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(2013-02-25 - 2013-02-25)
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Angantyr Vespar Angantyr is at the place, as agreed upon. He doesn't have anything infront of him, at the moment, besides a cup of expresso. He doesn't like the stuff, but typically people get annoyed and ask questions if the Dark Knight (Or really anyone) sits in a resturant and looks menancing. He takes another sip, making a face and putting the cup back down. "How anyone drinks this swill is beyond me.." he comments, relaxing as he observes the rest of the building. He taps his fingers, it was fairly normal, for swarming heartless, no monster attacks. A simple and quiet night, something he could get used to, if he wasn't so attracted to conflict like a moth to a flame.

The darkness is still there, it is unlikely ever to leave him, no more than the radiance of Aurora were to leave her.
Aurora Holding her skirts at just about ankle level, so as to keep them from touching the ground, Aurora enters into the Cafe; her dress turning from blue to pink just as she passes through the door. Paying the color-changing dress no heed, she glances around the Cafe, and heads towards the dark presence making dire faces at his cup of expresso. Her demeanor is bright and pleasant. Not overly cheerful, in a that sickly sort of way - but honestly happy, in an outgoing yet dignified sort of way.

Stopping in front of the table, she curtsies, moving one foot behind the other and bending her knees. "We meet again, sir knight." the young woman says, by way of greeting.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr nods to the princess, moving to at least pull a chair out for her. It was...oddly courtly, for someone who was as crass as he was, and he even pushes it back in. Angantyr sits back down, a moment later and folds his hands over themselves as he looks at the Princess for a moment with a nod, "Yeah." is all he says at first, "I'm surprised you showed up, or have been sticking to the town for so long, given the last Princess I knew who was being persued by the Heartless was always weary to stay around any organized settlements for any length of time for fear of their safety. It appears you have a bit more resolve." he comments, "Or are better at hiding yourself."
Aurora Aurora waits patiently while the chair is pulled out and she is seated. She appreciates the gesture, as well. She may be perfectly capable of seating herself, but ... these are not exactly clothes that are easy to maneuver in, and gestures of kindness and chivalry are always appreciated. She then listens to Angantyr's comments.

Shrugging would be unladylike, so Princess Aurora makes a bobbing motion with her head, instead. "I'm afraid, as I do not know her, I cannot say, and would defer to pass judgement if I did." She is silent a moment, not thinking so much as allowing a polite pause. "I do, however, understand a bit about the one seeking me, and I was raised to ellude her, though I knew it not."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr nods slowly, "So someone is after you too, and they have control over the heartless?" he considers this for a bit, "Can you name them?" he might be able to find out who they are if he plays his cards right with Garland, if they are known to him.

"You also expressed interest in talking to me, are you looking for a bodyguard? I am fairly experienced in these things." And always looking for a bit of cash, "The last Princess I met had a foe who had allies in a particular powerful group of people who could also use the Heartless."
Aurora Aurora nods her head. "Yes, I can." she says. "Her name is Maleficent, the dark fairy. I can tell you of her, if you wish. I would also be interested in learning more of this other Princess you know." She pauses, and takes a napkin from the table, unfolds it, and sets it upon her lap. "But first, would you be able to get me a tea from the cafe counter? I would not wish to rush the conversation."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr's eyes widen a little.

He coughs, and nods a little, and escuses himself for a moment. As he walks, he considers this information well. Garland was very clear about Malificent...she wasn't just the enemy of a Shadow Lord...but THE leader. Anyone capable of leading such a group is worthy of a bit of fear and respect...good thing Angantyr had some corruptive influences on him (IE: good influence) or he'd be turning this into something to take advantage of. At the counter, he drops some munny, "Tea, please." he asks, for, and a moment later is bringing it back for her. He sets it down, and returns to his seat, folding his hands again. His eyes consider her for a long moment, taking a sip of his drink again.

"It is probably not like it is back home. I've never been a fan of tea myself."
Aurora Aurora takes a small sip of the tea. "Oh, it is not the tea itself." she explains, as she puts it back down on the table. "Good tea has its virtues, of course. But so does bad tea. For in a bad tea, you can learn to show gratitude and patience - so even a very bad tea can serve a good end." She takes another small sip of the tea. "Thank you kindly, sir Knight. Now, where was I?" She pauses a moment.

"I was born in a Kingdom known as the Enchanted Dominion. It was full of humble people, gentle hills, verdant forests, and magical creatures. On the day that I was born, the firstborn of my parents, my father the King and my mother the Queen called upon the land to come see me and offer me their well wishes. This included the three Good Faeries. It did not include the fallen faerie, Malificent."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr listens...

He frowns a bit at the tea comments, he gets the message, it's just one he's not used to hearing.

The story, he does listen to a bit without a frown, nodding to show he is paying attention. His hands continue to remain folded as he listens, not wanting to interupt right now.

"Go on." he says, indicating that he doesn't have any questions so far, or anything else to say.
Aurora "The faeries mere beings of a singular nature." Aurora explains. "As much magical as physical. The three good faeries could do no evil, could do no harm. They could only create, and do good. They gave me two blessings. The first was the gift of beauty. The second, the gift of song. Before they could bless me a third time, Malficient arrived, angry that she had not been invited. She laid a curse upon me, to prick my finger on my 16th birthday, and die. The faeries could not undo her magic, any more then she could undo theirs - but they could alter it, and so the third blessing was a resistance to her magic." She pauses, and sips the tea.

"I was raised by the faeries in the woods. Oh, they were wonderful dears. The most pleasant and adorable and admirable people you would ever want to meet. We were family." She takes another sip of tea. "Much of the story is likely not of interest to you. I was raised by them, I met my husband, I fell victim to the curse and was put into a sleep. My future husband rescued me, she turned into a dragon, he struck her with the Sword of Truth, and she fell into a pit of fire."
Angantyr Vespar "Yet she still lives." Angantyr points out, "And...judging by your appearance here and now...had the last laugh." he says, shaking his head, "I'm sorry, it's a bit harsh of me. I know the loss in losing one's home." he appologizes. He still listens to the story up till the conclusion, " are still carry the resistance to Malificent's magic?" that was something. A very interesting thing to know, for the future perhaps?

He grows quiet again, seeing if there is anything left to the story...there was still the 'how you got here now'.
Aurora Aurora nods her head. "Yes, I am here now. I carry the resistance to her magic. She fell into the pit, but returned, after having learned to control the heartless. She overran the world out of revenge, and while we could stop her, we could not stop her heartless. Our castle and its surrounding lands were preserved, brought ... elsewhere, but I was separated from them, and from my husband. The rest is a tale repeated for many."
Angantyr Vespar So her land still survived...he taps his fingers on the table for a moment, "It is a story. It is a story repeated many times here, I am afraid...sadly, yours is a bit special. Malificient from my understanding is fairly influencial in an organization called The Shadow Lords." he says, with a frown, "The Shadow Lords have already claimed more than one world...The World of Manhattan for example." Angantyr comments.
Aurora Aurora nods her head. "So I have heard. But it is not special in that she is responsible for the ruin of those worlds, as she is responsible for mine." She takes another sip of tea. "You mentioned knowing another such as myself - another Princess on the run from the Heartless. Tell me of her, if you could kindly do so."
Angantyr Vespar "Princess Jasmine, from a desert land." Angantyr says, "Fearless except when it came to the suffering of others, kind, filled with a radiance that I can not properly describe, and...accepting. It is not often I get to talk with those who are so brilliant in the light, who do not talk down on those where the light refuses to shine. We met because she selflessly went into danger to try and save a mutual friend from a kingdom called Baron, and she asked me to protect her while she tried to escape the Heartless. We traveled for a time, but she eventually seperated from the group that started to form around her. I haven't seen her in a long time, but..." he shrugs, "I think she's safe."

"I also met her persuer. A foul man, but powerful."
Aurora Aurora listens quietly, sipping her tea. "I see." she says. "She sounds like someone I would very much admire." Aurora admits. "Some believe the darkness can be fought with darkness; sword for sword. But I think the best method is to try and change yourself, to be the best person you can be. Do you have any idea why they were pursuing her?"
Angantyr Vespar "No." Angantyr says, "And it wasn't just the man's heartless. Lots of them. With and without the insignia. They claimed they just came after here wherever they went. I'd like to know more myself, if only to try and help her out a bit, give her time to hide and rest and form a plan to retake her home from the jerk who is sitting in her home." He says, with a shrug. ...He's being a bit honest here, he realizes, but shrugs it off.

"Darkness is as much of a tool as any weapon. However, you also assume that darkness is always a choice."
Aurora Aurora smiles. "But I was not speaking of weapons." She gestures a hand. "Please, though - you have something specific in mind. No doubt you are more well traveled then I. Please, tell me your opinion."
Angantyr Vespar "If I had any ideas, I'd already have persued them over my friend." he counters, "I was commenting on your methods of fighting the darkness."
Aurora Aurora nods her head. "So was I. Sometimes it is more important to listen in a discussion to talk. It sounded as if you had something on your mind when you said that the darkness was not always a choice."
Angantyr Vespar " told me your history, I suppose I should do the same, yes?" Angantyr speaks, "I am a Dark Knight, if you could not tell. I control and manipulate the darkness, I can travel through the corridors, I exist dangerously close to the heartless. My choice in the matter, is non-existant. I am, as you will, a sacrifice so that my family could continue to remain powerful weilders of light. It is said, long ago, our founding ancester made a pact with a otherworldly being, for great power over the light to drive back the darkness that was destroying the land. He was granted the power, but there was a cost, that one in every generation would be cursed to bear the burden of their darkness. I am the first born of the current generation." he takes a drink.

"I've spent my life shunned and looked down on for my power, by my own family. The light, has not been very kind to me, if you have noticed, and I have been forced to master the font of darkness that resides in me. Lest it destroy me."
Aurora Aurora is silent a moment to think about that. She finishes off the tea. "The difference, I think." she says, as kindly as she can, "Is that we all have darkness within us. We all get angry, we all feel jealousy, sometimes we are not kind. We can deny this and be controlled by it, we can accept it and give into it, or we can accept it, acknowledge it, and not let it control us. I don't see anything different." She is silent a moment more. "I consider the Light to be kindness, meekness, compassion, honesty, love. So if the light has not been kind, perhaps it only thought it was the light. Or perhaps it was that anger, that darkness, in those servents, who were ruled by that which they claimed they did not have, in those moments. If so, I'm sorry on their behalf."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr shrugs, "The brightest light casts the deepest shadow," the man says, "It's something I've lived by for a while."

"There is no need to be sorry for them. You did not do it to me, they did. I don't think the light as my enemy, no more than I think the dark is my ally. Only a fool would assume that darkness is an ally." he shakes his head, "But as you said, it is about not letting it control you." he laughs a bit for a moment, "A few months ago, I'd have called you a fool and left it at that...but well, lets just say Jasmine had an effect on me. I don't feel spurnned by the light, no more than I rejected it for how I was treated."

"Anyway, I digress. You have quite a bit of your own problems to deal with, and need not to shoulder mine."
Aurora "The best way to solve one own's problems is, at times, to help another." Aurora replies, as she takes the napkin off of her dress, folds it up, and puts it on the counter. "It was a pleasure having tea with you. I thank you for the kind conversation."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr considers this for a moment, "Well, in that case. If you are in any trouble, you know how to contact me. Don't worry about it either, I rather enjoy conflict." he says, with a grin. "Perhaps a bit too much, but that is a different matter all together."

He stands, as she escuses herself, "I am not much for conversation, but you are welcome for whatever it is worth. Be careful out there."
Aurora Aurora curtsies in Angantyr's direction. "Thank you ever so much." she replies. "You are a very kind dear. I'll remember that, I promise. Have a good evening."

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