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(2013-02-28 - 2013-04-15)
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Faruja Senra Today, Faruja is in a pair of blue robes, courtesy of a visiting (decidedly non-vampiric) White Mage Priestess. After the recent fight at the colliseum, and his team's loss, the rat is looking rather worse for wear. Those women were rather strong after all, and the ratling took a good beating from all of them.

"Much obliged, M'Lady. Nay, trouble thyself no longer over this Templar, the Lord shall see me through." With that, the Priestess bows and leaves. Sighing, he sips as his tea in front of him as he sits at the large dining table of the Shard Seeker's, muzzle in a frown over recent events. Reaching into his robes, he pulls out a letter, opening it and reading it for the fourth time in ten minutes. A shake of the head, and he rubs his temples at the oncoming headache.
Percival Fluorgis was almost like the Gargoyle's second home these days. He seemed to split his time between there and Traverse town equally. Despite the rather gloomy circumstances of the past few days, his mood had actually improved a great deal. He was even humming one of his favorite jazz tunes as he came to a landing in the Shard Seeker's garden. 'Am I Blue?' certainly wasn't the most uplifting tune, but it certainly was progress over crippling depression. His wings furled about his shoulders in short order, and as he walked into the headquarters, he might have almost missed Faruja. Almost.

While his skin was quite bronze, the mouse might swear that he saw him pale a few shades upon sight of the Templar. Which is why he probably wasn't thinking when he set the boxes down upon the table near enough that Faruja could see them. In retrospect, the label on the box of 'Werewolf kit' with Werewolf crossed out, and the text 'Daylight? VAMPIRE kit' Note to Umi: They do not sparkle. was not the best conversation piece given the subject matter.

Realizing what he'd done in short order, he states in a rather awkward manner. "Ser Senra, it is good to see you again, though I wish it could be under better circumstances." A lingering pause. "You might need one of these."
Faruja Senra Slowly, Faruja's eye narrows as the kit is placed before him, very nearly turning to a glare as he makes notice of the note attached. His gaze then lands on the gargoyle before him. Glare! It lingers there disapprovingly for a good minute, the injured Burmecian's tail rapidly swaying behind him. Then, like a fliced switch, it goes limp. Sighing once more, he points.

"...I suppose asking whether you have been discrete regarding this matter is a foolish question." From his tone, the rat's definitely unhappy.

Opening the kit, he shakes his head repeatedly, peering through its contents. "And what exactly is this? Whom have you spoken to? Oh, Lord in Heaven, what a mess! Damnit, why did they not listen when I..." His claws scratch at the table in irritation.
Percival "Discreet." Percival levels his gaze at Faruja, meeting his eyes. While he might defer to him in nearly all things, he was holding his ground here. "You desire for me to be discreet, when there is a Burmecian vampire who may be on the loose? You want me to be discreet, when my failure may have 'created' a vengeful vampire which could be stalking me even now? Would you not entrust this secret to Lady Zia, and allow her to be corrupted? Or what of the ones I did tell in the Twilight Detective Agency? Would you prefer that they be taken off guard because your people are generally considered to be honorable and good folk? Discretion won't save those around us, it would simply preserve our reputation. And I would rather be considered the vilest creature in the world, than to lose a single one of them to the darkness because of selfish pride."
Faruja Senra Faruja peers into the larger gargoyle's eyes, taking in his words silently. A long minute passes, hardly any emotion flickering over the Templar's face. Finally, a small smile touches his muzzle.

"...Percival, we may yet make a Knight out of you after all. Excellent. My superiors would have me lambast you for such waggling of tongues. Consider yourself lambasted. Though I would hardly desire to go against my Order, I have had quite enough of politics for one day regarding this matter." All of this is said after a glance to make sure no one's listening in.

"'Twould not do to cause panic, of course. I leave whom you inform to thy good sense. However, let us pray it does not come to all of that. This entire damned thing is a /mess/. There is more to it than you know, and you have my deepest apologies for dragging a good Squire into this. I should have...nay. It does not matter."

A shake of the head. "The Lady Inquisitor and I have done a touch of investigation. Originally, I had requested additional guardianship of the Priestess. 'Twas flatly denied. A very curious thing, you see, as there were more than a few free agents of the Church in the area as it turns out. Yet, the reply to my recommendation was a lack of personelle. Tell me, dear Squire. What does that tell you, hmm?"
Percival Faruja's reaction took him off-guard. Not quite the soul-crushing tongue-lashing that he was expecting. To Faruja's comment on making him a knight though, he doesn't respond. There is a touch of anger in his eyes, but it seems to be overwhelmed by the somberness of the subject.

"You have nothing to apologize for, Ser Senra. Let us presume that further personnel 'were' granted. What might have happened then? If your kinfolk hadn't decided to attack, their lives and very souls might have been spared, aye, and that weighs upon me heavily. I take full responsibility for their deaths, and it will haunt me unto my grave what my failure has wrought. Even so, I realize this much. Had they not attacked, then what sort of damage might she have done, had her secret not been discovered? How many more souls might have been lost? It is cold comfort for me to argue that it was for the greater good in the end, but try as I might, I cannot feel otherwise."

Eventually he seats himself. While he may have been defiant before, everything in his body language shows that the entire series of events had been draining for him. Despite his relative exhaustion, and depression though, he needs no time to mull it over, given that he's played over every possible scenario within his head a thousand times over, of what he might have done differently, what the implications of all he'd learned were. Ever was this the curse of a penitent creature.

"What it tells me is that either you have other Alexandrian monstrosities infiltrating your church, or simply Alexandrians. I would guess that it is likely a mix of both. The one which they would be reporting to would most likely not be so monstrous to better escape detection."
Faruja Senra Ahh, anger. Much better than the depression and look of failure in the Gargoyle's eyes. "To put it bluntly, good Squire, there is enough blame to partition about as it is. Let us not worry overmuch upon whom it rests."

A shake of the head. He shivers visibly, the ratling frowning. "Quite. The thought of a creature tainted so escaping both notice /and/ the Church's investigations upon granting a person the title of Priestess...I fear that we are dealing with a new form of vampirism. Not unsurprising, really, after the fact. Most lurk only in darkness, after all. However, many within the Inquisition had their suspicions."

Straightening his robes, he pours the Gargoyle some tea before sipping his own. "The intent was to deliver the Priestess into the hands of the Inquisition. Odd, hmm? When one could so simply have picked her up there. As you say, I believe we have a traitor. Whether they are Alexandrian, or not, I cannot say. However, there may yet be a motive. The Priestess was to take over a position as head archivist, a well respected and oft coveted position. There are several candidates for it, we have compiled the names. Many of whom have ties to, or are Inquisitors themselves. Dear Squire. /This/ I must ask to not leave this room. It is an Inquisitorial matter, and if you would, I would have you assist us in flushing out whomever is perverting the cause of the Church within our ranks. Will you help me, Percival?"
Percival "The Vampire's confession was that the Alexandrians were creating monsters to infiltrate the Church of Glabbados. Whether it is true or not, is up to interpretation, but she believed that she was dying and that the information might save her. I doubt she had such loyalty to them that she'd be lying under such circumstances. She was....truly a piteous creature, Ser Senra. She fell to darkness not because it was her choice, when she was touched by the darkness, it is what she became. Her countrymen captured her and offered this as the only way she might continue to exist. I wanted to help her, to save her, despite the unlikelihood of it being possible, but such thoughts of mercy were cut short by the grief of her last victim."

The Gargoyle takes his tea without sugar or lemon, taking a sip in a suprisingly proper manner. No his last talon was 'not' extended. Putting it down, he appears thoughtful.

"If what you say is true, then perhaps it isn't the Alexandrians behind this. I still find it to be the simplest explanation. Perhaps they considered her untrustworthy, and wanted her disposed of. Alerting some of the more martial of your kinfolk would be the easiest way to rid themselves of her. The more frightening possibility though is that there is a counter-conspiracy within your church that is entirely aware of the Alexandria's efforts, or have recruited the monstrosities under deception that they are Alexandrians. Starting a witchhunt for vampires would allow them to further their own agenda. An new inquisition, I imagine, would bring forth hasty advancement."

The Gargoyle looks thoughtful, as he takes another sip of the tea. "I shouldn't consider such theories though without evidence. It will bias me, and lead me away from the truth of the matter. As Legion is wont to say, a detective should always seek the truth, and the girls haven't steered me wrong yet. So aye, I'll help you."
Faruja Senra Faruja is quick to take out a notepad, soon writing all of Percival's thoughts down. Another shiver runs through him. Likely for the first time, Faruja looks deathly afraid. "...Lord save His servants. To be frank, I cannot discount any theory at this point...though personally, I fear 'tis all too easily explained as the covetous greed of others. We shall see. The Inquisition oft attracts very driven individuals."

Sippp. Faruja drains the tea, resisting the urge to drink. He needs his faculties.

"Thank you, Percival. For all that you think of yourself, you yet /live/. I need someone strong, and driven enough to see where this dark road leads. Good. Good. However, first, we must find my wayward countrywoman. While the thought of her cursed so for even a moment longer is..." He coughs, shaking his head.

"We need information. She alone now knows what allowed her to find the Priestess. This was a premeditated attack, not a random ambush. And we must discover this new form of vampirism, in order to create wards against it, that we may no longer be fooled."
Percival It didn't even need a moment's consideration. "Use me as bait."

He laces his talons together in front of him. "Whatever agenda she has, and prey she might be hunting, she will come for me eventually. She will want vengeance for the death of her brother. If I'm put forth as a target, she'll likely oblige us with her presence. The only thing I ask is that if we capture her, you do not turn her over to your church. I would like to try to make my peace with her, at the very least."
Faruja Senra Sigh. Use a friend as bait? The Templar looks visibly troubled for a moment. "I...are you certain?"

A shake of the head. It's the only logical course of action. "Fine. We have little choice. You shan't be alone, however. I will not allow you to end up dead, or worse."

Faruja's gaze turns stern. "Rightly or wrongly, she has attacked a Priestess of the Church. She will be captured. Given the...circumstances, however, all may not be lost. If she was truly given orders by someone within the Church, then she is more witness than Heretic. You have my word, 'tis not my intention to burn my own kin without blasted good reason. She will be interrogated gently. Inquisitor Diamonde has informed me she shall be handling things herself."
Percival "I have no intention of facing her alone, and I didn't say that I didn't have a plan, Ser Senra. Though it will be, painful for me." He states this quite cryptically, then gives Ser Senra a stoic look, though his eyes show his sadness.

"No. We won't go that route. She is not to blame for what happened. I, and the ones responsible for planning the attack are. You and I will interrogate her, and when it is finished, then if nothing can be done for her at the very least we can ease her passing. If need be, then I will take responsibility when the inquisitors question what happened. I shan't lie to them, and will face whatever punishment they deem necessary."
Faruja Senra Faruja finds himself idly swirling his drink while staring at Percival. "You are either brave, or a fool, Percival to attempt such bargaining with the Office of Holy Inquisition. However, you /are/ assisting us...a moment."

Standing, he walks into a back room. A few minutes pass, and he returns, looking vaguely frustrated.

"Alright. This matter is the Lady Inquisitors, and she sees fit to allow you to handle it as you see fit. /HOWEVER/. Should you be unable to extract the needed information, then she shall be given over to the Holy Office. What say you? 'Tis the only offer that shall be given."
Percival Percival regards Faruja cooly at his statement. "The two are not mutually exclusive I fear. The brave are always the first to die, and are oft considered fools. The cowards live long and prosperous lives, and are oft considered wise. Bravery when it comes to risking my life is an easy sort of courage to muster, given the value I place upon my life. The true sort of courage? Ah, what I would not give to be capable of that." He manages a sort of wan smile. "As it stands, you have a cowardly fool who is at least courageous enough to throw away something he values little. And that fool agrees to your terms."
Faruja Senra "Then Lord bless the foolish. Indeed, the wise are better kept far away from a battle that we shall soon be engaging in. not throw away thy life needlessly. There is a difference between waste and heroic sacrifice. Learn it well, young Squire."

A nod, and the rat stands slowly, with much pained noises. "We shall commence once I have healed. 'Twould be an honor to fight by your side. Coward or no, you have proven yourself more than worthy of it. Now, enough of such depressing talk. If you shall excuse me, I must rest. Take care of yourself Squire. You have been under much duress, and it shan't do to see you crack under its weight."
Percival Percival actually manages a chuckle, at Faruja's pun, perhaps it was entirely unintentionally. "I'll manage." Thanks to a certain Hobo King, gentleman Thief, hive mind, white Gargoyle sorceress extraordinaire, and perhaps even an oft mauled rat.

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