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(2013-02-24 - 2013-03-14)
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Traverse Town was being remolded and readied for the MCP's watchful eye. Agreements were being placed down and things were happening around the clock all the time. CHIEF himself though had taken a liking to what was perhaps visor 2.5, a minor modification to his last visor as they continued to test, toy, and try to figure how to keep the 'criminal with a trigger finger', to not have such a well, trigger finger!

This resulted though that CHIEF is just crazy as it would seem the more they hunker it down, the weird he gets? Yeah. That /has/ to be it right? He is just a joker criminal that they are trying to rehabilitate back into user society...

..So far, its been semi-successful. Minus the fruiting, mob of people, and near loss of control within the DPS office. Nope. Hasn't been easy. Yet, in order to continue to run field tests, you have to let the CHIEF free into the world; at least now they can keep an eye on him from different points.

So here once more in the shopping distract, CHIEF finds himself roaming, but alone this time. The red visor is only slightly transparent, making his eyes very visible. Including the scars over his right eye. He was wearing though a black duster jacket, a pair of jeans (for once), and a pair of black leather hiking boots. Though why the clothing? Because he was trying hard to not bring attention to himself.

Oh yeah, he also had a Indianan style hat on his head. Yep. We were /trying/ to hide out. Just to bad those green lines were still ever so noticeable on his chest and it was hard to not recognize that ruggish mug.

People for the most part, just seemed to not even really notice him. At least for now.
Avira Criminal with a trigger finger indeed. Thus far all of Avira's encounters with the rogue program have been very devoid of shooting and the like. It could be that DPS has finally fixed CHIEF and he no longer is a threat to Traverse Town!

So far CHIEF seems to be successful in getting people to ignore him. It's easy to blend in when one doesn't walk around in a skintight, glowing bodysuit. Some people are much more observant that others, though.

Unfortunately for him, one such of those people is Avira. It helps in her favor that she's received training along these lines to make her more aware of her surroundings. She had some very good teachers in that regard from Garland, who could attack her at any time, to Skoll, who was an expert tracker and hunter. They had taught her that even a simple trip to the marketplace should not be taken lightly.

She was just here to make her usual purchase of potions, food, and other supplies needed to run a guild. While out, she had taken notice of the latest DPS/Black guard-in-training milling around, seemingly unsupervised. This was an opportunity! Not only did this man merit watching, but Avira could practice her stalking skills. And thus the game begins, the short scarred woman subtly following after the Program.
And the game is indeed afoot!

Even though the military program is unaware of it for now. Honestly he is just contently walking around and looking at things. His job was today was to walk around, observe, and see if any flaws come up. Anything his targeting sensor attempts to lock on that could be classified as a 'threat' level, and somehow try to override the safety features of the visor.

Including test the new automatic reset feature, which was for him to look away from the 'problem', close his eyes, count a few seconds, and then it should have reset his visual data.

So for now, everything was running smooth. He stops at one of the stores and looks inside, before moving on. For a moment though as his eyes skim back to the main road, he was almost sure he noticed someone in the reflection that seem to be maybe a bit back. Someone he knew?

Oh well, no attention was brought and CHIEF walked on. He did a quick step to avoid a child running by and watched them for a moment. He stared at them as they went over to their father who picked him up. He actually stared that way for a long time as a frown settled on his face. "..Family." The program said softly to himself, before moving on.

He paused at another store looking in, taking notice of the toys and all the people within. Children wanting toys and parents either pulling them out because they were getting a bit to old or the children getting what they wanted. He actually stood aside as a woman carried out a child playing with a bouncy ball in her hands. Until the child dropped the ball and it rolled right over to stop at CHIEF's foot.

The program then looked down at the round ball at his foot, before reaching down to pick it up. By the time he looked back up the mother and her child were gone into the crowd. He then stood there and stared at the object in his hand for a long time. "Hmph. Orange."
Avira Stalking was actually a pretty complex operation as Avira had learned from Skoll. You had to do more than just focus on the person you were stalking. You had to notice everyone else around you too-you had to blend in to their behavior. That way, nobody ELSE would call you out on stalking someone (which happens!).

She sees him slow to look into a store window and Avira shifts her position, blending into a faster-moving group that winds up carrying her slightly past him. After a few feet she slows again and breaks away, feigning interest in the wares of a storefront.

She too looks back into the reflection of the storefront every now and then, tracking CHIEF's position. Avira ends up standing there for an abnormally long time since CHIEF himself has stopped again, before a toy store of all things-which, of course, has tons of children running around in the vicinity. This does not bode well for Avira's stress level.


That voice. That word. WAIT. Was HE the mysterious Fruit-Man?! The stalking game is immediately discarded and Avira turns, walking over to CHIEF. "You..." she says suspiciously. "/You/ were the one who came to the VALKYRI headquarters!"
CHIEF was studying the ball and also its color, before he got ready to toss it behind him and kick it back with his boot. However in mid action he fumbled the ball before re catching it and giving Avira this, 'wait what' look at she pointed at him. Excusing him of being this Fruit-man.

The Military program stared at her for a long time before he gave her a sheepish grin. Even the eye brows to match. For a program, he really did have a very expressive face! "I don't know what you mean." He then looks at the ball in both of his hands. His fingers gently tapping on its surface.

"What Fruit-man?" He then blinks, "..and you are the user with TRON, correct? The one who drags him around like a pet?" Quick - try to change subject before she does the brain ninja move!
Avira Avira looks CHIEF in the eye-at least through that visor, which is clear enough that she can accomplish this. She gets in close to do this, but not too close. If this had been anyone besides the Program with the ultraviolent reputation, she'd be getting even closer.

And when he denies it, she would be prodding him in the chest with her finger in an aggressive manner! ...but she holds back and does not do this, out of fear that she would turn him back into murdermode. In the middle of a big market. Bad news, that.

"The fruit man that came into my house and started tossing fruit at everyone! I know it was you!" she blurts out, no doubt drawing a few stares from bystanders. "What..." she seems caught off-guard as TRON is brought up. "A pet? N-no! He's a...he's my friend." She almost slips up and reveals TRON's VALKYRI affiliation. Fortunately, she manages to resist. "He doesn't serve me or anything!"
Keep the gears rolling /that/ way. That is all CHIEF can do. Though people watching is not only noted by him, but also a chime he gets over his own com. After all, there are some of the DPS still watching just encase things just go into murder mode.

MCP isn't that dumb.

"A friend huh?" CHIEF says with that grin going into a coy-smile. "So that is why you were buying him cloths and tugging him along?" He moves in a little closer, before tossing the ball to the side. "I bet you do that to all the men you run across, huh?" He pauses and glances away, before those eyes shift back to her. "I would say Programs, but there isn't many of us around here, you know."
Avira Avira would not be happy to know she's gotten the attention of the rest of DPS. Best that she doesn't realize she's being catalogued as a troublemaker RIGHT NOW.

"Yes, a friend! You know what those are, right?" It's actually kind of a legit question. There were a lot of things that mystified Programs, she'd discovered. She quickly starts to turn red though, as CHIEF starts to /imply/ things. "I didn't buy those clothes! He paid for them himself! I'm just helping him blend in with the users!" Angry and flustered, she doesn't back away when she moves in closer.

"N-now stop changing the subject!" It's gotten hard for her to get the words out, he'd noticed. Throw her off enough and Avira becomes a lot less eloquent. "It was you, wasn't it?"
CHIEF coy-smile was turning into a coy smirk, it was even in those eyes of his. As Avira tried to deny everything and even got up closer. Don't worry Avira! The scope of an individual isn't on you.

"Mmhm and if I asked you to help me, would you do the same?" That smirk went into a full out grin. Before he then just broke into a true laugh. "You users are a hoot a minute! Seriously!" He then steps away shaking his head, before placing his hands into the pockets of his jacket, turning on his heel to face her and still grinning almost like a loon. "Of coarse I know /what/ a friend is. Do I look like I was coded yesterday in some out-server house?"

"A friend though can mean /many/ things, my dear." He says pulling out a cigar from the pocket, as he moves away from her and lights it up. "It can be a colleague. A partner. A mutual beneficiary." He then takes a puff off the cigar before he turns to face here. He then raises his eye brows a few times. "A few other hidden thing as well."

He then holds the cigar in his mouth as he speaks. He apparently is very use to speaking with a stooge there. "Even if it /was/ me, what does it matter?"
Avira Just his reaction was pretty mystifying to Avira. He was clearly taking pleasure from taunting her over TRON. Then again, no, that wasn't a mystery. Experience taught Avira that guys that tease her like this are JERKS.

She looks a bit taken aback when he poses a similar scenario. "...well maybe." she says reluctantly before he laughs at her. An angry growl escapes her and her hands clench a little. Nobody likes being laughed at! Avira included-but she doesn't explode into violence over it. "..hmph."

Though he rambles on about friends and how he definitely knows what one is, Avira's distracted by that cigar of his. A Program smoking! She still can't get over that. Maybe it was because he was a military program? "I can tell you what it doesn't mean in this case: the master-slave sense. Or pet. So don't even go there! And frankly, I think you're getting a little too nosy about our friendship."

Huffing, Avira folds her arms over her chest and watches him. "I want to know why. Why OUR place?" Maybe it meant he knew that TRON was staying there. Oh noes!
CHIEF shrugs, he doesn't exactly answer. Instead he just stares at her for awhile before he smirks. He slowly shakes his head. "Honestly, no clue, but I heard you got some great fruit out of the deal. So no harm, no fowl right?"

He places his hands back into the pockets once more. "You are easy to get riled up, lady. Relax why don't you." Maybe he was starting to notice more looks, maybe even hearing some whispers from people. Mobs are bad. Very bad. He really, really didn't want people to take /to/ much notice of this.

"Valkyri has a great reputation here. You are all a great bunch from what I have heard." He shrugs his shoulders lightly, before reaching up with his hand to free the cigar, huff some of the smoke to the side and flicks some of the ash off the end of the cigar. "And I have a bad rep here, that I am sure you know of. Destruction of property," he places the cigar back in his mouth as he started to fold down his finger as he lists off the things. "Act of attempted murder, attacking officials, rogue program, aiding criminal activities.." He stops there before he sighs. He looks at her, there was an odd softness in his eyes for just a moment. "..but you see.. I've always been on the run, what about you? You ever been on the run from everyone and have no way to stop yourself... no matter how loud you yell?"

He then leans back on his heels. "Though that is cry me a river right? Isn't that the user term? See. I am trying to learn users. I am trying to learn how to 'work' around them. How to be social with them. Figured you and the rest of your team make a great choice."
Avira Avira purses her lips. So he wouldn't be admitting to this out in public, would he? Fine! Avira will let it go-he was the one being hauled off in handcuffs! Besides, how would he know that nobody was harmed during that incident...unless he was there?!


"Yeah well I don't like it being implied that I give all the guys I run into special treatment." Nor did she want to get too into what the deal was with TRON, as per agreement between the two of them that they'd NOT announce his affiliance with VALKYRI. It would bring trouble. Then again, wasn't it the point of VALKYRI to be able to deal with trouble? Very perplexing.

Her irritation seems to be molified when he mentions the good reputation that VALKYRI has, even if it is to compare it to his own. "You have become rather...infamous." she says in a low voice, calming as to not attract any more attention. She knows CHIEF does get angry mobs every now and then when he's out and about. "I.."

She thinks, remembering her time spent fleeing the guard of Rabanastre. "...I was on the run once, but it was only for a short while and I was in control. So no. I haven't."

Pausing, "...cry me a river is what I'd be saying at this point, yeah." Okay, so he is admitting to being weird around them. But still... "Really? You want to be around us?"
"Yes." CHIEF says firmly. Those eyes looking directly at her. There was an odd glimmer from his right eye for a moment, before he looked away then. His teeth chomping down on the cigar for a moment. "I don't like what users have done to me, but I rather choose who I be angry with and who to not be." He then glances over at her. He seems to almost be intentionally trying to avoid eye contact now.

"If.. I am to be free from what the users have done to me, I have to prove I can be around a great deal of them. When I can prove this, then we know.. something.. works." He frowns a little in thought before he shakes his head. "I want the same choice you users make. I want that cruel reputation to end."

He closes his eyes then, muttering softly, before he looks directly at her once more. "So," He then grins softly. "Instead of pointing fingers, accusing, and trying to get under one another's.." he glances up looking for the word, "," CHIEF then places out his hand. "Why don't we set up a time to meet at a restaurant or something of your choice, and have a nice chat."

"Or... we could walk about and chat that way. Your call."
Avira Now this definitely could be trouble.

Frowning, she meets his eyes, "Poor..coding, right?" She's only exchanged a few words about CHIEF with TRON, but one of those was definitely how 'loopy' his algorithyms were. "Not all users are to blame either." she says quietly, "Some...or rather most of us just don't know how to change Programs."

Herself included, in the 'don't know how to code in Basic' sense. But she'd rather not let that get out. There were advantages to having these guys have a healthy fear of her and other 'users.'

Her eyes soften, that flustered irritation from earlier slowly draining away. One of her hands lift to rub at her neckbone in an almost sheepish gesture. "Well...sure." That hand falls and moves out to grasp his. "Heck, if we set up a time, I could bring more of VALKYRI to meet you, if you want."

Likely not TRON though. It could be awkward! She'd tell him (and he'd likely wind up spying on the meeting in some form)!
CHIEF hrms softly and looks away when she brings up 'poor coding', before he looks back at her. "I know that. Logically. Yet all users can, at some point, access a system of some kind. Its... complicated to explain."

"Also, I am sorry that you were chased down by authorities once, yet glad to know users can not be corrupted. This means that the actions they take.. are always the actions they mean." CHIEF eyes narrow for only just a moment. There was that flicker again!

"And meeting others would be fine. So long as they follow some basic ground rules," Thankfully people have moved along. "If I say I need air.. don't follow. If the DPS come in.. don't get in their way. They monitor things on me." He taps the side of the visor. "They know sometimes before I do that things are going.. wrong."

CHIEF shakes her hand. It actually a pretty firm shake, before he releases his grip and places both of his hands this time into the jean pockets. " just what did you do to get the Authorities after you anyhow? Seems a little odd a face like yours would be striking up trouble, haha!" Well, at least he was trying to be sociable.
Avira "Well you can try to explain and I'll try to follow." Avira half-grins. "You Programs are all really fascinating. I never imagined in my wildest dreams you all interacting with the world like this."

Ohgod what was that flicker in his eyes? Just seeing it was unsettling. Maybe it was nothing? "...yeah. The actions we do are our own choices so we are...accountable for that." Funny, this reminds her of a conversation she had with Morrighan yesterday. And it wasn't entirely true that users couldn't be corrupted. It was just a lot more rare than it was for a Program, but there was really no need to bring it up.

"Mmm." she nods along as CHIEF presents his Care and Handling of CHIEFs guidelines. "I see. I'll pass this along to whoever comes with me to join us. ...I'm guessing Maira wouldn't mind meeting you. She likes to meet new people." Firmly, she shakes his hand as well.

Making a motion with her head to follow, she starts to walk along. "That...well. I was framed, mostly, for attacking a Judge. What had happened was I was attacked by someone in full armor that was mistaken for a Judge. My attacker ran with it and played the part. I was cleared of my not-crime soon after."
CHIEF tags along right along side Avira. He tapped the brim of his hat down to mostly hide some of his features and just moved like any other person would. Though he did close his eyes again for a moment, with a nod of his head as she explains. "At least you were cleared of the charge. That is good to hear. Never fun to be chased one system, well, in your case, place to place."

"Though framing someone is not really that /nice/. Users seem to have some interesting.. sense.. moral at times." The program states with a grunt. He was trying to think of how to explain to her. Since she seem to have some interest in an explanation.

"I am looking for a user, TRON knows who. I know that not all users are bad, yet are capable at some point where they could mess up some program. Many programs worship users, they are our creators. They give us requests, we follow those requests to the best that we were created to follow them out. Yet sometimes, their requests, their changes, effect us. Sometimes, more then not, negatively." CHIEF frowns at this. "Thus all users have the ability to change a program, not just /their/ program, but anyone's program with the proper terminal access. When you use, urm, a phone, that uses programs. When you sit down at your.. home computer.. that uses many programs."

CHIEF then raises his hand up to a light. "When those are activated by a timer, that is a program on a server who oversees there activation." Then he looks at her. "..and some us, are designed to just operate and maintain our own servers to make sure they operate at the best possible performance, but again-- by some user or some logic code." He actually had a look of uncertainty as he explains this. "..I.. Think it all works that way still." he sighs gently. "You see. I don't come from where TRON or many others come from. I am like.." he grimaces, he can't believe he is about to say this. It actually causes him to laugh just a bit, kicking off the ash from his cigar. "...I am like LEXUS in some ways. I am an outsider that got into the system. I moved from system to system, trying to survive, staying on the run." He shrugs. "Because you see... users /made/ me for war. They made me first to search, find, lock.. then they took that basic thing.. and turned me into what you now me as now." He looks directly at her. "..a killing machine." His eyes were almost in pain before he looks away again. "They gave me a fire command. They had me programmed to carry out their war. Their kills. They made me into program with no way to stop." He then places his cigar back into his mouth. " I killed them. I killed them, they tried to delete me, and I ran."

CHIEF then narrows his eyes, not looking at her. "... I can't stop myself, because they made me that way. That is why all users are dangerous in some way, even if they did no harm, because all users are capable of doing this in some way.. and I don't want to see another program become like me."

He huffs out smoke after that explination before looking over at her, "So, tell me now.. after my explination, maybe you can give me one from your user world.. what is.. a Judge?"
Avira Avira listens /very/ carefully, not stopping or interrupting CHIEF at any point as he gives his explanation. She's spending all of her mental power focusing and following his words, which do get a little hard to follow at some points due to the Program-User 'gap' that exists between them. As it stood, they just thought of things very differently. Operated differently. It was enough to make it challenging to try and see it all from his perspective.

Like the admission that he killed his creators and does not seem remorseful about it. Why would he? He fulfilled the functions they gave him. He had no choice as to what to do. The whole time, though, she does keep one question in the back of her mind-well, more a comment.

A few comments, really.

"Capable, maybe. But...I don't /want/ to make someone like you." she admits, looking forward, a troubled look on her face. "With no control. And CHIEF...I argue that you are anything like LEXUS." LEXUS seems to have full control, he wasn't bound by looped programming.

"A Judge is an enforcer." Avira explains, "Just like one of your DPS agents. Except he's ranked really high. Well. Consider him a General." He's a military program, he'll get that.
"A general." CHIEF says back. His voice almost slated with no emotion. "I see." He then stops in mid walk, resting his hand on his forehead. "...I am like LEXUS that I am an outsider to a system." He lowers his hand, which tightens into a fist for just a moment, before it relaxes.

"TRON and I are not of the same system.. Deelel and CAD also come from that same era of system." He chuckles softly. "System.. is like worlds.. worlds.. made of code.. code.. that determines.. something. I do not know the user word for it. Speak to TRON more on it. He may be able to explain in better detail."

The military program then breaks away from her. "Let me know when you like to meet up. I need to head back. Nice..." He pauses blinking a few times, before giving a nod. "..Nice talking with you, user."

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