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Beneath Rock and Sand
(2013-03-03 - 2013-03-04)
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Zia The stories about the abandoned isle off the coast of Port Royal had two things in common with most rumors. First, there is a shred of truth to them. Second, they spread like wildfire. What started as a tale from a fisherman was confirmed by a passing drunk, and soon enough there were people telling tales of it as far as Traverse Town. Like any time there is a rumor of treasure and glory, it was bound to gain some attention.

It's just after nightfall, and a small ship captain has been convinced by some small miracle to make the trip out to the island. Even so, he's nervous and jumpy, shouting commands at his sparse crew. Clearly, they've had a few crewmates decide to not show up for duty tonight. For all that the rumors might hint at treasure, there is also the threat of danger - curses, traps, monsters - all the sorts of things that would keep most men in their beds rather than bravely striking out for adventure.

The island itself is small, maybe a few miles of sand and jungle. The ship is anchored a ways out, requiring travelers to make their way by long boat, flight, or even by jumping over various rocks, whatever suits them. The captain, himself, has no interest in disembarking. As they'd approached this side of the island, one of the men claimed to have seen a black sailed ship in the distance, but it had disappeared into the fog soon enough. Tales of the Black Pearl are enough to strike fear into the hearts of far braver men.

"Ah'll go scout ahead." It's bad enough that they're brought out into this cursed fog, to this mysterious island, in the dead of night. But there are /women/ on board as well. Surely this means doom and destruction. Not just normal women, but otherworldly /demon/ women. At least, that's what the captain thinks that Zia is. He's not about to risk pissing off someone who could turn his eyeballs into jelly for their toast. Or is that ogres?

The white gargoyle had been the one to tell the Shard Seekers as well as a few of the other groups of the rumor. Her own personal interest was built on the fact that the strange goings on might have to do with the Gaea sisters, although the more she learned about this place, the less likely it seemed. She glides the short distance from ship to shore, landing on the sand. The moon is bright enough to give quite a lot of light out here, although the mist is unsettling, making everything seem claustrophobic.

"All clear!" She calls out, inviting the others to come ashore.

The beach extends a a long ways before giving way to jungle and stone. Tall rocks separate this part of the cove from the rest of the island. There are clear signs on the beach that match the rumors. The remains of a campfire lies cold, a few days old. There is a circle with some runes painted in red along the most sheer of the rocks, but the tide has washed this area clear of footprints. Whatever had been there has come and gone.

Closer to the jungle, though, there are signs of more recent passage. Careless footprints have interrupted the underbrush, trampling it down in some places and leading off into the darkness beyond.
Percival It didn't take much convincing for Percival to come along, though the short boat ride was not exactly his cup of tea. He half-expected another leviathan of the deep made of stone and magic to capsize them along the way.

Otherworldly /demon/ men must have apparently been less frightening to the ship Captain, or maybe it was just that the bronze-skinned Gargoyle kept to himself rather well. When Zia offers to scout ahead, he's rather quick to follow, as he glides a short distance behind her. Once he reaches shore, he leaves his wings open. While it made him a bigger target, there was something already unnerving about this isle which put him on edge.

He doesn't move too far away from Zia, only making his way to the campfire, and peering into its cold embers, before shifting his attention to the sheerest rocks of the cove in the distance, and the painted red runes.

"Zia. Do you have any idea what those runes mean? Is sorcery afoot?"
Kim Possible Kim Possible makes her way off the ship and looks around, grinning a little. "Poor Ron would've been seasick before he even got onboard the boat," She mutters out loud. She lags back a little before moving to join Zia as she looks at the general area in front of her. "Wow, this place is totally unique. It reminds me of that mission where I had to get the Monkey Statue." She knows she's talking to herself pretty much, but she doesn't care really. After all, commentary like this is what the audience watching likes to hear.

As they get deeper into the jungle, Kim moves towards Zia and takes out a pair of binoculars, looking ahead as if to get a preview of what's to come, before she puts them away. "So what's the sitch?" She asks Zia. "Anything we know about this place already?"
Kyra Hyral Deep down inside, Kyra was probably a scary demon woman too. On the outside she looked pretty normal by the standards of her kind, though her skin was more towards the grey-ish side of the spectrum. The teenager seems absolutely fascinated with EVERYTHING that she's seen so far, from the tall sailing ships to the sailors themselves. From someone who had grown up around technology all their lives, seeing all the "old" solutions for everything in practice was fantastic! It did well to take her mind off the fact that she'll never see her world again.

She and Soan had heard rumors of this island in Traverse Town. As she and the rest of their group were strapped for cash, this seemed like a reasonable place to start given the skillsets of her and the other classmates. Of course, she wouldn't dare go -alone- so she brought one of her reliable friends with her in the form of Soan.

Zia and Percival likely received some eager but well-intentioned questions on the boat ride over here. Namely, asking what their species was.

At the all-clear, Kyra...well, hesitaes before hopping out of the boat into the waist-deep water. A frown overcomes her as her skirt is immediately soaked and water fills her heavy boots, making them even heavier. It's slow going for her through the water and sand to get to the shore. Once out of the water, she manages to ocatch up quickly.
Soan Sagittarius Soan is far more used to some of these nightly outings into dangerous places, probably filled with terrible traps that could evicerate a man in half in a second, or worse. Being a Thief, with proffessional creditations and such, Sagittarius knows his chops. It also help that he has a super hero identity, but, still, admist most of the travel, the thief remains a friendly, mild-mannered young man that adds in on Kyra's questions -- while making sure she don't go too far. She don't. This is his official first time of seeing Gargoyles, he himself asks a few questions. Heck, non-humans are a novelty, period.

The Thief leaps off, dusting his pants off and ignoring the water sogging his boots. They are sturdy foot wear, which should probably only collect sand as they walk off on the shore. He helps Kyra along, keeping his sharp senses outward at the island ahead. He has his practiced perception... but also his more finely tuned Dragoon senses. Smell, in particular.
Emi Dennou Emi Dennou has come along to this venture with Umi. Generally speaking, Dennous go along on these ventures in at minimum pairs due to their nature, though there have been exceptions. Still, Zia is interested in lending a hand to Zia more than she is in the prospects of this adventure. She really just wants to take it easy for a week or two at this rate--she's overworked herself, particularly with regards to Manhattan--but she can't just let Zia have an adventure like this without offering to lend a hand. She's still got plenty she wants to know about her.

She gratefully steps on the beach as soon as the go-ahead is given. She sighs in sympathy with Ron's potential predicament not shown. DEnnous are not fond of water.

Her attention is drawn by Soan and Kyra, however, one of whom she recalls. She paproaches The Thiefu and says, "Thank you again for your assistance, before." She says distractingly.
Zia A chill wind blows in off of the sea, swirling the mist in the distance. It's one of those nights where the eyes can play tricks on you, making you feel like you see something out there when there is nothing to be seen. Kim's binoculars, coincidentally, sweep past the form of a monkey. A little one, with it's tail curled around a tree branch, white and black fur framing it's face. This might not be unusual on it's own, but the tiny creature... is wearing some sort of puffy shirt. It's there one moment, gone the next.

"Maybe for the best the lad stayed home then. Ah dinnae think our good captain would have dealt too well with someone decorating his ship with sick." Zia doesn't seem to mind the talking. If nothing else, it makes this place seem a little less creepy. "Well, the stories said there was some strange things happenin' out on the island. Lights like ritual magic and sightings of a ship with black sails." She hesitates, "Ah'd thought maybe it had te do with the troubles facin' a friend of mine, but it seems like somethin else."

As Kyra and Soan make their way through the water, it wouldn't be hard to notice that strange things seem to knock against their boots. The most noticable being a long white bone, with a hand still attached. As for a theif's senses, something just seems... off about the place. It has that feeling that tends to raise the hairs on your neck - as if you're being watched. Someone has been here, and recently enough. There is a scent of gunpowder in the air, and the sounds of wildlife that you'd expect has gone eerily silent.

"Maybe this was part of it, but this isnae any type of magic Ah'm familiar with. Whomever was here is gone now." There is something familiar about it, something that reminds the gargoyle of that place up in the woods where the plant-woman had held Skoll. Then again, the water has wiped away most traces of this, leaving only that symbol on the wall. "It doesnae explain the rest of wha folks were sayin, though."

And, as if someone had noted this as a good time for more reasons to check out what's going on, a gun fires from somewhere nearby. It wizzes out of the trees and loges itself into the rock not far from Percival's head.
Kim Possible Kim nods to Zia. "Strange? I'm used to things that are considered strange, so this should be a piece of cake for me." She grins reassuringly and looks around, sniffing the air and smelling the gunpowder, although with the other smells of the jungle, she doesn't quite fully get it. That is, until things get a bit too quiet. Way too quiet. "Hey, did someone hit the mute key, or is there something dramatic about to happen?" A hint of sarcasm is heard as Kim scowls a little at nobody in particular. Her question seems to be answered when the gunshot rings out, and Kim instinctively drops to her belly.

After a moment, Kim looks up and then around. "Someone's trying to kill us! Totally uncool!" She says with a deeper scowl than before.
Zeke Zeke was in fact 'here' on completely unrelated business to the Shard Seekers and really hadn't any idea that they were collectivly up to anything. His interests were more personal and he'd lain most of his resources both in trying to settle loose ends, free wrongfully imprisoned family members, and whatnot. Yet there was this 'other business' that had been spoken of in the scrying that led him back to where he was a wanted criminal, a pirate if you will if only in the eyes of the law.

Between the pea soup fog and an island of supposedly un-natural repute Zeke was acting as his own scout, leaving his crew to tend to his 'borrowed' ship to ensure that there was a way /OFF/ this place. He as busy trying to get the lay of the land when he heard gunfire. "Oi!" He yelled out as he drew his own pistol. "Who's about out there? Speak!"

He didn't know who else was there. Didn't care much yet, but wasn't of mind to fight unless he had to and he hoped by gods he wouldn't have to.
Percival Perci was down on all fours in an instant. "Down! Seek cover!"

The words leave his mouth moments before he's bounding over to set himself behind a nearby tree, furling his wings and hooking one joint over the other in order to make himself a smaller target. When the others don't seem to be moving quickly enough, he shouts back at them. "You can try to talk to the shooter once you're not standing out in the open!"

The Gargoyle then stands up on two legs, and flattens himself against the tree, hooking his shield upon his right arm. Climbing up the tree, he tries to get a better look at their surroundings to see if he can locate the shooter. He didn't expect to see much, what with it being a jungle and all, but it may be possible that if they shot again he'd see a muzzle flash or a wisp of a smoke to give him clues.
Kyra Hyral It definitely feels like there's something else in the water as Kyra drags herself through it. Once it gets shallow enough, she looks down to try and see what it is...only to be rewarded with a skeletal arm and hand. The teenager lets out a squeak of alarm and rushes quickly past Soan and onto the beach. "The water is filled with bones!" she says, sounding slightly peturbed. "Miss Zia, these stories didn't include cannibals, did they? Or some kind of giant gelatinous cubes that dissolve flesh within a matter of minutes?"

Her hands move down to start wringing out her skirt before moving onward.

Curiously, she leans in to look at the engraved runes, focusing intently until she hears the gunshot ring out. Upon that, her eyes immediately widen and she reaches into the front pocket of her hoodie, fumbling with something. A few seconds later, she produces a gun of her own that looks like the next evolution of the small arms found in Manhattan. She immediately dives for cover.
Soan Sagittarius Soan looks down at the sand, frowning. Bones, he can feel them. They're not the first people to arrive on theses shores -- and being shot at, for that matter. "I think," Sagittarius begins as he throws himself on the ground, ignoring that he just threw himself on top of a pile of bones. "It may be a crackpot living on the island that shoots anybody that goes ashores." He mumbles, probably loud enough to be heard as he rolls to cover, up next to Kyra as he reach into his pouches. He gives a brief look at the others that came along, including the 'captain' lady, producing a handfull of balls, covered in little grills. "I'll go check it out. Cover fire."

With a deft swing of his wrist, he tosses the little ball along the way of the beach. They each produce a loud sound, the sound of someone running loudly as he pokes out of cover, using the darkness to his advantage and moves up, cover to cover. If it's a trap, he'll know soon enough. Traps are his /things/.

And if it's a trap, he want THAT trap before it's expended.
Emi Dennou Emi is just glad to not be in a boat. Facing bullets is far preferable. Nevertheless, it's hard to tell if she's paying much attention to exposition or other information. This might be because of the gunshot. Nevertheless, she ducks down reflexively and gestures to the rock--an arc of electricity lashing out--and pulling the bullet (or its fragments) out towards her hand magnetically whereupon she examines it, trying to figure out its make, the sort of firearm it'd be used for, and so on if possible. At least, what sort of round it is.

"Do cannibals usually have guns? The Network supposes that there is nothing saying they can't have guns."

She frowns faintly as Soan doesn't respond to her, but she lets it go, there's bigger issues to worry about after all!
Zia As if to go along with the broken silence, a dark cloud passes over the moon, blotting out the light. If the mist and silent jungle hadn't been eerie enough, now it's dark to go along with it, with only just barely enough light to see by. With the added darkness, there also comes something else entirely. A short ways into the jungle, a light can be seen moving about, and keen ears might just catch someone fumbling about in the foliage, making far more of a racket then is necessary.

No one seems to respond to the calls from the shore, but perhaps the voices don't carry that far into the jungle? No one arrives to attack them. In fact, the only movement at all is that monkey again, who now sits at a prominent place in the trees, looking down at them all as if they were terribly amusing. In any case, it isn't particularly afraid of the gunfire.

Zia jumps at the sound of gunfire, but perhaps she's a bit used to it after living in New York for the better part of the last few years. She crouches, but doesn't go flat to the sand. Instead, the gargoyle is looking towards the woods. "Uh... Ah'm sure Ah didnae hear anythin about deserts that eat people, but..." Cannibals kind of comes along with most pirate legends, so she shrugs. The particular 'round' is an old sort of shot that would certainly fit this time period, probably from an old black powder musket.

Soan would be the first to get a view of the new arrivals when they finally /do/ appear, the fire of a torch leading the way.

"I thought I heard somethin', Pintel." A voice carries out of the forest, words slurred.

"Probably just that blasted monkey." A gruff man replies.

"So, wha are we doin here, anyways?" The first sounds off again, almost seeming to whimper.

The torch is held by a balding man with a beard who seems a little annoyed at being made to scout ahead. "The Captain, right. He's got this idea tha there's somethin down in those there tunnels. Like some old pirate dun stashed away his treasure like somethin outa the old lore." Pintel looks around, then steps closer to his comrade.

"Yeah, Aye I knew that." A waif of a man with scraggly blonde hair peeks over a nearby rock, then steps out to join Pintel. "And... 'lore' in this case means what exactly?" Ragetti is clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed.

"Stories and the like." Pintel explains with a wave of his hand as if this should be common knowledge.

"So, meanin not true." Ragetti catches on, eyes brightening. "I mean, we's hasn't found anythin yet.

"Partially true, usually... just the scary bits." Pintel's voice drops, and the hint of threat there is enough to make Ragetti look about nervously. "And we haven't found anythin cuz they're lookin in the wrong place. I told the Captain, I did. At least I can read a bloody map."

"You know how to read?" Ragetti rubs at his fake eye, then blinks. "But... what about those other ones. Heard the Captains say we should be watchful fer outsiders." He takes out his pistol, fidgeting with it, then drops it, sending off another wild shot into the trees. Well, at least they know where the gunfire is coming from.

"Sshhh." Pintel puts a hand over the other man's mouth, looking him in the eye warningly. "Captain says they's got eyes They's got eyes on stealin' our treasure b'fore we's stole it first."

He releases the other man, who grabs up his gun, shoving it down, and missing the holster a few times before managing to get it put away. "Bloody pirates!" Apparently, he didn't get the memo. Also, he apparently walks right past Soan without so much as noticing him, with Pintel a few paces behind.
Kim Possible Who are these people? Whoever they are, Kim doesn't like them one bit, and she prepares to assume her fighting stance. What kind of style does she use? It's her one-of-a-kind style, which she has affectionately nicknamed 'Kim-Fu!' But then she realizes that they haven't been spotted yet, and she crouches down as quietly as possible. "I knew something was up here, but this is too much."
Kyra Hyral "Regular hunters use guns. I could see more...modernized cannibals using guns." Kyra proposes as she peers over the rock she's taken cover behind, searching for any sign of their shooter. She sees the light moving in the woods and narrows her eyes. "Right. I gotcha back, Soan."

Then Soan starts doing his thing and, under the cover of darkness, he's suddenly much harder to keep track of. When she hears the voices she isn't familiar with, she goes silent and still, but keeps her weapon at the ready.

As she listens, she starts to react. These guys were a little /dim/ weren't they? Interesting accents though.

She remains still, holding and waiting to provide Soan some cover fire in case he needs it.
Zeke Zeke gave three sharp whistles as he started towards the crowd of noises. "I didn't fire. I'm comin out please do not attack me." His voice was calm and in defiance of caution telling him to get behind cover, or flat on the ground or the like he was calmly walking through fog and jungle towards these Seekers. This was as near as he felt to 'home' territory so he felt confident even with the fog and jungle and whatnot.

Then Soan's little running scared trick happened which caused him to freeze up and frown before finding a tree to make like he's part of by flattening against. Sudden noises and fleeing. Never encouraging signs. While waiting to see what'd happen he checked his pistols to make sure they were in as reasonable a condition to fire as possible. Humidity and even simple Time can cause black powder to foul and turn a functional weapon to little better than a paperweight or impromptu bludgon. So he checked, and waited. Stay still.

Then their 'intruders' do what is sorely lacklster in the department of watchin fer trouble but Zeke figured there might be more to this. So onward tree to tree he tried to move quiet, but between greatcoat and great rattefull o guns an other such nessecities do not make for stealth.

"Cannibles dunna use guns." Zeke wasn't sure if he was heard. Wasn't sure if he was close to whoever that was that spoke. "Cannibles use blade and spear. If yer lucky it's after yer gone from this world. Those be refugees. Pirates mayhap themselves but drawn to this island like moth t'flame I'd wager. Possibly after some treasure or more likely just a quiet place t'put in at fer fresh water an wait this blasted fog out." No clue if he was heard, but his movements were slow and deliberate. Didnd't want to accidentilly run up on anyone, or accidentilly get shot.

Lotta bad things happen if yer not careful. Then again he's speakin loud enough maybe those layabouts on watch might hear him. Then again those are Those Two Guys... so mayhap not.
Soan Sagittarius Soan remains immobile, fusing with the debris he's hiding behind. Of course, he's not /literally fusing/ with his cover, but this is a manner of speaking with thieves. You meld with your surroundings. He watches, cautiously, the pirates moves past. He winces, silently, at the second shot. Right, incompetents with firearms, that sums pirates up, sadly. Still, that is very interesting things that they are saying... Hmmmmm.

Soan looks at the balls he still holds in his hand, then in the opposite direction. Taking in a deft, silent, deep break, the Thief throws something in the distance, noticing something. It looked like a monkey.

Hopefully, it'll make the noise of a monkey and if it does distract them, which will give him the time to sneak up on the pirates, quickly pilfers their pockets for something important such as keys, maps, or whatever, and run back into cover. For someone that can steal the shirt off a guy's back without noticing, hopefully, theses pirates are easily distracted as they seem to be.
Percival Percival waits, and waits. A second shot doesn't come. While he felt a little foolish, he didn't consider his reaction an overreaction. Before long, he sidles down the tree.

And then, voices. Percival cocks his head a little to the side, his fin-like ears trying to make out what they're saying. The gentlemen speaking sounded rather bumbling, but that didn't mean they're not dangerous. As they speak, he moves gradually begins to creep towards them, the susurrus of the brush marking his passing through the foliage. He wasn't certain that he'd attack them, but he wanted in position in case his friends and allies thought differently. And if the men attacked first, it would certainly give him an advantage over them. Gargoyle talons, and swordplay tended to only be effective in close quarters.
Emi Dennou Emi examines bullet ofr a few moments. When she looks up Soan has vanished. She blinks a few times and then glances about, but fails to find him. She looks back to Kyral after several moments and decides that these two seem to have some manner of scheme. She sticks close to Kyra for the moment.

"Are you friends?" She asks.
Zia "Come on, let's be headin back." Pintel grunts, seemingly bored with this escapade. He picks at a bit of something caught between blackened teeth, and then flicks it away.

"But, I swear I heard somethi--." It's lucky for Zeke that Soan had offered that destraction, because just as he's speaking, it goes off with the sound of a monkey and covers his tracks. "There, see, I /knew/ I heard somethin." Ragetti waggles a finger, likely in entirely the opposite direction.

Conveniently, the two walk a few paces /away/ from the rest of the hiding explorers, and both continue to stare off into the woods as their pockets get picked clean. As Pintel raises his torch, it shines... right on that monkey. Wait, wasn't it over... nevermind. "See, I /told/ you it was just the bloody monkey!" Pintel groans, and with one hand he goes to smack at the back of Ragetti's head. That seems to be enough to pop out Ragetti's wooden eye.

"My eye! Now look wha you did." He simpers, then goes tromping off into the foliage in search of it, with Pintel in tow behind him. Now would be a good time to sneak past them, if people were so inclined. Clearly, they came from somewhere before investigating the sounds on the beach, and it's easy enough to backtrack their trail. The monkey? It still sits there.

What Soan manages to get away with is a handful of gold coins (luckily not the cursed Aztec type), a handkercheif which has probably not been washed in years, a scrap of paper with some writing on it and a bag of black powder. Neither of these two were carrying particularly much on them.

Zia seems amused to hear the voice of none other than one of the resident captains, and she chuckles to herself, bemused. "Well, Ah suppose the question is, do we wait 'n let these men 'n their mates find the treasure, or do we try te find it ourselves?" Her voice is kept low, and she moves in a crouch after Percival and the others as they get closer to the jungle. "Ah'd lean towards the later, m'self. Come on." She's not really the leader type, but... when push comes to shove.
Zeke Zeke had managed to get near enough to Zia to speak without having to get unreasonably louder than whispering. "I'll follow those two swabs see what's up.. Would be nice if you could fly miss but in this fog and that overgrowth? Bah, rather not risk it. I'll take lead. Get whoever you had make that wonderful illusion thing near the middle in case we suddenly need a distraction an whoever's got the biggest guns coverin our flank incase they're bait for sods like us t'follow. Don't fancy tryin t'tramp through here without aid."

Then he paused and looked around, squinting, "Anybody need a pistol? I got several spares." Convrosational tone. Friendly even.
Kyra Hyral "Yes." Kyra says quietly to Emi. "We're classmates too. I know him pretty well." Her green eyes flick over to Zeke, who tells her all about cannibals and how they use swords and spears. She's about to argue this point right now, but given that those other pirates nearly found them the first time, she didn't want to talk unnecessarily and attract more attention to their little group.

Once the underbathed duo of Ragetti and Pintel has passed out of the way and thoroughly distracted themselves, Kyra relaxes and lowers her weapon, casually flicking the safety back on.

"I agree with Zia's leanings. Let's find it first." The white mage slips her gun back into the front pocket of her hoodie and squints to where she thinks Soan was currently lurking.

"Psst." she whispers to him, "Did you get anything off of 'em?" Kyra apparently knows Soan pretty well to know that he probably did. Or at least tried.
Soan Sagittarius Soan waits for the three stooges to walk out before looking at his Legally Obtained Gains. There is a quick count of the money, pocketing of the bag of black powder into his pouchs and then looking at the scrap of paper. Hmmmmm. Nothing like getting a 'pick me up later' reciept. With that done, he joins up with the others.

"Why, let us find it before they do and let's leave them a little surprise." Soan says, grinning as he comes back to the others. "We wont earn much by sitting there, and if we wait them to find it, we'll have to fight them. So, I say we go."

He whispers at Kyra, as she whispers to him. "Ehn. Some gold, some ... black powder, really old stuff, and that." He says, showing her a rumpled sheet of paper.
Kim Possible Kim looks to Zeke and shakes her head. "I don't carry weapons, sorry." She then looks to Zia and says, "We should look for it ourselves if you ask me. No sense in waiting for them to return."
Percival Well Zia did make an excellent point. While he could ambush them, he didn't know the numbers of those who lay in wait. Their competency was also suspect, so they stood a great chance of slipping ahead, finding the treasure, and leaving before they even knew we were here. Given that they were using guns, a weapon he considered dishonorable at best, he didn't feel any compunction to challenge them or otherwise engage them. It was a wonderful excuse in his mind which took it off the fact that he was frightened of guns in general. He'd been shot many times, and it had never been a pleasant experience, but he certainly wasn't going to admit that was the reason he was giving them a wide berth.

In the end, the Gargoyle didn't speak, he only nodded in acquiescence to Zia and began to follow her lead....away from the firearms.
Emi Dennou Emi nods to Kyra. She is always happy to take free things and says, "Certainly, this one will take a pistol." She takes a pistol from Zeke, so long as he's offering. She doesn't fire it, however. Instead she nods slowly. "Classmates." She thinks about this for several moments.

"You go to a school then?"

Another pause. And then, "What is that like?"

"...Really old stuff?" Emi asks of Soan. She may be a far better thief than Soan, because he has yet to notice her, it seems! But how can she tap into this natural talent?! She doesn't know how she's doing it.
Zia Zeke's 'take charge' attitude is enough to have Zia pause in her tracks like a fish out of water. See, now that's what a leader should sound like. Well, he is a captain afterall, so he probably has some experience there. When she's offered a gun, though, the white gargoyle just shakes her head, "Uh... Ah'll pass. Ah'm still a wee bit bad wi' weapons." Blame Faruja, the mouse still hasn't started her combat training. He has some excuse, though - he was kind of fighting in a tournament.

As the group moves into the jungle, the path has been pretty clearly tred down by a number of feet. It's a strange thing, as there wasn't a single boat anchored in the cove except theirs. Then again, there were those rumors of another ship. Still, how could these men have gotten here without a boat of some sort? They clearly weren't very careful to cover their tracks, and the pair of 'lookouts' were a terrible choice.

Neither Pintel or Ragetti make a reappearance, perhaps still chasing down that lost eye. Likely, the monkey stole it, making a convenient distraction for the rest of the adventurers. A

A few minutes of walking and the jungle gives way to a clearing. The open spcace is marked by many footprints, all leading towards the opening to a cave. Once, it was likely covered over by wooden boards, but they now lie splintered across the ground. with the guards gone on their wild monkey chase, the place is left unguarded.

There are a few wooden crates filled with odds and ends, most of it looking old and dilapidated, likely brought up from the caves below. More 'really old stuff' apparently. It looks more like refuse than treasure of any sort.

Zia hesitates as they come free from the jungle, looking around as if expecting an ambush that never comes. "Seriously? They only left those two te guard the place?" She looks towards Zeke, "Pirates arenae very smart, are they?" Her tail swishes as she steps towards one of the crates, which seems to have torches. Just what the wayward treasure hunter needs. "Anyone know a wee bit'a fire magic? Or if ye have a lighter, tha'd work." She looks to the caves, shaking her head, "Ah dinnae like goin where m'wings are nae help te me, but it seems like we dun have much of a choice."
Kim Possible Kim looks at her wristwatch and then taps a button on it. A beam of light shines from it. "This should do the trick... or at least part of it," She says with a slight smirk. "Still, the more light we have the better. But I don't carry a lighter because smoking is so totally uncool!" She looks around. "Anyone else got anything we might be able to use?"
Soan Sagittarius "Yeah, like, unpurified black powder." Soan says, showing the bag of black powder. "That's stuff you put in old, old fireworks. Or optic breakers." He adds, pocketing it again in his pouches. Failing to notice and not acknowleding right away are two different things, however! "Kyra, that's Emi, we've met her along the outskirts of Travese Town."

The jungle romp begins, Soan remaining alert of things that goes on around them. If there wer ea patrol of pirates, there's probably others. And if they're canny, traps.
Zeke Zeke was quite happy to let Emi have a weapon. Sweet, albeit odd, girl. He'd never understand this Network business but she seemed to be more than a pretty face slapped on by some eldritch being trying to play nice with the world.

And then silence as he led the group through jungle into Cave. A flashlight would be WONDERFUL 'bout now. "Easy with fire in here." He sniffed, paced about while sniffing. Last time he lit a torch in a strange cave it'd ignighted a gas pocket and near pulled the whole thing on his head. Still, the fact everyone /had/ followed him was a promising sign in his eyes. "I want lookouts. Likely just foolscrap an' rotten privations but th'boxes mightn be hidin somethin."

Quick search turned up junk, cruft, kipple, debris, picketwatch (ooh hey gonna keep that looks pretty nice even if it'll need fixing..)


Thanks to his time in Traverse he knew a wee bit of how technology was supposed to go. He pulled the watch out agai nand looked it over to make sure it WAS a watch then frowned at it. "There likely be a portal o' one sort or another here." He held said watch up for general inspection but kept a firm hold of the chain. "This not be native t'this place or time." Inspections done whether anyone actually bothered he'd pocket the thing. Hey it looked nice and maybe he could fence it in town.

"Might go a ways t'explainin how they got here without obvious ship.... Rather grateful I left m'crew on MINE t'make surei have way off this wretched isle."
Zeke Zeke has activated a Sidequest: A Broken Clock is Right Twice...
Kyra Hyral "Yes we do. Er. Did. Still do." Kyra scratches behind her right ear, "Our world was destroyed, as is the case with many other worlds out there, we've heard. But there's still a small group of us, including a teacher, so we'll be rebuilding Alexander Academy at some point." She smiles sadly, "We have a ways to go."

Soan introduces their curious little friend. "Oh, you've met Soan already. Good, good."

They tromp along in the jungle and all those little anomalies, such as there not being any other ships in sight yet other people being on the island, start to bother her. "So what is the deal with the ship with the black sails? I've heard a bunch of conflicting rumors about it."

"...oh!" Kyra starts pulling her shirt hoodie up. "I think I have some napalm. That would be kind of noisy, but...!"

Don't get too excited. She has a white tank top underneath her hoodie. She also has two belts criss-crossed across her chest, each holding dozens of small test tubes, each sealed and containing different colored liquids. "Ahhh, here we go. Napalm!"
Percival Perci takes one of the torches with him, regardless of Kim's assertion that the wristwatch would be enough. Something about the girl was peculiar, as if her demeanour seemed at least passingly familiar. He couldn't put his finger on it though and soon put it out of his thoughts. Near the cramped quarters of the cave, Percival likely felt just as uncomfortable about Zia. Close quarters bothered him, while he was just as much a creature of the earth as he was of the sky, the thought of being in a place where he couldn't take to the air troubled him.

Stroking his chin, he looks around for any signs of danger within the immediate entrance of the cave. He gives Zia a nervous look, but doesn't voice his thoughts.

He was still inclined to follow Zeke into the cave, but he hung back by Zia. Perhaps it was just because he felt more comfortable in her company. He already had the makings of a poor adventurer, and now he was about to prove that he was an even worse spelunker.
Emi Dennou Emi is pretty strange. The Network, in general, is. She does not comment on her own strangeness at the moment, however, though she has thought about it though. She continues to not use the pistol, though there really isn't much reason for her to at the moment. She is sticking with the school, though.

"Rebuilding... But you'll need more students and teachers?, The Network inquires mysteriously."

Emi had never gone to school. She can't help but wonder what it's like. She nods to Soan, thoug, agreeing with him for the moment.

"Later, we can talk more about school." It's probably not the best time.
Zia As Zeke goes looking through a couple of the boxes, it's clear that mostly what's here is broken junk. If this is someone's idea of a treasure trove, it's a pretty sad one. Zia glances towards the conversation going on between Emi, Soan, and Kyra. They'd probably made introductions on the boat, but she's a little nervous about the sudden talk of explosive powders and napalm. "Uh, lets nae go blowin anythin up until after we're dun down there, alright?" Being blasted to smithereens rates somewhere up around being shot on her 'list of fun things she doesn't want to do today'.

She puts one hand on Percy's arm, offering him a commiserating smile. "It'll be alright, lad. Yer probably a fair bit safer underground than Ah am. At least ye know how te fight hand te hand." The thought of gunfire and explosives in an enclosed space set aside, Zia snaps her fingers, making small sparks with her electrical magic until the torch lights, then offers hers to Percival.

Once the group moves into the cave, the path is fairly straight for a time, with a slight downward incline. There is the sound of water somewhere in the distance, and something else. As they head in further, it would become clear that there are others down here. The road forks into two directions. From one, the sound of voices with that same 'pirate' accent can be heard, along with grunting, smashing, and general tones of displeasure. The other way seems empty...

Seems. The pirates did at least seem smart enough to trap the /other/ side of the cave that they aren't currently ransacking. It's the sort of thing someone who is a thief themselves, or at least someone who has a really keen eye would notice. There's a tripwire, and a pressure plate, and an area beyond that which shows why the pirates might not have investigated this section. The floor drops away for a bit, leaving only a narrow ledge to get across to the other side. Below, there is only darkness, and the sound of rushing water.
Kim Possible "Uh, do you think we should split up and search separately?" Kim asks Zia. "Or should we all stick together? On one hand, if we split up, we could totally get lost and that would be uncool. On the other hand, if we split up, we could cover more ground." She listens in the direction of the voices. "Sounds like we've got company..."
Zeke Zeke facepalmed, full on bury face in hands. He heard of that word. "No... Please no Napalm. Just need a wee bit of light pleasethankyou." And then he rubbed his face in his hands to try clearing the amount of Stupid asking if Napalm could be used as a light has caused his brain. So much did this idea make his brain hurt he kinda failed to notice anything else for awhile.

Onward! Onward and. Oh crud tripwires. Zeke frowned and tried examining each end of the wire to figure if it was safe to cut. Then Kim spoke... and he stopped focusing on the wire to listen for voices. Slowly back away from the trap. He iddn't want to trigger whatever it was, possibly a cave-in or a hidden set of explosives. Something about that watch was nagging at him. If that made it here what else did these pirates have?

"I say we stick together... but get a little more space atwix us miss lest we all get taken out by th'same misfortune all at once." He holstered his guns, preferring to hang onto a pair of long knives. Dim caverns and no telling if the sparks from bullets flying or flare of musket would cause anything to go up. "Anyone here good with traps? I need to know if this thing be safe t'cut."
Kyra Hyral Kyra holds up her vial, which contains a dark red liquid, with two fingers. "Are you suuuure? It wouldn't be that big a boom since I only have this much solution. Those two pirates would likely miss it since they're chasing that monkey."

(Crickets chirping.)

Sadly she puts the test tube back in the holder she pulled it out of.

"Soan is a master of traps." Kyra says quietly.
Soan Sagittarius Oh man oh man! Traps!

"Oh, I'm pretty decent with traps, I could say. I'm nowhere near being a master." Soan adds, looking at Kyra. Hmm. The girl can be a bit of a firebug, for a white mage. However, she knows that look on Sagittariu's face. That almost gleefull spark in his eyes as he approaches the traps, rummaging in his pouches to take out some cutters and other tools. He talks as he get to work. "Oooooh, interesting, that pressure plate you nearly stepped on? Fire spitter. Very, very interesting, I always like thoses, they were a marvel of engineering... and that trip wire triggers a rockslide! Hm, I don't think I can remove that one."

The young thief then proceeds to quickly, astonishingly quickly, begins to both disarm the traps, especially the spitfire one, disassembe it neatly, then shove the remains into one of his apparently endless pouches. Whoever layed their traps, by the speed and lack of efforts he display, would probably cry in shame.
Percival Safer? Perhaps. More comfortable? Certainly not. He did offer his thanks when she lit the torch though.

Percival didn't notice the trap, in fact he seemed oblivious to it until Zeke calls attention to it. Thankfully he didn't decide to walk that way on his own. A small snarl of irritation escapes his mouth as he realizes that there is in fact a trap there. "Once you're finished, I can try to leap the chasm. It would be safer for me to cross than any of you."

Well it was true, he had a safety net of sorts, he'd definitely at least make it to the wall on the opposite side, and then his talons would do the rest. "I could possibly even carry one of you, presuming you were brave enough, and strong enough to hold on tightly." And then as an aside. "....So long as you were lighter than say, seventy kilos."
Zeke Zeke tipped his hat to Soan and, somehow, managing to slide several large gold coins into the man's pockets. Perhaps the 'master' thief let him since Zeke was paying for services. At any rate he nodded thanks. That bit of niceness done he frowned as he tried figuring out what they were doing. His earlier advice still seemed sound. Stick together since splitting up is never a good idea unless it can be helped, but stay far enough apart a single trap... or ambush wouldn't get them all snared/dead/etc in one go."Alright." Zeke grinned at Percival. "S/long as yer willin mate sounds like a capitol idea. I mean I could prolly make those jumps but less people at risk th'better." Then he looked about. "Anybody happen t'bring Rope? You or miss Zia go over, Tie it off t'somethin high an the rest climb...." Frown. Something iddn't sound right.

Drek he hated caves. "OK... Who here actually knows what they're up to with caves? FOllow their lead I'll act as rear guard." Hey he had a necklace of guns and several bladed impliments.
Emi Dennou Emi gazes around. Lots of darkness. Water. She gets a bit nervous because of that latter sound. She is not really afraid of water, but with her typical experiences she's a bit nervous around them. Not aquaphobia, but an understanding of past bad experiences.

"Hm--he did save me from the magnetism trap."

It wasn't actually a trap though.
Zia "Probably best we stick together, lass." Zia is no expert, but with the sound of all those voices below, it seems like there's an aweful lot of pirates down there, and there are relatively few of them. "B'sides, from what tha' bald one said earlier, they arenae having much luck down there, anyways. Best leave tha te them." Avoiding a giant confrontation and the inevitable four hours of combat that go with it... sounds like a good idea.

There is a look of amazement on the white garogyle's features as she lifts the torch to watch Soan work on the traps. "Yer a bit of a marvel, there, lad." She notes, offering him an appreciative nod. Being barbequed /also/ goes on her list of things she doesn't want to do today.

With the traps out of the way, there is just that little balance-area left to traverse. Zia steps forward, making sure to take care just incase there are any traps that went unnoticed, yet Soan proves to be the 'master' detector, and the way seems fairly clear. "Ah think Ah'll manage just balancing on the edge. M'claws will keep me safe enough attached." She'll take her time, moving along the ledge and gripping the rock with her free hand while holding the torch in the other. A few of the rocks are a bit loose here and there, but they should hold.

She doesn't have any rope to offer, not really having planned this out very well.

Once they do get beyond by whatever means, it would be a relatively easy trip the rest of the way. Things start to look more and more like a natural cave system, though, rather than someplace that was built by human hands. There are craggy looking rock formations that jut out here and there from the ceilings, and small pools of water where tiny blind fish swim. There's a few tight areas, especially for those bigger members of the party, but after a time the hallway ends with none other than a wooden door. Alas, the lock is rusted.
Soan Sagittarius "Oh, it's nothing, really." Soan offers. It's still a little awkward to talk to someone not clearly human, but he's not terribly having difficulties adapting to it. He's spoken to non-humans before. They've been mighty dragons, admittedly, but still.

He comes prepared, liks most of times. He have rope on himself, which he shares with everyone to saftely cross over to the other side of the chasm. Soan seems a little disapointed that there is no other traps, but he'll cope. Maybe they've came with a ship, and they'll have things there to get.

"Lovely little place." Sagittarius comments as the keep delving deeper into the natural cave, edging foward. "Be careful. Rocks of these kinds tends to be slippery, due to humidity."
Kim Possible Looking at the lock with her light, Kim shakes her head a little. "Looks too rusty for my lockpicks to open I'm afraid." She looks to the others. "Anyone else got any ideas?" Before sighing and folding her arms while narrowing her eyes.
Kyra Hyral Kyra knows that look alright, just as he would know that manic glint in her own eyes when she thinks she has the chance to use one of her mixtures. Soan was totally in the zone and she doesn't bother him as he does his work.

Percival offers to carry those who are light-weight enough across the chasm. After a moment of contemplation, Kyra puts her hand up. "I will accept that offer, Percival." Kyra says pleasantly, walking over to the gargoyle. "I don't weigh all that much.

She doesn't. She's pretty easy to pick up and carry around. Soan would already know this, of course. Either way, once she has reached the other side, perhaps by gargoyle flight, she heads along to that door with the rusted lock in it. "Hmmm." She prods at it for a few moments before turning to Emi. " have electrokinesis of some kind, correct? An electrical current can reverse the rusting process-so applied to the lock, you might be able to get it in working order for us."

She starts reaching under her shirt, "I think I might have an alkaline solution that could help-oh, here." She pulls out a vial with a light blue liquid.

Kyra frowns. "Well, it's either an alkaline solution or my latest energy drink attempt." They're, in fact, interchangable.
Percival Well that would be eminently sensible Zia, but he certainly couldn't back off now. But when he said 'carry', he didn't mean in his arms. He instead kneels down and bids Kyra to wrap her arms about his neck. "Hold on tightly, madame." Then without warning, he took a running leap across the gap, and fell....just short of reaching the other side outright. Bother. Well that hardly mattered, given that as they fell a very short distance, merely a yard or two below the ledge, before his talons dug into the stone face. Even so, he still slid down another yard or so before friction stopped them. He then climbed back up with a sort of expert swiftness.

Once he was up, he let Kyra off nonchalantly, like he meant to do that all along.

Once they reached the other side, and made their way to the knock, he doesn't offer his aid this time. He had no skill at lockpicking anyhow. Lock breaking, sure, but not picking. He had a feeling that wouldn't go over well.
Soan Sagittarius "Oh, well! If you unrust it and it is locked, I can open it no problem." Soan adds, watching his classmate go.
Emi Dennou Emi likes plan 'stick together', but is happy to let Soan handle the traps too. For the moment, it seems Emi is just keeping her eyes open and doing her best to pay attention. There's a wooden door. A rusted lock? Well, honestly, a wooden door can't be that hard to deal with when there's a literal stone warrior on their side here.

"What do people taste like?" She asks suddenly. "This one always figured people would not taste good and would be a bit gross, but if one could hunt humans one could, presumably, likely learn to hunt other animals."
Percival Percival after a time of watching them fiddle with the door's lock before he licks a talon, and sticks it upright in the air. Whether it would go over well or not, he finally decides that they need to pick up the pace a bit if they were going to beat their competitors.

"Excuse me for saying so, but my kind have a sort of expertise with this sort of thing that rivals Captain Sparrow's when it comes to negotiations with shiny things, as Emi once put it." He then bends down to peer at the old, rusted lock, tapping on it briefly, as if there were some actual science to what he was doing. "Ah yes. For this sort of lock..."

And then he just rammed it with his shoulder as hard as he could.
Zia Zia actually waits for everyone to get across, figuring that she might be able to grab someone if they should fall. This leaves her at the tail end of the group by the time they reach the door. When she catches up, it seems as if they already have a cunning plan on how to deal with the rusted lock. "Uh, Ah cannae say Ah've ever tried te eat someone." There goes that plan, luckily replaced by display of good old fashioned elbow-grease. Alas for poor Percival, who insisted on being 'zapped'... there is a trip-wire just beyond the door, which has a crossbow-bolt being sent towards him. Luckily, not towards his knee. Otherwise his adventuring days might be over.

Beyond the door is a small room that looks as if it had once been someone's home away from home. The chamber is roughly dome shaped, with high ceilings that reach skyward. The walls are hewn stone, with nooks and alcoves here and there. The air here is surprisingly dry, perhaps because the door has kept it sealed off from the rest of the cave. Time has left a layer of dust over everything, but all the sorts of things one might expect are here. There is a bed, one of the legs having cracked with age and leaving the whole thing leaning abruptly to the side. Books line the shelves, all with old, leather-bound covers, mostly nautical in nature. There is a writing desk with some various papers laid out. There are a few weapons hung on the wall which might still be in serviceable condition, kept dry by the enclosed space. Against the far wall, there is a footlocker as well as a closet door which seems to be partially open.

This certainly doesn't look like the hiding place for any kind of secret, buried treasure.

Heads up display: Places to investigate! (Choose one per player)
- Bed
- Bookshelves
- Desk
- Closet
- Weapons
- Footlocker
Kim Possible "I'll check the closet," Kim says as soon as they get inside. She covers her mouth and nose after talking, noticing all the dust within there. All it could take is one wrong movement and the dust could swirl up, giving Kim a case of temporary blindness... or worse, a bad sneeze that could send more dust flying. Nevertheless, Kim approaches the closet and prepares to open it slowly.
Soan Sagittarius Soan tilt his head as Percival just break the door in. "Well! That works too!" He says, enthusiatically as he steps into the room. Oh dear. Oh dear lord. That is a /lot/ of suspicious places to search! Sadly, they can't really stay there all that long. The thief makes his way toward the bookshelves. "I've got this. I'll see if they've got a secret passage or something or another."

And indeed he does. He search for fake books, hidden cashes, hidden compartments or just... interesting things.
Percival You know the thought of the door being trapped should have crossed his mind. Fortunately for his knee, the trap was meant for a human size target's knee, not a Gargoyle's knee. It scrapes past his calf, taking a small amount of flesh with it before clattering on the stone floor. Why the trap was aimed at a human's knee, rather than their chest was a mystery to everyone. Silly trapmakers.

After he's finished bandaging his calf with strips of cloth, he began to limp over to the weapon racks. What, you really expected a Gargoyle warrior wielding medieval weaponry to choose otherwise?
Kyra Hyral Starting out, Kyra seems pretty okay with being carried around. It's like she's used to this sort of thing or something! That landing, though, made her wonder and ever so quickly, she winds up grabbing around the gargoyle's chest. Or at least around as much as she could reach.

The room beyond is a bit of a let down. Kyra was exdesk.
Emi Dennou Emi thinks about these things.

She nods to Percival, well aware of the possible powers the mighty gargoyle might have. Of course, she didn't think about the door being trapped, but there seems to have been a lot of traps already, how many more traps could there be!

SHUNK! An arrow flies by, injuring Percival, and slamming into the wall.

"...Hrn..." Emi says, heading to the bed. People often drop stuff behind beds. Or hide their pornography behind beds. You never know what might be hidden by the bed!

She checks it out.
Zeke Zeke frowned as something nagged at his head. Might as well see what mysteries the footlocker held. Nevermind any locks or whatnot he was bashing the thing open with the grip of one of hi flintlocks and prying the thing open with a knife. No sense risking traps.

After theatrically shielding his face and lunging away as soon as he flipped the lid, and assuming no kaboom he'd look inside and pray to God he didn't end up like perci with an arrow as his sole reward.
Zia Inside the closet, there is a surprising amount of space. Maybe the guy just had a lot of clothes at one point? Needless to say, it's nearly empty now. In fact, the only thing that remains is a pirate captain's outfit, and a ladder which seems to lead up up up up somewhere to a hidden escape hatch in the jungle.

Kim Possible acquire: Pirate Captain's Costume.
Kim Possible finds: Completely random ladder of escape.

Most of the books seem utterly uninteresting, although there are one or two that seem to not quite go with the others. Closer inspection reveals that one of these is a hide-away book, which includes a vintage of some sort of wine that is probably quite tastey, and worth a fair bit of coin. Within the pages of another of these odd books, he finds what looks to be a torn piece of a bit of map which includes part of Port Royal.

Soan Sagittarius acquires: Vintage Wine
Soan Sagittarius finds: Treasure Map piece (1/3)

Many of the weapons seem as if they are common. Simple daggers, short swords, even a set of throwing knives, but the crowning achievement of this collection is a rapier, complete with an ornate handle, guilded in gold. This certainly doesn't look like something that should belong to a pirate captain.

Percival acquires: Finely Crafted Rapier
Percival unlocks sidequest: A Sword's True Owner

On the desk, there is an array of papers, mostly tallies of accounts - what was bought, what was sold. Most of it is entirely uninteresting, except for one thing. There is a letter which was written by the Captain who once lived in this strange place, expressing his feelings to a woman who lives somewhere in Port Royal. Clearly, this never got sent.

Kyra Hyral acquires: Captain's Love Letter
Kyra Hyral unlocks sidequest: A Letter Left Unsent

Ahh the bed. It's in surprisingly good shape for something that's been locked down in a cave for who knows how long. In fact, the quilt on the bed is really finely crafted and quite comfortable. Of course, the moment that it gets shifted, it would be clear that something was hidden underneath those covers. There is a scrap of paper, which shows the coastline near Port royal.

Emi Dennou acquires: Warm Quilt
Emi Dennou finds: Treasure Map piece (2/3)

Within the footlocker, there is a variety of old clothes, mostly the sorts of things that no one in this age would wear anymore. It would be /so/ last decade. Even so, there is one thing that stands out. A pair of finely crafted boots, which were clearly made for the Captain who once lived here, and conveniently are also in the same size for a certain other ship's Captain. Maybe they all wear the same shoe size.

Zeke acquires: Captain's Fine Boots
Zeke cannot take any new sidequests, his quest log is full.

Last but not least, Zia steps in while the others are already searching, but what draws her interest is a lamp sitting out on a nearby table. Sitting next to it is a simple sort of ring with a strange pattern on it, something that doesn't look entirely like the style you'd expect from this world. Nevertheless, when she picks it up, the dust moves to reveal a last scrap of paper, this one showing another piece of the land around Port Royal.

Zia acquires: Strange Ring
Zia Finds: Treasure Map piece (3/3)

Outside, there is is a shout, then louder voices. Apparently, one of the pirates didn't make the trip over the chasm that these adventurers had managed. Of course, the fact that they're trying means that there isn't much time. "Ah think tha would be our cue to leave."
Zeke Zeke hastily made a sack out of some of the clothes to take what he could carry, boots included, before looking the room over assaying anyone else's gains he might want to try trading for. "I've got a ship moored and ready an my crew," He tapped the side of his head, "Thanks to a little thing Ser Faruja aquainted me with, already knows our situation and is tryin t'find a closer spot t'lay anchor at an hopefully give fire support."

He grinned wildly. "I'll lead th'charge out an provide cover so ye lot canna make th'jump."
Soan Sagittarius Finding some nice wine is one thing(drinking it is another), but that map piece is rather intruiging. Looking at the others that's been rummaging around the place, he can tell that there has been other pieces that has been collected. Hm! He barely know them, even their name, but looks like they'll have to team up once again at a later date. Soan shoves the map in his pockets, the wine safetly secured in his bag, before looking around. "I agree, it's time skeddadle out o here before we've got a fight on our hands."
Kim Possible "A costume? Too bad this isn't a party," Kim comments to herself, "Or I'd have something to go as. Although this does look a bit too big for me." She sighs and sets it off to the side, looking through the closet more and then she spots... a ladder? "Hey, c'mere! I found something totally cool!"
Percival Percival searches throughout the weapons for a time. The more mundane armaments do not interest him in the slightest. Eventually though, he seems to recognize something of true value within the racks, and lifts the rapier out of its rack. Examining it for a time, he eventually takes it to hand, and begins to take a few swings experimentally, to test its balance.

When he thinks noone is looking, he begins to do so in a manner consistent with 'dramatic' swordfighting from the old films, even speaking a dramatic taunt aloud. "If your wit were as big as your voice...."

Apparently the Gargoyle was a huge Errol Flynn fan.
Zia With the sounds of chaos coming from out in the hall, Zia is quick to tuck the paper and ring into one of her pouches. It almost seems as if they are cornered, but then miracle of miracles, there is an escape, brought to you by Kim Possible! "Ah bet this goes all the way te the surface. Come on." She motions to the others, but then glances at Kyra. "Ye know, now might be one of those times fer explosions." You know, just to cover their escape. So, with that suggestion made, the gargoyle leads the way up the ladder.
Zeke Zeke eyes Kyra. "That napalm lass." He grinned as he started for the ladder. "After we're out give 'em a nice wiff o th'brimstone."

On the way out he grabbed the discarded thing Kim left more out of habit than any covetous want. Hey she might have it tailored later. Besides he already had a coat of awesomeness andd a hat of magnificence.


Well good thing we're right at th'end of the crawl right?
Emi Dennou Emi steals the quilt. The treasure map is something of a secondary acquisition. The Network can be pretty weird about their priorities but awesome quilts is not something they have had before. She wraps it up and decides she is going to sleep on this soon. She does not return that gun yet.

"I found a piece of a--" Emi adds before pausing--a shout!?

Emi takes in a sharp breath and nods rapidly. "It seems time to depart, The Network does not wish to be shot over a quilt." Though they're still going to steal it obviously.
Kyra Hyral Of all the stuff she's reading right now, Kyra seems to be the most interested in figuring out a date. However, in her search she finds something of /express/ interest to a teenage girl.

A ~love letter~~~~

She stuffs that letter into her pocket like a hoarder. "Uh oh. I agree, it is certainly time to go!" Even better, she is given express permission to explode things. Tugging her hoodie up again, this time she removes two vials of what is presumably her napalm. "Excuse me for juuuuust a second." Her eyes glint with excitement and she exits the room to where they had come in through.

There's a little more shouting, then an explosion of such magnitude that the ground trembles. Kyra comes running back in, cackling. "Go go go!!"
Kim Possible Don't have to tell Kim to go. She's off and running the moment the rumbling starts, not bothering to look back, although she's somehow stuffed the costume into her backpack. (Cartoon physics, people!) "Let's get outta here, this place is totally turning uncool!"
Soan Sagittarius "Don't have to tell me twice!" Soan lets out, with quite a lot of hurry in his voice as he legs it. Oh god.
Zeke Zeke managed to keep up with hte ultra athletic Kim and the equelly athletic theve in spite of being at encumbrence maximum. Nevermind how. As he ran the tied bundle of clothes, boots, and other such things bounced along his back in an odd rythm. "Alright all of ye. I saw a map, or at least a piece of one." While he had hissed whispers at Emi and this 'legion' netowrk being he wanted this made plain to everyone. "It be local I canna help sort through where it leads. I dunna charge fer this or ask anythin in return. Also m'ship has hot food an room enough for housing til we can get everyone sorted." In his ear directions were being shouted and hey the guy doing the shouting had Really Big Guns that could be pointed at any (theoretical) persuers.

Then as an offhand while he ran. "Anyone know a watchmaker or someone that fixes th'bloody things?"

This scene contained 70 poses. The players who were present were: Zeke, Zia, Emi Dennou, Kim Possible, Percival, Kyra Hyral, Soan Sagittarius