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(2013-03-01 - 2013-03-05)
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Faruja Senra Sipping a hearty flask of some of his favorite spirits, Faruja Senra watches as one of the majestic ships of the Monstressor Spaceport lifts off. He can't help but whistle at the sight. Even the technologically backwards Burmecian appreciates airships, and thus the thought of airships able to fly the very stars makes his breath catch in his throat.

" think of what could be done with such marvels of ingenuity." He mutters to himself, tail swaying, mind spinning with thoughts of spreading the Good Word to the stars.
Faruja Senra All the while, the rat leans against the outside wall of the shop, just off the street leading north towards the starport. He'll have to strike up a conversation with the Montressors at some point!
Evja Despite being a successful Viera, and a male at that, in a world where Viera really aren't and let alone males(Judgedom), there are some things that Evja simply can't handle. Among them is having nothing to aim for. No goals, no targets... no purpose. With Fluorgis saved, the Hades Cup lost, and tasked with the open-ended duty of external affairs(to a point) by the Judgemaster, Evja really had nothing to do.

That was a bad thing for a Viera who often loathed himself for his past, even if everyone said he did the right thing. And ever since that one Gria popped up back up it's been even worse. Despite still crossdressing quite successfully(something he could never really slip on for his own safety), Evja appeared to be quite drunk at the moment. Bandaged up, no armor, just an Elementalists outfit and a bottle of some type of wine in hand. Not even seeing Faruja at the moment, Evja just wandered kind of aimlessly in the direction of the spaceport for some reason or another.
Faruja Senra Faruja, so entranced by the flight of one of Montressor's spaceships, doesn't immediately take notice of the quite-out-of-sorts Viera. Indeed, he's mid-chug of drink as he steps away from the wall, directly into the path of the Viera. A flash of green and tan shows the rat his mistake. Dancing away in a less-than graceful sidestep, his foot catches on a loose paving stone, causing him to tumble to the ground directly in front of the drunk Viera! Tail reaching out instinctively for anything to catch onto, this just so happens to be one of the bunny's legs.

Should Evja not get out of the way, there will likely be a jumble of rat and bunny soon! A squeak, and several expletives exit the rat's muzzle as he tumbles.
Faruja Senra The flask goes tumbling. "...Oh, Lord in Heaven, that was the /good/ spirits!"
Evja Not even looking, or having a chance to react, Evja goes tumbling down atop Faruja and her long, sadly unkempt messy hair is hanging right in the way of her seeing at the moment. A low growl comes out and Faruja would find himself with an arm pressed up against his neck, "I will have you know that I do not take well to attempts at getting fresh when I am drinking." Yeah, the Viera hadn't even looked to see who it was.
Faruja might notice, though! Hopefully! Otherwise Evja might be close to punching/slapping him at this point. Even if he was straddled over the Burmecian in what would, in any other situation, be called an enticing position.
Faruja Senra The whole situation might be a bit more embarrassing for the rat, if there wasn't an arm at his throat. For the moment, that dispels any thoughts of shame, for his own proverbial and not-so-proverbial neck. It takes him a moment, but he finally recognizes the disheveled figure.

Cough. It's a little hard to speak with that arm. ONe of his own goes to the arm at his throat, tugging lightly.

"Q...Quite! Nor would I think of such, dear Lady...*cough*...Adjudicator. Merely this humble Templar's own intoxication and a lack of proper roading. My deepest apologies! Now, if you would be so kind..." Unwrapping his tail, with the start of a flush, he points to the arm.
Evja "..."
Evja stares down towards Faruja a moment before she raises her other arm and pulls that long hair out of her face. "...It is way too convenient you would stumble so well and use that tail to pull me down. However... I also do not think you would have the courage to so openly try something on me like that."
Raising up, the Viera hadn't even thought to move yet so much as reached up to take her hair and start pulling it back, gathering it up to put into a few thick braids over the shoulder quickly. "Did you hurt yourself, or can you walk?"
Faruja Senra "'Tis...'tis not a matter of /courage/! 'Twould be utterly rude and unseemly!" Faruja quickly responds indignantly, even as a blush spreads through him. Wiggle wiggle. While some part of him certainly enjoys having a female straddling him, out in the open like this is more than a little out of the norm!

"Quite alright...avoided twisting my ankle thankfully, nor agitating my wounds overmuch." A pause. Sniff.

"You are drunk. alright, dear Lady Adjudicator?" Concern seeps into his voice, his flask forgotten in this rather unusual display of intoxication from the Judge. That single eye looks up in concern, not quite yet trying to remove the Vier
Evja "I am fine." comes the reply rather simply as Evja rocks back on her feet and pushes herself to a stand. She did such in a manner that wouldn't let anything be seen beneath that sarong-like wrap. "Everyone is entitled to drink as they prefer. I simply am choosing mine now. Have you discovered where Hati has been yet? I found it odd she neither came to the party, nor either of our matches."
A quick change of subject indeed. Though with 'her' own spilt bottle of drink, she looked disappointed when she noticed it. "Damn... that was only half empty too." And broken now. A look might reveal it to be Vieran wine.
Faruja Senra Faruja tilts his head slightly, politely turning away as Evja stands up like a proper gentlerat. He too stands, albeit a bit slowly: the bunny and Tifa certainly gave him a beating! Her words have him frowning as the Viera too mentions the wolfess.

"No. No I have not. When last we made contact, she made mention of something 'coming up.' That she would not be long. However...that was the day of the party via Ma Belle. 'Tis...worrisome." A shiver runs through him.

"Hardly do I like the make of it. 'Tis entirely wrong. Lady Hati /does/ seem to be the elusive sort, however, never have I known her to simply be so unresponsive."

Walking over to his spilled flask, he picks it up. Wiping it off, it's offered over.

"Here. Fine Burmecian spirits. Consider it a gift for that most interesting bout."
Evja "I shall pass."

Evja's response, no matter how harsh it is, wasn't actually meant to be such. Not that Faruja would /know/ that, since Evja made no effort to extrapolate on it.

"I too have been worried of her. I suppose I shall go about finding where she has gone then. It is not as if I have anything else better to do at the moment with my run in the tournament over." Yes, he /could/ use something to do instead of simply getting drunk.
Faruja Senra The harsh response has the rat stiffening slightly, before returning it to his robes. "As you wish." Perhaps the Viera got moody while she was drunk?

"Then I would suggest we begin searching at her place of residence. While she is a secretive sort, I see no harm in taking a mutual friend there. What say you? Shall we work together on this?" The rat asks, looking hopefully at the Viera, as the claws of fear rip at his heart for the missing werewolfess. What could have happened?
Evja "..."

Evja turned to stare at Faruja for a moment, whereas previously she simply looked like walking away was about to happen. Well, it would be helpful to know such things, "Alright then."

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