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(2013-02-23 - Now)
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Zeke Zeke managed to sneak back into the bar, presumably this was after Ariel and Legion had amscray'd from the scene. While he was perfictly sober he apparently was attempting ot change that what wit hthe bottle of wild turkey in one hand as he sought somewhere to settle down. Whole time he was muttering at being an idiot, being drunk not solving the problems at hand, and debating on whether he should swap to rum or scotch whiskey when he cleared this bottle.
Zeke "Well." He smiled to Tifa, managing to actually look at her eyes rather than her... other attributes. "The redhead? Ariel? I... well to be blunt I find her facinating, amusing. Rather like her need to be everywhere find out everything and whatnot... and admittedly she isn't that bad to look at." He grumbled something incoherent and sipped his drink. "Don't know her that well, would like to... but I found out from th'crab that hangs around her that thigns could be a teensy tad bit complicated. As in some head royal muckamuck back wherever this Atlantica is wants her home, or probably never knew she left home to begin with and wee little talking crab wants me to get her home."
Zeke Zeke snorted darkly. "I've had t'deal with folk tryin t'sign 'board t'run 'way from home so dealin with folk wantin to flee what they feel's a bad spot at home I've delt with. Nobility though?" Pffft! Dismissive gesture. "Tends t'complicate matters. Plus th'lass is headstrong an heart set on seein th'sights and th'places in th'wide worlds. Canna push her too hard so Imma gon try teaching her what I can and try teasing out a visit so perhaps I can talk to both sides, get some sort o agreement atween th'two of 'em."

"Other an that?" He chuckled. "As I said. Lively spirited young lass. I wouldn't say no to her continued company if it's realisticly possible."
Zeke "Indeed it is lass. Indeed." He tossed more coin on the bar. "I do have a wild theory I want some sort o feedback on iffin y'can." He finished his drink. "She comes from a world where the sea life is sself aware and convercent, or at least those near her environs. She is important enough that a 'king'... Sebastien's title not mine for the man, makes th'poor crab uneasy about returning without her. She also gets twitchy whenever merfolk get mentioned and is from someplace known as Atlantica... and th'crab thinks i'm a pirate."
Zeke "Just so just so... Th'crab said something about payment but t'be frank I've won an lost small fortunes in cards an' cups." Zeke stretched. "I care little fer money as its own ends an I'd rather not want t'have her thinkin my whole associatin with her was t'get some sort o payday out'f the deal."
Zeke Zeke nodded. "I do want to know more 'bout her end of reality... 'specially since either she has no knowledge of th'heartless thar," Then another thought wormed it's way into his head. "Then again there is the possability, remote as it is that her world hasn't been touched by these beasts. If so then there is a certain obligation t'try warnin them that there's a hole in reality in thar back yard that might let Cthuhlu swim through and start eating the minds and sanity of everythin an' everyone."
Zeke Zeke sat a bag of coin on the counter. "Well. As she seems t'ahve a slight bit of trouble with work at th'moment. I'll leave this hear on her account." He got to his feet and tipped his hat to Tifa. "Lady Barkeep."

This scene contained 7 poses. The players who were present were: Zeke.