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Talks of New Plan With Emi
(2013-02-27 - 2013-02-28)
As the party at the pub is near, Reize takes the moment to reflect with his chat with Leida while considering what's ahead for the Shard Seekers. Emi comes to check up on Reize...
Reize Proxy It's night fall.

It's only a couple of hours until the party starts for Reize, held by the leaders of various clans that reside in Fluorgis. With the Shadows Over Fluorgis departing through the efforts of all friends, Reize is taking the moment to reflect.

So here he is, standing by the garden to flower some plants. He cannot help but to take a wary glance at the garden weeds that Lily had put off to the side. He sighs, knowing that they're slowly taking over the place, but he has a difficult time convincing Lily to get rid of those.

Nevertheless, he contemplates, just given a bit of pondering thoughts over his journey so far. He reflects on everything he has accomplished so far, holding onto his pendant.

The Network attend the festivities but since their player is busy, they hang in the background predominately. But there's other reasons, they are in a sense in awe that they, yes they, helped save a city full of people. They're treated warmly for their actions, it's more than what they're comfortable with in a sense and they retreat quickly.


"Ah, there you are Reize. This one has been looking for you, The Network admittedly should have started here." Emi says from behind. She had moved quickly and well not too silently, but Reize probably didn'nt hear with all that pondering!

Emi is dressed in a skirt and light blouse, she must have been going shopping lately and has purchased ALTERNATE COSTUMES it seems. Usually she just wears cargo pants but it's a party, you know?

"Do you have a moment?, The Network ruthlessly takes your time."
Reize Proxy It is often that Reize hangs at the garden to reflect and enjoy the peace. This place is the fruits of their labor. It is comforting to know that. However, Reize soon finds himself a visitor that would bring him from those thoughtful musings.

He turns to regard Emi, who shows up from behind. He looks rather surprised at her, "Buh?!" Was he too deep in thought?! He calms a bit, then he laughs a bit, "...Y-yeah! What's going on?" He relaxes, smiling at her, "Are you doing well?" He adds, "Thank you again for your help." He looks relieved, "You have done a lot to help us and for that, I'm very grateful."
Emi Dennou Emi nods slowly. "It is our job, after all. Though...this one must's strange." She looks up for a moment. "...To think that we could have helped with something like this... It is a big leap from ...what we are used to." She bites at her lip for a moment, seemingly...strangely...troubled.

"...We were not raised to see much worth in ourselves, the others in the TDA of course say that we do have worth and this one doesn't disagree with that, but all the same--it is a bit startling that we could even do that much."

She breathes out. "...The Network did not come in order to talk about herself but rather about you."

"Reize...are you leaving soon?"
Reize Proxy Although Emi states its her job, Reize feels sees it as more than just that. "..We've shown that we can prevent the world from being consumed by the Heartless. With that, we have hope that we can recover the worlds that have been lost such as Manhattan."

"...Well, Emi, you're more than what you think you are." He grins happily. "Just remember that... Even if it seems odd... You're more than what you think you are." ... But can the boy say the same about himself? He briefly thinks it over.

However, she asks him about his plans.


Reize looks forlornly towards the garden, "...I've been at this place too long, truth be told. Fluorgis, although it is home, is a place that is restrictive for me. When I was in a small village, I could go nowhere other than around the forest, but even then... I wanted more than what was shown to me. Especially when my father told me so much about the world outside." He smiles faintly, "...I know the forests like the back of my hand, but..."

His smile is fainter, "I've learned a lot since I've been here. I know that people will depend on me... and I need to live up to that." He laughs, "...Besides, I long gave my word with my knight's vows. ...What you did that day reminded me of something that my father would of done. Now that Fluorgis is safe, I can leave."

A smile is given, "...But I won't be alone." He tilts his head at Emi, "...The other worlds need help. Fluorgis no longer needs our help, so the Shard Seekers can explore the other places to ensure that the people there are helped. There are World Shards out there. We will find them and restore the worlds."

"...And those who have wishes that they would like to see realized."
Emi Dennou It must be nice to have a father. The Network is not bitter about much, but they would have liked to have parents, they think. Well, they're not unhappy or anything. Reize gives a bit of a pep talk, Emi nods neutrally, and she lets it stay there for the time being.

"It's alright, I cannot say it was entirely selfless of me either. Nevertheless, we are glad you stayed and fought. If you had not, it would have been a much more difficult fight, The Network suspects. As it stands, you have a place here in Fluorgis whenever you'd like. The restriction on clans has lessened and, what's more---" She looks up. "The people here will respect you. We won't keep you from your adventures any longer." She allows herself a small smile. "And if you ever need of assistance, you know how to get ahold of us. We are going to be recalling Imi for a bit. We don't want her to be gone from the rest for too long, but we'll let Omi stay here for a bit to keep an eye on things in place of her."
Reize Proxy Emi's response is reassuring.

"Thank you... for reminding me to keep my word." Then, Reize listens to her a little more, thinking over about the restrictons lessening. "I look forward to see the clans that come about now." He brightens consderably.

A smile grows as he dreamily considers her words. Yeah, faith of the people. The people believe in him. It is in her statement that the pendant starts to glow. He can feel the wamrth of the people. Their wishes... Their desire.

However, he opens his eyes and looks at Emi. "Thank you, Emi. I appreciate all that you've done... and we'll be glad to have Omi here."

He extends a hand towards Emi.

"Just remember to get our attention as well. The Shard Seekers will be seeking to help those in need. ...Fluorgis no longer needs us for now."
Emi Dennou Emi nods slowly. She tilts her head at the pendantu. She's noticed it doing that glowing thing before. She doesn't comment though, she largely came by to say goodbye to Reize before he left. Not really investigate anything, but hse does file it away.

"Of course. Right now, however, besides Manhattan and some private work, we are well." She pauses for a moment, takes in a long breath, and then smiles faintly. "Though Reize, so you know, Omi is a bit touchy. Please take care to not comically trip into her or she might... Yes, she is saying she definitely will break your arm if you comically trip into her."

She nods once. "She is shy."
Reize Proxy There is a smile that grows.

However, as Emi brings up a warning and a message from Emi, Reize lowers his head with a sweatdrop. "Arggghh, those were accidents!" He facepalms, then he mutters under his breath. "Mada mada.. I will try to be more careful!"

Then, he walks over towards Emi, offering a grin.

"...Just remember, Emi." He calmly smiles, "...It's not a goodbye. ...It's til next time."
Emi Dennou "Yes, but she is very shy." Emi says. Actually it's probably more akin to being 'too proud' but that's neither here nor there, Emi seems like she's underselling the matter. Imi, of course, didn't mind getting all Shard Seeker.

"Understood." Emi smiles again, glad to be on 'happier' discussion. "Till next time. Stay within reasonable safety standards for an adventurer, Reize."

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