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(2013-02-24 - 2013-04-15)
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Faruja Senra The streets of Traverse Town, in its eternal night, are packed on this evening with tourists and travelers from myriad worlds. Talking, walking ducks, humans, viera, and even rarer creatures pass by as one Temple Knight Faruja Senra sits at an outdoor seat of the WildKat Cafe. It's a desperately needed break, after the little fiasco involving a lost temple, and the more recent battle for Fluorgis. As it stands, the bandaged Temple Knight is sipping some piping hot tea while lounging in a seat, gazing upon the various passers by. He almost looks calm this way, as he tries to relax, tail gently gripping the seat.
Wisdom A black-scaled lizard-like woman ambles along with the rest of the pedestrians. She's clad in stunningly bright white clothing, with a few brown leather straps breaking up the monotony. She has a stunning fan of blue feathers at the tip of a long black tail, and her face, well, it's more animal like, as in the demi-human population of a certain version of Gaia that Faruja would be familiar with. She seems to be staring at a broken pocket watch through a pair of spectacles that are also cracked. She's... well, she's about four and a half feet tall, at best. Might even be mistaken for a teenager, if not for her voice when she bumps into someone on accident. "Sorry, ah, this watch broke, it's... Sorry," she says, shuffling off to the side, conveniently near Faruja. She looks terribly disoriented, looking around as if in a dream. One final detail... she has a rapier and a dagger at her belt, apparently.
Deelel Deelel has been just tooling about town lately mostly observng the personel from DPS when she can but she's having no real luck of it she doesn't have any hunger really not after last night. Given her nature she doesn't need to get energy as often as an organic lifeform would need to eat but here she is she's just intending to get a drink nothing too speicakl though her look would be strange grom the style of her clothing, the disk on her back, and the visable tattoos she's got as she enters to find a place to sit
Faruja Senra Here, Wisdom's appearance may be slightly 'normal' as these things go, at least in a city so used to travelers. What /isn't/ usual is the state she's in. Almost immediately, upon spying the rather disheveled appearance of the woman as she bumps into a passing pedestrian. Standing, abandoning his tea, he reaches out to take her shoulder should she not stop him.

"Hold, M'Lady! Are you quite alright? Lord in heaven, 'tis as though you were within a chocobo stampede without the dirt and dust. Here, sit." Cue a pulled out chair for the reptilian woman.

Ear-perk. "Ahh, Lady Deel! Excellent timing my friend. Mayhap you would be so kind as to fetch the Lady a cup of tea? A new arrival, if I were a betting Burmecian." A flick of his tail, and his coin purse is offered to Deel.
Wisdom Wisdom looks at Faruja through the spectacles in such a way that it makes her eyes look huuuge, thanks to their height difference. She doesn't make a peep, she just smoothly takes a seat and settles there, looking off toward Deelel. She looks back to Faruja, her brow scrunching.

"That is what I feel like," she admits, tiredly, as she looks back down to the watch, and then tries to wind it, to the tragic sound of broken gears. She stuffs it away in her pocket, and clasps her hands in her lap, taking the posture of a proper lady, legs crossed. One of her feet bob nervously as she looks about.

"Pardon? Can you explain what happened? I was last in Treno, and... And..."

She smiles warily at Faruja, waiting for the answer, after sparing the most befuddled glance to Deelel.
Deelel Deelel pauses as she notices Daruja dn waves to him. "Sure." She'll go to pick up the tea with no rel problems it's not too much and she doesn't have as much need of money as lifeforms that need to eat, eat, eat like they were MCP with a full prison of high clerance programs. She looks over an comes up to join the two demi humans. "Greetings!"
Faruja Senra Some part of Faruja is very happy upon seeing a humanoid being shorter than him that /isn't/ a moogle. Another part finds those huge reptilian eyes utterly adorable, minus the broken glasses. After a mental note to point the poor lizardess to a local optomitrest.

When Deel comes back with the tea, he nods to the Program with a smile. "Much obliged. Ahem! M'Lady, I am Temple Knight Faruja Senra of the Most Holy Church of Saint Ajora Glabados. This is my dear friend Lady Deel of the Shard Seekers."

One ear perks as he himself finally sits, hands folded in proper Burmecian form. "As best I can, M'Lady. First of all, you are no longer in Treno, nor in Gaea for that matter. This is the town of Traverse. 'Tis something of a...crossroads of varying worlds. Unfortunately, Treno is no more." Faruja says that with a remarkably straight face, given the city's reputation.

"Creatures known as Heartless consumed a majority of our world, lead by that Alexandrian who..." He pause, scowling.

"Brahne. The Alexandrians used the Abominations known as the Heartless to plunge our world into Darkness. What few cities that remain: Cleyra, Alexandria, and Lindblum...have coalesced into a world known as the World of Ruin, which contains several scattered cities from various devoured worlds."

The Templar pauses, allowing it all to sink in.
Wisdom Wisdom is terribly distracted with Deelel, trying to place where she could be from... but that becomes inconsequential when Faruja begins to explain. She turns her yellow-gold eyes to look at Faruja, blinking once or twice at he says titles she is not at all familiar with, and goes on to talk about the fate of her Treno and, well, her home world.

She remembers the darkness.

Her eyes glaze over. She turns her head away, to the pedestrians, and then up toward one of the lamps that hang along the walls of Traverse.

It's a long few beats before she looks back to Faruja, and all she says, with surprising clarity and a quiet tone, is "I see." She's frowning, and it's a very gently sad demeanor, but her gaze turns away again to stare at that lamp.

Her eyes start to water.
Deelel IT doesn't help in placing her given she's got a slight digital warble to her voice. She seems friendly enough s she delivers teh Tea to the demi human "here this might help a little bit." She'll set it where Widsom can partake in it at hes leasure. She seems concerned she knows that look, she's seen it on so many manhattanite faces after the city fell. She's fought for the users that day, she'd fought for her own kind as well but in the end it hadn't been enough.
Faruja Senra "My condolences M'Lady." Is all Faruja offers, /can/ offer. He knows how she feels, remembering well the first few nights spent with the realization his very home was forfeit. A clean handkerchief is pushed over to the lizardess. No doubt she'll need it.

Silence reigns for a moment as Faruja lets the woman sort out her feelings, the Burmecian only then speaking up.

"All, however, may not be lost eternally." The rat adds in. "There are certain...methods with which one may restore a world by certain individuals. Newly discovered, and...the mechanics of which are not yet known. Here." Handing the lizardess a pamplet, and his coinpurse besides, he nods.

"Some local information from a group known as Hearts Intertwined: about the nature of the worlds, a basic map, the nature of currency and some small information on the Heartless. There is a hotel in town, large building, difficult to miss. Free of charge. Take the munny. Get thyself a good meal and new spectacles, hmm, M'Lady?"
Wisdom Wisdom isn't quick to draw out of her little trance. While her eyes did water, there's no actual teardrops. That's thanks to her pulling a piece of white cloth out of her white coat to rub the moisture away from her eyes, displacing her glasses some to do this.

That's when she finally notices that they're broken. She frowns much more prominently at that, but it's fleeting.

The pamphlet and munny are both accepted with a smile, and the lizardess silently checks for sugar to add to her tea, very meticulous about her motions. She makes the best attempt to look proper, as she keeps getting called a Lady.

"At least there is hope," she says, softly, as if the slim idea that it could be fixed has completely removed her sorrow. "Thank you, Sir Senra."

She gives Deelel a quizzical look for a beat. Still incredibly distracting, that odd person.

"You may call me Wisdom," she introduces to them both, "It is a strange name, I am sure, but my family had strange naming conventions."
Deelel Deelel is going to take a step back from the converstation as Faruja is doing his thing to help her. It seems both are from the same world so it's best to let them talk. She does seem to be listening and she looks to Wisdom for a moment she dinds that an interesting name and speaks up after a moment "I do not find your name strange I like it and I am Deelel so I'm not really one to talk am I?"
Faruja Senra The meticulous nature of the woman may as well scream nobility to the ratling, or at least close enough to it. Maybe a servant of one? He was honestly only passingly familiar with Treno, and has never been himself. There's a bowl of sugar indeed, complete with spoon, Mr. Hanekoma knowing what those tea totalers like.

"Think nothing of it, 'tis the duty of a Knight and Faithful after all, to see to those in need. And you, dear Lady, seem to be so."

A smirk touches his muzzle at Deel's words. "I must agree! Hardly so strange. Rather descriptive, or so I should like to think! An adventurer of some sort?" His tail gestures to the rapier and knife.
Wisdom Wisdom pauses in mid-sweetening of her tea, again giving Faruja that peculiar stare through her cracked glasses that makes her eyes look slightly bigger. His guess seems to have bewildered her for a few beats. "Historian," she replies, amusedly, "Nothing so exciting as an adventurer, or at least that's what I like to believe. The weaponry is for self-defense when the arcane arts are not as viable... I wish adventure would stop finding me in increasingly jarring ways."

She frowns, but only for a beat, to emphasize her mock-disapproval. She smiles brightly at Faruja, "So easy to compliment others on traits you have not experienced yet," she muses, "That's very cute."

She turns her gaze toward Deelel, and finally asks, "And where are you from?"

A beat of pause, and she quickly adds, "Ah, you don't have to answer if you don't want to," as she realizes it might be somewhat dense to ask about someone's home world in this realm of broken worlds. Like asking about dead relatives!
Deelel Deelel pauses and is able to get the concept quick enough as she litens to the woman talk for a moment lionger. "It tends to do that." She found out the hard way herself and she says "Err i'm from a place known as the Encom Mainframe." just a strangely named town right? She's not going to lay on her origins too hard it could end baldy for the new arrical's sanity points. She had realsied screaming I'm a program doesn't really help most of the time.
Faruja Senra Those eyes! So big! It's like looking into one of those oversized carnival prize stuffed animal eyes. Thankfully, Faruja resists the urge to hug Wisdom. It would be immensely awkward, and rude. Nor does she look nearly as fluffy as a stuffed animal.

The rat sips his tea, then rubs his head. "...That is unfortunate, for these worlds are ripe with such adventures. You would do well to prepare thyself for such. Not only may the Heartless attack nigh anywhere at any time, but there are no shortage of those whom would make use of them for their own twisted ends."

The 'cute' bit has Faruja flushing red slightly beneath the fur. "Mayhap I run my muzzle far too much, then, M'Lady! I pray that it shan't come to offense in my presumptuousness." He even offers a half-bow in his seat, before he looks over to Deel.

Even Faruja still gets headaches about the woman's origins. Technology simply perplexed the knight!
Wisdom Wisdom's gaze remains on Deelel for a few beats. It's obvious that the name of the town only furthered her curiosity, but she doesn't immediately continue any line of questioning. Instead, she goes on to say, "These worlds are quite varied," with some wonder on her voice, like a child seeing something magical.

She smiles off towards Faruja... "Those like Queen Brahne? The Heartless sound like terrible beings." she says, "As long as I find someone to accompany me, I will feel safe. My skills work better when I am supporting others."

"The only question is... where will I find someone willing to do that?" she asks Faruja and Deelel both, both implying that she's trying to get them to accept being a bodyguard of sorts, and trying to see if they know anyone that does that sort of stuff.
Deelel Deelel says "That is a very true statement, Wisdom. The worlds are wide and varied." She sits down for a moment "They are ... a virus they consume propgade and destroy entire worlds causing them to crash. We have fought them, humm there are severl groups operating out of this city and other locations that might have use for someone like you i'm certain Fauja would be able to help you better."
Faruja Senra Faruja's teeth show as he snarls. "/Quite/. She is one of the more notorious ones." The rat doesn't bother hiding his hatred there, nor would any good Burmecian.

Ear-perk. Slowly, the Burmecian smiles as opportunity knocks.

"My /dear/ Lady Wisdom! A servant of Holy Ajora and the Heavenly Father would be /delighted/ to escort you. Indeed, for any whom would take Faram into their heart, the Church of Saint Ajora Glabados would welcome into the fold all whom would work for the good of the worlds! As well as those with skills such as yours, M'Lady. A historian, you say? Mmm, quite useful. Indeed. arrangement could be made." Staring at the lizardess intently, he smiles as charmingly as he's able.

"'Twould hardly be any trouble to guard, or have someone guard an associate of the holy Church. Indeed, were a skilled scholar to place their skills to holy work, 'twould be compensated at that. The Church and Lord rewards its servants well."

Today, Faruja is in recruiting mode. Lord help poor Wisdom, and Deel who has to listen to all of this.
Wisdom Wisdom again gives that look-through-the-spectacles gaze at Faruja, though this is accompanied by growing confusion. She doesn't seem displeased, but he's referencing things that she's not really familiar with... at least insofar as she has studied. The world was vast, after all!

"First you are going to have to explain who Faram and Saint Ajora are, or provide me with some documents that can properly inform me of what I would be getting myself into. Faith without information is a fool's venture. At the very least, I could assist your Church, until I have decided whether or not it would fit to give it my full devotion."

Wisdom smiles brightly, eyes closing, "Is that fine?"

But after that, she looks off toward Deelel again. The terminology... Unfathomable. She just writes it off as a quirk of where Deel is from. Pretty much true, but missing a larger problem here...

"I am a scholar, after all," she tells Faruja, "So I am very happy to learn about your scriptures, either way."
Deelel Deelel is just hanging back for a moment and listens for a moment as the ones talk and she looks at Wisdom. "Sometimes all you have is Faith to go on." She shugs a little bit and just makes her self comfortabl "But going in stark blind Is also unwise honstly."
Faruja Senra "Ahh, but of course. The Church is not native to Gaea." The ratling takes a sip, gathering his thoughts.

A hand goes to his cross, clutching it as he speaks. "The Church of Saint Ajora Glabados venerates Faram, He whom created all worlds and life, and His Divine Son the Holy Prophet Saint Ajora Glabados, felled at the hands of a false church."

Reaching into his robes, he takes out an Ajoran holy text, offering it over to Wisdom.

"Our Church values compassion, hard work, piety of course, and those whom freely give of themselves for the good of those who so oft cannot care for themselves. We also work to combat creatures such as the Heartless whenever we are able, and those whom would use them." At least, in theory. So far, the Church has been far too silent on the matter of Baron and Alexandria for Faruja's liking.

Slowly, the rat nods. "'Twould be more than acceptable, M'Lady. I suppose the question would then be, what do you intend to do now? My duties, as they stand, allow me some amount of time to escort you to where you would like to go. Our capital of Mullonde, mayhap? Or Fluorgis, whose recent troubles are now lifted, purged of the Heartless threat and its people ready for celebration? Lindblum? Cleyra? More exotic places?"

Cue the rat giving the woman a World Map. It's a key item. Don't lose it Wisdom.

Looking to Deel, the rat nods. "Quite. Faith, at least, in one's friends if naught else."

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