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(2013-02-25 - Now)
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Emi Dennou ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER DOLLAR. Well not for the Dennous, who are recovering from the Fluorgis ordeal and have an event they have to go to tommorow. As it stands, even Dennous take time off and this is one of those days. Of course, just because someones aren't working doesn't mean someones aren't making good use of their time. As it stands, The Network has spent some of their earned money purchasing books and right now they are sitting around in the first floor of Cloud Nine--doing just that, reading. And by 'they' of course, it's actually just Emi who is doing the reading. Umi is seated next to her and has fallen asleep in her chair, a book literally resting on her face, opened up even. How she ended up in that position is a grand mystery.

The other Dennous are likely upstairs for the time being.
Ping The Imperial Chinese army is getting their money's worth out of its conscript, Ping, not that he ever had an opportunity to negotiate his wages. Equivelent to a single farmer's yield during a single season, Ping makes enough to eat and to send a bit back home to his family, as well. While the expanse of the great nation of China is vast, it is nothing compared to the untold reaches of countless worlds, worlds Ping has been instructed to survey.

It's difficult to tell if he road a horse or the horse road him when he comes in. Even after his bath, he looks worn and weary, stepping lightly to favor his aching joints. He climbs up onto a stool at the bar and smiles a warm, friendly smile to the bartender and orders a hot pot of oolong.

"And a bit of honey, too, please."
Scrooge McDuck Scrooge McDuck wanders into Cloud Nine, his cane tapping lightly on the ground as he leans on it. The old duck hasn't been up to much adventure lately, too busy running his business and making a tidy profit to run out and about looking for treasure - it's just not the same with his nephews busy running their item shop, though he blesses the lads for being so industrious. He gives Emi and Umi a glance, smiling as he tips his hat to Emi, not saying anything for fear of waking up the other one.

That done, he wanders towards the bar, where he'll have to hop up to get a seat. Ducks are so short.

"Ach, a sarsaparilla would be nice about now," he says, reaching reluctantly for his change purse.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart was there in Fluorgis too, so it was nice to be back in own things. A shower, a change of clothes, all that she really needed. SHe's back behind the counter, merrily serving everyone as they need. There's all sorts of people that come to the bar after all.

She nods to Ping, serving up the oolong tea and honey, sliding it while still steaming in a small cup "Here you go~"
Nagetta Nagetta feels herself geetting hungry again, so she decided to stop somewhere and get some food. That just happens to be the Cloud Nine. She smiles at everyone as she makes her way inside. She finds a stool to set on and curls her tail around it to make herself comfortable.
Emi Dennou Emi looks on over to Scrooge, first, and smiles at him. She doesn't have a hat on but she does give him a small wave of her hand towards him. "Hello there," She says. "Sorry, taking it a bit easy today." She stands herself up, setting her book to the side, sliding in a bookmark so she doesn't lose her place. Upon doing so, she notices Tifa moving around back there and Ping too.

"Oh! Hello. The Network apologizes and must have been really into their book." She approaches the bar and adds, "Ping, thank you again so much for all your help, before." She says. "Hopefully soon we'll be able to restore Manhattan. There can't be that many shards left, THe Network hypothesizes."
Ping Ping bows his head toward Tifa and smiles warmly with a happy, "Thank you." Despite being worn and tired, he's still polite. Manners take just as much energy as none. When Emi approaches, his eyes brighten and he smiles even more happily.

"Oh, yes, of course, no problem." He coughs lightly to clear his throat, his words coming out in a lower register, now, "I just, you know, figured I would have been a more manly creature than a crane, though. But it was handy in the end, I suppose." He laughs softly but then seems to be a bit more serious, "I still don't understand all this with the shards... I mean... What are they? That boy put a big key in one and it turned us all into animals. What will the one we found do...?"
Deelel Deelel has been mostly recovering from the fight about Flurogis herself she's been just taking it easy for the most part. Though she'd been plotting a mural to celeberate the heroes of the hour like Ivo, Rize and Maira but that will take a bit of work. Still she needed to recharge again so here she was at the bar and grill or was it a pub she could never keep track of it. She now takes a look about and notices some of the network's here, Tifa's about Scrooge she only knows vaguely and a naga or is it a Lamia she's not sure on whom it is.

She does notices Ping as well and she nver got to thank him as she pull up a sear near him and look over t the Imperial solider. "Greetings never got to thank you for your help wth the bandits. The shards? They are fragment of worlds that the darkness has consumed. They can be restord in the right situation."
Maira Maira's entrance is completely normal. Indeed, she kinds of sneaks in hoping no one is going to take any particular notice of her as she tries to creep, completely lacking in any kind of stealth, toward a table. She's just /hungry/ and she really doesn't want to talk about Flourogis.

Of course, the place is full of people she knows so not much to be done about that!
Scrooge McDuck "Oh, that's all right, lass. I nae expect ye t'work all the time." Scrooge is in a pleasant mood, which means profits must still be up. He looks over at Ping, recognizing the Chinese lad from the beach a week or so ago, nodding amiably at him and everyone else. Not even the lamia weirds Scrooge out - he's a very hard duck to faze.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles as she serves up the top-hatted duck "Don't worry, its on the house, thanks to your partnership for the ice cream. Its good business for me too you know." She loosk over to Ping "You seem prety worn out, you can rrest in the room shere you know." She smiles "There are baths and showers too."
Nagetta "Hello again." Nagetta tries to break out of her shyness as she nods to Deelel and Ping. She remembers them from the fith with the bandits. "Is everything alright?" She doesn't remember having had a chance to talk them since then. She waves to Emi as well, she's not quite sure which of the sisters it is though.
Scrooge McDuck Scrooge McDuck's approval of Tifa shoots up considerably at the offer of a free drink, which he heartily accepts.
Emi Dennou "Mm... I did think about that..." Emi admits. Since Ping IS pretty manly. "But you don't strut it much, so perhaps you are graceful too?"

Yep, Ping never had comical pratfalls or was awkward or anything, HE IS JUST SUPER COOL AND DEXTROUS. Or so Emi may be assuming. She might have the wrong idea here. She does seem rather interested in Ping, though, no doubt drawn in by his manly power (Actually she likes Ping because he seems clever on top of all that)--but in any case, sh edoesn't notice anything strange.

"Hm--well," Emi says. "It seems that's the rule of that world. It seems a world shard--or heart, this one supposes?--can have something of an effect on its inhabitants. This is conjecture, of course, The Network can say just about nothing for certain. However--the 'world' of Manhattan. It should not change you." She pauses, and glances aside.

"...This one suspects anyway, it fell before we knew it existed. But the people from there appear to be human. And not hyenas or zombie elephants."

She nods once more, not noticing Maira yet.


"Buhhhhhhhhh...." Umi continues to have a book over her face.

"Ah--hello Nagetta." She adds, spotting her. "It is good to see you again. Umi is there." She nods to the snoozing one, apparently forgetting to mention her own identity.
Maira Maira is better at stealth than she thought! Now, she wants to get Tifa's attention though, so she supposes she's going to have to draw attention to herself. When Tifa looks in her general direction, Maira waves to her. "Heeey Tifa...could I I don't even care what it is, I'm starving!"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart giggles at Maira "Of course, Maira. Hmmm, well I still have enough to make chicken rice. That was the special a few days ago, but didn't get to figure out another one since then." She checks into the fridge for the needed ingredients, firing up the large cooking plate, starting to the preparation.
Zeke What's a pirate if not a favored customer of a bar and what's a merchant captain if not a close cousin to a pirate? While Zeke's done nothing illegal he's somehow earned the moniker. Ah well The man came in smelling of the city, sea breezes and strangely enough of spices. Odd, especially for those that know the man, would fhind him without his coat and with bandaging around one of his forearms (related happenings mayhap?)

"Rum, chilled no ice, and a steak sandwich please thank you." He barely, if at all, waited to be acknowledged befoe ordering his food and finding a seat. By his tone and look of his face he was worried about something.

Then his attention turned to Ping and nodded to the young man. "Another easterner. I think mayhap I've crew that might like to speak with you, or mayhap not." Shrug. "As well comment to an irishman he'd love to talk with some rnadom bloke just 'cause he's got red hair." Feh. He babbles, especially when stressed. "Seen you 'round town. What are you, guard? Mercenary?" Displaced and homeless most likely but that would be rude.

Emi and Maria each got a wave. He knew both ladies, as he also knew Deelel and Nagetta but time enough for chatter.
Ping Ping may have his moments of grace, but they are only only accomplished when he can get his daydreamy mind focused on the present. Neither his mind, nor his tongue, stumbles on a polite greeting and he waves hello and greets each person that greets him with a smile.

To those that mention the fight with the bandits, "I'm just glad nobody got hurt too badly." He doesn't bring up the fire that had started in the seat of his pants.

"A fragment of a world..." Ping mulls over Deelel's revelation, "There must be millions of them, then... An entire world broken into tiny shards... And what about the people that lived there?"

It is a sobering thought for Ping, one that makes his weary state seem all the more appearant. Tifa's offer, though, lifts his spirits. "That's very kind, thank you. I think I may take you up on that. I've been renting a room in the hotel, but it's not as cozy as this place, here. I think it's the atmosphere."

Ping is quite intrigued by Emi and the Dennous, as well. Where Emi might appreciate his mind, Ping is astounded by Emi's. Her inteligence is immediately obvious and Ping has learned to value a cool, quick wit like hers. And here is the curious way she talks and the strange relationship she has with her 'sisters'. They are all things that Ping has yet to understand and that mystique makes him very curious.

"There are so many strange, wonderful, and frightening things in all these disparate worlds... So much I don't understand."

Zeke's greeting is received just as warmly. He smiles, "I'm a field scout for the Imperial Chinese Army."
Deelel Deelel says "I'll take a drink whatever's on special." She's not the most picky of customers at all it seems as ever. Emi thankfully helps with explaining the shards very well all things considered. She smiles at thart secion of the Network for a moment and looks over to Maira and waves to her. "I'll cover her tab for tonight."

The basic just is grinning now Maira certainly deserved as such for her heroics.

Then there's a pirate entry as she notices that Zeke arrives. "Zeke, this is becomging what's the term your favourite watering hole?" She doesn't get it why they call a place to get booze a watering hole.

"Somewhat I think It's not certain how many shards form but if the shard is restored I belive anyone who was in the location will be restored with it. Also I am called Deelel."

Nagetta meanwhil gets a look over agin, she's quite ... strange to Deelel. Half user lookin gand half userspace grid bug...
Nagetta "Chicken rice sounds good." Nagetta's not going to argue with that. The girl would eat almost anything remotely edible after all, if she was hungry enough. "Hello Zeke, there's a lot of familiar faces here tonight..." She sounds a bit uneasy but she's doing her best to try and socialize. "It's kind of bright to sleep in here." The lamia prefers cool and dark places herself.
Scrooge McDuck Scrooge reaches into his coat when a pirate walks in, ensuring the security of his Number One Dime - without his money bin (for now), he has to keep it on him. Satisfied that ol' Number One is secure, he sips at his sarsaparilla with a relaxed and pleasant sigh.

"We'll restore those worlds lost to darkness yet, laddie," he says to Ping, "no matter how they've been lost!" He seems pretty confident of it, but Scrooge McDuck isn't one to let life get him down.

"And since people seem to be sharing introductions, the name's Scrooge McDuck."
Maira Maira looks toward Deelel, her eyes widening. She waves her hands, flushing a bright shade of red. "N-no it's alright! Really! I can pay..." she objects. Of course, she is assuming Deelel is doing it because she thinks Maira doesn't have munny, which would have been the case a couple months ago...
Zeke China. JApan. China... Japan. Singapore. Zeke's head shook. Generally he stayed out of the pacific an just as well. Goin 'round the cape was the only way there unless a northwest passage had opened up, which he doubted. Feh. All of it was immaterial if his world were shrunk down to a small chunk of sea and a few spits of land hither and yon. "China. Land of tea, tales, and one mess of a war my people, s'far as stories and song go, have visited unto yours in my world." Sadness there. He knew a little of the opium wars and the colonization and subjegation of the east 'for it's own good' as many would say. "Many wonderful things I've heard of this land and I hope to see it one day."

After all why else ply his trade? There were safer ways of making money. To see a distaint shore none others from his home village could rightly claim sight of? Meet and converse with peoples far and wide to share their stories and histories? That was something he dreamed of almost nightly.

Then Deelel's voice shrugged him out of his contemplative mood. "Aye Miss Deelel I suppose it is. Good food. Well mannered and swift staff, an pleasent company to soak troubles with or perhaps share stories of the day's doings fair or foul." His mood seemed to perk around the Basic. "Speaking of how do the days trials see you miss? A word perhaps later?"
Emi Dennou Emi continues to have perceptions that aren't neccessarily emulated by reality. "We wouldn't know." Though in this case 'we' might refer to more than just Dennous. If knowing how little you know is a path to wisdom then Dennous must be wise indeed because quite frankly everything seems like a mystery lately.

But it's all about the investigation not the solution. Emi smiles suddenly and adds, "You haven't seen the TDA Offices have you? They could honestly use someone like you, you're quick on the uptake after all, The Network supposes that's the best way to put it." She couldn't really comment on Ping's booksmarts or anything but she does seem to be a quick thinker.

"But it's not a bad thing, to not understand something, The Network supposes that means one cannot easily get tired of matters once there is so much to learn in front of them. Still, wouldn't mind having more answers someday."

Umi tilts her head and the book falls off, crashing to the ground. SHe startles a bit and blinks blearily.

"I'm reading I'm reading." She says, looking over to Scrooge.

Ping Ping has curiousity and genuine eagerness to learn that is obvious in the way he leans toward the speakers around him and listens so intently to Emi and Scrooge and Deelel. Each of them seem to encourage him in their own way, Deelel's majestic glow, Scrooge's natural confidence, and Emi's wisdom.

He bows his head toward the beautiful program and smiles, "My name is Ping. It's very nice to meet you. You all seem so brave in the way the Darkness doesn't weight you down or darken your mood. I feel like I can be brave when surrounded by people like all of you."

"I don't know much about the TDA, Emi, but I would be very excited to see it. If your friends are anything like you, I know I could learn a lot." Ping's appetite for learning is obvious in the pitch of his voice.
Deelel Deelel listens as Nagetta orders her meal and she looks over at Scrooge and nods "Got to keep teh spirits up and we'll find your home in time as well hopefully Mr. McDuck."

She looks at Maira "No please let me I think you deserve a reward after what you did on the airship." Deelel is just wanted to do something for a friend really nothing more. She doesn't think about money in quite the way a User does.

Zeke meanwhil is giving a history lesson more or less and she listens.

"Good pr...people here as well."

She's slipping up less these day "I can do that and I am getting by."

Pings seems to be a pretty decent sort and he from what she's seen of him and he's a pretty good in a fight too. "Have to keep going, and keep focused if we don't we might not get back up. Glad to hear we can help."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles and nods to Zeke "Right on it." She moves over to get his chilled rum quickly, while she tosses on the steak on the grill. It doesn't take much longer to get done with Maira's food, serving her up a big plate of chicken rice and vegetable, all steamy and freshly cooked "Here you go for you." She slides the glass over to Zeke at the same time, double duty as usual.
Scrooge McDuck Scrooge looks over at Umi with a grin. "That I am, and good day to ye, lassie. Restful nap?" The old duck chuckles with amusement before turning back towards the bar.

He nods his head at Ping. "There's always another rainbow, lad. We can't dwell on the bad things and let them drag us down, there's life ahead of us, and when there's life there's always hope if you're willin' t'work hard and smart t'see it through." For an old miser, Scrooge really is something of an eternal optimist.
Zeke Zeke turned from Ping to Scrooge, Deelel, and co. "A few of these faces I know Ping-San." He paused and frowned. "No wait I apologize that's... Sorry I have a cook from Tokyo. Tends to use honorifics often. My apologies." What? He valued the eastern cultures for what they could bring to the metaphorical table. Best to be polite, which was rare from one in a time where England's xenophobia and self imposed mandate to rule the world was probably at it's height or near enough anyway.

"Easy to be brave when surrounded by stout souls such as these. We'll all make it through this an make whatever dark eldritch beasties causing this row t'wish it'd never crawled into the worlds." There was no anger and only a mild amount of bravido. Mostly though it was a quiet steady confidence that they would all see this... whatever it was til it's end and the world's restored.

"Again sorry sorry just. Well I come from a place where books tend to be rare and expensive. Library. One y'don't have to pay to read anythin' as long as you bring it back. What an interestin concept." If the worlds ended up isolated from eachother there were SO MANY IDEAS he wanted ti import and have take root.

"So uh... Mister McDuck." A scottish duck? How odd. Zeke looked Scrooge over and saw the obvious age in the inhuman face. Before he spoke he took a pull from his drink. "Your world's completely gone Sir. No sign or Shard that can be used?" Hm. Mayhap something akin to Hati's magic could use Scrooge himself or some object in his posession to find his home soil in the swirling mists between Here And There. "If not that then other ways. Always a way through, always and ever.." He could like this duck. Determined especially for one as old as he was. You have no idea Zeke. You have No Idea.
Nagetta Nagetta nervously laughs as she hears Umi. That was the right thing to here, correct? Her attention then turns back towards Zeke, "Did you run into trouble again?" It sounds like to her. While her mouth is open, her forked tongue comes out, smelling the food. It certainly was enticing.
Maira Maira blushes even brighter at Deelel's explanation, looking down in embarrassment.

Luckily, her food arrives, a welcome distraction. "Ooooh...." she moans, practically drooling. "Tifa, you are the best," she informs her, then digs in.
Emi Dennou Emi thinks. "Mm... Well, This one would not say they are the same as us, but we have learned a lot from them. They're all good-natured, however, if sometimes a bit rough around the edges. We think you'd like Mercade, if you haven't met him yet, in particular." She isn't so sure about her liking Will 'Never Bathe' Sherman.

Umi nods to to Scrooge, "Uh-huh. It was an experiment." She bobs her head, pretending that this is the case. "An examination of seperate dream transferred subconciousness." She puases for a moment. "Maybe...?"


She turns her head and spots Nagetta. "Nagetta!" She waves an arm over her way, approaching. "Gosh, didn't realize you were here. How've you been? Heh heh..." She rubs at her nose with an index finger.
Ping Ping relaxes as the conversation grows up around him and he does a little people watching to get a feel for the kind of people gathered in the Cloud Nine, today. Listening to Emi is always a treat and combined with Tifa's beautiful oolong tea, Ping can almost forget about all the Darkness and Heartlessness in the Worlds, today. He smiles, watching the different personalities interact. Yeah, it'll work out in the end. How? It's a mystery.

"Mercade? I think I have met him, if briefly. He seems like an important type of guy." Ping smiles again at Emi, between sips on his tea, "I look forward to meeting them all."
Scrooge McDuck "A shard? Nae, laddie, not that I'm aware, but it doesn't mean there isn't one. We just have to find it!" Scrooge sips at his drink, content to listen for now, and ponder how to find his money bin once more.
Nagetta "It's alright, I'm kind of quiet." Nagetta untangles herself from the stool and makes her way to Umi before hugging her carefully. "Kind of hungry...maybe I should try and find a job or something around here." She's not quite sure what she would be good at though. "I asked Zeke if I could join his crew, but I don't think he wants to put me in that much danger..."
Zeke Nagetta might have also smelled some of Zeke's blood. Though her question got an offhand comment. "Oh this that and a few others along with the usual runaround. Found out Mum's alive and being held captive by a bunch of pirates. Going to round up a rescue party, secure a ship, then go sink the whole lot of the swine for keeping her in irons." Offhand patter almost s if this was a daily thing for him. Granted emotionally the news Hati had given him at least some of his family lived was still making his head spin. "How goes with you lady? Finding life well enough?" He smiled warmly in spite of her inhuman appearance... and sharp fangs. When crewing with litteral Monsters getting over a little thing like something able to eat you in a few bites was an occupational nessecity.

For now he would be quiet and eat before he started considering taking Nagette on that crew position. It actually wasn't her work eathic he was worried after. It was his ability to FEED her.
Deelel Deelel is content at this point to go for her drink for the moment. She seems to be happy enough with it. While she thinks on a few things that she's got on her mind.
Emi Dennou "Important?" Emi asks, thinking it over. Hm, she's not sure if she'd use the word important, but she doesn't argue--he's important to Emi, after all, so she can't really deny it. "Well he's helped us. There's Celina, who likes to keep people behaving responsibly. Tom..." SHe thinks this over. "...He punches." She doesn't even clarify that even further, it would be inaccurate to. "Oh! You should meet Deidra, she is one of the noble gargoyles." She bobs her head ignorantly.

"Don't worry, don't worry." Umi tells Nagetta. "Emi could find you part time jobs if you want, she's really good at that, but I bet Tifa would be happy to have suche a nice helper, she probably can't just handle such a hopping spot all by herself, heh!"

"Do you wish to be a not-a-pirate?" Emi asks of Nagetta.
Ping Ping finishes off his tea and leaves several coins on the bartop to pay for the tea and to tip the generous Tifa, as well. He takes a deep breath, feeling so much better after his long journey. Still, though his spirit is uplifted, his body is still weary, crying for the bed.

He stands up and gives Emi a friendly pat on the shoulder, "I hope we can talk, again, soon and you can introduce me to your friends." It's then that a yawn sneaks up on him and it is a mighty one. Still, he manages to cover his mouth.

"Goodnight, everyone. It was wonderful meeting you." And with that Ping takes off for the door and out on the street.
Nagetta Nagetta certainly smelled the blood, it was bit tempting to go after but she knows better than to do so. "Well, I'll come with her when you go rescue her...if you want me to." She's reminded of her own mother who she couldn't do anything to protect and frowns a bit at that.

"Well, I'm not sure if it's the right thing for me to do...I mean there's people who already want me dead..." She knows she's not welcomed everywhere. "But on Zeke's crew, I wouldn't really stand too much either..." She doubts the crew itself would give her much trouble.
Zeke Given said crew consisted of anywehre from three to five dozen two foot tall imps, a werewolf, a Cyclopse, a few goblins, and some other beasties besides? NOpe! Nagetta would fit right in. Zeke laughed darkly. "What can I say? Everyone in my crew wanted a chance at honest work and to see the sights. It's simply a plus when people like Frank can use the ship's guns as personal armaments. Makes the negociating process go much smoother."
Emi Dennou "...People want you dead???" Umi says. "But why?? Is it your hat??? I mean it's a great hat..." Umi sniffs faintly. "...But it's not worth killin' over. IF they're after your hat..." She nods slowly. "Then I'll find another one and get it for them--then they'll leave you alone right??"

"Umi," Emi speaks up. "It is probably not because of the hat." She nods to Ping, smiling. "Goodnight."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles as she serves up Zeke's food next. People talking together, it makes for life in the bar, and its always something that pleases the barmaid.
Deelel Deelel looks up from her drink as Ping departs she'll talk to him again later or so she hopes but now she looks over to Nagetta finally unable to hold back on asking her a question. "Miss if I might just what manner of being are you. I never seen anything like you before." Zke gets another look. "So you needed to talk to me on something Zeke?"
Zeke Zeke waved goodnight to ping before looking to Umi. "It's because she is a Naga miss. Half woman half snake. Her kind tends to eat.... occasionally they eat people so as a species they tend to get a bad brush painted 'cross all of 'em." He started on his sandwich and made pleased food noises, swallowed, then continued. "Really fars've I've seen she's a big sweetie. Granted I'm not sure I could afford to feed her on a long voyage, much less carry all that food, but hardly her fault she needs to eat as much and oft as she does." Shrug. "Though if you like Miss Nagetta I'd love t'have you on m'crew, or at least in my employ minding business in Traverse while I do the out at sea bits. However now? I'd be willing to pay anyone willing t'help me find these people. Would like them Alive and brought up on charges." Tounge click. "No actually I'd like to do all manner of bloody and violent things to each and every last one of 'em for puttin m'family in irons especially after they had to flee England. However I'll settle for them brought here in irons to be paraded about as examples of what happens when men try enslaving others."

He looked over at Deelel. "I'd ask if you would be willing to help, but you said yerself that your kind and the sea don't mix particularly well so other information might be useful given how.... alien your world is compared to mine. Perspective would be helpful."
Nagetta Nagetta looks down at the mention of eating people. She had done so when she was younger and now feels guilty about it. "Well, I don't need to eat all that often, just a lot when I do so. I could try eating smaller meals." She offers. "And I want to help you, you've been really nice to me..." She blushes a bit at that.

"And it's terrible not having any family..." She certainly knows what that's like.
Emi Dennou Umi frowns, looks towards Nagetta, and then back to Zeke, then back to Nagetta. She looks at her mouth. Can...can someone even fit in there? Well she can probably unhing her jaw like a snake but even so...

"Nagetta wouldn't do that!" Umi says despite Nagetta's author pointing out right there that she did eat people when she was younger. "They should judge a book by its cover and see how nice she is!"

"You mean," Emi clarifies. "To not judge a book by its cover."

"Huh? No." Umi says. "Look at her, she looks totally sweet and nice and stuff, The Network notes that this would be judging a book by its cover."

Emi rubs her hand down her face.
Deelel Deelel looks oer at Zeke for a moment "I get it won't harm be but ... look it be like you finding out you could swim in molten iron." She seems to be taking it better now at this point. "Well then please feel free to share I'll do what I can for you Captain, it's the least I can do." The comments between Umi and Emi makes her laugh a little not meanly she just honestly finds what was said funny.
Zeke Zeke mimed the same facepalming esture. "I agree with you two lass. She's a sweet lass an been a wonderful help in th'past." He thought Nagetta looked sweet. Mind the fangs, scales, claws, and tail that could crush a man though. "Firm believer in giving each their due unless given reason to take other courses."

Umi and Emi he still couldn't make sense of, but they made him smile. "It's.. Ariel. I know not of this Atlantica she's from, but I gather it is as unlike this place as your home is. Just enough familiar to feel disoriented... and yet how the lass moves. It's almost as if she isn't used t'her own feet." Hmmm. That made him wonder. Nah! Couldn't be.
Nagetta "I've heard stories about dwarves swimming in molten iron...I've never actually seen one do it though." That reminds Nagetta of something she read once. "Thank you everyone..." She's still blushing. "I think walking on feet would be difficult, but then again I've never had them." She looks down at her tail as she says that.
Deelel Deelel looks at Zeke for a moment "I see, another world. I know about being like that, what's the expression a something out of water?" She looks at Zeke. "What is it with Water and your people. She seems to just be ribbing the captain a bit. "Humm I didn't know what the sun was when I first arrived in Manhattan..." She looks over at Nagetta stres for a moment "Id' not be ... suprised somehow."
Zeke Zeke shrugged at Nagetta, not sure whether the girl was joking or not. "She.... Fish out of water seems /really/ appropriate." Again that thought. Just what was she anyway? NOt human. "Not sure if I should poke and pry. Might not, but on the one hand if I knew it'd help. On the other... there's reasons she's hiding. Think it's her family."
Emi Dennou Umi also looks down at the tail and says, "Well i think walking with a tail would be tough for me!" She thinks about it and then admits, "Actually it would be kind of cool to try it." She sighs. "...but I guess it's a case of the grass being greener on the other side." ANOTHER IDIOM. But she smiles, "If anybody gives you trouble I'll pop em one! Heh! The Network agrees within a margin of error of 2 points of your niceness level."

"...Not how this one would put it." Emi admits. "It is some coincidence, then, that the next world shard appears to be there." She adds to Zeke.
Nagetta Well, Nagetta knows Synthesia can transform between human and lamia. She wonders if there's a spell that can do the opposite. "There could be a way of turning humans into lamia, I don't know much about magic..." She has to admit.
Zeke -!- Insert metal gear guard alert noise here.

"Wait. WHAT?!" Zeke looked at Emi. "Atlantica has part of Manhatten stuck there?" Kindof made him wonder how Ariel missed it. Or maybe she iddn't and she just didn't see fit to mention since she didn't know it was important.

"Well i have heard tale of people turning to animals an going back again between one of these worlds. So I s'ppose that's possible an if you do come with me to port royal miss Nagetta I wouldn't be surprised if you were fully human there."
Deelel Deelel says "I found my form changes when I jump between certain worlds. I not encounted something that changed me /that/ physically however." She looks over to Zeke for a moment then to Emi blining several times. "WAit I did hear about such happening I think to one world now that I think about it."
Emi Dennou "We did become hyenas once." Emi admits a bit awkwardly. She looks to Umi and adds, "This one does not suspect Omi would be pleased by this relevation of your should you elect to follow through."

Umi shrugs her shoulders. "So what, it's just for fun right?" Umi beams brightly, suddenly. "If I find a way, Nagetta, would you teach me?" Her eyes sparkle.

They get a little wet, puppy Umi eyes. She is going full out here, even though the chances of this actually becoming a 'thing' are not exactly 'high'.
Zeke Zeke looked over at Umi. Then at Emi. Then looked over to Tifa. "Can I get more rum please? I don't think I wanna be sober when that one tries being extra cute. I'm afraid of what will happen."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles and nods "Of course, that's what I'm here for." She grins, serving up more chilled rum for the man "I didn't see your red-haired friend since last time."
Zeke "Her and Nagetta here pulled me out of a little negociating with Frank's prior employers." Zeke grumbled something about low class thugs or somesuch. "And by pulled out I mean Ariel basically shocked 'em sensless. Think sh'es trying to adjust to life here, or at least sort herself out." Then he looked over at Nagetta. "She tell you anythin of what she's doing lass?"
Deelel Deelel also makes sure now she's thinking about it to place the mummy for Maira's stuff this evening and turns her attention back to the others shom she's talking to. "It worked at least right? Look I'm still going through adjusting to this ... place." She looks about. "I mean for example this place is built out of the terrain, and dead plant matter..."
Nagetta "Teach you what? How to move on a tail?" Nagetta doesn't know how to transform between human and lamia. "I haven't changed form in places where I'm pretty sure there aren't lamias. So I don't if it would have an effect on me. I didn't really have a chance to talk to her." There was too much going on to say much to her.
Emi Dennou "Right!" Umi says, eyes still sparkling. "I wouldn't know where to begin!"
Zeke Zeke offered Nagetta a sympathetic smile. "I'll send you to Miri if you want work lass. It innt much but between basic cleanup, or protection from overland and thorugh portal suppliers.... I was actually wanting ot set a shop up in town here given this is the mother of all crossroads. Even if nothing else here would be a good place to offload tradegoods."

Then he grumbled wearily. "Speaking of work I have duties to tend to, then my bunk calls." He got to his feet, dropped munny on the counter before looking to Tifa. "I dunno if you've a man... woman... or whatever in yer life lass, but if ye do they be lucky people. Grateful for your hospitality." He kissed the last coin and sat it gently down in front of the barmaid. "Always." A bow to Deelel and then he was heading for the door.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles to Zeke "Well, noone in my life yet..." But she was thinking of someone... someone that isn't around right now.
Nagetta Nagetta nods at that, "Well, it would be something at least. Sure, I don't know how compares to walking on feet though." It might be a bit difficult for her to explain. "Yes, there's plenty of people here." That certainly was true.
Deelel Deelel looks up as she's finihed her drink and is noe getting up to leave. "I'll see you later, I have somethings to take care of elsewhere in town to night." The whine of her strange cycle can be heard as she takes off into the night.

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