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(2013-02-25 - 2013-03-11)
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Deidra It's night, but it's always night in this place, tonight Deidra's just been out for a flight, it was a wonderful night all things considerd the air was nice there was enough winds to have some fun with, without being well given any problems. Best of all there's so many ships all over the place to take in as the refugees from a lost world that was even higher tech than her own have made their home here for the most part. She'll come in for a landing and perch on one of the builings to get a look at one of the larger ships which seems to be a military vessel of some sort.

"I wonder what the ship yard that build that thing was like?"
Percival Traverse town. A place seemingly out of time, a town always shrouded in eternal night. As a creature of the night, he should have found it appealing, but instead it was extraordinarily depressing to him. Everything about it seemed unnatural, for it sat outside the cycle of day and night. The sky itself always seemed to be darker to him. The stars, dimmer. It may not actually be true, but sometimes he clung to delusional beliefs for the sake of his sanity. Tonight, however, this was his town, for everything about it reflected his mood.

His meeting with Will had not brightened his disposition. While he had made some progress, the sudden change of topic had distracted him from the subject that he'd come to speak to him about. This made him even moodier, as he began to fly aimlessly about the town, gliding out and about. He had no real plans, no real destination. And it was perhaps chance that allowed him to spot a familiar figure below.

She was of course the first thing he noticed, as he began to bank and circle about to slow his descent. Eventually he comes to a gentle landing behind her. Strangely enough, it was only then that he noticed where he was. The backdrop made it painfully obvious given that one of the larger ships eclipsed his view of the horizon. Maybe he really was oblivious.

Despite the truth of his disposition and demeanour, he certainly tried his best to smile. He always did enjoy the company of his kind, and Deidra had been a good friend to him ever since he was displaced from his fallen world. Still, she was a mystery to him, and he hoped to rectify that somewhat in the near future.

"Good evening Madame Deidra. It is a pleasure, as always, to see you again. How have you been?" He gestures about with his hands before his wings finally curl and furl about his shoulders to come to rest. "And, what is this place? I'm not very familiar with it. It appears to be a Spaceport, of sorts?"
Deidra The place is a cituy of enteral night and made up of a patch work of people who'd surived the darkness somehow. She'd not minded the city at all, there were things that were thought to be myth or fair folk on her world going about their busines here same as everyone else. It been almost a year since her run in with the member of the third race. She'd started getting used to what sh was now and had come clean at least with one person. She's however started as her train of tought is derailed by Pervival's rrival and she looks over her shoulder at Percy for a moment.

"Oh Hey! I did't expect anyone here."

She looks the otehr gargyole over for a moment "I don't come out here often but from what I do know? They are from a world that had FTL drive and they barely surived the comming of the heartless. They acted to protect the city from later scale threats so far as I know."
Percival Percival was terrible with technology. Beyond simple things like radio, or television, he had little interaction with such devices. All he knew of space came from non-fiction historical accounts. All he knew of science fiction came from a few select movies at the cinema. So when she states 'FTL', it takes him a while to process the abbreviation and to realize what it must mean.

"Huh. So Traverse Town is far more advanced than our own world, at least when it comes to interstellar travel."

He walks closer to her so that he might get a better look at the sights of the Spaceport. "Sometimes its difficult to make sense of all of these worlds. With some having advanced so far beyond ours, and others being far more primitive than our own."

He mulls it over for a short time, before glancing towards Deidra. "So what have you been up to, Madame Deidra? I haven't seen you very often as of late due to my travels. And I confess, that I know very little about you. What does an extraordinary young Gargoyle like yourself do with her time, besides take in the sights?"
Deidra Deidra says "Some parts of it are, others art noe the fleet's mostly stuck to the space port region of the ctown. It is to be sure I admit I'd love to get a look at one of the ships. It is but it makes life interesting doesn't it. It's nice to see worlds where humans can exist with other species without going off the handle. Gives me some hope for back home someday. Honestly make use of the internet when it was still a thing, work on my magical resarch or even a few other things." She pulls out a portable game unit from a pocket before putting it back in. "Generally doing things for the TDA and things like that."
Percival "Interesting. Your clan must have been far more at home around modern technology than my own. I'm impressed."

Percival smiles briefly, the small talk was at least allowing him to take his mind off of far more depressing and grave matters for a time. He rather enjoyed it.

"How did you get into magic, if you don't mind me asking? It wasn't exactly something that was common in our world." And there was the fact that he was as giddy as a hatchling at the idea of trying to learn it himself. Well, some types of magic at least. He didn't want to learn how to shoot fireballs with his mind and burn things, that wasn't in him, but it still fascinated him.
Deidra Deidra says "Never had a clan I'm afraid I been leeching off the humans more or less." She tilts her head about the question on magic and thinks for a moment "Pure accident I discovered I was able to use it honestly. Found the spell book I owen and read one of the spells as a joke, it worked..."
Percival "Oh, uh.." Well that was awkward. Percival had no idea how Gargoyles survived on their own in the modern world without a clan. And leeching off humans? Maybe she found some understanding ones. Peculiar, he would have thought they would have been pretty difficult to find. He's not sure how to broach the subject with her though. When she speaks of how she discovered magic though he isn't quite sure what to make of it.

"You just read it out of a book? Is that how one learns magic? I....thought it would be a little different than that."
Deidra Deidra says "It's one part iniate ability and one part knowing how to use it. If you do not use it you will very likely lose the ability to like a muscle wasting away from what I found. Others reading it would likely get nothing. I'm afraid I only recently found anything close to a formal teacher." She is being vague and evasitve as she doesn't want to out right lie to Percival after all. She didn't like doing but prehaps someday she'll be a bit more forth comming about her origins.
Percival Percival mulls over what she says for a time, as if he were debating something to himself. "I see. So some individuals are just born with the talent." That fact was actually slightly depressing to him, that something as wondrous as magic only came to certain people, and others it would never be possible for, no matter how hard they tried.

Percival turns and looks Deidra over for a time. He wasn't very observant even on the best of days, so he had no idea that she was being evasive about her past. If so he might have taken a hint to 'not go there.' Her manner of dress and appearance though indicated that she must have had an interesting lifestyle stateside though.

"I uh, well, Madame Deidra, I'm not quite sure how to ask this, but until you and Zia I've never known our kind to be so independent. I'm not sure even where to begin asking. Did you know your sires? Did they raise you, or did the humans raise you? Were you raised in Manhatten? stop me if I'm asking things that are too personal or if I'm dredging up memories that you'd rather forget. Its just that my clan is so very different from what little I do know of the rest of our kind, so please forgive my curiosity."
Deidra Deidra says "It's not just talent you need a lot of training it's not like being part of the third race they are basically made of magic I'm afraid." She frowns a little bit and shrugs a bit on the issue of famiy. "I'm from New York state yes. I don't like to talk about it too much honestly. I know it's double standard I guess though. I'm not a good example of a normal Gargyole by any means you'd be better off talking to Brooklyn and his clan to be honest though it's nice to not be alone."
Percival Percival sighs, inclining his head slightly. "I see. Well if that's what you wish, I certainly won't pry. Its just that, I don't know Brooklyn and his clan. I've never met them. There's so few of us left, that I don't have anyone to talk to typically."
Deidra Deidra says "Well I can talk about other things I'll be happy to help introduce you to him. He's been about just focusing on the shards for Manhattan lately. Also there's another rogue by the name of Skyline from Manhattan but I haven't seen her lately. You came from a fairly big clan so unlike a lot of us, your used to being around others. Honestly I got lucky falling in with the TDA I kinda of got spotted by a mistake I made and Will was teh first person to really give me a chance and Mercade was shortlyy after."
Percival "Yes. I think you did." Percival manages a wan smile. "They're all good people, but I think they're still a little put off by me and my ways. The humans I've been around, most of them were strictly business, and even those that were friendly.....well the Twilight Detective Agency is still much different from them. I just don't know how to act sometimes, so to them I must seem pretty stuffy, and boorish."
Deidra Deidra says "THey are not exacly notmal to be honest far as humans go either. Several other magic users in their ranks and those who'd seen the things thought to be myth. Though I swear if Tom ever tries to bench press me while I sleep..." she makes a face. "Can never tell with him he's strange. Be your self is the best thing I can say, they generally been pretty accepting right? Quite a few of us were ... at the world heart when manhattan fell."
Percival Percival actually laughs light-heartedly at her statement. "Deidra. I think the last thing anyone from the TDA wants is for me to be myself." And that was that, he didn't appear to have any inclination to elaborate on that any further. "As for Tom, he'd best watch himself, given that I have a tendency to wake up when least expected, as of late. If I caught him bench pressing you..." He manages a grin. "Well first off, I'd be impressed, given that I've never seen a human that strong, but then I'd likely brain him over the head with a shield. Repeatedly."

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