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Collateral Thinking.
(2013-02-25 - 2013-02-26)
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Zeke Ah the beach. Warm. Inviting. OK it might not be for many other people but Zeke's always been facinated by the bountery of land and sea. However as of 'Right Now' he wasn't at the Beach itself. More to the point he was poking around one of the many coastal tourist trap places hoping a change in scenery, and maybe a few of those silly umbrella drinks, might help his head sort after getting both a bit of a bombshell dumped on his head and a 'request' from the same person (well actually crab) that dropped, albeit accidentilly, said bombshell.

Yes a Guy straight out of the Seventeenth Century Carribean looking over stupid overpriced tourist junk while drinking a mixer. You'd think he'd go for Baileys or at the least Captain Morgan right?
Hati Since her supposed change of heart, along with her decision to leave the direct service of the Shadow Lords, Hati had been seen far more publically than in the past. There are still a few groups who might be looking for a small female thief, but it would be hard to really connect the two. The werewolf side, well... that's the one that she might risk more by showing. Pyre was not always a nice wolf. For now, though, Hati is in Traverse Town, here like so many others, to watch the tournament.

At this particular moment, though, she's relaxing, dressed out in a strange sort of bathing suit that actually seems designed to cover most of the right half of her body. It is a color of brilliant blue that matches the highlights in her hair. Sidling up to the little tourist bar places, sliding in right next to Zeke without even asking. "Give me a rum and coke. Easy on the ice."

The wolf-girl's tail swishes, those ears visible from within her hair. "Having trouble deciding? I'd peg you for a rum man, myself. You should try the ice tea, though. It's got one heck of a punch." Likely, she's referring to the 'long island' variety.
Zeke Zeke looked Hati over appraisingly and smiled. "Might be next on my list. Usually it's Whiskey or ale but I figure Why Not? Touranment's going on. I'm making a mint ferrying people on short hops here and there plus usual rounds of shipping to and from." He sounded happy. "Though canna say what this long island has to do with tea."

Again he took note of the lupine's outfit and arched an eyebrow. "Not that I'm complainin lass but innit a mite breezy for wear like that?"
Hati "If you want good ale, you should check out the Old Kingdom. Some of the pubs make the sort that would even give a man like you a run for his money." Hati notes, taking her drink as it is offered and passing over a handful of small-ish denominations of munny. She sips the drink, rolling it across her lips, then chuckles to herself. "So you work on a ship, then? A steward? Or maybe a captain?" It's the sort of small talk that can come off as a little flirty, the wolf-girl leaning her head on her hand, tail swishing again. Her bare feet play against the bars of the stool.

"It's a place that used to exist near Manhattan. Came from there, supposedly. Doesn't taste a thing like tea, though." Hati explains, bemused. Normally, the wolf-girl doesn't care for the cold, but the ocean is still quite warm, even this time of year. "It's not so bad. So long as it isn't snowing, I'm alright. Besides, the water is warm. You should come in for a swim sometime."
Zeke Zeke chuckled before ordering another drink, straight rum this time. "Lass. I've been in shipping, trade, fishing, and in general most things involving the Sea ever since the first time I snuck 'board my fadder's ship when he'd go fishing. T'would like t'think I'm very good at what i do. Probaly would be a rich man had things fallen diffrent." Then a dimsissive handwave before looking 'round the tourist bar. "Tehn again Ive won and lost what you mayhap would consider small fortunes for the sake of seeing what can be seen on the horizon." The accent might be a bit thick, especially for someone that's frankly far too young to be considered a captain of anything. Sure Thirty or so was realistic for getting your own ship, but twenties? Hardly! Guy had to be pulling legs and inflating his own ego right?

"Now then a swim would do good. Always refreshing, and there's always points for doing something for the sheer thrill of it, there's... problems and mysteries I've been tasked with." With this his voice lost some of it's friendlynes and face lost some of it's care-free lightness. "Heard tell of a girl washing up yonderways," Thumb jerked to the beach, "A couple weeks back. I"ve a few facts to rub together an make suppositions but always best to sniff 'round an try turnin new clues forward. More knowledge tends t'make th'work easier once y'get goin."
Hati Sure, he's a bit young for a ship's captain, especially from the world he is likely from by the judge of him, but... it's part of Hati's nature to alure at times. It did tend to make people be a bit more friendly. Serrak had taught her well how to use her wiles, and she'd yet to really figure out the meaning behind doing such things in the first place, aside from information gathering. "Really?" She seems genuinely interested, a small smile quirking the corner of her lips as she shows part of one fanged tooth. "I imagine it must be strange, with the worlds changing. Then again, there's entirely new horizons to find. Oceans you've never seen. Creatures that are nothing but myth and fairytale."

Clearly, she is one of these creatures, since the tail and ears are real and not part of some costume. They move, the ears helping her expression and the twil seeming to sway with a regular rhythm. Her expression still shows that interest, although the flirty smile falters a moment, "Lots of people wash up here. It's like Traverse Town calls to them from the darkness between worlds." She shrugs her shoulders, looking out towards the expanse of beach. "So, tell me about this girl, then?" One brow raises. "Maybe I can help." It seems odd, for a girl like this to come up and offer her aid, the sort of thing that certainly might raise suspicions.
Zeke Zeke wagled a hand, "Well as far as these things go I"m sure it's pretty standard. Girl washes up, sadly in this case litterally, one night in what is to her a strange culture and place." Depending on how observant Hati was she might start picking up on clues based on posture, tone... Scent if she's got a good enough smell. Whoever this girl is Zeke had at least more than a casual interest. "Lots of unknowns as to her past but she's from some isolated out of the way an' is important enough t'have the local lord of the land." Well Sebastian was worried about a 'king' but Zeke wasn't wanting to share all the details he had. aFter all he only just met Hati. Then again he was being uncarictaristicly chatty with some woman that by all rights he should have considered a heathen monster.

"So I've got on the one han d a girl that's run from home, ignorant of the Heartless and their tender loving savagry so I halfway want t'try finding this place an see if it really is free of their taint or if it be merely she lived so sheltered she didn't see the pyres and ruin in their wake."

Finally his drink showed. Something.... Pink and in a funny looking glass. He tossed it back and made a horrid face before grinning and slamming the glass down on the bar. "That was refreshingly abrasive. I think I'll have another." He fished coin out to tip the bartender. After all he did like his drink. "On the other if instinct is right I try sending her back home the girl's gong tobe locked away by an overprotective father. All she wants is t'see a bit of the world and she's already saved my hide... an by saved i mean she called down a small thunderhead on this rather monsterously foul smelling green skinned bloke that wanted t'have my head for lunch."

He looked to the bar, then looked to the beach before looking back to Hati and smiling lightly. "I've had folk try runnin from their troubles at home by signin on. So I've spoken with abrasive and oft worried sick family, an I dont want the girl t'have as her last memories whatever argument that caused her t'run so vigerously. However i get the itch that this be more complicated than a minor family squabble."
Hati "Yeah, that's pretty much standard." Hati agrees, although her own story is anything but the usual. There hadn't been a world fall, or waking up somewhere strange. She's had years to get used to the idea of multiple worlds out there, and this is just another step in the evolution of that. It's easy enough to pick up multiple smells from him, but just who each of them are is a mystery. Perhaps if she met this girl, she might have a better understanding. "If she ended up here, then I can tell you that her world has seen the Heartless, even if she hasn't. People from worlds the Heartless have never seen, don't end up here." The wolf seems to speak from her own experience, her more social demeanor dropping in favor of a more somber attitude.

"Seems to me, that if the girl wanted her freedom, and came this far to get it, then it has to be her decision to go home or not." Hati sips at her drink again, holding it in her mouth for a while before swollowing. "As long as we're talking about nearly adult girl. If she's like... six, then take her home for pete's sake." With a chuckle, she leans back a little, balancing with her feet hooked on the barstool.

"If she wants to see the world, show it to her. She'll learn soon enough that she can't run away from her problems. They'll find her, sooner or later. But... better to have tried than to stay under her father's thumb forever." There are paralells there, and it makes the scars on her side itch. She hadn't run away, though. She'd been exiled and left for dead.
Zeke Zeke nodded gravely. "T'be frank she's old enough that I wouldn't mind a night or three of pleasentries. However," Mournful headshake as Zeke's mind ran through a laundry list of reasons /that/ wasn't on the table, "She's just so naive it's not even like when someone from one of these technologically dependent places sees my ship and wonders where they plug their doodads into, or even someone that's never seen a boat wondering what sourcery keeps it up. Its... like she's from somewhere so alien most common objects hold little meaning to her other than somethin new t'poke at." And while she was charming and friendly, dear Gods above and below was she ever the friendly and helpful sort, its like she was raised somewhere so off that basic refrence points were a mystery. All this caused Zeke to frown into the refill he'd been handed. "If you speak true, an i see no reason why you wouldn't, then there is an obligation t'send word through t'her family 'bout the sort of storm on their heads. I wouldn't risk her going since she's earned her right ot go as she wishes s'far as I'm concerned but there's need to make sure she'll have a home t'go back to when she's ready... or failin that try pullin those that can be saved here affore th'door closes and we be left in the same shape Manhatten's in right now."
Hati His way of putting it actually draws a laugh from the wolf-girl. As she shakes her head, the few strands of hair blocking the scarred side of her face shift, those mismatched eyes watching him with some bemusement. "Pleasantries. That's one I'll have to remember." She puts on a faux-British accent, "My dear sir, would you be so kind as to accompany me for a night of pleasantries?" She hesitates, then chuckles a second time, rubbing her hands on the glass of her drink. "I wonder if that would work on the mouse..." This last part is more of a comment to herself than to Zeke.

After a moment, she nods, though. "It's possible she comes from a world that is quite different from any you know of. I mean, since the fall of the worlds, you can't tell me you haven't seen a few things that you wouldn't have expected." She watches him, then flicks her tail, an amused quirk to her lips.

"The thing is, her world might already be gone. People don't just get taken from their worlds. They fall. If there's light enough, some part of it might still linger, though." The wolf taps the glass with one clawed finger. "If she has anything that might belong to her father, or to someone else of that world... I might be able to find out if it still exists. I've a bit of power in that way. Finding people." Then, with another shrug, the wolf drains to the bottom of her drink before ordering something else... a bit stronger. "If not, then at least you know it's a fool's errand to look."
Zeke Zeke buried his face in his hands at the faux accent bit, though as embarassed he is at the miming the 'mouse' bit caught his ears. Granted the only mouse he knew of was a rather studious churchmouse those proceedings seemed rahter unlikely. Ah well.

"A few things unexpected." Zeke echoed Hati's own words as his mind cast back to the first time he saw a car... and about got run over by it, or the first magic he saw that wsn't creepy voodoo sea magic. Zombies. EEEAAARG. Wait. Magic... Hrm. That bit about finding out using a bit of this or that caught Zeke's attention and made him perk. "Though Ibe a stranger to the was of magic if you could use say... a scrap of clothing or a lock of hair to find a target as like attracts to like could you not use the same to affect one using the other? I mean no disrespect lass but currently the girl's stayin with someone tha already has enough on her plate without possibly having t'concern of possibly been an insturment of her father's downfall. NOt that I don't trust You per sey but Magic itself makes m'teeth itch." And for the record Zeke had very good oral hygine, especially for someone of the era. Nice smparkley whites.
Hati The wolf-girl still maintains that amusement now that it has come back to the conversation. Seeing him give that expression at her fake accept only draws more of a smile. "A little too close to home, eh?" She asks. Since he doesn't ask about the churchmouse, she doesn't see fit to answer.

Instead, Hati focuses on his reservations about magic. "You mean voodoo." She looks at him with the scarred blue eye that peeks out from behind the fringe of her hair. "No. I'm not really a practitioner of that realm of magic. What I do is older." The drink she orders arrives, and it comes in a small glass. The liquid is an amber color. "Do you have something that belongs to one of your crew?" She holds her hands out. "I promise, no harm." The wolf crosses her heart with her fingers, then smirks.
Zeke Zeke thought about this for a long moment. His crew? Hm Actually he did, but he had something a lot trickier in mind. Not to mention a lot closer to home. However it might not work given the object was technically his and he was wanting to know about the one that made it.

He slid off his bar stool and pulled his coat off. "A test of good faith then." He held this battered and oft patched great coat out ot Hati. "What can ye tell me of the one that made this?" His mother wove the thing, stitched it together and did the embroidery at the coller herself. However she was wherever the rest of his world was in shadow and he's owned that coat for what felt like an age but really was only a handful of years. Still, it might be too much to try for but always a slinder thread to hang hope off of. He missed his family so.
Hati The wolf watches him with those almost feral eyes as he gets up, taking off his coat. Her head tilts subtlely, but she doesn't question it until the garment is offered out towards her. Carefully, Hati takes it, laying it across her lap. She rubs the fabric slightly between her fingers, looking throughtful. "A difficult task, I see." She smirks. With her other hand, Hati nudges the glass towards herself so she can look down into the liquid of it, focusing. "I keep seeing you, standing next to a girl in a bathing suit, but that's not particularly helpful."

Letting out a breath, she pushes the rest of the world out of her mind. Once, she had told Katyna how much effort it takes to actually scry things, and this object is far more bound to it's owner than to the one who once made it. It's like trying to unweave a tapestry to find the pattern of the weaver. She's quiet, squinting at the liquid for a time.

"I see a woman. Older, but she has your eyes." After a pause, she tilts her head, as if trying to make sense of what she's seeing. "She's kneeling on the deck of a ship. There's a scurvy looking guy watching her. He's got bad teeth." Hati's lip curls, showing her own disgust. "Her hands are bound. She keeps looking at an island. The ship is moored in some sort of bay, I can't see too much from where she's at. Just a big rock that looks kind of like a bird the way it sticks out over the water."
Zeke At first Zeke frowned. The personal 'read' he'd expected but to find the fat of the object's maker. Was it going to be too hard on the lass? He stared intently at Hati as she started speaking. Emotions mixed and clashed in a personal storm. He had to know. Had to, there wasn't a chance to pass up that didn't involve selling his own soul or gambling away his crew. This wasn't just some pretty little redhead that'd somehow some why caught his fancy. This was Family. Manhatten, everyone was convinced, was salvagable. If that was true then so to would his family's home.

When Hati started describing what she saw in her glass he fought down instinct to grab her and demand she tell more. It took effort bought by long hours of having delt with errend messengers with too little detail on matters too important t'ignore. Hati might have smelled the emotional turmoil he'd been thrown into, or more likely simply saw it on his face. "You are absolutely sure of this." His voice was harsh, but for him this was one of those things he'd thought never to get an answer on. Even this scrap. It was something. "Is there any way you could be wrong? Any way this could be some trick of eldritch winds or twist in the aetheric stream that's cast your sight crosswise?"

His body shook at the prospect, but he wouldn't let himself believe. Not yet... .Not yet would he allow himself hope. Too many questions. Too many variables and Hati could still be wrong.
Hati Well, at the very least, he didn't actually try to grab her when in that tranced state. Otherwise, the poor ship's captain might have had a few new scars to call his own. Still, his harsh response jolts her from her focus, causing the wolf to blink, turning away from the drink to look up at him. "I see what I see." Hati replies with a faint growl edging into her own voice. With her hands, she shoves the jacket back towards him. "If you didn't want to know, you should have just given me something from one of your crewmen. It would have served as just as good a test."

With the jacket handed back off, the wolf takes the drink and throws it back. She is clearly quite used to alcohol. "But next time you want me to get a read off of something, you'd best be willing to pay for it. I'm don't do this out of the kindness of my own heart. And if you want more information than that, you'd best be willing to shed some of your own blood for the reading, or be willing to pay dearly for me to shed mine."

His repsonse, clearly, is not sitting well with the wolf, who's tail twitches with irritation.
Zeke Zeke answers Hati's irritability by fishing a large coin purse out of his coat and setting it in beside her drink. "Your pay lass." Then without much warning he drew a large heavy knife from his coat.

This got the bartender to suddenly have a gun in his hand and a pair of bouncers seem to materialize from thin air. "Peace." Zeke's voice was still rough. "All of you peace. I do no wish harm on this woman. She says I have to bleed for a clearer picture then by God where do you want me to bleed woman? That's my mother out there and I want ot know who has her."
Hati Those mismatched eyes follow the color of the coin all the way to the bar. When he draws that knife, though, her claws tense. She doesn't react quite as much as the others, but her teeth bare in a distinctly feral show of defiance.

When he goes on to explain the reasoning, the wolf's settles, her heckles relaxing as she pushes herself to her feet. "Relax boys." Clearly, even if she's just in a bathing suit, the wolf has no problems taking care of herself. "You." She motions at Zeke, and then does a come-hither motion. "Come with me."

It probably looks a bit strange. A woman wearing so very little, walking out from a bar, with a sailor in tow. It probably looks even more strange when she leads him towards the hotel, which has a certain conspicuous red door that some have suggested means that it is a house of ill repute. Assuming that he follows her that far, the girl heads up the stairs without greeting the innkeeper, and then fishes a key out from somewhere to open the door to her room.

The room itself has a bed, left unmade, with extra blankets piled up from somewhere. It has a 'lived in' look, since the wolf has likely been here a few days. "Do you mind if I slip into something more comfortable?" She asks, looking over her shoulder.
Zeke Zeke sheathed the knife and tipped his hat to the bartender, before further depriving himself of coin to pay them for actually being so speedy to break up what must have looked like a 'dispute' between guests.

Then after following thinly clad lass to a house of taudry reputations the Merchant Captain quirked an eyebrow, but his mind was purely on business so he was starting to wonder at both venue and rather blatant attemtps at being provocative. Oh sure he wasnt' Dead so he noticed these things, but his mind was otherwise focused. "Do as you need to lass an just tell me what part I'll need to play in this." He turned his back to Hati then. If this needed to get 'personal' then thats what would happen, but until then he would show respect and behave the part of a gentleman. No mixing business and pleasure.

Plus he was finding his mind drifting to a little redheaded lass just then. What would she have thought on the matter? FOr that why did he even care waht she thought?
Hati With his permission given, Hati steps into the bathroom for a moment. There is some sound, but then she emerges in what is clearly a set of templar's robes. They might even be a familar set. She hadn't bothered returning them after the last time he had loaned her a set, but clearly the wolf-girl and her mouse companion are similar enough in size for them to fit her. Her feet are bare, and the ties of the robes keep it close about her, although wandering eyes could certainly take a look when she moves.

Not expecting any questions on her attire, the wolf walks over towards a table which has been set out with a bowl. "Come here. Sit." The wolf explains, motioning to a chair across from her. "The deal is simple. You pay for my room and board here, meals included, until the end of the tournament. I give you as much information as I can." She lets the offer stand, then holds out her hand. "I'll need the coat, too."

Hati settles in her own seat, reaching for a bottle set next to it. The room is dimly lit, and it isn't hard to imagine this as a place of sorcerery, or at least a place where certain sly things go on. In the mean time, she pours a liquid out from the bottle, then lights a candle closeby, letting it's light illuminate her features. "Scrying isn't a perfect magic. I can't see people who are dead, or those who are lost to the fall. I also can't see the past or the future, just the present. There are ways to guard against such sight, too. Luckily, it seems the one you're looking for isn't shielded. So I should be able to give you some more information."
Zeke Zeke did indeed note the robes and knew their prior owner. Yet he made no questions and instead sat as told. This was the lady's dominion and domain after all. He had taken the opprotunity before then to hang coat and hat on the door. Sure this exposed the fact he had a sword belted but it also removed most of his throwing knives, pistols, and grenades from easy reach alongside this 'phone' thing people had finally convinced him to buy.

Then when Hati told him she needed the coat he looked down sheepishly and muttered an invictive before retrieving it and handing it over, guns and all. Sloppy working captain. Sloppy... that or at this point he was grasping at straws. It's not like she was asking for his soul right?

"Aye. What price do I need to pay? What hazard for this added clarity?" He had no pad or pen to work with so Zeke would simply have t orely on memory for anything gotten. He shook, fear hitting him now. He was gambling hard here and he hated to gamble. Warned his men about such dealings. The lass here held all the cards and the scales as he saw them were weighted, but what other game was in town.
Hati Where Zeke didn't have pen or paper, Hati does seem to be prepared. Maybe this is a 'service' that she offers to people on a regular basis. If nothing else, it's clear that she's done this before, since there is a practiced sort of movement, making it almost ritualistic. "Besides the cost of my stay?" Hati muses, and for the first time since she'd begun scrying in the bar, she smirks slightly. "A bit of blood. Blood of the person who wants to find out works well. Blood of the seer works better, but I don't even know your name, so you'll excuse me if I'm not willing to do that."

Once he returns with the coat, Hati lays it across her lap. She takes out a sharp looking knife of her own, with a thin blade. She runs the length of it under the fire, the light reflecting in those mismatched eyes. Once it has been cleaned, she holds out her hand for his. "This is going to hurt like hell." She notes, not pulling punches on the fact that some pain is necessary for this sort of dark magic. Should he actually provide that hand, it would be as simple as a quick slice of the knife, then her fingers fold almost intimately around his, holding them over the bowl so that a bit of the blood can fall into it. "Hold there for just a moment."

As she releases his hands, Hati grabs up a towel and a roll of bandages, offering both of them out to him as she uses her other hand to grab a sketchpad and pencil. "Now, I'll need you to be quiet. I'll try to describe what I see, and sketch it out, but if you interrupt me and I lose it, I might not be able to get it back."
Zeke Zeke held his arm out calmly. What was pain next to finding answers. "My name is Ezekiel Fawkes, Son of Gabrial and Emmily Fawkes.

Cut made he spent time bandaging the wound before going for paper and pen. What, no screaming or exclamations about how much the cut hurt? Npe! Zeke had a goal and by thunder he wasn't going ot let a little thing like his body giving lip over a bit of blood spilling.
Hati Once the blood hits the bowl and she has given her warning, the wolf swirls it slightly with the tip of her finger. "Hati." She doesn't give sire or dam, only that singular name. Where her brother might introduce himself as 'Ulfang', she would never take that surname. she would rather it stay buried forever. "Well, then, let's begin."

Her eyes find the red-tinted oil, her fingers clutching the pencil as she starts to sketch. For a time, it's quiet, just the scratching of graphite on paper. "This is the woman you're looking for. Just say yes or no." She slides it across without breaking eye-contact. The wolf is quite skilled when it comes to drawing, and it is a fair approximation of his mother.

Now and again, her eyes squint, as if she's looking at something. "They're pirates. Not the very well off kind, either from the look of them." She tilts her head, "This is their leader." She starts another sketch, this time of a man with one eye and a gristly looking beard. "Red hair, blue eyes. He's got a captain's coat, but it isn't his. Imperial navy, I would guess, by the look of it." She sketches it slightly, without looking down.

After a moment, she flips the page. "They're docked in an island that looks like this." She draws the rough shape of a small island with a large rock formation that resembles a bird. Surely, with a full sketch like this, some sea-farer would be able to recognize it, if not the face of the captain. "She's a prisoner. There's a couple of others in chains, but I can't tell if they're from her ship or from some other one. They keep them as servants, it looks like, though I'd guess with men at sea..." She trails off, not wanting to explain that one further.

"She's a smart one. She's always looking around, trying to get information. Makes her perfect for this. The men are talking..." She squints again, "They're going to be heading for a shore leave, someplace called Tortuga." Two more faces join that of the captain, this time a pair of rather unsightly looking men with bad teeth and scarred faces. "They're looking to pick up a few new crewmates, apparently the last ship they took put up quite a fight. It might be a way in..."
Zeke on getting asked for a straight Yes/No Zeke paused to consider what he knew as well as the last time he saw his mother. Was that her? Would she behave in such a manner? "Yes. That's her."

Then he sees the pirate's 'leader' and frowns. "I... Know that man." The corners of his mouth twitched into a frown. "Worked my Da's fishing boat for a couple years, said he was going to join the navy when he came of age wanted experiance.?" There was a touch of sadness to his voice. Better it have been someone he didn't know to have done this. Better it be some faceless Devil instead of someone he'd got on with tolerably well. He exhailed sharp; no help for it. He started noting the details of the man's coat to try getting a sense of rank and position and then promptly discarded that line of thinking when Hati informed him the coat was stolen.

More images. Island. Aye. He knew this place. He knew of Tortuga. More than enough information than he could have hoped for.

"I.... This I can work with this." He held his knees to keep from trying to grab Hati and break the trance or in some other way foul what happened. "This would be enough lass an' I be grateful for it. However be there anything else that can be found? If there's time then I can gather a proper crew beyond what i have." If it came down to it he felt his crew of Monsters would be enough. However Tortuga. That was Pirate Country there. Lopsided odds even if these rouges would be considered oathbreakers even in their own kind. Best to gather allies and for that he needed to have a sense of how long he had. "If ye canna do that lass no worries. Jus any scrap t'plan with will help."
Hati As he speaks, pondering over the various aspects of the things she's seen, Hati still focuses on the bowl in front of her. As she does, her expression shifts subtlely, and her own hands grip at the side of her chair. It isn't Zeke who breaks her focus, but the wolf, herself, ears slicked back. With a growl, she turns her head away, as if it required some effort of will. "You... don't want to know the rest." A female on a ship full of pirates. Well, he could certainly imagine some of what she might have seen in that instant.

The wolf sits there for a moment, catching her breath, a bit of sweat showing against her bare neck and down along the bit of her cleavage that is visible beneath the robes. "If you want my suggestion... go to Tortuga, con your way into their crew, and get her out quietly. If you go in with your entire ship, they'll just kill her." Hati taps her claw on the drawing of the captain, "He's the one you'll want to kill. If you don't, she will." That said, the wolf sits back in the chair and closes her eyes.

There is a reason that she charges a high price for her services, and the exhaustion that comes afterwards is part of it. Seeing this much, forcing herself to see that much, it taxes her strength. "You have maybe three or four days, a week at the most. They won't waste time looking for sailors. They've got some bigger plans in mind. I couldn't catch most of it. It's hard to read the lips of someone who's talking like they're chewing on gravel." Apparently, the pirate accent is quite hard for her to decypher when it isn't audible.
Zeke Zeke knew full well what a woman's lot on a ship of that sort would be and how it made his blood boil. "A handful of days. Aye." While taking his Ship was quite impossible even if that would have been the best course would be impossible due to the size of the portals he's seen. "Miss." He started to his feet and looked Hati over curiously, making no move to touch her on the off chance she might lash out of instinct.

"I will see to it you are left alone. Rest you well and I thank you." This was wonderful and troubling news indeed. His Mother, and posssibly others of his family, were alive. Yet they were in irons in a den of thieves.

"Rest you well." With that he left Munny on the table and departed. He never got her name, but that was something he could find out when he spoke to the man at the front desk. He had plans to make and a ship to intrude 'pon.

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