, as the winners of the Hades cup, in the next one you don't have to fight until the last match. You're the champs. That's worth a few free drinks."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart isn't sure she likes where this is going right now... Shouldn't be negociating for something that they fought so hard to get. She keeps her arms crossed, looking at Evja "Maybe you should have worn your armor... i got the feeling its gonna get rowdy if this keeps up...
Evja When Avira speaks towards him, Evja looks towards her and gives a little nod, polite enough in his view. "Hello." since he didn't really know her name. When the shield bit was offered, however, the Viera looked rather confused. Standing upright and hanging the bag of munny around the tip of his spear, he reached a hand out to take it and looked at it before offering, "Evja... my name. And why are you offering me this? Did you desire me to pay for the repair? If such, I imagine it could wait until..."

Bargaining. :|
"...after the event. I do believe Lord Hades is going to give the shard either way. He seems an honorable God after all, one inclined to contracts. And the prize of the tournament was the shard. So this... bargaining over munny is a bit petty. This was for the charity of a world after all." a pause, "So, Lord Hades, how about you offer ten percent to charity and they receive nothing and call it a deal? Charity of their choice."
Mercade Alexander "Are you saying you're not going to hand it over unless we sign?" Mercade says. "Wouldn't that be going back on your word? You promised the Shard to us if we won." Mercade seems focused on trying to get out of this fairly innocuous (as far as horrible underworld lords go) trap. There's worse things than being ruthlessly exploited and merchandised, right?


Avira Avira nudges Mercade again and whispers something in his ear, "Ten, tell him ten."

Evja seems confused about the offer of the shield piece. "My name's Avira. No, I don't want to be paid or anything, I'm giving you the piece because I thought you might want to have a souvenir from our fight." She turns around so her back is to Evja and so she can see the brand new buckler sheld held there. "I've already replaced my shield. It's alright, I go through gear pretty frequently."
Deelel Deelel is looking at the price neogations and isn't sure for which team it is but she's not going to complain any stream of income would be useful to her. She's got things to deal with in the city which likely are to become a growing problem, but for now she seems to be in a good mood. She does however raise one eyebrow about contracts that was a bit of an alien thing to her.
Isaac Dennou Isaac Dennou isn't actually very interested in signing a contract without proper authorization from Isaac. Even if she's just pretending and IN THEORY it would make it void, but she's not playing around with god contract, which she does not comment on.

Isaac can handle his own contracts, she resolves, and writes something down on a piece of paper silently.
Hades "Eh? What about the sh-" Hades starts to say, before Evja interrupts his train of thought! He looks back towards the Rabbit, "Hey kid, I'm trying to negotiate here, stop muckin' things up!"

He turns back to Mercade, "Fine, seven percent." Hades says, shard still in hand, and completely ignoring his question, or rather being distracted? WHO KNOWS?! Evja just did interrupt what he was saying, so he's gone on without skipping a beat.

"Look, we got television shows and toys lined up, but we gota get this signed so we can get this going forward."
Mercade Alexander Mercade looks unimpressed. "Ten and the shard, no more tricks, final offer." He says, folding his arms. "Also, I want to see just what I'm supposed to be signing here. I'm not giving you my soul or promising you my eternal servitude or anything."
Evja "..."
Very well then. Evja simply nods towards Avira, staying otherwise silent and looking towards Tifa to see how she was handling the negotiations.
Avira Avira frowns a little over her shoulder. Perhaps she was expecting more enthusiasm? She dismisses the thought shortly after and promptly returns to not making eye contact with Hades.
Deelel Deelel watches back and forth as the negoations go on and just remains quit for a moment. She has to agree with Mercades logic she's learned a contract should be read over in full right that just makes sense. Still she watches this verbal exchange contiune with intrest.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is just listening, and waiting for it to explose at this point. ~_~
Isaac Dennou Isaac Dennou closes up the paper she's been writing on and remains silent for the moment.

Network can be pretty good at silence.
Hades "You got some guts, kid." he says, with a slight grin. "Fine. Ten percent and the shard." He says, and hands the contract over. And a pen.

The contract is worded exactly to what Hades said, no fine print. And the values are changed to what they agreed upon...did he know that was going to be number the entire time?!

Isaac Dennou Or maybe Hades just has magical contract adjustment powers.

Isaac Dennou's mask gets a little lobsided. She adjusts it properly.
Mercade Alexander Mercade squints at the contract. There's no fine print. No shenanigans. Straightforward... And without any sign of being changed. How did he DO that? He takes the contract and signs it. "All right, Hades. You get your deal." He hands the contract over to Avira for her to sign next. Isaac will surely sign last!!
Avira All the sudden Avira is also squinting quite carefully at that contract, also looking for fine print or tricky phrasing. Every now and then she glances up at Hades himself, a suspicious look on her face. Then, after taking the pen from Mercade as well, she also signs.

"Ten percent's pretty good." Avira comments, still sounding slightly unsure though.
Isaac Dennou Isaac Dennou staples a piece of paper to the contract.

The paper says 'Ask Me (Isaac) In Private (I am Isaac) ((The Network continues the charade))'. She hands it back.
Hades The Contract rolls up, burning their names and the piece of paper into it.

The Shard is handed off to Mercade.

"Well there you go. Congrats one and all, be seeing you soon." he says, and then a puff of brimestone...

And there is no more Hades.

Isaac Dennou Isaac Dennou looks around and says.

"...Curse your ... ... inevitable ... ... ... ... betrayal...?"

Isaac told her to say that but there doesn't seem to have been a betrayal.

She shrugs her shoulders and takes off the Isaac mask.
Mercade Alexander Hades vanishes with the contract. He holds up the crystalline chunk, feeling its heft and the power within it. "Well..." He says, looking over to Avira. "This is the last one." He laughs. "Everyone, we did it!"
Evja "...that was anti-climactic." The viera mumbles softly mostly to himself before looking back at Avira, "I apologize I was rather curt before."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods to Evja, relaxing a bit "... Very. I don't know why but its like a ticking bomb waiting to explode around that guy." She shakes her head. Maybe its his cologne.
Avira Avira lets out a long breath that she had been holding for quite a while. "Don't worry about it." she tells Evja, passing the contract to "Isaac" so he could do "his thing."
Sora "So, now what?"

Sora asks this clearly as he hops down into the main area, the Keyblade Wielder ruffling his hair as he sticks his hands behind his head in his relaxed gesture.

Somewhere, Kairi is going 'Sora you idiot'.
Deelel Deelel seeds that everything has worked out and nothing has happened and she's frankly happy with it. She's wondering what to do with her medal she guesses she'll keep it she does however pause as Siora shows up and pauses "umm we go to the 9th for food and drink?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart looks at Deelel "... Business for me, I can go for that." This party doesn't even have any food anyway. What kind of cheapskate Hades is anyway?
Mercade Alexander "And we need to put these together and find a Keyblade Wielder so we can restore Manhattan." Mercade says. "Celebrations are totally in order, though." He grins. "I'm sure we can find someone with a Keyblade ev-" He pauses, squinting at the approaching pair of GIANT SHOES. "Holy crap, Sora!" He yells, pointing. "Sora! We need your help! But first, food! And drink! You like food, right?"
Isaac Dennou "Where would we find a keyblade wielder--"

Emi looks towards Sora for several moments.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart looks at Sora too <.< Its a trend, it must mean something. BUT WHAT>
Deelel Deelel says "It's all on us." She grins and is also Looking at Sora.
Sora Sora blinks owlishly. "I like food! And drink. But you need a Keyblade Wielder? Am I the only one?"


Isaac Dennou Emi says, "Sorry." She covers her eyes but is still facing Sora.
Evja Evja looks between those present, then towards Tifa, and asks softly, "What... is a keyblade?"
Mercade Alexander Mercade looks over to Evja, opening his mouth to explain, but then he pauses as a theme begins playing in the background. Oh God, he knows that feeling. He shuts his mouth lest he get caught up in a musical again, and steps back. Christmas was enough. Once a year is his max.
Avira Avira on the other hand looks super excited. She knows this moment. The last time this happened, she heard a musical about bacon, and it was glorious. All the tension she had been carrying around earlier from being around Hades is gone. "'What's a keyblade' she asks. Hee."
Sora Sora looks at Evja. Suddenly, there is a spotlight over his head, and soft music starts playing in the background. The young teenager looks plaintively upwards, as if to say, 'oh god, please no, please not here, not here, not like this', but ...

It's /Disney/.

"One time I was afraid, alone and dismayed, but there in front of me, glowed a object bright and strange." Sora matches his face to the emotions of the song well, looking grave before launching into the next lyrics.

"The Keyblade showed its frame, it shined and I understood, that I was about to engage in a whole new game..."

Meta, ain't no meta here. Sora also thrusts his hand out, and the Kingdom Key shimmers into being, before Sora tilts it back to rest upon his shoulder as he breaks into chorus.

"The Keyblade helps me fight the shadows, and the heartless too, it allows me to say hello, to all my new friends too. I know if I keep going strong, I will eventually save the worlds and all of my friends that belong~!"

"I know that I am destined, but not yet burdened, instead I am heartened, so your hearts too must be opened!" Sora points the Keyblade dramatically right at Evja, the tip shining for just a brief moment.

"Maybe one day you'll all be Keyblade users too, helping truly fight the fight to save the worlds who are fighting through; the shadows and the lies, the darkness and their allies!" HE tosses the Keyblade right at Mercade, letting him hold it -

"The Keyblade helps me fight the shadows, and the heartless too, it allows me to say hello, to all my new friends too. I know if I keep going strong, I will eventually save the worlds and all of my friends that belong~!"

- the Keyblade reappears in Sora's grip as he steps into the center of the grip as the song ends in the thrilling finale, holding the keyblade straight up into the air. Confetti pops over everyone's head.

"... does that explain it?"
Evja "..."

Evja just staaaaaaaaaaares as suddenly someone breaks out into song, looking quite confused. Especially when the world around just seems to enable it. Others seemed to be handling it well, though. Was this simply normal and the Viera didn't know? Serenaded, and feeling a bit put on the spotlight himself for having asked, Evja looks towards Avira as if for help only to realize she was enjoying it.

The power of song was just about too much to resist, too! Having began to speak, there was the urge rising to join, but thankfully it was over before anything else could happen and the Viera just... nods.
Don't speak, don't open your mouth or else it'll pull you in.
Tifa Lockhart "..."

About the same reaction as well. She stares flatly at Sora, with a look of 'Was that really necessary?' combined with 'Where did those spotlights come from anyway?'.
Isaac Dennou Confetti sprays all over Emi.

She continues staring ahead with her hands over her eyes and says, "La la la." in a monotone.
Deelel Deelel grins at Sora's song clal the media program impressed at the youg user's singing. She looks at Tifa for a moment with a Why the heck not sort of Look. Then again she's a media program.
Mercade Alexander Mercade is tossed a keyblade! He catches it, fumbling with it for a moment and swinging it back and forth. "How do you even..." He says for a moment, before it vanishes in a burst of light. "Whoa." He looks back over to Sora, and blinks. "How do you even wield that thing? It looks unwieldy as hell."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shrugs a bit "Its not the first time I see it, but it is rather impressive when it happens." She leans against a wall a bit. Its nice that Manhattan is about to get opened back up at least, but after the 'unsurprise' from Hades earlier, for some reason she can't get excited :/ As if the other shoe was about to drop.
Sora Sora, grinning, "Yeah, it's like that. Anyways, let me know. Mercade, here's my private radio information if you didn't have it... just let me know what's going on and I'll help, okay?"
Avira Footsteps are heard from the floor above. They fall lightly but seem to go all over the place, investigating what Mercade would know to be every room up there. The fact of a presence there easily suggests that this isn't Max tromping around.

A few minutes later, Avira descends from the stairs, a somewhat disappointed look on her face. "Hey Mercade." she starts, not really checking to see who else might be here before talking. She knows Mercade is there, pulling desk duty during this time since, somehow every single one of the Dennous is not available to man the desk. "Have you seen Morrighan today? Did she split-oh."

Mid-sentence she notices the young man here, whom Avira does not recognize. Right away, she assumes he's a customer here, even if she didn't quite catch the tail end of his greeting. "Whoops. Sorry about that, don't mind me."

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