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(2013-03-02 - Now)
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Emi Dennou Northern Marshe is a more open area than the southern district. One of the DEnnous is wearing a KAMEN RIDER mask and is hencheforth known as Kamen Rider Dennou, which makes her hard to recognzie because--she's wearing a mask. Well okay her hair style still marks her as Shida for those who care to know her but chances are that isn't Morrighan. Emi Dennou has, somehow, procured a dinosaur costume that is the cutest thing ever. The art quality, by the way, is amazing and adorable, whomever is in charge of this episode is pretty good at this sort of thing, it seems.

Nevertheless, sometimes sight visuals are comedy on their own. The two seem to be minding their own business. Dennousaur is just standing there. Kamen Rider Dennou is also just standing there.

And then eventually, Dennousaur clears her throat and lets out a, "raaaaah." unemotionally.

"...Could use work." Kamen Rider Dennou says gravely.
Morrighan Alazne Why the hell is Morrighan in Narshe of all places? That's anyone's guess. ....But apparently, she is out here with those green haired clones. Standing off to the side, the dark elf just watches their lifeless display with a deep, deeeeeep frown. "...Are you going to tell me why I am out here watching you two make utter fools out of yourselves yet?"

Indeed, dressed in her usual extravagant black dress, the mage seemed to be having no part in this mockery, but yet...she was here. WHY!?
Emi Dennou The actual reason: Emi thought they would be funny to wear.

The reason that Emi gives is different. "The World of Ruin, as it is called, is much larger than the bits that we typically spend our time exploring." She nods slowly. "That is why we came to Narshe, it is a mining town far from most places this one has typically been to and as such it is an interesting locale for us to be. She has never seen Dr. Who and as such probably has no idea what Ping's costume is or how she came about to procure it, but she approves of it nonetheless.

"I like the cravat." she says.

The mysterious Kamen Rider continues with the explanation. "Our goal in wearing the costumes is simple. If the natives prove hostile, we can discard the costumes and blend in the crowd, Shida of the Network bullshits."

Emi nods, "That is correct, Emi makes up a reason on the spot." She looks over to Morrighan and looks her over and then ultimately adds, "Thank you for coming, Morrighan, we know this is not your style of outing."

Wait was she even supposed to be allowed out yet? Well she doesn't worry about that.
Morrighan Alazne Whether or not Morrighan was allowed outside yet, it was far too late for that now! At least no one seemed to recognize her as some sort of bounty thus far. That was fortunate. The less trouble they ran into now, the better. As for why Morrighan was still here; the reason was rather simple really. Baron had denied any responsibility or involvement with her, essentially disowning her. Therefore, she really had nothing better to do!

...For now.

"Never mind. Being cooped up in that building you people call your home was becoming rather abhorrent anyhow." And then her arms are crossed, crimson eyes staring off at Ping suspiciously. She did not know this man. His apparent offer of...candy, does nothing but cause the elf to frown deeply.

"What manner of nonsense are you attempting? I have no interest in what you are offering!" And a step back followed that statement. Suspicions! At least she didn't start flinging magic off the bat.
Emi Dennou Emi does not protest the silliness, stupidity, or otherwise regarding their 'home'. Her intent is, more or less, to not rise to the bait here. Emi has never worn a kravat either. "Perhaps that is our purpose then. It is not healthy to stay in one place for that long without even venturing outside, after all."

Kamen Rider Dennou blinks up at Ping, and then looks towards the Jelly-Babies. She reaches her mask, pressing it against her own face. Must resist. Must...resist.

The Dennousaur nods once and then steps forward, but trips and lands on her back. She wobbles her arms adorably. "Oh no." she says. "This one has fallen, The Network cannot get up."

"I could help you up, Shida of the--ahh--Kamen Rider Dennou offers."

"A kaiju does not need help." Emi counters.
Morrighan Alazne "...Pfft-" Seemed that Morrighan was not immune to the silliness taking place here. The sight of the 'Dennousaur' fallen and unable to get back up elicited a bit of a laugh from the mage. "Ridiculous..." She mumbled, shaking her head as she slowly approached, kneeling down and helping the fearsome creature back to it's feet.

"Your fearsome image is being tarnished every second this happens, you realize, yes?" She spoke in a sharp tone, smiling just slightly in amusement. Ping is given a look afterwards, curiously as he read the paper in his hand. "And what have you there?"

Probably something dumb she would wager.
Emi Dennou Emi, as Emi, probably doesn't give a lick about seeming 'fearsome'. Dennous aren't especially prideful creatures--quite the opposite in fact to the point that it might be more akin to a flaw than a virtue. But Dennousaur, naturally, does care because she is A MIGHTY DENNOUSAUR.

Still, she admits, "The NEtwork notes it is harder to walk in the costume than appearances suggest and warns you to be cautious how you step should you endeavour to utilize a similar one in the future."

Kamen Rider Dennou slinks behind Ping's back and tries to peak at the paper she's reading. Her mask, she figures, will make it less obvious.

IT doesn't make it less obvious.

Ever since Morrighan healed Max, she has elected to forgo first impressions and not worry about her personal feelings regarding Morrighan for the time being. That is to say, she has elected to not form an opinion on Morrighan. She is a mystery, after all, and one must be solved before coming to any conclusions.

She does take Morrighan's hand up though, wobbling her hands from side to side a bit--but remaining upright for the moment.

"Those who do not fear the Dennousaur mock peril at their ... ... peril." Emi says.
Morrighan Alazne "Nonsense every which way." Morrighan muttered, stepped back once Emi was...well, back to her feet. Ping's mystery note was given a shake of the head before she turned around. "I am going to to the inn. Come find me when this foolishness is over and done with."

And with that, the dark elf faced forward and headed off on her own. Seemingly not worried about Bounty Hunters or the like.

Betwen Kamen Rider Dennou and the all powerful Dennousaur, what did she have to worry about anyway?
Emi Dennou "...Sontaran...Doom Blaster." Or Pullvurian mince Pie. Kamen Rider Dennou stares at the paper for a few moments. And then a longer moment after that.

A tumbleweed blows by. Morrighan announces she is leaving. Another tumbleweed blows by.

"...This one will make sure Morrighan is not ambushed by The Evil, Shida of the Network performs a tactical retreat, ha ha ha..." She slinks after Morrighan and ONLLY EMI AND PING.

The Dennousaur looks at Ping. A third tumbleweed blows by. Nearby, an anthropomorphic cow creature says, "Mm my tumbleweed blower could use some work."

"...What is a Pullvurian Mince Pie?" Emi asks.
Ping Ping shrugs his shoulders, "The perfect gift appearantly." He reads off the list of ingredients, some of which are a little bizarre but all in all it seems similar to a traditional pastry pot pie.

"It's something, I guess. It would give us some pretense in going into the town's market at the very least..."

He watches after Kamen Rider and Morrighan as they depart and his long, flowing scarf flutters in the gentle breeze behind him.

"This is a long scarf..."
Emi Dennou Emi nods slowly to Ping's explanation, pretending to understand how a pie is also a doom blaster. She wonders if Rage gave it to him. It sees like something she might hand off to people. Sort of an I O U for doomstruction.

"Do you like it? This one does not know what you are meant to be. Are you some sort of giant canadian, The Network inquires because from her understanding, they are fond of scarves. Though on further reflection, we are fond of scarves too."

She frowns in deep thought. "Do you wish to go to the market then? It seems to be a Perhaps the scarf was well planned."
Ping Ping wrinkles his brows and looks at you incredulously, "No, I'm the Doctor. He's a famous guy, evidently, that travels through time and different dimensions like we do. He laid a lot of groundwork down for this type of work." He takes a deep breath, "He's from Great Britian, I think, or from space. It's hard to tell."

He points off toward the town and to a small, dusty building that says "Market" on the front. "It's as good a place as any to start, I guess, but you're in charge. Also, people like pies."
Emi Dennou "A time traveler?" Emi's eyes widen. "Is he real? The Network knew of an attempt to start up time travel, but it had proven to be fruitless." Granted the experiment had also been sabotaged but neither here nor threre." She thinks it over though and adds, "Of course, this one had not considered that some of these worlds might simply be other times of other worlds."

She'd stroke her chin but at this point she doesn't actually have other arms with which to do just that. The costume does not encourage having arms.

She looks towards the building, then back to Ping. "This sounds like an agreeable plan, lets do it."

She'll head on that away. "Perhaps he is from Space Britain." Why not?
Ping "He might be real. There was a huge amount of information on him and his adventures." Ping explains. "I was trying to learn more about other worlds so I don't feel like so much dead weight when we go out to find these broken bits of other worlds. But I read that this man, David Xanatos, from this place Manhattan that we're trying to save, he owned some valuable Ming Vases which are from China. I'm from China, but I've never heard of any Manhattan before. It made me think."

He follows along at your side, heading down toward the market there to buy the ingredients for a Pullvurian Mince Pie.

"Space Britian makes sense to me."

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