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So there's all this Rum see...
(2013-03-02 - 2013-03-02)
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Zeke It's been long enough since hte business with Atlantis, the Giant Crab, Zeke getting flung back onto dry land and missing all the 'fun' that he's back in Traverse. This time though he's at an open lot between buildings sitting on enough kegs of, at least by the markings and what's in his mug, rum that you could use as furniture.

He took a drink and whenever someone slowed down to look he'd point ot the sign proclaiming all this leftovers from a party last night that didn't actually happen. Then he'd set the drink down, pick up a guitar, and start playing whatever song happened to come to mind. Surprising, since he only first saw the insturment since hitting Traverse, at how good he is.
Deidra Deidra had retuened home the giant mecha crab was defeated, they'd bene bklown out she thinks they got the shard but it been time to sleep shortly after she got back to town and she'd slept as she always does. Like a freaking rock, as he always does she's now down at the b3ech just out andf about really she's paused at the place and is going to sit down for the moment, she needs to take a break. Unaware of the captain for a moment
Zeke Zeke was playing a slow tune and enjoying the 'donations' from the diffrent persons helping themselves to the rum thanks to a hat he'd set out for that purpose. When he spotted the leathery wings of a Gargoyle wander past he upended the cap into a canvas sack and passed the guitar on to somebody who seemed interested in playing before persuing.

While by all rights he should be, and was, rather tipsy Zeke did a reasonable job of mantaining composer even after he recognized the Gargoyle as someone from the expidition he'd invited himself to. "Oi!" His voice sounded loud in his ears. "Miss..." He frowned and muttered an oath. He didn't remember if the lady had introduced herself or not. "You were at the Giant Crab Thing Roit?"
Deidra Deidra pauses for a moment turning to the man chat's calling for her. She looks over at Zekek for a moment "!!! Your all right, we been wondering what happened yo you Captain. It seems you surived well enough and yes I was there."
Zeke Zeke snorted dirrisivly. "Takes more 'an a overgrown crab t'end me lass." In spite of the good natured laugh there was something about his face. "Just wounded pride and was thrown back t'land. Other an that I'm fine." Wounded pride mostly. All he managed was to get half killed off the rock crab. "S'while I was at loose ends went over t'miss lOckheart's bar an... ah... comendeered most of her stock in Rum an Other liquers." Dismissive gesture. "Dunna worry I paid fair price an she's gettin a cut o what donations I be gittin. Wha'd i miss last night? Ye find what ye were lookin fer?"
Deidra Deidra says "Not sure if it was a crab or not it lookc mehanica." She listens "Never thought otherwise honestly and you eem to ghave been enjoying it." Shw wonders "Is that rum is is it something else if it's rum i'll take a glass of it."
Zeke Zeke grinned and led the gargoyle lass to his impromptu booze stand before pouring a glass. "Really... iffin tha's where Miss Ariel be from an maybe it's fer the best I dinna run inta her Da." There was a soft chuckle. "Guard Dogs like that make for very paranoid persons in my experiance." The phrase 'overkill' might have been used if Zeke knew what that meant.
Deidra Deidra drops some mummy in there. "Overkill, it's like using canon to kill a flea." She tilts using osmething she hopes Zekek would get and she'll get some booze her self one thing o it shouldn't hurt too bad and she drops in some mummy to cover it. "Dunno the worlds are such a patch work it's honestly hard to tell." And she starts working at her drink a bit.
Zeke Zeke laughed again. "Aye .ass. That about sums up what th'monstrocity felt like. Usin artilliery t'go after mosquitos." Along with the kegs and old wood barrels and whatnot there were platters of food set out. Of these he plucked a handfull of cheese sticks out and started eating. "But if that do be Miss Ariel's home I'm afraid I'll have t'go back. Promised her I'd talk with her da. Try getting him t'see sense in at least allowing th'lass a little leeway else she's gon do as she pleases anyhow an leave him completely forgotten til it's too late t'take it back."
Deidra Deidra says "There's a term for that in Manhattan it's called Overkill." She downs some more of her drink now seeming to enjoy it it been a hell of a long time since she'd had anything really to drink. "I don't think I met her in more than passing I'm afraid, and family issues those can be tricky but what do I know really. It's not like Gargyoles have quite the same family struture as humans do."
Zeke Zeke shrugged before finishing the cheese things off. "Givin th'watery nature of th'place I dunno what sort her family be like an it foolish t'assume it be like my own." After all Atlantis was, by accounts, full on so far underwater had they not had that light to go by they would have been in pitch blackness. Strange living conditions indeed. "By the by." He poured himself more drink. "Have ye any of those coins still? Th'ship designs looked a might familliar. At least wha wasn't smashed t'bits. I'd go tryin t'track Sparrow down an... releave him of his excess burden he's no doubt made away with, but good luck tryin t'catch that one! Plus," Laughter, genuine warm laughter, "He's likely already spent it all on dice an women."
Deidra Deidra says "The question is given all the recks that thing had been functional for hundreds if not thousands of years. Either it was being maintaned somewhere or somehowe it was self maintaning. "I do have a few of the coins back at the TDA I as keeping them to try and date some things. SParrow was an interesting fellow...and I can't blame him after what happened."
Zeke Zeke shooked his head. "He is a good man in spite of himself an no matter how hard he tries at being selfish." More people gathered 'round and money, drink and whatnot happened. Sure he wasn't getting nearly the sort of money he would if he were actually /selling/ rather than hat on the ground, but it wasn't something ot sneeze at.

"But he is not somethin or somebody t'put faith in unless y'can convince him it's in his best interest an self preservation." Still. He had a warm memory of Jack in the one time he'd robbed Zeke's ship. "Took far less an he could've but he is every inch a pirate."
Deidra Deidra says "I'll keep that in mind in dealing with him in the future." She leans back a bit using her tail for a moment "I can get it and well the are far worse people right? I'll deal with theives if I have to so long as they are not slavers. I'll worry about worse evils in the world to be honest. There are far too many." Also more drink whee.
Zeke Zeke shivered. Slavers. "Aye.. That is One thing. Possibly the only thing Jack will never hold to. Canna say I blame him either. Takin a prisoner. Havin someone pay with service for a debt That I get. Kidnappin someone or Obligatin them t'strip of their rights as persons an be Property." Tch. "Mate. People Ain't Cargo." Rather unambiguous sentement.


He picked the guitar up and started playing again.

When I stand and look
About the port
And contemplate my life, will I
Ever see my countrymen again?
As the captain calls us on the deck
I take my things and walk
To the harbourside, I glance back
One last time.
Deidra Deidra says "Then I'll have some respect for the man at least he doesn't deal in that. Agreed people are not cargo, at all." She downs the rest of her drink "Thanks for your help captain I do appricate it I'm sure a lot of others do with the shards we may be able to drag Manhattan out of the darkness..."
Zeke Zeke smiled and continued playing his guitar.

Fleeing our nation, our problems
We leave behind.
Ships by the tenfold sail
Out on the tide.
We are pleased to be out and
Embracing the open sea.
Free from our troubles
And more free from thee.

It sounded like a contemplative song hopeful and at the same time mournful. This caused more than a little confusion from the party goers but whatever. Party On.

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