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(2013-03-01 - 2013-03-01)
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Leida With the problem of the waning fire crystal put to rest the City of Flowers has once more begun to regain much of its former lustre. The water that is the lifeblood of this desert gem flows freely through the streets and aqueducts, carrying with it the cooling mists that bring the stifling heat down to a reasonable level. However, for those who are not accustomed to the sands the sun can still be the deadliest enemy.

Evening has fallen already and with it the smouldering haze of oppressive heat has transformed into an equally invasive chill. The wind carries with it a sharp bite that seems to cut deep and the heavy bustle of trade that fills the streets during the day has retreated indoors to make merry at the taverns and pubs.

The signs of the recent festivities celebrating the defeat of the menace that threatened the city are still visible in various places; banners hang from sun-bleached stone rafters and stalls, confetti litters the ground like colorful snow, and the alleys are filled with vermin feasting on the remains of tossed aside food.

Despite the cold, Leida wanders through the streets in the relative quiet of the moonlit night. With the majority of the citizens having gone home for the day she is free to travel about without having to worry too much about being gawked at or avoided. Even though her face is familiar to many of the people who make their homes here the addition of the clearly demonic horns to her steadily changing appearance has caused an overwhelming increase in the efforts that are made to avoid the small girl.

It bothered her at first. If she's being honest with herself it still does, but not quite as much now that she's come to terms with the alterations. If people wanted to judge her for something like that then let them. She didn't need their approval to exist anyways.

Leida kicks an empty can with her toe, sending the canister clattering down the stone cobbled street. She barely even glances up when the commotion disturbs some of the local wild alley cats. If she had pockets to slip her hands into, she'd be wandering around looking slightly dejected with a healthy mixture of boredom but the frilly pink dress that Imi picked out for her has no such things so she just clasps her hands behind her back and stalks silently along.
Maira Maira wasn't totally hungover from the big party, nope. Totally not.

Okay yes.

That isn't why she hung around though! She wanted to make sure everything was alright, see if anyone needed further help, and perhaps see Ivo again and apologize for once more burning off his eyebrows.

Maira is also wandering the streets, idly eating an apple she'd purchased earlier. She's still dressed in her pink dress and boots, her hair a wild mass of gold that curls where it pleases.

Eyes scanning the rapidly emptying streets, Maira wonders if perhaps she should head home. Ah, but there is a familiar face! Leida is her name, she's pretty sure. Maira smiles upon recognition and waves to her, picking up the pace to meet her. "Leida! Hi! Ooou....cute dress!" she says, looking down. Maira approves of pink!
Artyom W. Valodjn There are certain places that Artyom tends to nap. When he stops in a given city during his travels, he endeavours to find the location of the nearest cat-alleyway. Not only do they tend to be delightfully clean of the usual vermin, he finds that the cats provide for decent company and a wonderful early warning system, in case he would need to wake suddenly.

Besides, they are cats. How could anyone not want them around? Except people allergic to them, maybe.

Of course, the cats tend to dislike being disturbed- at first. Eventually, they do come to grow indifferent to a massive sleeping source of warmth. There are at least a couple of cat-alleys whose Top Cats are on relatively decent terms with the massive mountain of a man. This one is not necessarily one of those. Yet.

That can still change.

But the disturbance among the cats is enough to stir Artyom to wakefulness. His bones grind and pop as he cranes his neck, his mouth gaping in a great, big yawn. A cat flopped across his shoulder rolls to its side as he stretches his arms upward. It promptly rolls back into position as he drops them, and mewls once before returning to its own nap.

Artyom blinks once, twice. He squints at the figures meandering through the alleyway. One, he recognizes. The other, he does not. Artyom blinks once, then twice. Finally, he says, "Oh. Miss Leida. I did not expect to encounter you again so soon."


"Who is your friend?"
Vespa Vespa yawned slightly, as she walked along the pathway, her head throbbed a bit still having a bit of a hangover from the celebration the other day. She smiled slightly to herself, she hadn't had that much fun in a long time. She still wondered where that orange pylon came from. A few people smiled at nodded at her she does stand out wearing a maid outfit. She spots Maira starting to make her way over to her. "Hey there.", she glaces at Lieda and Artyom.
Leida Cats scatter at the approach of the can-kicking demon princess but it is not until the wall itself seems to move that she shifts her attention over to the alleyway, eyes quirking slightly in curiosity. The shape that resolves out of the shadows is immediately recongnizable to her and she gives the mountainous man a faint smirk in response. "Artyom-san. I see you have found suitable accomodations in the City of Flowers."

His question and the sound of her name being called by an unfamiliar voice cause her to tilt her head in the other direction. Leida regards the golden-haired woman with something that might resemble the cold calculating gaze of a snake for a few moments, her slitted eyes gleaming dully in the weak light. However, that illusion fades after a moment, dispelled by a warm smile as she recognizes the individual at last.

"Ah... you are...?" She gives a quick bow to the fire mage, bending at the waist to tilt her body forward in the traditional Japanese fashion. "Please, forgive me, I seem to have forgotten your name. You were present for our trip into the desert to retrieve the ancient flower, were you not?"

Another set of footsteps from behind causes her to spin yet further, peering over one shoulder at the strange woman she's never seen before. The outfit makes her stand out a little but there are enough rich merchants here that maid's aren't unheard of. Leida sucks in a faint breath through her teeth. They were coming out of the woodworks all of the sudden. So much for a quiet evening.

The small girl turns about and gives Vespa a proper greeting as well with a bow. "Good evening, maid-san." She glances around at the three of them. "What brings all of you out this evening? Not many humans are willing to brave the chill of the desert night."
Maira Maira turns upon hearing another voice, an assumably deep one, and one she doesn't recognize. She blinks over toward Artyom, who had been sleeping surrounded by cats? Her first feeling is jealousy. She wants cats to snuggle her while she is sleeping! Maybe Avira will let VALKYRI have pets? You know, besides Skoll.

Maira smiles to the man in greeting, then reaches into her bag to offer an apple to each. "Hiya! I'm Maira. Apple?"

When Vespa wanders up to the quickly forming group Maira tosses her an apple as well, smiling widely. "Hey Vespa!"

Seriously, no one has a right to be this chipper while hungover.
Artyom W. Valodjn "Mmn, well I was napping here, as you can see." Artyom replies, gently lifting the kitty from his shoulder to place it safely onto his legs. Lazily, it rolls once away from the cliff of his knees and curls up against his belly. "Is it really so cold tonight?" Or maybe living on a mountain for most of his life has helped to insulate the mountainous man from the cold.

Or maybe it's because he's got three cats sleeping against him, and some rather heavy clothes on.

"As for why I am /here,/ I have come to look into these new worlds. Travelling about a bit. I have actually come looking for a place to... Practice. I believe that a quiet location in the middle of a desert is a decent location to work without worrying about causing irregular seismic activity." He inclines his head at Vespa as she appears, but chooses to avoid saying anything about her strange choice in clothing.

Artyom does make a mental note that this sort of thing would probably make certain people he knows very... excitable.

It's probably the frills and the legs, Artyom concludes.

Again, he inclines his head appreciatively as he recieves the apple. It is so small in his hands, but he munches at it regardless, producing a juicy, crunchy apple-eating noise as his jaw snaps shut. As courtesy demands, he finishes chewing before saying, "Thank you, Miss Maira. I am Artyom, it is a pleasure."
Vespa "maid-sama??", Vepsa says a bit suprsied no one acutally called her a maid before even thought she does wear maid outfit usally people call her by her name or 'scary woman with an huge axe run!' she wonders what has changed... She catches the apple tossed to her "Thanks.", she says taking a bite out of it. She looks to Lieda. "Just call me Vepsa okay?"
Maira The young fire mage looks back to Leida, nodding. "Yes! I have seen you around a few times, but we've never really had the chance to talk, huh? Its nice to really meet you Leida. You're with the Shard Seekers, right?"

In regards to the big man well, color Maira enthralled. She grins at Artyom, deciding he must be a very nice man if animals like him so much. Thus, she takes a seat down in front of him and reaching out to pet one of the cats. She has a kind hand, and gentle. Maira usually has a nice way with animals. Plus, she is super warm. Indeed, on a night like this she is wearing a sleeveless dress and doesn't appear to be the least bit cold. Here mere presence radiates heat. "Its my pleasure, Mr. Artyom. Hehe...I love cats...are they all yours?" she asks, looking up to Artyom, her amber eyes warm and open.

To Vespa, she giggles a little. "I kept my maid seems it was a hit! We raised so much money that night."
Minerva Minerva had been about traviling, training, leanring new ways to make booze, all and all her life had been quite more or less it was strange from how it been the being more or less a sell sword between her training but she'd not have had to worry about her family they were likely ... in the gods care now and that saddened her why'd she'd been spit out anyway she's a nobody really. Well now a nobody really Maira and Vespa might find Minerva has popped up as she's wont to do and she looks at the stranger for a moment. "So it been some time hasn't it and salutations to you good sir well met."

and there is Leida there's still something strange about the girl but she's not a screaming horror anymore well as much as she used to be.
Vespa "Ah you did Maira?", she look a bit embrassed, remebering that night. "I didn't get that much in the way of tips, myself." ,she sighs a bit. "What do you pratice Mister Artyom?", she is a bit curious as what he does..
Leida "Oh... t-thank you, Maira-san." Leida accepts the offer of an apple though she does not dig in immediately like the others. She eyes the piece of fruit, not really hungry at the moment, before deciding to slip it into the small satchel attached to her belt. Fruit keeps pretty well and if nothing else the heat will dry it out for later."That is correct, I live with them for the time being though I am not certain I would say that I am a part of them. Extended guest might be a more appropriate descripition."

Inclining her head towards the axe-toting maid, the demonic girl smiles faintly and says, "As you wish, Vespa-san." Since Vespa is a complete stranger, she has little more to say to her at the moment though the mention of the maid-cafe causes Leida to cringe a little. She'd get Ivo back for that stunt he pulled with that ridiculous costume. Why she ever agreed to put it on in the first place... oh right, she's a doormat, that's why.

"Yes, Artyom-san. The sun seems to take all of the heat with it when it sets at night. Perhaps the sun god is not as powerful here or uses all of her strength to shine so brightly during the day. This land is foreign to me so I cannot say for sure. However, I much prefer the night. The chill winds that blow remind me of my home in the mountains. Alas, it lacks the view of pretty snowy hanging from the mighty trees but I will take what I can find."

And then /another/ person wanders up. It's almost like these gatherings draw random people together out of the nothingness. Leida inclines her head to Minerva as well as she draws close though remains silent for the moment. She may not be dripping with evil energy and sucking the souls out of every living thing in sight but the young princess, if anything, looks even more twisted than when they last met. The serpentine eyes may be hard to distinguish in the faint moonlight but the four incarnadine boney horns protruding from the top of her head are rather obvious and out of place for a 'human'.
Vespa "Ah you did Maira?", she look a bit embrassed, remebering that night. "I didn't get that much in the way of tips, myself." ,she sighs a bit. "What do you pratice Mister Artyom?", she is a bit curious as what he does.. She jumps in surpise at Minerva sudden appearace! "Gah! Minerva! Where did you come from??"
Artyom W. Valodjn "Mm. Actually, as I understand it, the reason deserts become so chill in the evenings has to do with the lack of insulating clouds and relative absence of humidity. Causes rapid changes in temperature. This is why it also heats up so quickly once the sun rises." Artyom says, rubbing at his chin. When you used to be a relative overachiever in certain select academic subjects, you tend to know a few things. Things like basic meteorology!

Meanwhile, one of the cats at his side cranes its neck, pressing its head up into her hand. Its throat produces a quavering, cheerful purr as its nose pokes at the inside of her palm. Artyom chuckles, it sounds vaguely like distant, quiet thunder. "Oh, not at all. In fact, I am only a guest of theirs. This alleyway is the property of one cats around here. I believe it's this larger one, on my knee." He indicates to the big, white pussycat curled up against his belly. "I find that identifying the lead cat is vital for travelling from place to place on a shoestring budget."

He includes his head in Minerva's general direction. "Good day to you as well. I am Artyom--"

And someone /else/ asking a question! "I am a practicioner of certain magics," Artyom explains. "Mostly pertaining to the element of earth, though I can do a decent enough job of manipulating plants. Not too good at dealing with animals, but I do a fair job at working with most geographic formations."

He glances back toward Leida. So many people to address. "You lived on a mountain as well, mmn? I somewhat miss mountain-living. Perhaps I could find somewhere of decent enough altitude sometime soon."
Vespa Vespa is used to the cold but being warm is preferable. Isu-what?
Maira Maira probably got a lot of tips for three reasons. 1. Ample bosom. 2. Bouncing. 3. Willingness to give hugs. "Oh really Vespa? How odd! I'd have thought you would have gotten plenty! Well..maybe the axe scared people...?"

Maira looks back to smile at Leida, nodding a little. "Well, they are very nice people, wouldn't be so bad to stay with them, yeah? Heh, I know Ivo can be...mischievous, but he's a good man...and Faruja is one of my dearest friends," she comments, speaking about the two she knows best.

As Leida describes her home, Maira's smile grows wistful just imagining it. "Your home sounds beautiful Leida...heh, where I grew up, I never even saw the sky," she comments, but quickly moves on, distracted by adorable kitties and interesting new people. The mage giggles at the cat, nodding to Artyom. "That's a very interesting way to look at things! I will have to remember that."

Maira's whiskey-colored eyes shift to Minerva. "Oh! Hey Minerva! Good to see you again!"

Then Artyom once against snags her attention by talking about magic. Earth magic. "Ooooh, you are a mage as well? I can do some earth magic, but my real specialty is fire," she informs him, her smile bright and excited. Yay! Talking about magic!
Vespa Vespa is used to the cold but being warm is preferable. Wait? Did Artyom say he can moive moutains? Na. No way. She assume he just just extegeratting. Were does Maria get all that engery? She feeling a bit worn out just being around her! "I'm not much use to waiting on people...", and odd stament coming from one who is wearing a maid outfit. She hms at the mention of people's homes.
Minerva Minerva :is certainly sizing Artyom up pretty closely she's trying to make heads or tails of him not sure what to hink he reads trange but he's a fighter of some sort that much she can tell. "Minerva." She doesn't give her sur name and most people never ask that's enough for her eally. She thinks about the whole affair ith the maid cafe herself she did pretty well lot of tips but then again she had fun leading people arounda t time and wlel chairty she didn't mind it at all. "Good to see you again Maira have you been well?" She pauses at the mention of magic "Anymore intue with fire and your hair might become made of it my friend."
Vespa Vespa is used to the cold but being warm is preferable. Wait? Did Artyom say he can moive moutains? Na. No way. She assume he just just extegeratting. Were does Maria get all that engery? She feeling a bit worn out just being around her! "I'm not much useD to waiting on people...", and odd stament coming from one who is wearing a maid outfit. She hms at the mention of people's homes, she hasn't been back to hers in along time she not even sure it exists. She doesn't know much about magic either.. She giggles at Minerva comment. "Don't give her idea's now Minerva!"
Leida Magic, huh. Leida casually glances down at her hand, turning the palm upwards so that she can examine the smooth surface. Her fingers curl up into a claw as she stares, idly mimicking the shadowy appendage that had manifested during her latest unexpected surge of power. What she did could probably be called magic in a sense though unlike the mages of this land, she did not draw her powers from knowledge or study.

The girl lowers her arm and peers back up at the gathering which is now composed entirely of people she is only passingly familiar with at best. She decides it would be best to refrain from speaking to these humans about the horrible things she can do with the darkness whilest they stand in the depths of some shadow-filled back alley in the middle of the night while the Heartless continue to ravage the worlds around them. The looks on their faces would probably be amusing but they might not take it the right way.

Instead she merely gives a dismissive, "Oh is that so?" to Artyom's scientific explanation for the cold. She's grown used to people disrespecting the spirits as well though she cannot blame them. People only know what they know. "Yes, I lived in the highest mountain range of my land. It was almost always covered in snow."
Artyom W. Valodjn "Well, I suppose you could call me a mage," Artyom answers, stroking his chin contemplatively. "I'm not a dedicated sorcerer, however. I suppose that would likely make you my senior in the arcane arts. I know a few elementary flame spells, but nothing too useful in most situations. I could certainly start a bonfire with a spell, however."

He inclines his head again at the little demon lady. "Oh, I see! As I mentioned last time we met, I lived on Titan, the Sky-Breaking Mountain. It was a massive place, a grand testament to the sacrifice of the First Earth," he chuckles wistfully. "I should probably avoid talking too much of home. I've enough to deal with, without worrying about homesickness as well."
Maira Maira wouldn't react that way to Leida at all. Maira would try to help. After all, Maira is good friends with Angantyr, who is considerably more volatile than Leida, at least as far as she knows.

At Minerva's words, Maira blushes a bit, snickering. "That hasn't /quite/ happened...usually it will just blend in with the rest of the fire..."

Hearing Leida talk about her home, she wonders if it too has been lost to darkness? Maira's home wasn't even a particularly nice place and she missed it, she can't imagine losing such a beautiful sounding place as that.

Maira looks back to Artyom, blushing further at being called his senior in arcane arts. "O-oh I wouldn't say that, I never even...went to school or anything...." Maira is lucky she can /read/. Never mind mage school. All she's learned she's learned on her own, or more recently, from a little tutoring.

Maira's eyes soften as he mentions homesickness. The cat she was petting has settled in her lap and looks quite happy to have found a super warm human to curl up on. Kitty cat jackpot. "I'm sorry....My home is gone too," she offers with sympathy.
Minerva Minerva smirks at Vespa and she says "You did well enough and well it's too late I have. She may be the mistress of fire but I know it well enough." he right fist burts into flame for a moment before it goes out. "Don't worry about it Vespa." She looks to Leida for a moment and listens and raises an eyebrow "An interesting place to live Leida." She says no more on the topic and she looks at Maira again for a moment "I do wonder sometimes about your linage I seen few so in tune with an element."
Leida "As you wish." Leida casually tucks her hands behind her head and leans back, resting her shoulders against the surface of the wall behind her. Except there is no wall. The shadows solidify around her forming a flat plane to support the slender girl's body. It is a subtle effect and likely to escape notice since she's not leaning that far back. The strange part is she doesn't even realize what she's doing.

The princess withdraws from the conversation, turning her head to glance off down some random alley. She is bored enough that there's nothing better she can think of doing but random chatter among strangers isn't really on top of her entertainment list and it's pretty evident on her face that she's lost interest here.

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