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(2013-02-26 - 2013-04-01)
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Vector was a city of industrial might. It had mixed magic with technology and is heavily guarded by machines that run on this very thing. Imperial soldiers move through the city like clock work and so long as you don't cause trouble, you can figure they will just note you and let you probably be on your way.

Though for outsiders at night, such a place like this was a playground take be taken advantage of. Yet for this mistress of the night, she just wanted to gather more information on Vector itself and if it may possess anything that one day she could use for one of her schemes.

As guards walked the wall, they were unaware of the gliding figure passing right over head and soon that very figure dug their very claws into the metal structure, before carefully climbing down the structure with their long tail swaying side to side every so often and there wings held close to their body like a cape.

In a place like this she may be seen as a monster, no, she would be seen as a monster and though she would love to sink her claws into these wretched humans. She really didn't need to create trouble. Not yet, so sneak sneak goes the blue gargoyle with red hair. Only when she is on the ground does she throw a hooded cloak robe over herself. The only sign that something is off with her is that simple fact of the tail that peeks past the robe.

But that could be any other type of race on the world of ruin correct? Like one of those lizard people!
Evja Counter to Demona's reasons for being here, Evja was here on 'official' business. A citizen of Vector whom had been displaced by the Heartless whom had since relocated to Traverse had put up a request for a respectable individual to travel to Vector to get something of theirs that they wound up leaving unintentionally within their past home there.
Being about as reputable as one can get in the fact that Evja was a Judge of Jylland, a walking embodiment of honor and Law, he had managed to convince this old woman that indeed he wouldn't run off with her belongings. It hadn't taken much more than explaining to the guards who had asked him to come, given the womans well-known name, as well as his credentials to actually make it inside. And, package gotten, the cloak and dress-laden Viera makes their way back down towards the center of Vector.

"I abhor this place." Evja whines softly to himself, actually looking to be in pain. There were /no/ Viera in this stinking city and for a good reason... it was physically painful to a Viera to be around polution, similar to a Malboro. And not to mention the lingering feeling of magic in the air caused his skin to crawl, but to a much greater extent than Archades. Archades was...
Almost dull in the tingling. Certainly it was present, but it wasn't painful like this. It caused a light sensation, not this jackhammering into the Viera's senses, even though he had several layers of cloth wrapped around his face and a turban of sorts on atop his head.
Emperor Mateus Diplomacy is often times a bore, a tired dance around petty issues and strained allegiances. In this case, the Emperor of Palamecia had made a courtesy call to Vector, albeit unannounced, and was understandably rejected from entering the castle proper.

Well, at least security is well-handled, even if their sense of environmental friendliness is worse than their hospitality.

A man sweeps down the stairs one step at a time, knee-high ornate black boots clicking on the stone. He wears an ornate black and purple outfit, a staff held in one hand but not used for walking. He is framed on each side by armored soldiers in platemail, noticeably plain and clearly not of Vector.
The female gargoyle hidden by robes and hood continues to move along the streets, avoiding any eye contact with the guards as she walks. First though she spots Evja and studies the 'female' for a moment. Then she notices the very fancy man making his way down from the castle with his two guards.

She raises an eye ridge hidden behind her golden circlet, before she slinks across the main road, just walking in that general direction for the moment. Keeping an eye on both interesting parties, along with watching the Imperial Soldiers.

At least at night there was not so many people walking about, so if she needed to bolt that wouldn't be very hard to do and there was enough drafts here she could easily get up high into the air from all the heat off the metal construction done here.
Evja So wrapped up in making his way towards the exit of the city was Evja that he actually hadn't even noticed anyone wandering towards where he was headed. That being unintentionally(eventually) going to cross paths with the soldier-flanked Emperor.
For now, though, it may be more apparent why to any who looked his way. He had a hand over his face like one who had a horrible headache and in his other hand was holding a case of sorts that one could assume had something important in it. It wasn't a trashy case, it was a fancy one, with a visible lock on it that signified just that.

Would Evja wind up in a near bump in with the group, or would they simply shout at him ahead of time to stay away/watch out? Time will tell when he gets close enough.
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus's soldiers shift forwards a step as the Viera continues on a path that would eventually cross theirs, but the Emperor simply lifts his hand and they move back to their original stances. The robed figure takes a few steps forwards towards Evja, staff sweeping and spinning in his loose grasp.

"Hail, traveller. Are you alright?" His accent, proper and clipped but not quite of a known nationality, conveys restrained concern. "You do not seem well."

He makes no move to further approach, maintaining a decent distance between them. If he notices the robed figure walking in the streets further along, he makes no sign of it.
The robed figure continues to walk toward the two. She was watching them closely now even if her face was hidden by the hood. Her eyes were on them, including that box that the Viera carried. She wondered what it held, if anything would be of interest to her. Most likely not though.

She then studied the man with a crisp voice. Her eyes skimmed over the staff he held. Now THAT was an interesting piece of equipment. Such a thing perhaps was used for channeling maybe? Or could be used for channeling? Then again, maybe it was just a staff; yet so many mundane things could hold great usefulness with a proper incantation.

Demona almost ran into one of the imperial soldiers. He got a bit aggressive with her in voice, and she wanted to growl. She wanted to slash her claws at his exposed face for taking such a tone with her, yet she held back. She held back with gritted teeth, sadly that momentary red glow of her eyes didn't go unnoticed by the Imperial Soldier and it quickly caused him to back off.

That may cost her later...

Now back to the more interesting subject of these two.
Evja Suddenly, a voice. Not that there wasn't voices in this place that he heard from time to time, guards, random people being out for some reason, but... it seemed close. Towards him. Evja moved the hand away from his face and looked up towards the figure. There was a moment of silence before 'she' replied softly, in a practiced feminine tone, "I am sorry for concerning you. I, ah... my kind do not well in places such as this. The taint upon the air, were it any thicker it might drive a Viera to stop breathing for refuge."
Evja /did/ have several inches of clothing wrapped around his face from the nose down, though his eyes were hardly especially visible this time of night. They were watering if Mateus or Demona could tell such things.
That, and he heard a guard bark at someone incoherently a bit off, turning his face just a bit to stare towards where the sound came from.
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus senses an intense focus from elsewhere upon his staff, the orb at the top glowing red like a bloody cat's eye for a moment. He does not even pay any attention to the robed figure passing by until one of his guards barks at the person in question.

He casts a sharp look directly at the guard who had disturbed the conversation, lifting his hand up as the staff lazily leaves his fingertips. With a sharp snap of his arm downwards, the clawed point at the base of the staff strikes the stone and the guard immediately falls to one knee, eyes glowing red as his shoulders shake.

"I understand and sympathize. The air is quite heavy, unrefined, and thick enough to drown." He speaks calmly, almost lazily, dismissing his wayward guard without a second thought. "May I inquire as to your destination? Or, if nothing else, perhaps there is a way for you to get a measure of relief?"

His eyes cant towards the robed one, acknowledging them for the first time. This one almost seems to have a quite high curiousity...
Demona is a little stunned when that Guard was not exactly what she thought it was but that staff, no, that /man/ brought this guard to his very knees. She just stared at this before she took a careful step back, a careful enough step back it showed off for just a moment those odd three clawed toes that were rather massive.

Then again, this figure was standing at six foot eight. She was no small person!

When she is noticed by Mateus she only inclines her head lowly. Though she does now peer over at the Viera, studying them now. From how 'she' stood and hearing that her problem was with the air here. Not something she had paid much attention too, but perhaps that is something she is not so inclined to pick up on.

Whatever these two were picking up on. She does take another step away from the guard knelt, before peering once more between the two. To approach or to not. Tis the question, yet they both have surely noticed her; however the Vector soldiers most likely would not be accepting overly of her if she made to much of a notice.

Choices.. Choices.
Evja "Traverse Town, in the end. And yes, ultimately, I shall be fine when I leave this environment, though I know little quick solutions to my ailment or else I would have done them myself. If I took this wrap off my nose, likely I would have already fallen ill from the overbearing scent."

The response came while Evja looked away from the cloaked Demona towards Mateus. Though the thing with the staff was seen, but whatever it did wasn't immediately noticed. Mostly because Evja had unintentionally looked away from it to focus on the Emperor once again. "I imagine our company is a thief in the night, though I plan not to act unless I see a reason to. I see you've escorts... will you be safe on your exit? Or shall I... accompany you?"

Despite being visibly headached, Evja did seem concerned for him. That might be a testament to the character of the Viera. "So you are aware, I am a Judge of Fluorgis. I mean that only to... give credence to my offer, if you need it."
It was only now that Evja turned again to look towards the 'thief in the night' that he had assumed to be such... and noticed the guard, blinking. "Did... did they do such to the guard?"
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus recalls his staff back to his hand with a flick of fingers that appear to snatch it from where it stands on the stairs. Only then does the red glow from the guard's eyes fade and he stands once more, the movement slow but not quite indicating any ill effects.

He chuckles softly, though the sound is devoid of humor. "Your concern for my guard is admirable, but unnessisary." He sweeps forwards, closing the distance between himself and Evja, pulling attention away from the skittish-seeming robed one. "The passerby is innocent of fault, I assure you."

Emperor Mateus smiles thinly, rather indulgently. "I appreicate your offer, Judge of Fluorgis, but one would have to be quite foolish to challenge me in the presence of Vector's guards and my own." He bows his head slightly. "But do not let me keep you from your business, especially in such a place clearly detrimental to your health."
'The Theif of the Night' was indeed no Thief! Well. Perhaps some would call her this, but the Viera had nothing of interest to her. Not at least any she be worth fussing over. She was very picky about what she wanted and what she found useful.

After all, some of the best spells required needed materials!

Though when she is called a thief, that is when she speaks up, "I have you know I am no thief!" There was a low growl to her voice. "Just a stranger to these lands, just like you." Her voice was clean of any accent. But there was something strange about this tall woman that was easy to tell. What light could get past the hood could be seen of blue skin and bangs of red hair. Then there was the gold circlet, the two hoop earrings of pointed ears, yet they were not elven in shape.

She continued to stand there before her eyes narrowed slightly. She looked over at Emperor Mateus once more, studying him before her eyes went to this 'judge'.
Evja "... very well then." Evja says to no one in particular. With a shift, Evja's cloak spreads, revealing a large, fairly ornate dress beneath. With a few quick steps, Evja leaps up to a nearby rooftop and seems intent on hastening their exit from the area, despite a stumble here or there, they didn't actually /fall/. Just...

Viera were not meant for Vector.
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus watches Evja leave, an eyebrow quirking slightly at the abruptness of the departure. Clearly the Viera was at 'her' limit as far as the air goes, and the Emperor does not blame 'her' one bit.

He turns to the cloaked Demona and bows a proper royal bow at the waist, the arm holding the staff sweeping towards the side. "Forgive my guard for the insult to your person, madam, and forgive me for not acknowledging you sooner. I had assumed you did not wish to be noticed." His twofold apology is certainly audibly sincere.
Demona watches the Viera flee from the scene and hrms softly. They noted them and perhaps would seek them out later; just not like /this/.

Her eyes study Mateus as he bows to her with proper greeting and she inclines her head to him. "Your assumption is most correct." Demona states with a calm voice. "..and your guard is lucky I don't want to create a ruckus or he may have met my aggression."

She inhales the air, closing her eyes for a moment. "This is no place to hold a conversation though, as much has I would love to know more about you, along with your interesting staff."

Her eyes then drift over to where the Viera went, "..and was she a friend of yours?"
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus straightens, a small smile playing at the corners of his mouth. "No, I was only concerned with her apparent state of health. That was our first meeting."

He exhales, his eyes half-closing as if in thought. "That said, I agree. We should leave this place before either of us take ill. Would you honor me with your presence so we may hold an appropriate conversation elsewhere?"

His guards shift to stand directly behind him, though respectfully away from Demona. "I am Emperor Mateus of Palamecia, a country now of the northern continent of this world. May I inquire as to your name, madam?"
"Shame." Demona states simply regarding that Evja was no friend of this man's and that was their first meeting. Yep she will have to track them down later by other means.

She gives a soft nod and only a raised hidden eye ridge to the fact he is an Emperor. "I see, so I am in presence of royalty." Her facial features do not change much but she inclines her head respectfully this time, far more so then earlier. "Of coarse."

It would seem this little visit actually just might pay off after all, or so she hopes. Things could though get bad, but she will have to see. "As for my name, it is simply Demona, and it is an honor." She lets him lead and follows along side.
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus smiles suprisingly warmly. "The honor is mine, Demona." He turns and leads them southwards, away from the castle and towards the nearest exit through the massive city walls. The guards flank them, but maintain a respectful distance. One of them, at least, has learned their lesson.

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