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Celebration in Fluorgis
(2013-02-26 - 2013-02-26)
With the Shadows Over Fluorgis passes, the city undergoes a celebration. Drunks, music, merriment all around. Some shenanigans are abound.
Reize Seatlan Celebration is abound.

The nightly air has brillaint lights displayed over the city. The vendors have shut down their shops, but instead have donated food and products to the occasion.

The city is celebrating the freedom of Fluorgis from the Heartless. Many of the adventurers have gotten together to especially celebrate the christening of the Shard Seekers, now that they have become an official clan.

The atmosphre is filled with people being cheerful.

Out within the pub, people are laughing and singing.

Outside, there are dancers everywhere.

Reize arrives at the city, looking a bit beaten.

"Whew! We finally made it and---...buh?!" Reize's eyes widen, looking ahead. Earlier, he was at Dias Plains, and thankfully arrived through the kindness of Mysidia's wizard. However, he is not alone. A cloaked figure is with him as he arrives at the wonderous oasis of a city in the desert.
Zeke Zeke had, by all accounts, been in Traverse town earlier that day plotting some sort of sorted affair involving Tortuga and Pirates. So what was he doing here? He was enjoying himself that's what! Fresh change of clothes, coin in his pockets, and he had other people doing all the little things that would make Business go smoother.

Now how'd the good captain get from There to Hear? If I said Sea Turtles would you kill me? Probably so let's just leave it completely up in the air. After all this man's laughing, Having fun, he's got a drink in one hand and a noisemaker in another and doesn't seem to care that his dancing is about a coordinated as a fish floppin 'round on deck. Yes friends. Ezekiel Fawkes is many things but a coordinated dancer is not one of them.
Luso Clemens With hard won victories came hard celebrations. And it looked like tonight was not going to be an exception.

Luso Clemens, temporary-but-looking-to-be-permanent leader of Clan Gully walks the streets of Fluorgis with a wide grin on his face. His small arsenal of swords remains strapped behind him as usual and his arms are crossed behind his head in a lazy fashion, eyes sweeping across to observe the celebrations.

"Wow, they never do fail to party hard in Fluorgis! I almost forgot what it was like around here when they got started! ...Almost!" Chuckling to himself, the hunter continues on, watching the dancers dance, sampling some food here and there, and looking out for any familiar faces...
Annalise It feels weird, make that //extremely// weird to be walking around so much. And it made Annalise more than a little tense to be out in the open. She had Reize had arrived at the edge of the city more or less walking together, if begrudgingly so. And she still hadn't even introduced herself. Just as well.
As they make their way to the edge of the city her bright blue eyes blink with honest surprise to see it decorated for a celebration of some kind, even villagers already down several empty cups with a different kind of celebration as everyone's so joyous. "Is... one of the royalty getting married?" she asks with uncertainty. Why else would it be such a big deal. "Or... has a war ended?"
Zia Two days of hard-fought battles would have left their mark on anyone, but the wonders of stone sleep have left most of of her external wounds healed, even the bad burns she'd suffered at the hands of the Dark Elf. Her usual attire has been traded off for an outfit that certainly looks more fitting of a mage. Her usually bandaged-covered arms have silken bands over them, the trailing edge flowing down like water. The main core of the outfit is a dress which clings to the curves of her torso, bare at the midriff and with a long flowing loincloth. For those who remember a certain mage from another mush, Zia apparently has been diving into her closet. It's a quite stunning look.

Being out and about with so many people has the female gargoyle looking a bit shy, standing at the edge of the partygoers, looking uncertain, but at least she's here. Reize's sudden arrival draws her attention, and for all that she hasn't had many encounters with him since joining the Shard Seekers, Zia offers a welcoming enough smile, "Ye look like hell." She walks over with slow steps, talons clicking. "Everythin' alright?" Party can wait a minute or two. Besides it gives her an excuse not to socialize.
Faruja Senra Click. Click click. Faruja snaps open his Ma Belle repeatedly, the Burmecian frowning as he looks at the text from Hati. Sigh. Swallowing down the last of his fourth ale of the night, he tries to pry his thoughts away from his growing number of problems.

"Ser Seatlan, Lady Zia!" he calls out, walking towards the pair, trying to put on a warm smile. With Zia and Reize about, it's easier that it might have been.
Lily "He's baaaaaack!" Lily felt the familiar presence of something far off, and so when Reize is on the way to Fluorgis...

There stands Lily, atop a merchant's cart, at the desert's edge, waving her arms wildly to the distant figures and screaming out happy squeals to accompany those wild gesticulations.

The city is celebrating and even Lily's apparently found her part of the fun!
Lenn Lenn steps out of the HQ, to find the party ongoing. She's leaning on her staff, weakly, as if having slept until NOW hadn't fully recovered her. She smiles, however, as Lily points out Reize. She starts hobbling her way over.
Reize Seatlan There they are.

Reize looks ahead, surveying the city. There are familiar faces everywhere; he can see Lily atop a merchant's cart, waving at him.

% He smiles at her, but then Zia notes his presence. "Ooooooiiii! Zia!, Luso!" He waves her way, "Yeah! Uhh... My new friend and I had a giant monster to deal with." He huffs a grunt.

Regarding Annalise, "We'll a party is going on because Fluorgis had the threat of Heartless, but we defeated them and got rid of the root of the problem!" he brightens upon seeing Lenn awake, "Ooooiii! Lennn!" Then Faruja, "Faruja!" he brightens.

It is a time for merriment. The people are dancing and the bards have emerged from their homes and bars. As bards emerge, they play song music of merriment! The festives happen.
Zeke Zeke continued his unrythmic dance (curious given he's so good wit ha guitar) til he spotted Faruja, A Gargoyle and... some other guy (aww don't worry Reize you're the NORMAL looking one here.)

"Fancy seeing you out here Sir Knight." He doffed his cap to Zai before continuing. "You are a facinating sort, 'afore now I always thought Monks an Knights an such had to be celibate, no drink, no parties, none of the enjoyments o Life. Ye seem t'be provin that conception misbegotten." While at a glance he was all smiles and having a ball there were little tells that hinted at ongoing 'issues'.

"So who's yer friends here if I might ask?" He gestured to Zai and Reize. "If I be intrudin apologies both of ye, but this seems t'be a celebratory occasion."
Skoll Ulfang Skoll has been missing ever since the final battle in Fluorgis. He helped both Zia and Lenn to the Shard Seekers HQ, and then left through a Dark Portal. He could not remain still for too long. But yet, when he heard there would be festivities, he couldn't convince himself 'not' to go. As such, he wanders into the gates a little behind Reize, staring wide-eyed at all the dancers and what-not. He's taking his time journeying further into the city.

That's when he notices the Shard Seekers, waving Reize hello, and he can't help but smile a little. Such a warm family this is. His gaze skips to where Zia stands then, and actually has to do one of those double-takes at her outfit. When'd she get /that/? It certainly looks absolutely gorgeous on her. The blue with the white. Still, a noble wolf has to keep his cool!

So Skoll casually continues to walk forwards, removing one hand from his pockets and making a little finger-motion near his nose to wipe away a tiny drop of red, and just keeps on walking until he stands right in front of Zia, and then bows his head to her. "You look... ehhh." Come on wolf! You can do it. "Ehhh." Just say something awesome! Tell her she's gorgeous. "Pretty." Close enough!

He then glances back to the others, and spots Faruja... and points at him. "You!" He suddenly shouts at Faruja... before kneeling down and dropping a satchel from his shoulder, and taking out a big bottle of what looks to be red wine. "... would enjoy this, I think?"
Annalise And there's a sudden convergence of people. People and creatures. All heading in there direction at once.
That puts the cloaked figure on defense as she takes several steps back, a hand curling at the clasp of her cloak with curled fingers. Though... Reize seemed perfectly at ease. Her bright eyes blink at him before she frowns beneath her mask at herself as she listens. "Heartless..." she murmurs. "You mean like the ones that--" This is common knowledge, right? The Heartless? It seems as if everyone knew about them and in this part of this world he said they had eradicated them. That's a good thing.
Annalise continues to frown gently to herself with confusion as the hand at her chest slowly lowers to her side. She wasn't in any immediate danger, despite the nagging in the back of her mind that she had to be careful just in case. But that's always been there.
Luso Clemens Luso grins upon spying Lily waiving off to to Reize and turned, a meat skewer in his hand as he waved over and approached. "Heeey! Reize! Lily! Faruja! Everyone else! Nice to see you're all okay!" He greeted, biting into the meat and chewing for a moment before continuing.

"But yeah! Fluorgis sure went through some crazy times, so it's a relief to see everyone laughing and celebrating now! Takes a load of my shoulders! And everyone else's too, I bet!" A silly laugh escaped from Luso then as he glanced at the others, taking note of Lenn, the elven mage looking girl. His eyes then went over to Zia, raising an eyebrow at her. He'd seen Gargoyles at this point, but her state of dress was unusual for what they usually wore! It was nice!

Zeke is given a look then, he looked like a pirate! Maybe he was a sky pirate with a bounty!? ...But tonight definitely wasn't the time for that and so he let it go, eyes glancing at Reize's cloaked companion. "Say, who's this, Reize?" He asked, jerking a thumb at Annalise curiously.
Tifa Lockhart A shadow appears over Reize suddenly. When he turns around, its the beak of a pure red chocobo that is about to gnaw on his hair.


But before the beak can clamp down, a hand comes and pushes the beak closed. The barmaid and owner leans over a bit from her riding saddle, shaking her head "No eating Reize's hair, its not gyshal." The chocobo looks a bit downcast, but then Tifa gives her a clump of actual gyshal greens.

The chocobo perks up right away, and trots off after the barmaid jumps down, shaking her head "Reize, you should change shampoo brands or something." She smirks, crossing her arms over.
Zia "Sometimes, Ah'm amazed tha people call me a trouble magnet. Ye've got te have a pretty strong one, yerself. Yer both alright, then?" Zia asks, her wings caping over her shoulders as she moves to the side to give them room. She's no healer if they do have injuries, but... luckily there is Faruja! She doesn't miss the way he looks at his phone, her head tilting slightly, "Is somethin the matter, dear mouse?" There's concern in her expression.

It's a look that doesn't get to linger long. Politeness has her looking towards Zeke, offering him a shy sort of smile. She'd leave it to Faruja to handle those introductions, since clearly he knows this man, and she doesn't. To add to the mess, Skoll's appearance has her brightening slightly, "Well, look who came back. Ah didnae think ye'd be comin. Been off lone-wolfin so much these days." Her usual light-hearted attitude comes with a smile for her werewolf friend. His compliment is met with a soft laugh as she draws a strand of hair back over her pointed ear. "Always with the fine words, lad. Thank ye, though."

With the newcomer backing up slightly, Zia at least tries to show that she means no harm, "Ye dinnae have te be afraid lass. There isnae anyone here tha' would harm ye."
Vespa Vespa always did enjoy a festival, this one was looking very lively. Lots of people mingling and dancing and enjoying themselves. T, some people are pointing and gasping at her she overheaing them saying. 'it a maid!" "mabye it one of theo Valkri maids!' She look a bit embrassed not use dto this much attention. Thankfully she doesn't have her huge axe out or people would know it was her from the other day fighting here. She looks around for somewhere to grab some food
Faruja Senra Faruja can't help but nod along with Skoll. "...As radiant as any white-winged angel that 'twould walk the soil of this place." Go Templaric poetry!

"Ser Clemens! Ser Fawkes! My, my, my, Lady Lockhart! Dames and Sers, good 'eve and Lord bless you all!" He greets to his various friends and companions.

To the Gargess, he smiles slightly, rubbing his head. "A..." Pause. Girlfriend? Lover? Student? "friend of mine has sent a rather odd message. I...worry." There's a quick, meaningful glance to Skoll.

"Ahh, yes! Introductions. Ser Fawkes, allow me to introduce my companions! Lady Zia of Manhattan, a fellow Shard Seeker and mayhap the most beautiful Gargoyle to ever walk this earth! Ser Ulfang, a strong and honorable warrior...nay, knight of more 'modern' times, a friend and Shard Seeker as well. Ser Reize Seatlan, our glorious leader and a most adventurous young fellow! Lady Tifa Lockhart, never more gallant a monk nor talented a bartendress to be found! Lady Lenn, a more than adept healer, Shard Seeker, and gentle heart! Ser Luso Clemens, adventurer, gallant warrior, and current head of Clan Gully! And the young Lady Lily, a Shard Seeker and mage of great skill!" A bow is given to Zeke, as he turns to his companions.

A deep breath. "I trust I have not left out anyone? Sers and Dames, Ser Ezekiel Fawkes, a merchant captain, brave man, and overall good soul."

The rat is sure to inspect Reize, and really anyone who's injured. That is, /after/ taking the wine bottle. He inspects it, and grins. "Ser Ulfang, I should like to hug you! In fact!" Yup. Enter manhug.
Lily "REEEEIIIIIIZE!" Lily hops off the cart - only lightly stumbling on landing - and charges off for the boy with her arms spread wide.

Giggling up a merry storm, the first thing she does is simply LAUNCH herself at him to hug tight, at first not seeing to pay any mind to his new friend. Not until she's all but squeezed the breath out of him anyways. Then she looks over at Annalise with some confusion.
Zeke Zeke twitched at Skoll's sudden loudness, but before he could get any weapons loose from where he'd tied them back (hey he wanted to make it difficult to get to in case he got smashed drunk but didn't want to completely DISARM in case he needed t'fight) Skoll came up with the wine. This caused him to grin rather broadly and doff his hat to the big guy. "Pleasent fellow."

Wait Big Bird! Zeke grumbled at the thing to try discouraging it from nomming hair. He's had horses do that before. Yea, the sea captain knows how to work a horse. Go figure. Tifa showing up caused him to grin rather wide. "Fancy seeing you here lass." Genuine happyness here. None of that fake show stuff goin on. He liked Tifa. She was a good cook, made with good drinks, and was a good ear for troubled sorts. "Who's watchin th'bar?"

Then introductions! He bowed politely to the crowd at large. "Shard Seekers hm? Lemme guess, trying to find bits and pieces of the worlds an figure out how to fix things?"
Katyna Katyna had been keeping to herself lately, particularly after what happened in Archades. She hadn't been seen around VALKYRIE lately even as her travels had taken her further to some more obscure locations around the world.

However, having helped out in Fluorgis from time to time, and having not dropped by to visit Reize in a while had drawn her to the city that had been recently plagued with lots of heartless.

She is quite pleasantly surprised to see there is a party on, and she simply cannot resist gazing up at all the 'pretty shiny' lights and other decorations. "Ooooh...." amber eyes widen in wonder and awe at all the decorations as she wanders through the busy crowded streets, keeping an eye out for Reize and Faru. She was certain she'd find them here at least, right?
Lenn Lenn continues to hobble over to Reize, the staff slipping out of her hands, as she starts to fall over towards the young adventurer.
Skoll Ulfang "Well, I am sure I have some finer words in my arsenal." Skoll answers Zia, raising a hand to his neck and rubbing it like it were a sore spot, and smirks awkwardly at her for a little moment, before stepping out of the way. After all, Zia is trying to say hello to the newcomer. That's when the werewolf youth notices Faruja giving him that 'glance' and he feels something sinking in his stomach.

But then Faruja goes onto a whole different topic of introducing people, and Skoll ends up being allowed a few moments of worry while he lets him speak, gazing over the people here, while getting closer to Faru~ AHGODMANHUG!

No actually, Skoll doesn't care.

The werewolf gives Faruja a hug back, and then gives him a worried stare while he holds him. This /may/ be misconceived by others to be something else. "What is wrong, Fara~ ehh, Faruja?" Skoll asks him, while holding him. Gazing into his eyes. Being this close makes it easier to whisper.
Luso Clemens "Likewise, Faruja!" Luso greeted, raising a hand to the Templar. Upon the hearing the string of introductions he glanced towards Zeke and gave the man a quick salute. "Nice to meet you too, Mr. Zeke!" He spoke to the maybe-a-pirate, resting an arm on the grimoire strapped to his side.

Watching Lily tackle hug Reize, the boy couldn't help but chuckle. "Hahaha...never change, you guys. Never change..." Rubbing the underside of his nose with a finger, Luso then glanced off towards Skoll, raising an eyebrow. The name was familiar. He's definitely recalled Reize mentioning him at one point, but in what context?

Cue jeopardy theme as he tries to remember.

Do do do dodo do do dooooooo~


"Oh right! Hey! Mr Ulfang!" Luso called out to the wolf man, waving an arm as he approached. "I've gotta ask you something!"
Maira Among the crowd, Maira is dancing. While she is a bit embarrassed about the recognition she has gotten for her part in saving the city, she understands it is terribly rude to turn it down when someone offers to buy you a drink.

Maira has been bought oh....six drinks so far.

To say that she is chipper and somewhat beyond embarrassment is an understatement. She's abandoned her shoes long ago and has been reeling among the enthusiastic dancers for well over an hour, joyous and shining, giggling with wild abandon.

Her current partner is a random young man from the city who is also quite drunk and accidentally swings her a little far out--causing her to crash right into Vespa. "Eep!"
Reize Seatlan Reize remembers Zeke! It has been a long time!

"Oooooiiii! I remember you!" He lifts a finger to say his name, but it all comes out blank. "Uhhh..." Pause. "Uh..." ...Just not his name. Nevertheless, Reize remembers him! It was long ago when he first arrived!

He shakes his had, "No trouble to all! This is for all of us to enjoy!" The presence of the Noble Wolf is regarded with a smile. "Glad you can make it, Skoll." Reize is happy to see the big brother of a wolf.

A shadow looms over him.

That shadow. Oh boy. With the shadow looming, Reize's antenna hair twitches, unaware of the fate that behold them. However, Tifa interceps the attempts and the boy faces her, "Heee! Tifa! Glad to see you." He mutters, however, at her comment of his hair. "...Bah!" He puffs his cheeks with annoyance, but he does sigh a moment later. "They love biting my hair.

His interaction with Zia, however, is regarded with a smile. "Hee!" Then to the gargoyle's question, "Yeah! We're alright! We're safe!" He glances at Anna, "Oi, she's a friend!" But, whe Luso comes within he vicinity of the area. He moves towards Luso to bring his fist out for a BRO-FIST moment.

"Luso! Glad to see you!" The cloaked person? He turns his head to regard her, "Uh, she got here... had a tough time, but uhh... I don't know her name."

Faruja's introduction of the group earns a huge smile from Reize, "Ahahahaha, thank you, Faruja!" He gives a smile towards the nezumi. However, when Lily charges in full bore, Reize blinks and he yelps. When she jumps out at him, the boy acks and he laughs, hugging Lily close.

"Glad to see you too!"

Then, at Zeke. "Ideally, yes. Tht is why the Shard Seekers exist. We've found our first World Shard, too!"
Annalise Though Zia reassures her that she wouldn't be harmed, the Cocobo...
"Aah!" Annalise instinctively ducks her cloaked head out of pure reflex as the large beak comes down, only to be swatted away from Reize's head at the last moment.
These people are going to give her a heart attack!

Though the rat person that introduces himself as Faruga Senra is speaking to Skoll, she herself catches most of the introductions as well, her bright blue eyes beneath the mask glancing to each person in turn to memorize their faces, appearing curious. Even Reize gets a curious look when Lily literally launches herself at him with a bone-crushing hug. He was certainly popular. When Luso asks Reize about her identity, the cloaked and masked girl smirks just slightly at him, "No one of importance, I assure you. Evidentially just a traveler." Traveling from her world to this one, but it was true.
Reize Seatlan As for the faling Lenn, Reize quickly sweeps over to catch Lenn, "Lenn!" Okay, Reize is now worried.
Vespa Vespa looking around starting to get into the mood with the crowd, she buys herself a drink watching the crowd dance. She smiles sand start tapping her foot along with the music. The dancers or did she get a bit closer it hard to tell with these numbers. One gets a bit too close. "Hey watch it!", but it too late and the dancer smashes into her the both of them falling over Vepsa drink spilling all over her. "Watch what you doing next time!", she a bit uspet. Till she sees who it is. "M-maria?"
Lenn Lenn smiles softly in Reize's arms. "Sorry... I guess I'm still a bit weak..." She leans on her fiancee. "So, your adventure went well?
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart salutes Zeke with a smile "Hey there." She looks around. Quite the gathering here after all.

She blinks a bit at Annalise's reaction "Don't worry, Premium Heart is all nice." She points at the red chocobo trotting away happily toward a small grass patch, plopping herself down on it. "You can even go pet her if you want to." She smiles.

Turning back to Zeke, she shrugs "I don't need to be there all the time, there are others to tend to it when I'm not. Otherwise I'd never get on the cool adventures either huh?" She laughs a bit at that.
Zia And then Faruja has to go and take Skoll's compliment and turn it into one of his runs of poetry. The poor gargoyle flushes a shade of pink, biting at her lower lip. "Ye do me too much honor as always, my good mouse." She looks curiously at him, following his eyes towards Skoll, but the connection isn't there. "Hopefully it isnae anythin te be concerned over." Lately, there always seemed to be some trouble brewing, and for once it might be nice to forget it all for one evening.

Her tail twitches at her side as the Templar goes about making introductions. Most of them are ones she knows, but there's a couple which garner a nod of her head and a sweep of one wing forward in a graceful bow. "A pleasure te meet ye, Ser Luso Clemens, Ser Ezekiel Fawkes." She still hasn't gotten used to names yet, or dropping full titles. There were relatively few people that the gargoyle even refers to on a first-name basis. Old habits die hard.

Somewhere, there is a flash. Someone is taking another photo of 'Solva' and 'Fara'. Clearly the two are destined lovers, because they are brought together even here! The yaoi fangirls will approve.

Zia can't help but smile a bit at the hugs, both between those two, and then Lily and Reize as well, although with them it's more 'cute'. Then he's got Lenn falling into his arms, too. Ahh Reize, women falling all over him.

With a glance back at the mouse and wolf, Zia raises an eyebrow. They're busy, so she looks over towards the young captain, "So, would a captain be so kind as te do a lady the honor of a dance?" The two she would normally ask are distracted, so... their loss.
Lily Once released, Lily turns to Lenn a moment later... "Ah--" But Reize catches her first. Lily breathes out a sigh of relief, then returns to giving Anna a quizzical look while tidying up her robes with a few quick tugs. "But you must have a name!"
Maira Maira tries not to fall all over Vespa, but she's drunk and her head is spinning! "Eeee! I'm so sorry!" she says, fussing over Vespa now. "I can fix this. I've gotten better. Lets see lets see..." she says, then concentrates on the wet spot on Vespa's clothes and begins to draw the liquid away with her magic, the droplets all condensing into a bubble that then flies off toward a bush--and hits someone else. But hey, what are they doing in those bushes anyway!?

Maira looks back to Vespa. "Hey Vespa! Are you alright? I haven't seen you! We'll get you another drink, okay? Eeee! There are so many people here!" she adds, bouncing with excitement. "There's Faruja! FARUUUUU!"
Zeke Zeke looked mildly impressed. Actually he thought he remembered Reize from that business where Gilgamesh went crazy(er) and tried to kill everyone. "You... wouldn't happen to know what happened t'that big fella? Grey skin, bombastic attitude, pile of green rocks fer a dog?" That was one fellow he liked. "I really like him. HOpe whatever state he'd gotten in was fixable." Nevermind he idnd't know Gilgamesh that well but still. Sentement and all that.

"I thought Everyone was lookin fer these things. Also wait... you work with Emi, Umi... and that whole Legion Network Hivemind spooky thing ya?" He tried sounding sociable but he had a few dozen questions. "Don't get me wrong nice people, though the thing with eating shoe was strange but.... the whole network business is odd."

Then his ear perked. Dance?

"Gods in Heaven and Earth lady." Zeke went white at ht e prospect. "I have a hard enough time not stepping on people's feet much less tails, claws, and being a human wrecking engine out there." He tried bowing to Zia and clicked his tounge, mostly because he could. "If you want though I can but... it's not pretty." Guy can run rigging like it was nothing. Storm tossed seas were like flat ground to him. A dance on non-moving earth and a capible partner though sent him into fits. Oi.
Katyna It doesnt take long for Katyna to spot the life of the party, and naturally Reize is in the center of it all! She grins and waves, darting towards him, but unlike some of the others, she doesnt hurl herself at him or anything. Still, he's given a warm smile after the last time she had seen him.

"Reeize! Heey! I knew I'd find you here! It's been so long! So this is what you've been up to, huh?"

She glances around at the others gathered, noting Faruja and Maira whom are also given warm smiles. "Faru...Maira! Heh, good t'see y'all again.." Katyna unfortunately, did not catch Faru's comment about Hati, nor has she checked her phone for messages. "How's it going, y'all? I'm relieved to see the city's peaceful once again..."

Lily's also given a grin and chuckle when she hugs Reize. Cute as always, "Hey again, Lily, taking good care of Reize, I see?" When Vespa gets drink all over her, she chuckles, moving towards her, offering a napkin. ooh wait, she remembers her. She was trying to stop her from stealing puppies..But she's also a VALKYRIE member.

"Hey you again. Here, try this." Then Maira steps in and dries it with her trick! "Ooh, that's soo awesome! You gotta show me that one some time!"

Ooh and there's Tifa! So many familiar faces! "Hi Tifa! Didja mix any good drinks for this party?" Out of the corner of her eye she recognizes Zia and Skoll, the former whom she vaguely remembers from the battle against Manhattan, and of course the latter as Hati's annoying brother. Grr, do not like! For now, Kat pretends not to see them, focusing upon her VALKYRIE allies, and the Shard Seekers that she actually likes.
Faruja Senra By the smell, Faruja may just be a touch drunk, likely explaining the man(rat?) hug. "Hati. She sent me a message. 'Tis...fine on the face of it, however..." Letting go, Faruja quickly forwards the message to Skoll, before putting away the phone. "Mayhap I am simply paranoid."

Luso and Reize gets bows and smiles, though it all may seem a little forced.

Then, he turns to annalise. "Good 'eve, M'Lady! I pray you shall enjoy the days' festivities!"

Sigh. Was that another photo? Faruja facepalms. ".../Tell/ me the rumors have died down, oh dear, sweet 'Solva'?"

As for Zia, he shakes his head. "Naught but the truth, M'dear! Naught but the truth!" Grin.

Of course, by now he's lost out on a chance to dance. Frack. Ahh well, there shall be other opportunities! For now, he moves over to Maira. Conveniently, there's now a glass of wine offered to her, courtesy of Skoll's bottle.

"Lady Maira! Ahh, Lady redsvaren! You look well, both of you!" He's sure to not be too distracted by said bouncing.
Evja A certain Vieran Judge was here tonight as well, though in attire quite a bit different from normal. Normally Evja would simply wander about with 'her' white cloak, a symbol of being a Judge, symbol magically emblazoned onto the back.

Today, though?

The Viera was in a full on expensive-looking dress, , this one in fact. Or one quite similar anyways. Though Evja still had that Judges Cloak on, the white stood out in stark contrast from the black and gray of the dress. Perhaps it was for the celebration of things that Evja, in fact, had gone through these lengths to look so prim. The Viera still had her normal Veil on, however, long hair combed out straight and hanging free with the exception of a semi-thick braid keeping the sides of her hair pulled back and out of her face.

With her hands inside hidden pockets in the cloak, Evja keeps it wrapped around herself while she looks about at the festivities, walking along quietly, ears erect but otherwise not looking too alert past semi-interested in things.
Vespa "It's okay nothing broken.", Vepsa says watching at Maria pulls the liquid off her outfit. Handy trick she will have to ask about that one later. She laughs lightly as the liquid hit someone(s) in the bushes. She helps Maria back up as she waves to Faruja. She waves back to him as well. Maria voice loud enough for both of them.
Deelel Where has Deelel been? She's been working on her latest art project but that's going to have to wait as she's realisee it's about time for the party. Well she's late, it's kinda funny in a way the basic had got her sense of time all muddled up but here she is coming to join the party. She's as she always is in traverse town. Deelel isn't one for changing clothing, or she's got a million of the same outfit it's hard to rell really but here she is she might end up well? Behind Zeke like some sort of ninja.

"Captain! Greetings!"

Now where was Faruja, Lily, Maira and Reize? She'll find them sooner or lter.
Maira "You will dance with me later, right Faruja?!" she calls, remembering what a fine dancer Faruja is.

Maira smiles to Vespa, nodding then. "Oh good...gosh everyone just keeps putting drinks in my hand..." she says, and just like that someone walking by gives her another one. "See!?" she says, but passes this one to Vespa since she spilled hers.

When Katyna appears, Maira turns and without any warning, glomps her. "Katyna! Where have you been!?"
Skoll Ulfang Skoll gives Reize a little wave in regards to being named, and smirks at him, but otherwise leaves the youth be. He's not getting into any trouble he needs to get him out of after all. Luso on the other hand, catches his attention. But first there's Faruja. He lets go when he mentions his sister and the fact that he'll forward him the message. "I hope you are right, friend ratling." Skoll answers him, and is just too late -- for Zia tries to make off with Zeke.

A little dejected, Skoll's ears fold down, and he moves over to Luso while leaving one hand in his pocket with his phone - waiting for the buzz of that message to arrive. "That's me, Skoll Ulfang. 'sup? Luso - it was - right?" Faruja was pointing people out when he was introducing people, and Skoll /actually/ paid attention! He also noticed that Faruja had pointed out Katyna, who is... pardon the pun... pointedly avoiding him.

But then Zeke goes ruining his chances with the gargess, and Skoll calls out towards the pale white skinned gargess. "I'll take that dance, if he won't have it!" He calls out, before quickly glancing back to Luso. "You wanted to ask something?" Better get this out of the way first though. But he does turn and bow towards Zia, holding out a hand in one of those manners one might expect from someone whose lived in a royal house's court for much of his life.

And in a ways, that is true -- just look at the Gaudium Lords.

Of course, he quickly checks his phone when it buzzes, just from the corner of his eyes, before looking back up to Zia. Hati had something come up. No big deal, right? So then why is he feeling inclined to trust Faruja's instincts on this?
Annalise At the tug to her cloak, Anna blinks her bright blue eyes beneath her halfmask once before turning her hooded head towards the sensation, seeing a very adorable Lily blinking back at her with a curious look. The other girl couldn't be any older than herself. "Um..." she hesitates. "Well I //do// have a name, its just... it isn't safe for me to give it..." she admits quietly. "I've always had to keep my identity secret in the past for my protection. My father--" Anna snaps her mouth closed and something else washes over her features. "I'm sorry. I'm being rather rude, aren't I. I apologize for my rudeness."
Luso Clemens "Huh, just a traveler huh?" Luso mused pausing in his walk towards Skoll to glance at the stranger with a raised eyebrow. He looked at her suspiciously for a moment before just shrugging his shoulders and smiling. "Well alright! Nice to meet you then, Mystery Traveler X! Heh heh heh!"

And with that, he turned away from Reize and Annalise, focusing his attention back to Skoll just in time to hear his response. "Reize tells me you're the one who made that awesome chain shooting hookshot thingy!" He explained, making gestures with his hands that didn't at all get the point across, but served to make him look more like a kid in a candy store, exciting to just be in the place.

"I was just wondering; where can I get me one of those? How did you make it?" Funny that he never forgot about that hookshot all of this time. Talk about misguided persistence!

The heated battle for Zia's hand in dance went totally unnoticed by Luso in the end. Hookshots mattered more than dancing with girls! That could come later!
Reize Seatlan Sigh.

Reize holds his fiancee, then he hugs her close to him. "Oi, Lenn, are yyou alright?!" Though, she does mention that she's a bit tired, "Yeah, but you rest..." He moves to set her against one of the walls. He smiles faintly at her.

Anna not giving a name further complicates things. The boy makes a face, already growing annoyed. "Ugghhh.... One of those types." However, he looks over towards Katyna, "Ooooooiiii Katyna!" He then grins, "We saved Fluorgis and the Shard Seekers are officially a clan!"

"Ooiiiii!----" Then, his eyes drift towards Maira. "Ooiiiii! Maira!"

And then...


"Oh! Maira! Felix Cheshire wanted me deliver you a message!"


"He said you looked great last time he saw you!"

0Reize has completed the [Cheshire's Message] Side Quest!
Lily Lily taps her cheek for a little bit... while peering all the while at Anna. "Then I'll call you Violet." She proclaims simply, although why this choice of all things is rather hard to tell.
Vespa Vespa aquires drink +1! She seeing alot of familar faces here tonight. She smiles shakes her head a Maria enthisam tonight. "Hello again", she says to Katyna. She takes a sip of her drink.
Zia First she gets ignored in favor of a celphone and conspiratorial whispers and far too suggestive man-hugs, and then the good captain doesn't even have the grace to take her offer of a dance. "Oh fer the love of..." Here she had gotten all dresed up and no one, apparently, was interested in taking her dancing. It's probably the first time she's even had a /chance/ for these kind of festivities, especially the way humans tended to see gargoyles as monsters. "Ye disappoint me, good sir, but Ah suppose Ah lass cannae force a man te dance with her." She gives him a bow.

Turning, there is a moment where she lets out a sigh, but then Skoll takes up the declined offer. "Aboot time one of ye bothered." She walks over, swating at the wolf's tail with her own. Oh, it bares mentioning that that tail has a certain ribbon on it, too. Luckily, the gargress doesn't seem to annoyed as she walks over to join Skoll and Luso. "G'eve sir." She offers to him, then steals Skoll's arm. He isn't getting away from her. She's getting a dance with him, and with Faruja, even if she has to stalk them all night.
Katyna Katyna's smile fades a bit when Faru mentions Hati's name. "Huh? Hati? where is she? She couldn't make it? How come?" However if it was important...Especially if it was...Related to *that*, Katyna is sure that her 'sister' would have pass the message to her as well. "Huh..." she checks her phone then, and frowns, whapping it a few times. "Darnit, battery's dead. I'll have to check later." She smiles back at Faru. "Dont worry! I'm sure it's fine, but just to be sure, I'll check up on her later, 'k?"

Briefly, Katyna glances towards Skoll, remembering Hati's words, and she tries very hard to force a smile. "Oh. Hello again. What's that weird thing around your neck?" She makes a face, "Pretty weird fashion statement.." when it seems he's about to go dancing with Zia, it makes her relax just a bit. At least she wont have to 'accidently' knock him to the ground, or spill wine on his dumb clothes.

Then, Maira glomps her and she chuckles, hugging her, "Hey you! Sorry, been...Err...Busy..." There's a strange look in her eye as she says that , as if Kat was up to no good. With the Kat, no one ever really knows though!

Reize is also given a smile and nod as she moves over to hug him if he'll allow it. Not many people are hugged by Kat, but she's learned to trust Reize and Maira thus far at least. "Reize! It's good to see you again..I'm glad! Congratulations! You've done a good job of protecting the city..."

Finally, Kat glances around, then back at Reize, "Sooo, care to introduce me to your friends? Who is the mysterious Gargoyle girl?" who indeed?

"Ooh, and look, a pretty bunny!" Kat peers curiously at Evja and grins, "Beautiful dress!"
Zeke Zeke totally wasn't trying to setFaruja up for a dance. Nevermind he didn't know he was sweet on the gargyle lass. Zeke himself simply didn't want to get his head ripped off after stepping on the lady's foot.

Oh hey Deelel! He turned and grinned wide at the Basic. "Uh they're all right here." Arm gesture to Reize and company. "What brings you roundabouts here cani get yo ua drink? HOw about something to eat? Maybe we can talk about these computer things or something." Pleasegodgetmeawayfromthisdancething. Meep.

Then he pointed to Skoll. "HE wants to dance with you. Dance with him!"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles and wavse to Katyna "I wasn't invited to mix drinks, but if they needed my expertise I'll gladly offer it." She grins. "She didn't dress up for the occasion, because she knows its the middle of the desert, she wasn't going to dress too heavy for this. She looks around for some of the said food and drinks thoguh, wanting to pick at some while chatting up with the friends.
Faruja Senra To Maira, there's a grin. "Why, of /course/!" Case in point, the ratling's quick to take Maira's free hand, spin her about, dip her, and then...

That scoundrel, he tickles her on the nose with his tail! Straightening her up, he gives the woman a tight, friendly hug; lacking in his usual hesitance for PDA. Blame the alcohol. Which, he's quick to pour himself a glass and suck it down.

"Ahh, an excellent vintage Ser Ulfang. I never knew you to have such good taste!" A mental note is made to take the pair of wolves wine tasting one of these days.

Speaking of people who look great, is a certain Viera. As she walks by, the rat has to blink and stare a moment or two. It's that cloak of the Judges that helps matters. "...Lady Adjudicator!?" By now, he's feeling positively underdressed.

"You look lovely! Lord in heaven, never would I imagine you in such a fine gown!" From the looks of things, the Burmecian approves. It doesn't even occur to him to remember certain things he's learned recently about the Judge!

To Katyna, the rat tilts his head. "I wish I knew., M'Lady." Pause. A nod. "Yes, yes. Mayhap 'tis the truth. Will you? Oh, thank you Lady Redsvaren!" The ratling may just seem a little overworried for Skoll's sister, even moreso than usual.

Earperk. It seems Skoll has the first dance! Faruja smiles. "Do be careful of yonder tail, Ser Ulfang!" he calls out good naturedly, not seeming /too/ upset. After all, there's a certain wolfess lingering in his heart by now.
Annalise Reize's comment of to the side is heard, and Annalise shoots him an annoyed glance for a moment's instance before she turns her full attention to Lily. Her expression softens at that and she actually smiles, a gentle and genuine warmth flowing through her as she chuckles. "That works. We can both be flowers." Already she was feeling a kinship with the other girl, Lily, and it makes Anna hesitate for a short moment before her small hands emerge from her cloak to reach up to her hood.
Gently brushing back the dark brown fabric a pale gold waterfall cascades over her slender shoulders along the curve of her back, highlights sparkling with the sunlight. "I... haven't had much interaction with people, to be honest. Not closely to big groups like this I mean."
Maira Maira looks over toward Reize, blinking. Mr. Cheshire? Who was that?

Cue flashback.

Maira is standing in SS HQ, taking off her top so Ivo can 'measure' her for her fireproof clothes, then this weird guy appears and is all staring at them...

Maira turns bright red! Th-that's completely inappropriate!

Luckily, she is rescued by the power of Adorable Faruja wields with such finesse. Maira giggles as she is spun, dipped, then tickled. Once on her feet again, she hugs Faruja affectionately and places a little kiss on his muzzle. "You are so adorable Faruja!" she says, then looks over to say hello to others. "Oh hi Skoll! Nice to see you! Have fun dancing!" she calls.
Deelel Deelel looks over at Deelel "I'm fine on energy for now! Oh I umm live here I'm with the shard seekers!" She seems in a very chipper mood given the darkness has finally been lifted from the city itself. "Well dancing you know that might be fun!" She looks a Zeke "Care to dance, come on it's a party. One needs to have some fun in their life!" There's no escape Zekek!
Skoll Ulfang "Ah, the Hookshot. I made it. In order to do so, I'll need things li~..." Whup! Zia steals his arm, and Skoll comes upright along with her. "I do note, I am not sure my brand of dancing is the same as what you are used to." He then glances back to Luso. "Tell you what, ask Reize for my number, I'll send you a list of things I'd need to make another one." So he explains, before walking Zia closer to the middle of the plaza where folk are dancing...

And then halts for a moment as Katyna tries to grate on his nerves for no particular reason. "Hello Katyna." Skoll answers the girl. "The collar isn't a fashion statement. It's a magically forced tracker and parasite on me - if you must know. I'm sure my sister can explain it to you better. Now if you'll excuse me?" And so he continues on, giving Maira a little wave as she calls over at him, and finally arrives... lets go of Zia, and then begins to dance...


With a lot of hip-movement and motions towards her, drawing her in with hand-motions and making for grabbing her waist or hand, and otherwise keeps swinging around her in a contant motion of getting close and then parting again. There's something very raw about his motions however, and it's obvious that the werewolf is holding back... his more tribal nature.

"We'd normally dance around a fire." He explains as he pulls Zia close again once. "Many of us, under the rhythm of the drum... our bodies painted."
Evja Suddenly, someone spoke out about 'Pretty' and 'Bunny'. Evja turned to level a rather uncompassionate look towards Katyna before sighing and saying quite simply, "I would imagine that you would not enjoy being called an ape? A Viera is just that, and... not a bunny..." she trails off towards the end and looks towards Faruja, blinking at the rather vocal and happy announcement of her title, as is so given by him anyways.
Lady? So he didn't know? Or was simply being polite? Well, might as well lean towards the former.

But, back to Katyna, "Thank you, however, for the compliment. I will forgive you in exchange for a carrot?" With how even Evja's tone has been since she started speaking to Katyna, hard to say if that's a joke, or an honest offer to forgive the bunny remark for nothing other than... well, something most would associate with rabbits. Then back to Faruja.

"Hello you. Out here all alone - I was quite certain your doting wolf would be out here with you given she did not seem to accept my invitation to join along with me." Even with the phrase 'doting wolf', it didn't sound harsh so much as... well, something to try and tease Faruja about.
Luso Clemens "Things like....?" Luso asked, looking rapt with attention. But then came Zia creeping over to him and Skoll and taking the werewolf by the arm. She then dragged him off. "Noooooooo.....oh well!" Luso shrugged, recovering rather quickly. Instead, he just waved and grinned at the departing dance couple. "Have fun!"

There would be other chances to complete his life's goal...the goal of obtaining a HOOKSHOT to add to his arsenal of weapons!

% Yes.
Reize Seatlan ?

His eyes drift towards Maira, looking rather confused.

However, the moment that Lily calls the girl Violet, Reize cannot help but smile. It is funny, realizing that the girl was once given a name by him. And now, Lily has given the name to her. Even if Annalise flashes the boy with an annoyed glance, he is still in good spirits! Nothing's going to deter him!

As Katyna asks about Zia, Reize glances over to her, "Ah! This is Zia, and... this is Skoll!" He gestures to the wolf,who is interacting with Luso, "And the other one is Luso!"

Then, he gestures to he stranger, "And this is Violet." His attention returns to Lenn, "Hey, Lenn..." He approaches her, "...Shall I escort you back to the HQ?"
Zeke Zeke facepalmed at Deelel's request to dance. "Lass. I'l dance, but I can almost gurentee you won't like it."

What followed involved lots of near mises, Zeke's feet acting like they've been bewitched, and at least a few instances of Deelel's feet getting stepped on. This from man who thought nothing of hopping from rigging to rigging to building to ground with the practiced grace that shouldn't belong to human kind.
Lenn Lenn smiles to Reize, and leans over to kiss the boy's cheek. "I was going to simply find somewhere to sit. You were part of this fight, too..."
Katyna Katyna smiles and nods at Faruja. "Sure thing, no prob....By the way.." She leans in conspiratorily towards Faru's ear, "Hear she's got the hots for you! You should ask her out on a date, hmm?" wink wink! nudge nudge! But, she'll have to track down Hati first!

For now, Kat's determined to have some fun! When Skoll gives a rather surprising answer, Katyna's grin turns into a frown. "Wuh...What? That....Er..." She stares at the collar, scratching her head in confusion. Although she'd like to see him get punished, that seems a bit much. "Gee...That's..Sorry to hear that.."

Then he walks off with the one named Zia. "Heh. Good Riddance.." she murmurs softly to herself before glancing back at Reize as he introduces the others. "Heh, I know dog breath." the way Kat says it makes it pretty clear that she's not very keen on him either.

As for the others, she nods and smiles to each in turn. "Hi Luso, Lenn, Violet. Nice t'meet y'all! What do ya think of this party, hey?"

Well, it seems Maira has her hands full with Faruja, and dance music is starting. Darn, she needs a dance partner.

"Heeeey Reize!" She grins impishly, reaching for his arm, "Y'wanna dance? I promise I'll be gentle!" Impish grin!
Lily Lily sprouts a grin at Annalise, full of her typical playfully happy attitude, then bounds over to Reize and Lenn to give Reize another hug--

And, without warning, lunges up to plant a SMOOOOOOOOCH right on his lips right then and there. It 'd only last for a few seconds though!

"No more Heartless! No more heartless at all! It's finally safe here!"
Katyna When Evja takes offence, she blinks, "Oooh, A Viera! Sorry, never met one before! Well I think you're very pretty! Err.." She sweatdrops when he offers to give her a carrot, missing the joke it seems. "Hah! Sure!!!"
Zia Well, it isn't as if the gargoyle was planning on dragging him away mid-conversation, but if he comes along with from that small tug, who is she to argue. Of course, the girl does stop at the sight of a beautiful looking bunny-girl. Now, maybe such creatures existed in the animation of her world, but certainly she hasn't had much opportunity to see one in person. Pointed staring at strange race she's never seen gets interrupted by Skoll continuing to walk forward. Yoink!

Zia doesn't notice Reize pointing her out to someone else, although she had caught the comment from Skoll. "Friend of yers?" She asks hesitantly as he shifts her out onto the dance floor. At first, when he starts to dance, she just stares at him. It takes her a moment to figure out exactly what he wants her to do, but the motions are easy enough. Her feet don't exactly go in the right places, but at least after a short bit, she manages to keep up. "Ye dinnae dance like anythin Ah've ever seen."

At one point, she makes a mis-step, and ends up actually falling against his chest, ears drooping, looking a little embarassed at it. There's a few beats of music before she steps back, trying to catch her breath and get back into the rhythm. "Ah would imagine it was a sight te see." After a pause, she laughs nervously, "Did yer kind have anythin slower? Ah'm afraid Ah'm nae doin ye justice as a dance partner like this."
Faruja Senra At being called adorable, Faruja flushes beneath the fur! "My, my, my...that /is/ new!" Somehow, he likes it. He waggles his nose at Maira before taking in the exchange between Katyna and Skoll. Wince.

Skoll's dancing does get the rat's attention, studying it with an eye only a lover of art could give. Eventually, he nods at least half-approval. "Energetic...mmm. Could use more coordination, far too random. More, no. Would lose its tribal charm." Mutters the rat appraisingly. At least, as long as there's not too many grabs there!

"D...doting wolf?" Flush! Cough. His momentary embarrassment fades into worry once again. "...Truly, I wish she were amongst us."

"Two ears fold back as he's whispered to by Katyna. The rat stumbles! Thud! Right on his rear.

Cough! "Th..mayhap. Mayhap I shall!" He tries to sound confident, and fails utterly. Standing, he bows to the two 'Ladies'.

Then, he passes by a random server. "Lady Adjudicator, do allow me the honor of a dance tonight, hmm? I pray thy wounds have healed" After hearing her reply, he bows, before tending to the rest of his companions.

Twirling away, he'll start distributing alcohol helpfully. Making the rounds to his friends, he stops before two in particular.

Those two being Reize and Lenn. "Ser Seatlan! Lady Lenn! A toast to our victory!"
Deelel Deelel says "Well we'l have to see." Deelel is polite enough to not make issue of getting stepped on though this form of dacning isn't what she really expected it to be given what little in the way of dance basics do have. Still her feet, ow, ow crunch, ow!
Luso Clemens Katyna gets a cheerful wave from Luso as he turned towards the rest of the group, heading over. "Katyna, right?" He's seen her around here and there, but they've never gotten a chance to really talk before. Guess that was being fixed now! "Yeah, this is really some party! Look at everyone! Dancing their lives away, drinking up a storm, eating delicious food...! Man, parties in Fluorgis are crazy!"

And he wasn't lying either. "Alright, since Skoll got kidnapped, I guess I've got nothing to do!" And with that said, the boy offered Katyna a hand, grinning all the while. "What do you say we have a dance? May as well do that while we talk, yeah?"

Logical or stupid? Your pick.
Annalise The smile on her lips falters when Lily turns and around and practically bounces towards Lenn and Reize just before giving the boy a full kiss on the lips. Anna blushes brightly. Such boldness. A small frown of uncertainty forms in her expression, thoughtful while she looks over the group of people. Everyone celebrating, everyone already knows one another and celebrating with victory over an evil that had been triumphed. She felt so out of place here.
Anna gently shakes her pale blond head to herself as she lifts her arms and brushes back her plain brown cloak, revealing the dark navy dress and full white ruffles. Clearly not a dress for a traveler, much less one meant for everyday wear.
Vespa Vespa takes a step back, from the dancing crowd taking another sip of her drink, she goes and grabs some meat-on-a-stick from a stall. She just content just to watch the crowd dance.
Reize Seatlan Sigh. Given that Lenn is still looking worn, Reize leans over to return the kiss towards Lenn's cheek. "Alright. Just don't overwork yourself." And then, Reize looks over towards Kat, "Oh! Sure, I wouldn't-"

So, Katyna has Reize's arm. Defenses are down.

Lily leaps up towards him.


Reize is given a deep smooch right on his lips.


The antenna hair rises up.

It looks like he may end up dancing with Lily AND Katyna--though, Luso is cutting in. Not that Reize minds. However, seeing Annalise undo the cloak, Reize blinks for a few moments. In the midst of it all, his attention drifts towards Faruja as he hands over the alcohol their way. Reize at first, reaches for it.




"GAH!" Reize turns around. ...No. Mr. Mew. Maybe that was Reize's imagination.

"Ahh...." Reize takes the drink, "A toast to our victory!" What can go wrong from this drink?
Percival It was a time of celebration. A magical evening in which the conquering heroes were hailed as the champions that they were.

Percival was no exception. He was doing an excellent job of playing a champion wallflower. Or was it roofflower? Hard to say. Either way he was watching the celebration from above, and generally just brooding. It hit him that he was being both a little boorish and boring at the same time, but he had a purpose to that, he was searching from above for a certain besotted Burmecian Templar. He swore that it was like searching for a needle in a hays...Oh there he was, that actually wasn't all that difficult. Maybe if he were a little less self-absorbed during his little pity party he might have caught sight of him hours ago. How very embarassing.

Descending down into an alleyway took only moments for the Gargoyle, but then came the part of winding about the celebration. That he did, very deliberately, and he still managed to almost trip over a few people as the large Gargoyle tried to bumble about the crowd. Once he finally crossed the throng though, he actually kept his distance from Faruja. He looked like he was having a good time, and the news he had to deliver would only darken the mood.

It didn't take long for him to decide to keep it to himself until the oppurtunity was right.

He moved away gradually, taking his place at the edge of the festivities, on ground level. He had made the very significant transition from roofflower to wallflower. Now that, was progress!
Katyna Katyna smiles at Luso and nods. "Sure is! Check out all this alcohol! Not as good as Tifa's but still great!" She grins at Tifa, "No, really. But hey, it's good to see y'all again too! I finally got to check out Cloud Nine! It's pretty awesome, what with Twilight Detective on the upper floor! Nice job!!"

She looks back to Luso, arching a brow, "Eh? Skoll got kidnapped...Again? Man, that guy's a trouble magnet.." she sighs, "I suppose it has something to do with that darned collar, huh?" Guess she'll have to ask Hati about that one too, some time. She grins as she's offered a drink, taking a good long sip before raising the glass to the others. "Cheers! To Fluorgis' future!" then, whenever that's done with, Kat glances curiously towards Reize..

Well..She was hoping to dance with the boy, but it seems he has his hands full with all those girls. Kat cant help but chuckle a bit as Lily smooches him, wondering if she'd perfected the technique after Kat's little demonstration with the mistletoe. "Err..Guess you're a little busy right now, hey?" Another glance and grin back at Luso, "Sure, why not? I'd love to!" And she offers him her hand.

Let's just hope she doesn't clutz this one out, Kat's not known for being terribly graceful, even if she is very enthusiastic!
Skoll Ulfang "Friend of my sister's. Seems to dislike me for reasons that are beyond me." Skoll answered Zia's question regarding Katyna - or at least, he figured that was who she was refering to. A little ways into the dance, when she finally falls against his chest, Skoll slows his dance and puts a hand to Zia's back and looks down at the embarassed gargess. The big droopy ears were adorable. Not that he'd tell her something that embarassing! "I'm afraid we don't have much slower. But I can try and adapt to what the people here seem to be doing."

He looks over to a pair which is doing one of those typical slow waltzing dances. He just watches them for a while, whilst swaying a little along with Zia still resting against himself, before picking up on their movement. He's no perfect dancer, but he's a warrior who knows where his feet belong! It isn't hard for someone who is so versed in the art of chains and maneuverability.... and more than that - the stealth of nature's hunt - to adapt.

Now if only his tail would not keep slapping people who get too close - wagging, as Skoll is happy to dance with the pretty gargess. His eyes constantly on her. And in his mind?

'Am I staring too long? No, don't look into her eyes too long. Don't look at her neck, she might think you want to bite. NO NO NO! Don't look that low! Up eyes! Up! Ehhh... Nose! ... Noses are weird. Gosh she is pretty... her nose doesn't look weird.'
Zeke That's the thing about parties. Especially with parties when in a land where the drinking age was 'it's probably safer than the water'. Zeke could be spotted somewehre along the way rolling a barrel of rum along. And by rolling he was standing on the barrel walking on top of it as it rolled. This from a guy who couldn't dance. "WHO WANTS A DRINK?"
Luso Clemens "Oh, Tifa's alcohol, huh?" Luso mused, glancing at the woman in question. He had visited her previous bar, Seventh Heaven, before. He never did get to try a drink. But hey! Sea Salt Ice Cream! That was just as good, if not better! And so all was right with the world.

The mention of Skoll's collar caused the boy to chuckle and cross his arms, glancing back at Skoll and Zia as they danced. "Heh heh, well, I wouldn't know anything about that now. It looks like the best kidnapping he's had in a while now though!"

Watching Reize deal with his gaggle of girls just made Luso chuckle more though. "Man, Reize. You've got girls around you almost twenty four seven. Must be exhausting!" He shook his head at that though and looked back to Katyna. "Excellent! Let's do this then!" He cheered, taking her hand and leading her off.

"Good luck with all that now, Reize! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" He called out to his friend as he lead Katyna off. Once finding suitable space, he took her hand properly, standing in front of her. "I've gotta admit, I'm not that good of a dancer myself, but I won't be stepping on toes! I'm not that bad now!"

And with that said, Luso brought his other hand to Katyna's waist, leading her into a simple, but energetic dance, following the lead of the other people dancing and celebrating. "Let's just have some fun!"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles to Katyna, nodding. Its a great spot, much more in the middle of things in Traverse than in Goug, but I still go back to Goug once in a while. Both are inns too, so its always busy, whether its food or drinks, or just keeping the place tidy." She picks up a glass of the drinks, sipping socially for once, rather than serving.
Lily After pulling way Lily icks her lips and folds her hands, still in a giggly happy mood. THERE IS MUCH CAUSE FOR CELEBRATION HERE.

Even if she hardly knows anything of wht's going on through all this chaos and people. There is noise and dancing and music and food and all kinds of things but...

But she seems happy just hanging around this group with a triumphant grin to show the whole world.
Zia Right now isn't a good time to try to delve into the werewolf's family and their extended aquaintences, especially when she's trying so hard to keep up with his dancing. Luckily, after that stumble, the wolf does slow down a bit, even if it isn't one of his native dances. Zia leans in, keeping herself from flushing too much by just letting her head rest on his shoulder as they sway. She's not perfect at it by any means, but at least she's fairly light and graceful on those large taloned toes.

Oblivious to his myriad of thoughts, she laughs softly. "We didnae really dance much. Ah used te watch m'mum 'n da sometimes. He would just twirl her around 'n they'd laugh like there they had nary a single care in the world." Tonight, she wanted to do that, to close her eyes, dance with a couple of handsome young men, and forget. Forget about the Heartless out there, the undead threatening the temple in the desert, and the Gaea sisters threatening Skoll.

"Ye know, yer goin te cause some damage with tha thing." She notes about his tail, her own stays tucked to her side. When there is a break between songs, she pauses to look around, only then noticing Percival looking more like architecture than normal. "Thank ye fer the dance." She offers Skoll with that flush still lingering. She holds his hand for a moment longer, then leans up on tip-toes to leave a kiss on his cheek. "Ah'll see if Ah can save another one for ye later. Ah think Ah need te go see wha's troublin the young squire." She motions at Percival.

"Go sweep some other young lass off her feet." Her smile lingers, hand reluctant as she finally releases him and weaves her way through the crowd towards Percival. "So, can Ah depend on a young knight fer a dance?" She asks, holding her hand out to him without too much pretense. She can certainly shake him down for questions while she's got him isolated on the dance floor.
Vespa "I'll take one!", Vespa shouts to Zeke! She smiles holding out her glass for him to full! It's a festival so she going to drink as much as she can!
Evja With Faruja seemingly becoming rather distracted, and the carrot-fetcher occupied by dancing, Evja closes her eyes and reclines against a nearby wall, watching the festivities and considering who to approach if any and where to go. As her attention wandered, they came to various people in the crowd. That one kid from Gully, several members of the Shard Seekers, dog ears.
Wait, dog ears?

Evja stared a bit closer as if trying to figure out if it was Hati and... nope, not Hati. Though the fellow was male. Ah, right, she'd seen him before at the Pridelands ordeal where he turned into a wolf. Mm...

And he had said something about 'sister' there, with Hati recently speaking of her family.

Pushing away from the wall, Evja approaches Skoll and asks softly, "You would not happen to know a girl by the name of Hati, would you?"
Zeke Zeke proved he was strong as well as swift of foot by backflipping off the barrel and lifting it, all couple hundred pounds of rum and wood, onto a table before tapping it and pouring Vespa's glass and passing it back before getting on top of table and barrel. "FREE DRINKS! WHO'S THIRSTY!"

Gods he was gonna be sore in the morning. He wished manhatten were still around since he'd need asprine. LOTS of asprine.
Katyna Katyna smiles and nods to Tifa. "You're quite the best barmaid I've met yet! I need to head back to Traverse..Eventually. But first, I need to deal with some...Stuff!" shady smile. Dont mind her, nothing to see over here!

She glances back at Luso and smiles, "Heh, I guess he is. Well at least he'll be busy with her.." which suits her just fine. That collar of his has her curious though...Hmmmm......

Zeke offers more drinks and she grins at him, taking one, "Thanks! Dont mind if I do! Lesse, maybe I can dance even better if I'm drunk!" she grins and winks at Luso as he leads her to the dance floor. "Well actually, my friend Razan once taught me to dance, but..." But hopefully, she'll still remember those steps!

Katyna breaks out into a lively Salsa step them, seeming to dance quite well in her semi drunken state..Well..Erm, mostly..Except when she accidently steps on Skoll's tail! Really, it totally was an accident! Of course she didn't do that deliberately!

"Ouch! What was that! Sorry! Haha!!" she calls out randomly, not really knowing whose tail she stepped on! She does catch Evja's comment however, stepping near him and arches a brow, "Heh, you a friend of Hati's too? She's not here, sadly..."

She glances back at Luso again, "Oh yeah, I wanted to ask, soooo are you a Shard Seeker then?" Bah,. she's all over the place to day, it seems!
Annalise It looks like everyone is off doing their own thing now, the people she was introduced to moments before either dancing or drinking, just enjoying themselves in general. It made Anna a little bit envious that they have friends to do so with. Her soft lips part with a small breath as she dares a step forward, moving through the moving crowd, simply watching people and creature-people with open curiosity. Exploring what she could, she's stunned at the fire-breather that takes a deep inhale before tilting his head up and releasing a long stream of fire up into the air above the heads of the crowd.
Ivo Galvan You'd think Ivo Galvan would be in the midst of the fray from the beginning. There's nothing like a festival to get a lively light glittering in the Shard Seeker swordsman's blue eyes and awaken his curious nature; it's a setting in which he can browse all he wants without consequence and participate at his leisure, which suits him just fine. Besides, while he doesn't much like to fight, he does very much love to dance -- at least, he loves going to dances.

But when Ivo at least arrives on the scene, his cloak rippling down the darkened streets lit by brilliant lanterns -- testament to the renewed strength of the Fire Crystal -- he hovers on the sidelines, perhaps beneath notice for a little while, a drink in his hand and the other hand on his hip, smiling mildly. He still looks a bit tired; in fact, he's been about some business, dealing with the Shard Seekers' elevation to real Clanhood, helping sort out the public display of the Desert Rose, and sharing a few words with Cid Previa about the state of the Crystal. But there's nothing strained about his expression. He looks relaxed, at peace, happy to take in the energy of his surroundings. He raises his glass in toast, to no one in particular.

This is, after all--

"To us."

--what they were fighting for.
Deelel Deelel feet are very abused but she maintains good spirits even as the party rages on, she will delcine drinking as she's got no need to gert more energy right now, after. She'll sit down for the moment and look over the various party goers, she seems to be humming something as the young lady has a plan, there's a party there should be music as she sees it here...
Reize Seatlan Reize IS popular with the girls, isn't he? With Lily and Lenn, he does have people to depend on all around. However, despite of it all, Katyna was supposed ot be his dance partner, but she quickly got snagged by Luso. That may be a good thing, considering how swamped he is.

The boy laughs towards Luso, "Ahhahahaha... Y-yeah." He is sheepish, but all in all, he is accepting of their hearts. Even if it does feel odd with the attention...

"Drinking up!" Drink. Drink.

Fortitude Check.

> NOPE.jpg

Hiccup! Reize is now looking a little dizzy. However, the boy wraps an arm around Lily, then he reaches for 'Violet'.


And of course, Lenn.


"Let's dance--*hiccup*!"
Zeke Zeke busied himself by pouring glass after glass after glass of rum and started arranging them to form the parimiter of something just as several rather tiny fellows came over with bowls and platters of stuff he started filling the inner part of the design with. Time passed and Zeke stepped back eying the display before nudging this and that then calling it good.

Ladies and Gentlefolk. Boys and Girls of All Ages. The Party Octopus. Tenticles were drinks, The eyes were platters of cheese snacks. The forehead was chocolate, and the rest was fruit with coldcuts and sandwiches around where the tenticles gathered.

Zeke stood back with mug in hand and sandwich in the other trying to figure where Tifa was. He wanted her opinion on presentation. Sure that wasn't HIS food or booze but c'mon. He had to get SOME points for trying to keep people fuled right?
Lenn Lenn had found herself a seat, and had a drink pressed into her own hands... She'd never had alcohol before, so, why not?

Fast forward to 5 minutes later, the weakened elven beauty has a deep rosy color on her cheeks, and is smiling at Reize. "Sho handshome. My Hushban.."

And she finds herself quickly drawn up, practically falling over immediately unless someone catches her.
Skoll Ulfang Skoll keeps the dance slow and easy for Zia after the earlier little trek. "That must have been nice. I generally just danced with the whole tribe. Never really just with the close family. We were all... one big family." Or so he'd like to believe. But Omegas were not to dance. And some were too busy playing the drums. Things weren't equal back then. Still, he too is dancing for the same reason as Zia right now. To forget about the trouble that brews over his head. Over other peoples' heads. But also... because he enjoys Zia's company.

And that's exactly when, when the girl lingers in that hand-holding touch, that he continues to stongly hold hers. The little kiss to his cheek has him blushing a little, and the werewolf casts a grinning gaze back upon her. "You are quite welcome, my lady." He answers her, and lets go when she finally does pull away from him - trailing his fingers against the underside of hers as she does so, until she's out of his reach.

He then grabs his tail in an attempt to get it to STOP WAGGING so damn much... and walks out of the dancing crowd as he's spoken to by Evja. He's just about to comment back when Katyna suddenly steps on his tail. There's this loud YELP! sound, followed by the werewolf rubbing his tail. Seems he'd not held onto it well enough, and now he's stroking the fur carefully, and checking for kinks.

When Evja finally gets within arm's range though, he looks up... still petting his tail.

She's a rather pretty looking viera in that getup. And when they mention Hati, the youth smiles and nods. "Yeah, that's my sister. What about her?" He then glares back towards Katyna, who'd stepped on his tail. That's when he notices Annalise all alone - staring at the firebreather. Better keep Faruja away from said firebreather. If she'll notice him, Skoll actually motions at Annalise.

Hey, Zia'd told him to go dance with someone else as well. And he's still in the mood to dance.
Reize Seatlan Reize totally catches Lenn as she is Reize's dance partner!
Percival He'd almost gotten finished counting the cracks in the pavement. It was positively scintillating. So much so that when Zia approaches him, he's so startled by her voice that he stands bolt upright looking around hurriedly in a pretty comical fashion.

Yep, he was the very picture of composure that one. Then he gives her an almost dumbfounded look. Was she really asking 'him' to dance? Apparently so.

" Well certainly Lady Zia, if that is your wish. I...I mean you can always depend on me for anything."

Smooth Perci, smooth. A beautiful Gargess asks him to dance and THAT was your response? Alright, he thought, you can still recover gracefully. Percival gently put his hand within Zia's and allows her to lead him to the dance floor. Luckily for Zia's feet once they are isolated on the dance floor, he actually was not that terrible a dancer. Perhaps he even seemed to sense that she preferred something a bit more subdued as he shifts from allowing her to lead, to him doing the same as he starts the steps of a slower version of a Viennese Waltz. His wings even made for a rather effective tailcoat. His tail even got into the rhythm of the music as it shifted and moved along with the steps. Wait, was he actually having fun?

After a while, Perci even managed a smile. He was even making eye contact with Zia, though everything in his demeanour showed that the dance was a merely a friendly one, and he considered it nothing more than that. It still didn't make him less anxious about it.
Luso Clemens "I dunno about dancing drunk and all that, but hey!" Luso commented lightly, following after her movements easily enough. "If that floats your boat, then who am I to say otherwise, huh?" Laughing lightly, the boy didn't think to hard about what steps to take or how good or bad he was doing, he just danced and enjoyed himself.

And then Katyna attempted to step on Skoll's tail, though Luso didn't realize it was Skoll.


"H-Hey, let's watch our steps now...Don't wanna end up getting into some fight in the middle of a celebration, yeah?" He suggested with a sheepish chuckle, sweeping her along into a more courageous dance move.

At the inquiry of being a Shard Seeker, Luso totally gave her a look that pretty much asked 'really?'. "Ahahahaha! Me? A Shard Seeker? No way!" The boy denied, giving a quick handwave at the notion. "Those guys are awesome, but I'm the Leader of Clan Gully! I've got my own adventures to go on and my own people to look out for. Though that's not to say we don't work together now and then!"

He tilted his head slightly then and raised an eyebrow at Katyna. "What about you? What's your story? You're not in the Shard Seekers, are you?" He was pretty sure she wasn't anyway.
Maira There a thing about drinking a lot. All that drink has to go somewhere...

Thus Maira returns from a pee break, only to be immediately handed another drink. She's so tipsy she's not even sure where they are coming from anymore. They just appear like magic and she begins to sip them.

Blurry eyes scanning the crowd, Maira spots Ivo. She wouldn't where he was! She'd expected him to maybe be flirting up a storm with the pretty girls eager for attention.

Maira moves up behind him and taps him lightly on the shoulder, smiling widely. "Ivoooo..."
Evja Blinking, Evja turns to look at the one who had not seen a Viera before, before nodding. "We are... well enough acquainted." but fails to go into the depths of just how. Though all considered, Evja didn't intend to sound upset or standoffish, she was just... short, at times, as for what was to be said.
Back to Skoll, though, Evja asked simply enough, "Is she well? It seems both Faruja and I invited her here, yet it would seem she has otherwise been occupied. I am aware we all have lives, but I do worry in these vast worlds."

Someone will have to explain this mysterious magical drink that's made Reize surprisingly grabby all of a sudden. Yet again, Lily doesn't know WHAT is going on as she's clumsily handled but it is amusing enough to be worth some laughter over at the others here. She returns the group hug-- not at all sure about whatever this dancing thing is!
Annalise Annalise blinks her bright blue eyes blankly as an arm boldly wraps around her waist and pulls her close, and it was only after she realizes that it was Reize that the girl blushes a deep cherry red. "Hey!" He has a strong grip drunk! "I think you already have enough dance partners." When he reaches for Lenn Anna herself catches the opportunity to free herself, if that's even possible. Really. She doesn't even know the guy!
Whether or not Annalise does manage to free herself, she gives the people around her a quick glance to see if anyone had noticed, which unfortunately there has been a few (may all of them)... Meeting Skoll's eyes, the pale blond girl pauses for a moment of hesitation before lifting a small hand to quietly wave in his direction, though clearly she must find something disturbing with his ears as she keeps glancing up at them. It was a very odd look indeed, as she's never seen a half animal and half person before.
Katyna Katyna blinks at Skoll as he glares back at her. "What!? I said I was sorry! Meh!" She sticks her tongue out at him, about to turn her back on him and pay more attention to Luso when Evja pipes up about Hati again. Unfortunately, Kat's also a little concerned about Hati as well, although her phone is still recharging on a nearby wall..Somewhere..

"Erp, Hati's tougher than she looks, she can take care of herself..But..I've already promised to check up on her after this. Don't worry, I'll make sure she's okay.." She smiles and winks as she watches Evja thoughtfully, wondering how she knows her 'big sis'.

She glances back to Luso again, arching a brow. "Huh, Clan Gully? never heard of 'em, what do they do?" However, she shakes her head when he asks if she's part of Shard Seekers. "Nah, I'm part of VALKYRIE, actually. An all girls super hero team, led by the awesome Avira!" Of course she's also part of that...Other group. But..Heh, let's not go there, shall we?

"Haha, Well that's awesome, you're a pretty good dancer! I hope I'm not too clutzy! I suppose a drink or two's good for energy though, hey?" Grin. She's careful not to step on Skoll's or any of the Gargoyles' tails from now on however, not wanting to make a *total* fool of herself.
Zia Seeing flustered men no longer surprises Zia in the least bit, so she's patient as she just holds out her hand, looking quite expectant. Thankfully, there are no excuses from this one, otherwise she might have had to fall to more nefarious wiles to get him out on the dance floor. "Ah certainly appreciate tha, lad." She smiles, not seeming to mind him stumbling over his words.

She does lead the way at first, but when he shows that skill with the dance, she lets him take the lead. Zia isn't as experienced with dance, but she is certainly trying to play the part. Watching something on television and in movies is a far cry from actually being able to immitate it in real life.

Still, getting him to smile is worth the effort. "There now. Tha's the young gargoyle tha came te me te plege his protection. The troubled look doesnae suit ye." The dance may have all the closeness of one done in a noble court, but she seems to enjoy it none the less. "Care te tell me wha's nippin at yer tail?" Her head tilts, looking at him with a raised brow, letting her own tail twitch in his direction, as if adding emphasis to the question.
Ivo Galvan So, more or less as one might anticipate, it takes about three seconds from Ivo's expression to go from 'Something Approaching Manly Satisfaction' to 'This is Going to Be Hilarious'. Maira is extraordinarily popular tonight, surprising no one, and significantly more drunk than Ivo. He turns bemusedly as she taps him on the shoulder, but at her wide smile and the drawling out of his name, he doesn't even bother to suppress his own playful grin.

"What's this?" he remarks, seemingly amused. "I thought I'd have to get in line to talk to you tonight, Maira. What happened? Did you light a suitor on fire?" He's making fun of her already, but there's a fondness in his tone and gaze that suggests all is in good fun. "Well, I'm ever willing to hazard your flames. I've been training, after all." So he claims.

He finishes the last of his drink and sets the glass down on a nearby barrel before, cheeks slightly flushed, his grin softens into a smile and he extends his hand. Though his posture is as confident as ever, there's just a hint of uncertainty in his eyes that's never been there before, not that anyone will necessarily notice. She may have forgiven him his wrongs, but-- he still isn't quite sure what is it about him hurts the women he cares for. Still--

"May I have this dance, Maira?"

Right this moment, he knows exactly what he wants.
Reize Seatlan Welp. Since Violet is being a spoiled sport, she is no longer Reize's concern. And unfortunately, Lenn has to sit this on out as well. Alas. However, this means one thing.

Lily has Reize's full attention.

It's just Reize and Lily, no one else. In the boy's drunken stupor, the grabby drunk boy is holding onto Lily's hand while the other hand moves to her waist.

Suddenly, a rose is tossed out of nowhere...

And Drunk!Reize catches it with his teeth.

And he takes Lily for a tango!
Maira Maira is indeed /quite/ drunk. She's not sure if she's popular or someone is actually trying to get her to accidentally light the whole place on fire. Really, it could be either. Subtle play of a Shadow Lord?! Okay, probably not.

Maira giggles, shaking her head. "No no, I've just been dancing--but someone keeps giving me drinks and I just--they said its rude not to drink them so--hiccup--I have been," she answers, sipping before she puts her drink down as well.

Maira takes his hand and tries to curtsy, almost falling on her arse when she does so, which only leads to more giggling. She'll then allow herself to be pulled off for a dance.

"You--hic!--still look tired Ivo. You need to rest. And eat red meat--hiccup--but mostly sleep."
Skoll Ulfang Skoll is ignoring Katyna - as well as her appology - by now. After all, he always felt like she had it out for him, so he's not likely to believe her excuse - no matter how honest and true it may have been in that moment. Instead, he concentrates on Evja. "Not sure. I think she may just not have wanted to show up to such a large group of people. I'm sure she's fine." Skoll tells Evja. Or is he just telling himself that to get rid of that nagging feeling at the back of his mind?

The werewolf then moves to make his way over to Annalise, and ends up actually kneeling before her after she'd waved at him. It must be so strange for her indeed. But in Fluorgis, there are many strange creatures. Bangaas, Seeq...

"Would you dance with me?"
Deelel Deelel is sittign near the barrel and she looks over to the Captain as he gets the party going with the drinks she'll leve those into that to have some fun as she keeps humming along some song she seems to be putting together in her head. She may be done soon as she's mentally working at a speed faster than a human mind could run for all of her seeming to be human. Not insanely so but it's what she's made for.
Evja With both Katyna, and Skoll seemingly dancing, and 'unconcerned' about Hati, Evja gives a simple nod and turns to leave them be, wandering quietly towards a stand that she personally knows always has lots and lots of vegetables. They always did have nice carrots.
Percival And lead he does. Once he feels that she has the basic steps down, he even mix in more sweeping turns, and even an impromptu dipping of his extraordinary dance partner. Though not too far back.

He was quite experienced at the dance, but that doesn't give him any protection when Zia bluntly asks what's bothering him. In fact he stumbles so badly that he ruins the entire dance by coming close to dropping Zia. The squire was a smooth one after all. He still recovers his step rather quickly though, even attempting to unfurl one of his wings and incorporate it into the sweeping movements of the dance to make it look like it was intentional.

How best to answer that? Well he couldn't lie to her. She was a PRINCESS after all, and a Gargoyle. Alright, the God's honest truth would have to serve. He still lowered his voice, but tried to blurt it out quickly to her. "I'm a terrible sinner who failed in a task that Faruja gave me and the end result is that a Burmecian woman committed suicide for me killing her brother, who was attempting to kill the Alexandrian priestess that Faruja set me to escorting. The priestess turned out to be a vampire. Oh and since I was a fool and buried the Burmecian woman that she'd bitten, she's risen from the dead as an unholy creature of the night."


Oh wait, he just realized how that terrible that must have sounded. Honesty was a terrible idea! His anxiety must have caused him to pick up the pace of the dance just a little without even noticing he'd done so.
Annalise And Reize whisks Lily away into a sudden tango. At least she wasn't trapped in all of... that...
Just what is it about the people in this universe anyways?
Her soft lips part with a small sigh of relief, though the moment is fleeting as Skoll approaches and smoothly bends down into a kneel before Anna. And something hard forms in the pit of her stomach. Did he know? He couldn't possibly know. "Um..." her rich blue eyes glances at Skoll's ears. They look like they work and everything. "Sure. I mean, if you don't mind if we avoid that." Annalise gently raises a hand to motion towards the tangoing Reize and Lily. Clearly they were drawing allot of attention.
Ivo Galvan A woman next to Ivo glances down at the bouquet of roses in her hands and blinks, looking a little perplexed. Didn't she have another rose just a moment ago? And what was that flicker of red she saw flying through the air toward that drunk boy in the dance floor?

Ivo looks innocent as he gently leads Maira onto the dance floor, which more or less involves him making sure she doesn't fall over and carefully leading her through the throng of people. He intwines the fingers of one hand with her own, the other hand settling on her lower back, keeping her close enough to support her but not so close she's crushed against him, tempting though that might be. Actually, her excessively vulnerable state seems to be bringing out a different side of Ivo. He smiles down at her warmly as he begins to lead her through the dance, effortlessly matching the tempo of the music. Soon he can't resist adding little flourishes, though he focuses mainly on keeping Maira out of harm's way -- or anyone else's.

"Sleep?" he responds, still amused at her current state. "That sounds so lonely. Even if I'm tired, I'd rather be with others on a night like this."

He twirls Maira (not too quickly) and then dips her (if only to catch her in case she wobbles off balance), and holds her there for a moment, his smile widening as he looks down at her, face momentarily close.

"Unless you're offering to sleep with me."

Zero to horrible in ten seconds flat.
Luso Clemens "Heh! What do we do? Let's see..." Luso mused, smiling in amusement as he danced with his partner, feigning deep thought at the same time. "We fight monsters, serve the people, take down heartless, Negotiate, and other stuff!" He replied confidently, nodding his head a couple times.

Seeing her interaction with Skoll and Zia just made him look away and laugh a bit. "Told ya!" At the mention of VALKRI though, Luso glanced back to Katyna and whistled in appreciation. "Ohhh, so you're in that VALKRYI group!" He spoke casually, nodding understandingly. "I've heard of them! They're getting a pretty big reputation these days..."

And then Ivo happened. "............Dude."
Katyna Katyna nods in agreement with SKoll. Yeah. Probably nothing. Nothing at all to worry about! Wheeee!!! This alcohol is making it hard for her to focus!

She does however, notice Ivo out of the corner of her eye asking Maira to dance. "Hey Ivo, behave yourself, 'k? I cant forgive you if you take advantage of Maira!" Kat grins and winks impishly at him as she smoothly transitions into a Tango step when the music changes, swirling in towards Luso, then out again, her arm reaching out in a sweeping motion..Close enough to touch Ivo...And snag his belt!

Oh yeah, that was like, TOTALLY an accident! Totally NOT the quick-fingered work of a former thief! Nope, no way! Kat's totally innocent..TOTALLY!

Ahem! She glances back at Luso, twirling back in and grins, "Cool, sounds like fun! We should team up some time! It'll be a trip!" Kat beams and nods when he expresses recognition at *that* VALKYRIE. "Yup! Guess there's only one! Are they that famous now? I wonder if they're..."

Suddenly, her fully re-charged phone rings loudly, giving off Hati's unique dialtone.

"Hati.." She blinks, "Excuse me..I gotta.." Heart pounding, she gets a baaaad feeling about this as she untangles herself from Luso's graps, reaching her phone as she listens anxiously to the message. "Wuh...You went to...But alone..? HATI!! Wait for mee!!!!!" snapping the phone closed, she glances only briefly towards Evja and Skoll and Faruja, a strangely..Frightenned look in her eyes...And then turns and darts off into the night..
Lily A pity that Lily has absolutely no idea what the heck this is, being swung all around by a drunken Reize - DOES HE EVEN KNOW HOW TO DANCE?

She's still laughing the whole while, not caring a bit about what ever this is SUPPOSED to be!
Maira Ivo will have his work cut out for him. Maira isn't exactly graceful normally, and has never really been taught to dance. She can follow, and she has a keen ear for music, but she's /very/ drunk and Ivo will likely need to concentrate on just keeping her on feet while they dance. Which, apparently isn't such a concern as he dips her, and suddenly she's not really on her feet anymore anyway!

The world is very....spinny...but seems to focus as she finds Ivo's face quite close to hers. They've been in this position before. Closer, even, but that was a while ago, and before certain...talks.

Maira blushes at his question, but ultimately, she doesn't answer it.

"We....still need to know," she replies breathlessly.
Reize Seatlan And Reize, thanks to the bro-ship of Ivo, is armed with a rose for the dance. As Lily laughs, Reize is happily holding onto his beloved for the tango.

People are actually cheering and laughing. Given how well known that the leader of the Shard Seekers is, many of the clan members are clapping. For the most part, they are rather amused. But, the people know, Reize Seatlan, the leader of the Shard Seekers, is the dependable one.

Meanwhile, a pig-tailed girl is emerging from the crowd of people. She is well-dressed for the day, wearing her regal attire. It's Maria. While watching the gathering of people, and she is patiently waiting /her/ turn to dance with the drunken boy, and she has a touch of amusement.

0Meanwhile at the higher class home...

"I cannot believe that those Shard Seekers got approved. ...I oughta.... Where is Maria?" Pause.


Councilmen Averroe lifts a fist in the air.

Zia The white gargoyle trusts Percival enough so that she doesn't really notice the slip up and him having to cover for it. Maybe she suspects a little, but she doesn't let on, continuing with the motion until he slows to give her the long-winded explination that would leave most high spirited girlscouts in the dust.

"Tha's... a mouthful." She slows, slipping her hands up so that they come to rest on his shoulders, swapping the waltz for just the swaying of two people who were more engaged in talking than dancing. Rocking back and forth, zia pauses for a moment to sort through everything that he had said.

"Calm yerself, lad." Her voice is soft and calming, itself, almost with a soft croon to it. "Ah dinnae think tha he would set ye out on a task like tha if he knew tha there would be tha sort of trouble involved." She tries to look at his eyes, doing that thing where she ducks her head to make sure he doesn't hide from her in the process. "If ye tried te do the right thing, 'n faught wi all ye had, then there's no shame or sin in it."

Ahh, religious types. Zia will never really understand the weight they put on themselves when it comes to their own mistakes. "Ah think if ye just talked te him... Ah doubt he would be so cold hearted aboot it as ye think. In the end, it falls te the Church and the Templar if they hadn't sent enough people te protect her."
Skoll Ulfang Skoll gracefully takes Annalise's hand, taking note of her posture as he bows before her. Something seemed off - something his instincts were picking up on. But he quickly declares it not important and gets up to lead the girl into the crowds. He'd bowed before Zia too, just before taking her to dance - if Annalise remembers. So perhaps that will ease her mind a little? The werewolf grins widely at the girl. "We'll take something slow then."

The waltz others were doing, what he'd tried with Zia earlier, that will work. And so, he begins to slowly step and walk in circles with Annalise. Step in, step out, step in, step out. The werewolf makes for a decent dancer still, but when Katyna suddenly acts up and calls out his sister's name, he halts the little moment with Annalise. He catches that glance, and quickly looks to Faruja.

Why would Hati call Katyna if she was in trouble, and not him? That doesn't seem right. But clearly, it was enough to freak Katyna out. "Excuse me." He turns to Annalise. "I am so sorry, I make for a terrible dance-partner, to take you into my hands and then abandon moments later. But Hati is my sister... and it seems something is wrong. I must follow that girl." He bows his head. "Please forgive me."

The werewolf then turns and attempts his best at chasing Katyna.
Ivo Galvan Ivo's smile softens at Maira's response, and some of the impishness fades from his eyes, but her words don't seem to displease him. "Yeah, you're right," he says quietly, still holding her in the same position, cradling the blonde's body and supporting her almost entirely. "Maira, I--"

The sound of leather slipping against fabric.


And the sound of cloth unfolding, as, upon Ivo's belt being deftly removed by Katyna, his pants drop to the ground, revealing blue boxers which he must have gotten in Manhattan.

Ivo stands there, deadpanning in silence for a few moments as he stands, pantsed, in the middle of the dance circle, still holding Maira quite closely. Eventually, he looks evenly into Maira's eyes.

"Fate has spoken."

Someone please stop him.
Annalise Annalise naturally slips her small hand into Skoll's when he takes it, a practiced motion it seems, much like the bend of her knees as she dips into a graceful curtsy just after he bows to her. The pale blonde girl tries to give him a small, reassuring smile so that he knows at least that she isn't put off by him. And as he begins to lead her into a slow and gentle waltz, Anna smoothly steps in time with him in such a way that it was almost as if they were gliding. If the werewolf was a decent dancer, then she would be considered remarkable.
The shift of his attention was evident the moment he glances up, and it showed in the way that he dances that he's distracted. Though Anna doesn't take it personally. At least he apologizes. Offering a small smile, she dips her chin with a small nod, "Of course." Releasing her, he bows just before taking off after Katyna.
Maira Maira's fingers clutch at the arm of Ivo's shirt, her grip tightening lightly as she looks up into his eyes--

Then, hearing a strange sound, Maira looks down.


Then, of course, she bursts into flame.
Reize Seatlan And with poor Lily getting dizzied, Reize finally lets her go.

...And only to get snatched by the councilman's daughter.


Meanwhile, the other clan members get some more drinks to offer Reize.

...And all of them _WINCE_ over Ivo's fate.
Percival It takes him a bit of time to adjust to the swaying. His arms moving around her waist. But he's not really looking at her anymore either. Maybe he feels like he doesn't deserve to. Or maybe his eyes are misting up a little. He would have preferred a shocked response he thinks to one of understanding. "Its...There's..."

He'd decided by now that perhaps full and complete honesty about his troubles in the midst of a celebration wasn't the best policy. "...there's more but, now isn't the time."

A laundry list of his failures wasn't going to change things after all. "I'm not very good at what I do, Lady Zia, and its beginning to catch up with me. careful for the time being."
Evja Walking back, Evja happens to spot Ivo's mishap just in time to say, "Really... such a tacky color." Not that the Viera could really say much... given he was crossdressing /hard/ tonight.
Ivo Galvan It's alright. Ivo has been training for this moment! Now, he can--


Ivo emerges from the inferno stumbling over his own pants, covering his sooty face -- minus most of his eyebrows -- with his hands, and reeling toward the sidelines, where he will most likely disappear for now to treat his burns and gather what remains of his dignity.

" training... wasn't enough...!"

It's fire, Ivo.
Zia The white gargoyle watches Percival for a time, perhaps seeing just how deep this goes. "Tell he wha, come on." She reaches up to touch his cheek with one hand, taking his taloned hand in the other. Moving to lead him off of the dance floor, Zia gives a glance around, missing Skoll's sudden departure, and not seeing Faruja at all. Maybe she'd have time to steal those dances with them later.

"Let's go sit a spell inside. Ye dinnae seem up te a celebration, anyways." The girl doesn't seem like she'll accept 'no' for an answer just now. Alas, poor Percival, at the whims of women.
Maira Maira, rather than running off, just sort of lays there until the fire goes out, at which point...well...she's fallen into a drunken sleep. <3 Ni ni Maira. Next stop, Hangover Town.
Luso Clemens Finished with his dance, Luso bid Katyna farewell before backing off to the sidelines again. "Phew, this has been quite a festival so far, but I think I'll go check out the rest of the festival." He spoke out loud, crossing his arms behind his head and walking off. Reize's nonsensical drunken dancing and Ivo's.....being Ivo draws a light chuckle from the boy as he merged into the crowd, moving along on his way.
Reize Seatlan It is a night of merriment and enjoyment. The city has undergone strife over the past month. This is the month where a clan had to prove themselves with the help of their friends. The trails hallmark the fact that a world can be saved from the Heartless taking it over.

...It all requires Heart.

This scene contained 125 poses. The players who were present were: Ivo Galvan, Reize Seatlan, Lily, Zeke, Faruja Senra, Skoll Ulfang, Tifa Lockhart, Zia, Katyna, Deelel, Maira, Vespa, Lenn, Luso Clemens, Percival, Evja, Annalise