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A Quiet Reflection of Scattered Stars
(2013-02-26 - 2013-02-26)
As the Chapter of 'Scattered Stars' comes to a close, Reize takes a moment to reflect over his journey so far. He has a moment with the voice that has guided him so far.
Reize Seatlan It's the night after Fluorgis was freed. People were elated. The Shard Seekers were recognized as an official clan by the government. And yet, Reize needed to get away.

This is what brought him to the Dias Plains.

-It is a mostly grassy plains with the occassional trees about the area. Reize is lying on the grass, holding his pendant up for him to see. He stares up towards the sky.

"...So, we finally became an official clan."

He glances up towards the pendant, feeling a bit accomplished. Leida has a friend and a second chance, Priel has a place to come home to.... So much has happened.

And here he is, away from his friends, writing on his journal.

Something is still troubling him however...
Seith And so, like so many times when Reize finishes a chapter of his deeds and life, a voice speaks to him. It's always hard for him to tell who this person is though. Maybe it's his own voice? Maybe he's hearing things. Maybe there's a red chocobo behind that tree ready to cast Choco Comet!

"... you've withstood a great trial, and have found that you can trust in your friends. You've gained renown and done a great deed. But where do you go from here?"
Reize Seatlan It takes Reize those several moments to reflect upon his activities. His eyes do, however, stare at the pendant a little longer. There is a bit of a sharp pain. It's a pain in the heart.

...He retracts his deck of cards from the pouch, then he hears a voice.

"...It's the voice that helped me. The smile is a bit more calm. However, there is a sadden look. He turns his head to regard the sky. Maybe the voice is within the stars.

"...I don't know." He laughs, "...I know that I need to have this restored, but... I don't know where to start. There are so many people, but I don't know who they are."

He pauses. "..It's strange, isn't it? ...So many people have depended on me."
Seith "People are attracted by your light, you represent a hope to many of them. For others, you are the one who made it possible for them to form a friendship." The voice answers Reize. "But there is so much more out there than that. You are ready now to truly travel... and you need not leave them behind."
Reize Seatlan A hope..

Reize's eyes fall shut, taking the moment to reflect. The latter is responded with a smile. Leida. She was a young girl who suffered so much. He did what he could to offer her a hand.

...She is much happier now.

However, his eyes furrow when the remarks of him not going alone comes to mind. His smile grows fainter, "... I suppose that my own selfish desires got in the way." His eyes lift up, "...I wanted to travel so much." He then smiles, "...Now, I am free to do that." Then a grin forms, "...I won't leave them behind."

However, the boy soon stands up.

The wind blows, whisking his scarf around.

"...Who are you? ...You've helped me so much, but I don't know who you are."
Seith "You were never held down by anything other than your own desire. The desire that now gives power to the pendant. To fulfil their wishes. To see smiles on their faces." The voice quiets for a moment. And when Reize asks him who he is, there is simply no answer. For to give any answer is to give things away. Instead...

"But I warn you, young traveler. Dark days are ahead."
Reize Seatlan For a moment, Reize frowns. Has he been held back by his own desires? He furrows his eyebrows, but he looks back towards the pendant.

It glows. It's like a beacon shining as the stars glimmer in the sky. For this moment, Reize is tranquil.

Seeing Lily, Shiki, and everyone smiling... That brings a smile to Reize's face.

However, the boy blinks.

"...Darker days?" He pauses, "...Do you mean the Heartless?"
Seith "No, not the heartless. This will be a danger far closer to your heart, Reize. You must strengthen your heart, and not let your light waver." The voice answers him, and even sees it fit to repeat one very important thing; "You must not let your light waver."
Reize Seatlan After the boy stands up, he clutches onto the deck of cards. His eyes fall shut and he listens. He feels at a loss, truth be told. He wants to help those in need. He doesn't know where to start.

..But in the end, he feels like he can do it.

He just has to journey ahead with his friends beside him.


The boy turns over towards th sky.


'You must not light your light waver.'

"...I won't. Too many people are depending on me." The smile grows, "...I'll help them find their worlds. And help them achieve their wishes."
Seith "Then go. Go out there and bring your light to others. Explore and find your way throughout the worlds." And see if you can actually resist the darkness. After all, Reize is nothing but a 'test' to this voice. But he will never know this of course. Seith wants to know, to learn...
Reize Seatlan Reize falls silent.

The voice sends him on his way. Truth be told, it is probably time that he gets away from the place. He has been here long enough.

Besides, everyone else is likely staring the celebration at Fluorgis. He better meet with everyone!

The boy journeys out of the plains, pocketing the deck of cards once more.

This scene contained 11 poses. The players who were present were: Reize Seatlan, Seith