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A Capricious Interruption.
(2013-02-24 - 2013-03-07)
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Leida The sun has fallen for the evening and with it goes the opressive scorch of the desert. With the fire crystal's light fading more and more each day the protection it offers against the blazing sun has grown weak and even the locals are beginning to feel the sweltering heat. On top of this the looming clouds of darkness still filling the sky with monsters has cut off all air traffic, leaving little activity to be found in the dusty streets of the dying city.

The night brings little change to Fluorgis, trading the heat for frigid cold. The populace has tucked themselves away behind locked doors and under warm blankets and even the eternal sound of raucus laughter from the pubs has died out to subtle mutters and melancholic clinking of glass.

Fortunately, Leida has less common means of traveling about. Despite her fear of the horrible dark powers that she possess, she has become more and more reliant on them as it becomes increasingly clear that without them she is little more than a weak and pitiful girl.

Her recent trip to Traverse Town was particularly fruitful. Not only did Imi and her sister drag the girl off for some much needed wardrobe shopping but she finally gathered up the courage to approach Mercade and apologize for the horrible suffering she has put him through in the past. The recent incident with Faruja and her blood also made her reconsider the fact that she cannot handle these powers on her own.

The sound of the wooden training blade in her hands whooshes repeatedly through the air as the princess brings it down at an imaginary foe before her, slicing over and over in the same fashion as she goes through the martial form. It is a simple strike but greatness always stems from simple things. Her new outfit, a pink blouse and skirt with frilly black highlights and lacey bits, is plastered to her narrow torso with sweat and the girl seems entirely caught up in her practice.
Percival The sun had fallen just recently, but Percival had already been awake for several hours. The way this world played upon his natural cycle of sleeping and waking was still an enigma to him, but it was not on upon that mystery that Percival found himself focused that evening.

No, his attention was more upon a poured glass of gin that he'd been staring since his waking, a stoppered intricate decanter beside it. 'It would be so very easy.' he told himself, over and over. And yet another voice, his own, echoed back in his internal monologue. 'What is easy, does not fit my ideal of knighthood.'

And so it went, back and forth. As he sat upon the ledge of the roof of the Shard Seeker's headquarters.

He'd been up here for nearly two days now, ever since his return from Cleyra, and while prayer would seem more fitting after all he'd experienced in the pilgrimage across the desert, he found that he couldn't think of a single one. The bodies of the departed had already been laid to rest, the repose of their souls had already been prayed for. Compared to that, he didn't feel like he was worthy of the grace that a single prayer for himself might bring unto his tainted soul.

And so he sat quietly upon the rooftop, contemplating the mysteries of the glass of spirits. His silent vigil was only broken by the whooshes and whacking of the training blade in the garden below.

Even though he felt like some sort of sordid voyeur, he sat still and watched her. He took in every detail of her form, every flaw, every strength. Her enthusiasm impressed him most of all. Normally his heart would have swelled with pride, but pride too was something he felt unworthy of tonight. Her attire was also noted by him, and he couldn't help but manage the faintest of smiles. She was coming out of her shell after all, and Percival likely had LEGION to thank for that.

Suddenly the mysteries that awaited him at the bottom of a glass did not seem all that important to him, as tonight he felt that there was something that the teacher might learn from the pupil. His wings unfurled, he simply hopped off the rooftop, which led to a 'whoosh' of air beneath his wings. It broke a fall that would have surely been uncomfortable otherwise, and the clattering of his talons upon stone behind her gave him away, if his descent did not already.


He remained standing upright, his wings remaining open for now. His tail came to rest upon the stonework below. The stiffness of his posture, and the lack of formality in his behavior perhaps gave away what he intended to say next.

"I will have to beg forgiveness for my impertinence later, but tonight your sensei is not your sensei. He is simply a lost soul. One that seeks answers..."

He crosses his arms, but it is not because he appears to be angry, but more because he seems....vulnerable.

"You need not answer if the questions make you uncomfortable, for the questions are something I would never ask of you on any other night. But still, I beg you to indulge them."
Leida If she is aware of the looming presence on the roofs above, Leida shows no signs of it. Her arms continue to rise and fall with the steady rythmic swings, her breath harsh and staggered as she continues without pause until her strength can lift no more.

The tip of the training blade clatters dully on the stones paving the garden area as the girl's endurance finally gives out and she crumples to one knee, leaning heavily on the hilt for support. Here she rests for several moments, chest heaving as it tries to fill her burning lungs with air. Sweat drips freely from her nose and chin, matting down her long lusterous raven hair with a shimmering sheen.

A faint smile touches her lips eventually and she coughs out a weak laugh. What an exhilerating feeling this is to be so thoroughly exhausted. Her corrupted blood sings with power as it races through her veins, filling her with a deep pulsing warmth. It must feel like this for warriors on the battlefield, she muses. No wonder there are so many.

The thought is interrupted by the sudden noise from behind and Leida whirls about, her weapon swinging through the air in a single wild strike as she cries out - not with fear but determination. However, upon hearing her name the dull blade stops suddenly, inches from colliding with the massive gargoyle's knee. She stares up at him with wide slitted eyes for a moment, then collaspses onto her rear with a sharp sigh.

"Oh... Percival-sensei. I... I was expecting another." Slowly, the girl leans forward and shifts to a proper sitting position on her knees, inclining her head to him regardless of his wish that she regard him with less formality. "As you wish, sensei. I will hear your questions. What troubles you on this cold and empty night?"
Percival Despite the gravity of his words and posture, and his stated desires, well some things are just ingrained within him. When Leida falls upon her rear, he initially moves to help her up, but then he notes that she's sitting upon her knees, and withdraws himself back to his previous position. The awkwardness of the moment, and just the mannerisms of Leida being herself took him off guard, and he nearly decided to back out from his stated intent. Surely this sweet and awkward girl doesn't have the answers he seeks.

And yet he knew in his heart that she might.

"Leida...back when you did not have control over yourself, do you remember everything that happened? Every sin that you committed?"

His voice begins to falter a bit, as he asks the question, as if he were afraid of the answer, or afraid of what thinking about it might do to the girl.

"If you do, many lives did you take? How do you...How do you cope when the memories threaten to overwhelm you?"

He had been looking away ever since he started speaking, but now he looks at her with anguish-filled eyes. Perhaps up to that point, the questions might have indicated that Percival was being accusatory, but Leida might see at that point that he's asking for himself.
Leida The girl is visible taken aback by such a blunt question. Her eyes widen once more and she sucks in a sharp breath through her teeth, swallowing the immediate desire to inform him in no uncertain terms that such things are not his business. His insistence on treating her as royalty is somewhat to blame for this uncharacteristic thought for there is no way that such a statement could have been uttered to her while she was still queen without the one responsible being immediately menaced from all sides by angry retainers. On the other hand, if she hadn't given in to weakness and fear then she might still have those servants and castle walls surrounding her and such a question would never have had cause to be uttered.

Closing her eyes, Leida exhales her pain and surprise in a short huff, going silent for a few long moments. Eventually, she looks up at him and meets the intense stare with her own piercing demonic gaze. "I wish that I could tell you that I remembered each and every one of them. That the face of every warrior I cut down, every screaming mother, and crying child still burned brightly in the forefront of my mind to remind me of my grievous sins every time I closed my eyes."

She shakes her head from side to side sadly. "But I do not. The past is a vague haze to me. Some things manage to shine through and cast their ugly deeds into the light but... beyond these tiny fragments I know nothing. There are times for which I am exceedingly grateful for this for the hints that even those small fragments provide as to the reality of what I have done are terrifying enough that dreams are filled with darkness."

"I know what it is that you seek from me, Percival-sensei. I can see it in your eyes. You wish me to tell you there is some method, some thing you can do to make it easier to deal with the things we wish forgotten. But as I have begun to learn over these past months, running from my past does nothing to change it. Hiding my shame only further dishonors those who have suffered."

Her eyes narrow and her expression takes on a determined and serious mein. "I have resolved that I will no longer run away, Percival-sensei."
Percival Percival is well aware of the consequences of asking such a question of royalty. Which perhaps given his typical respect for them, highlights his desperation for answers.

As Leida begins to answer his question, there is the faintest glimmer of hope in his eyes that perhaps he might gleen some wisdom from it that might make this all easier for him to deal with. But as she continues, and he realizes that she doesn't remember all of it, that hope is dashed from his eyes. Crestfallen he finds himself seated upon the ground shortly after, directly in front of her.

He breathes in deeply as he considers her words, but he does not look at her any longer. Perhaps out of the shame that he feels for his past, or perhaps the shame he feels for having asked her such a question. There was no backing out of it.

"The first time I was offered Knighthood, it was for valor in battle. The valorous act which won me that honor was crushing the life out of a boy after he'd surrendered. I'd spared him moments previously, but when one of my comrades fell, I lost control. I don't even remember doing it."

He looks up at the sky, with dull, bleary eyes.

"The boy was a combatant they said. The boy was part of a group responsible for a great atrocity. They wouldn't punish me. No they decided to reward me for it. Worse yet, the one who fell in battle was someone....special to me. I'd never told her, and so she was never more than a comrade in arms. My sin, it eclipsed everything about her in my memory. I could not even mourn her."

He tries to glimpse Leida out of the periphery of his vision, as if hoping to see some sort of horror, something about her that would judge him harshly for what he'd done.

"Ever since that day, there have been times when I will lose myself in battle. I don't remember any of it, but when I come to, I'm told that I behaved as befits an animal, or a demon, not a squire. Such are the wages of sin, I fear. Recently it happened in a friendly match against Ser Senra, and I wounded him gravely. The penance he gave unto me was to escort a priestess from his chuch upon a pilgrimage. An Alexandrian woman who had converted."

He looks down now at his hands, as if they too were guilty of some terrible crime.

"It all went terribly wrong. We were ambushed by Burmecians who sought to kill her because she was an Alexandrian. And in the battle that followed I killed one of them. I...wish that I had been wiser, more observant, as perhaps I would have discovered the priestess I was escorting was a vampire, an unholy demon of the night. She killed another of the trio, before I subdued her."

He shakes his head, with a self-depreciating ghost of a smile.

"I thought I was being merciful, I thought I was being wise. I captured her, was hoping to return her here so that she might receive some help. So that she might redeem herself for her many sins. In my hubris, I didn't consider how inconsolable the last Burmecian woman was. The one I'd killed had been her brother. She slew the vampire before I could react, and then killed herself. And so here I find myself, with two deaths upon my conscience, and my failure responsible for many others."

He finally looks at Leida, his eyes just slightly misty, though not tearful.

"I don't think I'm running from my sins, Leida-hime. I think they caught up to me long ago."
Leida It is difficult to compare horrors to one another for the sins that belong to another are never quite so vivid as those that are commited by a penintent man's own mind. Leida listens quietly as the large creature lays out his woes to her without a judgemental look or disgusted sound to give credit to his fear or hope that she might judge him as a monster. Her expression is neutral and withdrawn.

When he finishes she glances down at her hands and sighs again. "I am neither a priest nor a woman of wisdom, sensei. Infact, of all people you could turn to for advice, I may infact be the worst choice. I cannot pretend to know what it is that you have suffered through nor the reasons behind your choices."

"But," she continues, looking back up at him. "I have experienced the horrors that war has to offer. I have seen the soldiers return with looks of pride for committing horrorible deeds, their armor stained crimson with the blood of their foes. Were their actions just? Were their foes deserving of their fate? If they had been the ones to fall would some other person be looking upon their triumphant forces return and thinking the same thing as me? War is never kind, sensei. Men do horrible things in the name of land and liege, for money and fame."

"In the end, all we can hope to do is live our lives in the manner we feel is right for us. That boy made his choice when he took up arms. If you feel that his death was unjustified then all you can do is remember and learn so that you might not repeat the mistakes of your past. Whatever demons exist inside, you must face them yourself."
Priel Aylin It's at this very moment that Priel comes striding through the front doors of the Shard Seeker's HQ. As usual, she was not present at all in Fluorgis when it counted the most, only appearing after the fact to bask in the peace! There is a wide grin on her face as she hefts a rather large sack of /something/ over her shoulder.

"Yoo hoooooo~ I'm baaaaaaaack~" The dragoness called out in a singsong tone, totally and casually barreling through the grimdark conversation that was being had with all the subtlety of an elephant sneaking through the streets of Manhattan! Once deeper inside, she noticed Leida and...some gargoyle that wasn't Zia. Even before she had seen them though, she had heard parts of their conversation, thanks or no thanks to her ears picking up sound better than a normal humans. But hey!

"Oho~ What have we here! My best friend, Leida and her statue friend~ Hellooo~" The redhead greeted, fluttering her off hand cutely in the process. "What are you two doing here talking about death and money and fame for? Planning something big?" Her grin widened at that before she added. "Well hey! If you need a driver for your dastardly deeds..." Priel's eyes glinted with a mischievous light, looking pointedly at Leida for some reason.

"...You know where to find me~"
Percival Her thoughts were correct, Leida could have told him in that moment that she devoured the souls of billions and he might have still thought of himself as a far worse sinner for taking the lives of two. How he would justify such is not important, to one who is penitent, their sins are always far more severe.

Percival clung to her every word. She might not have been the best individual for him to seek advice from, like she stated, and nothing she stated was particularly life-changing, but it still what he needed to hear at the moment. For a while there was silence, the only sounds were the sounds of the Gargoyle's breathing. And then he began to speak.

"Leida I'm not su..."

And then to interrupt his self-pity party, came the punctuated call: Yoo hoooooo~ I'm baaaaaaaack~ The tone of the voice might as well have bowled him over. In fact, it very nearly did. What in the Sam Hill? Who was that? In his current state, he assumed the worst and in moments he found himself back to his feet with wings flared out to their full wingspan. A snarl emanates from his throat which is cut short as he examines the woman who had interrupted them. And then he felt entirely foolish. His posture relaxed in a heartbeat.

"I uh....Madame, we're not...we have no need of your...."

Despite the fact that she wasn't a threat; he was obviously flustered, and it showed in his words and on the consternation upon his expression. It took him some time to compose himself, upon which he furled his wings about his shoulders in a more dignified manner.

"I believe I'll start over. Good evening, my name is Percival, esquire. Might I have the pleasure of your acquaintance?"

There, now some of the formalities and niceties were out of the way. He had a feeling that the rest wouldn't be necessary with this woman.
Leida The look on Leida's face when that arrogantly melodious voice comes wafting in from the lobby is one of utter disgust combined with equal parts terror. The girl's shoulders hunch up as a shiver runs down her spine, her fingers tightening into balls around the soft fabric of her loose pink skirt. A few strands of hair sproing out of the princess' sweat-soaked locks giving her the appearance of a small dog with its hackles rising.

Not her. Not now. Leida slowly turns her head to regard the swaggering figure of the dragon lady as she strides into the open. The corner of her eye twitches reflexively in mixed annoyance and apprehension but she manages to keep her cool. Even when she introduces herself to the now flustered Percival, the girl remains silent and reserved.

Ofcourse, Priel knows exactly what the young princess' weakness is and she goes right for it. At the mention of driving, Leida sits bolt upright as if struck by lightning. Weak attempts at words sputter on her lips for a few moments but after several attempts at trying to form a come back, she just turns her head away and clucks her tongue, cheeks puffing up indignantly.
Priel Aylin Their reactions were golden. Utterly golden. In fact, Priel couldn't help but burst out laughing at the sight. "Oh wow! Ahahahaha!" Between Percival's paranoid preparations for combat and Leida's complete inability to decide whether to be annoyed or terrified, the dragon lady was provided a rather large dose of amusement in so short a time.

"You two are hilarious! Hah!" Getting a couple more laughs out of her system, she then sighed and caught her breath. "Phew, okay, okay..." It took a couple moments, she soon managed to bring her amusement down to just a wide, mocking smile, looking at the new face first as he introduced himself. Giving the gargoyle a once over, she mentally made notes, having never seen a male variant before. After she deemed her observations complete, an introduction was finally made.

"My name? Huh, I wonder if I should tell you now..." Feigning deep, hard thought, Priel moved over to the table and set down her sack, which produced a distinct sound of various stones rubbing together. From there, she plopped down into a seat, crossing her legs one over the other before finally relenting, in a manner that could only be described as continued mocking. "...Priel Aylin~"

With her name given, the redhead gave Percival a wave...with her tail. "Nice to meet you~" With that out of the way, her blue eyes were drawn over to Leida who had turned away in annoyance at this point. "Awwwww, what's wrong, Leida, my love~? Something on your mind~?" She grinned then, revealing a set of fangs.

Yes, she was having way too much fun with this.
Percival Percival was hardly amused. In fact he was downright upset. However, it was ingrained within him to be patient and tolerant of this sort of behavior, especially in the opposite gender.

....It still took him a full ten seconds to his arms from shaking. Yes he'd been literally shaking with anger.

It didn't take someone particularly observant to note Leida's, distaste? Dislike? Abject hatred? Well whatever she felt, Percival sort of instinctively interposed himself between the two, obscuring Priel's vision of her.

Wait, did his tail just rise and wave back? STOP THAT! TREACHEROUS APPENDAGE! It fell back into its downright position right away. No it didn't have a mind of its own, which made him even more frustrated with it.

"It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance uh, Lady Aylin. And no, Leida-hime and I were simply in the middle of a private conversation, of sorts..."

Try not to look at her. You're disgusted with her behavior after all. Your thoughts certainly should not be on her appearance.
Leida Leida continues to refuse making eye contact with the mischevious dragon woman. She crosses her arms and glares at the far wall as Priel settles in and swaps introductions with the angry gargoyle, doing her best not to act undignified but at the same time having no interest whatsoever in conversing with this person. Nothing good has ever come of it.
Priel Aylin Seeing Percival's tail rise and wave back caused Priel to cover her mouth, looking away as another short laugh escaped from her. "Hehehe~" A couple seconds and she was composed again, smiling wide with eyes twinkling in utter amusement. "Oh? A private conversation, huh?" She repeated after him, taking note of the way the man had interposed himself between her line of sight with Leida. Ah what a shame, what a shame.

Nevertheless, the subtle cue for her to get out of there was completely and totally ignored with a bliss. Just to annoy the both of them even further of course. "Oh my, how interesting! So what was this private conversation about now~?" She asked, resting her elbows in her lap and her chin in her open palms, leaning forward with an attentive look that could only serve to aggravate the both of them even further than she already had.

She had to have been mighty bored for her to be doing this first thing when she got home!
Percival Oh come on now! She was doing this entirely on purpose now and he knew it. He was usually entirely clueless when it came to such behavior, but something about her was just so blatant that he knew right away.

"I...Lady Aylin, we've known each other for all of, a minute? Perhaps two? What makes you think that you should be privy to our personal business?"

Percival had absolutely no idea that he was just making things worse for himself by feeding her such lines.

Okay, he'd look her straight in the eye, and try to look as cross and imposing as possible, it'd certainly work. He did just that, and instead he looked entirely puffed up and ridiculous. How in the world did such a beautiful.....whatever she was....become so irritating? He was quite fond of her eyes too, and her hair. It was as if she had everything he could possibly find attractive all in one package, except she wasn't a Gargoyle and thus had no wings. He was certain the universe was making mock of him. Punishing him for his sins. 'Oh here's the most beautiful woman in the world, right in front of you, and she's also the last person in the world you'd want to be in the room with right now.'
Leida The princess watches the exchange with an aloof expression for a few moments, peering over at Priel through the gap in the gargoyle's wings from the corner of her eye. However, when he goes to antagonize her with his blunt rebuke and overt show of intimidation, she snaps her head around with a look of surprise on her face. She's been around the dragoness often enough to know what sort of response this is likely to bring.

Despite her dislike of the woman and the slight impression of fear still lingering from their earlier interactions, Leida pushes herself up from the ground and steps around Percival to make herself visible once more.

Smiling up at the woman with eyes that were ironically more reptilian than her own, the small girl clasps her hands before her waist and offers a slow Japanese bow to her in greeting. "Aylin-san. Please forgive the rash manner of my guest. It is good to see you returned from... whatever business has kept you away." Her eyes drift to the bag on the table for a brief moment but quickly return to the smirking face.

"Percival-sensei and I were just discussing some matters of the past. Politics, philosophy, etiquette. You would no doubt have little interest in such things. Instead, would you be so kind as to share your recent exploits with us?" She lifts a hand to gesture towards the kitchen. "I could prepare some tea if you like? You must be tired from your trip, after all."
Priel Aylin Oh yes, she was doing in the purpose. Blatantly for them to take notice of and be annoyed by of course. "Ohhh, I don't know now. Then again, I don't really /want/ to know that badly. Your reactions are entertainment enough for me~" Yes, the more they got irritated and fed up, the more she took amusement in it.

How wonderful.

Percival's attempts to look imposing and angry fell short of their mark however, instead, he ended up looking plainly ridiculous. The sight caused Priel to puff up her cheeks slightly in repressed laughter before bursting out laughing, not even trying that hard to contain it. "Ahahahaha! Look at you! You look so silly! Why did you even--hahahaha!"

Straightening her posture a bit, the dragoness, held her stomach with one hand while pointing straight at the gargoyle with the other, openly laughing in his face. Well, not literally in his face, but close enough! At this point though, Leida stepped in and the redhead turned her attention over to the princess as she explained what they were talking about.

"Aha, I seeeee..." Bringing a hand up to her face, she tapped a cheek thoughtfully with a clawed finger, considering Leida's words. "Hmn, well I can already tell that you're making it sound as boring as possible to deter me, buuuuut....I'll let it slide this time~" And accompanying that was a wink.

The offer of tea was met with a wave her hand however. "Tea? Please! I'm sure we've got alcohol around here! Where are the drinks? Surely Ivo and the others must be hiding their drinks somewhere around here now~!" Of course she'd want alcohol instead of tea. Somehow, it fit. "As for what I was up to...Hmn...nah!" Shaking her head and sending red hair tumbling about, Priel reached into the sack she had set onto the table, rifling through it for something for a few moments before finally producing...a single black jewel. "Aha, this one looks good."

And then she tossed to jewel over towards the princess casually. "Here, have a look. That's what I've been up to~"
Percival Oh come on now. He couldn't even look imposing if he wanted to right now, the situation was too ridiculous. This, whatever she was, was too ridiculous.

Once that mock imposing demeanour fell away though, he just looked tired, and just slightly irritated. When Leida took the center stage to try and defuse the situation, he was actually more than happy to allow her the oppurtunity, but apparently this extraordinarily beau...FRUSTRATING woman saw right through that.

When the mention of drinks come up again though, he tenses. Oh it was so very tempting. In fact he knew exactly where they could find his favorite spirits, the decanter was nearby. It'd certainly do him some good to drown in his sorrows for a short time wouldn't it? Except it wouldn't, and he knew it would have the opposite effect.

When Priel produces the jewel, Percival eyes it critically, crossing his arms over his chest. This wasn't a gesture of anger or irritation this time, it was perhaps even slightly defensive.

"And uh, just how did you acquire these jewels, Lady Aylin?"
Leida Leida blinks in surprise then flails her hands about when the gem comes flying at her, trying to catch it in her less than graceful manner. After fumbling it back and forth a few times she finally gets a good grip and hugs it to her chest, heaving a sigh of exhasperation. Glancing down at the sparkling black rock, she tilts her head to the side and examines it from several angles.

"It looks like the stone that Ulfang-san gave to me for um... the winter holiday that is celebrated here." Indeed, the small silver chain can be seen peeking out from her hair in tiara fashion, a small black onyx resting in the center of her forehead with a dull glint. "Were you paid for some task with these gems, Aylin-san?" She didn't strike Leida as the mining type and, while most certainly an annoying person, she had no basis to assume that Priel was a thief.

"Um... I believe there is some alcohol in the pantry. Shall I prepare some for you?"
Priel Aylin "Oh no. I found them of course~" Priel replied readily, waving a hand dismissively at their possible suspicions. "I made quite a big haul in my ruins exploration this time. If I sell a couple of these, I won't have to worry about money for a while~" But more than that, being who she was, it was far more likely that Priel was collecting jewels and shiny things just to hoard them. Why? Because that's what dragons do of course! It was an instinct!

Closing the sack again, the dragoness secured the string keeping it closed and smiled. "Aha, so we do have alcohol! And I was afraid I was going to have to go out to a bar!" Well that took care of that. A nod was given at the offer to prepare some of it and the girl then looked back to Percival. "So, is this genius part of this group? Or is he just visiting?"

Funny, she was talking about him as if he weren't even there, all while looking straight at him.
Percival "Just, visiting." He punctuates both words as he speaks them. The way she spoke as if he were not even there irritated him thoroughly, but his patience seemed to prevent any outbursts that went beyond being just being terse with her. He appeared to be a bit on edge after they spoke of serving alcoholic beverages, as if the idea that he might be offered some was troubling. He'd have to accept it on account of politeness, and there would go all of his self-discipline.
Leida Nodding at the pretty dragoness, Leida sets the stone back on the table near her sack, accepting the given reason at face value. Reize and Ivo were adventurers so it stood to reason that they'd have taken in other members of a similar disposition. She knows nothing about western dragons and their love of shiny things.

"Percival-sensei came to request aid of the Shard Seekers for..." A finger goes to her chin and she blinks. "Hmm... I do not remember. W-well, in any case he comes by every so often to visit. Please be nice to him, Aylin-san. I shall return shortly." The girl gives a bow in the general direction of the both of them and disappears into the lobby leaving the two of them alone for the moment.
Priel Aylin "Is that so....Huh. Well then!" Priel nodded shrugged nonchalantly. "Good for you then. Joining this band of misfits would probably get you killed after all~" And she said it so casually too. As if she weren't a part of these people waiting to be killed. Then again, she hardly participated in their escapades. It was more like the girl was just using the group for it's headquarters.

"Be nice to him, huh...?" She mused, watching Leida head off, leaving the both of them alone in the process. After a moment of staring at where the princess had disappeared to, Priel then turned her attention over to Percival again, resting an elbow on the table and her chin in her hand.

"So, what's your story anyway? Coming to ask /these people/ for help now? Hah!"
Percival On her statement that joining them was like to get him killed, he murmurs to himself.

"Nothing would please me more."

While it might have had a touch of a joke to it, his tone is quite serious. When she asks her follow up question though, he takes a deep breath, closing his eyes briefly as if to steel himself for the response to his answer.

"Not exactly. I came originally to meet with Zia. I've stayed as I've made offer of my aid unto her and the rest of you. This has most recently taken the form of performing a few tasks for Ser Senra."

Poker face. He'd need a good one for this. Especially since referring to what he did for Ser Senra as some sort of trivial errand was a great stretch of the imagination.
Leida Knowing that leaving Priel alone for long is likely to lead to something bad happening, Leida hurries once she's out of sight, making a bee-line for the stocks of booze. Being the good hostess type that she is, the girl knows exactly where all of the foodstuffs and drinks are kept. Grabbing the first bottle she finds, she puts it on a tray along with a container of dried candies and some fruit. She isn't sure either would interest the two inhuman creatures but preparing something with meat would require more time.

Taking a moment to arrange the contents into a less chaotic heap, Leida quickly returns to the garden with her bounty in hand. A small smile is given to the both of them when she steps back into view, setting the platter on the lone table infront of Priel and quickly filling one of the cups with the contents of the bottle which turns out to be red wine of some sort.

"We have not seen much of you of late, Aylin-san," Leida says, stepping back. "Have you adventures kept you so busy?" She turns to look at Percival, wiggling the bottle at him with a questioning look as if to offer some to him as well.
Priel Aylin "Aha, I figured you would have something to do with that other gargoyle now..." Birds of a feather flock together after all, no? In any case though, his semi serious response on thet matter of dying caused Priel to simply roll her eyes. "Heh, well, if that's what floats your boat then hey~"

Leida returns at that moment, causing Priel to glance over in her direction. "Aha, Leida, my love~" She greeted the returning girl with a gleeful smile. "Ah yes, I guess I haven't been around a whole lot, huh?" A nonchalant shrug is given as the dragon lady grins in amusement.

"Well, you know. I've been around, here and there, you know? Just...not here. Whatever was happening in this city wasn't interesting now~"

AKA I didn't feel like wasting my energy doing something as unprofitable as being a hero!
Percival Percival takes the glass from Leida and thanks her. He holds it for a time, but with his opposite hand, he puts a hand up to his ear, and over the next few seconds, pales notably. The glass falls out of nerveless fingers, to shatter on the stonework below him.

"I've...I've gotta go. My apologies for the mess." He gives Leida an apologetic look. "One of the...individuals I buried, they might have been bitten, prior to being buried, which means that...well...I'll explain when I return."

And then he's off, his talons digging into the stonework on the side of the Shard Seeker's headquarters as he hastily climbs. Once he reaches the roof he spreads his wings and leaps off. Moments later he's gliding away.
Leida Leida gives her fellow Seeker a cheerful look at the 'my love' bit but she's mostly just doing her best to be nice and not show any weaknesses for the dragon to exploit or tease her about. She nods at her once more at the weak excuse for not being around, knowing full well about Priel's capricious nature.

The sound of shattering glass, however, snaps her attention over to Percival who looks like he's just seen a ghost. Her eyes widen slightly at his hurried explanation and exit, not really understanding what his concerns about bites are all about but she's sure there's a good reason for his rush. "B-be careful, sensei!" she calls out to him before he sails away.

With a sigh, she sets the bottle down on the tray and goes to collect a broom and pan to clean up the glass which happen to be leaning against the wall nearby.
Priel Aylin "Hm. Well would you look at that." Priel commented offhandedly, watching as Percival left in a hurry, not minding the shattered glass at all. "Oh well. Another day, another incident~"

And she would remain content to sit there and drink idly while Leida cleaned up the mess.

Typical day.

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