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Meanwhile at ShinRa HQ
(2013-02-27 - 2013-02-27)
After a failed mission in China, Sammy Colt returns to base only to find...
Sammy Colt The chopper touches down on the landing pad and a beaten and battered Sammy Colt gets out. He's already sent in his video report and now he only has to look forward to the reprimand.

He receives a few salutes from the ShinRa mooks about and gives them a polite return salute, even if the movement causes some discomfort - after all, it's only right to be curteous to fellow emplyees.

Stepping off the landing pad, Sammy opens the door, gets in the lift and presses the button for the debriefing room.

There he sits. It's been a while and he's obviously nervous. His hands clasped together, his posture perfect and his eyes just glancing down at the 'ShinRa Sports Illustrated' that has been hidden by some other Mako-based technology magazines.

He glances down at a long sleeve and lets out an idle sigh. He had been waiting two hours for the debriefing now. He was sore, he wanted to take a shower and above all else, eat something. It had been well over six hours since his last meal!
Rhiannon Zellen And another 'whhht!' as a certain Shinra scientist strolled on into the room soon after Reno. She did not seem to be carrying any sort of writing implements or devices and her arms were crossed into the sleeves of her lab coat. On her face was a wide smile as she regarded Sammy.

She had watched the report given of course, but hearing it from the smaller Turk's own mouth would be far more interesting a tale. Plus, if there was any information she could glean from his story, she wanted to be there first hand to hear it.

Rhiannon, otherwise known as the Wutai Witch to the grunts in HQ, remained oddly silent, awaiting Sammy's story.
Sammy Colt Sammy looks at the file, all his hard work just tossed aside like that. Then again, it was Reno, he was the coolest Turk. Ever.

The little Turk's eyes shoot up to Reno's as the superior officer asks for a brief version of the report.

"W-well, Reno, Sir." He starts before the second 'whhht!' sound comes from the door, causing Sammy to glance towards it immediatly.

Oh. Good. Rhiannon. The one who assisted Sammy in getting neck deep into trouble.

The Turk clears his head for a moment before focusing on Reno once more. "My status readings on the Reactor indicate that it ceased to exist for a point of time when the worlds were all smashed apart." He states making an exploding motion with his hands.

"Our Reactor wound up in some place called China. Some Emperor Costco came and said he was all high and mighty, so I thought I'd tap him for some resources!"

The Turk seems rather enthusiastic for someone who just got the snot kicked out of him.

"So, he gave me a call back and we found the reactor and wouldn't you know it? It was running fine! Don't know what it was pulling its energy from, there was nothing at the ground level..." He pauses with a grimace, "Well, except the sea of heartless."

Sammy looks to Rhiannon, as he speaks about the next part.

"So, as you know, we had to find a way to clear it out at the least cost to the company. I disgused myself and Rhiannon and I went to seek out the Shard Seekers for help - we only got one and she looked too inexperienced to go alone." Sammy pauses and lets out a sigh, "I felt bad and I went to give her some assistance."

The kid looks to the side and slumps in his chair, "And that's when everything went pear-shaped. Shadow Lord, her going all 'Rardeblarg' and me having to call an evac." He explains, having gesticulated the ENTIRE time he was giving a re-enactment to Reno.

"I could've totally handled that guy, too. I just... wasn't wearing the right tie." He states, trying to make an excuse as to why he failed so miserably to live up to the Turk name.
Rhiannon Zellen Reno's question was met with a pleasant smile. "The science department would be quite pleased to get their hands on a shadow lord now." A small nod is given, followed by an amused chuckle. "If I can figure out just how they tick, and what exactly it is that turns them over to the darkness..."


"...Then perhaps such information can be put to use within our own machinations. Does Anti-Shadow Lord Weaponry sound like something of interest now?" Apparently that was a rhetorical question as Rhia turned away, pacing around as she spoke.

"To that effect, I do recommend that we continue to observe this Leida girl. And if a prime opportunity presents itself, 'bring her in'. Mhmhmhm~" A ominous giggle followed as the scientist added. "I would love to dissect her and see just what is inside now~"

Sammy Colt Sammy is rather impressed, NAY /star struck/ at the inspirational speech given to him by Reno. If only Reno would have been there, that Seith guy's stupid words would have totally been useless against a master speaksmith like Reno. Or at least, those were Sammy's thoughts on the matter.

Having listened patiently and all manner of politely to Reno, Sammy gives a court nod to his last statment of 'tactical relocation'. Naturally, everything written up is required to be properly worded, lest the media get a hold of a badly done report that isn't properly worded. That could cause all sorts of a fuss.

Then comes Rhiannon's little talk about dissection, to which Sammy's hair stands on end. His fingers grasp into his scorched pantlegs at the knees as he looks to Rhiannon and back to Reno.

"W-wait, we're not going to just cut her open, right? I mean -" He takes a second to take in a deep breath in order to calm himself. Bleeding-heart Sammy was always trying to find OTHER means of getting things done rather than straight up ganking someone. Booooring.

"We could obsere her from far, keep a life-sign scan on her, maybe grab some samples of hair for some preliminary tests before we resort to flat out kidnapping." He pauses as he looks to the side for some other excuse.

"B-besides, if we take her, we will have an even harder time trying to convince the Shard Seeker group to do work for us when we want 'heroes' for future plans?" An optimistic, if not worried to sin smile crosses his face as he anxiously looks between the two.

Between the three there, the wall and that magazine, Sammy obviously wasn't the biggest fan of the R&D department.
Rhiannon Zellen "Awwwww, but your reasonable courses of action are utterly boring." Rhia grumbled in mock reluctance, forcing a pout onto her face. "But very well. I suppose it may be too soon to be cutting her open and extracting her vital fluids." A shake of the head though and the scientist was back to normal.

"Eventually though! I suppose patience is a virtue in this situation!" And then she was smiling all bright and happy again, looking forward to time coming when she would be able to put SOMEONE on the dissection table!

Reno's idea had merit however and the wutai native tilted her head slightly in wonder. "Indeed, that is a rather clever way of approaching this situation. If she is truly doing her best to combat the darkness, then us offering to help her in her cause would be just the hook we need to get her through our doors~"

Pause again.

"I suppose that would be the best course of action for now. I can run some...less invasive tests on our dear Leida and work from there~"
Sammy Colt Sammy /had/ thought of that option, but after the two parted ways, it was a little obvious to him his presence wasn't exactly welcome, but Reno had a point. If she was truly trying to fight the darkness, then why wouldn't she want the BEST research team of all the realms to help her?

Sammy is psyched by Reno's own expressiveness and when a high-five is offered, the little turk freezes. Was he truly cool enough to high-five Reno? Also, was he tall enough? By a quick measure of height, Sammy would have to stand on a chais (Check) jump up, (Check) and high-five Reno's hand (Missed due to not expecting the Quick Time Event).

With a missed high-five, Sammy accidentally sails over the table and lands upside down against the wall with swirly eyes.

The younger turk takes a moment to right himself, even going so far as adjusting his burnt-off tie to ensure he can save some of his pride.

"A-alright. That sounds awesome. I'll see if I can convince her to allow us to take a look at her?" He asks, looking at Reno and Rhiannon rather shyly.

He had missed high-fiving his idol. Truly this day couldn't get much worse.
Rhiannon Zellen Sammy's utter failure to follow through with that gesture of victory elicited a brief chuckle from Rhia as she turned away. "Right then, I believe we have done all we intended to do here now."

She began to head for the door letting it open automatically with a familiar 'whhht!'. A brief glance is thrown Reno's way at his offer to go out and get a drink and she just smiled in amusement, eye narrowing slightly.

"You will have to try a bit harder than that now~" And then she stepped out of the room, leaving the two of them alone.

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