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The Cure
(2013-03-01 - 2013-03-01)
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Katyna Katyna had been nervous about leaving Hati alone for any period of time..Even in the Hotel, was she safe? Did Skoll receive her message? Regardless, she knew there was little more she could do for Hati other than offer her comfort and try to ease her pain with potions...

But her condition was worsenning and it had prompted her to run to the only person she knew she could trust with her secret - and with the knowledge and ability to potentially save her life..But would he? There was only one way to find out!

"Seith...Where are you?" Kat bursts into the library, his favorite place in the castle apparently, quite winded and covered in some of the blood and black ichor from bandaging Hati's wounds and hugging her close throughout that last painful night.

"Yegads..Dont tell me you went to an Aerobics class or something.." She makes a face, trying to humor herself so she doesn't get dragged down in her own hopelessness.
Seith Of course Skoll has found Hati. He cares greatly about his sister after all - his only remaining family. There's no way he'd ever leave her on her own. Of course, it /did/ take him a little to actually decypher Katyna's message. Probably feeding her bacon to heal her to full health or something. Bacon flavored Elixir? But that is besides the point.

When Kat bursts into the library, Seith is standing at the center of where the light falls from the pretty Stained Glass window further up in the wall. He's reading a book, standing there with his back aimed at the girl. Seeing as she immediately calls his name, there's no surprise he replies with her name almost immediately; "Katyna." The man dramatically closes his book with both of his hands, and flings one hand to the side to send it into one of the library's bookshelves, and then turns around.

"No, I am afraid that Aerobics isn't exactly the kind of thing I spend my time on." He raises one hand to chest-level and trails his other hand over the arm to ensure his armor is well fastened, before glancing back up to the girl. "What is going on?" He asks, tilting his head a little when he notices the black ichor on the girl. "Did you finally murder Angantyr?"
Katyna Phew, he's here! He's not like..Baking cookies or something normal! Big surprise there! :P Kat breathes a sigh of relief, in between heavy breaths to catch her...Well, breath!

"Phew.." she leans her hands on her slightly bent knees, not saying much for a moment, just breathing heavily. What the hey, was she running all over the castle in search of him or something? Who knows!?

Finally she jumps up, smirking at his lack of humor. "Hah, of course not. All that armour would weigh you down." She makes a face, but it quickly turns to a more serious look of worry and urgency, shaking her head as she plops into a nearby sofa, waving a hand dismissively at Angantyr's name.

"I dont have time for him anymore...Seith..I need your help! I think...I think Hati's dying! Some undead freak did some sorta spell on her eye and...And poisonned her and...I dont know what to do! Her wounds wont heal and her eye went black and....You gotta help!!"

Pause. Pause. Pause.

Seith Seith tilts his brow a little at Katyna. "You /could/ have just used a Dark Portal to come into this library, you know? That way, you wouldn't be out of breath. But then, on the other hand, it looks like you need the excercise." Seith inadvertantly probably insults Katyna, but he means well. 'Well enough' anyway. The man takes a few steps towards her, and is just about to offer a hand when she suddenly jumps up. What energy.

"Of course." He answers her. 'Of course'... /of course/ he doesn't always hang around in heavy armor. He probably has some nice robes and a bedroom somewhere within this castle. But it doesn't seem like anyone knows where that may be. And it's not like he's going to point that out. He halts where he stands as the girl flops down in the sofa. "Please, try not to get the blood on the nice apolstry, miss Katyna." Seith reminds the girl.

The man then tilts his head. "Hati? Dying?" He asks her. The man continues to listen and slowly walks through the library to one of the many books, and picks it out of the bookshelf. "A black eye, you say?" He asks, and starts paging through some pages. "I am afraid the undead are not my speciality. But I think I may know at least two people from recent memory who /do/. But as for the /poison/... maybe..."

The man takes a few steps back and continues to page through the book. "I'd need to see. Do you have a picture of her current state perhaps? Or... will you let me take it from your mind?"
Katyna "Heeey! I could outrun you any day, hotshot! Besides, I didnt know where to find you, although apparently you're more of a bookworm than I thought!" She points an accusing finger at him as she says that, seeming to appear more amusing than serious in that precise moments. Grr...So annoying!

She arches a brow at the 'of course', and makes a face when he criticizes her bloody attire. "Heeey! I was in a rush, do I LOOK Like I had time to clean up first? Howsabout you gimme some water and a towel if it bugs you so much? Otherwise, meh!!" She sticks her tongue out at him. So there!

Aah, but now they finally get down to the nitty gritty! Kat nods and nods and nods some more. "Yess..This zombie girl caught her in some dark tendrils with some kinda barbs in them..Then she tossed some sort of salty brimstony pink grains on Hati and uttered some weird magical words in latin..Something about an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. I caught some of it, but I dont remember it all and...."

She blinks, "wait a minute...You're gonna do some sort of Glabadosan Mind meld trick on me? That...Sounds painful...But..." But she wants to help Hati!

"Ugh, I guess I have no choice, do I!?"
Seith "I'll take it from you the next time you sleep." Seith answers her. "My magic only works on the dreaming. Don't worry, you won't notice a thing." Seith continues to page through his book, then shakes his head. "I am afraid that is a spell not in this book. Not with those words. But I figure I can probably derive what is wrong from the visuals. There's always a basis to this kind of thing. A curse, one might think?" The man rambles to himself. He's showing this slight frown - which might cue Katyna in that the man is actually worried.

He then slams the book shut. "May I suggest you go and see someone named 'Royce'? She lives in the Church in Traverse Town. Tell her that Seith sent you, and that I said that she might find 'Purpose' in uncovering this little secret -- when it comes to the undead." The man then walks back to Katyna and looks her up and down.

"How about you, are /you/ alright? Or is all this blood from Hati?"
Katyna Katyna blinks slowly. "You..Dont have a cure? But..But I dunno how long we have.." She frowns, "Isnt there something you can give her to buy her a little more time? She's in so much pain..Potions and Antidotes do very little for her.."

Oh, was that a frown? Was he actually concerned? Wow..."Yeah, sounded like a curse. Y'know what was strange? The undead girl had Hati's other eye. Or maybe Hati took one of the girl's eyes. You know what I mean, right? Like, they both shared the same set of eyes..I know Hati once mentionned losing an eye so...Do you think they're..Connected?"

Still, he suggests someone named Royce and she nods. "Alright. You really think she can help me?" But it's worth a try, I suppose.."

What really catches her attention is when he asks about herself, which causes her to smirk and shrug a little. "I'm fine. Arrived a bit too late to stop the spell, but I DID manage to release her and drag her back. Still, I hope that Lillian wont be able to follow us here."

Still, Kat sighs, a bit exasperated, and suddenly looking very sad. "Ooh, I shoulda come sooner..Dumb phone! What if it's already too late? Hati...I cant lose her..."
Seith "She's a werewolf, and a strong one at that. Give her a bit more of a benefit of the doubt. But... I may have something." The man finds the last page in his book. "Go out and kill a unicorn. If you grind up the unicorn horn and mix it with an elixir, you may be able to relieve her pain at least." The man then slams the book shut and flings it towards the bookshelf once again, using the magic of his telekinesis to park it.

"Oh? Her other eye?" He'd always wondered what it was with that other eye. "Well, the other thing is simple of course. If it is a curse, with that kind of strong connection. There is one solution that always works." The man gets this wicked look on his face.

"Kill them." He whispers to her, staring right into her eyes. "I don't know who this Lillian is - but I assume it has to do with that fool of a former Shadow Lord." He's putting things together. The eye, the name of a girl. Tying that eye back to Hati's liking for her former master. After all, it wasn't her eye. The man lets out a little annoyed sound and turns around, balling his fist.
Katyna Katyna blinks, "Ooh...Ooh, I DO have a unicorn's horn.." She smiles sheepishly, fishing it out of her belt, "Eheh, Hati and I went hunting for unicorns a while ago...I was gonna give it to you, since I have no need for horns, but..Heh, I guess I have a use for it now.."

Slowly, she allows herself to smile, "Thanks. It'll buy her time at least...Right?"

Ahh, and then for the 'cure'. She frowns. "That simple huh? Just kill them? But..I wonder if it's so easy to kill someone who's already dead..Wont they just keep coming back? Do I have to cut off her head or something?"

Another sheepish grin and slow nod when he mentions the Shadow Lords. "Ehh...Lord Serrak and Fessner were looking for a way to revive their dead daughters. I guess they were both tricked though, obviously that girl was just a fiend in human form. I guess it's not REALLY possible to bring someone back from the dead, afterall?"

If that was the case, she'd have done it herself afterall..
Seith "Ah, but there is where you will need Royce's help. My presumption is to entirely obliterate her until nothing is left. Perhaps you just shoot her in the head, or perhaps you rip out her heart? Perhaps you might find someone with enough holy power to fulfil the task." Seith answers Katyna, looking back, before walking fowards slowly... and then slamming the side of his fist into one of the bookshelves! The incredibly thick wood cracks under the stress of this momentary assault.

"Bastards. How dare they. No - it IS possible to bring someone from the dead, Katyna. But not by people like them. Only a true Lord of the Dead might do such a thing - if Hades is to be believed. But where do they think they get the /RIGHT/ to choose who gets to live and who dies? How dare they rip their beloved children from the peaceful rest of the dead, and bring them into this world with their selfish intentions? And now look... look what they have wrought. Their revival came at a price, and they paid it with their lives."

The man truly is angry, and the wood cracks further beneath the power of the gravity he excerts through magic. "Those idiots!" The man slams the wood once more and walks further away from Katyna. Clearly, he doesn't want to lash out at her.
Katyna Katyna frowns and nods. "Right, I'll ask her then.." She sighs, wondering how that would work. To entirely obliterate them, would they lose their identities even in the world of the dead? Would that require obliterating even their very souls at the same time?

She sighs, wondering how it came to this point. "That's...So sad. To think that they just loved those people so much that they just wanted to be with them..But they lost their lives in the process and created monsters. Is..That the price of immortality and life? Those poor girls. Maybe we'll be putting them out......Err...?"

She blinks awake, jumping out of her seat a little when Seith suddenly lashes out at those poor defenseless bookcases. "Yegads! What's gotten into you, all of a sudden?" She shivers a bit, having never seen him this mad before. "Erp..I didnt think it'd bother you so much, but..It kinda bugs me too. Still, I'm sure they didn't expect it to end this way. Doesn't everyone want to cling to life? Death is a scary thing, you're suddenly left alone and everyone leaves you..."
Seith "I lost both my child and my wife, Katyna. Don't you think I've thought about this many times? To bring them back? To make a deal with Hades? But unlike them - I realized that to do so is to curse them. Unlike /them/, I realized that such a thing comes at a price. But most of all, unlike them - I know to let the dead /rest/. I will not taint their memories by turning them into some monsterous being. They cannot be /replaced/."

The man looks back to Katyna, his hand shaking in anger. Still, the man is calming down. He lets out a tisking sound and looks away from the girl again. "Take care of the monster they created. And make sure Hati gets out alive. I'll look into your dreams later and see if I can't help her out more than just making her more comfortable." He claims to Katyna. "Now please - leave." Don't kill the messenger. But Seith certainly can get angry at the messenger.
Katyna Katyna listens wide-eyed to Seith's rather heart wrenching story, openning her mouth to say something, but the words wont come. What could she possibly say? It's so very strange, to think that he once had a wife and child. He sure didnt strike her as the loving type. Who know?

She also notices the shaking anger in his body language, and its enough to stir her from the comfy chair, and to start backing out of the room, laughing nervously. "Eheheh....Sure..I'll do that. Err....Seeya!" And she jumps up and runs off, quite quickly, enough to churn up a cloud of dust behind her! Wheee...

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