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Age Old Angst
(2013-02-24 - 2013-03-07)
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Percival Despite the fact that Traverse town was always shrouded in eternal umbra, Percival thought of it as a depressing place overall. By all rights, he shouldn't, given that his kind was adapted to this sort of environs. For some reason though, the idea that it sat outside the cycle of day and night just didn't feel natural. The sky itself always seemed to be darker to him. The stars, dimmer. It may not actually be true, but it was a belief he held. Tonight, however, this was his town, for it appeared to reflect his mood.

Gliding silently over the rooftops, he finally located the Cloud Nine rooftop. He didn't know the city well enough yet that he was able to instantly locate it, and while his sense of direction was better than a certain infamous individual, he still passed it by several times before he recognized enough of the landmarks which set it aside as a Gargoyle perch. Banking around, he circled for a time so that he might slow his descent, and make the angle less steep, before he finally touched down upon the stonework. For a time, his wings remained spread at their full span, as he surveyed the rooftop, but eventually he relaxed, and furled his wings so that they might come to a rest upon his shoulders. His tail swung and lashed about anxiously, as he paced along the rooftop, waiting on the other participant in this informal meeting to arrive.
Will Sherman "You'll put a hole in the roof, and we just got this place." Will says from his position ontop of the stairwell. he was resting against a metal thing, hands behind his head, looking up at the night sky. Was tonight going to be a night where another star burned out? He hoped not...He closes his eyes, and then opens them after a few moments, looking down at Perci. "What's up?"
Percival He stopped pacing in an instant, and made his way closer to Will. He folded his arms in front of his chest, which is normally interpreted as a hostile, or irritated gesture, but in Percy's case, he actually felt slightly vulnerable. Just come out and ask it, it'll be easy.

"Will, we don't know each other very well, I admit, but I have a great deal of respect for you and your opinion. You've lived a very long time, and have far more experience on dealing with certain matters....and I'm rambling..." Okay maybe not so easy.

"'ve had to deal with more pain, and suffering, sorrow and loss than any of us. And I wanted to ask you how you manage to cope with three centuries worth of it. How do you manage to stay sane through it all?" A pause as he considers how best to broach this.

"I know someone of my calling is expected to have their share of demons, but I haven't been able to cope with the horrors I've taken part in very well, and I'm not speaking of just the vampires. Do you understand?" He hoped Will did, he was having trouble understanding himself at this point.
Will Sherman Will pauses for a moment...he sighs.

"Funny story. I wasn't dealing with the pain and the suffering." Will says, after a moment to think about it. "I recently learned that...the connection to Loki was...more than just a seal. I was more than his prison Perci, I was also his torturer. Because of my unique creation, I was..." he tries to find the right words, "When things got too bad...when things got overwhelming...I forced them down. I never really learned to deal with it. I pushed it on Loki, increasing his torment. Eventually, the bonds cracked thanks to Leida and then Riku. Which started all of this...even then I don't think I was handling things right...infact I owe Max an appology. Probably several." Will says reflectively.

"I do understand though. I've seen a lot...the horrors brought on by human stupidity, by hate. Drinking was some of my response until I met Melody...but after that.." he tries to think, "You have to take things one day at a time, you have to realize what you can and can't control...and take responsibility for yourself. Life's hard, it's full of misery and regret, but it also has the moments of beauty and perfection that are tailored to each individual. Basiclly, take the good with the bad."
Percival Oh, that's how it was done. Force your suffering upon someone who deserves it more. Even better, a pseudo-deity who deserved it more. Before he considered the matter more rationally he briefly entertained the idea of becoming a prison for say, Hades or Apep.

Percival looks up at the stars which seem altogether too dim, as he considers Will's words. "I drink to deal with it, I have ever since..." A sigh as he considers how best to put this. It was technically supposed to be a state secret, but what did it matter if the state didn't exist any longer? "On my first mission, we were set against terrorists who set a bomb in Ireland that claimed twelve innocent souls. Our orders were to see that none of them survived. One of them was a fourteen year old boy. He had a gun, he was a combatant, but he was also a frightened boy who dropped his gun at the sight of us. So I spared him." He now looks down at the street below, watching one of the passersby. " of our number was a squire by the name of Gwyndolyn. I had feelings for her, feelings that I'd never made known. I'm a coward when it comes to such things, well, a lot of things really. Well one of his fellows didn't surrender. And that boy, he was just standing in my way, delaying me from reaching that one as he gunned her down. I never did reach him. Someone else stole away my revenge. That's probably for the best, but there was still the boy that tripped me up..."

He sucks in a sharp breath, and exhales. "I don't remember what happened next, but when I came out of it, there was very little left of him." Will might catch him looking out of his peripheral vision, trying to gauge what Will's reaction might be.

"I tried to turn myself in for judgement. I was a murderer after all, but they wouldn't hear of it. They tried to honor me for my valor in battle. They tried to knight me. They tried to reward me for murder."

Finally he seems to work up the courage to look right at Will. "You say that I have to take the good with the bad. I tried to do that for a while, but my sin, it taints 'everything' that I remember about her. Everything that made her formidable, beautiful, and wonderful. I have no fond memories to look back upon, because of my cowardice, and my sin. For years I've lived with that, and all of my attempts at penance become failures which just compound upon it. I....don't know what to do. I don't want to wallow in self-pity, or a glass of spirits for the rest of my life, but I don't know how else to deal with it." By the end of it, he looks and sounds very piteous indeed.

"I suppose, its just naive of me to hope that you might have some advice that will set me straight, but, if not you, then whom?"
Will Sherman Hades would be out in three weeks.

Will listens...he doesn't say anything for a long time, a very long time. He tries to reflect...

"You did something horrible." Will says, "There is no doubt about that, and you admit beat yourself up over it. You hold yourself to absurd standards over did so in the response of someone you loved being taken from you..." he says, "You lost control." Will pauses, "I know how that feels. The circumstances might not be the same...but I know the feeling." he says solemly, "I helped destroy Manhattan." he says, "Not Loki, me. I can't blame the god, the fae. It was my actions that caused the situation. I am responsible, Perci. Loki was in the driver seat, but it wa also my fault for putting him there. I was pawn of Oberon, in the end, to bring torture to Loki. What Loki did might have been horrible, but...his hand was not delt fairly to him. I didn't try to understand him, I just blamed him for I have perspective."

"You have to forgive yourself first. I've heard you've lost yourself to your anger more than once." he says, "Do you not think the situation is...related? Your...affliction might be in your heart. You have to make peace with yourself, you have to resolve your past...then you can move forward and heal."

"Besides, would she want you to be like this over you?"
Percival Try three hours, max. He'd probably drive Percy insane, or tempt the Gargoyle master of self-pity into some sort of deal which he'd actually consider agreeing to.

"I can do no less than to take responsibility for my failures. Every, single, time that I lose control. Its related, of that much I'm certain. But I don't know 'how'. Recently it happened in a friendly match in the Colisseum against Faruja and Deelel of all people. I wasn't angry at either of them. There was nothing that should have caused it, and yet it happened. I found out after the fact that I beat Faruja half to death and nearly did the same to Deelel. Thankfully she stopped me." He actually manages a faint smile. "No, she wouldn't want me to be acting this way. I'm rather sure she'd beat me into submission and then scold me afterwards. I never could best her. That's perhaps the only good memories I have left of her. doesn't matter Will. I've tried forgiving myself. I've tried prayer, confession, penance, charity. Anything that would allow me to look at myself in the mirror again and at least not hate myself, even if I don't think I'll ever like myself again. Sometimes it even seems like it worked. And then I fail again in some way." The smile fades in an instant. "Like just now. I think I've seen every vampire movie that exists, and I 'still' bury that griefstricken woman that was bitten, and condemn her to a fate worse than death."
Will Sherman Will pauses...

"You mean that woman is burried?" he pauses, "You didn't take her head off? Or stake her? Or leave her in the sun?" Will says, just...staring at him.
Percival "The vampire was burned upon a pyre until only ashes remained. Of the Burmecians that attacked us, one was bitten before she committed suicide. I didn't make the connection since....well, she killed herself. So I buried her. When I realized what might have happened I went back and dug up the grave. It was empty."
Will Sherman Will falls back, laying on the ground.

"That'll come back to bite us on the ass." he sighs... groaning he jumps off. "I'm getting the kid and telling Celina to ward. YOU get to make a report to Mercade." Will says annoyed, I think we gota tell the Mayor. I mean, after all, it stands to reason she'll come after you. Or she might go home.." he pauses.. "Blast, I'll have to contact Faruja."
Percival Percival breathes out a sigh. "I'll make the report to Mercade, I'll also tell the Mayor. If she doesn't come after me immediately though, I know where she'll go. Its...just not a place we ought to go to hunt a vampire. As for Faruja, I wouldn't bother...given that he assigned me the task of escorting the Priestess that turned out to be the vampire as penance for my transgressions in the Colisseum. I'll be making my report to him directly."
Will Sherman "...It was a priest of...Glabbados?" Will pauses. He considers this for a moment... "That's distressing. And bares investigation."
Percival Percival takes a moment to consider the matter, before simply offering up the remainder of the information. "She was an Alexandrian convert to the Church of Glabbados. Faruja converted her himself, if she is to be believed. When we were attacked in the desert, the three Burmecians were attacking her solely because they knew she was an Alexandrian. They began our battle by shooting her in the chest. It looked like a sucking chest wound, so I tried to tell her what to do before I charged the trio. One of them I killed. The other just, vanished from the fight for a time, I suspect the Priestess killed him. And the third, the woman, also vanished. As soon as I had killed the first, I felt a sharp object on the back of my neck, but it turned out to be a syringe. The priestess was trying to survive, to heal her injuries by taking our blood. After I..."

Percival strains himself to try and remember how, and once again comes up short. "...subdued her, she was a mess. I took the syringe away and started questioning her, giving her single drops of blood for tidbits of information. She told me that she became a vampire when the darkness fell over her world. She wasn't sired, it just happened. When the Alexandrians found her out, they decided to use her to infiltrate the Church of Glabaddos, in particular in the Cleyran chapter. She used the syringe so that she wouldn't be found out by a new vampire popping up every time she had to feed. My plan was to take her back to Fluorgis in chains..."

He shakes his head. "Look Will, long story short I'm the merciful fool that thought that because she could survive in sunlight that she might be a different kind of vampire, one we could help, one we could cure. Maybe offer her a chance at redemption. The one surviving Burmecian thought otherwise though and shot her three times in the head, before cursing me and committing suicide."
Will Sherman Will rubs his head... "Just write it down man." This is more complicated than he thought...way more complicated. He turns to walk downstares, "I need a drink. Seriously, this is messed up, and even more than I thought...daylight walking vampires. Seriously!"

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