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(2013-02-27 - 2013-03-05)
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Evja Finally, the second match of the last round(?) of the Hades Cup is about to take place! Fans and spectators from all of the contestants various worlds are lined up in the stands, as well as people who simply enjoy the fights. Not to mention those from Manhattan whose hope rests with this event. They kind of need that World Shard back to actually get their home returned!

Of those that were already there, one such figure was, similar to last he was in the arena, leaning against the wall on his teams 'side' of the coliseum. Still on the dirt of the arena but not the platform, Evja's arms were crossed, cloak billowing lightly in the breezey air that pushes through the stadium from the open top and in the night air thanks to it being at Traverse. Fully dressed in his armor, he had no visible weapons out, simply watching things happening while waiting for the event to start. That, and everyone to seemingly arrive. His eyes were on the stands, though.
Looking for someone, hoping to see them, for some proof that they were alright.
Faruja Senra Faruja as well awaits the start of the event, dressed in his usual robes and armor. His spear is leaned against his shoulder, the Burmecian frowning a touch. Between a lingering hangover and various current worries, the ratling's eye peers up into the crowds. A shake of the head, and a sigh, tail swaying rapidly behind him.

"Where in the Lord's name /is/ she?" he mutters to himself discontentedly.
Deelel The last match had certainly been a to the finish with Deelel and Mercade but she'd recovered quikly enough and where is Deelel? She is here she'll appear right behinf Faruja looking the same as ever. "I'm right here, or do you mean someone else Faruja?"
Brooklyn As for Brooklyn, he is on his team's side of the arena, as he takes a moment to pop his neck. He adjusts his sunglasses, a new pair that he got after his last pair was broken in the last fight. This time he sets them off to the side, away from where the fight will be taking place.
Quistis Trepe
Quistis steps out to line up near Evja, stretching her arms above her head and keeping broadly loose. As before, she is in the salmon-hued 'let's have an adventure and pretend we aren't part of a PMC' togs, and seems to have recovered from bruises, contusions, and stocking Duck* spells in the previous adventures.

She draws the glasses off her face, folding them and sliding them into a small nook at her belt. "Are you prepared?" she asks the viera, conversationally.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart showed up just at the right time, currently in the middle of making her stretches. Bending from side to side, shifting weight from one feet to another, she makes sure that her limbs are working right. The last fight was already painful enough, none of these fights will go down easy, no doubt. And this time, its people she knows and likes as well.

She waves to Faruja and Deele. She knows Brooklyn mostly by sight, but she's used to gargoyles by now too. "Let's keep it clean, but give us all you've got!" She's competitive after all, but she wouldn't go as far as breaking someone's limbs in a fight like this.
Faruja Senra A glance to Deel, and Faruja tries to push a smile to his muzzle that he clearly isn't feeling. "A friend of mine it no heed, M'Lady. Let us concentrate upon proving victorious here." A pat to the shoulder.

Faruja nods to the Gargoyle. "Let us fight well, Ser."

Glancing over to his opponents, he bows. Tifa's words manage a real smile from the Burmecian. "Much obliged dear Lady Lockhart. May the Lord bless the victors, and may we all work towards noble ends once this horrid bloodsport is ended."
Evja Quistis and Tifa both appeared soon enough and that was one worry off Evja's mind. Looking between the two, he focuses first on Quistis to give a nod. "And I have been thinking of your plans... I do believe they will work quite well. Though I do wonder, do you have any of that strange magic you used last time to aid us? It worked quite well."
Tifa received a nod from Evja, walking over to give her a pat on the shoulder after her reached up to offer the same to Quistis. "Let us be done with this quickly, as I do believe several of us plan on searching for something afterwards."
Sanel No commentors? That is about to change. Suddenly, a boy is passing along the announcer table and then he eyes the mic. Creening his head over, he dips fowrd and he stats poking at it.

"Oooh, Sanel never seen anything like this before."


His sights sets on Faruja and Evja.

"Oooh!!" He holds onto the mic, "SNOW MOUSE KIIIIIIIIINNNNNGG!!! BUUUUUNBUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!" And then, his eyes fall onto the gargoyle, "WINGY #2!!!!" Brooklyn is now Wingy #2.

A taller and gruff looking man sighs, "Kiddo, remember the voice that called the up the announcements during your match?"

"Oooh! Sanel can do that!"

"...Sure." The man facepalms, "Knock yourself out."

"Sanel is happy to tell people! BunBun and Snow Mouse King are cute!" With a groan, the older man lens over to whisper into Sanel's ear. Upon realization, Sanel announces, "Oh! Sanel is happy to tell people... Team BunBun will fight... Team Snow Mouse King!"

There is a bit of laughter in the cheers.
Deelel Deelel is ready and rraring to go at this point as she looks about she got her disk ready though the last fight has got her light cycle out of the zip file to the other fighters in the tournament but no worries right?
Faruja Senra A familiar voice comes over the mic. Slowly, Faruja's ears tilt back. For a moment, Faruja considers simply sobbing as the crowd laughs, and the various fangirls of a certain mouse and bunny scream at their favorites, holding up signs. The ratling hangs his head.

"Oh, I feel my pride slowly cracking. With naught but the lightest tap should it shatter into a million pieces." He laments.

Then, the ratling takes up a fighting stance, ready to get this mess over with.
Evja "..."

Yes, that is what pops up in an unseen bubble over Evja's head as he looks up towards the announcers seat where Sanel had taken residence. /sigh. Oh well, could be worse. That, and everyone here seemed to be amused by it except Faruja. "Whatever is the matter, Senra? You act as if you have not been embarrassed before." Taking steps, Evja makes his way towards the Arena proper, still no weapon drawn or visible on him. Just that armor, a Judges armor. "Or did my kick to your legacy the other day leave more damage than I thought?" That would cause a fella to sulk around he supposes. Hasn't happened to him yet, since really, who kicks a 'woman' in the crotch? Or someone wearing a full suit of plate mail with a long metal flap from the waist down in front of them?
Once Evja made it to the stage he finally reaches into the air and pulls out not one, but two spears. Holding both with his right hand Evja smacked the butts onto the ground lightly and slid the shafts between two fingers a piece.

He was waiting. But anyone could see despite that his right foot looked slightly askew as if he was preparing to do something upon being told to start.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart also isn't too sure about that announcer... But whatever. If it amuses the crowd, that won't actually distract her overly either. Focusing on the fight is what matters after all. Even if you're not going for the kill, you still want to focus, otherwise you can also get hurt badly instead.

She looks over to Evja and Quistis "I'm all set here."
Quistis Trepe
"The spell? It may be useful," Quistis says as she mounts the stage, standing to Evja's left with one hand on her hip loosely, right near her whip without quite - so to speak - whipping it out. "But we don't want to rely on it. That's the trick; you have to learn to fight fluidly with whatever... ehhh," and here she looks outwards, with a slight shrug of her shoulders.

"I probably philosophize too much about this stuff anyway."

She then asides to Tifa, "Though that one guy was really rude about it, wasn't he?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods to Quistis "There's a right moment for every kind of attacks after all. And most of our first opponents were kinda rude anyway."
Brooklyn The gargoyle bounces up and down on his toes a little bit, and then finally moves over into position with the rest of his team, "I'm all ready to go." He says, before crouching down into his standard combat pose.
Sanel There is another one who is joining beside Sanel. She is a red haired woman with the dragon-wings and tail. She has her archer's outfit on. The bow is strapped to her back while she has a stack of goodies ranging from popcorn to nachos.

"Sanel." Lia offers him a glance, "I got us some food." ...Likely assaulted the vendor to get it.

And then...

She sees Evja.

She calmly puts the snacks down.

And she whips out her bow and retracts an arrow. She is immediately aiming for the heart. Goodby----


"BAD PET!" Sanel smacks her across the head, sending her head across the table. She grimaces, giving the boy a glare before she huffs. Steam is coming out of her head before she sits beside him, glaring at Evja.

Sanel beams as he shouts to the mic, "Noooooooowww... begin!"
Evja And go!

Evja was there, then in a flash all that was left of him was poofy dust and an outline of where he was. Faruja had often seen such a technique, and likely had the others too if they had paid attention to the Vieran Judges previous fights. He had some manner of flashing around the battlefield and he was certainly going to use it to his advantage.
Given he was faced towards Faruja when he vanished, that would probably be the best sign of --

Wait, he appeared in the air above the group and both of those spears shot out of his hands, having been crossed against his chest and under the opposite arm like a pair of throwing knives. It was simply a distraction, though, as even though both spears fly towards them, they aren't meant to hit. Instead, they smash into the arena with a visible cloud of dust and Evja vanishes once again. Quickly he reappears by Tifa and Quistis for something, then vanishes once more. This time, though, he reappears to the left of where Faruja last was with a giant crystaline sword in his hand. Swinging it sideways, this sword had the capability to slice through anything - but didn't actually /harm/ anyone. It would simply leave it feeling like they were exposed, defenseless. But he was only there a moment, the Vieran Judge vanishing again before appearing /above/ where Brooklyn was, attempting to 'slice him in two' with that harmless sword before bouncing away.

But that voice - "LIA?!" Evja shouts out in a confused manner, turning towards the announcers box and leaving himself briefly open for an attack.
Quistis Trepe
"I /know/," Quistis says to Tifa, and then, START:

Quistis didn't move from her starting position, instead raising one hand and pressing an index finger to her forehead in a gratuitious if reasonably well-balanced posing. She glances towards the announcer box, having tuned their entire song and dance out to focus on Sports Battle.

She twists around then, snapping her fingers. Red streaks of light flash harmlessly out of Evja, and turn into descending waves of accelerating light over the Viera and Tifa alike. Shimmering rainbow hemispheres show up a moment later. "OK!" she tells Tifa as she unspools her whip: "I'll be right behind you."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart doesn't exactly know what's going on in the announcer's booth, but whatever. Focus, the fight is starting now.

When a fight is likely to last a while, its a good idea to start off with a bit of defensive awareness first. Moving a fist up, there's a glow on her gloves, a soft green, as she summons up her magic. Not quite as flashy, but it makes both Evja and herself take a red aura, as their physical power get increased for a short while. They are obviously thinking up for the next round.
Deelel Deelel says "I got game, i'm ready." She pulls the disc off her back and it's edge humms to life now as she's ready for a fight she's eyeing over Tifa and the rest of her team but it seems that Sanel is doign quite the job as the announcer but calling another aware being a pet? That leaves her wondering about that young user. She's not sure what to think and she puts it out of her mind as she gets ready herself for the upcomming fight she runs a few quick commands to get ready...
Faruja Senra Faruja winces at the reminder the male suddenly protecting himself at the memory of the agonizing pain. "You shall be happy to know, dear Lady Adjudicator, that my ability to contribute to future generations is quite unmarred, though not for lack of trying on your part!" Fires back the Templar, shaking his head.

The two spears go for Faruja, and are quickly parried by the ratling. What does get through his defense is that Judge sword, slashing through him. Oddly enough, it doesn't seem to hurt, instead leaving him with a feeling of utter defenselessness. It's as if his armor and magic had been stripped! Shivering, the rat manages to whip out a blunt shortspear, chucking it at the bunny in response.

Noting the bunny's lack of concentration, the ratling moves in. "Do pay attention, M'Lady!" he calls out as he chucks more blunt spears, following it up by a falling crescent of energy to assault the leaping bunny.
Brooklyn When the spear comes in, Brooklyn sweeps a wing in front of himself to try to defend from the dust after it bursts out, only to find Evja above him with a harmless sword. Brooklyn quickly swipes out with one of his claws, and then jumps backwards. He knows they should each focus on an individual target, and switch off when need be, so he puts his focus on Tifa. Quickly crossing towards her, he grins a bit, "Nothing personal, you know!"

He calls out, before he moves to strike at her and knock her up into the air, follow her up, and strikes at her with a blow from one of his elbows, to finish up the attack.
Evja Gah! Evja gets impacted by Brooklyn and knocked off-balance, only for Faruja to pounce and lay into him before he has a chance to respond too well. Of course, he /does/ respond, and he does this by waiting until the moment is right, just when Faruja gets in close enough, to jackhammer a kick right towards the Rat's face.

Why, yes, Evja /did/ just soak up that attack in order to hit Faruja what he could.

Though at this point he vanishes from sight and reappears close towards Tifa and Quistis. The Viera was glowing, trying to concentrate at the match at hand. Slowly, the golden white glow from him begins to poof out in smokey tendrils, taking what appears to be the form of a set of ethereal wings, as well as his hands and feet suddenly 'sprouting' whispy goldenwhite claws and scales. Though he did look at the other fighters, watching, waiting. He was preparing to take this moment to try and defend a teammate if he could while preparing for what he had planned shortly. After all, he can't do /everything/ at once.
Sanel "Ooohh, Glasses Lady uses magic...." And with that, his right eye, covered by the hair, is glowing ominiously. "Wingy #2 takes on the Melon Lady. BunBun loses focus and Snow Mouse King charges ahead. Sanel is excited. Lia, what about Lia?"

Lia looks over at Sanel, frowning slightly. She sighs, glancing towards Evja. She hesitated a tad, partly de to the smack by her current owner, but... She just glances at Evja.
Tifa Lockhart The sudden storm lifts Tifa up to the air, a place that she's not quite as ease with either. Which is to Brooklyn's advantage here.

But that doesn't mean she's vulnerable either. Even airborned, she keeps those honed reflexes, and brings an elbow down to meet with Brooklyn's raising one, blocking it with a precise hit of even strength, which might be surprising for the Gargoyle too. It cancels out the blow, but leaves her in the air still.

But even if its not her predilected fighting space, she's still a danger to content with. First, a kick meets with Brooklyn's chest, using it as a foothold to move herself forward and up, over Brooklyn. While she slides down into Brooklyn's back, her hands grabs on to Brooklyn's head. And then a twist, and while still airborned, she brings the Gargoyle crashing down with her, head first into the stone ground of the arena. The impact it leaves is why its called the Meteodrive after all.
Quistis Trepe
Quistis raises one hand to the sky. Light surges around her feet, and then -

> Duck

The basic level Duck-magic sends Quistis springing up into the air with a loud pogo-charged SPROING, tumbling in the air as other people unleash the freaking fur(r)y on her team-mates. She breathes steadily and easily as she tumbles, wondering to herself as Tifa is issued a name. Where did --

Oh, right, she thinks, before snapping the whip down towards Faruja's ankle as he gets his spear-throwing on. She also spits - though it's more accurate to say she sort of pantomimes spitting, and what comes out is about three hundred gallons of high pressure water, slamming into the ground and surging up from beneath Faruja.

Quistis lands, the whip cord growing taut as she snaps it forwards, aiming to slap him down on the cold, cold ground.
Faruja Senra Oh Faram! Not again! Whap! Evja's foot meets Faruja's face, sending him tumbling and careening tail over head. Landing in a lump of Burmecian, he snarls, getting up out of a tangle of himself.

"Fah. Not bad, dear Lady Adjudic...SQUEAK!"

Faruja has been spat at. Or, more accurately, mime-spat at. Which follows up by a massive amount of water surging around him. As that chain whip latches on, and the water surges up to send him into the air, he quickly incants. White light swallows up the ratling, only to spit out the now half-drowned ratling out at another location a few feet away from the water. Shaking his head like some sort of dog, he is now defenseless and quite wet. "M'Lady, pray ye make no jests regarding vermin and the drowning thereof if you please!" He calls over to the whip-wielding woman.

Then, with a swift dragoon leap, the wet rat quite simply tries to tackle, swat, and generally swat Quistis with the blunt of his spear, knees, and the blunt side of his claws! "Quite the interesting technique, M'Lady! I hardly expected a cold bath here!" And without anyone actively teasing him, too.
Deelel Evja is well on Deelel's target list she knows the Bysst fighter is going to be quite teh thrat aover all so she's going to deal with her first. She rushes in sliding along the ground and launching her disk attemping to just throw the other fighter off het game early. It wouldn't hurt much but it might just leave them off balance for a bit.

"Let's see what you can do and Faruja ... watch your self this time!"
Brooklyn Clearly this fight between Brooklyn and Tifa is going to go well for either of them. When the human woman counters his blows and then procedes to drive him back to the ground, Brooklyn manages to work his way out of her grip, flip around in midair and flare his wings to stop himself, before he sets back down on the ground, "Not bad at all." He is very impressed by her fighting style, and is glad, at least normally, that she's on his side.

Brooklyn shifts his right foot back, and then uses it to push off and strike out at Tifa again, aiming to strike with a knee, and assuming that it manages to strike home, drop both of his fists into her exposed back and neck, to try to send her the rest of the way down to the ground. This will end up being followed up by a full powered soccer kick down on the ground, to knock her away from him.
Sanel "Oooh! And Glasses Lady is in the air, preparing to divebomb Snow Mouse King!"

"Sanel, hun. ...She's not wearing glasses."

"Oh." Sanel paues. "Whip Lady is giving Snow Mouse King a lashing with her whip! She is showing him who is boss." Then, Sanel holds the mic closer, "Whip Lady better get her own mouse, Snow Mouse King belongs to Sanel!"

And then Tifa, "Melon Lady deflects the strike from Wingy #2 and shows what she can do by taking him down into the ground! Wingy #2 lunges forward for retaliation! This is an amazing match so far!"
Evja Suddenly, having half expected Faruja to charge him and planned to escape by trying to cover one of his team mates, Faruja instead starts to lunge at Quistis! Though Evja was quite sure the woman could handle herself, this is a team fight after all, and he was the shield - so might as well cover her by attacking!
snapping his right hand out, Evja's spears vanish and reappear in his hand, thrown into the air above him with a fanciful twirl. This is followed by the Judge jumping up and doing a twirling backflip and slamming them towards Faruja by kicking them as hard as he can with both of his feet. This Viera was quite the acrobat, and a practiced one at that!
Though suddenly Deelel was charging him. It didn't take long for him to land and he shouted defiantly towards Faruja, "Trouble us no more in this match, Senra! For the sooner this is over, the sooner we can find out what we both want to know!" only to vanish from sight, reappearing behind where Deelel was and pulling out his crystal sword that had vanished earlier and swinging it right through where she was. Then poof! Once again he's gone and back again in a shining golden ball of light beneath where Faruja was.


In many quick motions Evja grabbed weapons out of the air that weren't there, summoning them to himself before spinning in place and grabbing them one at a time. One after another after another the lances were tossed up into the sky towards Faruja, all of them glowing brightly until the final two lances were grabbed, hand in hand.

All of the lances vanished into light and the energy from them streaked down towards Evja before he jumped straight up and through a series of three precise jumps mid-air, reappeared right above Faruja before plunging both spears down towards where the rat was just a moment before.

Yes, Evja was fully planning on ending Faruja's presence in this match right here and now. Because he just unleased everything he had, at once!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart gets a double fisted attack in the back, which downs her pretty soudly. She was rather surprised by it. but before she can get kicked, she rolls out of the way of it. Then sliding over, she lifts herself on her arms, sending two feet into the Gargoyle's own, trying to distabilize him. Trying to take the chance since he's on the ground to retaliate, even if it seems tripping a flying creature would be hard, while standing there's a chance for it.

If the trip up is successful, the gargoly has brarely the time to touch ground before Tifa's hands grab him by the talon, and with a wild spin, sending him flying into the nearest wall, hopefully strong enough that he doesn't get to reclaim his flight before he does. She supplexes hydras, she should be able to toss a stone creature around a bit ~_~
Sanel "Woooooooooooooooowww!" Sanel leans up on the announcer table, "BunBun gives Snow Mouse King everything he got! Brutal!"

Lia, leaning her head against the table, gives a dreamy sigh. Even if she was going to try to kill Evja just a moment ago.
Quistis Trepe
"I'm full of surprises!" Quistis says to Faruja playfully. And then, Evja comes snapping inwards, and she steps back a pace to snap her whip in the air dramatically. Even as Evja brings...

>>> JUDGMENT. <<<

Her nose wrinkles for a moment, and she says aloud, "Nobody could have survived that dense of an explosion," not bothering to check. She instead looks towards the form menacing Tifa, and says with a loud hiss, "Psst!" Oh wait, that hiss included a spray of sizzling acidic fluid towards him, followed by a turning of the head, a squeezing of the eyes--

And a sheering ray of scintillant force! Also pink. Look at that lens flare!
Faruja Senra "I shall certainly attempt to do so, M'Lady Deel!" Faruja responds as the Program takes up Evja as her current opponent.

Those kicked lances impact into the ratling, the Burmecian guarding himself well enough. Taking them on the reinforced portions of his armor, they draw blood, but nothing overly serious. Quick to step back and thus giving Quistis and the bunny some room, he /grins/ at the Judge.

Golden light surrounds the ratling, and falling spears of light slam into the Burmecian Templar. "My, my, my. My deepest apologies." Faruja replies as they rain into him, his own spear thrusting and deflecting many of the falling weapons. Several, however, make their mark; sticking out of his chest as he falls to one knee. Coughing out blood, he wavers, and then stands, ripping out the lance from his body. The hole left bleeds profusely, and the Templar quickly begins a litany of curative spells upon himself.

"/However/! A Templar does not so easily back away from a challenge, dear Judge! Try /HARDER/!" Roars back the Templar, causing the crowd to cheer as his wounds begin to close.

Concentrating, Faruja's body flares into a corona of white light. Leaping forward, the ratling quite simply attempts to land on Evja's face, kicking off of him and into the air. As body and soul blaze with holy energy, he falls once more, angling to smash into the Judge with all of his body weight and magical power.
Deelel Deelel says "Ain't we the null unit." That would be a new word out of Deelel's mouth for anyone who knows her. She doesn't use that one very much as Fauja just gets rotn into and herself is ignored. She's going to recover her disc from the missed attack and shifts about to get behind Evja and launch ehr disc from behind while she's distracted in dealing with Faruja hopefully this will buy her allies some time.

She doesn't say a thing till she's launched the attack and is already on the move. "You should cover your bitmap better!"

It seems FAruja's already got a plan as he moves to get Evja from the front, it's time to make a Rabbit pancake.
Brooklyn Okay the fight is clearly not going in Brooklyn's favor at this point. The gargoyle gets thrown around by Tifa, and is not actually made of stone right now. But because of the way he's thrown, it's like Quistis is shooting at a clay pidgeon. Brooklyn is trying to right himself in midair when he's hit by the acid and lasers and sent to the ground.

Sweeping his wings around him, however, he pops back to his feet, deciding to forgo Tifa for now as he rushes at Quistis. He lowers his head, bull rushing at her, intent on hitting her in the middle with that extremely hard and horned head of his, and following up with several blows to the body. Tifa might be whooping on him at close range, but he hopes he can be the one doing damage when he gets in close with Quistis. He has no idea what her melee capabilities are, so it's a calculated risk.
Quistis Trepe
Quistis's eyes bug out as she's hit in the gut with a horned head. Fortunately, this is the American release, reducing the visceral impact of part of this, or more accurately, making it a visceral /impact/. Quistis staggers back, slumping to one knee momentarily and clutching her chest, answering Brooklyn's assault with "...!!!"

Bereft of witty comments, she swings the whip around her head once, building up a brief few moments of helpful momentum before cracking it straight ahead several times, backing up as she goes. The whip is nearly ten feet long; she has at least a little stand-off range built into it, even as she struggles to recapture her breath.

She croaks out finally, "You gargoyles are - hnk - no joke, huh? At least you don't - hh - have a chainsaw..."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart doesn't take kindly to Brooklyn shifting away from her toward Quistis, and she shows just how much too. Flipping back to her feet, and rushes to the aid of her partner, her two fists glowing. That's usually not a good sign from the barmaid, meaning some pain is about to be distributed. And since Evja managed to push the two opponents together, that's perfect for her.

A flash step, one of her personal moves where she seems to 'teleport' around, and she appears right between Faruja and Brooklyn. A double elbow into each of their stomach... followed by a jump that crushes her fists under both chins, releasing her explosive energy at the same time. Since her ki, even standing in the middle of two explosions don't seem to affect her any, but the mouse templar and gargoyle menace each get an uppercut that explodes them backward.
Faruja Senra Gasping, bleeding, and generally all around barely on his feet, the Templar smirks at the bunny. A spear smashes through his armor again, metal shearing, only for the Judge to attempt another energy-lancing of him! Once again, he's pinned like some form of living rat pincushion. His own spear falls to the ground, the ratling's hands around the weapons embedded into his body.

"...Alright. 'Tis acceptable enough, *cough, gag* dear Judge."

Pinned as he is, Faruja can't move at all. Fists and elbows slam into him, the ratling taking one hard in the stomach. The wind knocked out of him, he coughs, spitting up blood and phlem. Then, a jumping fist to the chin has the rat's jaw nearly shattering, sending him tumbling away with the force of explosive ki uppercuts! Landing in a heap, he shivers, blacking out momentarily as a pool of blood starts to form under him.

Slowly, the rat reaches to his chest as consciousness returns, the Burmecian squeaking out in pained agony. With lots of squishy, unhealthy noises, Faruja yanks out the spears. Leaping into the sky, he peers down at his opponents, the lances he pulled out courtesy of Evja thrown down at the pair of Quistis and Evja!

Sanel "Oooohhh myyyyyyy!!" Sanel calls out, "Snow Mouse King managed to keep standing despite of the blow by Melon Lady!" He looks pumped, but he beams, "However, Whip Lady is showing that she has some moves of her own!"

The boy chimes out, "The match is full of surprises!"

Lia sighs, just rubbing her head. "...I am surprised the person who controls this fight has not kicked us off of the seat, yet."
Deelel Deelel :is fast but not fast enoguh she's not able to take on two foes at once she can only move to protect one teamate at this and that's going to be Brooklyn becauuse he is closer she launches her disc with inhuman speed and precison as it streeeks across the arena it will pass between Tifa and the Gargyole a second before Tifa's attacks impact and the disc defects the force of the impact hits the arena floor and returns to Deelel's hand. She's not quick enough to do what she cna for Faruja as she's pinned. there's nothing she can do. She doesn't seem too pleasesd she knew the tournament was serious but it wasn't SARK's gaming pits. She puts her disc back on her backa nd pulls a rod off her thigh as the light cycle forms about her body and it's engine reves up. If they really want to play this way? She'll do the same for the moment.

Quitis, Tifa and Evja are all assessted in terms of threat and Faruja as ever has fought to the end she'll send a message to Brooklyn as the bike is speeding up. It's not with words but it's clear her intent the Light Walls are indeed armed she loops about and is coming for the other team but they have some time to react before she reaches them.
Brooklyn Holy crap. Brooklyn is obviously showing the signs of the fight. The gargoyle is worn down, hurting and bleeding. Yes, they do bleed. The battle is clearly going poorly as he pulls back from striking Quistis. Evja comes out of nowhere and sends Brooklyn tumbling, and he looks up to watch Tifa coming in, only to be saved at the last moment by the disk out of nowhere. Inspired by this act of awesomeness from Deelel, Brooklyn quickly stands, eyes turning white, as he looks to Quistis.

He shifts to the side of her first whip strike, and when the second comes in, he reaches out with his right arm and grabs the whip out of the air, feeling it wrap around his wrist as he works to gain control of it. Assuming she doesn't just outright let go of it, Brooklyn turns and whips the weapon, and the wielder, towards Evja, trying to send the two opposing fighters careening into each other, and hopefully out of the fight all together.
Faruja Senra Faruja finally falls, thanks to the power of Duckara. Slumping, a few roses are tossed down upon the unfortunate Burmecian, whom certainly looks like he needs medical attention soon.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is also a protector, being in better shape than her partners at least, but she can't move fast enough to get Brooklyn to take it on her entirely. She still manages to get Evja out of the way, getting whipped against the side harshly, but still standing. She turns back around to the Gargoyle, taking a stance. Her fists raised, she looks toward the gargoyle, hoping to take him down so they can concentrate on the last one, the program. She's been untouched, yes, they had other fish to fry at the time, but this is going to get more critical if this keeps up.

She rushes straight at the Gargoyle, disapearing from sight just a split second as she closes in, appearing in his back. Similar to a judo move, her small arm wraps around Brooklyn's, and tosses him over her shoulder, toward Deelel, aiming to use the gargoyle as a projectile.

And as they impact, a double knee drop on the two, adding more to the pain with her strong legs. They have to stay on the offense after all, because her partners are battered up.
Evja Faruja TANKED THAT?! Evja stares dumbly towards Faruja as he lands on the ground before BAM, he's hit by Deel's disc from behind, followed by Faruja plastering him head on. As the attacks came, Evja hunkered down and decided to play the Porcupine. When they attacked, he balled up and grabbed two spears from the air, aiming one towards each and throwing them with all his might before curling up again and bearing the brunt of them.
Geeze they were pretty tough too, slamming into him and doing quite a job on the Viera's eternally bad back.

A quick look around the arena when Evja vanished and launched up into the air showed Brooklyn slamming into Quistis. "Tch..." he mumbled to himself. Tifa, though, appeared to be doing moderately well. "You want better, Senra?! Fine, here!" then towards Deelel, "Wait your turn!"

Evja was gone, then on the ground beside Faruja where he literally grabbed one of his lances and attempted to run the rat through. But not just a glowing, energy-filled lance, when he tried to pin Faruja, Evja vanished(hopefully with him) and reappeared next to Brooklyn! "Didn't anyone ever tell you it's rude to do that to a lady?!" SLAM! His goal?

Quite literally attempting to pin both Faruja and Brooklyn somehow to the ground from above. And hopefully take care of them both.
Evja Faruja was STILL AT IT?! Evja just stared at him through the helmet before he found his own spear thrown at him. However, given he was so exhausted and already beaten up, when Evja attempted to flip backwards and grab it out of the air with full intent to throw it right back at Faruja? It hit Evja's chin instead and busted the helmet straight up and off Evja's head, leaving the Viera with a bad case of whiplash and quite disoriented.
Evja fell to the ground and slowly went to push himself up, stumbling about and trying(and failing) to throw a straight spear towards Faruja. This Viera was on his last legs! Even if, thankfully, his Veil keeps half his face from being seen. So at worst people are treated to a view that it's a Viera, and thus, female.
Quistis Trepe
The angles have been poor, but Quistis finds herself being rushed by the rat-man. The lance comes down towards her, and she looks up at it, eyes narrowing and brow furrowing. She raises one hand, a flurry of light coming out with a resounding "wharrrggbgbl" of strangely avian cast. Then she waits, poised and ready.

When the spear comes towards her, her hand moves like a bad photographic effect. Her fingers wrap around the spear near the head, and then the weapon has to come to rest, skidding over gloved hands as the Duckaga magic brings the weapon to a halt, finally. She grips it near the butt of the length, and then pivots it around, falling down onto it point first. She hangs there for a moment, before her legs tuck up.

She balances for one second... two... and then, SPROING

Airborne, huddled on the spear, Quistis Trepe rises, angling back downwards to score a stabbing strike on the Judgerat, rebounding upwards. Wobbling, and then getting lashed around by - wait, she thinks.


Dangit!! She finds herself pivoted around, rebounding momentarily and possibly squishily against Tifa, if to no deep effect, before sprawling on the ground, her whip falling from her hand. She lays there for a good two count, breathing rapidly, before sitting up on her elbows. "I know what you're thinking," she says, a little shakily. "You're thinking - she's going to pull up that Guardian Force now, like last time."

Quistis rises (mostly) to her feet, wobbling visibly. She points a finger towards Brooklyn... then towards Deleel. "But there's one possibility you've overlooked." She then calls out, meaninglessly, "Delta six!" Which should be telling Tifa, at least, to put the handkerchief over her mouth. Because she is taking a deep breath, putting one hand on her hip -

This time what comes out of her mouth isn't actually a poisonous spit so much as a gaseous cloud of horrible sludge, bursting out from a thin line into a clinging foamlike aerosol, spraying out and over the two remaning individuals up and about (and hopefully not Tifa, if she remembered Move Delta Six.) This is followed up, a bit more mundanely, by a shrieking burst of rockets from the small of her back, for absolutely no apparent reason; Quistis's arms sweep around to guide the barrage home.
Deelel Faruja had fallen it's now three on two she knows the math well enough, her light cycle contiuyens on about the arena. Brooklen is in a bit of trouble with Tifa's actions but she can't do much about it she shifts the bike about and manages to clip Tifa with the luight wall and she boots up an restore command that manages to repair some of the damage to the light cycle.

Deelel's cycle is fast, very darn fast the cycle is moving at quite wrekcless speeds that Deelel is fone before the hellstorm of magical attacks from Quistis. The light cycle is sealed and keeps her from harm from the strange gas that she'd let lose. She's able to lop back around and intercept the missiles going for Brooklyn but the canopy of the light cycle is cracked open and the gas gets inside and starts to corrode the alien craft. Deelel thankfully doesn't have lungs as one might understand them but damn this stuff is pretty darn nasty. She snaps back the canopy and clings to the bike itself as she brings it about again. The light wall is still trailing behind her as she shifts to take a pass right pass Evja and she'll then strike out with her ID disc as she passes by and given the speed she's going it could hurt also there's the light wall to worry about which she cuts out a moment later.

She hangs on to her disc as she twists the cycle about and powers on towards Tifa this time she's looking like she's about to run the other down from the looks of things here and she almost does run the owner of the 7th Heaven down, but not quite, the bike never fully stops as she turns about comes for another pass aiming to corner her with the light wall and then comes the disc as she passes and it's pretty powerful steuk as Deelel pulls away and catches the disc on the return.
Brooklyn At this point Brooklyn was surprised that he was still breathing. This fight had gone on way longer than he had expected it to be able to go on, and he was shocked he was still standing. One of his toughest encounters to date, when he spotted Quistis manage to withstand his assault, he frowned. He expected that at this point he'd be down for the count, until he spied Deelel's light wall. Diving behind it, he managed to weather the storm of missiles and terrible breath using the wall for cover. On her next pass, Brooklyn jumped up onto the back of Deelel's bike, using it's forward momentum in order to build up his own momentum, to lead him into his next strike.

As soon as he reaches the point he needs to, he flares his wings, rising up into the sky for a moment, before closing them and dropping like a stone towards Tifa. His plan is really simple. Kick off of her with both feet, and use the force of his kick to launch himself into Quistis for another powerful headbutt. What could possibly go wrong with this plan? Nothing! It's a great plan and he is glad to be a part of it!
Evja With Tifa taking the attack for him, Evja barely had enough time to start to orient. When he finally began to do such and heard Quistis shout out her 'Delta Six' bit, he dove and rolled away from her. In the process, out a came a potion which he chugged by slipping it under his veil and uncorking it with his teeth, drinking it quickly for a burst of energy. Thankfully that came, because there came that crazy machine!
Evja attempted to jump straight up to avoid it, however he still got hit and knocked for a loop. Kicking off the air, though, he saw where Deelel was headed - Tifa! Time to return the favor! Vanishing from sight, Evja appeared in front of Tifa and declared while pulling two spears out of the ground, "THIS ENDS NOW!" Big words, but he had a plan - and a plan he tried to enact! Slamming them both down, Evja formed a new path for the Light Cycle to take... not through them, but at the angle he slammed them and upon turning, Evja grabbed Tifa and pushed her down just enough so she wouldn't be hit in the head, ducking as well. This is where the cycle would hopefully simply ramp right up his spears that he used to make a little 'path' for it to travel, and if he had his luck - the thing couldn't turn when off the ground.
Then SPROING, Evja launched into the air and looked around for Brooklyn, pulling out a few spears and chunking them towards the Gargoyle. He was trying to deal with the grounded Gargoyle now and make it three vs none, or maybe even better, three to none.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is pretty agile, and even a speeding bike is nothing too hard for her to avoid it seems. She rolls out of the way, getting clipped by Brooklyn's attacks at the same time, but she's gotten out of it pretty well all considered. It got her out of Quistis' attack as well, fortunatly, but everything is happening at once.

But there's still two of them. Deelel keeps taking up the hits for Brooklyn, while that's commendable, its not helping their cause right now. But Deelel can't keep taking every hit either, something is going to give out eventually. But right now she needs to get some rest a bit as well, and she kicks herself up, and then kicks off Brooklyn, using the momentum to flip backward, landing in a defensive position a bit away from the rest.
Sanel Sanel is cheering. "Pooooww! And Melon Lady gives a devastating kick to Wingy #2."

With both Faruja and Brooklyn likely beaten in the match... Sanel is about to depart to retrieve the two.


Lia grabs Sanel by the scruff of his neck. She gives a sigh, "Oh, no you don't."
Quistis Trepe
Quistis looks towards the gargoyle as he comes soaring towards her, and then the most beautiful thing that a SeeD can experience happens: the ATB finally working for you.

Quistis's eyes close a moment before the headbutt comes. Brooklyn's experience would be like slamming into the slide of a glacier. There is a subtle sense of SOMETHING creaking, falling partially away and shaking but remaining intact. Quistis remains standing still, and she speaks too. Her voice is accompanied by some mist rising from her lips. For once, it doesn't augur some kind of hell-vomit.

"I have to give you credit," she tells Brooklyn, and a glance towards Deleel as well. "All of you are among the hardest encounters I've ever had to deal with. You're a challenge in an empty situation like this, where the ground is level and the usual trickery can't be brought into play. I hope we'll be able to work together in the future -"

Four green spheres rise and rotate around her. Quistis vanishes.

What comes is a little different than the usual. The blue-and-yellow woman descends in the midst of a shower of sudden snowflakes, raising one hand upwards and snapping her fingers, three times, in a Z-formation. She says something cryptic, which helpful subtitling demons translate as, "<This would be more fun if I wasn't alone. Oh well ->"

She twists into a backflip, ice forming rotating disks between her feet and her hands. Sprawled on her back, Shiva's head arches forwards, eyes glinting with icy radiance as she starts pursuing Deelel. Drawing closer, leaving streaks of ice as she swerves forwards, past, around - and then concluding with one final forceful side-swipe.
Deelel Deelel says "You act like this is SARKs gaming pits. You fight like this is a death match, whats your major malfuction!?"

The cycle is clipped bt the attack. and it's pulled out as the buke pulls away something different happens ther'es no twisted metal a strange glowing wounde can be seen and some .. crystal like crubes fall out.

Tifa does nothing to her for the moment and the cycle keeps on rolling as Quistis moes her move. She jknows something is coming, she's not sure what to think about just waht's happenin it's magic she doesn't really get it and she manages to slide the cycle out of the way but as that happens she's forced to derezze the cycle. She skids along the grounf and stops for less than a second as she's back in moment gain. She's charging right for Quitis gagin with her disk and launches into a series of close combat strikes against her, then she flips away from her and now she breaks into a run right for Tifa intending to just get into her face she launches a serirs of close up strikes with the blade before she shifts about and tries to come from behind.
Evja So, it's all come down to this. One superfast opponent who seems to be able to dance around attacks, the three of them completely exhausted. Evja took a step back, two spears coming to his hands as he began to channel his energy, waiting for a moment, watching, getting himself the best possible opportunity to strike. Sadly, Quistis wasn't able to evade the attack, falling. And neither was Tifa, though she still stood.
"You ask why? Because, a world shard is on the line, and given I know few others, I have to win it! I trust myself and my team!" Jumping high into the air, one spear is launched at Deelel before the Viera pounces with an explosion of holy energy, bouncing up and once more attacking, though this time he threw the spear, a large explosive energy-charged projectile. If he couldn't /hit/ her easily, might as well try to explode her and everything nearby!
Quistis Trepe
Quistis aims a lashing stroke with her whip towards Deelel's bike, avoiding with a sudden contorting lean the lethal risk of DISK DEATH. The problem is that she successfully hits one of those terrifying light-tires, and has a bad habit of not letting go of her whip under any circumstances --

Well, by the time it breaks free, she's face-down and seeing small birdies. A problem for the white mages, perhaps.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head "We're not fighting to kill, just to take out. If you do things half-way, you might just end up hurting yourself instead!" Indeed, while the attacks are non-lethal right now, it still puts a toll on the bodies, but nothing that some curing magic won't fix afterwards at least. Not like they are chopping limbs off.

She dodges a few of the blades, but some of them dig through her clothes a bit, drawing blood from her skin, but she gets out of the way of the more dangerous ones. "We're fighting to free a world, the same reason you are, no? Just give it your best, it will be something to chat about later!"

She doesn't seem like she's being mean about it, but she's being serious about it at least. She rushes straight for Deelel, hoping to bring an end to the fight after watching Quistis be taken down like that. Her fist is glowing again, sign of the damage she's trying to inflict. Her ki explosions do hurt, but don't scrap or burn as much as one would expect from such a flashy attack either. Its really made just for disabling, which suits the barmaid's personality well.

The first fist comes in straight, the explosion propelling Deelel backward. A flash step, and Tifa's already in Deelel's back, adding the force of the pushback to the next fist coming from the opposite direction, sending Deele flying forward again. The last fist comes from above, coming down on top of her with yet another explosion, this time aiming to push her into the ground instead. Its like a pinball game where Deelel's the ball, and Tifa's a mean paddle.
Deelel Deelel says "Then you are a fool, if you can't realise all three teams in the finals are after the same thing. I intend to give it direcly to Mercade and the TDA. You are an idiot one of my Teamates is from Manhattan and my server was located there. Can you even cognate how mant of my kind where Lost with Users of the city?! You know what? GET GLICHED NULL UNIT!"

Deelel had been thrown into death games form her understnd of time for several years. She had to fight and kill her own kind when she wasn't even a program made for combat she'd had to fight to just see the next cycle. She manages to endure the savage attck from the Judge, but she's not a very happy not very happy at all. There's an element of fun for the games for her but the line has been crossed for her in the match.

She now faces down Tifa as she comes in for a moment. Deelel's fast though she already Facing Tifa as she manages to evade the majoryr of her blows and she's barely still standing when the dust settles she looks hart her body is cracked?! Yes it's cracked in a few places and there's alight coming from the wounds. There's nothing left to be said. She'll leap heading for the bunny judge and there's no sense of fun from her. She heads after the bunny judge first as she leaps for them and shifts thei strike going for the back and the arm joints with her disc before she falls away and drops down on Tifa again atming to land on her and then brutally strike her with the disk.

"For two years, I fought and was forced to kill more basics than I care to remeber to just /stay/ alive in SARKS games. You know othing /USER/." There's a utterly digital growl to the last word that's a bit inhuman Deelel is not happy she's so very not happy. Evja really has put her foot in her mouth in regards to Deelel.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart grrs a bit, taking the full hit of the wall of light, but taking that opening to send a kick at Deelel "You don't understand either, we're doing it to save that same world, are you saying we should just give up because someone else is going to do it for us?" She shakes her head, watching Deelel going down after her kick... She offers her a hand up "Don't take it personal, we're thinking the same thing you are. We're not in for anything else than helping Manhattan. And if we get that shard, that's exactly what we'll do."
"Winnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!" Sanel brings his hands into the air. He cheers, holding onto the mic. "The winner is BunBun's team! Team BunBun!"

Suddenly, a squirrel passes through the announcer table.

Sanel blinks, "Squirrel!" And then the boy chases after it.

Lia throws her hands into the air and follows the boy.
Evja Evja, likewise, was watching, waiting, standing ready with his spear. When Deelel comes in for her attack, Evja uses the spear as a way to slip in close and dance around her before striking out at her to push her towards Tifa, trying to work with his teammate to end this fight before it carries on too far. "Indeed! Besides... I know nothing of the teams in this event, only my own motivations. And with that, I am to get the world shard and make sure it is restored personally, because it is the right thing to do. It does not matter who lived there or who was lost, only that soon it shall be restored."
Evja As the barrier goes down, Evja tosses his spear up and it vanishes. With a few quick steps, he wanders towards Quistis and leans down, slipping his arms beneath her and lifting her up, fully planning on taking her towards the medical section. "Tifa, will you be able to walk along on your own? You look pretty rough."
Deelel Deelel is taken down pretty hard the basics hits the ground her injuries are looking worse now as ehe moves to get up she just looks right at Evja. The basic is not happy at all. "Yes it does, Brooklyn fought at the core of the world and I fought in the city itself." With out a reply to Tifa the Basic moves to get Faruja oto get some help. Whatever Tifa says is lost on the basic.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head "I was there too, I saw that world disapear. I'm not pleased either and that's why I've been doing my best to recover it. This tournament is crazy, but we're all aiming for the same thing.
Evja "Give it up, Tifa. Her mind is set and nothing will change that. Besides, it is simply her opinion. I am taking Quistis to get some treatment - will you be fine going on your own, or should I... give you a hand too?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head to Evja "I'll be fine, my bar is not far from here either." Yes, she got beaten up, but she's standing, that's all that really matters here. She'll have to rest up before the next day's fight. All of these fights have been pretty tough.
Brooklyn As unhappy as Brooklyn is, he's not mad. Disappointed. He feels like he's failed Manhattan again. Once the fight has been decided, he slinks his way off of the arena floor, bypassing medical. All he needs is a day's sleep and he will be fine.

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