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(2013-03-02 - Now)
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Evja With the Hades Cup over and the winning team not being Heavens Judgment, Evja had been feeling pretty shitty. Not because he wanted to win for himself, but because he had placed so much on winning. It was his purpose in life for the moment, it was what he was gunning for with everything. He had given it all, tried as hard as he could...

And failed.

A day of drinking and feeling pity for himself later, he'd found himself tired of getting drunk. So, he cleaned up, put on a good outfit and gave his teammate Quistis a letter through Moogle delivery. It was an offer to go to a city the Viera enjoyed with him and spend the day otherwise having fun and getting out now that the cup was over, to relax, go shopping, eat, etc. Generally a 'girls day out'. There was also enough fare in the moogle package to get her to Archades should she have the time to.

For now, Evja had arrived early and gotten himself a bushel of carrots to nibble on, the Viera sitting openly in the airport area on a bench with his veil off and looking quite... well, male for a change. This was probably the only place in the entire /world/ besides the Judges HQ in Jylland where he felt safe from the others of his kind, and it showed in him taking the time to actually feel male. To dress like a male, wear pants and a shirt, not worry about not showing off his form... actually wear comfortable undergarments for a change(More not wear uncomfortable ones).
Archades was simply... paradise for this Viera. Even if the static of 'magic' in the air from the Magicite that Archades used in every day things caused him to occasionally scratch at phantom itches here and there on his right ear.
Quistis Trepe
Quistis Trepe had been mildly surprised to get a letter postmarked by Stiltzkin Express - in Balamb Garden, where she'd gone to get her ribs properly taped up and to make her report.

"Maybe we can use this..." she mused.



Quistis is wearing a completely different outfit, though the shorts might be a little shorter than they need to be. The entire ensemble would be beachwear if she didn't have a jacket on over it, along with subdued flats and no stockings.

With a hand on her hip she approaches the viera, smiling a little lopsidedly. "Well," she says, "you seem comfortable. I'm surprised to see you going through those carrots, though; can I have one?"
Evja Suddenly, Evja was spoken to! The Viera sat upright and looked towards who it was, even if he already knew simply by the voice. "You can have two, if you so wish." And with that he pulled out two carrots to extend to Quistis, should she choose to proffer them. "And yes, quite. There is not a single Viera in this entire city. Not one. And in fact given the Judge Magister Gabranth himself did not seem to know much of Vieran Culture, I cannot imagine anyone in this city actually knowing enough about Vieran ways to tip off a Viera there is a male here and 'on the loose', so to speak."

He did stand, however, and move to offer Quistis a hug. Not that it was any more personal than any other acts were meant to be, he was simply friendly and generally used to be that way with his clan. How he had been since he was young, in fact. "What would you like to do first?"
Quistis Trepe
Quistis takes a carrot and holds it between her teeth a little comically. The other one is slid into her purse, which looks... new, as if she's not used it much before. This may in fact be true. After crunching it off, chewing a moment and swallowing, she waves the object around in the air while holding it lightly between her fingers. "I can understand compltely." After that - the hug gets returned, with one arm. After this, Quistis takes a deep breath and another bite of the refreshing vegetable.

After swallowing, she says, "Geez, I have no idea. I'd like to do a little clothes shopping, I haven't bought new civilian clothes in about a year, and I've got a huge backlog of pay. Ummmmm hmmmm..." Another crunchy bite. "I don't know other than that; what's your favorite place?"
Evja "Sure, we can do that. They do have some very interesting clothing here. As for my favorite place, there are some very tall buildings here that I just adore. You can get so high and see forever. But if you mean storewise, there are some nice little eating places, though the clothing here is just a bit upperclass. I'm sure we can find something rather gentlemanly and lady if nothing else... or lady and lady since I can only wear clothes like this in this city."
Sighing a bit, Evja turns and begins walking through the crowds, a few people moving aside for him. One or two guards/Judges who happen to know just who he is thanks to Gabranth having made it a point at least once to say such nod towards the Viera, who nods back. Crunch, crunch. "I... am sorry I could not protect you better in the tournament. Even if we were fighting together for a cause, I did not enjoy seeing either you, or Tifa, hurt."
Quistis Trepe
"Interesting, hm?" Quistis says, folding her arms loosely. "And yes, I think I'd like that; most of what I get a chance to wear is... Well, it's not uncomfortable at all, but it's definitely not high couture."

She gives random people who nod at Evja a nod and a passing smile back, occasionally biting into the carrot in companionably crunchy silence. When the topic of the fight comes up, she pauses, mid-crunch, and swallows. "... Don't be."

She smiles, a little less lopsidedly. "I mean, I appreciate the thought. But I've had to deal with worse, and thanks to the advantages I have, better me than you, I suppose. I can't say I wasn't taking it seriously... but I didn't have as much on the line as the Manhattanites. Manhattans? What are we supposed to call them again?"
Evja "Better you than me? I cannot imagine why that is. After all, you do not wear any visible armor and I am a walking slab of metal. In my armor anyways." Though that question does pose a curious thought, "I do not rightfully know myself. I never took the chance to ask. I suppose, to me, it was simply more important to save the world rather than even get to know anything about it or those there. After all... there are countless worlds, more than I could ever hope to learn about - what difference does it make? They needed my help and I... failed them."
The Viera's posture slumped a little bit as he turned to start walking again. "Up ahead there's an armor shop that also sells various clothing and the likes. Though that is more of a casualwear place. There are some formalwear places further down."
Quistis Trepe
"Well," Quistis says, a little slowly, "That's because... Mmm, well, I won't bore you with the technical details," she says, folding her arms and gesturing with the half-eaten carrot. "I'll just say that I'm probably at least /potentially/ as enduring as someone in full plate armor. It's not perfect, obviously, and I'm still training myself, even if I'm a SeeD. We tend not to use armor or much defensive equipment, given the abilities we make use of."

Another biting crunch, and then a squeeze around the shoulder with one arm. "I don't think you failed them," she says. "After all, aren't those two in that group from that world? What you did do, is that you wiped out people earlier in the competition who might have sold it to them at a huge price, or - I don't know, kept it for spite." More brightly, "Let's start at the end then, we can kind of loop our way back."
Evja "..."

Evja stares at Quistis as if she suddenly had a second head, then sighed and nodded, a bit surprised at just how simple that point was. He had, indeed, done that. But now it was another of those situations where he had done the 'right' thing but still felt bad about it. "Right. At the end. Well, this city is one big circuit, not to mention the lower section. I would not go down there, however, as it is rather bad on the nose." scratch scratch goes the Viera at his right ear. Outside, not in. "There is a heavy caste system here, upperclass and lower, literally. They keep those below out of the city above and from what I am told it would possibly be hard to get back up. ... even if I could simply jump over them and carry on."
Archades really was a bustling city after all, capital of the Archadian empire and whatnot. Almost entirely human too, a few other types here, but pointedly no Viera. "I hope you do not find it too strange, me dressed normal like this and not wearing a womanfolks attire? If you do, I could go change."
Quistis Trepe
Stop staring at her second head Evja that is /rude/ >:(

"Oh, that's convenient," Quistis says, before pausing at the statement that the lower levels are... fragrant. "I see... That's unfortunate, though I suppose I shouldn't comment too strongly, given - everything." She keeps on walking, before saying with a small, surprised laugh, "Oh! No, it's different, I mean, but it doesn't bother me." She looks over towards Evja, smiling a little more authentically. "Though I'm flattered at the offer. It's a little strange, isn't it? I can wear slacks, and it's no problem; but the reverse isn't true. One of the recent graduates wrote an essay about that, it was a little... interesting."

Somewhere Nida gazes at a catalogue of prom dresses. Soon, he thinks. Soon.
Evja "Good. Because I must admit... wearing womens attire is so restricting. Viera complain all the time aobut their breasts being too constricted by hume clothes, but... I think whoever invited undergarments did not have male Viera in mind."
Joke aside, Evja does a playful little step of freedom and adds, "Though I do not think anyone ever intended hume or Vieran womens garments for menfolk of any species." Evja was actually having such a nice time at the moment just having someone to talk to in a friendly way, openly, that he completely forgot about the carrot he had in his hand. It got waved back and forth like some kind of pointer stick.

"What is a SeeD by the way? And a... parking ticket?"
Quistis Trepe
"Well, that's kind of funny," Quistis says with a depressed sigh, "because half of that essay was saying women's underwear was more comfortable. But it may be kind of a local thing." She crunches the last of the carrot, tossing the remaining leafy green into a passing garbage can.

"A SeeD is... The name of our organization, and it's a title applied to any cadet who completes our training program successfully. It's kind of a pun, really - you know, Garden, SeeD - but in a way I think it also makes us come off as... you know," Quistis concludes, "not rabid mercenaries."

A pause.

"And a parking ticket is like a penalty they put on your vehicle if you park it in the wrong place, or it causes trouble. You have to go pay a fine or appear in court briefly."
Evja Blink. Blink. Just as they get close to the clothing store, Evja says, "You know... it might be so for hume males. But... as for us..." he leans in to whisper something to Quistis to keep from any scandal arising from someone in Archades hearing 'juicy information', since the Viera has learned already of the nature of the place.
Maybe that will better explain just /why/ he thought they were uncomfortable. "Though perhaps I shall give your worlds clothing a try soon. If they are indeed more comfy, perhaps they are made differently." ... ... Evja stops, then looks towards Quistis, "Do humes have qualms with sharing clothing?" That was something he never did learn in all those years with his clan. The only hume in his clan was a male after all, and nowhere near his size.
Quistis Trepe
Quistis has to stop dead. She puts one hand over her mouth and the other over her abdomen, restraining, with effort, a giggle. After a few rapid breaths, she straightens up, and her voice is still threatening to burst into giggling. "Well - sure, you're welcome to come by. Unfortunately, a lot of the developed locations have been -" She makes a vague gesture.

"... You don't think it's cold of me, to go shopping while things like that are the case, do you?" she muses, before looking over, blinking.

"... Well, you have to be the same size, or very close to it, and you want to launder it if it's not like... an outer jacket or something like that. But I know plenty of people who have borrowed parts of their uniform in a pinch."
Evja The attempt at stopping the giggle did get a smile of Evja, finding it rather nice. "At least you find my predicament funny. And no, you should not feel cold. We are not machines, and as such we all must relax at some point. I... need to do just that myself. So let us enjoy a day free from worry and try to enjoy shopping and one another and whatever else comes to mind?"
Of course, she had made a valid point. Size difference... "...not yours, then. You are frailer than me after all." How he MEANT frailer was 'more slightly built', but who knows how she shall take it. Evja held the door for Quistis and stepped inside to begin looking around. The clerk blinked, "I do not have any Vieran clothing." though was quickly replied to with, "That is fine, I shall find something I enjoy one way or another. Please do not mind us, I do have munny so we shall certainly pay for whatever it is we find."
Quistis Trepe
"Physically, at least," Quistis says, being, well, obviously smaller after all. She read /the entire dictionary/.

Then, in she goes. She looks around then, before saying as one hand goes onto her hip, "Oh - right, it's probably a lot of things, isn't it? Not just height and stuff, you're just overall, ahem, built differently, so I suppose our clothes would drape strangely." She steps forwards, idly fondling one of the various dresses on the bargain racks.
Evja "Certainly. But as I do not have breasts like the womenfolk do, I can at least fit proper clothing for the most part. Feet excluded." Evja wiggles a toe at that. "Something for an extremely tall lithe human male would fit me, and anything for a female would too, though only with proper padding here and there."
One hand comes up to pat his chest while the other ventures down to his backside to do the same.

That's one thing he couldn't naturally imitate, curves. Speaking of female clothes gets the owner looking strangely at him, though nothing is said, really. Money is money after all. "What kind of clothing do you like, Quistis?"
Quistis Trepe
"Well, I'm fond of a uniform, obviously," Quistis says, with a small laugh. She looks towards Evja, considering silently for a moment the difficulties this might present, as well as that little posturing.

"But I don't really know. I'd say I like slacks more than dresses, but not overwhelmingly... Things that aren't too exposing. Except at the beach or something like that, I suppose. I hate the idea of ruining something accidentally..."

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